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Core Level Reformer

60 min - Class


Work your body as it needs to be worked in this Reformer class by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She teaches an energetic session, encouraging you to listen to your body so you can use the method to help you. She keeps the flow throughout the class, adding preparations to exercises like Horseback, Long Spine Stretch, and much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Kathi Ross-Nash here at Pilates Anytime with Cada and Amy. And hopefully they'll still be hugging me at the end. We're going to do what I call a core level workout on the reformer. Now, very, very, very important. You work your body as your body needs to be worked.

If you come to an exercise that does not suit you, you guys too, leave it out. The only back Pilates practitioner is one that does exercises that don't suit them. That's why Joe made a room full of apparatus so you can do it somewhere that fits you. Okay, girls? Yes.

So let's have a good time. Most important thing, head pieces up. Set up your springs. Most important thing is that we have fun. Right.

Cause if it's not fun, why do it, right? Let's go right down into position. Go onto the balls of the feet. Notice I say balls, not toes. You wanna have all the entire ball of your foot on there.

The little baby toe likes to be invited to the party. Ready? And let's go. And inhaling, all the way in, keep it moving. Good.

Let's put a little more fire under it. You know your goal is to do five, to inhale and exhale for five breaths and get that whole footwork done. And when you make your switch, you're gonna do a double-leg pull after you get to ten. And bring your arches on, and good, and one. And in, and two.

And drag it in. Three. Heels press under, press your heels under like a little bird on a perch. In, that's it. Knees together, heels together, balls together.

Zip it up like it's Sunday and you're in church. And drag it in. And double leg change. And press those heels together. Flex your toes back as those knees come in.

Don't let those knees go apart. Press the legs, draw your legs together so the two legs make one. Zip it up, and in. And up, and in. And up, good Cada.

And up, drag it in. Good, flex those feet back, Miss Amy. Pull it back, and change. Tendon stretch. And down, down, down, and up, up, up, and two, two, two, and don't let those bones touch.

Three, three, three, little ankle bones don't touch. Four, four, four, but the heels touch. That's it. So the heels are dating, they don't wanna be apart. The toes are married, they need a little space.

And up, up, up, and down, down, down. And up, up, up, and down, down, down. And up, up, up, you know when you're dating it's like ooh. When you're married it's like seeya later honey. Yeah.

Up, up, up, and down, down, down. And up, up, up, and down, down, down. When you get to ten, bend in. And you take your footbar down with your feet. Reach back at the same time, do your first shaving position of the day.

Legs down, please, arms straight up to the ceiling. Press right up into the hundred. And vigorous, inhale. Now, this is six to eight inches. If you say this is six to eight inches, mm hmm hmm, six to eight inches, that's it.

Inhale through the nose. Two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, that's it. I wanna see how big your six to eight inches are. And inhale, two, three, good girl.

Four, five, and exhale, two, hands a little higher. Open that chest, good. Keep it close to your sides, good. Inhale through the nose. (breathing) Exhale through the nose. The mouth is for kissing, the nose is for breathing.

Good. And when you get to ten, you're going to do a lovely teaser switch. And take a spring down. Make sure your head pieces are down and thread for short, spinal massage. So you're gonna take these through.

Leather goes in the metal. My pleasure. Good, take your feet up to me. Put your feet in the straps, good. Make sure they're far enough down.

Arms down by your side. Heels together, toes apart, bend your knees into your bottom. And good. Stretch out and stop with the legs straight. Take the tailbone off, don't move the feet.

Press into the strap as you roll back. Carriage comes home. Bend the knees to the shoulders. Wrists flat, roll down. Keep pressure in that strap.

Roll down, roll down, roll down. Bring your feet to your seat. Press out, don't move your feet, tailbone comes off, ah ha. Push up and over, that makes the trajectory of the spine. Bend the knees, I don't wanna ever see that strap go loose.

Roll down. Keep it moving, girls. That's it. Knees in to the chest, that's your pause. Stretch out, now take, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, bend in everybody.

Let's start that one over. Bend all the way in. I don't wanna shit and make you miss the joy. Stretch out. Take your tailbone off.

There, more, tailbone, tailbone. Aha, up and over. Beautiful, bend the knees. Isn't that delicious? And roll, roll down.

One more time, just for fun. Stretch out, push into the feet, up and over. Keep that spring alive, bend your knees down. Right from here, just reach up and grab your handles. Good.

Lift your head as you roll up and you're gonna arrive right in your coordination position with your knees in your chest. And stretch out, open, close. Hands to the mat and bend. Stretch, hands to the mat, that's a chest expansion. Bend, and bend, and stretch.

Open, cross the legs. Bend, next time. And stretch, open cross, two, three, four, five, six. No wiggle. Bend in.

Bend in. Stretch out, pull the stomach in. Open cross, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Bend in, bend in. Last one, stretch out, make it longer.

Open close, cross two, little, little, I don't wanna see any light. No light. Cross the thighs, cross the thighs, cross the thighs, cro--ah ha. Bend it in, good. Hook your handles on the hooks.

Swing yourselves up please. Put one string on, we're gonna do rowing. Spin yourself around. I didn't have you do the transition because both ladies have a little shoulder going on. So I wanted to be respectful of their shoulders.

And you're going to roll back on one. Open two. Press on three. Dive over for shoulders over hips. And lift the arms up and stretch all the way around.

And again, right into it. Roll back on one. Open on two. Press three. Press, press, press.

