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You will flow from one movement to the next in this Spine Corrector workout with Diane Severino! This is a more advanced follow-up from her previous class where she infuses traditional Mat exercises with other elements from Ron Fletcher. Her wit and charming personality will make you feel like you are working out right next to her! Have fun!
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Hi, I'm Diane Severino and I am going to be teaching you the spine corrector that a little more advanced work that I'm going to do here. Hopefully you've had your teacher train you a little bit on some of the basic work. If not, you can refer to uh, one of my beginning barrel classes that I've done for my lovely plot is anytime out, further redo are going to start. We're going to take a little knee bend with the hips straight down as the arms come forward and puff, it's to the left and high head. Like is sitting on a chair. Yeah. Oh and keep the breath flowing and inhale.

Now here's pelvic [inaudible] tilt. We're going to be pelvic tilt in hunting. And now with gesture heels and I'm sitting on the lip gesture heels. All right, squeeze everything together. Pull up just an easy little contraction forward with the head down, scooping the stomach in for full breath. Five, six absent shoulders. Pull down into the lats, squeeze e and took, it's to stay on that lip right there. You know it's advanced stretch five, six. Nice, gentle arch from the top of the head to the tailbone and pull in with the stomach. We're rolling back. Try to keep your hands on the lip. Oh No, I fell back. Keep your heading lip.

You didn't see that crunch flow too. I'm wearing a new leotard. Oh yeah. Diane, tell it to the judge. No, I am sure they had a dress rehearsal. Same thing like straight. This is just the beginning, right? So now we're activating lower and upper arms. Yeah. Awesome. Squeeze that bottom together like you have a dime between the cheeks.

Now we're going to go into chest expansion. This is called tabletop head. You know, and now as the arms go out the head, you want the back of the head to touch arms come up, peel the body forward up. [inaudible] chest expansion. Pull your arms together like you have the heavyweight. So you worked those pecs, that chest muscle. Here's heavy and we're going to lift the legs up over Lyft. Yeah. Tabletop. Expansive.

We go through the tabletop each time, so you get precise in the movement. Big expansion of the waist. Lift, expand. Keep that bike tight and lift. Teaser up. Circle, lift, tabletop, expand circle pool to the ankles. Tabletop, expand.

And I want to take the arms a little differently as we go back. The arms go over the head all to the floor around sir. Go Lift Paul from the center up back, Sir Ellie again. Up, back circle. Lift. Hold lower. Pull from the low app. Low. Nice. Lifting the chest low.

Keep the hand symbol and low lift. Hold Pole weight, stretch back. Flexibility. Stretch six, seven, eight. Single leg pull two. And just like mat work, right? Watch the elbow stay nice and high. That helps. Lift the upper midriff in a nice high elevated contraction to chain to quick give quick, quick, quick.

Reach the upper body and hold single leg. And exhale. Really get that straight leg on level with the lip to anch and pull up. Scoop it up body and quick. Keep it clean. Yeah, I do a tutorial on these. A series of five.

You should watch it. God. [inaudible] little pullback here cause my body wanted to and and and and lift. Oh, little cheese. Crike we're gonna do the same twisty things you're always doing in class, but the torso changes the side. It's not my elbows. I'm doing that too with my hands are not tugging at the head. You all know that, but it's that torso that's changing the direction of my elbow, not my elbow to [inaudible] out and I'm still in an upper body contraction.

My back is not straight. The barrel is helping me to a certain degree and quick left. Good circle and a little contraction. Oh look, it's sore. Stretch, heel flexed, feet flex. Pull the wings together a little bit. Expand, pull him back, expand. Have grown taller.

Pull the wings back. Whole neck in line with the spine for twists. One don't let the other hit move. Two, three. Here's the torso again. It rounds and you stretch over that leg. His back arm is reaching behind you. Classic Mat. Pull the wings together. Center twist.

Two, three, four. Kendra has such a magic. It was followed that bell and left and up and twist to see those wings of pulling together. The chest is open now because the body twists the chest wrongs three. We should have at least a half foot one day, and there's always hope.

Two, three, four contract. Good. That foot, two, three, four roll and we're roll back again. Legs are gonna be extended tail bones on the lip, right? This is an ancient PyLadies exercise. We are an extension. Perfectly supported head, right? You can do this with weights, like little two pound weights.

