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Kristi teaches a level 2 class that places attention on the hips. Enjoy variations on hip placement in intermediate exercises to help ease the work of the hip flexors. Class includes some tips to "lubricate" the hip joint that she recently learned from Pilates elder Lolita San Miguel.
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Dec 01, 2010
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We're going to begin and I think we're going to move a little bit, so I'm going to trust that you'll take care of your bodies. I know all of you well enough to know that, um, you will do that. Um, any requests for you and things you want to make sure I address before I pick whatever hips in what way you don't know. Okay. Stretch. Yes. Stretch the hip flexors is probably what you meant. Okay. Okay. You know what I can do is share something with you that Lolita shared with us last week. Lolita San Miguel who is Joseph [inaudible] student, um, came and I'm still high from the experience. Um, she was here and basically told her history but then also taught him math class.

And anyway, there was a lot of lubricating of the joints in preparation for things. So, um, I'm going to warm up, so my normally, and then I'll do just a little bit of that and then the stretching will come a little bit later. Sound like a plan. Okay. So sitting up tall, oh my maths crooked. Can't have that sits bones kind of rooted into the ground and you're allowing yourself to resist gravity. Lifting yourself up. I've got my feet apart a little bit behind your back. Inhale, I'm not going far. We're just going to draw the abdominals into roll the hips back just a little.

Maybe. Maybe the arms will get straight and coming back up. Inhale forward. Lengthen your spine. Okay, sail down. All that maths, Stoke. Keep going and inhale. Forward carry. I had it all perfect and I messed it up and exit. Okay, we got Cardi visiting from Japan.

It's an exciting night and inhale forward and up and exhale. Can I give them a small, somewhat contained for the moment and inhale forward. When you get to the top, exhale, just stay upright from there. Field field, shoulder blade, slide down your back. Just like last night, Helen, as you inhale and allow the chest to rise up as the shoulder blades fall down, you're giving yourself a little baby extension to begin. There's your inhale. If you didn't exhale, bring it back. I'll go a little quicker, but not by much. Inhale, growing up, lengthening up. Let the chest rise. Let your eyes rise. Fine. The upper back muscles just by looking for them. Exhale, release. What I'm not trying to do is I'm not trying to lie, lean back, rather just vertical. Inhale.

Then you let the front of your body lift a little more than the back of your body. And on this exhale we'll add the roll back. Yup. Letting go the arms. If you can inhale, just raise the arms a little and feel the shoulders depressed and by that I just sort of mean reach for the waist. Exhale down. Let your arm do it again, but keep your eyes focused forward and low. Setting sort of the tone, setting your focus. Inhale and exhale. One more time. Inhale. Start the exhale to bring the arms down and come forward. You can hold the legs if you want. Hands on top of the knees. This time. Inhale as you grow up, find a little bit of extension.

Do it from the lowest part of your spine and exhale, release. We're going down. You can always hold on there. This time, reach a little further back. Some of you already were there, so go ahead and go do that again. Inhale and just bring it forward. Notice that when you take that deep breath, you expand through the whole trunk, but you don't fall back even at one more time. Inhale, eyes forward. Exhale, we're coming up on the same exhale, reaching forward, keeping the collarbones wide. Find the front of your shins or knees and inhale, stack your spine. One more though. As exhale roll that you're coming, the RMC inhale, you want to feel the back firmly on the mat, particularly the lower back. Again, inhale, good and exhale again. Inhale, this is the one XLE come up. Keep the collarbones wide. Should get a little harder there.

Find your knees or your shins. Inhale, lift up. Exhale, stay tall. Extend the arms forward. If your hips or legs still too close, just move them away. You can even flex the feet. Raise the arms up and pretend they're an extension of your spine. I think we needed to exhale somewhere in there. Inhale, rotate toward the front. Exhale, just let the arms almost fall, but again, resist gravity with your spine. Inhale, arms up and center.

Do the back end how we feel the spine turning your arms just sort of fall as the chest grows. Lovely in health. Love the arms up and center. Now I'm going to do it again. A lot of you've mentioned hip flexor tightness. You can drop to a diamond shape. Inhale, that might be a little easier on you. Exhale, growing tall. Feel the shoulders get heavy and fall and center.

One more time to the back in here, letting the arms fall the chest, your eyes really lift the arms up and back to center. From here we rolled down breathing as needed. Knees back towards the ceiling. Resting your arms on the ground. Draw the feet in a little closer for a pelvic curl. Inhale and exhale. Sinking the abdominals rolling up, looking for the back of the legs, right.

If you want to stretch your hip flexors, you better be using your hamstrings a little bit when possible. Inhale, exhale, meltdown. I want you to feel a sense of deflation, a sense of ease as we wake up to the movements, finding a neutral pelvis. Inhale, exhale and roll. You might feel your arms reaching in opposition. If you find yourself dropping into your low back. Think of rechecking you when it's time XL.

Roll down feeling all parts of your body. Nothing too intense at the moment. One more for three XL, we hollow and roll up. Feel what's going on for your body. It's different every day, right? We want to pay attention to it enough to either find ease or work what we need to come on down. And with that we're taking the arms up and just laced the fingers fully behind your head. Elbows just off the mat. Actually more than that, probably let them where you can see them for a chest lift. Inhale, exhale and let the chest fall. Let the chin roll towards your chest.

Maybe more than you're used to. So really is an unfurling in articulation. That's it. Inhale, listen up. Exhale, tip the pelvis. Roll the pelvis up just about mid back. Yup. I'm very rounded. Inhale, exhale. Release the hips first and then stretch yourself back to the mat.

