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Explore what you can do with the Cadillac in this creative workout by Lisa Hubbard. She focuses on movements that will open the entire body and let the body move how it should. She also includes fun variations that will challenge your stability, control, and range of motion.
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Jul 16, 2018
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Hi. Thank you for joining us for this Cadillac program. We're just going to explore some movements today with my friend Marta. So what we're gonna utilize today is the roll down bar or the roll-up bar, um, and our long yellow springs with the uh, hand, um, handles, and then also for the feet in the straps. So, uh, if you have that ready, we'll get ready to go. So Martha, you're gonna lie on your back. I'm going to hand you the roll down bar and we're just going to start with warming you up with the hundred. So I'm going to have her key per feet down onto the mat. Um, we're going to inhale and you're going to float your head, neck and sternum up.

Good. So that's her exhalation, softening the sternum down. You're going to just pump downward. Exhaling, five, two, three, four, five. And inhale, two, three, four, five, going straight into it, excelling deeply. Inhaling, expanding the ribs laterally. Exhale out a little more back work and a little more tricep work here and under arms. And again, five exhaling down. Two, three, four, five. Inhale laterally. Good Xcel, big. Good. One more time. Inhale. Good big. Excalation.

All the breath out. Hold here. Can you bring your chest down? Keeping hold of the roll down bar. So you're gonna feel this in the arms. I'm going to have her go into a bridging. Take a breath here. Exhale. Big Scoop in the pelvis. Roll through your back. Press the hips into the bar. Good. Lovell hips.

Soften the throat and the sternum. Make sure that you have some space under your neck, Marta, and then roll down. Exhaling. So lift your chin up a tiny bit, Marta, as you. Yeah. Good. And then find neutral and press down. XLP or you're back off the mat and bridging. Stretching out the hip flexors, working the hamstrings. A doctor's inhale at the top.

We're just going to do two more. Rolling through the back. Really working that d deep flection and keeping those ribs down so she has a tendency to lift up here. Exhale, scoop. I'm watching you. Roll it up. Open. Good neck is long. Keep that space in the neck. Inhale here, and then roll down. Upper back. Really curling. Get a little more scooping in that thoracic and then lift the pelvic floor as you come back to neutral. One more time. Inhale. Exhale.

Big Scoop. Peel up. Good. Hold here at the top. Inhale, good Martha and your neck. And then exhale. Throat softens. You reach longer, you stretch down. Good. And then you find your connections. And good. Let's move on to extending the legs down the Mat and bringing your feet on the outside of the bars. So point your toes here.

So I'm gonna Watch Marta's rib cage here. You're going to just, we're going to have her roll up. I want her to connect here, but I want her to open in the in the collarbone. Inhale, lift your head, neck and chest. Exhale, go over creating that beautiful capital C. Inhale, expand, and then exhale, scoop the tail under reaching the legs in opposition. As the trunk rolls down, get a little more there and then you imprint it down. The head is last. Heaping those ribs down. We'll do five. Inhale, head, neck and chest. Exhale over good. Keeping that beautiful c curve. Inhale here and then Xcel scoop the tail under, roll through the back.

She's going to point her feet softly and I'm gonna just give her a little pull, but keep your ribs down in hell. Head, neck and chest XL up and over. Good. She's going to draw her navel in and upward. Shoulders down and have you press down just a little bit on the bar so you have this tension. You might as well use it. And XL. Big poster tilt. Get a little more, get a little more good. Roll, roll, roll. As you go down, you're going to lift and connect. Find those little buttons and again, inhale, head, neck and chest. Exhale last to reach up and over. She's using the back of her arms here.

Press Down Marta and roll it up. And now roll back. Curl scoop, scoop, pull back. Good big scoop. And last time, good in hill. Xcel over a little more space in your neck. Good. Let's pause here. You're going to press down for five. One good Xcel to draw the navel back. Doming the thoracic back and two and one more on good.

Sit Nice and tall. I'm going to have her place one hand behind her head and the other hand in the center. We're going to do a little rotation exploring, pressing the bar down as she spirals up to the right. She's going to use her left arm, down. Inhale and center. Good. How? How has this position for you? Maybe a little more in the center. As she presses down, she lifts to spiral rotate.

She's going to try to only rotate from her thoracic spine and she's going to lift and rotate. Good in health center and two more XL. Big Spiral upward. Good without getting into the upper trap and center. Good. Pressing down as you spiral up and inhale, switch to the other side. Right hand comes in the center of your bar.

Left hand behind. Find your connections are your ribs. How is your alignment? Take a breath and then you spiral and rotate. Press down for five. Inhale forward and up to press, press, press. Good.

