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A well rounded level 2 class that includes the exercises Roll over, Side bend, elements of the push up and some intense upper back extension.
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Dec 27, 2009
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Okay. So are there any injuries that I need to know about since we can smaller group? Just still the Ham. Still the hamstring so you'll know to modify by with the hamster or the knees bent. Okay, Cindy. Good Jim. Okay, nice stuff. From what? Just not buying it. I'm not buying it. All right, let's start seated again. All right, so let's see if we can't loosen up. Go where you want to go.

And Habit your body and whatever you way you want to. Starting with just a little bit of um, space, trying to create space. So I'm going to suggest feet slightly apart. Um, sits bones distance, so it's four or five inches, are comfortable. And then using your arms to get right up on the sitz bones, whatever kind of wiggling you have to do to feel rooted into the ground. And from that place we lengthen and lift up tall and take a big inhale, right? Just nothing, not too much thought. Exhale and let the air go.

Let the day go. Again. Inhale. And as you exhale, just find more ease. Of course. Ask me anything. I may not be able to answer you, but I promise you I will do my best. Now. This is your time, your class, so it nothing should change in that way. Right? So you ask away and let's focus in and however you need to inhale, here we go. Filling up, finding your upper back so you feel support from the front and the back end. We'll go ahead and exhale, drawing the hip bones deeper into the body to allow your spine to curve to find the abdominal connection right from the start.

Let's just stop about arms almost straight or sooner if necessary. Inhale. And as you exhale, you might feel the navel pulling deeper into the body as it allows you or almost forces you to go back forward using the arms that are as little or as much as you like. Inhale and exhale, keeping the sense of lift or yeah, space lift without collapsing. Inhale and exhale to come forward. Ah, lengthening and stacking. Perhaps you can feel the spine growing even as you just gently inhale one more time. Exhaling as you rolled down, trying to have an a B.

Become aware of the front of your body as well as the back. So as we sit down here in Indian hill, allow the ribs to expand naturally. Start exhaling, feel the ABS, pull in, but have some sense of connection to the inner thigh, maybe even through the glutes, just a little bit. And with this we're going to go all the way down. So if you're near the back edge of your mat, you might scoot forward just a little. Now inhale, and here we go. Bone by bone.

Placing your body down, finding that ease, letting your heads rest on the mat, your arms down by your side. Adjust your feet for comfort again so that you don't feel too crowded there. Inhale and on the Xcel, same thing. And we're going to roll the pelvis this time, lifting it off the ground until we climb our way, all the way up to the tips of the Scapula. Lengthening through the front of the body, engaging the back and inhale. Exhale. Upper body goes down the middle body. And right about here is where most of us need to rethink about tucking or scooping the belly, curving the low back all the way down to neutral and inhale.

Exhale, hollowing the abdominals, allowing the spine to curve. Then the hips will lift off. You might feel the hamstrings, the back of the legs a little bit more, or perhaps a lot more. That would be all right. And inhale, maximizing that lift. Exhale to roll down, upper back. It's as if your chest is just falling into your upper back and so on down the spy, all the way to neutral without fully giving up. Inhale, keep going. And on your exhale we roll feeling that connection through the inner thigh.

That's great. Debra, right here. Maybe a little more tough ribs down a tiny, tiny bit. Good. Inhale and exhale. It's almost a softening through the upper back. The chest falls. The breath is relatively easy. Using it as an assist and in how you, okay. Oh, and exhale. Third Roll. So using this pelvic curl as a massage to the spine is a way of connecting your breath to your body and inhale. Good. I'm seeing nice, relaxed feet. Exhaling down.

One more time. We inhale and exhale. Rolling the body up. This time as you're up at the top, think about gently trying to Tuck your pelvis a little more. You may already be there, but we want that sense again of length. Exhale, maintain the position, find ease in the neck and shoulders. It might be important for you to redrock the shoulders or just notice the ease in the neck. Inhale, and on this exhale we take it all back down, up or back, middle back.

It's almost as if the hip bones start to point towards your chest as you deepen the curve to the bottom. From there, leaving the pelvis neutral or level, bringing the arms straight up over your chest. Arms are energized but not straying. We just glide the shoulders around the front of the body, reaching the fingertips up and exhale, put them back in place, keeping the ribcage down. Go again. Inhale, reaching up so you have a heaviness to the rib cage throughout the whole range. Exhale, pull the shoulders back in place. One more just like that. Ian, how are reaching up and around. Exhale to come back. This position we're in now where the shoulders are down wide collar bones.

That's how you're going to hear me say it. From here. Inhale, separate the hands into a y t position, floating them just off the floor, but really let them stretch. Long. Exhale to back right above your chest. You might even feel some action in the front of the chest and inhale, reaching wide. This is not an excuse for letting the shoulders slide forward toward the ceiling. Exhale, just close it up, sort of like you're hugging a square or hugging that midline. Inhale as you reach wide, we're going to stay wide there. Exhale, let your arms just rest onto the floor. Good.

If you're feeling any neck tension here, just lower your arms a little bit down into a v position. Otherwise, we bring the knees up to tabletop, zip up through the inner thigh, the ankle bones together, coming toward to the right, I should say to the right. Inhale to rotate and exhale. Draw the legs back to center. Still part of that warm up. We want to be prepared cause I am going to move you. Inhale to the left and exhale. Okay, so in this one, keep it going. Inhale as you rotate in this one, we're trying to almost isolate the upper body from the lower body. Exhale as we continue to tap into the breath, knowing that the breath ends up helping us find the core a little deeper.

Exhale back to center. As far as range of motion is concerned, you go as far as you can without letting that opposite shoulder come up and exhale back to center. Good. Inhale, do a position. Check on yourself. Although it's looking quite good, the knee should be lined up exactly. You don't want one in front of the other and last time, last set through. Inhale to exhale and one more. Inhale and exhale. Lowering the feet back onto the mat. You can set them slightly apart. Glide the hands behind your head for the chest lifted a little variation so the shoulders are down, your back.

