Class #3243

Vertical Mat

55 min - Class


Have fun with the Mat work while getting deep into your powerhouse with this Mat workout by Kara Wily. She teaches a twist on the traditional Mat by doing everything vertically rather than horizontally. This is a great way to experience something new in your body and it will give you a better appreciation for what we do on the Mat.

This class includes a lot of hanging so it is best for those with healthy shoulders.
What You'll Need: Mat, Cadillac, Moon Box, Reformer Box, Magic Circle


Hi, I'm Kara, and we are going to do a twist on a classical mat together. We're going to pretend that our mats are upright. And we're going to be doing all of our work vertically inste...


Kara, love your creativity with this standing (hanging) workout. It is such a challenge!`Great idea with the Caddy:)
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Ewa - Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. I love thinking about the work from different perspectives, if you think of it, it would be great to hear what you felt maybe after your next "horizontal" mat, just to know if it informed anything. But I hope this experience was fun! I know we had a blast.
What a difficult class! 😰
A huge challenge I will try, work little by little. It really is level 3. Fantastic!😊
Thank you, Kara Wily. Haunted. Greetings from Madrid, Spain.
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Esmeralda Thank you. Haunted, I love it;) I hope it will help add a little spice to your workout and will at least help you appreciate lying flat for mat work again! Ha! Man, I hope I get to Spain before 2026, but I am so going to be there for the opening of the Sagrada Familia. I will come to Madrid too!
I really enjoyed the creativity, we need to be more in our upright bodies
Dianne totally agree.  I like when movement teaches me what I am supposed to feel.

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