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Look for deeper connections with this Reformer workout by Brett Miller. He takes you through the class he does when he feels strong and athletic. His variations to exercises like Rowing, Stomach Massage, and others will allow you to feel the opposition so you can create length and ease in your body.
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Hi, I'm Brett Miller and I'm here at Clarus. Anytime I'm going to do a reformer workout when I feel strong and athletic and really want to go deep into my body. This is the kind of workout I'll do on the reformer, so please feel free to change anything you need or want to. I'll try to be as clear as I can and let's get going. Let's start warming up by doing the coordination coordination t here on the balance body reformer.

I'm going to use a red spring and a blue spring while I'm doing this coordination, so I'm going to lay down, stretch your arms, Jeremy, up to the ceiling already. There's a nice long spine. Release your neck. Take one leg up, then the other leg up. Squeeze your legs, Jeremy. Together. That gives a nice togetherness and activation in the center. Inhale, stay. Exhale. Take your arms down, stretch your legs out, open and close your legs in what? The legs. Give them a gentle squeeze. Pull the legs in. Keep stretching your arms forward, squeeze your elbows into your body and coming in, stretching everything out nice and long. Really stretched. Now don't just stick them out there, out and in with the legs.

Pull the knees and keep stretching forward. Elbows close to the body and coming in already getting warm I guess. And I [inaudible] out and cutting in. Squeeze pool the body. Excuse me, the knees in. Stretch the arm of keep forward and slowly coming in. Two more exhale.

Take it out. Row Open and close. Pull the knees and keep stretching forward. Keep the elbows close to the body. Squeeze in the mean and through last time exhale, open and close. Coming in and slowly in and coming down, keeping the same strings. We'll just switch this straps onto the feet and go right into shorts.

By now we're short spine. Let's pause in each moment so that we can really work on articulation. All right, so you're gonna start stretch. The arms, arms are long along the side of the body. Release the neck, legs are long. Slowly take the legs up to this ceiling fee, other stretch, and then deeply engage and take your legs up. Keeps squeezing your legs together. Release your net. Come up as high as you can. Turn out. Flex the fee.

Take the knees over the shoulders, release the neck. Keep arms long. Now slowly squeeze the heels and slowly coming down. Release the neck slowly coming down. Really feeling that delicious stretch and the lower back coming down in through. Get ready to stretch out and lengthen out.

And I'd like to turn in here. I do it with turned in legs. I know not everyone does. Slowly coming up. Now pause here so we don't get sloppy. Pause and now deeply engaged. Take yourself up from the deep engagement in the center. Release your neck, stretch your arms, stretch your legs, stretch everything's. Turn out and articulate.

Now keep strong in the center as you bring your knees over your shoulders. Squeeze the heels together. Release the neck slowly coming down. Exhale slowly coming down through the body. And now stretch out. Don't just stick your legs out. Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch and turn. And last time, slowly coming up, deeply engaged. Squeeze the legs together. Slowly coming up. [inaudible] flex the feet. Feel the length, squeeze the heels together, pulling back in the center. Really engaged everywhere. Slowly rolling down.

Release the neck as you wrote and get that delicious stretch. That's why we call the whole purpose of doing this as this nice stretch in through here and slowly coming down and take it out nice and long. I lied. I want to do it one more time cause it feels so good. Let's do it one more time. Okay. Alright. All right, let's go and slowly coming up and stretch your arms. Release your neck, stretch your legs. [inaudible] pause.

Turnout deep into the body coming. Find it. Look, that's why we go slow looking for deeper connections. Release the neck. Deep stretch. Stretch your arms slowly coming down. And here we go. Oh, nice and long through and all right now from here we'll go into this next exercise and slowly, which I've forgotten the name of, but I might remember nice and long and coming down. Keep your toes together. Turned out, take it out nice and long out to the side.

Flex the feet and coming around in with the legs coming together. Lengthen out. Also released the neck. So you're going in two directions here. Slowly coming up to the ceiling. Try to get vertical with the legs if you can, and slowly coming down. Stay turned out now very succinctly coming out to the side. Flex the feet now feel the length. Feel the length. Bring it down in, through and bring the legs together through one more [inaudible] and slowly down.

