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Circular Movement Reformer

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You will work your entire body in this short but complete Reformer workout with Lisa Hubbard! She starts with abdominal work on a light spring to work on control and stability. She then adds a lot of circular movements and creative variations to exercises like Leg Circles, Swimming, and so much more!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Jul 10, 2018
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Okay. Hi. Thank you for joining me today for this reform or program. It's short, but it's a complete program. Today we're going to start with some abdominals on a very light spring. You can either use a blue or yellow. We will also be using the box for the side overs later. Okay, so let's go ahead and begin. We're going to sit facing the risers, your straps. I have for me a blue spring.

We're going to lie on her Max with our shoulders just off the carriage. So let's go ahead and find us chest lip position here. Take our legs up one at a time. We're going to inhale. We're going to go into double leg stretch with the strap so we extend our arms and legs out in opposition, and then we're going to circle and drag those knees in towards our forehead without lifting the sacrum. Let's go. Inhale out. Exhale around. Good. Let's do five like that and then we'll, we will reverse the breath. Inhale out. Exhale, drag it in, and two more. Reach away. Inner thighs.

They're connected and circle and one reach back. Exhale, drag it in. Inhale. Here. We're going to exhale, extend the arms and legs and opposition. Reach away. Exhale. Inhale, circle around as you drag in and exhale out for five and exhale, reach, inhale, pull and oh way. Just warming up one more and XL away. Reach and pull around. Rest your feet, lower your chest. Take a breath in. Hell, we're going to go into a single leg version, right leg up, left leg up.

Let's extend the right arm, left leg, reach and pull and left. Exhale, this is hard and reach. If you use a yellow spring, it might be even better to get a little more range, but I'm going to challenge myself and one more and reach and in. Take a breath. Let's do one more double leg stretch. Reaching the arms and legs out and around. Rest your feet. Roll up to a seated position. I'm going to take it down to yellow, so I'm going to take my spring down to yellow. We're going to do the same arm, same leg, single leg stretch, roll back onto your mat. Take your feet up. Now I'm going to have a lot of range. I'm going to go way back and I'm going to pull it around.

Whoo. And reach left and circle it around. It's hard to keep that body stable. Circle and pull. One more time, especially on my right side. Reach out and sir. Woo. And now let's go. Arms and legs. We're going to alternate and, and reach and reach and brief and arms.

Go forward and back and back and reach and reach and to breathe. And one more and arms and legs and reach and reach and both legs in. Lift up a little higher. Curl, lower your feet and come to a seated position. That was good. Good. Okay, so we're going to start with our arm works seated nice and tall. Let's grab your straps, palms face down.

We're just going to draw our elbows in and externally rotate as you lift those arms up and then bring the palms back down and then reach forward. So you're going to pull back, come up lower and reach. Let's do three more. So we're going to go rom Boyd, external rotation, lower the arms and reach to more and pull. Lift. Lower reach. One more time and we're going to go in, up, down, and reach. Now we'll add a back extension.

So we're going to pull the arms back. Let's retract the Scapula, and then we're going to lift the arms and sternum. Reach the arms and Benz. Exhale as you go up in hell as you lower and reach and two and one more. Reach it back, bend your elbows, bring the arms forward and in. Good. Alright, let's go ahead and scoot forward just a little bit. We're gonna reach our arms and legs around the back end for a little bicep curl.

You can add weight if you'd like, but I'm good here. So we're going to go pull all the way in and then reach all the way up XL as you pull in hell as you reach. I'm sinking my abdominals down with my breath in printing my low back in. Good. Now we're going to go up, reach, lift your sternum arching, and then you're going to curl and we're going to arch and we're going to round and three more. Float the sternum up with the arms.

Exhale and lift up. And now let's continue the movement. You're going to go up with the arms outs and around like a circle, lift, open and around. You should feel this everywhere in your upper back, in your arms and your shoulders and reverse. We're going to go out, up and curl, open out and curl three, two, just exploring one and curl.

Wow, that feels really good. From here, you're going to take your arms extended out straight. Let's lift up a little bit more. Arms are going to extend out into a t position and then bring it back in. So palms are facing each other and the arms just go out as the arms go out, feel like you're retracting your breech, acting your Scapula, and then your protracting forward. And let's do three more out to a t and come forward and two all the way out and one more and breathing and in.

Now let's flip the palms to face the opposite direction. So you're going to be internally rotated. We're going to lift and you're going to pull back. This is a lot harder, especially after we just did all of that and we're going to go back to the louder I breathe, the more movement I get. Just kidding. Three. Well probably not. Two palms back and one more. Reach back and forward and rest.