You all have seen this. Aw Yeah, they get that nice long waist. We're bringing in the arms up on an inhale. Try to match the arms. Exhale all the way around. Keep that butt squeezed and your shoulders it. Yeah, we'd seen Joe Glottis do this in some of his pictures. Yeah, those little weights work to open a, see how that chest opens up. Now let's work it out to the side out.

I'm trying to rotate that socket. Oh yeah. And forward expanding the chest. Imagine what those shoulder ball and socket are doing. Acquaint yourself with that. Yeah. Oh, that feels nice. Stretch and you need that mobility in the shoulders.

Joe [inaudible] new arms down. I'm going to take one arm up, one arm back. Try not to let anything shift and change to which long from the back and back and, but even if you hadn't been working with the little way to do it, like I'm doing it now. I'm, I'm out of shape with weights, so I'm nothing and it's me and I'm not messing with this and that. We would do helicopter arms. One arm down one. Omar, you rotate in the socket. Oh, try to touch the floor. Change back or I'm joining the touch. The flight touched it. Oh, that back one lift.

Reach. So you're alternating. I know. It's hard. If you're on your back like this, you can't watch me. Watch it before you do it. Doesn't that make brilliant sense out? And then just open. Here you go. Clap. Oh, pope cla. Oh, clap. Open. Clap. Oh, Ben. And I'm going to bring the arms to tabletop head.

Are you ready for the next spot? We're going to transition to the crevasse. That's that little crease here, right? You can put your hands then work back in your arms. Triceps. So more elegant.

So you're going to press your hips up right there as you Tris, you're going to Tuck the pelvis, open that chest arch, and aim that tailbone for the credit. Sure. Look at that chest tie. Now don't tell you head to far back. There's my head too, for a better. I'm not making this up. That's I'm cutting off my air. Now I can talk perfectly normal. All right, so the neck is part of the expiring.

The higher you go tabletop, put a coffee cup on your waist. They'll spill it and say, now we're ready for the crevice. You can sit with the legs open, set up as tall as you can pull up. Now here's that low belly contraction. In practicing, round over. You got a little more height of the hips now, so these make these balances really doable. Nice long line from the crown of the head to that tailbone.

Now here's the advanced flat back release over the diamond. You stick your butt back into the crease, then waistline, then the shoulders, so there's [inaudible]. You have to come up as high as where you is. Don't if I went too low. A big dip up. No, you have to come up. Hi. Hi. Hi.

Let's take that again just to release tailbone. So you Paul, this you waistline. You showed the blade, the neck and head left. So if I put a poll by your tailbone and she touched the back of the Napier. Neck, arms on either side. Pull out, there's the shoulders, the shoulders, the shoulders, the shoulders, and go back to that movement in a minute. Now I'm gonna take that list again to go over to the side. Just to warm up the hip. You're going to list the head, push shit down. Push it, lift.

Try not to let that knee come up too high of the hip. That's lifting. Nice big stretch. Like someone's pulling your wrist and your hip away from each other. Yeah. Now here's the waistline. They get you up them up to go over.

Try to keep that knee. Oh, open. Ooh. Yeah, baby. Stomach pose. Chest is nice and open. Lift and low lift. And one more. Here's the waste. Okay, now we're going to do one. You gotta watch this for a minute.

This has a couple of parts to it. Pretend you have a piece of chalk in that hand that's going forward, past that diamond. Now the other hand takes the chocolate look rolling along the side of my body. Then I unfold and I'm in this nice open t position. That other arm starts folding in.

I roll up using my stomach muscles, come over that diamond. I know what the head's gonna add do. We've got tens and do it on the other side. Forward. Really reach out. Other arm takes the chalk. Oh over the head. Here's that. Open to a t ra.

The body is changing the direction, eh? It flows a little faster around chalk. SPLAT. See you got it. And lift and reach around to the side. Slight hold round and lift fo. Yeah, make it a big movement.

Last out around. Hit it and up and bring the knees together. Arms Up, twist and center and twist. So it's like you're holding an bar and center and twist and Anson and twist and send the list. Opened the legs to second pull up. We're just going to take a nice side tilt. Notice how my armpit is aiming sort of towards the side of my hip bone.

