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Standing Theraband Flow

15 min - Class


This quick 20-minute standing class utilizes a Theraband to address posture and the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Do this class by itself, or add it to class number 290 to do the full workout.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Oct 15, 2010
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Okay, welcome back. Some of you, yeah, it's been awhile. It's that change of season things that Wendy says. Okay. And so, so we'll begin stand with your feet parallel and you know what to do. You're going to just shift your weight, kind of finding your center, finding your body, finding yourself in space and stacking yourself or organizing yourself. I like to start from the feet, so I'm just becoming aware of my feet and I arise up and now that means to me is just the kind of light on myself, which would be the first time today, uh, sophomore, long legs, neutral pelvis. Inhale, let's take some arm movement with it. I just want to bring in some energy and as you exhale, let go of any tension you don't need, which is just about anything.

I'm going up this side. Inhale, filling up and exhale, just consciously trying to let go of tension. You know, that's there. We'll find some other than one more time. Inhaling up fine space between the hips and the ribs. And as you exhale, engage the abdominals just a little. We're going to roll down. Head goes, upper back goes middle back, kind of quick, hanging out just a little bit. You can bend your knees there, inhale and exhale. Draw the abdominals in. Start to feel how the shoulder sit on your back. Keep them down as you roll all the way to the top. When you get there, you inhale, arms up. You can look up, kind of bring the energy and exhale.

Arms get to shoulder height, rounding over upper back, middle back. Use the opportunity to use the abs now to stretch you out. Inhale, exhale, we roller and one more of those. Inhale filling a long, low back, long front of the body. Exhale. We're going to go down this time. We will pick up the thera-band when we get [inaudible]. Yeah, finding it. Grab hold of it and roll back up. I'll hold away if you're there.

Ben Is really long like mine is and Mary's and meet Mandy. You might've gotten that short one. Here's this probably. Okay, but I'm just going to have it a little, oh no, I can't do that. If it's really long, just hope it doesn't hit in the head. Shoulders are down off for the moment. Go with me. We're just raising the shoulders up and Xcel.

Slide the shoulders down your back. Being aware that you aren't going to pop the ribs out. I don't have any tension on the band yet. I just have my arm shoulder a little wider than I suppose my hips or body. And again, shrug the shoulders up. Exhale, reach em down.

We're gonna do that again three more times. But as you reached down, slightly, pull to the sidewalls or the side of the room. Doesn't have to be heavy, just enough to draw some energy there. Inhale. If you get no attention, grabbing a little closer and Paul and inhale one more and pull up and down from there. Just notice the front of your body a little bit engaged so it's like a little bit in cages, not intense. Take the arms up. Exhale, pull just behind your head. You can pull on the band to make room. So make it okay for your shoulders. Inhale back to the top. In fact, where you relax the shoulders. Exhale, pull to the back, trying to keep your head still trying to keep the ribs still. There's going to be some motion.

The shoulders might even have to lift a little to accommodate to the back of the head. I'm going to do two more there. Lift and reach. Try not to look underneath it. Keep your head still. One more time. Lift and reach, and then bring it in front of you for just a moment. Flip your hands over so the band is now sitting in front. Okay, so from there, minimal tension again, we just reach forward. Let the shoulder blades or wrap around the front and pull back out.

At the moment I'm not pulling on the straps. Reach forward. It'll go on for some mobility here. Pull back. Notice how you can move the entire shoulder girdle. That means shoulder blade, collarbone, arm without moving the ribcage. Now we go with a tiny bit of tension. As you pull back, you slightly pull to the sidewalls and forward. Separate those shoulder blades and joy pull back.

You don't have to go crazy on the pinching of the shoulder blades together and one more time, reach forward to pull back. Okay. Just kind of waking up the upper body first for a change. I'm flipping my hands back over to the way we had them a moment ago and let's go down just for a second just in case and we go up, inhale to the shoulder blades, reaching back and then up. Watch the rib cage. We've taken it a little further just to the chest. Lift up, pull if you need to, no problem there. You might find as we continue your chest and arms, we'll open up a little bit and you may not have to pull. The band is tight. We want you to get in this stretch, so challenge that, but also keep the arm straight. I'm going to go all the way.