The sitting bones are resting into the mat. Exhale, press three. Inhale, rotate. Good, and let's get a little more spiraling. A little more help. Oh yes. One more time and just going up and around. Good spiral in. Hell good. Let's go ahead and take both hands onto the bar. Good. Open here. We're going to roll back down.

I'm going to allow her to scoop deeply. Pull this in towards you. Lengthen your head back. Good. And connect your ribs. Good. All right, now are you ready to stretch? All right, let's take one hand in the center and I've got it for you. Good.

And then I'm going to just have her take her left arm up overhead and she's going to flex reaching. She could even grab hold, good or not. And then I'm going to have you take this leg across. So just good. So we are stretching the lateral lines. Excuse me. So let's do that again on wind. Good. Find your ex. Good. And I'm going to have you try the other side. So pressed down, you need to have a hand in the center so it doesn't flip all around on you.

Good. Push down on that and go back to your ex. Good. Inhale. And we'll just do it one more time. And float. So arm and leg reach. How does that feel, Marta? To feels really good. Good. Think about opposition. Good. And then greeting it back.

Good and nice and slow. Calm. Reach over. Stretch. Good. This feels so wonderful. We don't spend enough time in these positions making shapes like this to stretch out the side in the ribs and the shoulders. Good. And bring it back. Good. Let's go ahead and take both hands here and we're going to go roll up on the diagonal to your right. So you're going to start over.

So we're going to go in hill. Exhale up. Good reach. Are you feeling okay here? Yeah. Good. And then roll down onto the left side, reaching down this right hip. Good. And then find yourself in the center all the way back without the ribs and rotate to the left. Good. Peel up the left, pull up, go around the world to the center. Go over to the right, anchor this left hip down. Press. Use Your obliques. Press the shoulders down, find your neutral and good again to the right. Inhale, rotate XL over, swing around. Good. This should feel nice. Keep the shoulder pressing down. Good.

Elongate your spine and then find your supine. And again, inhale, overts and exhale over. Over, over. Good. Bring it center and around and lengthen your body all the way back. Good. All right. Are Your ribs down on the mat? Good. Now we're going to do the fish pose. We're going to prep it out by bending the knees. Lift the sternum, lift the head, neck and chest and good. Should feel beautiful.

Draw the chin down. Chin, neck, sternum and hug. Good key. Lift your sternum, bend your knees, good lift, bend, bend, and then let the bar help you. Good. Draw Your Chin down. Exhaling and imprint your neck, your thoracic. Good, your lumbar. Reach your legs. Long. Good. Push down. Two more. And she's going to just, just like breathing, you're just breathing, you're moving, nothing's tensing up. Everything is just opening and doing what it should do naturally. Good.

And last time and just float up. Inhale. Good. That should feel so nice. Good. And then exhale, Chin down. Lengthen. Work the ribs. Button up. Good. Now I'm going to have her do likes together. Inner thighs, connect, ankles, knees, pelvic floor. And we're going to inhale and archer upper back. Think of breathing. Just good and dive forward.

Good. I'm going to have a round down and then roll back. She's going to roll back and you're going to do it again. Roll back. Good. And inhale and beautiful arch Xcel. Good. Stretching out the front of the body. Press down with the arms and roll back. Articulate down. Good.

Two more. She's going to press, she's going to lift and she's gonna float and she's gonna glide forward. Pull down. And one more Marta. Get that pelvis down. Good. Big Skew. And we have good and float all the way down. Good. And release your bar. Roll up to seated. Ah, and now you're ready for your next exercise series.

So we're going to use our long yellow stripes with the handles. She's going to come to standing. So we're going to just start with the right side. So I'm going to hand you the strap. Martin, you're just going to gauge how much tension you want. So let's go ahead and, um, I'm gonna have you just draw your right arm down towards your hip.

Good. And then is that enough tension? Good. Xcel. And then we're finding the lot and rolling the shoulder open and exhale. Good. We'll do six of these. So let's go ahead and just go six. That's three. Good. Tried to roll the shoulder. Oh yeah. Beautiful. So now she feels like more of her pinky finger, so she gets really back in the arm fit Pitt. Good.

And let's just do one more here. How does that feel? Good and breech. Good. Go ahead and hold onto here and we'll release this strap down. I'm just gonna work, you know, laterally here. So neutral position, pull down, good and yes. And pull to reaching out and down and out and up. Good. Really rural.

That open three. Yes. Do you feel the difference when you do that thinking pinky opposed to thumb and two more. Down and floated up. Good. Marta. Nice and down and up. Good. Now I'm going to have you step forward a little bit. So these are long springs. So I'm going to just hover, gain a little more resistance here. So we're going to do both. We'll do eight. So pull down, exhale here and inhale.

