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Revealing Spine Corrector

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Use the Spine Corrector to mirror what is and what isn't happening in your body with this class by Jenna Zaffino. She changes the lens of this piece of apparatus to reflect what is going on rather than correcting your body. She includes movements that will challenge your coordination and stability as well as movements that will improve your mobility and control.
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True Confession. As I've gotten a little bit more mature in my platas years, in my actual years, I started to get a little bit, um, annoyed at things that suggest that something might be wrong with my body and that they need to be corrected. And so today, rather than looking at these as spine correctors, I'd like to change the lens and bring in a new lens of a spine reflector. It's pretty to use this piece to reflect what's going on in our body. We're going to use the piece to mirror what's happening, what's not happening, and hopefully to address those issues as well. You're ready? All right, let's stand with the legs together and let's just take a couple of shoulder rolls and some deep breaths to centers are breathing in and breathing out. And again, and as you breathe in, reach down through the soles of your feet and as you breathe out, lift up through the center of the body. Good.

And then let's reverse the shoulder rolls up to come forward. Just prepping that upper back and the Scapula to be able to hopefully bend over the barrel in many different ways. Today. One more. We're going to lift the arms up and round the spine over, reaching to the top of the barrel and placing as much of your palm on the barrel as possible. And then from here I'd like you to push down through your hands and lift up to your belly. Give your low back a stretch, give your upper back a stretch and let's take a deep breath in.

And as we exhale, let's lift the belly up a little longer. Let's stretch the back a little bit more. And then on the next inhalation we'll start to bend our knees, reach the chest forward, [inaudible] the shoulders on the back, come into a flat back, hips, back, chest up and exhale and round, straightening the legs, rounding the body over and breathe in. Let's take a full breath here. Exhale, reach forward. Almost like you could tug the spine corrector closer to you, but we're not going to and breathe in and out.

Just to roll back and then again, breathe in and out. To reach forward and breathe in and out. True round, back in this time. Breathe in and out to come forward and your flat back. Good. We're going to release the right arm and kind of do a little swimming stroke up and round your spine. As you do, you place your arm back to the barrel.

So coming into a bent knee, a flat back reached the arm back and up the opposite arm. And then as you come forward, round the spine and straighten the legs. Bend the knees, extend the spine, rotate and reach the arm and round and stretch the legs in one time. Bend the knees, extend the spine, rotate and reach and round and stretch. And from here and that rounded back Relevate. Lift your heels up. As you inhale, breathing into your upper back. Xcel. Press those heels down a little bit more.

Inhale relevant up. Exhale, press down two more times. Up and press and last one up and press and roll up through the spine all the way to the top. We're going to bring the arms out to the sides and stand your right foot on top of the barrel. I'm trying to get the center of your arch to match the arch of the barrel on the top. Good, and then press down into that barrel foods. If we were going to do a step up of going up front, we're going to rise up on the opposite leg lift and then exhale and lower and again, lift up and make sure that you're pressing down through the foot that's on the barrel as much as you're lifting up on the leg that's rising up lower.

So almost like you could stand on top of it and lift and lower and last one, lift and lower. And then let's see if we can actually lift up and stand on top. Good. And then we'll transition to the opposite side. Nice and easy. Okay. Pressing down through the opposite arch. Lift up and lower for you, then to the chest and start to feel that your body's not only long but also wide and lower. One more lift and lower.

And then we're going to go ahead and stand all the way up on top of that work. Good. And just for a moment, get our bearings at this altitude. Okay, nice and easy. We can bring the arms down by the side and we're going to wake our way onto the step. So if you can carefully step down so that the balls of your feet are at the edge of the step and your heels are working their way down into the crevice, which is just kind of a new way of experiencing some calf work. If you need to take a brief hinge forward, that's okay too, but let's see if we can open up the hips, stand up nice and tall and then roll to the ball of the right foot as you lift your heel, pressing down through the opposite foot. Exhale, press and lift and place and lift the whole other sensation.

We kind of really walking up Pale lift and place. Let's do one more each side and adjusting the feet as needed to get as much connection to the surface using the arms for balance if needed and good both heels down. Now this does not have to be big or anything. Let's just see if it's possible to pour the weight into your first two foot centers and lift your heels up even in edge, maybe more is it possible and then we'll lower with control all the way down. Nice East centric lengthening and the back of the leg and then lift up, lift through center, lift the legs and then reach all the way down. We only have one more and then lift up all the way to the top.

