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Deepen your Practice

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A challenging level 2 class that offers modifications for deepening the work. A well-organized workout.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Oct 15, 2010
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So we're going to begin here now with your feet slightly apart. Awesome. Hold on. Underneath this for a moment. Stack your spine and then exhale, roll back just to mid back and come forward. I'm not going to worry about the breath for just a second. I'm thinking, I'll tell you what I'm doing but I'm exhaling to role and I'm inhaling to come forward and I'm kind of following what I think Emily's doing cause I like it out of the corner of my eye, which is lead kind of with the crown of the head as you come forward. And then stack. I think that's what you're doing, right? Okay.

So as we come forward then take your head up, your upper backs, you get sort of serpent like and then from the pelvis leads us down and forward one more like that. While I'll give you an, I'll give you two more since I only just explained it and mostly we're going for supple spines and last one [inaudible] to come up. Just kind of preparing ourselves here. Then I'm personally because this won't be super comfortable for me if I don't, but if you're comfortable staying that way, you can. I'm going to go a little further out with my legs. I'm flexing them and I'm slightly widening them. Just a slight bit more preparation. You're welcome to keep them where they were.

Take your arms up behind your head. I'd like you to be able to see your elbows in front of you, not wrapped around your head, but that you can definitely see them with you. Looking straight ahead, press the back of your head into your hands. Put a little resistance there and shoulders down. From there we rotate to the front. There's your inhale. Exhale, center in how? Rotate to the back. Resisting the temptation. Oh, you guys look good and center and inhale. Front and back. I'm sorry, and inhale to the back and center.

Good. Changing it. Inhale simple. For now, just exhale. Draw the ABS and you're going to touch that elbow inside the middle of the calf or knee and then roll back up and center. So email rotate. There is some curve to the spine on this one. Exhale, find the inside edge of that lower leg. Inhale, roller and center. Inhale. Exhale. Pull the abs back as you reach forward, keeping the shoulders down. Inhale, find the length, exhale to the center and make sure those elbows don't get behind you. I know you never hear that anymore. Do you? Well, in this particular situation, especially, you guys got it. We are trying to avoid too much tension back there.

Inhale and exhale, reaching. Inhale, unfurl and center. One more time. Inhale and exhale coming back up and center. All right, let's make that a little different. Slowly roll down. I didn't bring him in that much so it'll be hard if you do. Slowly roll down, keeping your hands there. Draw the feet to flat. Rotate to the front. Inhale across the middle and XL, so this is different in that I'm not asking you to reach the elbow into the leg, but I am asking for that. What deep? Not Deep, significant rotation. A grace.

You can come down about two and right there is great, right? There's great. Now we're more abs in hip flexors. I would recommend lacing the fingers fully together so that you can do that. Press where you press the head into the back of your hands or into the hands. Last two here, one, one more time and to the center. Reach forward. Inhale. Exhale. We come up.

You can move your feet. Go ahead. Go ahead. Oh, I wasn't planning that part and we go down and walk your feet parallel. Totally parallel again. They don't even have to be together, but just I had widened them and we go just to the shoulder blades. Keep your eyes somewhere around your knees, I'd guess. Inhale, the arms go up, just straight back. Exhale. They come forward and you roll up. Uli, call it. Call. You can handle it. Straightening your spine. Lovely, crazy. Inhale, exhale.

Then anchor yourself. Feel how solid you are. Inhale, place the arms. It's up to you, how far you go. Look, it's great, Helen. Exhale. We come forward on that. Exhale. All right. Here's the next challenge for this class because you're so used to it when you go back and include a stretch to your feet. So all I mean is try to have contact with your toes. It may or may not happen, but just sort of become aware that that's something to think about.

Not Certain, it's like last on my list honestly. But there you go. And Yeah. One more of those please. [inaudible] why? I think so too. Makes it a little easier because it completes the circle. Another way of looking at it is it's a um, exactly what I would say. No, it actually I would, I am not even being sarcastic. Um, did I say last one?

Probably. Okay, good. So we'll go all the way down and it does though. You go ahead. If it does, the thought of getting your whole foot flat might encourage the hamstrings. It just might head down. It does too. Your feet are cramping instead of your abs. Well that is not my muscle focus.

