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Have fun with creative combinations in this Mat workout by Carrie Pages. She focuses on spicing up the traditional repertoire so you can keep your practice invigorating and fun. She includes variations like Series of Five to Roll Up, Shoulder Bridge to Jack Knife, and so much more!
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Nov 27, 2017
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Hi everyone. Today, we're gonna do a really fun, mean mat class. So, what I wanna do is kind of inspire you to look at some of the classical work, if you are regularly teaching the classical work, and find some ways to spice it up and have a little fun with it, so I'm going to be a lot of combinations of exercises. So, you ready? Here we go.

We're gonna start standing. So we're just gonna start a little differently, get the body moving, arms are gonna reach up nice and high, take a moment there, breathe in, first thing I want you to do is just lower your arms, lower your chin to your chest, look down, and stay there. Reach your arms back up, breathe in. Lower the arms again, breathe out. Lower the chin to the chest. So it's almost a feeling of the way you would start your 100 beats here.

Lift your arms up, breathe in. Lower your arms, chin to chest, exhale. Continue that down to rolling down ladies, all the way to where your hands touch the floor. Now bend your knees as needed to do this. Take care of your bodies at home. If you know your hamstrings have limitations, the knees need to bend here.

Begin to roll up now. The head hangs down as you articulate the spine. Now I want you to move your body up with your center. Start to connect moving your body with your center. Let's take the arms up, breathe in.

Lower the arms down, draw the chin into the chest, exhale, roll the body down. Feel the spine articulate, the abdominal support that shape as your head hangs down, take a big inhale, exhale, start to roll the spine back up, bone by bone, and the arms reach out, And lower the arms, chin to chest, exhale, take it down. Down, down. Now on this one, you're gonna go through a feeling of arching the spine, almost like a swan, send your head and chest out, lift your body up, reach your arms up, and get connected again at the top, ribs, waist, low belly strong. Arms come down, chin to chest, roll the spine down, prepare your back for the extension, extend the body out, reach the arms out, beautiful ladies, arms come up. One more time like that, lower the arms, chin to chest, articulate the spine, anticipate this big extension, reach out, and you can let the arms float out, that's it.

And down. Now, from here, we're going to send the heart out, open the chest, take it down with a flat back. Lower the hands down, lower the head, articulate the spine up, navel to spine, move the body with your center. Arms reach out, and you go out, lifting the chest, reaching the arms down, lower the chin to the chest, roll the spine up. Last and best. Reach the arms out, and lengthen out to go down. Good.

And just bring the hands to the floor. I want everyone to place the hands flat to the mat, bending the knees as much as you need to make that happen. Get a little weight into your arms, so again, bend the knees as much as you need to to make that happen. Allow the shoulders to just get set in place as you bring more weight in to your hands. Allow your head and neck to hang just a little bit more, and support this shape with your abdominals.

So you're not just flopping and hanging, you're in a nice, strong position. I want you to walk out so that you're in a plank. Walk the hands out. One, two, and hold right there on three. Just create length in the body here.

Draw the navel to the spine, pull the ribs back and in, stable through your shoulders. Lower your chin into your neck, and feeling the feeling of doing a pike, begin to walk your hands backwards, to the position of having the hands on the floor, the knees slightly bent, and the head hanging down. Just keep walking the hands back Jackie, that's a girl, just like that. Alright ladies, we go out again, ready? Walk the hands out.

One, two, three, create length in the body, reversing it, chin to chest, walk it back, one, and two, and three. This time, taking it out one final time, walk it out, one, and two, and three, take a moment, now just take this position into a down dog, like you're in yoga. Lower you heels, walking the hands back if you need to, yeah you just want this to feel good-ish, reach your tailbone out, bend your knees, inhale. Straighten your knees if you can, exhale, sending the heels down into the floor. Do it one more time.

Bend the knees. Exhale. Alright, we're about to have some fun. I want you to take your leg that's closest to the window, lift it up high, over your head, up and over, now bend you right knee as you come forward to a plank, so the knee that's close to the window pulls in to the chest, and you're in a one-leg plank. Take it out again, inhale, lift that leg up, nice and high, now exhale, bring it in, and I want you to think about this position, it's like doing single-leg stretch from the stomach series.