Whoa, I'm losing it and lower all the way down and then carefully make your way off beside and we're going to come to a wide second position on either side of the barrel aiming our sits bones for the barrel. We're going to inhale, lift up through the center XL, press down and out. Can you sit on the barrel without bottoming out? My answer is no, not yet. Inhale, lift. Exhale, press down. Where is it? And then, you know, lift up and exhale. Now you understand why we stretched the calves at one more time.

Inhale and go down to a place where you can maintain arms out in a t. Let's just pulse towards the barrel. Breathe in, in and out. Out in and out. Out Two more sets. Trying to get a little deeper into those legs. Opening up the hips in, in and out. Let's lift the arms up as we straighten the legs. Lift up out of those hips. We're going right back down. Press out to a tee.

This time we're pulsing the knees backwards from the outer thighs. Press back to so you have more sex. Good. Last one. And then lift up and lower down and then see if you can lower yourself all the way down. Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? And have a seat. Excellent. Let's bring the legs around to the front, just like so. We're gonna stay seated on the top of the barrel and just go through some short box, maybe, ish kind of thing. Okay, well we'll bring our arms to shore. Up to Joe's arms. And from here we're going to take a deep breath in.

You can hug your calves into the lip of the spine correctors, you curl your pelvis back off the back and you'll feel when your feet get light that that's probably a good place to stop. And then we'll round forward drawing the our elbows and arms into the belly. And then we'll come back up to sit nice and tall. So breathing in, breathing out, contracting back sits bones, homeless. Grab to the top of the arc, curl in and round up and over, all the way to your knees and then roll up to the spine. Let's do it two more times. Lift up and curl back [inaudible] and deepen as you round forward and roll up to the top last time.

Lift up and roll back. Get to that scary spot, nine or just that place where those feet are going to fly up. And then press forward and roll and round all the way up. Let's reach the arms forward. And this time we're going to take a hinge here and lifting up and lean back as far as we can. We're going to reach the arms up and over, entering into quiver, bringing us up to the center and back forward population five let's ah, and hinge back. Grow out of your waistline, keep your heels as heavy as you can. Come up to center and lower down two more times.

Lift in, hinge, grow with your inhale and reach and come all the way forward. Excellent. Last time, lift up and reach back. Grow all the way up. Now here's the tough part. We're going to curl the tailback and reach into our contraction rounding forward and then rolling all the way up. Arms still forward. So from here we're going to hinge to contract. We'll lift up, let's reach the arms back as we go. Keep the arms up, curling the tail under arms. Come forward, round up and over the hips and roll up through the spine again.

Up and back. Lengthen to reach. Good curl that's held back or each the arms forward. Really Nice. Rounding over and stay over in the round and we'll reverse. So we'll roll backwards this time. Now grow by reaching the Sitz bones into the barrel, reaching the arms overhead back to that quivery place.

Lift up through center and reach the arms forward. Nice job. Roll back, curling to go back. Reach down into the barrel length in the arms up overhead. Find the link, lift up and come forward and sit. Excellent. So we're saying like a really deep knee flection place. We can just have the hands to the front for right now. We're going to go into a little bit of foot articulation, so just rolling to the ball of the right foot and lower it down.

And as you roll to either side, we'll just keep alternating. Starting to feel that there's a possibility of the sitz bones reaching through the lip and the crevice that there's an actual space that they could kind of root down into and that your thighbone can actually pull deeper into the sockets is nice. Deep Hip flection, knee flection and ankle movement too. Good. Let's go one more. Right and the left in them. We're going to articulate a little more, so we're going to go to the ball and then if you can to the toe and then to the ball. And so the heel good. And so the ball and so and ball and heel. Nice Ball. Mento probably gonna jinx us, but good thing. No foot cramps just yet. And Ball and he'll couple more ball and so and ball and heel and ball and toe and ball. And he'll both heels lift up just to irrelevant.

And then we're gonna do a little running like we would on the reformer. So right heel goes down and then lift and left and lift and down and lift and left and left. So just nice, easy, good. We're going to release the death grip we all have on the side of the wood. Take the arms out to the side, palms facing forward. Just keep your rhythm up and down and up, down and up.

Let's get the brains online. We're going to open and close the hands. Here we go. They're going to open and close and close and open. Let's see what happens. Keep reaching out to the side, down and up and down and up. Good. We're all on different timing. It's okay. Just do the best you can. See if you can keep opening and closing as you reach your arms out to the side.