So you should, yes, you should. And your abs are cramping. Sorry, I missed it. You have to tell me now. It's on film. Okay. Move on. He'll tell me later. Better for me. Alright, so roll up to it. It's then pretty sure that that's what you said. We're going on and don't be, we'll go on up and we'll come back. Here we come. Feel the back of the ribs. Drop in. Exhale, keep going.

I'm just going to show him modification since I have this lovely band here and it's, it's basically identical. You just get this little assist. If you are someone who feels like they have to skip the low back at any point or tasks yourself, um, you, you don't even need the band necessarily. You just have, in your case, you just have to breathe. But you could put the band here. You could even just slightly bend the knees. So I'm going to pause you after the inhale. Inhale, uphold, start. Exhaling, trusted Emily. Trust it. That's it. That's it in a bet.

If you even soften your face, you'll have that much more energy. I actually know it's true. One more time. Okay, great. From here, uh, to scoot forward onto your mat, sit and sit yourself. So you're just behind the tailbone so it shouldn't it theoretically we'd still be in the contraction. You could just pick your feet up, make it as tight as you can tonight. Tight as you can. Knees together. Here we go. Inhale, roll back an inhale back. Exhale.

See how much work you can get within the exercise. Mix it up for yourself. Okay. In other words, being really tight like you are, might be new. Um, putting your knees fully together might be new. Let's concern ourselves less with getting back up and more with how much could I be working my abdominals under control. That would be my request. So if you rock but it's under control and your head doesn't touch, we'd be thrilled. Glutes engaged and I'll let the knees get any closer. Nice.

One more time. All about use for finding your own little mastery over things you've either done before or even that are new. Okay. Slide your self down. I'm going to probe. Yeah, just to the starting chest lift position and for the moment, squeeze the inner thighs and hips. No inner thighs and glutes. Let go. Just reach forward. Inhale, maybe you'll tap the toes. I don't know if we'll get that low. Exhale both legs up. Inhale down, exhale up.

You can put your hands behind your head, but it does make you heavier. Just so you know, what I'm hoping for in this exercise, lovely is that you do not move your low back. Not even a tiny bit. Let's lower the arms now and just keep everything focused. So if as you tire, you might find yourself being unable to keep the back totally still. So the range gets smaller. Totally appropriate. Last one up, hold right, like goes down. Maybe it maybe touches, maybe not say, hold back a little and change. Let the knee coming towards your face.

Come really in. And now let's put the hands behind the head and, and absolutely cemented. Yes. Excellent. Eyes are still their focus. Let's go a little quicker. One, one and two. Two don't fall back. Three, would you like to know how many? Four. How about six? Here's five and both legs up. Let your head go down. Ah, extend your legs up. They can be bent. Flex your feet. Feel your feet as they relate to the air rather than the wood floor point flex. See if you can do it as if you were on the ground trying to balance your feet again, your, your knees can be bent and do this just fine. Not a problem. I don't, you don't need to go deep into the hip flexors to get what I'm trying for here.

In fact, I should probably just say bend your knees. In fact, I am everybody. Bend your knees a couple more so we're keeping the feet together. Let's go. I said a couple, I meant five, two and three and four and hold a soft points and now you can kind of back off. If you were really pointing hard, curl yourself up. The feet will drop to tabletop. Oh, and we go Chris Cross to the front of the room one once. Now we've got the legs reaching out. Let it be high.

We'd done a fair amount of work already here. And just like before when you had the knees bend, by the way, you could do it that way, right? You could do it just as you were. That feels better to you. I would cause you're likely to get more out of the deal either way. Four more, three more, two more. One more. Finishing with that Ben. Both knees in. Hug your knees, chest down on the mat, arms down on the mat, open up through the chest again.

And all I mean is you want the sense of pressing a little bit the back of the shoulder into the mat. Now if that causes neck tension, let me know. We can either put a little towel there or you can let lighten up on it for a pelvic curl. Inhale, exhale hollow the abdominals rolling up bone by bone. Adjust your shoulders. They're gonna move a little bit. It's a very dynamic action here. Look for a stretch through the front of your body, primarily at the hip flexors. Inhale, exhale down. We come scooping, reaching all the way down. Inhale and exhaling up.

