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Class starts standing while Kristi draws you into class with exercises addressing posture and balance. At about the ten minute mark you'll head to the floor for a challenging ab series that includes a "fun" variation on the roll up. There is a fair amount of talking from Kristi, but class is high energy and the cues are given with purpose. Practice, the rollover, hamstring pull 2, a variation on front support. Refine your spinal articulation during back extension and then enjoy single leg kick. Either finish with the standing roll down, or stay to really let go with some standing rotation and some deep breaths.
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Dec 27, 2010
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Okay, let's begin standing tonight. [inaudible] okay. That's a lot of chaos going on in there. The Mattson, the mats and the floorboards aren't quite right. It's okay. I'm going to be okay with it cause that's TIS the season for chaos. Right. All right, so let's, despite the crooked math, despite the crooked math, let's just find a comfortable place on them.

Feet parallel. Aaron's got her little thing gone. I know you can't stand it either, so don't blame me. Okay. Feet are parallel and so we take a second and we just check in with ourselves cause that's why you're here. I'll do my best to lead the way. I always like to rock forward and back just cause I don't always know where my center is and if I kind of let momentum go or have its way with me, I start to feel like, okay, Hmm. That's where I want to be. I want to be tall. I always want to be taller. I want my arms to hang off my body. So you know, find your way somewhere in the middle, maybe slightly more forward of center with your feet.

Try and be aware of big toe, little toe and just start taking some deep breaths, right? Easiest way to release stress is to exhale at sometimes, right? He don't even have to focus on the breath, but just take it in, let it happen. Yeah, and notice where you might be holding tension. I haven't said it in a while and I know you know this, but the fear of tension we are when we go into our movement, the easier and the more efficient it's going to be more effective ultimately. All right, so let's do a little roll down. We inhale and exhale, engage a little bit through the middle as your head falls forward and allow it to pull your spine forward.

Don't worry too much about where the arms end up other than we do. Try to keep them on the back. In other words, they don't slip off and slide around your ears. Inhale wherever you landed there, and exhale. We roll back up [inaudible] and although in this work we try to be precise, we try to work with control and we will. I want you to be easy with yourself right now. Not sloppy, but easy. Inhale, let's go a little quicker, a little support through the abdominals and just down and inhale and exhale. Roll back up. Oh yeah. I'm not giving you as much time, so maybe we won't go as far. Inhale, let the arms float forward. Exhale, they'll fall. Your head will follow them down.

We go and inhale and exhale. There's nothing really right or wrong. You can do here, but loosen up. Inhale, arms float up. Exhale, they float down. Your head follows the hands and down and inhale. Exhale. It's totally appropriate to bend the knees right now. If that feels better to you. I'm taking the arms all the way up and down.

Following it. When we go down, go to the floor. You may need to bend the knees. I'm going to inhale everybody. Bend the knees a lot and take a look at your feet. [inaudible] are they parallels? Are you rolling out on the feet? Try and balance them. Now think of engaging the midline of the body.

Inhale there. Exhale, go towards straight legs. Whether they actually get there or not is not a big deal. Inhale, rebend. Aim those knees right over your toes. Thinking about alignment right now. Exhale folding again. So you attempt to straighten. Inhale, bend. Keep the knees bent, slide the shoulders down your back and pull the abs in.

As we roll up from that position, nasal stay bent until the very end and they'll rise up from here. Just turn your hands to the back and notice if you see your Palm facing back, gentle reaching down of the arms and check that your elbows are as straight as they can be from that place. Hmm. Peripheral vision or if you need to look, don't let the shoulders go forward. So it's like you're pushing your upper arms against the wall. From there we inhale, exhale, and literally reach down and push the upper arms back.

It's not the palms and release and good you have handy. You can press down and back. Okay, so our awareness becomes to the shoulder stabilizers or the lats, hopefully the triceps just a little bit. And you could make this nothing, right? You could just move it and be bored right from the start or you can reach down and back. Oppose it by lifting your chest. Feel all your back muscles. Let's do two more. I'm, it doesn't look like much, but you can make it so one more time. Fire up those triceps. Leave some energy in the back of the arms and the upper back. Inhale, so I'm just right by my side with my arms. On your exhale, we rise up on the toes. Don't have to be high, but push the arms back and keep the Chester inhale. Lower the feet.