Yeah, and lift and in and exhale. That's it. So it's not the arms that are moving. They're stationary, so you can really work those waistline muscles and lift. As simple as this is, it's a very effective exercise. Now let's bring the bar here. See, my arms are not moving. My torso is doing the twisting. It's a little easier with your arms in this position, but I want to get you so you're locked into that lad.

Same thing here. Yeah, right length left there. That's how [inaudible] really get the range of motion in the torso. You don't let the arm steal from it. I say steal. Yeah. Yeah. Even though this is more, more of an advanced class, you still need this stretch out. Pull up, pull up, pull up, draw the knees together.

Okay, I'm going to contract back. This is a magnetic exercise. You are instilling the crevice series. It's you're going to have to judge this hip twist with straight arms. As the mat work says, my arms are steroid. Here's where we did the torso. Here's the twist.

Here's the lower body doing the twist and you work the stomach to bring it up. Try to keep your angles as much together as you can down as much as you can to lip high. Now when you make this big, circle that opposite hip, see it's coming up that opposite hip. This coming up is your hips again and length and keep that up. A body contracted left waist and stomach and left waist and stomach. Hey, let's see if we can do it in opposition arms. Yeah, I'm going in opposition.

This is in the matte arms, legs lowering, lift, lift and up like the mat, stomach, low and low lift. Lower lift, lower hole. I we have to roll over this lovely spine, correct? Yeah, and head up to contract and release. Now we're going to open the legs into a diamond. When you do a little tree, I can track back. Point that foot, lift it. Now in the dance world, the heel is in line or even higher, so that is called an attitude. Give it some attitude to the front.

Look we to the front attitude lift. Oh, Ben. Yeah. And then, oh, isn't that foot interesting? Oh yes it is. And, and then you know the tree on the box. Oh, pen. Oh, it's opening up. And even more now stretch open and the side lift up and Oh damn.

And lift attitude and open. KinTek nice contraction. So you're not collapsed. Don't rest in that barrel. Yeah. Left and, and, and Oh and lift and then, and, and there's is an old run floor exercise. Bring it in. Pull it up now. Little Tiny Ben [inaudible] we're not too turned out now.

You're not parallel halfway and you're just thinking and looking at the muscle above that kneecap. Yeah. So now he really getting, I'm so interested in my knee. You're trying with these little pulses. See you in that knee. Look at curve. That is dead. Ain't right. Oh, that's right. But it gets you to really concentrate on that VMO.

Now here's a trip. [inaudible] Shit, we just did this in class and, but it got me in acquainted with that. Even though I had a lot of classes before Ron, he started was able, here we go. Little pulses was able to break that. Oh, did I forget about my stomach? No, I didn't need a change. You know will see that I'm not hyperextending. I'm just zoning in on that VM. Look at nice and elegant. The elbow should be all right. Shake it baby. Yay.

Yeah. Chicka Chicka Chicka chicka bring it in. Oh, okay. Other Brian's exercise. Lower Catch Paul. Now notice I'm bringing my leg to the hand, not the high end to the leg. Lower lift. Catch it. Lower catch pool. Hello. Catch always stomach low. One catch pool. Oh, okay. Oh, last one. Lou would Duh, Duh, Duh. Change. Organize it and low catch pool. Low End.

We haven't fun. Elegant, low match pool. Now I don't know what you all think. It's still the fat that's lifting this. It just is. That's the way the buddy anonymy works. Catch Pool. You want to think of underneath. But anatomically I had Dan silver little touch the Ron Fletcher flavor in the barrel. He really worked on this barrel a lot with Clara.

Politesse who we work with even more than Joe. So he really was a genius on this. Okay. Now when we do some lateral work, now I'm going to get to the side of my hip. Why? Because I'm turning that hip over. All right. [inaudible] now from the sport position, bring the hip down and turn it over. Bring it down.

Press the you go. Pull up that of the waist. Proud. Now you're on that side. This hip is up. Extend the leg should be a straight line out. This hip is in the air, up and over. You all know this one. Stretch two over the leg. Keep that knee straight and this foot can be braced. That's called on the walk. Now we lengthen out over that barrel, keeping the arms equal distance from the ears.

I said that a few times today and you're thinking out, not down. Out and to go over and to press. Oh, waistline, baby. That's it. Keep that body front out and oh, sure. Such a classic, isn't it? Okay, but there's something about this height here. Yeah, and stretch, stretch, stretch.