Open the legs now really already here. Your nice long spine, long legs out. Really flex those feet. Feel the length and then take it out. Long. Lengthen out through the top and now just for fun, we're going to reverse it, but just once and flex the feet. Now they're long open. Open us. Stay strong in the center state. Long in the spine. Good. Now keep your knees out here.

Bring the feet in. Good. Now stretch up to the ceiling. Stretch long. Released the neck long spine legs and take it out again. I lied one more time for Lex coming out to the side long. Feel it the length. Release the neck. Good coming in, going to feet. Good and slowly coming up long, long, long, long and take it out long through and then please forgive me for not knowing that the name of that. I'm a little bit shy on the camera so I just, I'm blanking out. Okay, so now we'll go on back rowing.

All right. I think for back rowing, we need a little bit less springs. We want to be nice and light and we're going to do a variation on the back roads so that we can really feel opposition. Okay, I have to cross my legs because my legs are big. If you want to cross them, otherwise keep them side by side. Remember to have a little space back here. I liked it. No, stretch your legs forward up in the body. Release the neck. Feel your head balance at the top. Don't just sit there. Really feel the balance Nice and long. Coming from the strength in the center.

Stretch your arms forward. I like to stretch my arms forward for this. Now simultaneously lift up and under the navel, pull yourself back. Bring your hands to your chest or a little bit in front of your chest. Now from here, stay lifted in the deep center. Take your arms out to the side and now get wider.

Stay back there with your body. Get wider. Pull the arms so that they're paralleled particular to the body. And now pull back in the center. Stretch your arms back, bring your body back to the position you are just in. Take your arms forward. Let's do that three times and you're going to take your arms to the side. Now you're really pulling back in the center, stretching forward in the leg, stretching back in the arms and bring your body back.

Lifting deeply from the center. Relax your neck, stretch your legs. Don't forget your legs and for pulling back into center. Stretching forward. Release the neck and coming back two and three and slowly articulate up to the spine. Stretch your arms, stretch your legs. If you weren't wearing before you are now. Yes. Inhale, lift up and under the navel, slowly coming back and down. Really left. Bring your arms in. Arms are long out to the side.

Good. Now for this very first time, you're going to stay back where you are and take your arms so that they're perpendicular. Getting wider in the body longer than the legs. Release the neck and now from here, going forward, pulling back in the center. Stretch your arms back. Good. Bring your body back, take your arms to that starting position and pulling back in the center. Release your neck, stretch forward and the leg stretch back in the arms and coming back long to one more time forward and coming back and pause. Stay stretched and slowly coming up and to, and three we're going to move on, but I'm sure you want to do three or more of those on your own so you can just turn off the tape, do three more and come back. Here we go, or, all right, stretch your arms forward. I just crossed if I was cross, if you're crossing your legs across the other way.

Yeah. Now we're going to do the other back rowing, which is also a variation. Here we go. Long in the legs, long in the spine, long in the arms. Inhale, stay straight. Coming halfway back. Bring your arms to 90 right to there. Now stay long in the legs.

They strong in the center, slowly stretched back one and two. Here's the killer. Slowly coming up so that everything is vertical in the upper body. Relaxing your shoulders. Stay long in the arms. Now from here, release your neck. Take your whole back back to release your neck.

Three, take your arms back to 90 stay there with your upper body and lift and coming back to the start position. Everything long you have the balance in your neck and your head strong in the center. Stretch your arms. Inhale and exhale coming back. Arms come to 90. Nice, long back. Stay strong in the center. Now from that strong center, you're going to move your arms slowly back. Don't get sloppy. Stay slow. Slowly coming up. Inhale, everything's long. Relax the shoulders, but stay long. Now take your body back, everything in one long, big piece. Stretch back, stretch forward with through the legs coming into 90 degrees with and lift and two and three.

