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Creative Reformer Flow

45 min - Class


It is always important to draw inspiration from different places to help keep your Pilates practice fresh. In this Reformer workout with Jenna Zaffino, she takes her inspiration from one of her favorite musicals. She flows through different variations and progressions using minimal spring changes to keep the class moving. By the end of the class you will feel new, liberated, and amazing!

Jenna encourages you to guess the musical she is using as inspiration. Leave a comment below with your guess.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


When you are a busy teacher in a studio, you tend to need to draw inspiration from many different places to keep your work fresh and inspiring not only to your clients, but to yourself...


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Very good !!!!
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Super fun and great opening for my body everywhere today! Love revisiting the Fletcher pieces and the flow! Thanks so much for your creativity and passion Jenna!
Loved the variety Jenna, but I loved the many wonderful things you said along the way that kept me inspired even more. Thank you!
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So good! Thanks Jenna
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Great variations! Loved the class.
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Loved it...but what musical was the inspiration?
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Thank you Jenna! Very creative and fun plus loved the extra stretches added into the practice!:)
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Sassy! Love it
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Jenna, just one word to describe your class: FANTASTIC!!!!!
I love the way that you broke down the movements. Thank you 😊
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Uplifting class thank you , great variations, loved the sassy Cleopatra mermaid.
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