And you want to avoid rounding the shoulders. So think of having a dowel across your collarbones and rolling them. And you're only going as far as you can without rounding the shoulders forward. Good. And inhale. Exhale, pull. And one more time Marta. And we'll go down.

We're going to hold both down and work five on the right and five on the left. So hold this left one down. She's going to, there you go. That's the maximum. She's little quivering. And three, one more. And press down. Flow all the way. Other side for the left and for two.

Nice. Good. Shoulders open three yes. And press and press. And last time press down and inhale up. Good. Okay, so now we're going to move into a single arm bicep. So she's going to lunge towards the right.

So your right foot will be slightly turned in and your back foot will be in a a parallel. So bend your knee here. So this is your position. So you're in a lunch position, you're going to flip your right arm up, and we're going to go into a single bicep with the right, but you're kind of pulling this one down and stabilizing with the other arm. So is that enough tension, Marta? Good. Alright, so Poland, let's do eight of these. We'll do eight to 10. So I'm just going to check her position and reach and pull back. Good. And two more looks great. Good. And one more.

You could probably go a little deeper. There you go. And reach. Reach your arm all the way. Come up. And now we're gonna face the center. Open your legs out. We're going to add on a little external rotation. So she's going to bend your knees wide. Press knees back. So you open the hips, you work the glutes, and then you press up. Good. And let's do four of those. And lift. She has a beautiful, uh, band, big bend.

She can soften her ribs back as she bens thank you. And one more time and good. And now you'll add your arms. You're going to pulse, you're going to go bend and pull. Good. Press up. Good. Open those knees wide and resist. Good. Pull down. Three. Nice Marta. Good. Exploring all kinds of movement here and pull down all the way down.

Good. Inhale up. One more time and down and lift. Good. And now we'll do the other side for your biceps. So she's going to turn lunch the opposite direction. Flip your palm up, pull the other arm in and reach. Let's go back a little bit more so you have that tension and hips are square.

Shoulders are square. Bring your right shoulder to me more. Good and reach band extent. Good, good. I'm going to bring your right hip back a little. There you go. So that will open up your hip even more. It being in the right alignment as you know, and pull two and one more and good. Reach your arms. Come back and we'll do one more set of five.

Grind, bend, Big Ben, pulling the ribs back and pulling with your arms. Good. Reaching out through the crown of the head and down in lift two and one more last time. Pull it in. Good. And we're going to explore stretching and rotating. So your direction is going to change. You're gonna take your straps, you're going to rotate towards the right turn to the back wall, take the springs and cross and then pull, and then reach your arms and unwind. Let's add a bend. Extend. Good pull. Find the stretch.

And then Big Ben. Cross and out. Take your time. Good Big Ben. Pull up, rotate and big cross open. Good press. Beautiful Marta. And we go over. How does it feel? Good. And your big band up and unwind. Press your shoulders down. I think a little bit more. Good and up. And again, two more. Each side.

Pull. Reach out, press down. Good. And rotate. Big lunch. Go down. Good. Lift up like a curtsy. Watched the shoulder. And one more time. Good. Yes. And last time right and left. Rotate. Paul, I just call this cross pole. Just kind of exploring what you can do with this wonderful piece of equipment and pull and unwind. Nice job.

Now we're going to rotate to the right one more time and we're going to do little c curve pulses. So go ahead and go into a big deep lunch. Good. And you're going to see curve and you're going to go in and in. Good rounding and exhaling. Good. Everything is pulling back and suppling in and upward and good.

Good. Three, two more. Good. And last time. Good Marta and one lift. Find your center. Rotate to the other direction. And we banned. Find your balance and curl. Good arm is breathing in.

It's floating up and it's curling. Good. Nice. And one more. Good. Lift up. Come to center. Good and release. Nice job. Good. How does that feel? Really good. Okay, wonderful. Now we're going to use the leg springs.

So you're going to use the same yellow stripes. Just switch off, switch out these, the, switch that out. And then I have these right here. Okay. So you're gonna lie on your stomach and your hands will be in front. You're going to kind of push away. You can adjust this to any tension you wish. I like a lot of tension. Marta doesn't like as much. So, um, I'm going to place this under her feet. Good.

So we're going to, um, work our hip extensors, our inner thighs, and it just, it's fun. It's really fun. So I'm going to have you just stretch your legs out. Ah, okay. So we have just be careful Marta. I'm gonna adjust so you're, she can point really well in those things will fly off. So we're gonna just reach down. Her forehead is on the mat. We're going to go into hip extension.