Try One thing for me. Take, uh, let's say your right hand and just rest it on your chest. This sort of middle chest. Take a big inhale, start the exhale and gently press the chest down first. Then curl the chin toward chest and keep coming up. This is another thing, Lolita did that just for, I really liked simple. Inhale, a little higher, Emily. Exhale and lengthen back down. It's just a reminder that the, not that the abs go high, but that everything is involved in. Inhale, fill up. It's okay if the chest rise is a little start. The XL leaded, deflate.

Let it connect to the ABS. Let the chin rolls for chest and give yourself just a tactile awareness and goes back. Inhale, here comes the pelvis. Exhale, roll the pelvis up just a little. Maybe it'll clear the floor. Inhale, release the hips to neutral and exhale. Down we go. Last one like that. Inhale, starting with the chest lift. Exhale, we curl up following our breath.

Eyes are probably somewhere looking mid thigh. Inhale, hold, exhale, and we roll the pelvis. Just getting a little additional stretch. Inhale and down we go. All right from here, stretch your legs out here is just a little bit of that lubricating that I was telling you about that Miss San Miguel showed me. Um, it's very simple so I actually want you to have somewhat relax. Just let your arms come down by your side. Since we're talking about loosening up the hips, what we're going to do is just take right foot, it'll stay on the ground, slide it up towards your hips, open it out to the side and keep it an external rotation till it slides back into place. Yup, exactly. Do that again. Slides up. Same like open it out and down. Now we'll, we'll pass through a little internal rotation so it might cross over a little bit. Switch it to external rotation and slide down. Aha again.

And it's a light on the foot. You know, it's theoretically the foot stays down just because we're not trying to lift it again, but if it's picking up the mat, let it be a little bit of a lift. Let's do it again. Feel that accessory space that we theoretically have in our hip. Let's make that the last one. Go the other way. Take it out to the external rotation, let it crossover and slide it down into place. Take it out, let it feel good. Now what you want to do is keep your hips level. Oh, should I have said that earlier? Yeah. Don't move your hips.

Feel what space you have just by letting that thigh bone femur go to more. Oh yeah. It's actually quite nice standing. Next time I'll do it standing good. Using the same leg. Still draw it in. Close. Extended up. You might need it. You will need assistance probably either if the back of the leg or the calf.

If you're feel loose, flex that foot and just lower gem point to toe at the bottom. Bend the knee, same leg extended up. If you need the hands, that's fine. Flex and bring it down. You also don't have to go fully straight or another option. You can bend the lower leg for a little help. One more time.

It's pulled in to lift up and down. Keep that foot on the ground. Point the toe. Easy. Flex point and I'm doing the whole foot flex and point and just soft point. Let's go to the other side. We bent the knee, we drag up, we open it out to the side, we slide it down and we bent. We drew it up, we kept the hips level.

We externally rotated the hip and we slid it back down. We felt heaviness in the ribs as we open and per waking up that hip lift open and that's it. Again, if let's, if we aren't, most of you are doing it, but do we let the leg internally rotate? Now I'll give you two more since I didn't say it again so the knee doesn't have to cross over much. It's mostly the thigh bone. We're wanting to turn in and out one more like that. Looking good. All right. You know what's next to see other way, taking it out.

Spiral the thigh in. If we get caught up in, oh, the knee has to crossover, then that's when the hip list, it's not really that nice. It looks like it feels good. I love it. I love it. I could get lost in that. Do you like it? Yeah, I suppose. Let's just make this next one. The last one. All right, and then we kept to working that leg. We slid it in, we extended it up, we flexed and we let it come down.

Same leg. It's like you're cycling the one leg flex at the top and down and bend to lift. Flex and down a last one. Bend to lift, flex and down. Keep it at the bottom point from the ankle. Flex point from the ankle and flex again, Lala and then soft point on both. From there, take the arms up right above your chest. Sink the back of the ribs into the mat. Lengthen your neck. From here we are bringing the head, neck and up to reach forward and stop. When you get there, you're hoping to curve just like that Aaron.

Just like everybody. Wow, that looks good. Sherry. Slightly. I'm being picky. Curve a little more right at your chest, so it's like you're going towards your feet with your eyes. That is it. Exactly. Inhale everybody. Oh, it's going to be fun. Start exhaling and we're coming up two inches. One, two, go back down the two [inaudible] two lots of things you could do here. You can bend. I'm not really even lifting up much here.

You can hold the legs. This one we will come up. Don't toss it. You can do it. Exhale, you can bend your knees, you can grab your legs and take a full stretch forward just for the moment. All right. For those of you who would like to use towels or a bend your knees, now's a good time. We're doing the roll up from here. Once you've stretched, pull the hipbones back a little bit so you have some space between your thighs and your arms. Float the arms up to shoulder height, make it so you can see your head and you're not buried. And we go. Inhale. Exhale. We rolled all the way. Keep the ribs on the mat in the back. Lightly touch your head and lift again to exhale up. You turn.

Start that breath a split. Second sooner, Emily. It's gonna just smooth out. And so from here on out, I'm basically stopping the range of motion when my shoulders are over hips. Ha. Okay. Let's make it look easy. Everybody pulled back just a smidge. [inaudible] make it look easy. You've done thousands of these in your lifetime, so we want to feel inhale, pause, go back down. Emily. Inhale, love you. Exhale. Yeah.

Now redrock redrawn. Yes, yes, yes, yes. I love it. All right, here we go. One more for Emily down and it's really for everyone. It's just we get in a pattern, don't we, of knowing when it's hard and thinking about it and we're just going to go, if I get up, I get up. If I don't get up, I'm alright with that. Yeah. And then you squeeze as hard as you possibly can right here and your abs. Why not? [inaudible] okay, let's skip forward for rolling like a ball. I'll get in clip. This is another one.

I've never know if I'm getting back up on this one. Are Open like rocker. So I kind of get tense. I'm going to try and chill. Actually I might not take a ball. Here we go. [inaudible] rolled back shoulder blades. Exhale up and hold. So Aaron, remember the Yes. You're the only one tonight. Remember the chest. We had the hand there. Think of that somewhere in here.