I'm going to challenge you. Let's see if this does challenge you. This challenge is may, so I'm going to challenge you. Do your next pelvic curl please. Without moving your eyes. Pick something basically straight ahead. See if you can do the whole thing without moving your eyes.

[inaudible] why you ask? I've got lots of good reasons actually, but mostly focus and alignment and I'll leave it at that. We're going up one last time. Here it comes. When your eyes move around, your body moves around and you have more distraction and that's not what we're going for. So we're going to hold up here, taking your right leg, pick it up, make sure the hips stay level. And before you get going on this, it's going to be shoulder bridge. You want to make sure. Can you feel the opposite glute? The one you're standing on. Can you feel that hamstring? I hope so. Could you lift the toes of the foot on the floor? Good.

Let's go. Kicking down one. Flex come and two and three. A lot of counterbalancing going on here. I'm stopping at eight, which I believe is now go back up. Return the leg to that starting position. Drop down a few inches.

Just however you need to. Re Scoop the belly. So it's a Tuck of the pelvis to me. A curve. Use the glutes to pull you back up so you're back in those hamstrings. Feel in the stretch, perhaps on the other side. Carefully stretch that baby up there. Do the position. Check.

Do you feel your right glute? Push that or sorry. The opposite glute. Push the heel into the ground maybe and see if you can lift your toes. Make the hamstring help you. Ready? Pointing on the way down on flex. Come up too. I'm exhaling down. It's up to you, but that's what we did before. So six thank you. Well, one more.

Ring it up. Replace it. Hopefully you're right where you were. Inhale eyes on the same spot you had them earlier down. We go. Lengthen your neck. Make the adjustments you need to right from there. We'll take the leg. Uh Yeah. One leg straight up.

Go ahead and curl up now. And then if you know you have tight hamstrings, this, the leg in the air is going to bend. Okay. Other, like we'll go to the ground and one on the grounds and only one street or we'll straight if that's available to you. All right, hold on. Get a nice little cradle of that calf. I always like when I see rail do this. It's like all 10 fingers are together and they're cupping that calf. Yup. Eyes are, let's say, forward and low. Then press that lower leg. If this is all we do, this should be enough. Press the lower, like into the ground without pulling on your arms. In fact, leave them where they are. You pull from somewhere, deepen the trunk, not the hip joint. Let the leg come toward your face. One, two, support it.

Pick up the other leg and change. Hang out for a second. Let's roll up. Put your head down right back up. Okay. Make those adjustments. Listen to your body, shoulders, blah, blah, blah. Pull in, get this stretch and now leave the arms where they are and pull the like one to support. Thank you. Bring it up and now you don't have to pull out of your hands.

You can assist with your hands. Pulse, pulse change and change. If you've got long legs, you've really gotten as compared to your body, you've got to keep that body absolutely still. That's the only reason you would make such a big move. If it doesn't feel good today, you don't do it today. That's just how it works. Well, I'll tell you later why not a good time for a conversation.

Let's make this the last one. Both legs are up. We'll fold the knees in for a moment. Let your heads rest. One of my clients today was saying, well, how come I can't do the neck pull today? I did it last time and she just moved. She recently married. I'm thinking you've got stuff going on.

It might affect your neck pull today, but she was upset. Rollovers, legs are up. Um, this traditionally, uh, well traditionally it starts much lower than this, but if you can keep your back still, meaning you don't add to the arch, you would go out to the 45 60 degrees or something like that. But you always have the option not to do that. Here we go. Email to 90. Exhale up over. Find the back of your body. That's the part that gets lost in this exercise. Inhale, flex your feet, separate them. Touchdown. Exhale and from your chest.

Don't start it at your hip joint. Make your whole spine articulate its way down. Adjust shoulders as you go. Oh, that looks good. Inhale, circle. Draw it up. Squeeze the glutes a little up to go over and hang out for one second. Do you remember how we flexed and pointed as if we were standing on the ground? Flex here. Feet should be together and balanced.

