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Quick Tower Combination

35 min - Class


Get ready for a quick Tower combination with Blossom Leilani Crawford. She works on moving from the inside out, adding a little bit of twisting to movements you already know. She teaches fun variations like Monkey with No Springs, Baby Swan Series, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Tower

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Hi, thank you for joining me at Pilates Anytime. This is Cynthia Bumoni. It can also be pronounced in other ways depending on where you're from. I will be creating other accents during...

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Wonderful flow and I so appreciated your sense of humor in your teaching :)
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Thank you for the nice class!
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Great class! Double leg bicycle, wow! Thank you Blossom!
Love it! Love the laughter, and Cynthia, you look great!!
Fun, flow, what more can you ask. Great session Blossom.
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Ok! New favorite teacher! Great class.
Sorry:( too fast talking I could not finish the class as it was really distracting...
Such a great class! I really enjoy your classes and fun personality :)
Oh dear Monkey with No Springs is the mirror of truth isn’t it? No powerhouse no movement no way no how. Brilliant class Blossom not only structurally but intellectually. And I laughed so hard when you said that your husband asks ‘if you are supposed to be helping me why is it making things more difficult?’
I just want to like this again and again. Thank you Blossom.
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