Maybe that's what gets you going back. Inhale back. I'll tell you why in one sec. There's a little bit of collected energy that's better. That's much better. Elbows point to this side of the room. Nice. Carrie. Good mathy and back hand.

Good job. Last one like that. Nice. Mandy, you can read. Soften your shoulders too. Just a little. Okay. Staying up when you get up. Next time. Let's slowly lower down to shoulder blades. I'm keeping the knees bent as I have been lately. Just let go. The knees. Inhale. You'll lower the thighbone toward the floor. It may or may not touch.

If your back comes up, you don't go any lower. In fact, you stopped before. Then exhale, bring it up and grab on for the moment. Inhale, let the thighs go down. You might squeeze the glutes. Just a little exhale, scoop the belly and bring it up. It's like there's helium in the legs. Inhale and exhale. Good. If that's going well, which appears to be exhale, we'll allow the arms to reach back. Inhale, circle. If you have the room or just bring it back.

Let's go a little quicker for five and one. You're paying attention to the stillness in the back, two and three and four and up one more for five and uphold either the same thing or inhale. You reach down touch. If you can stretch the legs out, bring them up and bring it back in. Yes, inhale down as forward scoop. You don't have to do the straight leg reach do. You could just do the first version. Inhale, exhale up. One more time. I'll give you a neck break and rest your head. Right. Elbows are still wide, so you're the boss if ever, because I've done something different. Sometimes that can be enough to have your net kick in simply because you're trying to think about what I'm saying, so always take care of yourself there.

Here we go. Inhale, press your knees into your hands. Your shoulders follow that action, meaning they're going down towards your hips. I'm keeping the knees bent for now. Again, one leg goes to the ground for single leg stretch with bent knees. Switch and resist the temptation. For now to straighten the leg.

Rather bring the thigh closer than you're used to in right and lace the fingers behind your head. Resting your head in your hands. That's harder to do, but think about pressing the back of your head into your hands. Let's go a little quicker for one, one and two and three, three, four, and both legs. Up. Hold. Inhale. Let your head go down. XL really links in it. In here. Exhale, we Corolla right back up. Extend. Let's say the light to the back down.

Turn toward the upper leg or forward leg and change and giving you a moment to think. Am I curled at the upper end of the body and then adding that rotation. We don't want to side bend. If everything's going well, we'll go a little quicker. Here they come. One, one, two. You don't have to touch the ground and more interested in you keeping your back stable and your hip still. Two more sets. La La finished this. Next one. Come Center both knees up.

Let your head go down. Inhale, exhale. Curl up from here. Press the back of your head in your hands without losing your height. That's the hard part. Come up a little more. Feel the head. Reach into the back of the hands. Good. Open the knees out. Close them again. Inhale, open and close. Just to loosen up their open and close.

One more open and close. Open. Inhale, lower the legs down. I wouldn't touch. Exhale, scoop on back up. Inhale down. This can be done with your head on the Mat. It would be fine. You just won't go as low, right? Inhale down as soon as your back changes you come up. Yup. Inhale down to exhale up. One more for ya up. Let everybody head down. Leave the legs up if you can.

If you need a break at any time, take it from here. Try to leave your head down. If that suits you. If you're feeling like it's a strain to do that, you should lift your head. Lower the legs down. Everyone's going to stop at their own place. I have to stop right about here tonight, which means if I went any further, my back would lift. Bring it up. Exhale and down. Inhale.

I'll tell you what, I'll make the breath a little easier. Stay up here. Inhale. When you're ready, exhale, press down. That'll help a little bit. You know they float up. Exhale down for the moment. I'm not lifting the hips at the top. Oh, if that gives you any warning, right? There's other ways to do this. If you're not loving that, you just keep the knees together. Otherwise, last time, stay up from there. We roll the hips up and down. Try to keep your head down.

That's going to be tough. Lift up and then down. Lovely and up. Good. So there's going to be some forward action of the size, but minimize it. Good. Keep going. Yes. Nice. Does that tell okay where it is? Muffy filling. All right.

You know what I want to do on the lowered a little bit. Just put your feet down for a second. I'm gonna Change it. The rest for a second. Oh, how are you doing? You're your nine 90 here we go. There we go. That ought to do it. So then go to the top.

Curl your head, neck and shoulders. Up and do another five. Just keep the upper body up. Is that okay mom? Yeah, that's it. That's what I wanted. Yeah. How's that? Aaron? Relax your face. That must be five. Put the feet on the ground carefully. Let your heads rest and, Huh?

What about it? You felt those? Oh, good. When I can get the instructors in the room to feel and I'm feeling good. All right, so here we go. We take the arms straight up for the moment. We reach forward and we go, oh boy, we can do a roll up like this. Here we go. I like to lift my heels. I don't know why.

I don't really think it matters or grabbed my legs gracefully. Yes, and stretch forward. Adjusting your feet for comfort. Lovely. Lovely. All right, let's sit up thinking a little bit of extension and, because again, we talked about the hip flexors right at the beginning, meeting a stretch. If you need to elevate yourself or roll through your towel, roll up a mat through, not pointing to you.

I'm just trying to remember the name of that thing you're sitting on. Hands are behind your head. Give yourself a little traction. So for this group, because it's again, we're sort of used to trying to sit up straight. Let's think of the low back, not as going forward, but rather up and then handcuffs back to the front room. Inhale, exhale, center to the back. Inhale and center and inhale, growing tall. Excellent. Just noticing that we're just moving from the spine. Lovely.

I'm going to change it a little bit. Not quite sure how yet. Inhale. Ah, got it. Exhale. Taking the forward elbow and maybe you're thinking a shoulder to mid. What? Calf? Inhale. Roll Up. Center to the back. Inhale, rotate it. There's flection of the spine. Don't lean forward at the hips. I'm not seeing it. I'm just saying it and he'll roll up.