Now dive over. Don't let the carriage move. Don't let the carriage move. Don't let, feel the difference? Hands go all the way to your tailbone.

Don't colla--there it is, reach into the well. Now stretch up, stretch up, stretch up. Pull this back, pull this back, pull this back. One more time. Listen to me.

Roll back. Open, nothing moves, press. Now don't move the carriage. Don't move the carriage. Don't move the carriage.

Don't move the carriage. All the way down. Reach down into the well. Lift the arms up. Lift the waist as you circle, circle, circle, and you fold right into the next exercise.

Hinge back. Flat back. Now pull the stomach in as you reach forward. Hands go down. Reach down all the way where, don't collapse forward, Cada.

Ribs off of the thighs. Think about the tree, yeah? Or the roll-up. This is the same position as the roll-up when you go down, yeah? Hinge, now.

This pulls back. Stretch your arms forward. Reach, reach, reach, reach, good. Arms go back. Press them down.

You feel the difference? Now keep this lift. And reach the arms up and around. Up and around. You see, now your strap doesn't die.

And one more time. Flat back, pull your stomach in as you reach forward. Good, now reach back, yes, yes, beautiful. And around. Place your straps down.

Spin yourself around to face me. Ooh look, perfectly placed. Grab your handles and sit up tall. Pelvis against the shoulder blocks. And reach out, press down.

Lift up, now don't move. Don't move, don't move my carriage. Up, lift the elbows, like you're pressing two magic circles, down, and relax, good. Inhale out. Exhale.

Now reach even further as you reach out. Lift all the way up to those ears. Beautiful. Open press, open press, open press, open press, open press. And relax.

One more time. Inhale, feels so good, doesn't it? And down. What a pearl. Lift all the way up, lift those elbows.

Feel the arms lift. Press like two magic circles are underneath you. Lift, lift, lift, and beautiful. Oh, let's enjoy this one. Flex your feet hard girls.

Place your hands by your hips, right? This is your first time you're gonna really actually work on that eventual lift. Lift up, press your hands, and roll the crown of your head to your knees. Now pull your, are your hips pulling back onto those shoulder blocks? Aha.

Slide your hands along the mat. They stay along the mat. And they reach down to the heel. All the way down. Now roll up to sit and don't move your carriage.

Don't move your carriage. Pelvis against those blocks. There it is, don't move your carriage. Lift all the way up and this time let it go. Good.

Lift up, here's your first tree of the day. Crown of the head. All the way, beautiful Amy. All the way here, down lower, down lower. Now pull this back into here.

And reach forward, shoulders roll down the back. Shoulders roll down the back, yes. Lift all the way up, nice big opening. And just 'cause you guys are so delicious, we're gonna give you a little lovely stretch here. Go ahead all the way down.

Head to the knee. Glue those heels together, use the inner thighs. Reach your hands forward. Flex your feet back. Roll up to sit, roll up to sit, roll up, back against there, push with the heels, push with the pelvis, lift all the way up in a nice, open, open, scoop the stomach in, and come up to your shave.

Press the fingers together and make a little diamond. All the way down the back. Good. Pull your stomach in and stretch forward a little on that angle. Feel the back body open.

Go back. Now, open your back, feel like a cobra. Ever see the back of a cobra open? That's what I want you to feel. Bend your elbows, good.

Now, as you stretch, hollow out the front body and open the back body. Beautiful. And elbows push back. Now push the, ahh, there it is. Push those elbows back, good.

Pull the stomach in and open the back body. Lift the stomach back. Feel the whole back of the body, open, open, open, open, open. And bend one more time. Push the elbows back.

Press open, open, open, open, open, and open the arms with lifted elbows. Inhale, pull the stomach in. Now exhale and push me, push me, come on, move the old lady. Push, push, push, push, push, good. Inhale, come in.

And exhale, push, push, push, push, push. Inhale, very good girls. And exhale, open, open, open, open. Reverse the breath, inhale here. Exhale, good.

And feel the shoulder blades moving. And as you come here, draw the shoulder blades together, that's what's working. And come here, separate it, open the back. And then open the chest, ah, delicious. Open the back, yes.

And open the chest. Soften the elbows, hook them up. Put your head pieces up please, ladies. Put it on one center spring, please. And put your long boxes on.

Good. We're gonna have our foot bars up. We're gonna revisit that shaving position and that rowing position. So notice that your shaving, good, as you lie down on your tummies with your hands here, is very similar to the wrist configuration so they're rowing and hold it. So you're gonna actually hold the bar.

There's your rowing, right? Right in line with your shoulders. Elbows are gonna be lifted. So we work these things. (laughing) Now you're young and beautiful, but when you get my age, you want, so are you, I'm just over touching her.

(murmuring without microphones) Please, I'm like no, Amy, no really. This will go, right? We don't want that to ever go, that little thing under the arm, right? So here's where we work it. Lower your legs.

So go on and pull that stomach like that exercise called the diaper. Stomach off of the mat, good. Elbows lift, and stretch your arms. And bend your elbows. Good.

And feel how that works the back like the rowing did. And reach the knuckles forward. There you go. That's it. Now we're gonna add to it.

This is a delish, I'm, so nice to you, you have no idea. You're gonna stretch out your arms and lift your chest, and only come in as much as, stretch those wrists, Cada, stretch them, there. Open the chest, open the chest. Keep the pelvis on. And then bend your elbows and melt down.