Deepen through your middle. One more time, move it out, breathe in, lift the leg to where you can, get that little side butt a little burny, and come forward, holding one, holding two, holding three, ladies, go into a plank with both feet, hold that shape. Put your knees down, sit back, round your spine, and get a little rest. That's all you get. Come back up. Go into your down dog again.

Very nice. The other leg lifts up, inhale, pick it up high, now exhale, come forward, knee to chest like single leg stretch from the mat work, inhale, extend the leg up, and out, you can even open the hip to get a little more height. Bring it forward, exhale, knee to chest. That was good Meredith, that was really high. Go out again, inhale, lift it up, open the hip up, beautiful ladies, come forward, knee to chest, now keep deepening, deepening, connecting, find a plank.

Put your knees down. Sit back on your heels and round. We gettin warmed up? Yes. Goodie! Again, come forward.

Find your plank position, or I'm sorry, your down dog position again. Alright so now we're back to the leg that's closest to the windows. Lift that leg up again, hopefully the range is getting a little better, right? Isn't that fun? Now, take that knee, and move it over to the other shoulder, so you're crossing the leg, and then you go up again. Inhale, nice high length, exhale, bring it across. Hold it.

Deepen, move the knee. Yes, take it out again ladies. Lengthen it up, and out. That's it, opening that hip for extra fun. Come forward with an exhale, bring that knee across the body, see if you can pull that armpit to the hip, and go back up.

From there, put the foot down, bend the knees, put the knees down, sit back, round your spine. Beautiful. Other side. Come up, find your down dog first. Good. Other leg lifts, inhale, lift it up high.

Open the hip. Find that range. Exhale, bring the knee under you and across to the opposite shoulder, pull that shoulder down. Inhale, send the leg up high. Gorgeous.

Bring it through, knee across the body. And reach, once again, lift it up. Open the hip, move it over, and exhale. Bring it through. Knee in.

Two, three, reaching up, final lift, put the foot down. Put the knees down. Sit back on the heels. And rest. Very nice ladies.

I want you to come up now, just to on hands and knees. Lower your head down between your arms, and round your spine up to the ceiling above you. In this position, start to push your hands down against your mat, and forward to the front end of your mat. You're gonna sit back a few inches, rounding out the spine more, while pushing forward against the front of your mat. Come up, inhale.

Exhale back again. Push with the hands, sacrifice the shoulders a little bit to make that happen. And come forward so we're trying to warm up for a bunch of roll ups that are coming in a second. Sit back, round your spine. Use your abs to find a deeper connection in your core, and to actually help you get a better shape, a rounded shape in your back.

I want you to go ahead and sit back on your heels now. Yeah, good. Now you can just come on up. And we're gonna sit, to get ready to lie down. So, bring your feet around, feet to the center of the room.

Reach your arms forward. Now ladies, this is going to transition right into 100 beats. So inhale prepare, as you breathe out, you're rolling down. When your low back touches the mat, we're gonna begin to draw the knees in, the head never rests, arms are down, extend the legs up for me today. Pilates the no toes, and pump the arms. Breath in. Mine were crap.

Exhale, two, three, four, five, keep going. And exhale, two, three, four, five, breathe in. Now begin to lower your legs, but find a connection from the navel to the pubic bone that supports where the legs go. If it starts to feel like it's all leg, pull the feet back and inch and see if you can refine that. Today, you only have to do two more breaths.

Exhale, two, three, four, five, breathe in, breathe out, two, three, four, five, and hold. Hands don't move. Big inhale. Lower your heels all the way to the mat, deepen more, deepen more, heels kiss the mat, you roll up. Oh they did! I couldn't have done it. Stretch over, let the head hang.

Beautiful. Now ladies, just start to come back. Inhale to do so. And exhale. Send your spine down to the mat, intentionally from your center. Gorgeous.

The arms go back, good. Now lift the arms. Lift the head. Peel up again. Good. Now because I know you're gonna do a few of these, Let's scooch your bottoms forward so your heels will always, all the way forward on the front of the mat, okay, and get your britches on if you lost em.

