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Flow from one movement to the next in this Mat workout with Lisa Hubbard. She teaches a BASI Flow™ class that is perfect for those days that you are limited on time. She includes many advanced exercises like Bicycle, Boomerang, and much more!
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Thanks for joining me today. We're going to do a BASI mat class flow. So let's begin on our backs, taking your feet just hip distance apart, lying supine. Find your neutral position, pressing your arms down gently into the mat. We're gonna inhale through the nose deeply.

Exhale and hollow the abdominals bringing the pubic bone up towards the ceiling and slowly articulate the spine off the mat. Reaching the knees out, inhale at the top, and exhale, roll your spine down imprinting one vertebrate at a time. Find your neutral position, inhale here, exhale deeply, scope and peel the back off the mat finding the connection with the hamstrings, the obliques, the abdominals, the whole core. Inhale, lengthen out and exhale imprinting and back to neutral. Let's do that three more times.

Exhale, softening the ribs in, relaxing your throat and sternum, press the hips up just a little bit higher. Inhale, relax the neck and exhale rolling back down, good. And last two, exhale scoop. Roll it up, keeping that weight evenly distributed in the feet, don't let the knees splay and then roll it back down, imprinting and neutral, good. Inhaling, exhale, roll it up.

Feels nice, inhale at the top pressing those arms down and making sure that you have some space in the back of the neck. Let's just do one more. Inhale here, exhale, rolling it up. Hold it here, inhale at the top. Big breath and exhale, imprint upper, mid, low back and neutral spine.

Floating the arms up to the ceiling, taking them wide into a T position and then take your right leg table top and left leg table top. Squeezing the knees and feet together, take the knees towards the window. Inhale over, stretching out the waist, exhale and bring it back to the center and to the left. Inhale, rotate the spine, big inhalation. Stretching out the waist and exhale, soften the ribs in.

Again, inhale, let's just do two more sets. Inhale here and exhale, massaging the sacrum into the mat. And rotate away from the window. Exhale bring it back, inhale over last time. Lengthen and keeping those knees level, shoulder on the mat and last one.

Inhale over and exhale, bring it back to the center. Place your feet down onto the mat, interlace your hands behind the head, cradling the base of the skull, we're gonna start with a breath inhale. Exhale a little bit, draw the belly button down and look forward towards the knees. Keeping your pelvis in neutral and let's go. Exhale, lengthen back.

So I'm gonna change the breath up since we're gonna do a short class. Exhale up, inhale as you lower. Let's do three more. Exhale coming up, lift a little bit higher. Try to get the shoulder blades off the mat.

And two more, exhale lift. Inhale and lengthen and again. Exhale, let's come up and add the right leg in and let's toe taps for five. We'll exhale as that knee comes up. Inhale tap, and three and let's do two, and one, lower the foot and lengthen the spine.

Inhale, exhale as you lift the chest. Hold it here and let's go, exhale for five. And four, looking at your hips. Making sure they're level and one more, lower the leg and inhale here. Leg changes, lift your chest, hold it here.

Right leg, left leg and let's toe tap and exhale. Draw the belly button down, stay lifted. Elbows are wide, neck is relaxed. One more, take it in and in knees up and lower your feet down. Lengthen the body, arms down at your side for the leg circles.

Lower your left leg, take your right leg up towards the ceiling, it flex the foot. So let's go towards the midline, down, and up. It's dynamic, inhale. And exhale, good, inhale and exhale. Stabilize that other leg.

Inhale and exhale, hold it at the top. Reverse your direction, inhale, exhale around, and again, inhale, exhale around, lengthening out through the heel. One more, hold it here, point the foot, gently draw that leg in. Get a nice little stretch, bend the knee, and take it all the way down. Other side, bend the knee, and then extend.

Flex the foot, cross the midline, inhale around, exhale around, stabilizing the hips as much as possible and breathing, relaxing. One more before we reverse, hold it here. Reach out and inhale, and exhale. Nice and fluid movement, inhale one more time. Inhale, hold it at the top, point the foot, and gently draw it in towards you.

Bend the knee and take your arms over head stretching your legs, for the roll up arms lift head, neck and chest follow. Pause here, now lift up and over keeping your C-curve in the low back, shoulders over hips. Inhale, hold, arms are strong. Exhale, reach your legs away as you imprint the sacrum, low back, mid back, upper back. And reach, inhale here and warming up, how 'bout you?

Hold it here, inhale, reach it out, exhale. Feeling good and lengthen. Let's do three more, keeping those ribs soft as you lower, inhale, exhale, up and over. Beautiful energy out through the crown of the head. Inhale hold and exhale lower.