Just vertical rotated and center that sit. Inhale, rotate. Exhale. Doing your best to keep the hips level, meaning you haven't rotated from below the waist. Inhaling up and said, now let's do it again. Inhale to exhale. [inaudible] and center. I'll change it. A little variation. I'm not sure I'm following Cathy Cory's version, but it's close. We come down. All right, we're gonna roll up basically as we did, right?

But when you get to the, to actually start rotating a little more and near the top, think of extending your spine. I don't want you to lean back, but it made me not back behind you, but you can kind of lift like you're going toward the back of the room and then back to center. Makes Sense. Sort of. It's not a huge move. Inhale, rotate. Exhale into your flection. Forward carry. Reach across your body more. Reach that more. Reach that elbow to the other knee. Yep. Go, go, go. And then here we go. Everybody. That's it. Rolling up. When you get near the top, think of lifting your chest, arching the thoracic spine.

You can lean towards my voice a little. If you want to, just a little and in center. Ha. Inhale, rotate. Exhale. Good. From here, start thinking of rotating just a little more. Opening up the chest that way toward the window and then sent her back to neutral. Last one. Inhale to exhale, rotate down. Inhale. As you're rolling up, you're encouraging more rotation near the top. You head into thoracic extension or upper back and bring it home.

Yeah. From there, extend your arms forward. [inaudible] for just the moment. Palms down and if you can imagine pressing the upper arm on something, and if you do that, if you're imagining it, make the chest lift because you are pushing down on something. The air is a solid, good. Inhale. Exhale. We round forward spine stretch just like this. Keep the collarbones wide.

The hips don't roll forward. The body will let the hips try to stay where they are. That's your anchor point. Inhale. Exhale. We'll just roll back up pressing on that imaginary table with the upper arms. Now the hands inhale. Good. Exhale doing it again.

Lovely, lovely, gorgeous. Really Nice. That's it. Inhale and exhale. Just wrap the arms around the front. I go, that's really nice. Aaron [inaudible] and one more like it and then I'll change it a bit. Exhale, we grow told to go forward. It would be very easy to rest in the front of the body and we don't need to do that. Now right here, I'm just going to suggest a subtle external rotation in the arms. You don't have to turn the hands, but just open up a little and then roll back up.

That's it. Okay, good. Either keep your legs like that or let's go to standard, which would be straight out. And I am going back to the external rotation and I say back to cause that's how I normally do it. Theater flexed or in the diamond shape. Either one. Inhale, exhale. It's the same exercise to start rounding forward round. And maybe imagine the one piece of energy that's going behind you is right there in the center of your body will go into back extension here for the, for the first one, drop your arms. Inhale unfurl from the base of the spine until you feel for the long line.

A lot of us are gonna have to back up a little to do that. Some of you can stay forward. Uh, Debra, bend your knees a little and reach your chest up towards the red beam more. Yep. Yup. Longer, not forward, but longer. There you go. And XL, everybody round. That was really good to roll back up. Arms will float up at the end. I'm going to give you the option to add the arms. It's up to you. Exhale, we round connecting, stretching that mid-back, keeping the shoulders plugged in.

Either release the arms to your shins or they'll rise up with your spine alongside your spine. Matching your ears. Exhale round forward and roll an inhale. Exhaling to Arou. Inhale, elongating, finding the stretch, finding the work truly in the back and [inaudible]. Emily, very good. Good Nanny, and exhale round to roll. One more at least like this with the thought of, can you feel both sides of your body? Go ahead. I'm just watching.

Good. Go forward. Mfi more in the mid back. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Inhale, everybody rising up to that long spine and let's hang out there. Of course, like I tend to do. Nice Mandy. Maybe slightly chin up, just slightly exhale. Stay there and find ease. Good. Emily, if you need more through the hamstrings, flex your feet, right. That's where we're headed. Inhale again, just staying there, maximizing our posture. All right, take the the arms and just put them behind you. And I'm going to encourage a diagonal approach, like almost like you're gonna lift your butt up rather than press your ribs forward. So if anything, you're gonna lift your hips, but I'm really just trying to get more through the back.

Then bring your arms back up however you want to breed there. Let's everybody take an inhale as you extend them back down behind you, give it an exhale and again, you're not pushing the ribs forward, you're pushing more on the diagonal and you're already on. Then inhale, take the arms up and on this one we'll exhale around. Forward to roll up. Lovely. All right, close the feet. I'll get that hip flexor stretch is coming, I promise. Um, and if this is too much, either bend or diamond and there was one more cross-legged would work. Otherwise, if you can go here, that's not super comfortable and I certainly don't want you rounded so you could be here as well. In fact, let's do that. What I'm going to do is when I wrote, once I rotate you cause you, if you do this and you push think magic circle, you're going to feel the chest rise and just like the other day, shoulders, fall and not fall. You have to make that happen. So feel your back, rotate towards the front. Pretend I'm doing that now. As you exhale and straight, now you're going to lose tension in your hands.

In fact, I'd like you to let the hands go opposite and squeeze the upper arms now. Yeah, exactly. What should we do next? Thank you. Inhale and back to center. Thank you Mary for the back. Inhale, rotate shoulders down even more, Deborah, and not because they're up, but because you can have that resistance. Exhale, extend like you're shooting something out and let the hands part. Squeeze the upper arms together as you continue to lift your chest and then gradually they come back in as you bend and center. I better go with you so I can cue it. So we're talking toward the front. Inhale.

Don't get them too close. Inhale, I'm looking at myself. Exhale, extend. Inhale. As they come back, they'll match again and use the leverage you have, center, Eh, that's it. Inhale, exhale, start to push away. The hands can part when they need to so it's not crowded for the shoulders. Love it. Inhale, bring them back. Resist as much as you can. As long as it's not going to the neck. Can we go? Just a little faster noun, but no less precise. Here it is. Inhale to exhale.