Let the hands go back to slightly in front or to the side. Exhale, rise up again. We don't need to go real high, just enough to kind of focus us or center us as much as possible. Inhale down. It's all right if your feet wobble. Exhale, collect from somewhere higher than the feet. If our awareness is on our feet too much, you're just gonna wobble their email down. Think upper inner thigh, pelvic floor. Ride the elevator up as Lolita would say. I am so touched by that woman. I've talked about her all the time. Lolita, San Miguel. Anyway, you'll hear over again today. Good. Let's do one more. If you know you roll out on your feet, emphasize the inner edge of the feet and vice versa. Ah, lovely. All right. From there we okay. Me too.

Everyone's like cramping. Alright. Uh, I like where you're are. Let's take your right foot forward. Oh, I should do this. You guys all step to your right of your mat. Everybody step to the right of your mat. It's a bit much to be on these puffy mats. Yeah. Cool. So right foot forward.

Yep. All right. From there, keeping your back long. Just float the knee up the right and yet the hip didn't change. You didn't lean forward, you didn't tuck. Extend the leg on the low diagonal touchdown. Same like pick it up, reach it out and you keep, if you want to, I would go back to the arm situation where you're just gently reaching down, up reach and down. One more time. Pull it up, reach and down. This time take it up. Hold it up in the knee bent position from there, open to the side. Try not to shift your weight too much and come back to center.

Open to the side and you do whatever you want with your arms and back to center. Open to the side and center. One more time. Open to the side instead of circle it four times. One. Nothing right or wrong to just keep the knee bent, the re loosening up and for change that or direction, sorry. Sorry. When do you, one, two, three, nice. Christine and four. Let's change legs.

The left leg reaches in front. Hips are level. Forget you have a leg for a moment and draw from high up in the trunk. It just floats up like there's a string on the knee up. Take a second, feel it extended out kind of low, didn't have to go higher and it slides up. It reaches out and that's it. If you have a propensity towards cramping in the quads, just keep it low.

It's just about focusing inward. Well, one more time. Pick it up. Stir wretched down. Bring it back. We got to go up to lift and hold it, and I didn't do this on the other side, but I'm going to on this side, whichever hip is in the air or the leg in the air, hike it toward the shoulder and then bring it down. Chances are that's closer to where you want to be. Next time you bring it down, stay there, open it to the side and to the front and to the side. A good little lesson you can take out of this is where your eyes go, your body goes. So let's do three more, but look around, just keep looking around and tell me it's not a little harder, right?

Cause your body follows you. You got to zero in, right? That must be three circle one. Right? So if we get in the habit of watching our extremity go, that's where we are. You going to go? It just is reverse it when it's time for, right. Well one, pick it up. Two and three. I got one more coming at ya. Fuck. Cross that leg in front. So I think we all have leftover rides. That right, right leftover.

I have to turn. I can't do this. So now I'm with you leftover, right? Bend both knees, a little left hip. Nope. Right hip to the side. To the right wall. Yeah. No big deal. If it isn't fine. If you want more, you come forward.

Okay, so what am I going for? I'm going for a little outer hip. If you go forward, you're gonna get hamstring too. You don't have to go forward. You can put your hands on your knees. It may not be a big deal, but kinda worth it. Then keeping your knees bent. Just uncross the legs. Bring yourself back up and take the other foot over the top. So right over left.

Just do the opposite and then left like jets out left hip. And then feel free to fold over if you'd like. And it's meant to be kind of mild at this point, right? It's early. Yeah. But if you're going in a full forward fold, you gotta let your head go too. That's another little lesson, right? Your head always is part of your spine.

Rail always calls it a, what does he call it? A bloated vertebra. It's like the last one, just bigger. So the question is always, where's my head? Well, if you can feel where your spine is, that's what your head's gonna fall up. Alright. Uncross the legs. Roll yourself up and it's time. Let's come have a seat on the mat however you see fit, right?

Or you could cross one over the other. Keep your powerhouse lifted as you sit down nice and calmly. Yeah. Alright, we're on up on the sitz bones. Let's go feet apart cause I will head into a pelvic curl here in a moment.

But I like the way we've been starting throwing in a little extension earlier. Christine, can you hear me okay? So hands on the knees for the moment or underneath either way's fine. Inhale, extend your spine and I am using my arms to do that, right? Anytime you're holding the knees, the elbows are going to typically be wide as far as I can tell. Exhale, draw the hipbones backwards. They're not going too far just yet. Just about there. Inhale, use the hands to draw you forward, but make sure the pelvis comes with it. We're going back to vertical. Yup.

And exhale, the hipbones draw back. Don't go so far that you have to let go of the knees just yet and use them to come forward. Inhale up, elbows wide. Feel your back muscles gang. Enjoy that. Exhale. Good. And inhale, coming forward. Encourage the extension here. Up, up, up, and exhale. We'll go further. Let go this time. Go mid, back. Hold. Inhale for a full breath.