Okay. Places over your arms. And we're going to go into a rom board with a rotation. So nice and tall. Knees are bent, lifted back. Let's open and close for five to, as you pull back, you get taller. The ribs get softer and one more and good.

Now we're going to rotate, rotate to the right and center. Good and left and center and spiral upward as you twist and center, lift up as you rotate and center and two more. And Xcel. Inhale, last time. Exhale, rotate. Inhale. Center. Last one. Oh yeah, and vering it center. Okay.

Now let's go ahead and go into a little bit of a rotation. So you're going to take your straps and you're going to interlace your hands. So you have them in both hands. You're just going to curl and you're going to float to lift. Exhale, you're going to round down. It's as if you're holding a bowl, a big bowl of cherries, XL scoop. [inaudible]. Inhale, floated up. Exhale, curl. Inhale, lift. One more time. Curl back. Roll in.

Lift last time. Okay, float and lift. So now let's go ahead and move into a footwork. I'm going to take my bar on the top. I like a little more range and I'll put three red on. You can put, um, three red and maybe a blue. Let's go ahead and do a blue. I'm going to add three and a half, so we'll lie down.

I'm going to lift my head rest up and we're going to start on the heels. Feet parallel hip distance. Press your arms down, engage your seat. We're going to extend the legs out, keeping the feet and neutral and parallel. Press the heels down as you bend in, so you really lifting those hamstrings up towards your glutes. And we'll do eight and length in a way and resistance and last to inhaling. Exhale, extend and lengthen all the way and inhale as you bend in.

Let's go onto the toes. Heels together. In Pilati stance, press your heels away, length in the body, away, torso away from the legs. Press the toes and the balls of the feet into your foot bar to activate that east centric contraction, awaken those hamstrings and inner thighs. Press and inhale. Exhale out. Okay. Inhale, resist. Exhale out and inhale. Good.

Let's take her heels wide in more of a parallel position. So as you extend your legs out, I'm going to have you feel like your AAD ducting, so you're abducting and then your ab ducting as you bend. So this I feel a lot. So you're narrowing in and then you're pressing your knees out so you get those lateral muscles turning on and inner thighs, adductors and ab doctors in and away and in and out. Let's do two more.

Press the heels in to the bar as you bend and last time in and away. Same thing on the toe. So let's go ahead and make sure that you have all 10 toes on the bar and we're going to extend the legs out. AAD duct and Ab. Press and lift. Inhaling and exhaling through you. We'll pick it up a little bit more and go out in and three adductor ab drs to lengthen. And last one, hold it here.

Let's go ahead and lower the heels down. Turn your legs out. So the heels are going in like a v and lift up and lower end lift for 10 does this too, and reach it down. Stretch lower and left. You should feel this a little more in the inner thighs and lower and lift breathing. Okay, and one more. And Bend your knees resist to come in. Oh, nice job.

Good. We're going to go ahead and adjust the weight down. I'm going to take it down to a two and a half. So I have two red and a blue. I'm going to lower the spring or the foot bar down rather, and lie back down. You're going to place your arches and your arches on the foot rest.

Foot bar. Pardon? And head rest all the way down. Let's go ahead and pelvic curl. Peel your back off the mat. Scoop. Roll. Good. Press up just to where your sacrum is hanging. So your low back is off the mat. You're barely off the mat, you're going to press your hips high to extend and keep those hips up.

As you bend. You're going to press out and bent in and go out and in and press away and, and feel the backs of the legs and in and feel the, uh, hip extensors stretching out the front, working the back. Let's do three more pressing once and press to keep those heels reaching into the foot bar as you bend in. Let's hold it out. Inhale. Good. And now let's bend in. Rounding the spine down one piece at a time.

Find neutral position. Take your toes in the center hip distance apart. Let's extend out and just lower end lift or prancing. Inhaling, exhaling. Stretch out the calves. Stretch out the Achilles. Reach the heels down. Good. Lift up lower and come all the way in.

Okay. All right. Now we're going to change the weight to one and a half. So we have a red and a blue and we're going to go into the hundred. All right, so let's go ahead and take our straps. Okay, extend your arms up to the ceiling. I'm going to lower my shoulders down just a bit. Good.

Pull on those straps and take your legs in. And we're gonna inhale and we're going to exhale. Good. And I'm going to actually rotate so I can get my inner thighs. My shoulders are open and I'm going to pump in. Yeah.

Oh, [inaudible]. [inaudible] I'm focusing on my little checklist. This is eight, nine. One more time. Hold, bend. Inhale. Exhale out.