Do I want to go to the other side? No. Think we'll go down here. What does she do and, well, I'll show you. See the light kick front to back to, I sort of have my elbow here. Remember the higher your torso is now elbow to the ceiling. Yeah. The higher your choice or the more work on your wasteland.

That's an n two o I should flex my foot, my fault. Flirts to the front and point. Keep that elbow for moving the shoulder that's on the barrel. Don't let it lift. [inaudible] seated fourth. How do I get to the other side? The hip? Yeah, set up Z and this stretches. They're quiet too, doesn't it?

Now notice as my hip lis makes my upper body look like it's moving. It's not. It's just referring to where my hip is, was when we do the laterals on this side. Oh, I should put my back foot lower. Last one, lift hold c on the side. Now I extend [inaudible] lift and reach long to straighten that straight leg, straighten it up and Oh, got it. Better it back up and reach out. I would open that chest. Yes. Oh, over hit each one of those imaginary Berbers along the side of your waistline.

Don't let that hip fall behind to go down and lift it. Amazing. When you teach, you have to say the same stuff over and over again, but you know what? I'm not only saying it for you, I'm saying it for myself because I'm actually thinking about all this stuff. Sorry, I'm talking so much. He got it and now we added elbow lift. Oh bone height two to the front. Pull up, pull up, pull up and kick to the front. Point to the back. Kick to the front point to the back.

Awesome for the waist and hip. Lift away. Try not to move your top elbow further. Do that front wayback for UE back front and hold. Then center, extend arm. I guess we can come to that. Remember the high you are. We're doing the scissor.

This mind you changing places with your arm and leg one arm forward and change my heads following the arm rich behind stretch and try not to fall off that Bentley Kipp. That's it. Stretch Ben. Pull up a little bit. Get hold of that back attitude stomach and pull it back back. Look, that came my phone. Yes. See more of your up.

The more that hip works, but this is fine too. It actually feels a little bit better. You know, I think I can open my hip more like this. Yeah. Lower left. Lower. Whoa. Now you're getting a little high or in the back. Yeah. Dances back attitude. Yeah.

Change Center. [inaudible] says, uh, follow the head with the hand straight and forward. Try not to lean forward and back too much with your torso. Keep it hip. Bone height, stretch. [inaudible] fall back. Follow it. Whole attitude. Yeah. I like it on the elbow.

That's a stretch. Open the chest. Quad stretch. Put up low. And now I want to get a little more arch, right? Yeah. Attitude. Try not to let the new drop brown knee higher than the ankle and center. Uh, yeah, let's do it here. Little circles reverse how less Marilla. Ooh.

Parallel leg. Feel free to do eight if you want. And I bent it in like that. [inaudible] because my body wants to do that. You're at your way. So all the talk of the hip set talk of the town [inaudible] tailbone released sin.

Oh Wow. Okay. Now I have to make a little yelling at you. I'm going to be rolling onto my neck. All right, it's the next series. My head's going to be here. So go through it and watch it even on, you know, you're all watching this. So this is the advanced class. I have another one you could check out. The sort of breaks the movement down a little bit more, prepares you for it.

But even you pros that are watching this on your van, students don't turn your head when you were on your neck. You're gonna want to just, my voice is so compelling, but you please look straight up to the ceiling or watch it a few times. All right? I'm going to show you how to get onto the neck, but your events, you know, you take that NYSE cervical extension, you're going to creep back. You know, put your feet on the step center, your head, legs together and you can hold on here. Depends on the length of your arms here. Depending if you have a foam barrel, all of the for all the other barrels, the org, you know your equipment. All right, so the knees are together pulling that lower belly. This has to be really anchor down that, that right above the pubic bone, that low belly muscle from this position of keep that low billion.

Now in the advanced version, your uh, your, your position is more, see, I would just extend that my more on this angle here, that's harder than when we lift the legs to the ceiling. From this position, just straight all split kicks, right? Split two and hit that split two and two. Just like the Mat. But that angle mixed that low belly work harder split to end together. Split two m together. I always enjoy these Maddix. Assizes don't you?

Cause they're easier on the barrel. One more time. Now we take the big bicycle. Let me you trying to hit that step. I like to think of this like a big tall paw. Try to brush that foot down. Keep it as straight as you can until you have to bend it.