Go a little lower. There we go. And exhale. We come forward. Find your legs when you can. Inhale, extend your spine lightly. Squeeze the glutes. You can get that upper back extension looking up, but not leaning back. Exhale, let go. Round down. Yes. Hold izer forward. Inhale, exhale. Coming forward. Find your knees when you can. Find your latch. Shoulders. Stay down.

Elbows wide. Inhale up. Exhale, letting go. Oh, let's add to it. Why not? Inhale, the arms go up. Could get down. There are a get down. Don't come up Inga. Lower. Enjoy it. There you go. Xcel. Circle them around and come forward. All right. All right, I won't do it again. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, let go. I thought we'd, we'd work it out. I am going to do the arms up. I just want circle. Inhale.

Keep your eyes forward. Trust me. Exhale. Come forward. Find the knees. Inhale, enjoy it. Enjoy it. Pull yourself forward. A little. Exhale. Hip hipbones dive back. Yes. This time hold eyes over your knees. I'll be, I'll be clear. Bring the feet in a little closer. Both arms reach up. Inhale.

Keep your eyes on your knees or near them. Xcel down. One. Inhale up. Exhale. Press down to RA. Keep your eyes on your knees. Are you sorry, I turned around hold. Should we try to come up from here? Bring your arms back then inhale, exhale. We roll up. Yes. Nice. Andrea. Inhale. Exhale. Down we go. Inhale both arms up. One, exhale down. We're doing that twice. More.

Inhale and down. Feel when your arms go back, you're going to get heavier, so hold in the middle three. Hold it right there for a fully inhale. Start your exhale and roll up. Feel free to grab your knees. If it means your shoulders aren't in your ears, that's great. Then stack your spine. Inhale, exhale. Roll down. You see you curl. Christine, tuck, tuck, tuck. More, more if you can hear it is. Inhale, arms up.

Exhale down with him. Are you aware of your feet a little? Are they sickeling? Don't let them sickle. Exhale. Listen up. Take your arms back one more time. Lace the fingers behind your head. Oh, exhale the right knee up. It's effortless. Inhale, put it down the left knee up. Exhale, hips are absolutely still inhaling their X heel scoop first. These are tricks actually. They're just the way to do it. That's the last one there. Inhale, reach the arms around. Feel free to hold on.

Exhale, we come up. Take your time. Take your time. Take your time. Don't forget to breathe. Find your knees. Find that extension up. Ah, try to find an AB stretch. If you need it. Check your feet. Let go. Exhale down just to the shoulder blades again. Inhale the arms up. Hold them Lacey fingers behind your head.

The right leg comes up. Twist toward the right leg. Inhale, put it down. Other side. Exhale. We're doing two more. Oh, you get to push the back of the head into your hands. If you can keep the height of the spine. Here it comes. Come back to the center, release the arms. Exhale up, make it look good. Might look better to hold the legs. Stretch the legs out as you extend the arms up. Oh, Aaron, you look so pretty. I'm going to say everybody's stretched a little more.

Even if you aren't, you're little, and then pull the ribs in or just feel yourself nice and straight and leaving your arms up and your eyes forward. We tuck the pelvis to go down. Feel free to bend your knees if you know you have a tight low back. Let your head touch your arms. Go back. Inhale. Keep your arms framing your head. If you can. Inhale, lift up. Exhale, we're rounding, rounding, and now low back, middle back, upper back to straight. Oh, weird one, huh? I didn't know I was going to do it either. Here we go.

I didn't, and down we go. But we do have to be careful. This is sort of like a rowing exercise. So let's, I'll do my best how we are rounded. Now. Exhale, we're still rounded. Arms are up. We're still rounded like we're doing a regular one. Now low back starts to straighten, middle back, upper back. So when you're finally straight, you're actually on top of yourself, right?

And down we go. You can always let your arms go forward if that feels better to you. And it might, well it would feel better at all, but it's probably inhale, exhale. And then like someone's pulling your arms and you're following it up. Excellent. Last one, I Sherry, inner thighs, inner thighs, inner thighs we touch. And if you're feeling flat spots again, it's worth bending the knees for a moment.

You can always straighten it back out. I'm going to keep you up here. Everybody bend the knees and separate them a little bit. So you're about a little wider than hip distance. Inhale, rotate to the front up here. [inaudible]. Exhale, push the arms down. How could you know? Right. Inhale, take them back up and center. Exhale to the back. We inhale, rotate, exhale, press the straight arms down, but use that as leverage to lift. You're fine. Inhale, arms up. Exhale, center.