Then separate and down and now we go [inaudible] circle, close and inhale. Precise. Right? You're in charge. I could stop talking at this point you, you've got a rhythm. You're like, please, I'm reversing this on you though. Inhale, exhale, and by that just means we'd go over with the feet apart. We Zip to close so we're aware of upper inner thigh. Legs can lower or not and down. Where are your feet? Know where your feet are. Know where your shoulders are. Point Circle in Hilton, 90 degrees. Exhale continues it.

That's the truth is you don't have to pause at 90 I just like you to know you're there and keep reaching through the heels. Yes. One more time. Inhale full x clothes. Imagine you're pushing your feet over your head even as the waste comes to the ground. When you get down, instead of finishing it, bend the knees, rock yourself up to seat it. Feed off the ground. Now figuring out, lovely. Actually I'm going to follow, I like what Wendy just gave me an idea. So we keep the shins parallels best we can first first go squeeze the glutes. So it's kind of small but you're doing it.

Push the back of the legs into the hand to open up and then come back. Push the lights into the hand and we're coming back up before we finish. So I am very much supporting my legs very much. So I got a, it's sort of like how we started, right? Okay. So now we're going to do the same thing. When we go a little lower.

If you want to let go, you can cause really the support comes from the glutes and then up. You can also do this as your feet on the floor. You could let go and let's go all the way down. In fact, everyone will have to let go if they're going to reach overhead and then come up. I'm doing two more. Let's exhale down and we'll try to just inhale to come up. But you may need an exhale, especially if it keeps the shoulders down.

And last one, you know, will come up. Good for a moment. Nice job. Am I set the feet down and just find a straight spine first. So yeah, exactly. Just what Andy's doing. I do like to hold on somewhere, hinge forward first and then round over. And really I'm just trying to give the legs a small break.

This isn't the greatest hip flexor stretch, but it's more or less just time and in case it went into your back at all and then come back. Okay. Become together. We're going into open like rocker. So we're here. Yeah. And just as windy as we're going to sit back a little bit. In fact, do we need to have that conversation? I don't think so. Just make sure you're not right up on your tailbone cause it won't work. You'll end up doing that full game of back and forth just behind I am tucked, tiny, tiny, tiny bit. Don't tell. No, you have to be. There's no other way.

Extend the leg to the back or one like it. It's okay and return. So I have both feet off the ground and I, the truth is is I am using my hand to lift it a little bit and no doubt, no doubt. But what if I warn? What would you, how could you do it? It'd have to come from high up in the, in the beautiful high up in the trunk. It's really like stable psoas if you care one more to the front leg, but feel free to hold on. It's just the idea that that's where it comes from. Here we go both.

Let's hang out with both for a minute and again, you're welcome. Oh, I have these ready. You're welcome to press. I'm going to just example. I am actually pressing my legs that way and using my, the length of my arm is not letting it go any further so your arm is straight. Okay. Then if you think of squeezing the inner thighs or glute, it's not a lot, but it's there and then extend your spine. You could almost stay here all day, but we're not going to, so we addled tiniest tuck and we basically keep those straight arms. We exhale to come up to trust it and we grow into it. Now a tip, something that helped me, I don't know why I keep my arms straight as I go back, I lightened my grip. I let my hand slide as needed, just a little and then I regrab before I come up. Not always, but that if I'm having trouble, that's what I do. Don't give my secret away to too many people.

Ideally you keep your grip the same or gradually go higher with the breath helps to big, exhale, trusted. There's that moment where you think you're not going to get up, but you do. Go ahead. You inhale back and exhale and the shoulder has tried to help it. They won't. Last one for real. Here it is.

Lovely. All right. Just bend the knees, set them down and turn to face from here. We are great. Okay, so everyone's the same. Love it. So from here we're doing it just a couple of mermaids and then we'll make it a little more something. So take your hand out and I'm just measuring at the moment where you think I'm just find it or you think your body is basically straight. It's okay if the knees a little in front of you. That's not a big deal. Although straight off would be ideal. It would be great, but it doesn't work for a lot of people. Turn just your, your spine, turn your spine, leave your hips as best you can. Behind. Now as I turn, I'm not lining up exactly hand to hand.

