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Mat Workout

50 min - Class


You will feel the length in your body with this Mat workout by Brett Miller. He uses slow and controlled movements so that you can work deeply and precisely. He also works on finding support from your center so you can find a two-way stretch in every exercise.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi, I'm Rhett Miller, and I'm here at Pilates Anytime today, and I'm going to teach a mat class. I'm very pleased for that. By the way, my son, Evan, he's 20 years old, he's here. He started Pilates w...


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I`m so happy to see new Stott pilats teacher here on PA! Great class, I especially liked side plank transitioning and slow version of the swan. Thank you, Brett, hope to see you again soon!
Thank you so much for your kind words, very happy you enjoyed my class. I hope you are a subscriber to Pilates Intel (www.pilates My initial training was from Stott, for which I am very pleased, but am no longer and active 'Stott' instructor....just to let you know.
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Great Class. I enjoyed it very much!!!
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thank you so much! i'm feeling so long and energize. oh and that swan... wonderful!
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Thank you for such an inspiring class! I really appreciate the slow, controlled movement. You made me laugh, work hard and work from a deeper place. Thanks a bunch! Love Pilates Intel
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Thank you so much Brett! I have just done this workout and I am clapping at the end as it was so wonderful!. I worked so hard! And I am so warm and peaceful and energised, lifted, strong and stretched -all the oppositional cues were marvellous. I enjoyed your teaching style and cues so much - thank you!
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I forgot to say that I felt my posture was the best ever after this class- strong-centred and lifted yet easy - thanks again!
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Thank you Brett, I liked your warm up, and some new transitions later on. I'm always trying variations of classical Pilates, to get my students fokus Hope to meet you some day. Let me know, when you come to Austria! 🇦🇹 Herzliche Grüße, Evi
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Great class. Thank you. I love the control and the deliberate pace of this class. Excellent cueing and great attitude. I hope you will be doing some more mat classes for Pilates Anytime !!!
Yaara Yes, the Swan Dive rocks, it is my fave to do. thank you!
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