Allow the elbows to float off the mat and just notice your neck cause it's gotta be relaxed. There's no point in continuing on if the neck takes over. Inhale, prepare, leaving your pelvis where it is. Exhale, feel a ribs drop into the floor, allowing your head to float up and off. Most likely wanting to end up gazing somewhere around your knees. You're looking at your knees or mid thigh. Inhale, hold. Exhale, tighten a little more through the abdominals and lengthen yourself back down onto your mat further than where you started. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale, we feel the heaviness to the rib bones. It curls us up, peels us up. It's really folding from right under the chest line. Inhale, allow the ribs to expand to fill belongs and exhale, blow out all the air, all the air so that we can get back into a deep inhale. Here it is, and exhale the Corolla. Inhale, hold. Find freedom up there.

It's always worth just kinda checking through your body. Exhale to lengthen down. I'm gonna change it just a little bit. It starts the same. Inhale, prepare. Feel the bones of the body dropping into the mat, the head floating up, looking forward. Keep this upper body position. Then inhale, and now exhale. You're going to Tuck the pelvis just to roll the hips off the mat, just to stretch the low back a little more. Inhale, hold it there. Great XL.

Release the pelvis first back to neutral, and then continue. Exhaling to let the head go all the way down. Inhale, exhale as we curl up. That's it. Nice position. Inhale, exhale. Try for more abdominals in feet here as you roll the pelvis, pubic bone toward the sternum. Great. Almost too high, Jim. You can bring the blow back down a little more. Just the hip. There you go.

Inhale, exhale, back to neutral or whatever that breath pattern was. Exhaling all the way down. One more like that in exhaling, hailing up, so I'm not looking for a maximum strain. More or less just loosening up the low back. Inhale, pause, exit. Here comes the hips. Rolling the pelvis up, up, up. Inhale, hold and exhale or least release the pelvis and the hip hands all the way down.

All right. From there, it's time. We're going to stretch the arms overhead. Just extend them fully. Bringing your knees up to tabletop or preparing for the hundred so just take care of yourselves. If the work goes to the back, feel free to come back to where we are now or put the legs on on the ground in a bent knee position for the a hundred we inhale. As we exhale, we curl the head, neck and shoulders up, extending the legs on a high diagonal higher. If you need a little more support, little lower if you want to challenge it. Inhale, prepare five exhales and exhale two, three, four, five in.

And this is where you sort of decide how you want the hour to go. Really focused. Heating it up. Okay. And three, two, three, four, five in it's calm but intense for two, three, four, five. And in finding that sensation of wrapping around intersite at outer thigh, more sensation than reality, but supporting yourself and six and email, letting the ribs expand to the side into the backend. Exhale to an inhale, eh, [inaudible] hanging on almost there. Inhale, you've got one more full breath cycle. Keeping the head still and calm. Piers.

Inhale, two, three, four, five. Keep reaching forward. Draw the knees. In fact, draw them right up to your forehead, keeping the tailbone down. Come on, come on, come on and let the legs go down the arms go back overhead. Stretching your legs out onto your mat. Zipping up from the big toe joint to the ankle bone. That upper inner thigh. Finding a level pelvis. I've turned my hands to face each other, so that's opening up through the shoulders a little. Here we go for a roll of Egos. Inhale, pick your head up with your hands.

Let the arms continue forward. Exhale to lift off, keeping the curve to your low back. We're going to end with the shoulders, right about over the hips. May Be slightly forward. Oh, that looks great in him. Maybe pick your head up just a little, Deborah. There it is. Exhale, we roll back leading. I think of it from the inner thigh most of the time as the contraction starting there, but in fact it's really just deepen into contraction through the abs that you already had. Inhale, the ribs drop into the mat like before. Exhale to lift off and as your body stretches forward, it's as if someone's pulling you back at the waist, holding strong here. Inhale, good as, okay. Exhale as we roll back. Yes, so the pelvis moves right away. We don't want it to have to catch up to us. We're going to speed it up ever so slightly. It goes. Inhale, exhale, trusting our breath, trusting our strength.

If it takes a little longer than normal, that's okay. Inhale and exhale takes you back down. It's more than just slowly unfurling right? It's rather working our way up, blowing the air out, becoming mindful of all the action. So Cindy just pulled back a little in your low back. There you go. That's your end position right there. Inhale, exhale down everybody.

And one more all the way up. Just a quick note, it's something we talk about a lot, but I want to do it again and that is that if you are in this position, think about really hugging everything so you can almost get a lift, an upward lift from that place. Your upper arms are pressing in, you get a little sense of chest. Then we'll go down. Go ahead. Exhale, rolling down, squeezing out all the air. Good work, good work. Take your arms out to the tee position again or low V, drawing your right leg at first up to bent knee, 90 degrees. Level the hips and then find a way in your mind to anchor them. It's a sense of support or contraction around the entire trunk, allowing the leg to grow up to the ceiling.

I'm going to leave it softly pointed tonight. The lower leg is very helpful. At least it can be. Reach it out of the hip, but also press it gently into the floor. Crossing the midline of the body. It's like circles. Inhale around, same direction. Now, full exhale, looking for stability. Inhale, how still can you keep the rest of your body as you easily move the leg. Inhale and exhale. One more breath cycle. Inhale to exhale. Getting ready to go the other way. Here it is. Inhale, finding that freedom and exhale doesn't always happen right away.

Sometimes it takes years for some of us and I think that's the exhale and inhale, two, exhale. One more cycle in here to exhale here at the top. Hang on to it. Is it possible for you to think of pulling the bones of the body into the mat a little more and allowing the back of the leg to just reach longer? Bend the knee and just crossover your body for a stretch so you can just assist it with that upper hand.