Just eight, seven, six, five good. Four, three, two, one and good. Lift your heels up. And then from here, lower your heels down and bring your self forward and put your knees right into the, in the inner most portion of your eyebrow. So this is actually weirdly and nicely one of my favorite stretches. So I want you to actually connect your head to your knees and see if you can give yourself a stretch between the eyebrows by opening your knees up. So create some tension and you just pull and you can also smile.

And I'd like to think that it's the cheapest kind of botox for that little wrinkle in between my eyebrows. Good. We'll release him. Come all the way back. Back Up. All right, so working into the barrel, we're going to think of this as less of a, just wrapping the spine over and more of making an impression from the sacrum to the low back and up. Up we go. So we're going to take the arms forward, maybe lock the knees or walk the feet a little bit more under the knees and rather than letting the spine collapse down as we go back, we're going to think of almost a parallel, like your sacred could be suctioned back like a stamp into the barrel civil breathe in to have space and then exhale, press the sacrum. Feel the shape loops of the bone back into the upholstery. Can You keep the length of the rest of your spine while you do that? So it's just a low isolation might not move very much. Breathe in, sit back up.

Tall. Exhale and pole that low belly down. Yes, keep going and breathe in and rather again than roll. It's not a pelvic tilt. We're keeping that pelvis in the same place. We're just almost trying to pull belly straight through to feel psis. Those two little bones in the pelvis. One more time.

Breathe in and breathe out and pull back. Now we're going to stay here and try to find the bottom of the waistline. So can you connect to the bottom of the waistline to the barrel? Good. And then can you connect the actual waistline to the barrel? And then without letting your head move, can you connect the top of the waistline to the barrel?

So you're pulling back through your belly but not dropping back. Good. And then sit all the way back up. So that's where we're going to, but those are the landmarks we want to hit. So we're taking a deep breath in. Imprint the Sacrum, find the bottom, the actual, and then the top of the waistline is the hardest part for me. Good. Then press into the barrel as you come back up. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, roll back, sacrum, bottom, middle top, and then press to come back up.

Let's do one more time and then we'll transition in. Deep breath in. Sacred presses back, bottom, middle, top. Now from here, we're going to try to transition to the bottom most rev, the floating ribs. Can you actually connect the bones through the upholstery onto the wood? Can you let your body be that heavy? Good. And then we're going to go back.

One more bone. One more spinal bone. So we're almost resting, but not quite. Okay. So take a deep breath in here. A little lift towards the bottom rib, but hardly any. It's going to feel intense but not look like much. Inhale back. Exhale, a little lift off that bone. Good. Hang. How back. Pull back into the connections of the lower part of the body that you've made in hell. Back sacrum gets heavy ribs in waist or heavy for more good and three and to and one reaching forward and then roll and peel and grow through the spine. To come all the way up.

Let's reach the arms up and lift the ribs away from the hips. And then we're going back. One more time. Arms come forward, say grim, low waist, middle waist, upper waist, bottom rib, and then peel back until just the tip of your scapulary touching chest is still forward. Feel the lower half of your spine wrapping into the crevice you're doing the best you can to feel round arcs in there. Take a deep breath in off of the Scapula, towards the bottom ribs. Inhale back, exhale and use the pressure of your body and to the barrel to help you.

Lift. Head is reaching straight up to the ceiling. As you reach forward, we'll do three and to drawing back even more. And last one, this is our last little exercise here. Pressing forward, reaching up, swim the arms back, and we're going to take the hands to the wood or here if it's too bothersome for your wrist. And we're just going to press up and feel the shoulders come down into the back and just a few tricep dips like we're gonna sit down, but we're actually not good. And down and up. You can feel your elbows reaching back and pressing forward as we just remind the arms that they're alive up. And three and up and two up. One more lift up in this time. Transition onto the lip, excuse me, which is the very thin edge and walk your feet forward. Okay, so we've given you a lot of feedback.

Hopefully like there's supposed to be some gifts even though you have to really work hard for them. So the feedback of the lower back in the arc is hopefully going to help us roll back without too much dropping. What we're going to do, take the arms forward. You want to think of your sits bones, like having little mouths on them. Biting again. Yes. So there's a little glute and engagement biting the edge of the lips so as not to float back. I'm right on top. Yeah, balanced.