Good. Two was enough of those. I think. Next we're going to do stomach massage and for the stomach massage, use a sticky mat. I'm going to take two red springs and a blue spring here for the stomach massage. For all those back rowing. I just had one red spring. All right, woo. Come back a little bit. All right, let's set ourselves up.

This is also going to be a variation to really feel the uh, two way stretch and also the opposition that's involved with doing a very deep stomach massage. Okay, I have to move back just a little bit more. [inaudible]. Alright, so we're going to set ourselves up. Make sure your whole, the whole ball of your foot is on the bar and squeeze your heels. Jamey together. That really engages through the body, Huh? You're going to take your arms, Jeremy to the side. No grabbing. That pulls you down. So you just, can I take your arms to the side and here I get, I just lied to you again.

What you're going to do is you're going to have your arms up nice and long. Now you're going to be as high as you can in the body, which is impossible in this situation, but you have to release in the hip joints and lift as high as you can. Now from here, inhale, stay right where you are with the carriage pool back in the center and coming down, pulling back in the center and stretching forward and the arms. And now from here, inhale and exhale, pushing back long. Keep stretching your arms forward. Release your neck.

Keep pulling back in the center. Squeeze your legs together. Now from here, slowly coming up to the body one so that your vertical release your neck and stay vertical and slowly coming in. Release in your hip joints. Otherwise it'll kill you. Inhale, exhale, pulling back in the center. Slowly coming down. Release your neck. Stretch your arms. Four, keep squeezing your heels together. Exhale, slowly pushing out. Squeeze your legs together. Now from there, slowly coming up. Keep your legs long. Lift two, three, and slowly. And now let's reverse.

Inhale and exhale pushing out. Now from here, pull back in the center. Stretch forward now, relaxing your shoulders. Keep your legs long. Release your neck, pulling back and slowly coming in. Squeeze your heels together, release your neck. Always working with releasing your tension. Slowly coming up to 30 stay tall X.

I'm pushing out long, long. Squeeze your heels together. Good. Pull back in the center. Keep your legs long. Release the next stretch and slowly coming in. Two and three. That's enough of that. I know that's not the real stomach massage.

It's a variation of it and it really helps you to understand the [inaudible] dynamics of the stomach massage. So when you take them into the real stomach massage, hopefully you have a more deep experience. Okay, let's go into the long box please. Good. We're ready. We're feeling strong. Feeling conscious. Let's go into the long box please. I just gave myself one red spring. Better light than heavy for me. Took the foot bar all the way down.

Took the head rest up so that I like to, this is where I want to take my head in between each repetition xy foil. This little hole in the chest is going to go at the edge of the bar. Strong in the center. I have this lift that we've been talking about all the time. Always supporting myself. I like to put the straps up on my arms. They'll probably fall off. No big deal.

Take the arms, take the hands quite far up the ropes. Very good. Lengthen the legs. Squeeze the legs together. They can be turned in or turned out. I turned in head all the way down and now you're going to keep your arms nice and long. Squeeze your legs strong in the center and you're going to take your head up and arms come straight back. Coming up. Long stretch. Release the neck and slowly coming down to [inaudible].

Three slowly coming up and two and three strong in the center. Lengthen the legs, release the neck. Don't get in here long. Slow to [inaudible] me and inhale slowly coming up. As you notice, I like to go slow, very articulate. Long feeling slowly coming down. Let arms are long. Squeeze the legs generally together. Keep them long. Strong in the center to Maureen here I'll take the head up first. Inhale, lift long, release the neck, slide out and two and three. Last one, two and three and slowly down and two in three.

Now let's take it into out to the side nice and long and we're going to start here this time we're going to keep our head. We're going to stay in a nice parallel to the floor the whole time. Not really lengthen, excuse me, why didn't in your arms, you're going to be as wide as you can and we're going to come down slowly with the arms one to release the neck, the other long spine three and as you take your arms out, get wider in the shoulders, get wider in the arms, release the neck long in the body. Two more. One two. It's a killer. It's laid back too, but it's beautiful.