Join the stretch looking opposite way, feeling the whole rotation of the spine and then bring it, lying that leg back down onto the mat. Recommit to the idea of zipping up through the mid line, drawing the other leg up and again before it reaches out. Make sure the pelvis is level so you know what you're trying to keep. Here we go across the mid line, it's inhale to exhale as bit of a dropping catch in two x [inaudible] in last cycle here and I'll pause at the top. Check your posture. Here we go. Other way, inhale.

I can tell you the temptation is to look behind you, so gently rather look straight ahead or you may have to drop the chin down a little. That's the most common thing. Got Two more cycles for you, Ian Hill. One more time. Inhale, and here's the rest of that. Exhale. Think of drawing the hips deeper into the mat. The leg longer. It's more image than reality. Bend the knee and crossover. A lot of times what these classes will give you, image cues that if you even just try to think about it, it often calls up the musculature we're looking for.

So we're not just trying to ask you to do something impossible for fun. Come on back. Line up the legs line. If the hips hug that midline again and just again, it's always worth checking. Don't let the shoulders slide off your back. You can almost touch the back of the shoulder into the mat. Here we go. Roll Up.

Inhale, exhale. It is up. [inaudible] good. Keeping your connection through your low abs. Most likely gonna need to move forward on your map for rolling like a ball. Situate yourself so you're just behind the tailbone. Draw the legs, close, elbows out to the side. The smaller, the tighter the ball, the more challenging where you start. You stay. So we don't want a lot of shifts and changes in the body. All right.

When you're ready, deep in your low back curve, just the low back curve. Lift the feet and come on back Deborah. Well we'll catch up with Ya. Nice job. Pausing back. There we go. Inhale, roll back just to the shoulder blades. Exhale up and see if you can stop and inhale. Roll back. Things that I think help is finding an awareness to the back of your body.

More specifically, your butt, your glutes. Inhale back. Exhale up. Just a little bit of connection there and in here to exit. If it's feeling easy and or we're like, what's the point? Make it smaller. Make it quiet. Make it more still and hold. Slide your hands up to your knees. We're getting ready for the double leg stretch.

Press your knees into your hands to slowly lower. Pushing the knees into the hands to help myself down to what we'll call tabletop, lower body, upper body and chest lip. For the double leg stretch. We're going slow at first. Inhale, reach the arms back the legs out and find the inner thigh connection. Xcel, circle the arms and grab on and inhale and exhale. So just remind yourself it's not about the arms and legs. You know that you're all pros, right and doing enough before doing this, this early in class, easy arms and legs of straight and suck the legs back into the now. Good.

Let that breath out. Easy Cindy and exhale. Let's go form our little quicker. We go on android in and two android in three getting longer than you thought you ever could. Holding it here, extending the leg left leg. Sorry, left leg shins para top bent knee. Sh Chin is nice and level to the floor and change during the little inhale as I pass the legs. Exhale to reach. Inhale. And if you need a break, you take it and modify by putting your head down for a few, allowing your legs to go up, bring it back when you can. And for three, two, hold this one in. Bring the other one to match it. Laced the fingers behind your head, length in your body, upper body, down to the mat, lightly touch. Exhale, bring it right back up, up, up, up.

Extend your right leg, twist toward your left suits like your right shoulder. Go on to the left hip. And we change. It's the same thing with that rotation. And here's the most important part though, is that your body stays pretty much up the way it starts with one exception of the rotation. Let's go. Keep going. Good progress. That's it. You don't want allowing the legs to fully extend and reach and reach to get four more hero and two. That's job three. Bending both knees back to the center. Inhale, if you can keep your upper body up this time XL, lower the toes to the floor.

Inhale, hold it there. Big XL, scoop the belly and let the legs float up like they're full of helium or can denied. Inhale down and exhale up. Can we do two more? You know, feel the connection of the legs right under the ribs. That's it. One more. And, and with that we'll put the legs all the way down. We stretch the arms out overhead and let the heads rest walk the feet apart. Just the littlest bit, sort of like that pelvic curl position again cause that's exactly what we're going to do. Here we go. Inhale, prepare, start hollowing the abdominals as you roll up, preparing for shoulder bridge, bringing the arms with you though. Bring them overhead, reaching or pressing through the air as if the air were a solid.

And then once again, inhale, we're going back down. But first, reach the arms. Exhale, upper body goes down, the arms are reaching through the air, creating an oppositional arc for the body and the arms and the hits are down. One more of those. Inhale. Exhale. As you roll the body up, harassing the upper arms through the air. When you're in the up position and the arms are down, take a minute here and try and press the whole of the upper back, nearest your shoulder into the ground. If that makes you pop the ribs up though, recheck it. It's worth coming down a little bit. Recheck the pelvis and I'm looking for straight lines.

Shoulder to hip on the front. Fantastic. Right leg up and we kicked down Ho and flex and bring it up. Exhale. Kick too. Yeah, giving ourselves five more key. Creating a sense of reach and length, not just down and stillness through the trunk. One more time. Come up, stay up from here. We just lower the hips. No articulating. Just touch your glutes to the ground and right back up.

A lot of us are cramping tonight and up too. If you cramp, if the leg cramps up, which is pretty common in this exercise, just come out, kick it, kick it out and come back when you can only need one more. When you get up there, stay up there. If you can try to tuck more in this position. You should point the toes and bring the leg down. Let's roll halfway down. Exhale with precision. If you need to make any adjustments, do meaningfully feel crooked or anything like that. Inhale, we're go right back up.