If I do and might have to come out of the shoulder joint a little. So I'm close. Okay. And if that doesn't feel like enough of a rotation to actually, let me say one more thing while we're here. Slightly what slightly pulled back with the waist or you may understand that as a poster tech or you might understand it as, press the far leg into the mat. So for the moment looking for a tiny bit of a rounded spine here. Okay. And then reopen. So that's about where your is going to land from there.

And if it wasn't enough, you just move it out. Lift up. Here we go. Hi. Hi. Would you have liked to have known my plan before I find it? You might go further reopen and as if someone's pulling you up. Counterbalance. Fine. Yup.

And open and up. [inaudible] hold on to the opposite leg. Anywhere or the front leg, I suppose we're going up first. Make it okay for your body. If you want to be here, that's fine too. And stretch. Sure. Good. All right. Going into the side bend so you stretch your legs out. I laid the top foot in front of and you can be kind of significant about it or you can be right next to each other, but don't let it hurt the bones on your, all right. Protect yourself the shoulder.

I mean distribute weight through the entire forum, not just the elbow. That's not going to feel good for the first one. Please lean forward. I bend my knees initially. Use My feet and my legs to get up to that initial one so I know where I'm at. The arms are up. Okay. A lot of energy through the whole body.

If you just hang out on the arm, it's not good. Press into your feet. I want you to push into that lower foot. Yeah, you could lift the leg, right? You don't have to, but you could from there, lift the waist. Let's just keep eyes forward today and then back out and you can just bend in lightly. Tap lift again. Keep pushing weight toward the feet a little bit. Lift the waist and arch and so cute. Everyone's so used to turning, so turn your head if that feels better to, I don't want to hold you back.

There was like lift and to the side and back and we do one more. Oh, I think we did some shoulder work at the beginning, didn't we? Because I gripped the mat. There we go. Oh right. I did it too and down. Alright. Just bring the legs in, swivel around. If you're not too sticky for the Mermaid, get out there and walk yourself out every side different. Go to what feels like it would be good for ya pretty far.

Okay, so for a minute, let the arm lag for a minute. Turn the spine because sometimes we think we're turning when the arm gets ahead of us during the spine and then bring the arm and it's just a thought. You can provide a little bit of pull with the hands to help you. And then just a quick reminder, there's a small curve to the spine. It's probably the lumbar spine primarily and that the opposite Shin is in or reaching to floor, open up and lift two more reaching out and I soft landing.

And in turn now that your hand is planted, you can recommit that far leg or the leg for this from your hands to the mat. Open and yes. And reach out. Touch down and turn and open. Absolutely. And Hey, we're going for this stretch so we reach up first. You can make any adjustments you'd like. And then over [inaudible] and then we go right back down top leg over the bottom, lifting a bad or the shoulder. Here we go. And lift yourself up. Use the hand for help inner thighs strong. From there. It's an inhale. Exhale, lift up to arc. Over.

Inhale to lengthen back out and a south bend and lift up arch up and over. Canada. Inhale Open. And so why on does do two more? I think hang out for a second. So gray start with your hips a tiny bit lower. Yeah. Now everybody feel the hips rise or really maybe it's the waist. And then let it come back down.

Maybe you're feeling in the stretch through the crown of your head and down. Last one, F lifting up. I pushed the bottom leg into the top leg, at least in my mind to help reopen. [inaudible]. Damn, that's it, right? Yes. Turn over to your hands and knees. Press up for the moment.

Find your band and you guys are facing out that way. Let's just have you flip to the inside. I did something funny there. So again, with the green bands, if they're really long, just fold them in half. It's not going to be a resistance thing. I'm heading into the thigh hinge, which is that acentric contraction of the quad. Pretty intense. If you're not up for it, you can go into a stretch, which would be here or here.

Even otherwise you are holding long, low and slightly pulled tight with the band. Okay? It goes like this in, and by the way, I'm going to use my shins just so you know. That's the trick. Okay? Right now it doesn't do anything. I won't work, but it will tuck your pelvis and I do want you to tuck pretty significantly. So you will have a curve. You'll even feel the chest kind of come down. That's fine. But what isn't fine is that you take the shoulders with it.

