Class #3111

Revealing Spine Corrector

50 min - Class


Use the Spine Corrector to mirror what is and what isn't happening in your body with this class by Jenna Zaffino. She changes the lens of this piece of apparatus to reflect what is going on rather than correcting your body. She includes movements that will challenge your coordination and stability as well as movements that will improve your mobility and control.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector

About This Video


True Confession. As I've gotten a little bit more mature in my platas years, in my actual years, I started to get a little bit, um, annoyed at things that suggest that something might be wrong with my...


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Nice creativity and flow to start my morning before clients.
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Always love your creative classes and your fantastic and fun personality!
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All I can say is you made my day!! This was fabulous! Thank you!
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Really lovely flow and fun class! Greatly appreciated :)
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I say this a lot in the comments, but this was EXACTLY what I needed today. Lovely blend of articulation, breath work, abdominal strengthening, and stretch.
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Love it Jenna!!! Am going to steal some Jenna Gems for my Barrel Class for sure!
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Thank you Jenna, great feel good class!
I really really enjoyed this class! Very fluent and creative, thank you!
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What a wonderful morning I have had taking the class. So love working with you girls. The best of the best and that brings me joy. Many thanks Pilates Anytime and Jenna. Love Lani. xx
Thank you so much Jenna, that was lovely
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