Right, right. I know it's a very precarious place to be so that as I rolled back, I still have the back of my sitz phones connected and I'm going to roll back to the scary place without sliding hopefully, or without letting, lifting my feet. As soon as I get there, I'm going to reach back down and use my hips to come all the way back up. Yeah, so I would keep it small, right? Deep breath in. Exhale, peel back. Think about the sacrum, the waist, the bottom rib, even the Scapula roll back and then press through the sitz bones to come all the way back up and maybe we have to adjust every now and again. Deep breath in. Exhale and curl back.

Deepen and press down to come up and we've got one more here. Deep breath in and acts. Hail and curl back. And from here continue to roll back a little bit more. Continue to roll back a little bit more and then finally find the arc. Nice work. Awesome. Okay, from here we're going to go into a diagonal reach.

Bring the palms together, sweep your right arm down towards the ground, open your chest and reach back and look at that arm. There's a wonderful moment of wrapping your shoulder blade around the barrel. Then we're going to sweep back up, pressing through the side of the body to come up. And when you come up, get just a little bit out of your comfort zone. Good lift, and then reach, sweep back, find the length, find the focus of the eyes, come all the way up. And just out of that comfort zone is if you could rise up from this place and reach and stretch, extend and then peel all the way up. Good lift and reach and extend and wrap it.

Never discount the help that the eyes can give you. Let's do one more each side and really take the focus back. And as it feels good towards that middle finger opening, the left side of the neck coming up. Good. And last one. So if the barrel were covered with paint, then ideally, so should your back be by the end of this. Good. Let's reach the hands back behind the head.

And from here we're going to roll back just a bone and we're going to do some little contractions again. So breathe in, exhale and lift up. Just slightly. Inhale, roll back and exhale, lift up. Think of lifting up and out of the barrel. Inhale and exhale. And one more. Inhale. And exhale from here. Extend your legs long, almost hugging the back of your thigh over the barrel, and we'll do the same thing. Breathing in, lifting up, pulling your head up and out of your torso.

Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. And one more time coming up and finding your edge in that contraction. Bend your knees back in deep in your belly. And I'm going to steal one from my friend over here. We're going to make our feet really light in this moment.

Sinking the things in the valley to the barrel and try just to hover those legs up off of the floor slowly, carefully, and lower down. Take a deep breath in. Exhale and lift. Hover, curl. If you can, two more times. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, and one more. This is going to take the place of our a hundred and exhale and lift. Draw the knees up, reach and grab onto your knee and your ankle, right knee, right ankle or yeah. You know, we all even don't even need to say the things anymore. Let's extend the leg out.

Let's press the knee or press the Shin up a little bit to lift us up out of the barrel. Try to stay elevated out of the barrel as we switched legs [inaudible] four and three and two and one. Bring both knees into the chest. Double leg stretch arms. Go straight up today and lift as if you're going to lift yourself up into a teaser and that circle around. Pull the ankles in. Inhale arms straight up and exhale. Circle around two more times. Lift up and circle around. One more.

Lift up and circle around, right leg up, left leg down. Press Long. Inhale, exhale, switch and switch. Think of pressing your hamstring into the lip of the barrel. See if you can get your hips open as the opposite one closes two and one. Let's bring it up. Let's sweep the arms around. We are going to lower and lift.

Let's flex the lower, lower, lower lift lift. Lift up through your center and lift the legs up. Inhale, lower, lower, lower. Exhale two more times. [inaudible] and last one and lift up and bend your knees in. And we're not going to do Chris Cross cause we have more in store in a bit.

Let's lower the feet down and we're going to take this into our extension. So go ahead and plus press yourself up just for a minute to come out of your flection and we want to think about the place we're going back to as what we call tabletop with the upper body secret. Watch for a second. As I go back, I'm going to begin to wrap my chest over the top and the place that I'm going to is as if there's a off the back of the spine corrector. So a lot of times we'll land here and we're not quite going. We're going to work that kind of no man's land place from here and then lengthening out with the hands to come back up. So eventually, hopefully being able to feel the alignment of where the head might be placed so that we don't need to hold onto it. Okay. So we'll take the hands back, come back into the arch, hands back behind the head, and then drawing the belly in. We're going to roll back. Feel your Scapula, feel your upper back, and instead of letting your head drop, imagine that you could draw your skull away from the back of the barrel and wrap your sternum over more and take a deep breath into your heart XL. Sink your sternum, lift your chest, lift your focus, and come all the way forward. Let's do that a couple more times.