Open, close. Bend, lower again. Exhale. And you're going to snap your inner thighs together. You'll feel that a lot more in your abdominals and out. And one more. Exhale, open, close, Bend and release. Good. Now we're going to go ahead and put our feet through the straps, both feet.

I have one and a half springs. Extend your legs out on a diagonal. We're going to float the legs up to 90 you're going to internally rotate your femur bones and then you're going to lower your heels and then you're going to externally rotate. Heels come together, and then you extend out float up to 90 internal rotation, lower external rotation, abduction. So that is your movement pattern. So we're going to inhale.

We rarely move in this internal position and it actually feels really good. So internally rotate, draw the heels down, open those legs and extend long. We'll do three more coming up. 90 internally, rotate. Carve the ankles down, out in, around together. Extend two more up internal rotation.

External rotation. Pause extent. Try not to push with your feet. You really want to squeeze the heels together. Last two. Let's do two more up. Ben. Carve, rotate and extend. Good. And last time we're going to go up. We're going to bring it in.

Yeah, around and out. Good. Let's keep it in external rotation. Float your right leg up and just bend your left leg like a number four. And then you're going to lower down center a number four lift. And then lower the leg hamstring lifts up towards your glute lift. Lift.

Lift the leg up, and then spiral down. Bring it together and we lift and we lower together. One more time. Little number four. Inhaling as you go up and then exhale as you lower. Good. Let's go ahead and go open. Oh, go all the way.

Oh, I love these, and then bring it across. Let's flex the feet. We'll go. Exhale, stretch. Sure. All the way, all the way, and then bring it together. Just openings and reach out.

Inhaling and exhale across. Feels really nice. Opening the ad. Drs. Exhale across. Last two. Inhale, open, stretch. Exhale, lacrosse. One more. Reach out and away and bring it together. Good. Inhale, take the legs all the way overhead, making sure that your head rest is down. We're going to roll up. Okay.

Bend the knees, a little spine stretch. Roll your spine down, melting, melting, melting, heels go down, pause, add, duction and 0.2 more. Inhale, stretch the back of the legs. Hold the carriage in, spiral up. Keep a hold of your hamstrings as you bend and then you melt down your throat, your sternum, your back, your thoracic spine, your lumbar spine, and then you add, talk to one more. Inhale, take it over. Stretch the hamstrings, peel up, rolling up, rolling and bend and down. No melting into the mat. Flex and extend and rest.

Let's go ahead and take our feet out and we're going to come up into our, uh, runners lunch stretch. So let's go ahead and take that. You can keep your, um, red and blue, or you can just change it to a green. So I'm gonna change mine to a green here. And then we're going to come into a kneeling position. Or actually let's go into the, the lunch. We'll do a full lunch here. So we're going to take our right foot back, left toe on the bar, and we're going to just lift up. I'm going to adjust my feet.

Find a position where the knee is over the heel. You can rest your hand here. Ooh, a little balance. Inhale. And then place your hands down. Exhale as you stretch your front leg. Head does align with the spine. Oh, this feels good.

Bend your knee in. Good. Let's add an arm stretch, stretch, stretch. Inhale, hip flexor. Feel so good. Lower your hands. Extend your front leg. Okay.

And Bend. Let's add a little bit of a back bent. So if you feel secure enough, you're going to reach your arms lift, lift. And then go back and back and back and back and circle [inaudible] and then bring it in and other side. How do you feel one side's different than the other, isn't it? Okay. All right, so we're going to go into the hip flexor stretch.

Okay. Reach that leg back. Lift the back of the knee. Hands Down, stretch the front leg. Oh, this feels really beautiful. Wonderful. And then we're going to come in and then we'll go into our arm lift. Inhale. Find your balance. Okay.

Focus your breath, your rhythm extended. [inaudible] hopped his foot in. There we go. And then we're going to bend it and we're going to go little bit of a back bend. So we're going to hold it here. We're going to lift. Think about going up and up and up and up and up.

[inaudible] and bring it all the way in. Good. Alright. Take your carriage in. You can add on a blue if you'd like. I think I'm going to add the blue. So I'm going to have a green and a blue. We're going to do down stretch and Cobra. So you know what? You're getting yourself into for the next thing.

So let's go ahead and just take our hands on the foot. Bar Your heels on the shoulder, blocks your toes out, sit back, press the carriage out, push all the way, and then we're going to forward. Good. Roll your shoulders open. Reach the heels towards those shoulder blocks. Push out. Exhale. Inhale. As you come forward, reached the heels, reach the heels, open that upper back. Exhale away.