Inhale, bring it back and center and inhale to exhale. MPRs grow taller on that. It's not just an arm thing. Come back and center. I'll change it. Inhale, exhale, reach their reach further. Inhale, exhale, back to center. Bring the hands first. Lolla inhale, rotate. Exhale, start to stretch all the way out. Then open, lift the chest, come back and center. It's a student. Be the same breath pattern I think. Inhale, exhale, get them to straight. Before you expand, you might be able to rotate further. Bring it back. Inhaling, exhale, center. Last one. Inhale, rotate. Exhale.

Send the energy out as you then extend that upper back coming back to shoulder distance, bring near arms in and back to center so we do a little bit of a hip stretch. Yes, roll down for now and bend your knees to pelvic curl position. Xcel, roll yourself off and let's look for the stretch tonight on this. All the way up to the slant board position, and I'm going to say go to your normal place that you would go look. Maybe that's a good stretch for you. It ought to be decent for most of us. Then let's bring the chest and upper back down. I don't know.

I can't say how much. Just a little bit, so you're not at, you're in more of a swoop. Dedupe in the front. Both sides are curved from their tuck your pelvis a little more. You'll get a little more into the glute. Now allow yourself to press the feet into the floor to encourage, I don't know, base of the pelvis towards your sternum and look for a deep stretch in the hip flexors. I'll get a proper stretch in just a second, but I'm wanting some from here. Yeah, so it's not that far off. What you normally do is just holding the chest down a little bit as you press the hips up a little higher and then let's roll down almost all the way to then do it again.

Rola this time you might look for the stretch without having to go to the very tough. So you leave the chest down, being mindful. It'd be tempting to throw the shoulders forward. Let's not do that. Leave them Kinda Open. And from here, let's press the right hip bone a little higher. Try not to sacrifice the left side totally and release it. Do the left hip on a little higher.

And it's not just a hip action, it's a, it's sort of a press and Tuck on that side and released one more to the left. And then with that arms down. Roll yourself down all the way right from here. Bring the knees up, hold onto the back of the knees, take your shins parallel to the floor. You're going to start pressing the legs into the hands. But we're going to need to bring your head up to do that with any effectiveness. So good from there. Press the legs away from you.

Try not to drop the shins this time. Leave them parallel to the floor. Keep your arms relatively consistent. Checking shoulders and then we come up. Hold. Good. So I'm going to do a couple more of these and I'm, I'm holding specifically cause I'm, I've done a lot of hip flection so you can let go. If you're not showing hip flexors, I would encourage inner thigh.

As we rule down, feel the low back ruling. I'm going no further than shoulder blades. I'm giving myself opposition by almost reaching the size away from me. When you're ready, let's try inhaling up. So whatever breath you have to do to get there in to Rola, you're curved, your curved, your curve. Then from the lumbar spine you lengthen the low back.

Good. And we go down again, it's again from the base of the spine going down. So there's not a real arctic. I mean there is articulation but not a serpent like thing and up, you know, stay in here. Now this is from deep in the trunk. So it's not a like thing. It's still support yourself, extend the right leg, keep the knees lined up. They don't have, it doesn't have to go straight, but that's your attempt.

Folded other side bodies still. Otherwise again, whether it gets a straight as kind of irrelevant sort of and right. Like again, oh you all focused. I love it. Let's leave that left leg up there. Move it out to the side. Slide the hand up. Yeah. So I moved it out. I definitely moved it away from the mid line. Take the other leg, move it away from the midline.

So now you're in the open leg Rocker v position and I have to tell you what I'm doing because that would only be fair. I'm pulling my leg into my hip socket, kind of relaxing my hip socket. Totally. It's not cheating smart. Let's roll back. Inhale shoulder blades right back up. Exhale and pull. Inhale back. That's it. Exhale and upper back extensors and soft legs, right? They're just, they're straight. Certainly that's about it. If you're finding up to a lot of, um, quadricep, front of the thigh, gripping again, my suggestion would be to slightly bend the knees until you break that habit or until your hamstrings get a little longer. Let's do one more back light.

Easy and up. Excellent. Bend the knees. Swivel to face front. So you're just exactly all right. From here, I'm going to keep going. So you guys are going to end up facing that side of the room. You're gonna face that room. So what is it? It's a, you somehow switched on me. Emily. You're good. You're good. You're good. Keep going to turn.

So from there I've stretched out the back like that's right. That's right. And so curious, just keep going. That's right. Now, if this knee position doesn't work for you, you could even stay in that original sort of figure four position that we were in. That's good Helen. And then it's a tuck of the pelvis, Tuck of the pelvis, sending that hip forward. If you're in the full position, um, it's going to be a little more on the hip, right for most of us. But if I can encourage you to lift up a little bit and reach the back leg straight, like slide it a little further back if you can. What you guys are just about to lock. Good. Attempting to gently lift the chest or the front of the body, bringing the pelvis with it, even though the leg is going the other way.

Yeah. Okay. Then let your chest come forward. A little forgiven. A little release and option for you is to pick up that back knee foot. Okay. Look over the bent knee. You could do it that way too.

You could just go straight back or you can look over the bent knee and do it. Either way, I'm doing over the bet knee until my grant comes out. Okay. If it's too much, you don't need to. If it cramps, just keep letting it go. Trying to get the front of that die as it matches the hip and then carefully let it release. We're going to unwind ourselves to your back to facing front for a little mermaid while we're here. Okay.

Sitting tall. You know what I'm wanting to do. Do you, since you guys mentioned hips, let this foot come away from you just a little. If it's okay underneath just a little. I did forgot how flexible you are. Just a little so it's not tucked in really tight. Then lean on to a little bit the hand, is that right? Yes, exactly. Hand of the front knee.

