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Mat Workout

20 min - Class


If you don't have an hour to workout, but want to focus in on toning, this may be the class for you. Kristi does a 23 minute standing Magic circle class. In this class you will work exercises while standing that will challenge your hips legs, arms abdominals and balance.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Let's start standing. <v 1>So you're facing out the big window on the backside of your math. Go ahead and start with the magic circle with you with the ring. So we're going to st...


Thanks...I'm teaching a magic circle class this week & I appreciate the new ideas...adding the squat to the squeeze makes it interesting
This was my 1st class and shall I say 'introduction' to Pilates. I feel GREAT! I will be back for more in the morning.
Thanks Nancy! And San, Welcome to Pilates! I'm so glad you enjoyed your first experience. I would like to suggest that you take a level one or basics class next time. This method has so many layers. No matter what your fitness level is you will get so much more out of all the classes if you start with a solid foundation. Check out our beginners center for a list of all the classes appropriate for people new to Pilates. While I'm at it, I think everyone should go to the beginners center every so often as a reminder of all the important skills necessary to go deep into the work.
Now this one I loved....good variations and fantastic pace. Especially loved the passe sequence & lunge sequence towards the end. Thank you!
Love the standing class, love the Circle: small apartment, and maneuvering the monitor is dicey. More standing classes in the lower levels would be really great to have. I've been 303ing alot and loving it, but as I understand it, variety is the thing.
Great Feedback Citroen2cv!
I did a similar class tonight that should be up on the site in about a week.
great class - thanks. I also like the standing classes - they are great when I don't have a mat with me.
Like the magic circle and some new ideas. But there is a bit too much talking in first half of class. For 20 minutes, I need all the exercising I can get.
Thanks Bethany, my tendency to talk to much is common theme in this forum. I do hear you (all) and will continue to make it a point to minimize it. Btw, I agree wholeheartedly when I see it in playback. Argh!
Liked it very much, took lots of control and balance!
Just what I needed. Thanks very much. Kristi I like the talk and need it to realign myself. Cheers.
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