So, reaching your arms forward, I want you to let your head hang down, and I want you to create the most rounded C-shape you can, let's flex your feet, too, Jackie, and everyone, yeah. And let's send the shoulders back. Alright ladies, start to move your spine back, inhale, but you're doing it intentionally. Don't let gravity move you down here. You move yourself down to that mat.

Arms are back. Consider your rib connection. More, more, more, more, gorgeous. Now go lift your arms and lift your head. Peel up.

Exhale. Reach it over. Alright ladies, here's where it gets fun. We're gonna take this one right into single-leg stretch from the stomach series. So here we go.

Inhale, start to roll back. Right about the time the lower back hits the mat, we draw one knee in, you're in a nice high curl, other leg floats off the floor, switch legs. Breathing in. And in. Breathing out. Out. Breathing in. Keep going. In.

Think about the way we started the class. We had that knee pulling to the chest with our core, not our arms. And two, inhale from the belly. Two exhale, one, everyone hold. Take the leg that's bent into your chest, send it out to match the leg that's already out there.

Take those legs, put them on the floor. Roll up, inhale, wow. Exhale over. That was really good. Inhale, start to go back. Now this one takes you right into double leg stretch. Low back touches the mat, knees to chest, nice high curl, double leg, inhale arms and legs out, circle the arms, knees to chest.

Again, inhale it out. Exhale, bring it around. Again, take it out, y'all are absolutely beautiful. Inhale out, that's a girl, exhale around. Again, inhale.

You're perfect. Exhale around, hold. Now ready? From here, you have to send everything out, lower all the way down, lift your arms, roll it up. Stretch it over. Start to go back.

Now we're actually going to skip scissors, but you're gonna roll this one down, and lift the feet, and it goes right into lower lift. So, inhale, lower the legs to where you can today, exhale, pull the abs in, lift the legs up. Again ladies, inhale. Y'all are so beautiful, that's so good. Inhale lower.

And give just a little there, yeah, exhale, so you just drop, gorgeous, now soften. Inhale. Beautiful. Exhale. Bring it up. Alright, here's the one that touches the mat. Lower, all, the, way, down, roll it up.

Take it over. Gorgeous work. This one goes into crisscross. Inhale, start to go back. Exhale, right when the low back touches the mat, let's bend the knee that's close to the window into the chest, hands behind the head, twist to it, switch, inhale, one, inhale, two, now remember the way we started? And we pulled the knee across to the shoulder?

Think about that. Twist. And twist. Two more sets. Inhale. Inhale.

Exhale, curl through the middle, and hold. Both knees into the chest. Extend both legs out again, lower em all the way to the floor. Reach your arms for your final roll up. Oh, almost got them.

Y'all that was so pretty, I can't, I mean I kinda can't handle it. Okay, so, here we go. Flowing into a single leg circle, scissors pattern. So, we start to go back, inhale. Exhale, move to the mat.

If you need to adjust on your mat, please take your time to do that once your head touches. And you get to put your head down. That was really good. Yeah, so, get your pants on, do what you need to do. You wanna scoot down a little so your head's on your mat.

What's that? Okay. Alright ladies, so the arms are reaching long. Press the hands down into the mat. Want you to take an extra second before we begin single leg circle. To send the ribs down, the sternum down, now, press your hands into the floor, but I want you to press more from your little finger than the center of your hand.

See how that connects a little higher up into the tricep? Now, whenever we do that, we lose our ribs. So, regroup the whole rib thing. Sternum heavies, ribs heavy. Push your left leg actively down into the floor.

Pick the other leg up, breathe in to do so. We cross the body three times. Exhale, circle the leg. Inhale, stop on a dime. Exhale, circle.

Inhale, stop on a dime. Exhale, circle. Inhale, hold it. Now it's the other way. Exhale, little finger pressing.

Bring it up. Again. Bring it up. Exhale. Bring it up, ladies hold, inhale prepare.

For scissors, chin to chest, curl, reach your hands up as high as you can onto that ankle, hover the other foot off of the mat. Squeeze that little bottom, tap the leg. One, two, switch. One, two. One, two. So it's not just a floaty tap, it's a real intentional tap.