And stretch out. I love this variation. Lift the chest and look at how it's getting you ready for pull straps. That's it. And bend down.

Press those heels together. And stretch out. And lengthen up, open the chest, roll the shoulders back. That's it, open the chest, open the chest, open the chest. Soften the elbows and come down.

Beautiful, girls. Right from there you're going to open your legs. You're gonna rotate through. Don't fall off your box. And you're going to sit up.

You're going to be doing the jockey position with your knees bent. You're gonna do the straight-leg version with your knees long. 'Kay? So, stretch those legs, and you wanna hug with the inside of your thigh, m'kay? Shoulders over hips.

We're gonna do my version, which is the old version. You're gonna reach your arms back behind you with your chest open. Pull the stomach in. Squeeze, and lift up, don't go forward. Pull the stomach back, stomach back.

Stretch the legs. In, in, this needs in, in, oh yeah, come on, hold it, squeeze your lover. Hold it, hold it, hold it, and come back down. Good. Hug it.

And reach up, beautiful. Nice, that's what I wanna see. Good, good, good, good. Ooh, a little tremor of truth. Yes! And come all the way down.

Good. (laughing) Right, big tremor. And squeeze those, rotate the knees in. Think spine stretched forward. This is spine stretched forward after seven espressos. Reach, reach, reach, and come down.

Very good ladies. Good. Draw your legs together, flip over onto the other side for your pulling straps. Grab onto your straps. Good.

Reach your arms as far forward as you can. Now slide back a little bit more so that your whole body is on here. Your box is secured by this box. Keep the thumbs long here. Yeah, it's not so fun, but, you know, it's good for ya.

And reach down, stretch back. Keep your bosom on the apparatus. And draw the shoulder blades together. And return all the way down. And reach down, hands against the apparatus.

Reach down, back. This drags you, this drags you. Lift the chest but keep the bosom on. Yes, you felt what just happened? Beautiful, Cada.

That's it. And down. And again, reach, down, back, together. Good. Oh, fantastic.

And come back down. Out to the T, reach your arms to the side. Now you're gonna work that same shoulder blade in a different position. Down, back, don't change the wrist, go ahead reach. Good Amy, that's it, good, good, good, good, good.

Keep those wrists straight, young lady. And return back. Wrists strong and straight, and reach. Good, keep those wrists straight. That's it, you can lift a little here.

Come on, a little more, little more, there it is, and return. You feel when your upper back releases forward? Good, lift your left hand a little if it doesn't bother you. And reach, open, chest, open, open, open. Keep the palms to the mat, and come down.

Keep the handles in your hands, swing your legs off. Add a spring to balance out the carriage. And you're going to mount your apparatus hand foot, hand foot, make sure they're not twisted behind you. Place one hand on the back corner. Place your foot here, keep your bottom up.

Place your other hand, find the table. There you go, your first table. And bend yourself down. One day your tailbone will fall off the edge. Yes.

Good, lie all the way down, make a tiny little ball. Very good. Amy, you could slide down a little bit more to me. You want a inch above that shoulder. Now, bend in, in, in, in.

You're gonna stretch your hands up here but push in your strap. There, open down around, and reach over those legs. And hold, two, three, and exhale, come in, in, in, in, in. And up, around, and hold, hold, hold, and exhale. (breathing) Inhale up, around, and hold, hold, and in.

Reverse it, stretch over the legs, hold. Open up, together, it's only Friday. And stretch, over the legs, press your heels together. Reach for me, come on up, come on up. It should be like a hot skewer right in your sternum.

Open up, together, bend in, again stretch out. And reach, reach, reach. Open up, together, and bend. And one more time for Cada, she needs to get up. And stretch, hands over the thighs.

They reach for the knees. This happens, you feel that? Yeah. I'm gonna let go, you're gonna hold it, hold it. Aha, and bend around and in.

Good, teaser up, take one spring off, get ready for your teasers. (murmuring off microphone) (laughing) Lie down. Good. Legs long. No worries.

Good, have the legs long. And float up, arms and legs, you hit the hundred position. Ooh, we gotta work on this a little. Lift up, now roll down and as you roll down reach forward. Remember those parallel planes we've talked about?

Touch your lower back, don't drop you hands. Keep going down, don't drop your hands. They're gonna move as you roll down. So your legs are there and then everything goes down, strap doesn't die. Press into your hands, press into your hands, press into your hands.

Thank you, that was absolutely exquisite. And roll down, now don't give me anything less ever. Roll, it's a good and bad thing. Roll, roll, and good. Ready Ame, your turn, floor me.

That's it, lift, good, use those arms, use the stomach, that's it, good girl, go, go, go, go, go, and this is awful, isn't it? Well the last one was better. And roll down, roll down. That's okay, we have it on film. Roll down, roll down, roll down.

Very good ladies. Drop your hands behind you. You're gonna step up, drop them. You're gonna step up, you're gonna put your boxes to the side. We're gonna go into the long series.

I do the old order where I always put my short box after my stomach massage. Okay hand foot, hand foot. Forward into position. Pull the stomach in, really lift the stomach, and lengthen back. And the work is forward, so reach, reach, reach.

And back, good, and reach, tailbone under a little more, there you go. And lengthen, and because you're on the angle, there's no way for you to tuck if the legs are straight. That, stay there, separate your knees down. And good, fold right into the down stretch. Open the chest, inhale to go back, stay there.