Can we do it again? Inhale, we rotate up. Exhale. I'm turning my hands. It just working for me. Inhale up and center. One more. Inhale, notice that you can have your arms reaching up. Good work without the shoulders reaching up. Go up again. Come back to center. Exhale, roll. [inaudible] down the middle, keeping the knees bent. Inhale, arms go up and behind your head. Sorry, Deborah. Exhale. Right leg lifts up, but a down inhale. Exhale, left leg. Put it down.

Inhale, get ready, twist to it and other side, twist and down. Inhale, reach the arms forward. Exhale, come forward. Breathe. Breathe. Take your time. Take your time. Take your time. Find your knees with your hands. Inhale, stack your spine. Lean back a little. Scoop the belly or tip the pelvis a little and then draw the feed in closer. Yeah, I'm going to say hold underneath I think now, and just let the legs fall.

Yeah. Uh, let's go. Roll. Backing up. Just, just sort of easy. Stop me back here again. Backing up, keeping the shape, make it so it's just like, why is she making this so easy tonight? I can work harder. I know you can. So if that's true and it is, you are in full control of the rolling, right? I could say go. It's eight counts down and you could do it. Nah, not maybe not eight, but to at least two slow ones. All right, so that's good right now. Either keep that.

If it feels good, there's nothing wrong with it. Feeling good. Hug it in tighter tonight than you're used to. Remember anything. I'm, we're holding the legs, the elbows are wide and I'm not sure that's a steadfast rule, but it's working for me. Here we go. Inhale back. It works. Just don't challenge me on it. And again, inhale back. Okay. So what, you know, keep going. I'm just going to chat. You know me. Nothing changes. Your legs don't kick away. They, your thighs don't get away from you.

There's no additional pressure in that exhale. I could reverse the breath on you, right? Ooh, let's do that. Hold it up. How's it go? Ah, I can't reverse it. It must be, it must be exhale back, right. Wow. All the more reason to do it. So let's, sorry, I know it's like 400. Here we go. Exhaling back. Inhale up.

Might be harder. Just the brain part of it. Last one. I just chose the whole member. All right. Come back up. Stay up. And it's time. Put one, uh, like closest to the front on the ground. Slowly roll down. Make it slow. In fact, hold underneath. Sorry for the late call on that. Stop with the shoulder blades.

Check your collar bones. Keep the thigh pressing into your hand. Try to come up like that again. Distance doesn't change here. Handle think no it doesn't. And then straighten you back a bit. Lovely Wendy and we'll go down again. Just kind of keep the leg about where, well, no, it's got to move. It's kind of [inaudible] and up. Try to keep the bottom foot on the floor when you get here.

Extend the leg as much as you can. Rebend it. Enroll and come up. Find the straight spine first, then extend the leg. Lovely. Or you bend. And down. Um, be mindful of where you're holding. If it's directly behind the knee, that extension is not going to feel good.

So hold either thigh, the thighs better and up. Let's stay up there and bend it. We're going up again with that leg. Flex the foot this time. Point. Bend it one more time. Up. Support your leg. Flex point. Circle three times one way with the ankle one to use him. He's in big circles.

Three reverse it and one to find your feet three and bend the knee. Roll it down. Bring the other leg up. Switch hands. Right. And if it's hard on your hands for any reason, you can grab your wrist, right? Anything like that. You can out your fingers. I think hand over hand. What's best for me. Here we go. We roll up the leg is there.

Lovely. We roll down. You'll find you start making it so you don't really need much with the arm. I do want it there when we stretch me. Do another one. Find the extension and down. I'll come down. I'll get you on this one handy. Yeah.

Yeah. We just got into our extension weeks. Took the leg. If you decide it's different, be nice to yourself. Yeah. [inaudible] and extend. Flex point, bend and down. One more coming up, extend flex 0.3 circles, make them big from the ankle. The leg is pretty still two, three and big O and two, three. And bend the knee, roll it down to the shoulder blades, extend the other leg so that the feet lineup. And tonight let's pull the knee in a little closer, lining up the lower leg. So in fact it's absolutely straight from your perspective.

So the outside hand is going to go to the ankle. Take us in like so and you're going to hold it. In fact, you're gonna press against it, right? So you're pushing on it rather than holding on top like so tonight. How about like, like sandwiched sandwiches? Great. So no, you had it, you just don't pull on him. So it's like in that Bush and keep it level. Yeah, whatever I say. Okay. Ready? Switch and hold.