I'm going to call it outside for you guys cause that's going to work outside him. Then trying to it, I'm not saying it'll happen, but the inside of this hip or inner thigh, try to set it toward the floor. For some of you it might framily it might and if it feels better and it's okay, I'm just thinking the average person, which is not you. Okay. And then come away from it. You can. So now I'm going to make it a little less dramatic. It's just lift off it and press into it.

I'm sort of lifting it and pressing into it. It's like I'm going side bend vertical. So I had been vertical trying to hold the hip down. Oh you guys look so impressed. I'll move on. Here we go out. Here's your mermaid. Go as far as you need to.

You can slide the hand if you want. Make the ribs do it. You rotate. Find your way back to a side bend or a side position. Then without moving your hips, you're gonna go back extending, looking behind you. They could come from these, not just the arm, but the spine. Back to the side and up and over to the front. Rotate, reopen, finding the line straight line across the hands. You might look.

Then it's the chest or the spine that rotates. Not the arm, the arm. Just as moving with low back stays pretty still to the side and lift up. One more. Reach out. Find where you need to go. Move it a little more. If you need to turn the ribcage trying for square shoulders, reopen. Find the straight line feel for it. Then let's do an inhale to open back from the chest.

Light it back up. Exhale and lift up. Good change sides. So again, you could stay here in case you don't like going all the way and what we would, what we were doing is just pressing the hip forward for a mild stretch. Otherwise adjust that forward knee, your all be facing the center out to the side. Okay? So if you need more of a hip stretch, you can walk forward and stay forward and hang out and enjoy that. Or if you're wanting more hip flexor, so reach the leg back as you take the trunk.

That includes the pelvis forward and up. You might be on your fingertips, you might be here, you might lift the knee. There's options, there's options. I liked Debra's option too. Which one? Yeah, she's just eliminated any challenge to the forward knee altogether. Right? That's another choice. All right. For those of you who want a little more quad, and I do suggest giving it a shot, I went over the bent knee to get it. You can go the other way. [inaudible] I prefer or you could skip it altogether.

Whatever you do. Uh, I'll try and [inaudible]. Well, I can't see whatever you do when you pull on the foot. If you pull on the foot, don't let the butts stick out. Right. You don't want it to pick at the hips. You want the front of that hip. You're stretching to stay long and then carefully and or first let it go unwind. It's and you come back to center. Back to that figure four position and just because we did it on the other side, I'm going to say lift this hip up a bit and then down acute it from the inner thigh. Before. Now I chose to do the outer thigh, but it's the same thing.

It's like I'm leaning off of it and then I try to make it evenly weighted off of it. Last one, try to make it evenly weighted. It's not happening for me, it's just a suggestion. Reach out, finding your light, turn the rib cage, keeping the hips pretty still in space. Reopen finding the sideline then from the spine or the ribs or the chest. However you see it, you reached back. The hips still stay pretty quiet. Back to the sideline. Lift up. Okay. We reach out. So slight out a little bit, Emily. So side and then drop the ribs. The top. Yep. Now just across the chest. Yep.

And the same way back. So instead of going overhead across the chest opens, then big nails. You reach back, find that upper back, find the back of the shoulder. Oh, little back to the side and lift up again. Nice reaching out. I don't know if you guys could hear that cue. I'm just going to say it a, at first Emily had this really lovely arch and I asked her to bring it down a little, which is, that's too much actually. Boom. Now she's just spiraling her spine and there's a little more to oppose from. It's not as exciting as you go into it, but it's a good stretch and you come out the exact same way. Nothing really changes. Now from here, since we set that up, it should be pretty easy to just go from the upper body, Kinda light on your support arm to, by the way, back to the side, lift yourself up. I only did three, right? Great. Right?

So from here, let's just stay on this arm, top, leg or lineup, the knees I should say, and bring the top leg in front. We'll do a little side bend in honor of Emily's. Nice correction she just made. So I'm just gonna do three side bench. You're welcome to do it on your forearm. It'll work out just the same breath and everything. Um, if you would just without losing the shoulder, just curve the spine this way for a moment and then pull it away. Do it again. Gently. I'm making a point of the fact that you don't need to do that by pushing with the hand. Just one more and we'll go [inaudible] no extra pressure in your hand.

You just simply lift off your hand, right? That's the key you get. Here we go. The lifting. Yeah. Take a second. I want to look at you. Your hips are level and straight. Good. I'm looking, looking. Alright. Lift like you just did to go over. Yep.

Your head would turn at the last moment down. That's great. Inhale, come back to the straight line. You're going to feel the hips drop back into place and you feel energy and then bend and come down. If you want more, more, you're going to bend at the waist. Instead of the knees up, you go in hand. Good from the ribs or the obliques more specifically and I Sherry, turn the head. If you're going to come back, feel yourself. Stretch out, put weight in your feet, weight coming out the top of your head and either bend at the waist or usually we've been in the knees. Here we go. One more time up and come back to the side. Lower the bottom knee. If you're on your elbow, take your time coming up to the bottom knee. Take weight out of that bottom arm.

Lift the top leg. Look down your own body and make sure that you haven't in the attempt to lift pike to the hips, rather go lower if you need to. Make this so easy. Okay. All you're doing, I'm with Mandy. I think all you're doing is left it like come forward. Don't even try. Let get, let like go back and forth and back. Feel the ball and socket of your hip joint forward. Let it go back.

Trunk is still forward and back and forward. I'm trying to simulate it and back. That's one more come forward. Not quite all the way to your maximum. Say 45 degrees. Amyloid. Sorry. You're just right there. Turn to that the, there you go.