You might feel like your knees are reaching out over the ankles or the hips are reaching toward the heels and then here we go. Taking that other leg up slowly. It might need the stretch and we kicked down a hole and I just caught myself over tensing my leg. And so watch for things like that. We'll try not to waste energy, rather put it all in the middle and five more oh one and exhale down to reminding ourselves that the breath and you can get off on the breath and it's not going to make a big deal or the count as case may be. Next one up. Stay up. Rather keep breathing. Here we go. Just lower the hips, trying to keep them level and then push up. Good and down. The muscle focus or the leg they're working more of course is the one you're standing on and up.

Thery and balancing energy through the big toe and little toe. Last one up, point the toe. Return the foot. Check for level. Hips adjust if necessary. Talk a little more, Cindy, you raise up the raise up the hip. Go ahead. Go ahead. There we go. Inhale. And now we go with ease with grace, like it was no problem. We rolled down and we remind ourselves that it's about efficiency and control and we look for little avenues to make it feel more so more efficient, more controlled. Stretching your legs out on the Mat.

Allow the arms to float up. One more time for our roll up. We inhale to lift the head, neck and shoulders. Let the arms travel down. Exhale, Tacoma. Take a full stretch forward. Rounding your back. Yeah and then drawing the abdominals away from the thighs to roll back up.

If your shoulder slid forward off your back, put them down now and we're up. Okay. Heading into spine stretch to set your feet wide about the width of your mat or if you're not using a mat, it's going to be, I dunno, definitely wider than your hips. All right. Sitting up on the sits bones. If your hamstrings tight. [inaudible] right. Let's lice the fingers behind her head and in this position. Good, good, good. Good example. You've got this sense of the upper back working right?

The shoulders are drawing down. Good, so all I want to do is I want to feel like I'm pulling up the back of your head. If your fingers are laced in, you're drawing the back of your head up, then you have a place to drop the shoulders down like that. Exactly. All right, from here it's an inhale. It says if you're going to go over a barrel, exhale as you round forward, blowing out the air, soften your shoulders again, Jim. Yep, there we go. There's a little bit of a travel forward, but for the most part you're just stretching the spine. Then inhale, hold. Be Mindful of keeping your hands light on your head. Now exhale from the base of your spine up, you start rolling back up like you're sitting against a wall. Stacking, lengthening, lifting. You're going to inhale somewhere around.

Now keep growing even though physically it appears that you've stopped. Exhale, draw deeper into the rib cage. Let your head be heavy without collapsing. You're rounding the spine down and forward from the front. Now the hips don't move. Inhale, exhale. As you roll back up, lengthening, lifting, feel the shoulder blades slide down and your head finally comes up. Last inhale. Good head's going to go first as if that were the top of the spine because in fact it is and Oh, be tempting to rest here, but rather stay down here.

Squeeze through the inner thighs. I don't mean to bring them together, I just mean act like you're squeezing on something and then inhale if you haven't already, exhale to roll back up. All right, we're going to add a little piece to that if you want or you can stay with this one. Inhale, exhale to take it forward throughout the range. Right now you should be able to see your elbows a little bit in your peripheral vision. From now lengthen. You're back on the diagonal. It starts at the low back and you're going to rise up into a diagonal line looking to feel a straight line from the back of your head down through your spine. From there, extend your arms length thing a little more, a little more good. Pull the ribs in so you can take your arms further back. Yup. Exhale round. Sorry, I forgot what I was doing there. Re Round and roll up all the way. Okay.

Replace your hands if you didn't already and I will cue it that way. This time. Inhale were long be attempting to flare the ribs here. Keep them contained, exhaled around over and remember there is a sense of you're trying to stretch forward as well. Now, from here, from the base of the spine, inhaling to Elongate, finding growth, finding more space. Exhale your arms. Pull the ribs in. Everybody. Chin down ever so slightly. Inhale, refold the arms as you feel your spine grow longer. Exhale, round, forward like that and right away start rolling back up your spine. All right, we've got it. Ian. Hail, growing tall, easy neck and shoulders. Let your head drop forward. If you had a course at tied around your your trunk, you'd tighten those strings as you travel forward, then it would be fine. Depress the legs into the ground and help you come into a long line.

Had coming into [inaudible] place a little last exhale. Floating the arms. Good, good, good. Okay. This line, nice chopper right there. Inhale. Refold the arms. Yes. Exhale. Rounding forward and rolling back up like you're pushing up against the wall. I'm to do one more. I love the way that looked.

Inhale everybody Reese off in the arms and the shoulders. Exhale round forward. I'm going to give you a little wall. Okay. Inhale as you go into your extension. Yes. Is that okay? Exhale. The arms head stays up a little bit. Here we go. Inhale. Refold the arms to the shoulders. Drop down the back. Beautiful and exhale. Go Away. Nice, great. And all the way back to upright. Was that okay? Look. Great. All right.

From your, just keep your arms there unless you need an arm break and then come back in. How we rotate to the front. Just an inhale. Stay here, but exhale and see about growing taller. Inhale, come through the middle legs. Do not move nor do your hips. Exhale to the back. Inhale, come through the middle.

You're gonna pass over right through getting taller as you go. Exhale all the air in. Hilda. Slowly but not so slow. Pass through the middle and exhale. Good, good, good. Inhale. Right to center and now we double exhale, a little pulse to the f to the front. It's inhale center and glance at your feet and let them stay still.

You're welcome to bend the knees in any time because what you're more interested in is keeping your back straight and your hip still good. Go ahead. So I'm just stopping your feet. You can always do this against a wall. If you ever wanted to go lift your chest a little soon is good and that's it. Yes. And finally finish the one in the back. Come to the center. Free up your hands up. Round forward.

One more time. Well, one more time for now. Ruling yourself up your body. Closing up the feet, bend your right like so you can hold onto the calf. Stretch your leg up. It does not have to be straight rather before it goes totally straight. Let's try and straighten your backs. Get that upper back stretch. Yeah.