I think we should do one more. Inhale here, arms, head, neck and chest, pause it. Exhale, pull in, draw in. Exhale and roll all the way back. Reaching your arms over head for the hundred, flip your palms up towards the ceiling.

Take your right leg table top, left leg table top. Good, ready and let's go. Exhale and stretch. (exhaling and inhaling) Five (exhaling, inhaling) six (exhaling, inhaling), almost there (exhaling, inhaling). Last two (exhaling, inhaling).

One more (exhaling, inhaling). Bend your knees, take your toes down. Stretch your arms and legs over head. Beautiful, lift your arms, head, and chest. We're gonna roll it up.

Oh, that's always so hard and good. Come to sitting, let's go into our spine twist. So flex your feet, your feet are gonna be reaching out and your spine in neutral. You can have the palms up or down or here or here, wherever it feels good. I'm gonna keep mine extended out long.

So let's lift our seat, take an inhale, and you're gonna rotate (exhaling), inhale center, to the left. Exhale, exhale, inhale center and spiral two, inhale center and again. (exhaling) Inhale center, two more, exhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale, exhale, inhale, one more time. (exhaling) And (exhaling) hold, lift the arms. Reach out and forward fold, hold it here.

Lengthen out, roll it up to a seated position. Let's go into spine stretch. So I'm gonna have you put your hands either on the thighs or in the center. Take a breath here, flex your feet, and we're gonna lift up and over. Draw your chin down, rounding your spine, lifting your diaphragm, reach it out, go all the way.

Hold here for a breath. Exhale, draw in, corseting around your torso and head is last, head, neck, shoulders, lifting up, reaching it out, lengthen out through the crown of the head. Get that stretch in the hamstrings and low back. And then roll it up, think about getting taller, shoulders are broad and again. Let's do two more, inhale, exhale, rolling forward, diving down.

Inhale, let's add a flat back as much as you can. Wiggle around and then release and roll it up. Do whatever feels good and that your body needs. And one more, rolling down, exhale. Reaching it out, inhale, hold, and roll it all the way up.

Good, let's go into the saw. So open your legs a little bit wider. Stand tall, we're gonna rotate towards the right. Exhale, let's hinge forward, reach out, lift up, and bring it center. Inhale, rotate the opposite direction.

Exhale, reach out, saw out, go a little bit further. Oh that feels so good and center again. Inhale, exhale go forward, inhale out, lift up, exhale center, again, inhale, rotate. Reach it out, keep those legs extended, and the sitting bones down. Inhale up, exhale, one more set.

Inhale here, exhale forward, reach out lift up. That's a great stretch in those hamstrings. One more inhale, exhale reach out, little bit further. Come up and center, good. Let's take our knees in.

So let's go into a rolling like a ball and we're gonna take the knees in towards our chest. The heels in towards our sitting bone and you're going to curl into a little ball. Try to keep this shape, let's roll back. Inhale back, exhale and balance. Curl back, inhaling, exhale find your balance.

Little quivery there and again inhale. Exhale hold, good three more. Inhale, exhale pause, good last two. Curl back, inhale, exhale, oh, and hold. And one more, inhale back.

Exhale and find it, lift your legs, separate them. You can take the open leg rocker here or your can extend your legs. So let's extend the legs if you can, if not keep those legs bent. So let's pull in and roll. Inhale back, exhale, find your balance.

Lift a little taller and roll, inhale. Let's do four, exhale, and lift and lift and pull back those ribs, talking to myself. And inhale, and exhale. They love to puff out, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. And last two, inhale, exhale find the balance.

Lift and one more inhale, exhale and hold. Lift, take the legs together, bend your knees. Lower down, for our abdominals series. So double leg stretch, hands here. Ready and let's go, inhale back, exhale in.

Inhale reach, exhale pull. Inhale out, exhale reach, don't lower those shoulders. Exhale around nice and dynamic. Inhale, exhale here, reach and around. Let's do two more, inhale out, feels great.

Inhale out, exhale hold and let's single leg stretch. (exhaling) And two, and two, three, reach, (exhaling). Press down on that shin, lengthen the leg, and keep that pelvis in neutral. Let's do two more and one and one and two and two. Take the knees together, circle the arms around, hold.

Place the hands behind your head, oh yeah. Let's rotate over and again, one, one, and breathe, try to rotate on that same axis without lowering as you rotate to the center. Rotate from the ribs and keep those shoulders still. Reach those legs long and let's do two more. One and one, oh yeah, and two and two.