So what's great about it is that this helps you lift your leg. So we're going to do one at a time. What her goal is here is to reach it out and then reach it down. So she's gonna alternate, reach it out. And then down we're going to do four sets on each side, reach it out and lower. Good.

So East centric, Lee working as the leg comes up, you can see her little quivering and down. Inhale. And then you're also stretching the front of the leg. Good. And one more to the right. I'm gonna have you move this way. A little more. Good. Reach it out and down. Good. Beautiful. Now let's do both of them.

So just flow the legs up and release down. Good. Think out and up. Inhale and lower. One more time. Two more times. Excuse me for four. Last one floated up. Are you okay here? And good. Now we're going to go parallel.

A little more parallel for her external rotations. Pretty easy. So we're going to just swim the legs. Swimming legs. Good. Reaching the sacrum down. Drawing the hamstrings up into the glute. Good.

And lift up both legs. Float it up. Good. Now we're gonna bend the knees. Reach good and extend out. Good Bend. Actually, if she can keep the heels together, maybe can you point Ah, band. So No. So hold here. Just lift. Sorry.

We changed. So we're going to lower down and we're going to lift. We'll get to that in a moment. Lift. Good. So little frog, stretching the front, working the back. Those rotators. Good. And reached the back. Long. Good. Now we'll go out. Good. And in. Good. So openings out in, in open. Close.

Good. Keeping the pelvis still and just open working the back of the leg. It should feel really nice out and in. Good. Two more open. How are you doing? You're doing good. Good and out. And then close. Good. Can you bend your knees again?

And now I'm going to have you go into a back bend on your stomach. So float your knees up and you're going to push and you're going to go into like a bow pose. So can you push your arms straight and then go lift. And then lower. Release your legs out and down. Good. Lower them all the way. Lift, bend. Think about making a upside down sea lift.

And then press down out and lower last two. So you're going to bow pose up. Beautiful. Baupost, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, stretch and reach. Up and down. Lower. One more time. Good. Float the knees up and big and extent good are charge. Charge retract here a little more.

Drop your Chin a little more good and extend and lower. Good. So now you're gonna take your heels together and she's going to go beat up. Up, up, up and down, down, down, down, up, down. Two, three, four, five, up to three, four, five, down, two, three, four, five. Up to three, four, five. And reach, reach, reach, reach. Reach. One more time. And reach to me. And your little, yeah, go down. Oh yes. And release. Good.

I'm going to take one strap off whole. Just bend your knees, Marta. Let me take off the right one. You keep the left one on for a moment. Good rest. Let's take this good. And then bring your heel towards your booty. Good. Press your pubic bone down and into the mat. Good.

Just stretch into your quad and I'm going to just float her leg up. Uh, can you get your, can you get your, uh, hip bone down? Yeah. Good. And stretch out other side. I'm gonna add the spring just to kind of help me pull it in a little bit. Good. So you're going to just tighten the, uh, Donald's n word up and then we're just going to lift that. Is that okay? You feel it? Yeah. Yes. Good. And I'm going to take this all the way off.

Stretch your leg out. Good. Come into a child's post position, rest position. So she's gonna sit back onto her heels. Open your knees out. Just reach your arms forward. Let's flip your palms up to the ceiling. Good. And just roll the shoulders open. Good. And just let that sacrum sink down towards your heels. Good. Take a breath here and you're going to roll up to a seated position.

Good. And you are done. How do you feel? Good. I hope you enjoyed the movement experience.


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I like the variations standing with the springs. Good challenge for the upper body.
1 person likes this.
Great class Lisa! What an wonderful idea to open the front t of the body more with support of the straps. It challenged the posterior and anterior sides of the body and released the tension of the hip flexors. Love all the shoulder stabilisers and arm work too. Thank you, so inspiring to watch the grace of how you presenting the class.
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Lynn for your kind and wonderful comments ๐Ÿ’› thank you for joining me for class!
Lisa Hubbard
Svitlana your comments are a true inspiration to be better ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’› thank you from the heart for your lovely support!
Alex D
whenever I watch Lisa the one major factor that is so disstructing is her look ; too pushy, to sexy .... it reminds me how poor I look((( in my case is not motivational at all.... I prefer teachers who are not so forward!
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Love your creativity! Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Gabrielle so happy to be here contributing on this wonderful platform ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
Lisa Hubbard
Alex thanks for your sharing your opinion, although subjective, I will keep that in mind for the future. Enjoy the other 3000 videos! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
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Lisa Hubbard , thank you for the wonderfu variations of work with yellow springs. It was very functional for the body. These series of exercises standing very well suited for training with pregnant women!!!! Thank you so much!!!!
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I am delighted))))!
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