She had her foot up just a little. I don't want that. Kneecap forward and just lift a little. You're pretty much already there. Lift, lift. Take the leg behind you. Do you think it's harder on your knee than it is for me? Probably. And rather than pulling it in, stretching out. Yeah.

And maybe it'll lift from there. Maybe not. They're Reish at a five four, five. Bend the knee, set it down. Stretch just like that. Brilliant. And then you will just sit on that hip. Sit on the hip. You are just stretching. Exactly. Exactly. For the side bend on the side hand pretty far out. It's kind of a skill just to release into it, isn't it? Without that kind of, again, shortening your level and up. It's the little things sometimes.

Alright, find your way back. Solid. Not gonna move for a little while. Up You come. You're going to have to probably adjust on the first one. Let me look at you. Excellent. Here. Bring your hips down a little to start. Yeah, there's your line. Then go for it up.

Then find the feel of that straight line against. So there it is, Deborah. Hang out with it. What does it feel like? And then Ben to come down either at the waist or the knees and hit it again. Boom. Put it in your feet and for now please look forward because I'm seeing word too.

Goal oriented. Get up, up, up, up, up, armpit to waist. Take the arm over. Go ahead and turn your head now pushing away from the floor. Back to a long line. Lovely. And either bend the knees or bend the doorways. And if we got number three, excellent animal lift and in turn when it feels right, come on back. How strong are your inner thighs? Good. I know the answer. A lot of me down. Support your head.

Look for the line now. So if you're lining yourself up straight, feels good. Debra's ready. Epilito I'll move from, so just let the light come forward. Don't pull it. Let the light go back. Trying to keep it at the same height. If you have the habit of flexing and pointing, go ahead. I would just for the moment, just [inaudible] [inaudible] and you feel perhaps the top of the leg bone forward, the top of the leg bone back as it moves within the hip.

The hip is still. Ah Huh. How did you ever going to come back? If I do this right there is great. Just don't bend it right at the end. You're just perfect. Okay, so now come to the front, right? And I said front, it's more 45 degrees. Everybody do it. Just a tiny little release to the hips to the back.

Stick your butt out a little and lift one, two, three. Nice four. I think we only did five. Five it is. Let the foot go to the back. Who see that? Almost forgot and find a stretch. Reach it. Three good. Four and I, Sherry and five. And bend the knee stretch. Okay. Come on down to your, for your single leg kick. So that means you're on your abdominals. Hips are in the mat.

Um, if you know you need a little assistance for your low back, your arms would go more forward. I tend to like it there. So that's where I'm gonna go. I find it very effective. So it's up to you though, traditionally. And that's fine with me. Elbows and your shoulders with the chest open. So if you're going here, you better be able to extend your chest almost through your arms. That looks so good, Deborah. Keep that all right.

From there we don't lift the legs. There's a difference. Reach them. Keep all three bones in the front of the pelvis on the mat tonight. And can you feel your legs working and your boat working? Right? Good. All right, let's go two pulses each side. It's four and hills to forex hills and it's kick, kick, kick, kick. Now exhale and inhale two, three, four and exhale two, three, four. And inhale.

We're trying to aim the high and then there's no way you're going to see this. So you're trying to aim to heel straight up the back of the leg. Meaning don't crossover, you're crossing. Just good. Help me with my breath here. And Q two three. Inhale two, three, four and exhale, two, three, four and EMEA. And exhale. Now both like straight reaching them.

The truth is is I do have my kneecaps off, but I'm not trying for height. All right, from there, lower yourself down. Reach your arms front of you. The legs won't get any higher than this si about raising the right arm higher than your ear. If you can't that, that's okay. Do what you can. Keep them legs where they are. Take the other one up, rich longer rather than higher and go into swimming for email two, three, four, five and I would like all of your heads out of water, Mary, you're fine. And exhale. Looks up a little bit Aaron. I know it doesn't really work for swimming that way, but good at x opioid, the Chin forward a little. Yep. I want that. That's it.

Give yourselves one more time. Breathing. Nice and exhale. Stretch everything out long. Everything is held, held static, lower. Just your arms first. Lower your legs now, but keep your upper back up and as if you were pulling the floor. Just like that as if you're pulling the floor forward. But do it with just your back muscles.

You're going to lift a little bit as if you're doing a back line. I don't know back then, but not up here. It's like I'm Kinda all back over myself. Great. Now come down about five inches. Aaron, with your ribs. Keep your arms there though. See if you can and how you're going to do it.

Check this out. This is for your beautifully high, but I want more upper back, so I'm gonna ask you to try to keep your arms there and if you ran out of room you'll move them forward. But I, as I, as I get crowded in my arms, I'm trying to go backwards with my upper back. So bring your ribs down to your [inaudible] chest. That's about right. I think you feel that in your upper back. I don't want to say come lower actually, believe it or not. [inaudible]. Okay. That's where I would go even lower still, but that's good.

All right then everybody, wherever you landed, try to slide your elbows in. Push into the forums and little take your body to where you think you can hold yourself without your forums. I've suggested coming down a little feet. Remain on the floor. I float the forms off and support yourself with the forums. Again, use them as almost a brake. Gently guide your chest more forward. I would not go higher.

I'd go more forward. Leave the elbows on the ground, lift the wrists off this time. Hands down. Use the forums, the entire farm, Andrew Palm to push up and then when you need to round your bath or when you can round your back and go into child. Did we get it Eric? Okay. From where you are approximately draw the abdominals in and start to roll yourself forward into a hands and knees position. Hands directly under the shoulders. Oh for the sake of everybody working that same spot. I think sometimes you're your best teacher.

So I'm just going to suggest where we're hoping to work here. Okay. Not here as much. You'll feel some that are probably, but we're hoping to have you draw the shoulders down. You wouldn't see the next part and it's a subtle arch of the back. I don't know what to tell you to s to feel that, but try to feel it there. Whatever you have to do. And then if anyone comes up with a good one, tell me so your hands are right below your shoulders.