Exhale while you're back there, arms closer in. Exhale, exhale, exhale. You girls are tiny little girls, imagine if you had like my son on here, who's a football player. Where would his hands go if your hands are there, right? They're right here, this'll make your chest open more, Cada.

That's it, open, open, open. Push through your heels and keep this chest here. Push through the heels, stay there, exhale there. And then complete the exhale as you come in so you feel like you wanna throw up. And good, right from there, fold over into the up-stretch.

Try not to move anything, just fold right up. Good, you girls are gonna suffer through the old-fashioned up-stretch. You're gonna begin rounded forward. Good, keep yourself in this position, don't move anything. Just move the body back so you're moving from the shoulder.

Now, right from there, don't move the body. Bring the feet underneath the hips. Now both hips and shoulders move. Now go back, push in the heels. Bring your hips in, head stays down the whole time.

Good, and now everything comes forward. Keep your head looking here. Good, push back, push back, there you go. Now you have it, you feel the difference? Yeah.

Yeah, and curl in, curl in, last one, push back. Bring your hips and your heels, stay there, that's where you find your elephant. Drop your heels down and you're in the elephant position. Push through your heels and curl it in. I want more ribs up.

Curl, curl, toes up please, curl. Stay there, don't bend your knees, don't shift your hips. Lift your heels up, place 'em against the shoulder blocks, sweep the right leg back behind you. Keep your box square, press out, pull in, in, in. Press two, pull in, in, in.

Press three, pull in, in, and pull the stomach in, bring the leg through the middle, keep the bo-- straight leg, straight leg switch. Don't move those hips, straight leg back. That's it, yes. Push out, you see it makes you lift your stomach. And out, square the box, and out.

After the third one, you're gonna bring that leg straight through the middle and place the foot flat down. And then sweep the other leg up and back. Take it through the middle and out so that you lift your stomach. It's getting you ready for your tendon stretch series. And press in.

Every transition is an exercise which is preparing you for something more advanced. Bring it down, yes, and now take it straight back. Straight back, and press, dig it, and in, in, in. Press, dig, and in, in, in. Reach with this leg.

Press and step straight down to the floor this time. Very good, and add your springs for stomach massage. Remember that we're gonna have to have the middle ones coming out first. So if you have three strings, have outers. Good, right down into position.

Slowing down, sorry. (laughing) Lie down, girls. Can we take the pad away? Yeah, please, I hate pads. Have your feet up, roll up into position. That's where you need to be.

Lift your heels up, and go. And out, and lower, shoulders down, bend the elbows. And out, lower, up and in. And out, here's that same exercise, there's your shaving again, right? And even your rowing as you reach out with those straight lets, the arms work like they worked the straps before.

Getting you all ready for this lovely, all the toes on there. That pinky toe's gonna go, I don't get to go to the party. I'm not happy. And reach, and reach, lengthen those toes over, and reach, good. Right from there, take your hands straight back behind you, chest is open, tailbone down, chest open.

And go. Why are your hands down there? Put them up on top. That's it, roll the shoulders down and back. There you go.

(murmuring without microphones) Yes, so take that under, that's it. In, out, I won't tell. And stretch, and lower, and lift, and in. And stretch, right, you need to get that chest open. That's it, girls up.

Stretch, lower, lift, in, stretch, lower, lift. Now reach between your legs, take one off. Two hands reach up on the diagonal like a teaser. And you stretch your legs, they lower shoulder height. And you come in and they reach up for where the ceiling meets the wall.

And they stretch out. Can I pull on your shoulders, is that okay? And come in and stretch, and stretch out. Love all around, and in and stretch. And twist.

Stay. Dessert. Adjustment, extra $50.00. Come up, and reach, stretch, lengthen, and reach up, up, up. And reach, stretch, lengthen, and up, up, up.

And reach, right, I got the other side last time? And reach up, stay up there, little circles, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Reverse, two, three, four, five, six, seven, to the side, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, reverse, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Beautiful, let's put your bars down please. And we're gonna go right into the semi in the circle.

All the way down, slide up, fist your hands whatever you do. Listen to my discussion about the heels. Stretch your arms, elbows straight, thumbs with your fingers. That's it, now, soft ribs. Remember that table that we did where the hip, right?

I want you to find that table, so I don't want this back arched. Now roll down from your throat, keep this tipping up. Your ribs, your waist, your tailbone, good. Stretch out, stretch those arms, stay there. Push with your arms as equally as you push with your legs.

Now, stay right there, tip your tailbone up, don't move the carriage. Tip your waist up, don't move the carriage. Good, keep coming, don't move that carriage. Don't move it, good. Now, lift those heels, ah, come in.

Keep your heels up, and roll down. Ribs, waist, bottom. Right? Dessert. Press out, tailbone on the mat, on the springs, there. Now stay here, before you move anything, lift your heel.

Feel that? Don't move my carriage. Roll up, roll up, keep that heel up, yes. You feel the difference? Roll up, it's the same thing in stomach massage, keeping those heels up.

This is a short spinal massage. This is the massage series, the, like rolling like a ball, that lift opens the low back. Roll down, ribs, waist, good, get your baby on there. Good, press out, good. Now heels, lift, yes, heels, and come in.

Reverse it, press out, keep the heels up, roll down ribs, roll down waist-- Thank you. My pleasure, low back, good, come in. Lift your heels, yes, good. And good, press it back, roll down, roll down, roll down, roll down, roll down. Come in, lift the heels, yes.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. One more time, don't go too far. Good, Cada, much better, you're closin' those ribs.