I'm going to go slow. You don't have to go all the way. You might need to really pull on the band in order to do that. Or you may find that you don't need to pull on the band hardly at all. But keep in mind the ribs. Inhale, lift and the head and exhale back. Lovely. And and forward.

One more time going all the way to the back. Keep it down there. So at this moment, if you looked at your palms are facing forward, right? All I'm doing is one turn. What internal turn to now they face back and now I have a bit of a wrap on the hand. I think one one's probably plenty. So again, the shoulders are down. Start just to pull to the side first.

So it's one a little quicker here to never quite releasing it. Now three and lift four. It would be tempting to do this, which would be to drop the chest on no point in that. A I shouldn't have started gowning thank you. I would said that nine hold 10 just hold 10 right and from there lift one. I'm not adding to the resistance, I'm keeping the resistance.

You could even lighten the resistance. Three, four, good. Five oppose the natural tendency of collapsing again. And as you lift your upper arms, think about lifting your chest a little. You probably won't see it. Let it come down. Whew. Unwind. The Hansard just went back out. Careful.

You can always just let go the band to bring it around. So far, so good. Great. Checking the band, let's say right hand is based down left-hand his face up. And I'm just going to kind of hold it with my thumb there. Anchor the right hand. So that just means don't move it in space. Make sure the lats engaged with a straight arm and your muscle focus is going to be your what? Posterior Delt, lat. And it goes like this, uh, exhale I suppose. And back now if there's, I'm not expecting major strength training here, right?

But I am expecting you to feel for it. So you gotta look for some times. I think you're good. Um, good question. It is. Where were you? Is it, yes. It's more out in front of you on a diagonal and then it ends up back on the side. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Yup. Good. How many would that be, Andy? Eight. I'm on eats today. Okay, one more like that.

And then I'm going to just show you what the next one looks like, so just rest for a second. You'll do the exact same start. Once you get there, you then start to look back and take the arm further. I'm even getting a little upper back or thoracic extension there. What I'm trying not to do is that, so just a tiny bit and then we'll come back to the beginning. Five of those, stop me if I continue. We go. We pull up like we were. Then look at it. Keep going like you're reaching it back. If you don't like the band touching you, just move your arm out in front of you a little bit and then return again.

It's pull, then look, and it's, to me, it kind of feels like I'm reaching thrusting the armpit forward in that last little piece so it's pulled all normal. I look and then I've got a reach or rotate or probably a better word. Two more. Right? Still keeping your alignment everywhere else. One more time. Yep. Little external rotation and wow. Right. It's enough.

Not Major strength training. However, it's enough for now. I flipped hands so I now have my right hand palm up, left hand palm down and we did about 10 regular. So it's up one and Emily, your point was really good. I want to make that point. We want to pull the arm basically from out in front so you don't start with a way to the side. It's on a bit of a diagonal up in back and see that you could just gonna ball that up cause it bugs me. Good.

So you initiate from right at the bottom of the right shoulder blade. That's where I'm kinda thinking it's that subtle depression of the shoulder that sends the arm back that keeps everything happy. Lovely. Okay. And here we, everybody here and again just getting everybody together. Andy. One more. No. Okay. I'm going to continue because you know what to do here. Just double check your pelvis. Christie. Here we go up, look toward it and continue reaching. It's not necessarily just back, it's also long for to go and we literally, and we reach and back. Just to be clear, you got three more. You aren't rotating the whole spot.

I suppose you are a little bit, but it's more or less than neck and shoulder that are looking back or reaching back. It's not a full body turn. You'll lose some of the resistance there. This must be it if not one extra and return. Okay. Yeah, feel it good. My hope is that it's more not in the neck. If that does two, I've got a few more. If if that does take over, it's worth taking a little break. Okay. Um, we're going back. I have um, the same over the top. If you're sick of going over the top, just move it to the back. That's where I'm going. We go up, we reach back and we do the wrap. This time I'm going to ask you to grab in. So we've done one little turn and then just what choke up on it, choking on it a little bit so that your hands are just a little closer to begin. Like I'd say right outside. All right, so from here, I am not for the moment pulling on the band. I'll do that in a minute, but for now we're just going to raise the elbows. No resistance.

