Class #2972

Tower Workout

45 min - Class


Work on finding connections in your body with this Tower workout by Sarah Bertucelli. She plays with the idea of giving freedom to controlled movements so that you can mimic the flow of the ocean. She includes many creative variations to exercises like Side Kick, Roll Backs, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Tower

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All righty, today we're gonna play with the tower. If you have a Cadillac at home, you can certainly use that instead of the tower, but if you have a tower at home, you can use this. I...

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Divine morning workout - the giggles were an added bonus!
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nicely the variation on Around the World, the specifics on the torso extension w the PTB. Thank you thank you
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I had forgotten how infectious your laugh is Sarah! Wonderful workout! Thanks :)
So pleased to hear you enjoyed the workout! and my giggling...
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Man oh man I just LOVED this one!! I feel GRREAT!
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Awesome class!! Loved around the world! Thank you so much:)
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That was beautiful work-thank you Sarah
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Great hip opener. Wow, I feel so good.
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This is definitely one of favorite Tower classes. Love the hamstring stretch positioned on the side of the Tower. Definitely helped me level my pelvis. Thanks, Sarah Bertucelli
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Nice gentle pace and loved the variations. Though I would qualify this as a level 1/2 vs. 2/3 and a slow pace.
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