Good girl. Push in my hands as you roll down. Feel that? Keep this, two way stretch always. You push in the hands, you reach opposite with equal energy.

Yes, now lift those heels and press in my hands. Press, press, press, come on baby, press, press, press, press. Excellent, slide yourself down, please. Put your headpieces down. We're gonna do a corkscrew.

We're gonna begin with it flat, please listen to my cuing 'cause it might be a little different than you're used to. Holding on to the handles in that shaving position again, that's why you did it before. Lift the two legs up to the ceiling. Glue your legs together, keep the tailbone down, reach your toes towards your nose with the tailbone down. Good, right from there, roll over and lift one hip and roll onto the other.

No, right, on the side, right. Flatten the pelvis and reach your legs away. Lift the other hip, don't let this one rotate, that's it, to a 90 degree angle. So you're in that tick-tock position. Lift them a little higher, Cada, there you go.

And flatten your spine. Reach towards your nose. Lift, go back the way you just were, good. Flatten your pelvis, roll onto the other hip, you see spine twist. Yeah.

And bring it up toward your nose. Now the hell begins. (laughing) Reach toward you nose and take the tailbone off. Only the tailbone. Roll onto the hip but don't let the other one touch.

Flatten the pelvis, find your spine twist, and now the fun really happens and you don't let this one lift the hip off, lift the hip, lift the hip, lift the hip and come center. And roll to the hip, good. Flatten the pelvis, doesn't it feel amazing? Good, now you're here in your spine twist again. Lift the hip off, reach that leg towards the ear and nose and come up a little higher, little higher, little higher, roll down onto the rib, the waist, the hip.

Flatten the pelvis, roll to your spine twist, take off the hip, the waist, the rib, center it. Roll onto the rib, the waist, the hip, flatten it. Roll over, take off the hip, the waist, the rib, and come down. Open the elbows for tick tock. It's a relief now.

Look to the left, bring your legs to the right. Open those elbows, and come back. Glue those heels, look the other way, keep that shoulder down, and come back. Think it's more, remember it's more about what's not moving. So it's more about keeping that shoulder down, right, than the leg moving.

More about keeping that shoul--yes, Cada, see how that corrected it? Beautiful, one more time 'cause it's so delicious. Reach, reach, reach, and come back, and reach, reach, reach. Bring your leg center, bend your knees in, just step and go put your short boxes on, grab your bars, please girls. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

So let's begin with your short box. Put your bar in front, please. But I want you to begin with the hands behind your head. Sitting upright, have the hands right behind your head and lengthen your neck with your spine really long. And flex your feet, so slide down so that the top of your foot is really, a little more Amy, just a tou--there, so that you're really there.

You feel the difference there? I call it lock-- (Amy murmurs off-mike) Yeah, you can really connect all the way up. I call it lock and load. So you're pushing with the heel, that way you're opening your legs out but you're drawing up in the inner thighs. Good, hands behind the head.

The only thing that's gonna touch the mat behind you is going to be your low back. So find a focal point and roll back just to touch the low back, low back, low back, and come right back up, push through those heels. And again, touch the low back, long ways, good, touch it, touch it, touch it, and lift up. Flex those feet more, don't let them rotate in as you go back. And reach, push through the heel, watch that left foot, Cada.

And, naughty left foot, and good, and roll back, roll back, roll back, open the front of the hip and come up. Now, with that length, wrap your arms around your waist and go for a ride. Go all the way back, open the hips, good. Push through the heels, head comes up, open shoulders, drag your arms along your body to come back, it'll help keep the shoulders open. Roll back, open the shoulders, good.

As the head comes up, drag your elbows down, down, think coordination. Yes, and again, roll back, all the way back, open the chest, and come up. This time you're gonna sit upright, and you're gonna get your poles. I would like you to hold the end of your black tips. This way, palms forward, yep.

And straighten your wrists girls, very important. It changes, flex your wrists, see what happens in your back? Straighten your wrists, see it connects all the way down like your pulling strap. Lift, are your shoulders healthy enough to have your arms by your ears? I can try, now they are.

There they, look at that, Pilates fixes everything. (laughing) And lean a little forward to begin, to catch your stomach. Feel like you're reaching that bar, and tip back, only moving from the hip. Move from the hip, move from the hip, and come right back up. And lengthen, push your hands through that bar.

Push, push, push, and come back up, I don't wanna see any rounding. Lift, lift, lift, don't let the head go. And up, find that focal point. And lift, so the head's gonna have to come down a tiny bit the further you go back. 'Cause gravity, yeah, feel the difference?

Gravity wants it to pull back 'cause that's where your weight is going. So find that beautiful horizon and come up. Stay a little forward, shoulders slightly over the hips. And reach over, two, three, push through the bar and up. Now don't let your hips translate, reach the bar.

Push into me, push, push my hand, push, push, push. Ahh, and come up, good Amy. And push the other way, push, push, push. Feel the difference? And up, and reach, no, out, out, out, and up.

And reach, out, out, out, good girl, and up. Stretch down, give yourself a nice little stretch. Gettin' all kinds of good stuff here. Oh good, let's keep the bar for the twist today. Lift up all the way, as tall as you can.

And twist to the right, don't let those legs move. As much as you twist, you push with the heels. And then come to the center, excellent. Lift up, push through the heels, that's it. And come up center, very good.