So inhale and exhale. Ideally those sits bones are staying stationary on the arc, reaching back, lengthening your sternum back even more. Everybody can go down, maybe another inch or two if it feels safe. And then coming all the way back up. Good. On the next one, we'll try to go for a little more extension. So full breath, draw the belly backwards so that you're just maintaining stillness in your pelvis. Reach your head back now. Initiate from your sternum to wrap over the barrel and take your head as far back as it's willing to go from here.

Lengthen your head and neck backwards and sync your rib cage to help you come forward. Heart lifts up to the ceiling to help you come forward. Really Nice. Let's just do that twice more. Inhale and exhale. Reaching back to your tabletop position, stretching out through the crown of your head and feeling your pubic bone reach and opposition. Wrap the thoracic spine around more. See if you can get any more mobility out of that upper back and then use your breath to return. Use your breath to come all the way up to the top. Good.

I actually think that was enough. That last one looked really nice. Let's take your hands onto the what again. We're going to come back up to sit nice and tall. We're going to go into an extension of the hips who are pressing up this time. Use Your triceps and open the hips up as much as possible.

We're going to break at the hips. Stick your booty out and lower it all the way down into the crevice and just so we know what that is, let's do it again. So we lift up, curl, unnerved, press think bridge or pelvic press, open up the hips, the chest and fold to come all the way back down. Excellent. Then I'm gonna have you all turned towards me. Good. And then so to start, we're actually going to take the knees in and then later we'll extend the opposite leg out. Now we're working the side body, so we're painting over here and we've got four landmarks, hip, waist, rib, cage and pit. Okay, so we're going to take the hands behind the head, telescope, those arms forward a bit. You can feel the underarms and the back wide lift up on the side that's closest to the barrel and without moving your head, see if you can shift laterally through your hip. Yeah, good. This should be really pretty for anyone who's watching and then reach through your waist and still you're resisting your head. Good.

And then shift through your ribs. Now realistically, none of us have actually touched our waist yet, so let's see if we can get rid. I don't on the waist. There we go. Then we'll reach over the ribs. Then we'll go through the armpit. Good and yeah, we have to come up, so we take a breath in. We're going to reach that top elbow up to the ceiling as we peel off the underarm. Then we peel off the waist ribs, then off the waist, then off the hips. So we're going to do this in four full breaths. Two more times. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale, waist. Inhale, exhale, ribs.

See if you can stretch your body over a little bit farther to the top. Inhale XL just off the underarm, then just off the ribs. Then just off the waist. Then all the way up to vertical. One more time and hit okay, and waste and rib cage and underarm last time and up off the underarm, not the ribs off the ribs, but not the waist off the waist, but not the hip, and then lifting up to the top and then one more time. Just kind of let it go to go all the way over and good. We're going to keep the hand underneath the head to support your, your neck, and then we're going to take like, I could do this all day long.

It's a pinwheel of the arms. Reach your top arm forward. Stretch your shoulder out of the socket a bit. Yeah, I mean just to get a stretch of your Scapula, you know what I mean? And then sweep it down and then you're going to allow your chest to open. As you rotate back for a big chest stretch, continue the circle. As the arm goes overhead, you'll probably get some nice hip stuff in and bring it around.

We'll do three in each direction. So reaching forward, allow the arm to take your body back. Allow the chest to open. You can use your focus here to supporting your head with your hand and just following the line. One more here. Reaching. Yeah, circling. Sometimes there's so much effort that goes into the man. It's nice to finish it off well or pause with the stretch here and there's more coming. All right. Let's reverse it. Reaching up and over to go back.

I didn't play with resisting or allowing through your pelvis. So as you start to move your arm overhead, what does it feel like to let the hip go with it? What does it feel like to delay the hip a bit more? Good. We'll do one more in this direction. Yeah, reaching it all the way back to come around.

This time we're going to land the arm up on the diagonal. We're gonna extend the leg that's closest to the step and you're going to reach the opposite arm down and we're going to press down through your hip to come all the way up and oversee. If you can take a little side bend over and now we're going to let it flow. Inhale, exhale to go over and inhale. Exhale to come back up all the way to the other side.

Let's see if we can just let this mind do its job. Feeling our landmarks, not cheating it out of any of that movement. Two more times. Reaching over, lift up and over. Last time, reaching all the way over and lift up and over. Reach past the leg and then rotate to face your leg and let your extended leg turn out a little so you're not so cramped. Good. And reach more with the arm that's on the leg, the side of the bent leg.