And one more. Squeeze elect. Release the neck, two and three and it's coming back. Get wider. Don't get lazy, get intense and then through. Go ahead and then you can come down. Give yourself a little too. Very nice time for some teaser. For this. I'm going to give myself an extra blue spring.

Actually I think I'll give my self a blue and a yellow. So I have a red, blue, and a yellow. We're going to do a teaser prep first. Given the idea of the action of the arms with the center. What does that mean? Okay, well let me show you. Okay, so you're going to be up here up as high as you can sitting up. Straightly easy in the hip joints. Long inhale. Now from his deepest place as you can, you're gonna roll back halfway.

[inaudible] put your arms down, one that comes up and other leg comes up. Squeeze your legs, Jamey together. Inhale. Now on the exhale you're going to take your arms forward and you're going to pull back in the center. And I really thought that I was a very strong person by putting that spring on. I think I got a little, tried to get a little too cute. So now it's a red and a blue coming back. Nice. And Mom. Here we go.

Now as you stretch forward, pull back in the center. Easy shoulders and really stretch those arm. It's not here and I don't run my arms like a lot of people do. Sorry, you stretch. And slowly coming down. Why? So you can really feel that opposition and exhale coming forward. Pull back in the center as you come forward.

It's simultaneously pulling back here as I stretch forward two more times and pulling back in the center. Squeeze your legs together, release the next, stretch the arms forward and slowly coming down. Eh, last one. Pull back in the center. Stretch your arms forward. Squeeze the legs up in through. Easy, long through, and now we're going to go into the full teeth are nice and low back. Strong in the center. Stretch your legs. Release your neck. Don't be here. Dead like this. Support Yourself. Long arms. Inhale, exhale. Take your arms straight down at the same time. You take your head forward.

Now you're already now starting to pull back in the center. Squeeze your legs together. Everything comes up long too. I'm pulling back. I'm stretching forward. Let's take it and do a three row rowings. One inch. Stretch your legs too. [inaudible] pulling back in the center. Three now from here, pull back in the center even more. That takes your head forward. Slowly. Take your arms down.

Squeeze your legs together, coming out. Finish beautifully long and head forward. Arms down, pull back in the center. Squeeze the legs. Stay Long. Coming up. Be Elegant. Long, good, Eh, Eh, three and slowly coming down and back. Last time. Head forward. Rolling up. Arms straight down. Keep your arms long. Keep the legs long. Pulling up and back in the center. Eh, pull back in the center. Stretch your arms forward. Eh.

Sorry, I told you you only do this when you feel strong, but it feels great. No, come on. It's already down. And two, three finished. Beautifully good. Done with that. Let's go onto some short box please. Okay. Ready for some short box. Huh? So I've just given myself quite a few springs because we're not going to be moving the carriage. We want it to be solid where it is. You want it to be sitting about in the middle of the box and you want to have the strap tight enough so that your leg is only slightly bent while you are having, um, support from the strep. This is a little bit short for me, so I'm gonna wing it. But for you if you can. That's what you want. So you're going to start here nice and up in the body. Release the neck again.

Feel the balance of the spine. Arms right in front. Inhale, the same lift we've been doing all the time. Now you're going to lift up and under and come halfway back. Nice and long. Inhale. Now relax the shoulders and from here take the head back and slowly coming down and down and down. Good. Really hold with the strap. Head comes first. Rounding up, lifting up and under the Naples.

Pull back in the center. Take your head all the way down to the knees. Hands. Stay in your lap and now articulate up to the spine. One, two, and three. Ready? Inhale, lift. Two, three, pause. Now take your head up and back. Stay strong in the center. Old with the strap and coming down.

And if you're feeling really strong and Frisky, take your arms slowly back to three. Release your neck. Take your arms back. Four. Keep releasing your neck. Then take your head forward. Start with your head. Let the spine follow your head forward. Pulling back in the center and pulling back.

Head comes all the way down, slowly articulating up to, let's do it one more time. Three inhale. Exhale, lift up and under lifting. Stay, pause, and now back. Slowly feel articulate, enjoy, relax into the stretch. Take your arms back. Stay strong in the center. Long now go slowly. Feel released, the neck and through. Now when you come back forward, take your head first back in the center, pulling back in the center and coming all the way down. Really get a stretch forward, but you're strong in the center.