Does it need to hit the floor? It can hover, but just really pay attention to the way that you're working. One, two. One, two. And hold. Both legs up. Put your head down.

Whichever legs needs to come down to do the other side, lower it. I don't know. Good. Press your hands down. Why don't you guys reach your fingertips down a little lower on the mat.

Little finger presses, inhale, prepare, cross the body, exhale, one around. Inhale, lift. Exhale, two around. Stop on a dime. Three around.

And pause. Other way, exhale from your center, lift. Exhale, two around. Lift, one more. Three around. Hold it.

Inhale, prepare. Chin to chest, curl up. Scissors again. Walk the hands up, tap the heel, Go. One, two. Switch. One, two. Now consider using your arms less, and your center more.

I still want the leg to move that far, but I want it to come more from your center than your arms. Yeah. One, two, inhale. One, two, exhale. One, two, both legs up. Bend your knees, with your hands under your thighs, I want you to give me a little roll like a ball.

Rock it up. Extend your legs out, that's okay babe. Come on, ooh, okay, I like that. Extend your arms out, do a teaser, now lower your feet down to prepare for spine stretch. Open your legs as wide as your mat.

Now here's where we're going to throw another combination in. So it's going to be, spine stretch forward, open the arms, then it's a saw, and we'll do our first saw to the windows, then you'll come up. From there, doesn't always feel very elegant, but it's a fun game to play. Can you come back and find open leg rocker? Then you open leg rocker back and up, then, you lower your legs, sit up, spine stretch again, and then we go the other way. Okay? It's gonna be really fun.

Meredith you look excited. Alright everyone, so as you sit tall heel, here, please feel free to bend your knees so you can get right up on the sit spins, yeah, Heather, you go. So that gave you the lift, that was gorgeous. Now inhale, prepare. Let's first lower the chin to the chest, like you're doing 100 beats. Continue reaching forward, one. Forward, two.

Just support the shape from your center and you can go as far as you want. Roll it up, one. And two. And three. From here, open your arms. Rotate to the windows, and reach past the little toe. One.

Let's push the little finger up back there, two. Three. Now come on up, inhale. Now from the middle, center, yeah, you're gonna send your waist back, try and tuck your butt, and pick your feet up, and put them in your hands. I know, it's so much fun. So now you found open leg rocker, usually we have about a 40% success rate on open leg rocker, let's see what happens today.

Rock it back, inhale, exhale, bring it up, just try to find it, wow! It's okay, it was so good! So ready, we release the legs, lower the feet, doesn't always feel perfect, but it sure is fun. Chin to chest, reaching, one. And two. And three. Roll it up. One, let's flex those feet. Two. Three. Open the arms.

We twist the other way first, and reach forward. One. Two. Three. Come on up ladies. Inhale. Center your body. Send your waist back, feet to your hands, yes! Rock it back. That's okay! Inhale. This is like, y'all are already blowing my minds with how beautifully you're working.

So yeah, just do two or three if you need to. Okay, good. Ready, release the feet. Start to lower the legs from your center, from your center, grow tall, breathe in. Exhale, one.

And two. And three. Bring it up. One. And two. And three. Twist to the windows.

Reach it, one. No bounces, just reach, even though I'm saying three, come up, inhale. Center. Send your waist back, find your feet. Yes! Rock it back! Inhale. Exhale, bring it up.

Lower the feet for the last one. Feet down, down, down, down, down. Open. Just kidding, in. Inhale. Spine stretch, one. And two. Three. Roll it up. One.

Two. Three. Twist, and exhale. Two. Three. Bring it up.

Center yourself. Find your feet, one last time. Open leg rocker, one last time. Rock it. Bring it up.

Now, legs together. Reach up, find a teaser. Slowly move your spine, you can reach lower with your hands Meredith, good, hold there. Make sure you're doing the work, not gravity. Continue. Tail bone under.

Hold right there, you're doing the work. Continue the rest of the way, and go ahead and let those toes lower to the floor as you head lowers to the floor as well. Rest. You guys are such good listeners, oh my gosh. I cannot even believe, that was really, really well done. Alright ladies, roll over to your stomachs, and we're gonna do the swan next.