So try to twist a little bit more here and stretch out through your back. And then we'll press the extended hip forward, extended hip forward and come back up all the way to the top. Good. And then we're going to bend and turn to the other side because that would be mean. And I'm going to just swivel around for you. So from here the leg is tucked in. I find that a lot of times my clients and even myself gets distracted by little side cramps.

So sometimes it's nice to have us pull in a little bit and we'll take the hands behind the head. All right. Lift up and out of the spine. Time to get the other side. We go hip and then we go way. And then we go ribs and all the way up and over and we're all smiling, right? Good. And then under the on off the underarm, off the ribs, off the waist and all the way up through the center breathing. As you go, breathe into the side that's closest to the barrel and wait east and rib [inaudible] and over. Good and peel up. Lift to add three and then try to grow out of the bend all the way to the ceiling last time and and waste and ribs and over. We're going to come up and then go back down, lift and to and three nice work reaching that need for the floor all the way up. And then just let your spine flow ripple over the top.

Place your underneath hand to support your head. Reach your top arm forward, stretch it a little farther so you can get a nice stretch between the shoulder blade and the spine and then start to circle it down to your knee, opening up through the chest, roll it open, bring it overhead, and then come all the way back to the front three in each direction and really use your breath to facilitate more opening in the chest, finding an inhale up through the center when it's appropriate, and finding an exhale as a way to maybe release a little bit more into the weight of the body. Good. Let's reverse as we come forward. So circling overhead and reach and all the way around using your focus and once again just playing a bit with what happens between the hip and the arm. What feels good to your body in this moment and what kind of stretch might you need as we go around and this time the top arm lands on the diagonal. The bottom arm extends the top leg extent or the x bent leg extends and then we were all back up to the top and a side bend inward towards each other. Pretty picture.

And then we're letting it go flow all the way over the top and then lift up and really ride the brass as you go down. So let your body flow over the barrel and then breathe into the lungs and float up and over. Two more times. Reach and lift and last one and reach. Nice work. Everybody lift, reaching over that extended leg. Turn your chest to face that leg. Let it turn out. You can reach and reach a little more with the arm that's closest to the front and try to get that stretch through the spine. Yes, lots of moans and groans. It's all good. And then we'll turn back to the side vents that come all the way up.

Awesome and lower down and we'll turn back to face the center. So we're going to go into a piece that's, I suppose you could call it archival in a sense as in the Fletcher Syllabus. It's called the blooming flower. It's kind of a fan favorite. It is called the blooming flower because the entire body will bloom and that has been I guess a little moment of humor in the past and actually we're going to be sitting in the crevice so we're back into this kind of imprinted contraction place so that it's not so much that we're, our upper body is dropped down because our attention is going to be to stretch over the barrel, but it's more so that the belly and the pelvis in the back body is moving back and so there is a lift before we reach. So I'm going to do my arm closest to you.

We sweep it down like we did in the diagonal reach, the knee opens and we kind of punch on the side of the Shin and we're wrapping the upper body as far back as we can. The opposite is stretching to center from here. You use that belly to roll your hips back into the crevice, sweep the arm forward and just lift up this lift. It might feel like the lift at the top of a teaser, kind of that little, am I just sitting in the teaser or am I active in it? And then we'll do the other side.

So we lift and then we roll onto this side stretch. Then we reach and then we curl up to come forward and we lift and we roll. Breathe in, reach and crawl forward. Lift and rural. Breathe in, reach and come up. And this time lift and reach out with the arm.

Now the opposite arm and opposite leg are going to sweep to meet one palm against or the back of your, your overhead arm is hitting the front of your other palm knees or as stacked as you can make them. And yeah, there's wood there. So you kind of have to maneuver your pelvis so that you're not just hanging. And then we're going to reverse the arm to open back and then reverse the opposite side to come up. Okay, so just breaking it down. So we have lift to reach over and stretch. Everything comes together and then we recover the arm and leg back to center.

And then we roll back up. Let's do that again. One more each side, lift and reach over, and then press kinda just hanging on the side. Stretch to come back and curl to come up. Lift and rolled back. Breathe in, breathe out and return arm and leg and come back to the center. So we're almost there. We're ready to pop. The blossom can take that where you need it to go. All right, so let me just show you. So we've gone this way, we've gotten this way.