Still not just hanging and slowly rolling. Up and up and up. Time for some tree. Here we go. Take your hand on the inside of the knee. Lots of variations of this, so just do what you want. I take my hand on the inside of the knee, outside of the ankle, up as high as you can in the spine without stretching and straining. Just be up and be natural and stretch three times.

One, breathe to release your neck. Don't get tense and three, take your arm up. Other arm, hold the ankle coming back. Really take the strap with your holding leg there, that leg, and now you're going to climb down the tree. One, two, three. There's your tree up high and now Rolo a long to stretch your leg up to the ceiling. Release your arms back and head comes forward.

Grab your leg and climb up the tree for real. Don't just touch your legs. Come up and climb, climb, climb. And if you're feeling warm and you're feeling great, release your neck. Bring that leg in as close as possible. It's an intense stretch according to how you feel today.

And now lift high one more time. And exhale, lift up. Take your arm up and around Grad. Now let's take a little bit more challenge and you're going to take your outside arm, grab the inside of the leg, roll backs, roll back, staying strong. Take your leg out to the side and then sing some operatic Aria here because it feels so great and free and lift and lift and lift. And again, if you're feeling strong, pull it into you. Release your neck, long spine and slowly coming in. Other side please. Inside of the knee. Outside of the ankle, long in the spine. Release the neck three times please and one stay easy and index the easiness.

Shoulders two and three. Take your arm around slowly coming back to three. Now for Real, you're going to climb down the tree. One, two, three, and now from here, lift up and back long and really let your arms come back. Be Free. Head goes back, stretch the leg up to the ceiling. Head comes up first and I really climb up the tree. Don't just touch your leg.

I'm really using my leg to help me coming up. Come up as high as you can. Still staying easy and balanced and bring yourself your leg in one and intense stretch according to how you feel today and slowly in inside of the knee, outside of the ankle, high in the back. Lengthen coming around. Now take your outside hand, grab the inside of the ankle. You're going to roll back and take your leg out to the side long two and take yourself back. Very free. Open Long. It comes up slowly coming up just as elegantly and with strength and ease as possible.

And coming in to three and slowly in and up and through. Now let's go on and do some mermaid on the short box. Very nice. So we're going to sit leg about at 90 degrees. If you can try to have your long, longer leg that's on under the strap, a little bit in front of you. Very good. That's up as much as you can. With the strength in the center. The head is balanced at the top.

The arms are nice and long, long and easy. No tension, long and easy. Inhale and exhale. Take yourself out to a nice long line. You've got to really grab yourself with that strap. Fear the long line and now take yourself down. Keep both shoulders going forward. Stretch, release, release, release, release.

Slowly coming up up to the vertical. Nice long arm. Stretch that leg. Turn this leg out and up high. Take this arm up to the top. Diagonal. Don't go over long. Over this long leg and now coming back up to the starting position. Easy shoulders long in the spine. Balanced the head at the top. Inhale, exhale, nice and long. Hit that long line. Stay both shoulders front.

Keep both shoulders front as well as you can. Release, release, release, and slowly coming up to coming back to the vertical. Pause. Turn out this leg, keep it nice and long and exhale. Go up over the leg, up to the top corner and slowly up and two and three. Let's go to the next one. Inhale and exhale. Coming up. Nice and long. Same. Start out to the long line. Now from here, pull up in the center. Round the back. Arms parallel to the floor.

Release the neck like a little Google bird. Huh? And now take yourself out long. Do three coming up. See the vertical and then go over. Really always acknowledging and understanding what we're doing in every moment. That's why we go slow. Drive. Some people crazy with me. I know, but let's just do it. Ready? Go and out. Long. Two, three, lift from the center. Round the back. Both arms parallel to the floor.