So you can leave your heads on that end of the mat, just roll right over. Hands underneath your shoulders. And yeah, I like the hands to hover off the mat, I'm sorry, not the hands, the elbows, to hover off the mat about two inches. So just bringing the hands back as far as you need to, yeah, to do that. Now, let's take an extra second, let the forehead rest on the mat unless that's not comfortable for you, and you can hover.

And I want you think of using a pressure of your hands, down against the mat as a tool to send your shoulders down and away from your ears. I'm gonna bring your hands back another inch or so, right there. Alright, so, as we, what we're doing is we're pushing the hands down, and thinking press the hands forward, and then the shoulders just end up coming back and down. To the best of your ability, I want you to maintain this connection as you do your swan. Don't even move your shoulders yet. Just float your head an inch or so.

Now begin to float up as high as you can without using the hands at all. Then the hands come into it when they need to. Float it up. And take it down. It's beautiful, ladies.

Alright, on your next one, don't be afraid, you can go as high as you want, you can keep it as small as you want. Reset the shoulders in case you lost it, float the head and the chest, press down into those hands, go to your swan today. That's an inhale, the exhale brings you down. Beautiful. One last repetition today. Float the head and the chest, press the hands down, almost feel like you're going to push into the very front of your mat, and as a result, your shoulders end up opening back and down even more. Lower yourself all the way down.

We'll take a second to get a counter stretch. Push up to your hands and knees, sit back on your heels, and think about the way we started the class, and how we really used the abdominal connection to assist that stretch in the spine. So it feels great to just sit back and relax, but I think it feels even greater to take a second and almost pull, yeah, I like to pull my ribs back away from my thighs, and there's a really good low back stretch. And that looks beautiful. For the single leg kick, lie down again. And we're going to do the exercise on the elbows.

Interlace your fingers, and I want to, rather than just thinking of resting on the elbows, I want you to make a fist as you interlace your fingers like that. Jackie, good. So, press your little finger that's on the bottom, push that little finger down into the mat, and with a very similar concept to the way that you just started the swan, I want you to send the shoulders back and down. Now you need to know your body, but I don't want to be afraid of exercising your back. So know if you're straining it, but if you're exercising it, enjoy it. From here, bring your legs slightly closer together unless you're Meredith, Meredith you could actually open yours a little, alright, I want you to find a little connection right where your bottom meets your thighs.

And just give me a little pinch right there. And I also want you to think of pulling your cheeks together, so you have this nice little connection through your glutes. I want everyone to go like very parallel, to the point you almost feel like you're pigeon-toed, and now, float your legs off the mat, about an inch or two. Now put them back down. I want you to do it again, while keeping your navel to your spine, and just using more butt and leg than back.

That's right, float the legs. Now, ladies, from here, as a prep for the single leg kick, I want you to bend your knee, that's closest to the window. Think of putting that heel on your bottom, pulling your navel up towards your spine, and making sure that your upper body is working in a way that makes you feel like you're exercising but not straining. Now I'd like for you to relax your toes, and, oh no, keep pulling your heel to your bottom. So I just want to make sure that when we actually add the quick kicks that we're exercising through the glutes and the hamstrings.

Do we feel it? You guys should grimace at some point. I can't really see your faces though. Straighten the leg. Mmmk. So, you can relax it down.

And we do the other one. So bed the other knee. I like to keep a little activation of the other leg though, and it doesn't need to be a big deal, but I like for it not to just flop. Let's make sure that there's still a nice connection of the navel to the spine, the shoulders are still rolled back, and now keep bending that knee. And bending that knee. And bending that knee. Extend the leg out.

Now just in case you felt any ickiness in your knees, you can turn your legs out, but if you're okay, I want more parallel. We begin the taps, and we try to find that connection right away. Start with the window leg, and go. Tap, tap. Other leg, tap, tap. Inhale one, two. Exhale, one, two.

Get there, right away. One, two. Try relaxing your foot rather than doing any pointing and flexing. Make it a floppy foot. Again, and tap, one, two. And switch, one, two. One more set. One, two.