Yeah, just like that. Good. Do it again. Yeah. Again. And now here we go. It's on one and two to almost get into, hi Mary, you're so strong. Contention. Yep. Four right? Four and five or six. Five and six. Six. Hold to like hands behind your head. Okay.

Pull both knees in. Head goes down. Since I made you have to translate me. Sorry Andy. Yep. Curl your head. Neck and shoulders back up. Extend the leg closest to the front of the room. Twist to the other leg. The bent knee. Right back. Here we go. An or one I Sherry, two, two hips are still Thery looking good. Three and four. Four and five. Shannon, your Chin's getting a little ahead of you. Six, six. Come back to center.

Bend your knees and rest your head. All I meant sorry, but like calling. That was you getting just a little bit ahead of your ribs. So you're looking where you're going. So all rib cage, all right. From there, extend the legs up to the level that you can actually, you know what? I'll change it. Take the leg closest to the window down or to the front down.

Curl your head, neck and shoulders up, and then grab on to either the sh the calf or the thigh and give yourself a stretch. So you're going to gently bring the leg with you as you lower your head. Now if you find that you're start, you have to look backwards because a tightness anywhere. I'd rather you keep your head floating up or forward or certainly if you have a pillow nearby, let me know. Take the stretch, bend the knee, but keep the foot kind of pointed to the ceiling. In other words, it doesn't drop out in front of you. It's and pull straight down or even slightly off center of your trunk would begin. Yeah, and then from there guide it towards straight again.

Draw the lower leg up by just sliding along the mat and change. You may need to come up first. I think that's a good idea. Pick your heads up, find the spot you want to hold, but we're pretty soon not next, but soon we're going to go into the hamstring pool. Press your hamstring right now into the ground. May not touch, but that's the direction first down then away from you like mm. Oh, along the mat. Yes. Make that work for you. That's great. Take your heads down and now you've got a good stretch count. Okay.

Feel free to bend the knee here. Nuts. Not a problem. You may even feel the stretch more if you're someone who hyperextends bend the knee a lot for that second part of the stretch, keeping the shin straight up to the ceiling or the, I should say the lower leg bone and then head towards straight with the leg again. Cycle the bottom leg up again. It's coming up and curl your head. Neck and shoulders up, bending the knees in pretty close tonight. Hug coming quite close. I'm holding the ankles or knees or shins is fine.

Ankles would be the most challenging. Try to get a stretch, get right up in their elbows are wide member and then we still need the tailbones down, so do what you can. Here we go. Double leg stretch, just six. Inhale out, hold. Exhale, bring it back over the top and inhale out. Whole exhale. Here's what you need to make sure of is your back firmly in the mat. It should not deviate at all. Three more quicker. One if it does go higher or modify. Last one, hold it there. Let the legs go up. Hands behind your head. Inhale, go do these slower. We're going to lower three counts. One, two, your back doesn't change. Three and up. Three one, two, three.

Eyes focusing on one, two, three, and two. Three. So you're welcome to go as low as you want, but again, if your back deviates, you're not working your abs anymore and I make sure that that's absolutely without a doubt in your mind. I see it. One more time. Hannah, from here, bend the knees. Take your legs down, let your head come down for the moment. Stretch your legs out. One at a time or both. If it's easy to do, reach the arms up and we're coming up for the one roll up. One roll up to take a forward fold.

Okay? It's available to you in this stretch. Try for ankle bones together. Okay. Then flex one foot ankle bones are still together. Pull that foot back further. Good. And then switch feet. Good. Lovely. [inaudible] and once more each way, knees can be slightly bent. That's not a big deal.

Just want you to be aware of your feet. And one more. All right. Flex both feet. Roll up to a straight spine. Okay. Grab your toes. Just Oh sorry.

Make your toes. Act like they're grabbing something and then pull him back and grab well back. Grab [inaudible] pull back. Try not to sickle the feet so hold him in the grab big toe joints together. [inaudible] apart and I'm, most of us are going to need a little toe to pull backwards more and then that's good Sherry. And you and I both need to pull up the tops of our foot back further.

Flex your feet more. Share your with me. Yep, that's it. Good. Okay. Point the toes. Roll yourself down. Bend your knees along the way. Right. Arms are down by your side. Pick up both feet to tabletop arms. Reach back overhead and make sure you don't arch your back to do it.