Great. Okay. See what you can do about straightening the legs without letting the shoulders pop forward or your head dropped back. Okay. The straight leg is the least important part of it. Then tuck the pelvis a little so you're gonna lean back. As I'm rounding my low back, that's probably pretty good.

And I'm gonna give you a tip. Press the leg into your hand so you don't just go top heavy. Okay. Walk down the leg just a little to your near to your knee than you are your ankle. Just to the knee, I mean still on the calf and roll down to your shoulder blades. Your leg is parallel. Resist the temptation right now to turn the leg out to the side and from here it's going to be pulse pulse. Pick up the other leg and hold.

Hold it there. From here, start to press the leg into your hand. Roll yourself up at any point. Bend the knee that you need to do not let the shoulders creep off your back. If they do, bring them back as soon as you notice it right here we are again. Walk up a little bit. You might bend the knee for now.

Let's kind of go in the same order. Bend the knee a little. Lengthen up to the back. It is totally appropriate to be leaning back. That looks great. Jim, lean back if it feels good to you, if you can be upright and go ahead and I'm going to stay back here. Then see what you can do about straightening the leg with outlet at polling your whole upper girdle out. If it's not enough of a stretch, do what you need to do. Walk the leg, uh, hands down, closer to the knee, but not behind it fully. Help yourself lower yourself so it's really drawing the abs in to roll slowly down to the shoulder blades. Gorgeous Wendy, and now we go pulse, pulse, change legs. We're going to keep this going.

Now the pulse thing, it's pulse. Pulse. What matters to us now is that our body, our trunk is absolutely still pulse. Pulse. Resist the temptation to look at the foot in the air. Rather look straight ahead. Or if you're going to look at a foot, look at the one on the ground. Here we go. Altogether. Let's go. It's pulse, pulse and pulse. Pulse and pulse. Pulse and couple more. And that'll do bring both legs up, lace the fingers behind your head, squeeze the sit bones together, a little inner thigh or glute contraction.

We're just going to lower the legs for three counts, just a tiny bit. Big exhale and bring it up. One. Inhale two, three and exhale. Stillness, nipper body email. Can you allow the like serous stretch longer out of the hip joint and up? I don't necessarily mean lower. In fact, I don't mean lower at all. I mean the longer and up, easy through the legs. One more time and up and with that we let our heads come down.

We free up the arms. I'm just going to move down a little bit. Preparing for the rollover. It goes in. Inhale, squeezing through the low glute. Exhale to come up and over finding that horizontal position in this position. You want to feel the side body supporting you so you're not dropping on your low back. Inhale, flex your feet separate.

Lower the feet if you have that available to you and Xcel to roll down, finding the tailbone, circle the legs, close him up. Inhale to 90 exhale up to go over, blowing out the air, continuing to curve the spine. Inhale, flex the feet separate. Lower the feet to the ground if that's okay for you, and exhale down working your way so you feel the abs. Keep going with that circle to close. Its inhale to 90 modify by either crossing the ankles, keeping the ankles together, and doing a little tuck. Keep it small though.

No momentum. You may need a break cause that'll give you a lot of those. I'm going to give everybody one more roll over. Once you've rolled down, circle to close. Inhale, exhale up. Sure. Inhale, flex and close. It's not just the abs working here, gang. You've gotta be aware of the back of the legs.

Sometimes it's just the subtlest inner thigh squeeze or that works for us. Close it. Fold the knees, shins parallel to the ground. Yep. Let's just take the arms out and take the knees to one side and gentle stretch. Don't get too comfortable and then bring Mindy's up. Assist yourself in whatever way you need to.

If you need to adjust your hips on the ground for comfort, you should. You should always checking in. What does your body need? You can rest the feet. I'm not just cause I can't. I don't have a ground there, but you're welcome to. I would if I were you and then help yourself back to center. Now we are shins parallel, hands behind the legs.

Again, I'm thinking inner thigh bones pressing together. You might think glutes. If you do, try not to Tuck to do it. Just draw the glutes together. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Stretch your thighs away from you a bit more, keeping your shins parallel and then it will just get a little rock. Just a little rock. Try Not to change anything.

Just shoot a little rock letting the hips come up and down. See how well you can control it. Oh, one more. We're going to come up and stay up. Next time you do come up, draw the knees in a little closer, extending the legs, looking for a flat back. Again, same rules. If you're rather can get a flat back with bent knees, do it that way. A little roll back. Don't worry about landing it.

Just rock back and forth right now, just rock and back and forth. Not Quite gonna stop yet. We don't want you to feel is the smooth ride. Whether you go partway, you go all the way, you never quite change the pelvis, and that's true throughout. Now coming up a little higher when you get near the tailbone and flatten out that upper back and then just the tailbone tucks the tiniest bit more and we rule as you'll come up, you get to draw the shoulders down a little more. Like you're reaching up to the high diagonal of the room. Inhale back and Exhale, and now you've all got a suggest.

Find ease, whatever that means to you. Find an easier way for you. Is it more breath? Is it less breath? I don't know. Is it a subtle knee bend? Two more? Is it trusting it? What does it tell the last one with that, bend the knees just to set the feet down. Come back on top of the sitz bones for the saw. So one of the ways I like to check this position, if you're flexible enough to be upright, um, sometimes the tendency is to go too far and I think almost everybody in this room can do that. So let's get right over the systems.

I just sort of grabbed my ribs and feel the back and check to make sure I'm not too far forward and then that looks good. That looks great. Yeah. Okay. One other thought just while while we're on the subject. As you lift the sternum, that often is a cue we use that sends people into flared ribs. So let's think of lifting the sternum vertically, but counter it by pulling the shoulder blades down. So that's the conveyor belt like situation happening that's going to be there the whole time. Let's do the exercise. Inhale to rotate. This is the saw.