Hold it here, grab your legs, curl a little higher. (exhaling) Where do I wanna do? I wanna stretch my legs, lower them a little bit, and reach and let's roll and roll and roll and roll and roll and lift. I don't know, I don't know, roll it down. Reach out nice and slow.

Let's do one more, inhale for the teaser. Oh my gosh and inhale, lift and lower and go. Okay we deserve a roll over, inhale over. Up and over, keep your legs parallel to the floor. Flex your feet, open your legs, lower your toes.

Roll and massage your spine down. Reaching out through those heels. Point your toes and circle the legs together. Good, inhale, exhale up and over, flex, separate, lower. Let's do one more, imprint your spine one vertebrate at a time and point and circle.

One more, inhale, exhale up and over. Feels great, flex, separate, draw the feet down as low as you can, keep those sides as closest to the chest as possible and point and circle. Hug your knees in, give it a little rock. Alright, for some sideline stuff, let's do, let's do the side kick, how 'bout that? We'll do side kick, alright.

So you're feet are slightly in front, you're lifted, you're not relaxed. You're gonna get out of that shoulder and let's place this hand down on the mat. So you're gonna be pressing down, lift the top leg. So ready, we're gonna go forward, one, two, back two (exhaling). Good (exhaling) three more (exhaling).

And two, one more (exhaling). Hold, good, let's swing the leg forward, and swing it all the way around to the other side. Alright, so press out of the shoulder, feet slightly in front, top leg goes up. Bring it forward, exhale, one, two, back two. (exhaling) Four more and go four, three.

Keep that body still, two. Talking to myself and one more, hold it here. And lower all the way down, good job. Alright, let's go on to our stomachs. Let's do some back extension here.

How about we start with double leg kicks? So interlacing the hands behind your back. Wiggle your elbows around so you kind of get those open. Cheek is on the mat, we're gonna lift the legs. Let's go ahead and kick the legs three times.

One, two, three and lift. To the left, one, two, three, and again. (exhaling) And (exhaling). One more (exhaling) last time (exhaling). Hold, circle for the swimming (exhaling).

(inhaling, exhaling) One more. Lift and release, press into a rest position. Reaching your arms out, stretching that low back. Lowering, I'm gonna stretch out my calf muscles. Reach out, breathe in, let's roll on to all fours.

So in your cat stretch position, we're going to place the hands underneath the shoulders. Knees underneath the hips for your cat stretch. Really spiral your arms around without hyper-extending so soft, micro-bend, and we're gonna round the pelvis, exhaling, draw the tail towards your forehead. Relax your neck and articulate from the sacrum. Low back, mid back, find your neutral, and then open your thoracic spine.

Stretching out the abdominals you should really feel this stretching the abdominals. Exhale curl, round, push the floor away. Inhale and articulate up, open your chest. Exhale curl, roll it rounding, push the floor away, and inhale, find your neutral and then exhale open your sternum looking out. One more, curl and articulate through neutral and then open your sternum and look forward and release, good.

Walk your hand out little bit further. Now stretch your right leg out. Strong leg, strong hips, abdominals are engaged. Stretch your left leg, let's go ahead and go into a point of the right foot and we're gonna lift up. And two and three and four and switch.

And left one and two and three and four and hold, inhaling and exhaling. Walk your hands back, hold it here. Walk it out, hold it, last set. Let's do one more set and go one and two and three and four lower, switch. And one and two and three and four and hold.

Lower and sit back down to your heels. Good, let's go ahead and roll up to a seated position. Let's go into shoulder bridge so let's lie onto our backs. Take your hands under your thighs, roll it down, arms down pressing at your sides. Inhale here, let's roll the pelvis up, exhaling.

Take your left leg table top, keep those hips square, extend your leg. Now we're gonna go down and then kick. Lower, kick, lower, kick, lower and kick. Hold point, bend your knee place it. Keep those hips still, other side.

We're gonna go up table top, extend the leg. Lower, kick, lower, kick, be careful, three. (exhaling) Two more, one more, hold, bend your knee. Let's take the foot down, now place your hands underneath your sacrum. Extend your right leg up, good.

Now pull that right leg towards you. I'm gonna switch my grip so my fingertips are actually on the flesh of my glutes. So you're gonna bring that leg up. Find a scissor position and then I'm gonna wiggle and find a little more comfortable. Now we're gonna go into scissors.

(exhaling) Striving for an equal scissor, scissor. Scissor, scissor, scissor, exhale, inhale here. (exhaling, inhaling) One more and let's hold at the top. Take a breath, I'm gonna adjust. Reach your pelvis down a little bit so you're cradling it for the bicycle.