Inhale as you come up. Exhale away in hell as you come up. Two more XL out, then we'll move it into Cobra. Inhale forward. Last time out. Come all the way in. Round your low back, push the carriage out and then come all the way forward. [inaudible] make it organic. Releasing, rounding, lifting. Open the shoulders, curl, reach, lift, pull up. One more round. Press away. And in let's, let's and addressed. Okay. For our next full body, um, we're going to go ahead and take it down to one. Greenspring you're going to stand in a parallel position, right close to the edge of the carriage.

So probably about a 90 degree. So let's go ahead and just take the right leg back parallel and the foot will be flexed. You just gonna go out [inaudible] and in [inaudible] the heel is reaching. Inhale here. As I pull the carriage in, I'm getting a stretch in the left side and I'm stabilizing my entire body. I'm probably not doing it is best as I would like, but that's okay. All right, so we push down. I'm going to try this other side, right foot down, left leg comes up parallel and we go out [inaudible] and in three and last one, do one more. Pull it in, lower the foot, lift up on your toes.

Heels are about two inches off. You're going to go into a band. We're going to take the right leg back, extend and pull one more. Pull it in, extend the left leg back and we're going to go out and woo. One more and in lower. Ah, all the way in and rest. Okay, so now let's go ahead and get our box for our side over. We're going to take the foot bar down. We're going to load all the springs throughout our strap. So we can put our foot through and you're going to take your box short way. Good.

And if you're super tall, you can always take it over and we will put our right foot in. Left leg over, left hand down. Just make sure you're lifting your leg up and you're just going to take your right hand here. Left-Hand here. You're going to reach out. You're going to go out and down and then out it up. Three.

Yeah, reach out and up. [inaudible] one more. [inaudible]. Lower your body. Turn lower, reach down. Stretch all of this good. Go ahead and walk yourself back up. Just five on the other side. Turn Strap. Parallel leg, right hand down, left, right hand down, left leg extends, right knee bends.

Hand can't lower [inaudible] and lift. Such a beautiful day. And three inhale down. Exhale, lift and one more out in, down rotate. Ah, stretch it out. Ah, feel so good. And then we unwind and we come all the way up. Okay, let's get ready for Beck extension. So I'm going to take it down to a yellow spring.

We're going to do a single arm. Is the winning. So I'm going to put on the yellow. We're going to move this this way. Long box orientation. We're going to lie on her tummy. Extend your legs out. Sternum is just at the top.

So now we're going to go ahead and take our strap on. Hook the loop, place your left hand along side of the box. Extend your legs long behind you. We're going to lift our left leg up as the right arm reaches back. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, and then lower.

So it's a single swimming, prep, rich and poor. Lift that left leg and control it down. One more. Reach back. Okay. And lower. Good. Let's do the other side.

Just five on the left. I'm going to hook this back on. On Hook this one. Take it out. Wrap your right hand. Arm is close to the frame. Lift the abdominals. Now we're going to lift the right leg as the left arm reaches back and control it down as you lower and lift and three reached. Keep the elbow straight and knee straight and last too.

Ah, and what? And the lower. Let's go ahead and take both straps. You're going to take both hands on the outside and we're going to lift our sternum. Reach your arms back, lift your sternum, lift your legs, bend your elbows and back. Four, eight, two and three and reach back. Keep those elbows high, hugging the box. Two more. Keep that upper back, extended those legs long and one lift left and release.

Take your arms around, gently hang up your straps and you are done. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks for coming.


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A fantastic Demo, beautifully demostrated :)
Haya P
2 people like this.
Great workout, i like the ideas of the back rowing . thanks
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you Victoria I appreciate you joining me for this class!
Lisa Hubbard
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Haya i appreciate the feedback thanks so much for joining me 💛
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Look beautiful as always Lisa Hubbard ! The class was great, love the series of back rowings, single and double leg strech. Also the twist with the straps in the elbows, in fact the whole stuff there was awesome! Thank you so much for another excellent class!
Lisa Hubbard
Ana Carla i am thrilled to hear your praises, ☺️ Thank you so much for all your kind words. It is so encouraging to hear! 🙏🏻 Hope you will enjoy it again and again.
Michele M
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Thank you Lisa! You are so positive and graceful in your movement. I truly enjoy your teaching and really loved this practice!:).
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Perfect, I love your work. Thank you!
Diane S
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Loved it Lisa! Your routines seem to be exactly what my body needs!
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loved this ! please do more reformer and/or arc videos!!
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