Exhale. As you reach forward outside that little toe, reach the back arm trying for a little more extension as you emailed to sit up right over those sits bones. Exhale back to center and inhale, rotate. Exhale out. Good, nice. Long lines. Inhale to sit up and center. I'm thinking, I'm thinking we can go a little wider. Debra. A gym. You guys can stay where you are, but let your feet be wider than, than your body. For sure. For sure. Not, not so wide, but just at least, I don't know what's that? Wider than your body. Okay, good. Here we go. Inhale, rotate cause we need some stability there. Just built in. Exhale, reach the opposite arm as well in here, getting longer as you sit up and exhale and inhale. Let those inhales allow you to grow. Exhale, reach. Inhale, lengthen and Exhale, Eh, allowing your head to follow the line of the spine. Inhale, Aloof. Exhale.

Last one like that. Yup. What's your question? Don't want to pull the shoulder. You hold those shoulder back. Thank you. You do hold the shoulder back. Always. Always. I think always come on up and I'll give it a demo. You can rest your arms if you want. Question was, as you're reaching forward, do you then want to go for I think go for broke, right and allow the shoulder to go further, which kind of feels good, I have to admit.

But no you don't because we're more interested in this particular case in the hamstrings and also the spine. So go or you go, but this is only making you think you're going further. You want to fold your own ribs back and like, okay, yes, do I want to hold the ribs back or oppose it? You do want to hold the ribs back. Um, but w you want to get as much rotation on the initial portion as possible. Um, let me think about the rip holding ribs back. You know what I would say it's not holding this Rebecca, cause I don't want it to be around in this particular version. Okay.

But rather I would say hold the, the side you're turning toward. Hold that back a little bit. In other words, um, it's like you're holding there to stretch in spite of it. Does that make sense? If it doesn't, I would say just hinge forward and not worry about the ribs quite as much. Cause I think I, we want the hamstring stretch in this version of it. Does that answer it? Let's do two. Let's do one more each way.

Thinking about that. So we rotate the arm shift but now they're not going to change their hinge forward. That's what I want to say. Hinge forward as far as you can now here. Well just keep going. Keep going. Reach. You know what I would say, hold the hips back. Hold the hips. Absolutely still. And that Outta fix any question. I think inhale lengthen up I think and back to center in how rotate.

Thank you. Exhale. So which, which we have, are you holding back? Rolling. Hold on. Uh, okay. No, rotate as much as you possibly can and lean into it. Yup. Yup. And then come back up. Yeah. Thank you though. Got It. All right from there, just turn and face the side and lie all the way down onto your side.

So know that that if that lasts, exercise is a four parter. Basically rotate as much as you can. Keep that rotation and hinge forward as much as you can, so to hold backward unwind, you actually alright. Top Pant is either down. If you want a little more challenge, you can rest it on your leg or in the air. Most important part really is just that we zero in on the ABS, a little on the back in here.

Start exhaling as if you were lengthening your hips far away from the ribcage. They lift and hover in as you reach even further to almost touch down and exhale, recommit. Ah, inhale and exhale. If your hand is down, keep it close to you so you can feel the the intensity build as you start to lift. Having said that, we never quite let go. I think of trying to stretch that top hip away and up and down. It's a good time to check in with the feet and the neck for that matter. The feet are pretty relaxed.

Lyft, one more time. Keep it up there. Flex the feet. Try and keep the heels, the toes and the knees together and point and flex as you flex. Try to feel the glute tighten just a little. See you feel the whole back of the leg and point and again. Inhale, lengthen through the low back and point. Keep it there. Set the feet down and we're coming up to our elbow.

Our forearm, I should say forearm disperse way through from elbow tourists. So that's kind of distributed weight. Their top leg is going to go in front. We're going to do the side bend on the elbow today. So what that means is you've got the top leg in front. Give yourself enough space so that your knees have room to sort of pass each other. You can separate, you know far. Some people feel better close, but don't feel like it has to be some place. Perfect. Just stabilize yourself.

Most important, lift up. So let's see everybody pull away and really you're doing that from that lat muscle. Lean into your forward hand for the moment. Lift the legs, adjust, get them straight. Squeeze the inner thigh, hold the arms up and I'm going to hang out here for a moment. Inhale and exhale it as if you're in between two plates of glass, right in everybody. Figure out where your ribs are. It'd be really easy to flare here so you want 'em lined up good. And from there, allow your hips to come down lightly cause we're going right back up.

Stretch that arm we inhale to lift up from here, using the under side of your waist. Exhale to lift higher to stretch the arm over. Maybe you can look down. Just don't rotate the body. Inhale, coming back to a long line. That means you're stretching out the crown of the head. Exhale, hinge down. Keep breathing. It's going to get tough. Now you keep breathing.

Make it look easy. No one needs to know. Exhale higher and it's coming from that waist, right, not the elbow. Lift off yourself. Make it easy for yourself. Inhale to the side length, not the beat and the head. Disperse your energy and lightly down. Just one more. Inhaling up. Nice t good. Exhaling to go over. You've got weight in your feet and we should. That's okay. Inhale, come back and down. Draw your knees in.

Take that arm up. It's a stream close. I'm holding onto my calf, my ankle, anywhere that I can to lift myself up first. Then if it suits you, you can kind of reach for the top. I don't know where the ceiling and the wall meet. If that doesn't feel good, you should just stay upright. Ah, okay. Free of that hand come around the other side all the way down flying on your side. Probably a good idea to be able to see when you look down at initially to see your feet head is rested straight ahead and then make that connection between the bridge of the hips and the ribcage. From there we inhale, exhale to reach and lift. Inhale as you reach longer to almost touch down and exhale as we slowly sort of work our way through the body. Check in again.

It's good time to find out how are you sort of going to where you wanted to go. Are you working strongly, efficiently, quietly, whatever you sort of chose in the beginning and get back to that or have you, have you gone to a place for it feels streaming or the breath has become more no shirt. [inaudible] how about exhale as we live? Okay. Inhale as we stretch and lower relaxing your head on your arms. We don't need to hold the head up just now. You'll see it.