One, two, straighten the legs. Ladies push up to your hands and knees, sit back on your heels, and rest that upper body. I know that was a lot for your back extensors, but as long as you were happy and healthy, it was really good. Maybe come off your heels and inch or so so you can really get a rounded shape in your spine. Beautiful ladies.

Alright, we're gonna turn around and lie down to do a shoulder bridge, jack knife combo. K? So this is gonna be a little slow. So, the arms are gonna come down beside you, Jackie, why don't you, oh, actually, you're perfect. Just like you are. Alright. So the arms come down beside you, and take a moment just to check in with the body.

Nice inhale, prepare. Exhale, let the sternum heavy. And the ribs heavy. Now breathe in again. We go into our first bridge, with a pelvic tilt. Navel drops to spine.

Tail bone tucks, and we're rolling up. I want the abdominal connection to really be there, and the ribs to be pulling downward as well. Now we're squeezing the glutes, right where the butt meets the thigh, and that's bringing you up, so there's a conflict there. The butt wants to go as high as it can, but the ribs and the sternum can't push upward, right? So there's a wall.

Stay there, and squeeze your glutes a little more right where the bottom meets the thigh. Just a little more. Now inhale, prepare. Begin to roll your spine down. Now ladies, when you're in low back touches, you're gonna pull both knees at the same time into your chest.

Beautiful. Nice energy into the arms. Extend your legs straight up. Breathe in. Now, here, it's hard to do a jack knife from here, but we're gonna do it. Roll over.

Lift the feet up. Now pause. I want you to press that little finger down, inhale, prepare. Begin to move your spine down, you're doing the work, not gravity. Take your time.

When you think you're there, take a moment and give me more belly. Now let your tailbone come all the way down, begin to bend your knees, the knees are gonna bend, the feet are placed down, and that goes right into another shoulder bridge. Pull the belly, tuck the tail, roll it up. Find an exhale up there. Ribs and waist in, give me a little more pelvic tilt, that's it. Roll it down when you find your next exhale.

Both knees into chest at the same time, extend the legs straight up, take it over and up. Beautiful. Start to come down. Press the little finger down. Press. Maybe see if you can reach your fingertips a quarter of an inch further to the end of your mat.

Bend your knees, put your feet flat again. We do this one more time. Inhale, prepare. Exhale, pull the navel to the spine, tip the tailbone under, and roll up, to your shoulders. Holding there with an inhale, give me a little more squeeze where the bottom meets the thigh, roll the spine down. Draw the knees back into the chest, extend the legs up, breathe in.

Take the legs over, exhale, and up. Pull the heels together. I'm gonna make this slow here. Reach your fingertips, press your little finger down. Begin to roll down. Come down a third of the way, and hover.

Don't move your spine, just move your feet forward towards the girl in front of you two inches. Stay there. Roll down another third of the way. Pause there. Little finger.

Feet to the friend in front of you. And roll all the way, you can bring your knees into your chest. Good. That was great. Thanks for some feedback, I was starting to think you were bored. The next thing we're gonna do is go into a teaser can-can combo. So, I'll be sweet and just let y'all rock up.

We won't transition this with a fancy way. But I want to help you find your can-can start position today, so I usually do it on the elbows. But to make this work, you have to do it on your hands. Alright, so, you're gonna bring your hands out, and let's actually put the hands on the wooden floor, on the outside of your mat, to free up your shoulders a little. You can thank me for that later.

Um, Jackie, you can take your hands back a little further, yeah, and now everyone just bring the knees into the chest. Yeah. So we wanna have, yeah, you just walk your hands back, I actually don't want this to be like horribly brutal. Um, just a little. So you bring your hands as far back as you need to, to be able to really get into a ball, yeah, go ahead and walk them back a little further. There you go. Alright girls, so from here, we're gonna go ahead and start can-can.

Take your legs, let's move them out about an inch. Now move them to the windows. Go over, now try to pull them back to that shoulder, let em go out a little, pull them back to the other shoulder. Go through the middle, back to that shoulder, hold. We're gonna extend the legs, now we come up. Here's where you try and find a teaser.