It can be back. Okay? So you've got a little tension on the band from there. Uh, exhale, hinge back. This is where you start noticing your shins are going to help you. Their base of support. Take the arms up to chest height, pull. Just just pull a little bit more, release it and come up.

Watch your eyes. Thank you. Oh, did you? Oh, always. See you're saying, I actually want you to keep your eyes focused again, but yeah, wear your goggles. Tuck your pelvis. Just keep them down for a minute. A little bit of tension. As you hinge back, then you have to be far. Raise the arms up to chest height, a little pool. Inhale, release. Exhale, come back up and the hands will just go down. That'll be our combo. Inhale, Tuck Pelvis, a little mild resistance on the band. Exhale, hinge back.

Inhale, arms up. Exhale, pull. Inhale, release band almost all the way and exhale up. So whatever tension you start with, you basically end with, uh, with the exception of the little pole. Here we go. Inhale. If you haven't exhale, hinge back. No, no tension change. But there's a little there. Exhale, pull. Go back to the original tension change. Inhale, exhale.

Press the arms down as you come. One more in here. Exhale, hinge back. Hold a no, you're right. Whatever it is there. And okay, clearly that's enough. If I can't think straight, set the bands off to the side. Hands below your chest, below your shoulders, guide the shoulder blades towards your hips and then relax the arms. And I really mean that. I just, they have to be straight so there's some energy, but they don't have to be tight. Not at all. Extend one leg back. Curl the toes under to put weight on it and any other and put some energy into your feet.

Imagine, I don't know what you can imagine. I'm thinking of shooting energy out my heels at the crown of my head and oh look, if I squeeze my glutes a little or even in her thigh, it really helps. Pick up the one leg. Lift the leg up, put it down, touch down, and again, touchdown. Keep lengthening out the crown of the head. One more up, change legs and one thinking up and long to recommit to relax in your arms, but keeping them straight. One more foot goes down. Lift the hips, walk the feet in if you need to, just a step or two just so that you really can pull weight out of the hands toward your legs to you're really flexible in the shoulders and your head is way hanging down and your arms are way behind you. Not really what we're going for.

Rather think of lengthening your spine. Maybe your legs too. It's up to you. If you want the heels down, I would try for it, but it's not a huge deal from here. Let's rise up to the toes. Benjamin left knee, just pick it up, bend it into the air kind of bird like and extend it into the, into the air. Just straight up like that and not opening the hip, not opening the hip. Use the hands or, yeah, use the hands to kind of guide and straighten the leg.

Then you haven't, sorry about that part. Rebend it and just set it down for now. Okay. From here, both tailbones up. Back to the starting position. Bend your elbows like you're going to do a push up. Your elbows just go toward the floor and then straighten them. Good.

They don't have to touch, but that's the direction you're headed. Absolutely fine to do this with bent knees. Aim your elbows basically straight back towards your ankles rather than to the sidewalls though it could be done that way. One more time. Okay. Take weight out of the arms. Bend your knees a little bit just to take some weight out.

Straighten the legs if you're going to, I'm still up on the toes, so if he came down, bend the knee first. Head hang and shoulders are still relaxed. IX, reach the leg up. Extend the leg up, straighten it. If you can, try not to open the hip and then rebend it and set it down. I'll build on that for next time, but that's enough for that for today. Come on down to your knees for the moment. Release your arms and just rest your head.

[inaudible] yeah, you could. Yeah. You could either have the arms out in front of you or I. At this point, I think you'd probably feel much better to have him behind you. Okay. That's all right. We're moving on. Okay. For the next part, we're going to go into the double leg stretch, but I want to have you do it with the band today, which will be really nice for some of you. And then we'll get a little difference. Remember how earlier we did or some point we did that wrap and choked in on it.

That's basically what we're going to do. Okay. It's going to be there is your position and then you'll pull elbows down and then your pole. So we don't want it super tight. Um, I do think, what do I think [inaudible] yeah, you could fold it in half if you don't want all the extra stuff. But it's up to you probably lie down first. And if anyone needs help with their band, I'd be happy to help. Yeah. Yeah.