Release the neck. Now take yourself out. Bottom arm comes under. Release the neck. Long. Sone coming up. Take yourself over long. Yeah, and up in through and you're finished. Let's go to the other side. Please strap yourself nicely. Try to have that foot in front of your hip. Nice and long. Lengthen the arms length in the spine. Inhale out to the lice. Long line both shoulders out to the ocean. Here we go. And take it down. Release the neck. Get long now.

Really feel the stretch there. Let this position stretch you now. Get stronger. Slowly coming up to three arms are long. You're turning out. Your leg. Legs are long and slowly over long. Two, three. So you happened through long. Good. Take it out. Out. Hit the long line. Stay, pause. Relaxing the upper body. You're strong in the center. Take it down.

Stretch. It's a stretch. Let this position stretch you slowly coming up. Lengthen our release the shoulders. Long arms coming up. This top arm goes to the upper corner, knocked down upper corner, long and long legs slowly coming up into the next one and out. Now from here, lift up in the center. Round the back a little bit.

Release the neck, both arms parallel to the floor. Stay. Bottom arm comes underneath you. Release the neck long, slowly coming up. Lengthen this leg that's under the strap and go up and over. Release the neck long spine as long as possible and slowly up and take it out low and lift up and under the naval round through slowly take it out. Long.

Lift up in through lengthen long arm, long leg slowly coming up. Now finished beautifully. Where articulating up arms are long. Shoulders are relaxed. Spine balanced, head balanced at the top. Very good. Now we're finished with the short box but it was nice, Huh? Good. Take this off. We're going to go into the long series. So I took my foot bar up and I have for myself on this balanced body reformer, two reds and a blue probably for most ladies, two reds are will be enough, but of course you feel and understand for me always less is more.

Okay. And I took the head rest up so that I can put the ball of my foot in where the headrest meets the carriage. I'm going to take myself over the bar. My shoulders are lifted up over the bar. Don't just lean. Lift yourself up over the bar. Nice plank position. Very strong in the center, released in the neck. Now feel your lone spine coming back. Squeeze the legs together. Keep the legs long. Two, three.

Remember slow. Release the neck and slowly coming up like a spear long. Now lift yourself up over the bar. Lift, squeeze the legs together and exhale. Take it back. One, two, three, and slowly coming forward. Inhale as you come forward, perhaps you want to do different breathing. That's cool too, but lift yourself over the bar.

It's not cool to lean on the bar. Nice and long. Inhale and exhale. Take it back. Long. Two, three. Now stay there. Release your neck and now you're going to bend your legs in. Keep your upper body in the same place. Just bring them in a little bit and then stretch back out three times. Lengthen, release the next stretch the arms. Don't get tense. Bring it in.

Squeeze the legs together as you do it and stretch out long and coming in. Now when you take your legs out, really feel the length out through the legs, up to the top of the body, slowly coming up to lift yourself up over the bar, strong in the center long. Bring yourself up and over and you're finished. Two, three. Now we're going to go into the down stretch. So we're going to just first do the prep into the down stress, which is a little bit different than what the so called classical people do. So just hang on. S Buck Yossi pilots and go for the ride. Pull back in the center. Release your neck nice and round.

Your Bun is close to your heels. Stretch your arms. Inhale now keep your head where it is. Stay round in the back. Push the carriage out. Halfway right there. Now from here, take your head forward. Take your chest forward, stretch your legs back. Go into a nice back bend, but you're very strong in the center. Stretch your arms now. Take your head forward, pull back in the center, bring the carrots all the way in.

Sit close to your heels around the back, pulling back in the center. Stretch forward. One more time. Inhale. This is just the prep. Exhale, push halfway out. Now pause. Take your head forward, take your chest forward, send your legs back strong in the center, release your neck. Head is balanced up at the top, strong in the center, and I'll start with your head. Hit round, back, pull back in the center, coming down to three.

Now we're going to go into the whole thing with that prep. Inhale. Exhale. Push halfway out. Hey, comes forward. Chest forward. Send the legs back. Now stay in that position. Take yourself up over the bar. Lift and exhale. Take yourself back. Inhale, lift three times and exhale. Take it back long and inhale, lift.