We're going to bring the arm back across almost as if the knee is sweeping and we're going to manage ourself. Open that. Then we're going to pull in through the center to lift ourselves back up and repeat to the other side. Okay, so let's start the way we've been starting. Find that lift, breathe in, and then reach it over and sweep it through. Now press the top arm across the body just like your pin will open. Hold something in your hands and then curl from the center of the body to lift up. So there's a real presentation there of many things.

Inhale and exhale, roll back and sweep the arm and reach and across the body and open it up for the world and close it back up to the center. One more time. Each side, lift and open and reach and stretch the hands for more and open to the ceiling and curl and Linkedin last time. Breathe in and exhale, reach and open to the top and then sweep to come all the way up. Good. Do you, do you feel right? Excellent. Good. Just in time to bring your hips on top of the barrel. The way that I learned to place the pelvis on top was to slowly roll back to connect like we've been doing. Take the hands to the, would keep the head forward the entire time and slide the spine so that as we place the shoulder blades down, we've got this real um, arc of the lower half of the body. And rather than holding onto the handles, we're going to try to reach the arms to the edge.

And once we're here we'll bring the legs up to 90 degree and it's very common to be sitting kind of in a tuck here. And we want to be really stretching the sitz bones over the top without letting the entire core. Okay, so I will come up, I'm going to slide yourself over. Yeah, it seems like a lot of management, but it's actually a simple way to go. There you go. So reach the hands as far forward as you can on the wood. Of course, those of you with longer arms, it means it makes it a little easier.

And then we're going to go ahead and extend the legs straight up to the ceiling. Good. And then in this moment, if you could imagine the headlights on your sits bones or any such image, you would try to shine them across the room. So you would be extending your spine ever so slightly. But then also connecting the back ribs to the barrel. And so with your tailbone anchored heavily, we're going to do a deep hip fold of the right leg back towards you.

That shouldn't change your left leg and it shouldn't change your pelvis. So let's fold in the right hip to bring the leg as close to you as possible. You guys are good. And then bring the legs back together. And then let's alternate to the left. Fold in the left leg. Keep reaching the tail and oppositions, you really get that stretch.

And then pull it back to center. One more time. Each side, fold in the right hip and then come back to center. Now as we've done it and you're getting comfortable, reconnect with that tailbone. Make sure it's not lifting, not even a gram. And then back to center. Good. And we'll have a little more range in extension. So let's press the right leg down towards the step. Opening the hip as much as possible.

But can you do that without hiking the left hip and then bring it back to center. And then the left leg presses down and that opposite leg stays at 90 and back to center. And the right leg presses down. Keep the left leg still good. Maybe precedent inch more. Get right into that. Hamstering yes. And then come back to center and then the left leg reaches down, out across the room and back to center. Good.

Now we're going to take the right leg back towards your face and the left leg away from you. And in this moment we're trying to make a Martini glass. And so we, yeah, we want to make sure that we're not having any spillage. You're going to reach your tailbone a little bit more and we're going to take two pulses to open this shape, breathing in, in, and then exhale. Everything comes back to center and we reverse sides. And then pulse, pulse and to center. Good and pulse, pulse and to center. Great Pulse, pulse and center and pulse.

Pulse and to center. And one more pulse, pulse and center. Good. Going into helicopters to bring the right leg towards you, the left leg away and externally rotate both legs as you sweep them out to a wide V, a nice straddle, and then continue to peel around until you're back into your, split your Martini and bring it all the way up to center. So the image that I always use is because I like frosting. There's a bowl of frosting on the ceiling and you're trying to scrape the bowl with your legs as you move around. Okay. Right leg or left leg comes back, right leg goes down. Sorry. Open it out to the side. Yup. And then really over cross as you roll both legs to parallel, find your adductors and then bring it back to center. Good. Right?

Like back to you left like, oh wait, good. Sweep it around and back to center. Good. You're doing a great job managing your traffic and last time reversing, reaching down and around to center. Everybody doing okay. All right. We're going to do one more piece here. Legs come up to the ceiling. This is a rollover, but it's kind of like I'm, you're, we're working the depth of the rollover versus the full shape.

So from here we're going to begin the roll over by peeling the tailbone off of the barrel and sending the legs parallel to the, to the floor behind you, but keep your upper back connected as much as you can. So can you deepen the curve of your lower spine? Can you reach the legs longer? Good. And then initiate from just below your rib cage to press your back against the barrel to roll down the tailbone will be last. So we're really going for some deep articulation here. Good.