Twist, now reach out, reach, reach, reach. Close those ribs, very nice girls. And center, and twist, and reach, reach, reach. Push through the heels, good, and center. And lift, here, let's be a little evil.

Bend your arms, go like this and slide the bar here. Yes, take your hand, uh huh. Yes, now we have truth. (laughing) And twist, and reach. Now we have something else.

And up, very good, and, see but it got rid of that little thing that you were doing. Twist, and reach. I love ramps. And up, and center. But sometimes what we do is we twist and we use our shoulder and it's not good for our shoulder.

Good, and center, very nice girls. Twist, and reach, and lengthen, and good. Stretch all the way down, put your bars away, hug the right leg in to your chest. Give it a nice hug. And stretch, and bend, and stretch, lift your back up, sit up tall, stretch.

(off-mike murmuring) Don't worry, good. And walk to the ankle, reach this leg up, and stretch it, this is why you have two straps. Keep going. Go head to the knee, good, head to your knee. So here's that same thing, this has to be off.

Now stretch your arms to go back. Good, see there's your first controlled balance of the day. Stretch this hip, now don't move anything, bend your arms, bring crown of head to your knee. Yes, you feel the difference? And now stretch your arms.

And bring the crown of the head to the knee. And stretch your arms. And now walk down your tree, leave your tree here, and use the tension of the arms to allow the chest to open. Beautiful, you see how you're centered now? And come up and walk up your tree, keep tension on the arms, tension, tension, crown of the head to the knee And from there, grab your, either side of your foot, and lift your back straight bringing the crown of the head to the toe.

Flex your foot and touch your, there it is, feel that? That's what I want, good. Other side, nice. Lift up nice and tall, lift that back up, very nice. And stretch and down, this is nothing, just getting it warm, no drama.

And good, and walk to the ankle. Crown of the head to the knee, the stomach takes you back, yes, there's your control, right? Your single leg pull right there. Bend your elbows, head to knee. Pull the stomach back and stretch the arms.

Feel where I'm anchoring you? This is where we have to work, remember it's not, oh don't you let that leg to goo far, Cada. Uh huh, and stretch it. It's about opening the hip with that bottom leg, right? And opening your low back.

And curl it in, and take it back. Now walk down your leg, open your chest, ahh. Come back up, head to the knee, pull the stomach back, hold the ankle, flex, and lift your back, stomach to the knee, chest to the shin, head to the foot. Very good. Good, let's take off our boxes please.

We're gonna go on one spring for our mermaid. M'kay, headpiece up please. Please put both shins against the shoulder blocks, both shins against the shoulder blocks. Good. Take the hand there, and take the hand there.

Now, it's not as fun as, it's not gonna be as fun as it usually is, 'kay? Extend this arm straight up. Glue it to your ear if you can. You're gonna stretch over. This is the sensitive shoulder, right?

It is, but it's doin' okay right now. Oh good. Yeah, warm. Now this is the hard part, as you come up, open your arms and balance. Beautiful.

Place this hand down, now keep this long. This is the strength of it. People like to curve this, but this is your star. So this has to stay strong, not curved. That's it, and this hip draws you back like your side bend.

Hip draws you back to sit down, balance, grab on. Here's your stretch. Reach over, this time you can bend the arm. Elbow to the ceiling. Try to get your bottom leg a little more underneath, Cada.

There you go. So you're stacked, right? Just like your star. This is your star. Lift up, every exercise is preparing you for the next level, challenging the level before.

Keep this long. So here's that straight part of the side bend on the mat. The star, where you're working under here, your T. Here's your T. As you come in, there's your T pulling the carriage home.

Balance, and very good. Lift, stretch, good. Bend the arm if you want, turn the head if you want, and if you're feeling lovely, curl into it. And unfurl, extend the arm, lift up, take the balance. We have to suffer one more on this side, right?

And keep it long, press through that hand, press through the knees, perfect. Reach up, draw it in like you do the T's pull strap. And good, change sides, excellent ladies. Thanks for the help. My pleasure.

Now you get me. (laughing) Good, that's it. So this hip tries to work down. Every exercise is off of the exercise from before, right? We're built off of our roots. So if my first side bend was my side bend that I was sitting on the short box and both my hips are down, then my goal is to get both my hips down on my side bends, yeah?

So here, as this hand comes here and you take this balance, when you get here, find your box being square first. And then, as you go back and you push, reach, reach, reach, yes. And then draw that spring in and up, yes. Take the balance, so this hip draws you down. Lift up, go to the other side, lengthen, enjoy the stretch.

Good. Lengthen up, reach out, arms to the side, balance, hand comes here, find your square box, and then from there elongate, elongate. Arm over the ear, reach, reach, see how this is supported? Now do your T to bring that back in. Yes, that was gorgeous.

Balance. I spot like such a lady. (laughing) And reach up and over, bend the arm. It's our last one, yeah? Turn the head. Curl in.

There's your snake and twist, yeah? Even at your core level you're doing your snake and twist. Reach out, you do every exercise everywhere but you don't even know it. And, other side. That's why if you have one bad, if you do something poorly, ribs in, you have to use the method to build it, 'cause otherwise when you go to do a more advanced exercise, that segment of that exercise is still not going to be happy.

Balance, beautiful. Headpiece down please, add a spring, put on your black straps for your long spinal massage preparation. Feet back into the straps. This is one of the most delicious exercises and it's not done. I actually learned this as long spinal massage as opposed to prep.