Exhale. Take it back. Now start bringing the head in. Pull back in the center and pull back. Release the neck. One more time. That whole series. Inhale. Exhale. Halfway out. Release the next stretch the arms. Head comes forward, chest comes forward. Lengthen your legs back, stretch your arms forward. Here we go.

Stay strong in the center. Move. Inhale, exhale. Take it back and nice round, back and back. I mean extended back. Nice, extended back. Lift and exhale, coming back and through and head comes down, pool back in the center, bring the Kerogen elegantly all the way in. Start like you. Excuse me. Stop like you started finished. Very good. Let's go now into elephant. Almost finished. Let's keep going.

All right, now for elephant, really when I said less is more, this is really less is a lot more, so give yourself just one blue spring or even if a yellow, if you're feeling nuts, you're going to take yourself halfway back and you're going to keep your shoulders up and over the bar and your feet are about halfway back place nicely so that your shoulders can be over the bar. You're going to lift up and under the navel, release your neck. Keep your head between your arms, keep your shoulders over the bar, lift your toes so you can really feel the length and the back of the legs. Release the neck. You're going to take it out and tool from deep in the center to bring those legs in the carriage, in and in. Keep your shoulders up over the bar.

Release your neck for more and pull. Relax your shoulders. Head between the arms and three more and one. Stretch your legs. Keep your soldiers over the bar. Two and three. Okay, good. Now from here, keep your shoulders over the bar length in your spine.

Release the neck long spine parallel to the floor. Keep lifting your toes so you feel the length in the back of the legs. Keep your shoulders over the bar. Here we go. Take it back and pull in all the way in, just a little bit back. But you have to pull the carriage all the way in and back and all the way in long spine. Release the neck. Two more and all the way in release.

Oh, and now here we go. I'm getting creative here. Stay. Keep the carriage in. And now from here you're going to keep your spine parallel to the floor. You're going to bend your knees, Bend your arms, and keep your spine parallel to the floor and coming down as far as you can. You're going to release into your hip joints.

And then slowly coming up length behind the back of the legs and lengthen the spine. By the way, the whole time, you're not allowed to move the carriage, so there is control involved. So slowly coming down release, get longer in the spine, down. Relax the toes, release the neck and slowly coming up. Now every time you do this, you want to feel longer and longer and longer. Inhale, last time and excess. So you want to bend your elbows a little bit. Really bend in your knees and release in your hip joints. Stay strong in the center. Keep your spine parallel to the floor and slowly lift and two and three. Still not moving the carriage into the next one. I think we need a map here, but let's just keep going and we're going to stretch the leg back.

The leg is parallel. Excuse me, in line with the rest of the body. Keep your shoulders over the bar. Keep the carriage in until you're ready to take it out. You Ready? Nice and long. Now you're going to take the carriage out and let your leg come down a little bit. Keep your shoulders over the bar, bring the bar, the carriage in and lift your leg. Keep that back leg. Long leg comes down, leg lifts up, state lifted over the bar. Don't lean on the bar. Lift up and over to more. Release the neck. Lengthen that the leg come down just a little bit.

Pool the carriage in and that leg. Keep it long. Now keep the carriage in and take that leg down. Keep the carriage and lift yourself up off the bar. We're still doing the exercise. Take the leg back. Keep the carriage Jane. Lift yourself up over the bar. Almost done with the torture.

Here we go out with the carriage down with the leg and pull the carriage in. Lift that leg, release the neck. Don't get tense in the upper body out and XL n keep the spine long. Lift yourself up over the bar down and exhale up. Lift, lengthen and slowly down and exhale, lift. You're finished except you're not.

You have to come down without moving the carriage and come back to the starting position. Finish nice and long. Lifted over the bar, long legs, long spine. And now you're finished. Just two more exercises to go. The first one now is front splits. Front splits. I'm going to give myself to red and a blue. Good. Take your leg now. Really try to stretch your toes.