We'll do the a hundred now. Here it is. Inhale, exhale, extend everything forward, challenge yourself, but make sure your back is protected and it's inhale and exhale. Two, three, four, five and inhale and two to three. Now make it big, right, fill up and 32, three, four, five in you for two, three, four. Become aware of the back of your body and I mostly mean your legs. I actually don't know if I just said five or not. Is this six right here? 16 three, four and inner seven. Freedom almost in the front of the legs, almost eight two, three, four, five, nine. If your parallel, your big toe joints are together. If you're in turnout, which is okay, they're small. 10 to three. We got to inhale for five more. Two, three, four or five. Draw them in. Take the legs up, heads go down, check your feet. This is parallel. Needs can be back for the rollover. Inhale, exhale. We come up to go over right, nice and supported. Inhale, flex your feet, separate your feet.

If it's available to you, lower the legs, down and rolled down to three. Not a huge circle here. Just point the toes and circle to close in Hilton 90 exhale over. Inhale, flex your feet. Separate your feet, lower the legs, but don't let your back move. Exhale down. You can let the legs stay close to here. Enjoy this trach point. Circle.

Close looking good. Inhale to come over. Job in how flex open. This is where you need most stability. Do your best to get the arms fully down. We'll finish this round. Then you just keep the toes pointed. Inhale to a small V or a little bit of an opening. Exhale up to go over.

Inhale, flex and close the feet. Big toe joints together here. Exhale as you roll that down the belly to spine, the bottoms of the feet are still reaching to the opposite wall. Point circle, open. Exhale. Inhale, flex and close and down we go. Now it should get easier to straighten your legs as you go down until the very end there. Point last one up to go over. Actually, it should be a little bit easier here. Flex and close and down we go. Don't just rely on the ads here, right?

You've got to have a little bit of hamstring connection. When you get to 90 degrees, keep them there. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Just reach the arms forward. Press one leg to the ground and it's pulse. Pulse, switch, pulse, pulse. You're not going to see any changes in your trunk, ma. Very little bobbing, very little, kind of catching yourself right. You may not go all the way to the ground. If that feels too much. And press press, top leg. Just pull, pull, pull, pull.

Two more. One, one last one to both legs in. Hug them, head down, elbows to the sides. You have room for your shoulders to be down. Look over one shoulder pretty far. Come through, look over the other shelter. [inaudible] back to the center. Put your feet on the floor in a pelvic curl like position so that you could comfortably roll up, but that the knees aren't really wide. Here we go. Inhale, exhale to peel up.

Now this is where we get really precise. All right, so hang out for a minute and if, if I tell you that it's supposed to be your abdominals and your hamstrings, I know you have your abs, I can see that, but do you have your hamstrings? I don't know. Probably. You think so? I'm going to ask for more. Inhale, stay up. Exhale slightly. Tuck your pelvis. Andy, just drop your ribs a little and press your hips higher. Yes. And inhale again. Exhale, drag your hips. No, drag your heels towards your feet, but they can't move to do it. Just like pull and find your hamstrings. That looks good. Inhale, exhale, roll down. Draw your hips towards your heels as you roll down, make those hammies work for you. Here we go. Good. Full release of the bottom.

Inhale. Exhale. We go up. Another way to look for it to feel for it is to feel, do a stretch almost in the hip flexors. So there we are. You can touch too. That's never a bad idea. Take one leg up. Oh, it doesn't matter. Take one leg up. Hips are still level. You have to check yourself. I'll come around. Relax the toes of the foot on the floor. Shoulder.

It's a kick down. Exhale, one flex come up and two Oh three and go ahead. I just cramped and fuck. Six man stillness, seven, eight, nine and come back up. Hold it up. No articulation. Just hinge at the hip to touch your hips to the floor. Recommit to both glutes, depress up horn to and too good. It doesn't have to be explosive. Three up and down and up.

Four and down. Hold it up. Five hold it. Imagine squeezing the inner thighs together. Refold that leg. Put it back in place. Inhale, exhale to roll down. Upper Bekos first. Really it's your chest through your throat. Inhale, we're going back up. Of course you have to remember what leg you just did. Probably not hard and I'll do the harder one. Here we go. Other leg comes up, check your hips, everything, and we did 10 we reached whole one.

Three. This is one of those exercises you almost have to anticipate because it's fast that the ribs are going to want to pop up. Wow. I think one more, but if I'm wrong you can stop and I'll catch up. Hold it there. Flexed foot. We just lowered down a hangout for one second.

Put your hands on your ribs just and don't let them, don't let your hands, if you look down, let that hip get above your head, your hands before anything and down and see your hips literally get above your hands before you get to high. Excellent. Did I do 10 or five? I think five. Five it is. Put the leg down when you get there. Roll down. I knew that actually that time right when you're there you stretch your legs all the way out. Hands go behind your head. Elbows wide. But again, I think it's wise to be able to see your hands. Here we go.