But it kind of evolved into the long spinal control, so I like to teach this at this level, and it's really yummy. Press out, bring your legs up to a 90 degree angle. Push with the feet into the strap and the carriage rolls back to home, only to home. Open your legs, press in the strap, and do a spine stretch forward, bringing the legs to 90. Isn't that so amazing in your back?

Saturday night special, girls. Open the legs nice and wide, draw them together, bring them back up to 90. Press with the feet into the strap, roll up, if the strap is moving your carriage is moving. Open, spine stretch forward to press roll. Press roll, press roll, not so much with the feet.

It's only to 90 with your feet. There, Saturday night special, around, draw it together, and bring it to 90. Good, press with the feet into the strap 'til the carriage is home. Beautiful, keep that tension, open. Now spine stretch forward, push in your feet, push in your feet, doesn't it feel so good on your back?

Tailbone comes down, ah, nice big circle. Now you get to reverse it. Good, open the legs up, bring them up to a spine stretch position. And you're going to roll back, which is the reverse of the spine stretch. Good, draw your legs together and roll down.

See it's already teaching you overhead. He was so smart. Down, open, around, here's your spine stretch. Roll, feet back, as if you're curling forward, that was good Amy. Draw together, and push, and there's that corkscrew position that we were working on that was so disgustingly awful.

And reach down, around, and up, and roll back. Roll back, reach, reach your feet, reach your feet, reach your feet. Draw it together, so if you go that way you'll end up too much on your neck, right? Press, press, press, bend your knees in. Stretch out and do five leg circles in each direction.

Go ahead, move, down around and up. Move, go girls, move. Down around and two, press the heels. Notice I'm keeping your headpiece down. There's a big debate over this.

Like oh you have to put the headpiece up for leg circles 'cause you do that when they're foundational. Well you also go to the Cadillac and do leg springs with your headpiece down. And it's also because they lost this stretch, which you girls are gonna do. Five frogs, please. 'Cause you're gonna be doing leg splits at this level, right?

Side splits, so let's get yourself ready. Bend your knees in, open your legs to the side, hold on to your black straps, and press them. Press, press, press. Now bend your knee, bend, bend, bend. And push with your heels, out, out, out.

And bend, bend, bend. Now keep it straight and stretch, stretch, stretch. And bend, bend, bend, and stretch, stretch, stretch. Right from there, draw your legs over your face and pull your legs with straight legs here. Stretch, stretch, isn't that so good?

Stretch, and drop your straps into the center of the well. Flick your headpieces up, and let's go into our knee stretches. We're gonna do five, ten rounded, ten arched, ten off. Heels against the shoulder blocks please. Sit on your heels and lift your seat one inch off.

Don't have the arms so wide, head is down. Good, and go. Press, and in, and two, and three, and four, head down. Five, six, look at your knees, seven, eight, all the way in, that last inch is what it's all about. Reverse the arch, open the chest.

One, roll your shoulders back, Cada. There you go. This is that same, but still tailbone under. Tailbone goes under, ah, it's your stomach massage series, see? If you sit on your heels, the cue is sit on your heels, correct?

Don't you shift, just lift the, head down. Lift your knees up, go. Keep them there, look down more, curl that head. In, push the heels faster, in, and all the way in. Last inch, dessert, get it, Cada.

Get it in, and in, and in, good. And in, and come down. Leave it on two please for running. Got it. That's it, you're like thank God.

Stretch out and run. So just take your little run, massage the back, that's it. Lift, and lift, and lift, and lift. Why you legs no touch? That's it.

They're so skinny. (laughing) I understand this. But seriously, like, you have a baby, right? Your baby walks now? When the baby started walking, it walked like this, right?

Doesn't walk like that anymore, now it's single tracks. Yeah. I don't know, it's called functional movement. Good, stretch both legs, bend both knees, heels into your position, tailbone comes up. Tailbone comes off, just the tailbone.

So note, arms are straight and long. This is the same trajectory that you took your tailbone off for short spinal. Stretch out. So from your very first Pilates session, you are working on the angle that you're gonna need for that short spinal. Because this whole running, and the pelvic lift, are all part of an internal massage.

Doesn't it feel so good? Yeah. And draw your thighs together. Now I really want you to stretch your legs, 'cause you're getting ready for side splits. And draw it in.

This is your preparation, right? What's exercise is next? So you really wanna lengthen, and draw it in, and lengthen, beautiful, and good. Roll yourself down, draw your legs together, set yourself up, please, for side splits. I don't know whether you do it on one or two, but choose the one that fits you.

M'kay? And you're going to step onto the carriage here. Uh, okay, that's fine by me, too. Heel goes against here. Now, as you Suzy-Q your foot out, make sure your toes line up.

It's imperative that the toes line up. That's it, very good. I think this foot has to come more forward, Cada. I'm coming. No, this one stays where it is.

(off-mike talking) Bring your feet more forward so your toes, whoops, drunk again, toes line up. This one a little more forward. Yes, m'kay? Arms out to the side. You chose one spring, I didn't.

I gave them the option, just, you know, little caveat. (off mike talking) And press out, hold, two, three. Lift the stomach in and up, hold, two, three. Lengthen out, it's good for you, hold, two, three. I didn't say no springs.

And draw it in and up, hold, two, three. And lengthen out, hold, two, three. And pull it in, hold, two, three. Suzy-Q the foot in. I'm comin', stay there, step your foot to join it.