Just raise the elbow straight behind you. Okay. D d. Oh, good job Mandy. Just pinch him together a little. They may not even go that high. Elbows squeeze. There you go right there and then reach down. Exactly. So we lift and reach down. Check yourself. I'll check at you too, but that you don't pop out to the side.

That would be really natural tendency. You kind of want to hear. It might be really small hoping for a stretch across the front. Good. All right, let's add to it, which is simply as to start the same. We'll inhale up as you exhale and reach down. Pull apart as you're reaching. I kind of did it there at the end, but inhale, lift up. I have very little tension there.

I exhale and I pull down trying to find the mid to lower trapezius. Inhale, so whatever that means. It just think shoulderblades reaching down chest remains high. Might as well get a little arm work while we're there. How are we doing? Good. Hand down and pull. Excellent grace. This is just a piece of cake. After walking the Grand Canyon, there's only 20 ounces on your pack. Huh?

I'm taking some credit for that. Okay. All right. [inaudible] so here we are holding it there. Ah, lovely. Now it's just pull side so I'm not fully down. I'm not really high. I'm sort of in no man's land in the middle thing to the sidewall. Yep.

Yep. Here's your deltoid. Huh? Let's cut those babies up in the best possible sense. Okay. Relax it. That's my cue. Released it. Okay. Let's let that go for a moment. We'll keep these nearby. Shall We? That was kind of fun for a change. Oh, while we're here. Keep it. Yeah. Um, if you have a long one, like I do fold it in half. Um, we're not using it for tension, so don't worry about that. I would, I think you're okay. All the blue ones seem pretty close to, okay. Yeah.

The Andy, you're going to want your as longer. Actually, now that I've said it, it's those of us with the green may have to go a half. You're just, you got the short one. Helen. No offense. You're good. All right. Standing wide. Alright. And then just check your feet. You want to be big toe, little toe heel, pretty balanced. I'm going to demonstrate a common thing is we get all set up and then people drop their weight into their legs or joints. Really. So as if you're squeezing or drawing the feet together. Keep your inner thighs engaged. Okay Andy, I'm ready. Here we go. Ready?

Up and over. So hang out here for a second and rather than going as low as you can, go over a far as you can, anchoring through both legs and lift. Inhale to go up and overtake a minute. Make sure that you haven't rotated but your directly to the side. I'm going to come look in a minute. I think your good. Always worth looking at.

Inhale up to go over. Excellent head right in between your ears. Exhale, pull back a long low backs. Can you good and [inaudible] and we'll go a little faster now and he'll make sure you haven't dropped into your knees and exhale and inhale. Exhale. A good idea is to start that exhale. A split second before you want to come up, mostly as a reminder to your abdominals to engage a tiny bit more. Yup. When you just curious, can you take your arms a little further back just for more of the stretch or do you had enough that you, yeah, there, yeah. Oh, sorry. Yeah.

I can see what I'm saying. No, we're over here in the last one, right. Okay, good. Now we've got a little of legs.


Loved your theraband class. Hope you have more classes using the theraband!
Bless you,
Great quick class, I love how it targets those small muscles in the shoulders that you don't even realize are there. I can't wait to do the whole class. The Theraband is a great exercise tool. Thanks!
wow--great for the shoulders! I'll have to remember these moves when I travel!
This feels great for a quick enlivening session after a day on the road. Thank you!
Glad you all are enjoying this one. It's easy enough to pack a Theraband when you travel. Brooke if you take your laptop or mobile phone you won't have to remember the moves... just press play!
Great workout after swimming. Love this!
Got to remember these for my students, lots of new ones to try out! Thanks Kristi.
You're welcome Candace!
Melania M
excellent class! thanks so much. 

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