Start with a scissor, scissor the legs. Take your foot, you can do high scissor, low scissors. I don't mind just go ahead and just find what works for you. No Pilates police right? Breathe and breathe, lengthen out.

Reach out, feels so good stretch those hip flexors. And let's reverse, let's scissor and we're gonna kick back with that top leg, reach down, stretch that bottom leg, and just alternate. Glide, try to touch the mat if you can. Get that length without losing it like I just did and one more time. And take the legs up, bend your knees, and go ahead and roll yourself all the way down.

Placing the feet down onto the mat. Okay let's move down just a little bit. We're gonna take our arms here. Let's do control balance so right leg up, left leg up, extend your legs, inhale, exhale lift up and over. Take your feet to the floor so you should feel this stretching in the hamstrings and low back.

Flex your feet, I'm gonna press. You're gonna reach your arms, hold onto your toes or the feet. Let's take the right leg up (exhaling). And we're trying to keep those hips square. Oh, this is hard this morning.

And we're gonna go up, up switch (exhaling). And switch the legs in the air, scissor lift. Stretch the hamstrings, hip flexors, holding, balancing, hold it up, lower the feet. Roll your spine down, lengthening through the back. Bend your knees, take your arms at your side.

I'm gonna adjust down just a little bit and I'm gonna go into jack knife. So you ready, let's go into jack knife. These inversions are very invigorating, I love 'em. Take your left leg up, extend out, inhale, up and over, tap your toes and lift up. You can always take your hands up here onto the back.

Now roll down, imprinting, hollowing, reaching your legs out. Let's just do one more, inhale. Exhale up and over, you can do it. Take the toes down and lift up, hold. Levitate and roll down, scooping and reaching.

Bend your knees and release. Oh that felt great. Okay let's do, one of my favorites. Stretch your arms out, legs out. I love this one just because it has so many exercise in it.

Arms up, head, neck, and chest follow. Come into your roll up, good for the boomerang. So we're gonna cross that leg over. We're gonna just lower our body here, folding. Right leg is over the left.

Now you're gonna just drag your body down. Find your boomerang position. Then you're gonna take your legs over, uncross and cross the opposite leg. Now roll down, rolling down find your teaser position so you're gonna scoop and then lift. You're gonna stretch your shoulders as you reach the arms back, place the feet, lifting your diaphragm.

Reach those arms up, release, and again. Let's do two sets. Boomerang, take it over, uncross and cross. Rolling down, imprinting, find the control. Find your balance, lift, oh this feels great.

And reach, open your chest, place your feet up and over one more time. Rolling down, lift the legs, take it over. Nice switch of the legs, roll it down, reach the legs away, now find your teaser. Scoop, lift, find your balance, control, open your chest, reach out, heels, head, release and roll it up. Okay good, let's do mermaid.

Alright we're gonna sit, if you're hips are tight like mine, you can start here or you can bring them together. Okay so let's just go ahead and go inhale over, stretch it and then exhale back. And then over this way, find the opposition. Good, inhale here, exhale, press that hip away. This is a good way to end.

And just stretch and two more. Inhale reach, push that hip away, press up and over, one more time. Inhale, exhale, and reach, reach, reach. And other side, good. Take the legs together, let's go over.

Inhale, stretch, and then bring it over to the other side. Oh, that side's a little bit tighter. Inhale here and up and over. Two more, inhale and exhale, good. Stretch it out, last one, inhale, exhale up and over and bring it together, good.

Thank you for joining me today. It was fun, have a good one.


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Thanks Lisa! Nice pace. Great way to start the day! Control balance, Scissors & Bicycle in the air are always a serious challenge...will keep practicing
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Lisa great class . I wish I had your amazing strength and flexibility. I haven't ever tried the bicycle exercise that is challenging but I will work on it . I enjoy the BASI and Romana style of teaching. Thank you .
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Great class as always, Lisa! Perfect before running off to work. I am desperately looking forward to another one of your fabulous Rhythm Pilates classes you think we'll see on in the near future?
(sorry) ......see one in the near future?
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Excellent, brisk 30 minute class. Love the control balance through boomerang series. Will keep this in favorites to practice often.
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Very nice! I have some new challenges to conquer!! Thank-you!
Colette thank you for joining me Collete! Keep up the good work!
Trudy happy you joined me! Thanks so much Trudy, so appreciated 😊
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Judy I am honored & very happy to know it's on your fave list...thank you Judy! 🙏🏻
Jacqueline thank you so much Jacqueline, you are very kind! Glad that you have found a few new exercises in the class! Keep it up 😀
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