So, come off your fingertips, reach your arms up, this teaser's down. Roll. Arms are gonna go up to go back. All the way. Arms lift. We teaser it up.

We open the arms, almost like a boomerangy kinda feeling. Find the mat. Bend the knees. We go the other way first. Over, bring it back. Out a little, bring it back.

Out a little, bring it back and hold, extend the legs. Bring em up, try and find a teaser. Good, you guys keep going. Teaser it down, yeah, take care of your body, do whatever you need, this is kinda crazy. Arms go back.

Arms come up. And you teaser it up. Beautiful. Now, open the arms. Try to find the mat. Knees pull to chest.

We're gonna go a little quicker. So first thing is, legs almost go a little to the center of the room. Breathe in. Bring em over to the windows. Back. Take a little out, bring em back. Good. Take em out a little, bring em back, hold em.

Extend the legs out. Bring em up. Find the teaser. Oh yeah, we should breathe shouldn't we. Start to roll down, let's exhale. And let's rest all the way down.

And now we're gonna inhale. Teaser it up. And now we're gonna exhale. Open the arms and find the mat. Bend the knees. Take the legs, inhale. Exhale em back. Inhale, exhale em back.

Inhale, exhale em back. Extend the legs out. Bring em up. Reach up, find that teaser. Inhale there.

Exhale, take it down. You're perfect. All the way down, beautiful ladies. And from there, you rest. We're gonna go into a nice side bend leg pull combo. So, what we'll do is we're all gonna start facing this way. Okay? And I want you to come up onto your knees, oh yeah, you don't have to be pretty.

You can stick your belly out and round your shoulders and do all those things. So, let's do this. Let's all go to the very center of the mat. And we will take our hand, lets all decide which hand is the left hand. Good job. You're going to lean over and put that hand on the mat.

You're gonna extend your other leg out. Alright, now, when it comes time for actually doing the side bend, you have the option to stack your feet or do one foot in front of the other. It's totally up to you. Okay? Let's take this arm up. Now, without locking your elbow, you're gonna push down into the mat, and I want you to just lighten the knee that's on the mat.

So put more weight in the hand, more weight in the foot, and we're just getting lighter. Stay there, we're still not there. We put more weight in the hand, more weight in the foot, lighten the knee, feel that side? Isn't that delicious? Okay ready? Extend your leg out, I'm gonna stack my feet cause I'm on very high surface.

From here, your arm goes up, inhale, exhale, and you go over. Now ladies, come up with an inhale, now we're only gonna go down about halfway. Now that side you found, use it. Come up. Exhale, take it over.

I'm locking my elbow too, Jackie. Arm comes up, I know cause I do it. Exhale, see if you can go an inch lower. Lower. Lower. And then go up! Exhale.

Take it over. Can you lift you waist higher? Higher? Ladies come up to a normal side plank. Now put this hand down. Alright this transition isn't always like perfect, but here we go.

We're gonna turn to do leg pull. You're gonna turn your feet, bring your hands down, now from here, remember our leg, our uh, single leg circle, and the way your triceps cramped? Press down into your hands, push into your little finger. Our right leg is gonna lift. Up, put it down.

Keep the gaze down. Lower the leg, you got it. Lift the right leg up, lower down. Lift. One more set. Keep pressing into those hands.

Lower, last one. Up, lower. Let's sit down. Stretch over. See, you see how like everything prepped you for that? Isn't that fun?

So like even the single leg kick really preps you for that exercise. It was so much fun. Let's do the other side. Okay, so we're gonna just start kneeling. Alright, go ahead and just bend over. Put the hand down.

And the foot down. And we'll reach the arm up. And we just start to press the hand down, without locking the elbow. Lighten the knee, and put more weight in the foot that's down and lighten the knee. So we start to grab all of the weight of our body with our foot and our hand instead of our knee.

Gets a little lighter. Gets a little lighter. And we're there. From here, inhale, lift. Exhale, take it over. Inhale, lift.

Exhale, take it about a third of the way down. Come up, inhale. Exhale, yeah, unstack those feet, this has been a hard class. And take it up, and take it down, maybe an inch lower, take it up. Exhale.

