Class #3219

Ballet Barre Workout

35 min - Class


You will move your entire body in this Ballet Barre workout with Diane Diefenderfer. She continues on from her previous class, using Pilates principles while you move gracefully and beautifully. She includes basic explanations of what each step is so you can work with proper alignment and refine your technique.

Diane starts with a brief overview of the class. The movement starts around 2:43.
What You'll Need: Portable Barre


Hi, I'm Diane Deienderfer and I am delighted to be back with Pilates Anytime filming another barre class. I have done one barre class already. So if you've seen that one, this is a lit...

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I am previewing this for my workout tomorrow. Quite beautiful. Thank you.
Question: would it be o.k. to do the whole thing with a bit of a turnout? I have a bit of ankle stiffness due to an injury and my bends are so limited in parallel.

I look forward to workin' it tomorrow!
Thank you Diane, Just the perfect length of class to get my hips moving, and practise my turnout and 5th positions. Lovely pace.
what a gorgeous 35 the body work & the brain work!!! thank you thank you
So happy to see more ballet barre workouts. Thank you~
Very challenging workout.
This is great Diane, thank you for an excellent class. Wonderful to have another barre class to work with.
Loved the class Diane! Keep the ballet classes coming!
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Thank you for a classic ballet barre warm up! Have you taught a class for trained dancers on Pilates Anytime? I would love to add a higher level "go to" class in my queue that flows (without the pauses and explanations for beginners) So many Pilates teachers are former dancers and I believe would appreciate and enjoy a class taught by you! Thank you
Hello Elizabeth, Thank you for your nice compliment. You might look at video 1796 which is a Reformer workout with some specific exercises for dancers. I have not yet taught a more advanced ballet class on Pilates Anytime as I believe the primary and majority audience is for Pilates enthusiasts. It is a good idea though and I can look into it. Also, my latest mat video #2714, has some good stretching/floor work that I know dancers appreciate. Best wishes to you!
Omg! Such a grace! I’ve never danced defore, so it was exrreamely hard for me, haha. Well done girls. And Diane is such a beauty!

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