Beginning from the tail, curling back, finding that pelvic tilt, lifting the sacrum off, and then reaching it over. Kind of allowing ourselves to experience the role of, or maybe the way we wish we could do it from the floor, right? So that the legs aren't so active. And then slowly peel down both sides of the back, getting as connected as possible. Good from here. Excellent. Last time, curl and peel back, reaching good. And then from here we're just going to try something.

You're going to open your legs wide and as you roll down you're going to sweep your pelvis down and sweep your legs around to land in a low diagonal. Excellent. As low as your hips can manage deep in your belly to lift your legs towards the ceiling, peel backwards into your rollover, open your legs wide, carve out the space. And begin to press your back down, circling the legs like a round low circle. Good. One more time. Lift up and reach back. Grow out of your waist as you open.

Think of Sitz bone squeezing to the ceiling as you peel all the way around. Good. And reach your legs out. And from here, if it feels good, if it feels possible, reach your legs out so much that you start to lift off of your upper back, maybe onto the crown of your head. Yes, exactly. Beautiful firm here. Contract. Exhale, draw your ribs back in. Crow Your Chin in. Lift your legs up. Excellent. Reach back overhead. Sweep the legs around.

You can use some of the momentum reach or like straight across the room and pull yourself up into extension. Gorgeous. Good. Last time. Send your back back down. Reach your legs up, back overhead. Circle around. Feel the oppositional energy between your head and your feet and find yourself all the way up. Good. And then sink down, resting. And you can slowly slide the barrel out from underneath. You. Just let your legs wrap over the top of the arc.

Good. Nice and let your spine accept all of that information. It's just been given. And then I just think it's always a unique opportunity to say hello to the hamstrings here. So we're going to place the feet on top of the arch one last time and we are working in the most extreme of conditions and [inaudible] speak with a slippery floor and the barrels on top of them. So I will give you a, we'll forgive you for what's not maybe possible, but let's do our best to keep the barrels still as we peel up through the spine towards our bridge or pelvic press all the way up, tugging those heels, king the arts. Oh there it is. Kicked number one and then it's going to turn into a kick line in roll all the way down. Good.

Maybe one more, maybe one more time. Yeah it is. There is no other place really. You know, you find those special places in the plotty syllabus. Find those special hamstring places rolling all the way up and all the way down. Good. Excellent. In pl down. And when you are all the way down to your back.

Let's roll over towards the front. We'll make our way up to standing and then to finish we'll come back and kind of finish the same way, ish that we started behind the barrels, maybe spacing ourselves out a bit and we're going to take the arms up once again and roll down one more time to the barrel. Hopefully you meet it a lot sooner than you did before. And from here we've got another slippery challenge where we're going to extend the spine and extend the legs and come back into a plank position and just do the best we can to not push the barrel so far away, but actually to just reach down into it so that we're strong and long and our spine. And now here is the actual challenge. Can you fold in your hips and press back to a flat back as much as possible.

If you can lower your heels, wonderful without moving the barrel and then lift your heels up and transition back into your plank. We'll do this three times. Lift your pelvis, fold in your hips to reach back. I find that the minute I get confident as the minute it starts to slip, so stay skeptical maybe, and one more up to go back and we'll stay back this time and see if we can just slowly walk the feet all the way into the barrel. Let our backs round over, let our arms hang to the side, and then take just a moment of time to roll apps. We're not coming up too fast. Good. We can actually look at the barrel on the way and reflect on the journey our flows phone has just taken, and I hope you are standing a little taller. Breathing a little deeper and moving a little better. Thank you.


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Nice creativity and flow to start my morning before clients.
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Always love your creative classes and your fantastic and fun personality!
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All I can say is you made my day!! This was fabulous! Thank you!
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Really lovely flow and fun class! Greatly appreciated :)
Kim W
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I say this a lot in the comments, but this was EXACTLY what I needed today. Lovely blend of articulation, breath work, abdominal strengthening, and stretch.
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Love it Jenna!!! Am going to steal some Jenna Gems for my Barrel Class for sure!
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Thank you Jenna, great feel good class!
I really really enjoyed this class! Very fluent and creative, thank you!
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What a wonderful morning I have had taking the class. So love working with you girls. The best of the best and that brings me joy. Many thanks Pilates Anytime and Jenna. Love Lani. xx
Thank you so much Jenna, that was lovely
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