There'll be a gentle sort of rocking in the pelvis in waist. If you can go a little higher, you go ahead. Just maintain some connection through both sides of the waist and on the next one. We're going to stay up there reaching a little longer. At this point, if you feel much going on in your low back, that would be your indicator to slightly tuck your pelvis. You want to be able to feel glute contraction, flex both feet, trying your best to keep ankle bones and big toes together. Thank you and point.

I recognize it doesn't always line up perfectly. Inhale flex, but we can try and exhale. Suspect you'd be feeling a little inner thigh right now and let's go one more. I think that was it, but we'll do one more. Anyway, stretch and point. Setting a feet down. Help yourself up to the forearm. Top leg is in front.

Yeah, so often if you just sort of think in a proud manner, you ended up in the right place. Feel free to bend the knees a little to start this initially. Lifting up, squeeze through the lower body. Let the arm come up, or we're going to hold for five breaths. Inhale, exhale is a good time to talk about energy dispersion to get it out of your forearm or at least somewhat out of your forearm. Stretch yourself out the crown of your head and out the feet. Breathe. Two more breaths. One more, and then as you gently lower down, if you need to adjust your candle, lightly touch otherwise and up we go. Lifting then a little higher without letting the shoulder creep up is a sense of, oh, it's a sense of drawing the shoulder to your hip and he'll come back to the side and lightly and in here. That'd be good.

Keep your chest open. Reach just behind Mary's head. Oh good, good, good. And inhale back to the side and I love it. It's I guess your Williams inhale lift and from the lower waist up, up, up, making that rainbow like shaped drawing the upper arm toward the hip on the underside, Ian Hill side and down. One more, one more inhale. This I think, I think not, but here it is. Back to the side. And now definitely down. Draw the knees in. Help yourself up. Find a comfortable place to sit if this position doesn't see, you can always open that up. Open up the legs as well.

Reaching up first high as you can. You can even let the shoulder climb up on this a little and then okay. [inaudible] take a deep breath. Free up tension. We still got some good stuff coming. All right. And there we go. Coming over to your hands and knees. So just turnover into a kneeling position where as you look down, the hands are directly below, directly below your shoulders.

Take a second and do this gently because you're all frozen. Um, gently sink into your arm bones and, and then without see if this means anything to you without pressing your palms into the floor, lift up out of the place. You just sunk. Two and one more gently, easily. Just sort of allow yourself to soften. And then with just a simple exhale, lighten up on yourself, floating up until you're in a nice stable position. I think that's good. Just leave that jam. Yup. You look great. From there, extending one leg back, we're going to Tuck the pelvis under a little to then extend the other leg back. And from here, just tuck your pelvis, pull the ribs. And all I'm doing is a little pike here. Not even a pike.

I'm just rounding the spine. Yup. Even more, even more. That's it. That's it. And then from the top of your head as if someone would gently grabbing you by the ears, lengthen yourself out, flexing your fields if they're not already back to where you started. So we never really hinged at the hips, rather just the whole front of the body starts to pull up the ribs. In that sandy light on your hands, your head will drop a little like you're trying to make a gigantic rainbow, only smaller, and then from the top of your head as you lengthen the crown of your head forward, the upper arms start to slide toward your hip. It's ever so slightly and then from there, 0.1 toe, you should be back in a long line. That's it.

And lift the leg up one and two, three long enough for one more time, five touchdown changed sides and on long bodies to energize through the ends of the body. Three at a five, four and five feet or down. Same lift from the ribs. Pull them together. You're going to come into a pyramid eventually of stretch. Maybe take a little baby, step forward with your feet, not to worry about getting the heels down just yet. Rather draw more energy up into the powerhouse.

That means you've got a little inner thigh connection. You've got a sense of the glutes you've working towards, lengthening your spine and then finally tilting the pelvis toward the sky. And if it's at that point suits you to drop the heels. Do everybody check the shoulders. It's a real possibility that you've pushed the ground away and shrug the shoulders. Rather let the shoulders even in this position be headed toward your hips.

And with that, here we go. Come right back into plank. At this time, point, any point really you can drop to your or lower to your knees and do what we're about to do here. Otherwise we bend the elbows just a little. She has to that and an exhale. Feel all those connections, putting it together. And inhale, bend, elbows coming. Right close. Excellent. And Ah, and again, I'm just going to lift your hips just a little bit. Yep. And now bend your elbows. Good, good. More elbows. That's a Deborah. And then up one more time. That's it. Yes.

Once you get it back up, everybody to your knees, walking these back just a step or two. One, two, one, two, keeping your hands there and then lower down. Sliding your elbows forward so you're on your forearms. Okay? From this position, turn your hands up so we've just turned everything else. Then take a moment. Starting at your feet. They're just, they don't have to be together. Just reach them. Long tops of your feet on the floor. Legs are energized. I'd say a little bit drawing the abdominals in or lengthening your low back.

It means the same thing to me. Allow the chest to slightly or to reach forward as the upper arms kind of pull back towards your hip. So it's as the action feels, almost like you're trying to draw. Drag yourself forward by pulling the arms back from that place. Looking somewhat forward. Inhale, extending your right arm forward, keeping a bend to Elba and start to scoop it up and follow it with your eyes. Everything else stays the same.

As soon as your elbow wants to point out to the side, you stop and bring it back. Regroup. You're gonna have to draw deep into the abdominals. Both legs remain down. Okay, here we go. Try not to shift too much. Take the other arm forward. Oppose it with that opposite arm. So as as the one is going forward, the other's almost feeling like it's coming back slightly. Look up at it and bring it back again. You like this one, Chin reaching forward.