Don't try to take your foot here so much. Try to put it back here as much as you can so you get a good stretch in your foot. They're really in your toes and you're going to, excuse me, I'm going to put my foot here first, but the ball of your foot onto the foot bar and now take your foot back onto the shoulder, wrist. Get a partner if you need or hold onto something. Now this is really takes a lot of strength in the center. Strengthen the center, lengthen that leg. Arms are out to the side. Inhale and exhale, pushing back along. Now stay strong in the center and really lift up and out through your spine, long through the arms and slowly forward. Keep your hips down.

Don't let your hip come up. Keep your hips down. Bring the carriage all the way in if you can, and exhale, take it back along. Stronger. Lifting, release the neck. Lengthen. So this is where you really want to go for elegance too. And if you can manage elegance here, you can manage it anywhere. What do I mean?

Lifting spine is long, balanced and easy. Two three, hiding the fact that this is really hard. One, two, lifting in the center, easy and his shoulders slowly coming down. Other side. Put the ball of your foot onto the foot bar. Try to give your toes a good stretch. So really take your feet back. Please.

Take yourself up strong in the center already. Now establish your balance. Oh, I showed off on my easier side. This is my higher side. Let's see how we go. Release your neck and exhale back. One, two, [inaudible] oh, long, long solely coming forward. Keep your hips down. Don't take your hips up. Keep the back leg long. Release the shoulders, arms are long. Release the neck. All because you're strong in here, which we have been working on the whole workout. Two and three. Huh?

So the eating in [inaudible] easy shoulders last time. Now go for glory. Release your neck. Get Taller in the spine, stronger than the center. Easy shoulders. Everything's is long, long, long, [inaudible] in and he strong in the center. God. So they coming down and you're finished. And now for the grand finale we're going to do Highbridge. So for those of you who are not aware of what Highbridge is, just if you have a few minutes, please stop and look for this time.

And for those of you who know it and are excited to do it, let's do it. I have my foot bar up halfway on. This, uh, [inaudible] balanced body reformer and I have two red springs and a blue spring. I'm gonna lay down and I like to keep my hands down on the platform. Squeeze your heels together. That's important because that gives you the strength, more strength to be able to do this.

You're going to push yourself out a little bit and you're going to put your hands down. I like to put them here so that the shoulder rests against the shoulder. Wrist. Inhale, strong into center. Squeeze your heels together and push up up and bring the carriage in as much as possible. Inhale excess. Stay strong in the centers. Stretch the legs. Now if you're feeling really strong at the carriage, come back as your legs are stretched, and then push the carriage back out and then slowly coming and release the neck as you come in. Stretch the arms. One More is enough, Huh? Exhale coming out.

Long strong in the center with the legs. Lengthen the arms. Now take that. The carrots take you back into a deeper stretch. Keep stretching the legs. I get strong in a center. Take the carriage out. Slowly coming in. Don't dive. Bomb out. Think fin release coming out with control like I just didn't.

But anybody who enjoys doing that, it's a beautiful thing to do. Thank you for joining me today in this reformer work out. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you're sweaty like me. Have a great day.


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Loved the pace and depth of this work! Thank you, Brett!
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I loved this workout! I can't wait to try it myself and teach to my clients. I loved the way you slowed down the pace and the "elegance" of the workout and the body. I have not seen the High Bridge in so long. It is doubtful I will try it but will certainly see if any of my clients can manage it! Thank you very much.
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Great pace and deep core engagement. Well explained!
Oooohhhh.. Thats deep. I really love the pace and intensity of the work here. Very nicely done and described. Many thanks
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Loved your positive energy!
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Loved it! Sweating buckets!
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Just watched it for the second time. Now off to teach these great variations to my students. Great clear, concise, and simple cueing. And a fantastic sense of humour as always!
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Very nice Brett. I will do this workout tomorrow - well, most of it, as I wouldn't attempt the High Bridge without a spotter. I love this from the tree: "Lots of variations, so just do what you want." Hahaha! So true!
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This is the first up stretch variation that I have actually enjoyed! Thanks!
Too lazy to reply individually, but I just really appreciate each and every piece of feedback......thank you! And I hope you are subscribed to Pilates Intel (
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