You know what I mean? I'm even trying to go lower than this step. Yeah. Now we reverse it. Sure. And out split. Try to hit that split before you start bending. Did I reverse it right? So dyslexic, I hopefully. Good.

Did good out and draw. See that angle there are bend the knees, keeping them together. Toe Ball, heel justice self. If you have, do you want your waistline around that really hugged your spine around. Now when I lift my leg up, I try to again pour the foot, go through that foot. Don't you dread the day ball toe like kick, lower end kick ball change, lift, flex, lower kick ball change, lift, flex, a lower lift. See I'm going through that foot. Yeah, feet are important and lift and lower.

Lift. Change. Lift and lower lift. Oh that's good. Via thighs, man. Now we're going to take the helicopter. So you split open to second wide split. Oh, as you can t step in foot, draw the legs on that angle and reverse it out. Out and the angle and stretch.

Ooh. Worldly, worldly, Berg and one more back. Keep the breath going. Hard to breathe and talk. You know, but never hold your breath. Now as we go into the split to the second, when to draw the legs together, two times in a criss cross criss cross open, continue and utterly Bam. I'm trying to hit the ankle bones together, right? I missed the last one. C. Oh, I must be going over to the side. Don't do what I did.

I must be favoring my lifts side split and OBC analyze yourself too. You always should. I don't have a teacher anymore. He's dead. Well, I'd flood your spoon and Oh, and now speaking of Ron Fletcher, his one, no. Have you seen this? You're keeping a hip stationary. Your heel is going to beat to your butt. He'll beat to your butt. Six Times. One, two, three, four, five, six, two second.

Left to stomach in five, six on four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, two, one, two out. One singles in and hit it and then hit it and hit it at four and fives. Low billion. Six both heels kick, two, six, three, four, five, six. Woo. Four two, three, four onto on two out on single and the d the Tie yet. [inaudible] draw the legs together and Russia. Seldman just yourself. And I'm going to do some overhead stuff. Literally.

I know you're on your head, but now we're going to go over your head. Your legs are on that angle. You bring them up now. So they're over your hips. Toes pointing. It's t. Oh my barrel slipped. Tuck. See that Tuck. Sit Up. Pull. The curl is not all about the legs getting you over.

It's that curl. That's gonna take the legs over. Yeah, just touch open. We're doing the leg circle. Just like the mat lift. Hit that vertical one. Curl the pelvis to bring you off. Separate. Why am the hardest part for me on this is not to suffocate myself with my bosom. Jeez. Weavers, same curl cracks, set, flex stomach, hit all those vertebrates as low as you can go.

Try not to kind of attention anywhere except in your stomach. Tidjane and your stomach's good or God, I can still do this. It's amazing. God and Oren, I'm going to check that wasn't very graceful. Should've had a little sticky pad and then myself stomach in. Okay. We're going out with two Jack. Knife up. Curl the pelvis.

See the legs are secondary to my body from here. It's high jackknife legs. Roll down. Remember that? Pell, the curl, curl it and then that should be a high shoulder stand. I don't know. I can't see myself back and low. Alright, just two of those. Now we're going to take her curl again. Here's your corkscrew over to the side. You're coming down along the side of your back.

I work vertebras on your waistline and then we said, and to the other side, if you try to get that hip all the way off center again, it's the pelvis curling off, sir. [inaudible] get it out. Slow is hard. Right and center. I speed it up. All right. Yeah, he, oh, stretching and feed on the steps. That feels really good.

Okay. Now [inaudible] let's just do a little crisscross as we lower the leg, let's do a little quicker. Oh, and we'd go up and down and down and uphold that low belly in and whole parallel. That means Django vose and touch. Flex your feet. Well, walking down walkie walkie, walkie [inaudible] [inaudible] and I keep the little billion [inaudible] point. Turn out cooking heals that [inaudible] early breath.

I guess my body worn the breathe in for there. Okay, God. Okay. Now I used to be, be able to flip myself over my head with my legs and come to a teaser on the top of the barrel. I don't got to do that no more, so I'm going to ship me back. You know how to do it. I don't. I don't do that anymore. All right, just rest there a minute for our next port. Okay. Your rest is over. Correct? We're just going to do what else? Little contractions. Yeah.