It's an inhale to look forward to your feet. Check them out. Nice start. Exhaling come up two inches. Oh, go back down. Yup. I'm doing it. Inhale, curl up just to your normal chest lift. You know I never know my change it. Exhale up two inches. One, two, and down. Now what I see, two inches.

I don't know whether you actually get off the ground there or not is not a huge deal, but that is the part that we can't skip. So what I'd suggest if it gets really hard, which it will, bend your knees, push the heels in the ground. Now try to inches and go back down. Stretch your legs back out. Dreadful. Isn't it? One more. Get used to the idea that that's going to get tough, but you we nice Debra and down. All right, I'm going to go the whole way, but let's not use it as an excuse to just bypass that place options or to let go of the arms. Inhale. Right? You can let go here for that moment. Bring a back. Fold all the way over. However, the goal is not a hamstring stretch at this point. It's a lumbar curve. Yes.

Inhale, roll up your spine until your flat or tall. Hinge back a little and don't get too much tonight. Now let's feel the pelvis start to action. That's it, Sherry. Yep. Yep. Keep rolling. Okay. And here we go again. Inhale, exhale. Bend the knees a little. Then you can straighten them out again and that'll be the leverage we need.

Inhale to roll up. If you guys will just come with me on this one. Hinge back a little. We're gonna Ben, I'm sorry. Roll back. Start to bend the knees of it everybody and then down. Straighten it back out at the bottom. Last one in here. Let go. If you need to or bend, straighten them out when you can. Nice.

Debra again and we roll all the way up and flex the feet. Separate the feet probably a little wider than your mat. Yeah, I liked the way we did something like this last time. We'll see it goes like this. We inhale to the front. We did flection, but I'm going to reach this elbow toward the shin. Rounding over opposite hip is down.

Whether you get there not isn't too big of a deal yet. Inhale up in rotation center. Exhale. Inhale, rotate to the back. Watch it. The hips don't move like length doesn't change. Exhale, you're going to feel the low belly pulling back as opposition. Nice email rolling back up the spine in rotation and center. Inhale, rotate, exhale, kind of keep pushing in the rotation. Inhale, coming up and center in here. Two X nailed her all up and exhale, flex the feet just to get a little more out of it. This one's going to change a bit. Inhale, exhale.

Inhale, come up. Exhale, extend up. So it's not leaning back, it's just trying to lift the chest. Was that an Xcel? Must be. Inhale, come back to center and here I go. I'll give it a better breath. Maybe in here. Exhale over. We're going to have to get that extension on this inhale, so don't take it all in too fast and yelling up into your extension. Shine the light up. Exhale, return to upright and then center. So it's a bit of a blend in here. Exhale, and at the end of the day, just breathe how it feels. Okay to you. Inhale, roll up. Make sure you hit vertical though and that you don't lean back from there and center. Exhaling somewhere in there. Last one. Inhale, rotate. Exhaling over.

Challenge the rotation. Turn the spine as you roll back up. Hit vertical. Then that thoracics extension. Nice, pristine. Find vertical and center right from here. Extending your arms forward. Peter still flexed. I'll get just a stretch after this. Inhale. Exhale. We round forward for spine stretch.

That means you feel the entire front wall of your body engaged. Inhale, hold. Exhale. Keep the PEX engaged as if you're hugging something and you roll back up using the back extensors. And inhale, exhale, energize. So the abs come in. Yes, your head does is the first thing to move or appear to move, but the abs were already there. You knew, and exhale. Okay. Two more faster but not, you know, still is precise. Exhaling foe. So RA, gently press your shoulders backwards and you could be more rounded in your lumbar spine. Inhale, exhale, come up.

Everybody's going. Yeah. Okay. Oh, I'll follow you. Okay, we're at the top now. We'll do one more. Inhale. Exhale down. Everybody stay here for a second. Inhale, reach your shoulders off your back so you shrug your shoulders toward your ears. Oh, well you already there. Instead di shrub or whatever the word is. Inhale again and now use the abdominals and back extensors to help you get back up. All right, here comes back extension with inhale. Exhale down. If your arms get tired, just rest them on your legs. It's not, it won't change things too much. Using your back, your low back first. Should we go into a long spine?

It's fine to bend the knees. It might be better. I'd rather you stretch your back. Then your legs. Exhale round and roll up. Okay. Inhale. Exhale. We go forward. Inhale into back extension. Good. Good, good. Exhale. Round. Forward. And now roll up my leg. Yup.