Notice if you instantly shift to one hip bone, keep the weight even rather don't go so high. If you are going up, it's an arc and bring the arm back down and gentle transition both feet. Stay down. I know that other one wants to lift. I know it well. Oppose it. Find the opposite side of your body. Let the chest go with the arm and yes, with that, come all the way down. Stretching your arms forward. That's right. All the way forward. Good and linear.

Your arms be a little bit wider than your shoulders, so they're not directly in front of you today. Just a little wire kit from that place, keeping your arms straight and on the floor. Inhale, draw the shoulders further down your back. I know they're already there, but do it anyway. From that place. Exhale, start to reach the chin forward. Picking up the back of your head. Looking forward. Allow the upper arm to come off and just left. If you can slide the hands back a little. Go ahead.

If you're on the floor of the carpet and then exhale, lighten up on the hands to go back where you started. All the way down. Four heads on the floor. Then initiate from the shoulder blades. Again, inhale, think to draw them further down your back. Even if they feel like they're already there, skim the chin forward. Starting to look up, allowing your chest to arise. Maybe the hands will slide back and intercell.

Abs are still strong and it doesn't really need to be big at all, right? If you want to start with your elbows a little wider, that might give you a little more support, but otherwise it's pretty small and pretty intense. I'm guessing. Four heads down. Inhale, draw the shoulders down, reaching the Chin forward to start to lift your chest. Keeping a low back long. Maybe your hands a sliding. Just the littlest bit. Yes. Stay there, loving it. Take one arm up. Keep that both legs are down. One arm. Just float straight up from where it was in your mind.

Think to lengthen the opposite leg. Don't lift it. Just think about lengthening from the waist and put it down. Other side. Arm Up, lengthening to the whole opposite leg and down. And again, inhale, reach, lift, minimize the weight on the hand that's on the ground. But that means you've got to maximize the work in the abdominals for support. Put their arm down and last time change.

And Dan and for the real big challenge, lower your body at your chest a little bit. Not fully. Say, write about the sternum, keeping the tops of your feet on the floor. Try and float both arms up, looking down. Big Inhale and exhale. Release everything to the Mat. Everything rests. Letting go, letting it set. Oh Great. And then once you feel like it's settled, bring your hands by your shoulders.

Reengage the abs just enough to help you up into a rest position. Drawing the knees forward or the hips back. Stretching yourself all the way down. Okay, Jim, if this doesn't feel good on your knee, you can lie on your back. I'm going to take us into a stretch for that, nene, just a second here.

And then just roll yourself up to hands and knees again and step your right foot pretty far forward, adjusting the back knee so you're not right on the kneecap. Alright and then from here it's a sense of lengthening the low back as well as the whole front side of the hip. You can keep your hands on the ground, you can hold onto something or you can just support with your [inaudible] and even though we're stretching it, it's not really meant to be a full release on your body is never lifted and supported. All right. If you want more for the quad, what I'm going to offer tonight is either stay there if that's working for you, otherwise if our right foot forward, but just put the left hand on the ground and try and pick up the foot with the right hand if you want, if you want, if you can leave it. Then once you've done that, once again, sink the hips forward. That's good. That's plenty. That's plenty. If it's more work for the hamstring, don't do it. And there you go. There you go. Do you want me to help you? Okay. And then real carefully release the foot. If you have it, hands down, you're gonna want to use your hand and the foot to help you transition.

We're just going to switch sides. We're just going to switch sides. Keep it to the hip flexor tonight. Just said gentle. I almost always think of it as a little bit of a reaching of the pubic bone toward the sternum or attack of the pelvis. But really you're just shifting forward, keeping the back long so you don't drop down on it.

Yeah, noticing the breath. Coming back to a semi natural rate though. Let it still be full deep. If you'd like more challenge now, it'd be the time to do it. You just put the opposite hand down on the ground, turn toward that foot and then pick it up. Yeah. It's not so much about how close the heel gets to the glute.

It's still keeping the front of the hip long [inaudible] and then when you're ready, allow it to release carefully adjusting yourself to bring that foot down. You're going to curl the toes under for a decent stretch to the bottom of the feet. Press your weight back with the toes, the heels really high, right up into your, yeah. Yeah, so if that feels okay, Jim, walk your hands further back so you're really almost standing on him yet trying to balance the weight. Big total little toe. Then just press the heels down. You're going to need to lift your hips a bit to just fold over.

Stepped down here. He's a very bent heads hanging. Shake out. Any unnecessary attention we might've created, still filling support through the middle of the body and that that's coming from you. It won't just happen if it feels okay to you to straighten the legs, do that or go as straight as it feels. Good. Feet are parallel. They don't have to be together where they can be, but point them straight ahead. Bend the knees, setting the ribs on the thighs. Take a big inhale trying to maneuver the breath through the back of the body.

Exhale, staying as close to those thigh bones as possible. Folding a little deeper up. Uh, options. Keep going. When did that again bend, you can always put your hands on your shins. Your ankles are even above the knees for this, just for that extra little support that might be well worth it, right? And then from there, everybody just released the knees a little.

We still have to work safely to come up. So think to maybe squeeze through the inner thigh in the abdominals, not a lot, just enough to support you and allow yourself to roll up, tucking the tailbone under or shoe to the legs, stacking the pelvis right back over the ankles, feeling yourself grow taller as the ribs come over the hips. Maybe feel the length of the back of your neck. And like that conveyor belt we talked about earlier, this chest continues to rise as the back continues to get long. Let's just inhale arms forward. Boy You have, I let him come down the side.

They can bring some energy or whatever you need. Inhaling up [inaudible] and down the side, finding length. Lightness will come up at the side this time and now bring it in and exhale, letting it go. Well done. Good work. Very nice. Bravo. Thank you for your questions. Until next time.


Very good class. Thank you!
Thank you Marybeth!

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