Waistline lifts, push into that hand, push into your feet, arm comes up. Alright, ready? We have to do leg pull again right? So put the hand down. We transition. Turn. Put the feet together. Now, I want everyone with the hips up to Unlock your knees.

Push out of your shoulders and think about single leg circle. Push the floor down with the hands, window leg lifts. Up. Put it down. Up, keep the gaze, down. Up. Put it down.

Up, put it down. Sit down. And stretch. Over. Good. Now from here, we are gonna finish, the way we started.

Because you're so warm, you might get a little more range with your leg for all that fun knee to chest stuff. So, here, isn't that fun? So here we go. Turn around, so everyone go kneeling, heads facing towards each other. Alright, and it's eventually gonna finish with the rolling up and rolling down, okay? So the first thing we start with is toes tuck under, find your down dog.

Press down into the heels. And find that stretch. Take your window leg. Lift it up high. Now everyone, give me more belly, more pull of the shoulders, down the back, and move that leg up and over, and now bring the knee to the chest.

Hold. Pull the belly. And three, take it up. Inhale, take a second, lift. There's more. Lift. I promise, there's more. Bring it through. Hold one. Hold two.

Hold three. One more time. Take it out. Lift the leg up, open the hip. Lift two, higher, three, bring the knee to the chest. Find a plank.

Put the knees down. Sit back and round. You only get one breath. You come forward. Go into your down dog.

Finding that nice length, other leg goes up. And inhale, bring it through, exhale. Hold one, from the center. Two, three. Send it up. Inhale, open the hip girls, lift, lift, lift, exhale. Bring it through. One, and two, and three.

Again, take it up, lift, lift, lift, knee to chest, bring it. One, and two, and three. Find a plank. Put the knees down. Sit back and rest. Now we have to do the cross one. Here we go. Come up onto the hands and knees.

Find that down dog. Lift the window leg up. Bring it through. Exhale, cross the body. Inhale, lengthen it up. Exhale, cross the body.

Inhale, lengthen it up. Exhale, cross the body. Stay there. Find your plank. Knees down. Sit back and round, one big inhale.

Exhale, come forward. Finishing it out, find the plank. Find the down dog. Other leg lifts up, exhale come through. Inhale, send the leg up, up, up, Bring it down and through, cross the knee over.

Again, take it up, up, up, cross it through, send the leg back, and hold. We're in a plank, that's okay. Lower your head between your arms. Using your center, walk your hands back, and find the stretch hanging down. Bend the knees as needed, adjust where you're standing on the mat if you need to.

Take a moment there, breathe in. Breathe out, allow your head to hang. Drip, and release. Recognize how much better you feel right now than you did when I first asked you to do this. I want everyone to bend the knees at least three inches so we have a lot of support for the roll up to finish.

Take an extra second to find more connection in your core. Drip your head even more. Now begin to roll up. But it's intentional. You're moving from your center. It's beautiful ladies.

The head's still dripping. Beautiful. Now when you come up, stand on your legs. Don't lock your knees. Stand on those two feet, knees aren't locked, arms reach up, breathe in.

Breath out, circle the arms around, but do so from your middle. Make it feel like a little exercise so that you're standing up and doing pilates, even when you're not in the studio. One more time. Arms go up. And arms come down. Strong from your middle.

All the way. Beautiful. You're cooked for today! Good. Thank you so much for taking my mat class today. Um, I love being here, thanks for taking it. I'll see you guys next time.


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Wow! So good! Loved your cues! Some really mind opening breakdowns. Learnt so much and well, that was just freakin good!
As always beautiful Carrie! Excellent class and cueing!! Loved it!!
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Carrie welcome back to PA great class!
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Really lovely cueing and nice combos. Thank you!
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Awesome class love the combos!
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Favorite teacher!!!! Thanks Carrie for another great workout!
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Great dynamic fun class. Thank you Carrie!
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Great center work! Loved the comparisons between yoga and pilates
Thanks so much for the sweet comments and for watching everyone! XOXO
Michelle Mavroudis
Excellent! Great inspiration
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