And it's not really going to be about how much tension is on the band. Okay, good. That looks fantastic. It doesn't even have to rap. I, I'm more comfortable with a rapid, you don't have trap. Okay. Now, but you have more room than you normally do if you are only using your hands. So take those hands high up on your back and then drop the elbows carefully. Okay. And then you all look very comfortable and then grace just turn your head toward the front. Yep. That's Kinda alternate. Um, you look pretty comfortable. So, um, watch me ruin that. Draw the shoulders down. Can you breathe now? Okay. Oh my God.

Oh my gosh. I really, okay. Here we go. I'll, I'll go quick. I'll go quick. So you can see. I'll go quick. It's very pretty outside. Yeah. Okay. So you're turning your head to the front elbow tight bend the knees anchor that people brought on into the mat and you go kicking the legs. One, two, three. And extend the legs and the arm full a little bit to the sidewalls. Looking somewhat forward and bend. Elbows. Go down and kick one, two, and three and stretching. Open the chest, pull on the band to where it feels good. And one, two, three and stretch. Oh Mandy, that looks so good. And again, press one and two and three and we're going to do about four more.

Make sure the front of your hip doesn't come away from the the floor right there when you're kicking hand open. Good. And one. Keep the front of the head pin to the Florida. Nice craze and stretch last two, one and two and three. And Mandy, emphasize straighten your left elbow. Perfect. And one and two and three. Hold it at there. Let your feet go to the floor fully. UNWRAP your hands or slide them a little wider and then take the band up and over if you can and release it. Come to your hands. Press back for one more child's pose or I mean rest position.

Hm. This share, Sharon. I like to do, and again, it's just because my feet need it, but I keep my toes curled under some times to get a stretch in this position. But if you do it, do it with your feet balanced, right? Then you don't get to roll out. All right. When you're ready, curl the toes under. If you hadn't already and come to a partially standing right position hanging out over your legs, I would separate them a little.

So we'd go back to feeling somewhat grounded again. Yeah. And since we're here, let's Ben, the right knee, you're looking at that knee, bend it right close to your face and let the opposite hip kind of just, you'll come out of alignment. So that right hip will drop down is what I'm trying to say. [inaudible] let your head hang and be heavy or easy I should say.

And then assist yourself maybe with your hands to change sides. Be, do carefully, your feet are still balanced. If not, maybe try to be right in that knew you were writing close to you or your head close to the knee. If you're flexible enough to hyperextend be careful. You don't want the need jetting out the back. It's pretty soft. I'm going to switch and do it again. So just go back to the first knee. And if you want more of a stretch, encourage pressing towards uh, toward the straight leg.

The hip towards this of the straight leg is leaning. That way you're leaning into that one. Wow. And switch. Just changing it hopefully to a little more hip hop stretch than hamstring. And then back to center. Soften your knees. I'm going to ask for hands above the knees since we've been down here so long, draw the ABS and use your hands a little just to help up through that first part and then you can let them go. If you want.

Rolling, tall standing tall, [inaudible] and finishing like we started, just raise your arms forward. I won't do the roll down part though. Exhale them to the side. See if you can be any taller. I'm going up the side for two more, up and down the side, and one more. Bring back any energy like, and then do yourself a favor. If you are not facing the sunset right now, do that and or whatever is the equivalent of your sunset. Thank you very much for coming today.


What a great well rounded 40 min workout! One of my favorite! Thank you Kristi
Thank you "Shape up Anytime." I really enjoyed teaching this class.
What a great challenging class! Thank you Kristi!
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You are my favorite instructor. Great cues. Thanks Kristi.
Thank you Pamela and Carolyn!
Great class, first one with Pilates anytime. will be doing this again, thanks Kate
Hi Katie! Welcome to Pilates Anytime!
Sarah N
Love the warm up on this one with the flexed feet twist!
Great class! Thank You!
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I need more Kristi! I love your cues and energy, how you keep the flow of the class and intensity yet enjoy yourself. I enjoy your work and would love to see more more more! Thank you for the lessons and inspiration
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