That's okay, turn towards the foot bar. Stay on that side of the Reformer. Put your toe against here, with control, keeping your toes lined up. Suzy-Q it out, if you need me there, Cada, I'll come in a second. Good.

That toe hooks over the end so you don't die. Great. Good, arms out to the side, tailbone drops. Stretch your knees, go out, hold it, two, three. Draw the legs together, stay there and get taller, taller, taller, and go out.

Hold it, two, three. You beat me to it. And come in and lift, two, three. Go out and hold it, two, three. And lift, and grow, grow, grow.

Suzy-Q the foot in. Step the foot on the bed to meet it. And step all the way down. Put your foot bars up, two springs please for your front split. So even out, yeah.

Either two middle or two out. Good, step up, face your bar. Put your right foot up on the bar. Bring the left foot back behind you, have the heel against the shoulder block, please. 45 degree angle.

Now, this exercise, move it out a little bit, Cada, so that your hip, see if you put your foot there, you're in the center. I want it right with the shoulder block so it's in li--ahh, you feel that? As the splits advance, they draw towards the midline. But this is the first split series, right? So you want it in line with your hip.

Head drops down. Most important thing is that the box stays square. Keep your box square, this heel lifted, and press the carriage back. Keep that right heel lifted. And then come in.

Press back, keep the box, push back with this hip. And come in, good. Push back with the right hip, come in with the left. Now lift your pelvis up a tiny bit. Reach forward to come up like a swan.

Take the hands behind your head. And press back. And stretch this knee and come in. It's not about goin' back, it's about comin' home. Feel the outer edge of this foot lift.

This knee rotates out, this hip comes in. Feel the outer edge of this foot, push through the, ahh, there you go. Last one, stretch to the outer edge there, stretch. Now reach up and over, lift the back heel, rotate it, press it down, slide your foot all the way back, heel against the end. Good, let's have our heads go down and go to sleep.

Keep your box square, press out. And come in with a nice, square box. Open that hip, come in, from here open your chest, lift your chest, and open the chest, yes. And let the head go down, and press through the heel. Thank you.

My pleasure. And come in, and lengthen, lengthen, lengthen. Good, head goes down, reach, good, hip down. Keep that box square, good. And come in, roll your shoulders back as you come in to open that chest.

And open, open, open. But you see? Good, change sides. It's your first stomach massage and second stomach massage again as you go down and go up. Put the left foot up, Suzy-Q the other foot back.

Bring your heel out. Cada's like what the heck is a Suzy-Q? (laughing) And head goes down. Push through the outer edge of this heel. This knee rotates this way, but the hip goes in opposition.

That's preparing your body for when you're gonna do snake and twist, and your leg is at that 45 degree angle and your box is square. So push through that heel. You see, every exercise, if you cheat it or change it, it's not gonna develop you for the next level. So push that outer edge, good girl. You see how your bottom's working now?

And the hip comes forward. And press, stretch through that knee. Don't change the exercises, change the body. Reach forward, lift up, take the hands behind the back. Thank you, J, for that one.

And press out, keep that left heel silent. Say it again. Say it again? Sure. Don't change the exercises, change the body.

We keep adapting the exercises on the apparatus instead of using the apparatus. What do I care if my person does their footwork on the Reformer or on the Electric Chair? I don't care. Or on the Foot Correctors? They just need to do their footwork.

And bring the knee down. What do I care if they do a swan on the Barrell, a swan on the Reformer, or a swan on a Swine Corrector? I don't care, they just need a swan that suits their body. Press out, pelvis forward. Press out.

Kathi, tell me how you really feel. And come in, and lengthen, and reach up. Open that chest. Good, Cada, yeah. Head goes down, now keep this heel quiet.

Push through this heel, don't release your pelvis. Push through the heel, keep this hip forward. See how you lost your box? Don't lose your box, it's a precious thing, darlink. That's it, no losin' the box.

Lift up, good, head down. Now I want you to look at your hips. This does not change. Press back, press back, press back. You feel the difference?

Press back, press back, yes. Now come in with the pelvis, pelvis, pelvis. And open the chest, chest. And, beautiful. Very good, ladies.

Excellent work, you made it, yay. (clapping) Thank you. Oh my God, so much fun, thank you. Do you still love me? Oh I love you even more.

Oh good.


Worked out with you today Kathi! What a wonderful class. I've never been able to practise horseback on the Reformer without my SIJ getting cranky so I jumped onto the ladder barrel and did it there. As you say, don't change the exercise, change the body. You are such a wonderful, warm hearted teacher.
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer D
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You are amazing! Thanks so much for class! I'm excited to see that you are in NJ! I need to come visit your studio!
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OMG! I'm in love! I was going to do this but decided I just needed to watch first before I take the class because there is so much going on that I don't want to miss anything! Amazing education and cueing! I also love the dragon pants and are those tennis shoes with heels? I just watched a master piece! Can't wait to try this class!
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Delicious! Thank you!
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Amazing thank you!
Jennifer! Thank you and YES! you must come visit! I am always hearing such wonderful things about your place! Definitely need to meet up- and not at the Moma- actually that was kind of fun!
Lynn let me know how it feels!
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Looovvvveeee!!! Thanks Kathi!!!!
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love love LOVE!!! what an incredible teacher... am very envious of Kaita and Amy who got the in person class! Have been enjoying the Cadillac classes this week too (that sexy cat... whoa!) . Thank you - very inspiring!
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