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Fun Mat Combinations

40 min - Class


Have fun with creative combinations in this Mat workout by Carrie Pages. She focuses on spicing up the traditional repertoire so you can keep your practice invigorating and fun. She includes variations like Series of Five to Roll Up, Shoulder Bridge to Jack Knife, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Mat

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Hi everyone. Today, we're gonna do a really fun, mean mat class. So, what I wanna do is kind of inspire you to look at some of the classical work, if you are regularly teaching the classical work, and...


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Wow! So good! Loved your cues! Some really mind opening breakdowns. Learnt so much and well, that was just freakin good!
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As always beautiful Carrie! Excellent class and cueing!! Loved it!!
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Carrie welcome back to PA great class!
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Really lovely cueing and nice combos. Thank you!
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Awesome class love the combos!
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Favorite teacher!!!! Thanks Carrie for another great workout!
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Great dynamic fun class. Thank you Carrie!
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Great center work! Loved the comparisons between yoga and pilates
Thanks so much for the sweet comments and for watching everyone! XOXO
Excellent! Great inspiration
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