Another suggestion and is to squeeze your glutes. You're in neutral. That's um, right there is good. Good, good. Yeah. Good. So squeeze the glutes. That's not going to change. From there. You're looking directly in between your hands to your heads down. Take an inhale. We're not moving the lower body at all. Start to exhale. Lift the back of your head and let it bring the shoulders down.

As you reach the chest forward and minimize what your arms are doing, they're going to try and help you, but, and they have to to a certain extent and go back to relaxed. Inhale, get ready. Exhale. Start to reach the crown of your head forward. Then lift the back of the head. You're going to feel your chin move. You're going to feel your neck moving. And to feel the whole spine move with the exception of fully releasing it and let it go back to neutral.

Okay? And so you're back to neutral now too. They're in here. Okay. Exhale. It's a sense of going forward with your spine. Start to pick the back of the head up that followed. Head Up, head up it up. Good. And this whole the ribs in a tiny bit and back to neutral. Sure. Just straighten your arms. One more for everybody.

And it's an articulation. That's it. That's it. That's it. Little more here. If you didn't have arms, how would you hold yourself up? It wouldn't, but you could try. That's good. Aaron, do you feel that? Good and back all alright with that we need another stretch. Don't worry. Come to one foot forward. Actually just bring both legs forward, hanging right over yourself, freeing up the arms.

I've just got my knees kind of bent and hanging. You can be low or high, whichever you prefer. Letting tension go right and then from there, let let's just say right foot in front a little bit more. Just a little step forward so you have room on your mat. Take that left leg back into a lunge. If you want, you could hold on to someone next to you or something next to you or if you can think to flex the foot behind you, the one that's reaching to the back. You elongate through the crown of the head and this and then an alternative to this one could be standing from the side with a little tucked pelvis.

If you don't want to be on the ground like that, if that's fine and you need a little bit more, what you'll do is release the knee down and then push through the foot again. Good. Debra. One suggestion would just be, yeah, either that or draw your weight back. You didn't. One of the, to release the knee down, asleep, the hips in space. Can you feel the stretch to the toes? Yeah. Good. Enjoy that or look for it. Some of you may not need it. Most of us do. And then roll through all five toes to get to the stretched leg.

Include the neck. This time we'll go down to the knee. Really it's, I'm slightly in front of the knee. I'm going to release the top of the foot to the mat. I'm just going to face this way so I can show you what I'm doing. So that is it. Everybody's right foot forward. He couldn't carry.

Just move your hips back or foot forward. One of the two like that. Just good. Good. Alright. Then this gets pushed forward. You, if you don't want that balance, you can use your arm to do it. So I'm just that way. Okay. And then if you, if it's available to you, come up to the fingertips. You can do it like that too. Only if it's available to you after you could be here. I'm just guiding it this way so we don't splay soft shoulders.

You're lengthening both the front and the back of your body if you're reaching up and then let it come down. Help yourself back to the ball of the back foot. Lift the hips as much as you need to to change sides. So the correction I just, I keep making on a few of you is simply to have it so that your heel stays down. Okay? You don't want to be so far forward. You could lift the heel, rather move that foot forward, finding a long line.

It's worth a glance below to see your foot. Your chances are you'll roll out or in like you would if you were standing normally. Try and make that an even. Push through the balls of the foot or ball of the foot and then straighten out your back again and we go release the knee and then straighten it. Really sit to straighten it one more like that, get that stretch and then we'll take it to the floor. Release the foot.

And there's a sense of sinking forward in my body. I don't know how it's gonna feel to you, but as I do that, I'm also, because I don't want to just fall, I have to somewhat lift away to oppose it. Just watch it then forward and he doesn't drift out to the side. Keep it toward the midline. You can even guide it that way. If you want to use the arm, dude, just make sure you're not sinking on the back.

Rather use the arm as if someone were pulling you up and I from there, help yourself to the toes. Lift the hips enough to step forward or folded in half. Once again with your body weight centered over the feet as much as possible. Right centered. Lift all five toes on each foot evenly. If it can set them down, do it again and down and again and down. Leave him down and with this we're rolling up. Inhale, you can put your hands above your knees that might feel better or just draw the abs and keeping the collarbones a little bit wide. Stacking your spine, you're going to end up a ride over the middle of your foot, maybe even more weight forward. So start adjusting for that. Now good. Wherever you are, just swiveled to the heels, touch each other and if the toes are just a little bit apart, not a lot, maybe a fist fight shifts your weight so that 60% or more as forward for the moment and then rise up on the toes without leaning forward or back. You don't have to go high. Arms are heavy and lower down. And again, rise up, trying to place yourself down in a place that is not one that you have to really and forward.

Hop Up and down and we'll keep the heels down, raise the arm straight up to the front and just let them come right back down and it'll let go a little hair just okay. And if it would feel good to you, let the upper back extend a little. I'm going to bend my knees as I drop just a little, just I don't take impact there and I'm doing three more. We don't need to overthink the posture just now. Just let it go. Two and one more. Three, make it a good one. And exit.

Hello. All done. Thanks guys.


christi, great class, reminding us to keep our arm on the thoracic chest and keep down while doing the sits, I forget alot . thanks for this class. I will do it regularly. blanche.
Christi great class. I especially loved the toe stretches. Do you have any other stretches for your feet?I have bad arthritis in my toe joints.
Great class Kristi, loved all the stretches. Thanks.
Thanks that was the perfect start to my week!
So glad you are liking this class. Thank you.
Enjoyed the class! So appreciate this site!
Elaine, check out Lolita San Miguels foot work class. It is wonderful and only 5 minutes . I've been trying to do it several times a week.
Lolita's foot work
Thank You Kristi !!! That was AWESOME!

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