Yeah. Really isolates it with the legs in the Arab this barrel. Yeah. Just remember the breed really gets people to deal with that upper back contraction as you will Belizean, but this is more pure midriff. Well, you could feel it. Keep your toes pointed please. All right.

Like a little crunch saw stretch. I'm reaching that top risks and not just my arm. It's that same cross or turning over of my torso that's making my pinky sort of my other Panky, not in our movement. It's the torso twist again. Get it. Good Center. Keep that nice lift. See, see it's that [inaudible] not just this, it's that and aim your vision past that hand crunch.

Cool. That's it. And six, seven. This is really good. Even, you know you're teachers in his studio and they get a real beginner and center to get them to isolate with you legs like that. Right? What? We're going to come back, Shimmy back, Shimmy. There's more of yourself back is I want your feet flat on the arc.

Here's that pelvic press again. Starts Low. Yeah, and then if we work up the muscles of the stomach to elevate, I feel so good. I have to do it again. Relax the throat, keep the head from moving or arching, tuck waist. You see how I kept that waistline down, that belt mine and then I travel up. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So keep that nice height, shoulder, hip, knee, right. Needs to get a little bit harder separated. If knees bother you, lift and flex. Right and pour through that whole foot point.

Chin Che through the foot. Lower lip. One more on this side, man. Lift the leg in the air. Lower down. Point the toe. Keep it that knee height right now, just bump and up. Bump contract, long leg number. Work that muscle above the, so now you know what straight feels like. Seven hold fold. I'll have you rolled down again. Contract up through the foot, low down and awesome for the tertiary area.

It's like an old gym. Exercise isn't from Beta foam. That's it. Don't let that hip load too much strain that way. And pendant. Oh see I always like to do that from there to there so I could see if I want to hip a drop. Yeah, I did that. Good work, Diane. Roll down. Now we're going to show me down away from the bow, again, taken from the mat work.

Let's feel that nice long pulled up. Elevated lie. Here's that tilt again. Yeah, straight as you can get. Normally you'd be in reverse a plank, right? And we just live and change, lift and change. And again, you're trying not to decrease the height, although your hips as you kick that leg, knee people you'll know it. And two more lift, lift, hold, squeeze, squeeze.

Here's our descent ribs waist, pelvis till you perfectly align. Just feel it and feel good. You got it more to come. Gonna change the position. Okay, now we're gonna row onto the spine corrector on us. Dunks. You've seen this before. Alright, Woo. Oh Shit.

Then a little more gracefully. Okay. Where did this swimming like we do in the Mac class? Okay. Each barrel is a little bit different, so you just have to find where your balance is. I can't tell you the objects, just like in Matte to alternate lifting, opposite arm to leg and it's a two count in and a two count out and it just works the whole back of the body and you supported your stomach, still lifting, you reaching out in Nice straight legs and you're swimming, you're paddling. And actually I did that for me. I didn't slip once and the first time I'm on this machine, I love you, Spike you reactive. All right, now this again too, ah, shoulders you down, but I don't know how you want hires a little more in your back.

This is just straight simple diamond leg lift. Okay. And legs lifting at the same time obviously. So the higher your chest, the more the back work. Nice. Determinedly and right for their kids.

Now just frog in and out. [inaudible] it's great, but little kicks [inaudible] Chris Cross. Chris gets a little more on the side of that. Still keep your stomach up. [inaudible] okay. Can I do this? I might have to adjust. It's one dive. I don't know if I'm going to let my uh, arms come up.

Yes ma'am. Just click, click, click, click, click, click. I don't know how this looks. Maybe she kicked three times. I think that's the white one. [inaudible] I wasn't sure I can do that. God bless. PyLadies rest. You Bet.

I'm fall. I'm falling and because it's me. I have to thank you body. He did it. Press the air and press the air. Thank you so much for watching.

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Brilliant Thank You Diane You even got me hugging and stroking my Spine Corrector :))
Love the workout and the joy that you bring to it!! Thank you.
So many great moves in Sequence. I look forward to repeating this workout.
I love your beautiful and elegant transitins. Thank you Diane !
I loved it! it was as if we were exercising together!
You are such an inspiration Diana! Thank you for sharing your brilliance 💎
Amazing  💗
Loved both of your Spine Corrector workouts. Standing taller!

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