Class #3296

Athletic Mat Flow

50 min - Class


If you are an athlete looking to incorporate more arm and leg work, then this Mat workout by John Garey is perfect for you. He starts with a posture check to make sure you are balanced and aligned before you begin to work. He then brings components of the Reformer as well as other standing exercises to give you a new challenge.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband, Magic Circle

About This Video


Welcome everyone, thanks for joining me for this Pilates mat workout. We're gonna take an athletic slant today. This workout is gonna be perfect for your athletic clients, your clients...

Stand up with Pilates! - Playlist 2: Work Your Upper Body


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Lovely, clear and fun. The time just flew by. I am feeling stretched and strong.
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I missed your workouts. Thank you for this one. Perfect!
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Not a Pilates class
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Great cues. I've loved the balance exercises with the flex band as well as the kneeling exercise. Great to see you back!
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Glad you're back! Outstanding workout. I loved using both the band and the ring! Merry Christmas!
Always awesome, athletic Pilates 🤸‍♀️
Challenging and fun! Loved it!
Great to blow off some energy! Just finished wrapping too many presents sitting on the floor and needed to get moving! Thanks very much and merry Christmas
John, I loved that class! I feel so energized now!
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