Yup. Yes. Inhale, exhale forward. And I Sherry, I love it. Keep your low back pushed into me Aria. Yes. And stuff in here. There you go. Now it's your back extensors. Now they can go like that. Good. Inhale. Can you lean forward more? Go ahead. Yeah, you're flexible. You don't get this part. Can you guys do one more? I know I already said that.

Um, your good dominant work. Could you go a little more forward and now lengthen longer this way? Yes. Dang. Up when you get there. You okay for a little longer. Good. That's good. From there we gently look down a little area. We pull back a little one.

And what this is not is an RM deal. So if that's all you feel or neck, it's not good. You want to look like already. It looks right here, which is just a little bit of back motion. Okay. Or feel right around the shoulder blades. You don't have to see much. Yep. Lean forward a little Shannon and take your arms back and that's it. Yep.

Last one. Hold. Nice ante. Very good. Inhale. Just think longer. Wherever you are. Exhale round over and relax. Lovely. Huh? I don't think I [inaudible] it's show the difference between when it's just arms and um, when the back kicks in. But it you do? Yeah, you do. I'm maybe I'll try and while you're stretching and resting, if you want to glance up, do, I'm going to try to do it where I know it's arms.

Assuming my back is straight. This, it's just again, one of those things that you would question why would you do that versus I don't, you probably can't see a difference. Okay, so now like the arms are moving from the back. All right. I promised you a stretch tonight, so let's just get a lovely transition to the knees and one foot four I'll say right foot forward. And when I say to the knees, I did pick up that back knee so that I'm just in front of it. Hey, if you're, if you don't want to be on your knees, you can come here. Okay. That would be fine. Yeah. The main point of this stretch turn is that you're getting distance between the top of the hip and the lower side of the knee. Yeah.

I'm not going to go intense on it. So if, if this is you want more intensity, you would be more up here, some version of that. But I'm thinking of attempting to almost tuck my pelvis. You're not going to see around it back, but it's as I try to lift or stretch my abs, I bring the hips with me. All right. And then just take your hands down. When you're ready. Curl the back toes under to transition. Nothing too fancy there.

Release the toes and the back. Once you've done that. Yeah, and the stretch, you know, it should feel like it is giving a little bit, right. If it's fighting you tremendously, it may be that that's too deep of a stretch. Hmm. Not quite here to conquer or, all right. Help yourself out with your hands. We come to hands and knees position. Well while we're here, take advantage of that. Shoulders away from the ears.

But I'm something I want to caution the people who are used to doing this is over committing to cause that can be a problem. So it's just no. Yeah, lovely. And then extend one leg back, curl the toes under. We're heading into a plank. Before you go any further, just cause S make sure you can feel this entire back leg and butt cheek working now before the other one gets in place. Then the other one does the same. Adjust if you need to. So you feel long feet are flexed. Pick up the right foot, lifted up and touch down. Nothing else changes. See if you can lift it higher, but do it from the thigh bone. And one more time.

Change legs and lift up one. Okay. There's this gentle sense of a reach at the same time too. [inaudible] and three, four, one more time. Put it down. Inhale, bend the elbows straight back by your ribs. Exhale, straighten the arms. Didn't give you much time. If you want to go all the way you can, but you got to do kind of fast and up to make sure those shoulders don't creep up. Inhale, exhale down three. That'll do. Lower the knees. Stretch back.

Yeah. Great combination. If you've been in Meredith's class lately, you've done this. Um, I, a lot of you know it and I think I can talk you through it, but if you don't know it, just watch one. It's basically going to come up. I'm pulling the abs in and up so I don't even need much weight on the arms. I'm going to transition forward, but I'm using my arms as little as possible to come into an arch. But I'm very much trying to lift away from the mat as opposed to this.

This kinda feels good, but it's not good. So it's up. Glutes are tight to get out of this. It's like something is hot right there in front of your sternum and you pull back, keep the glutes engaged. You round back. Don't quite sit down. Okay, so she'd be okay if you can go into some selection of the knee. Inhale, we come forward. I too. I do a full inhale all the way forward. Open the chest. You see your chest slightly in front of your shoulders. Excellent. Exhale pulling back. So there's really no pull.

The whole body is working the whole time. Here we go. Inhale. As you unfurl, start to lift away from the ground. Yes. And then exhale as you pull back. Nice. Now does make it feel good. Unfurl. You don't need me to say anything else. You're in charge. What feels good? Stretch what you need to stretch in the front of the body and then contract to pull it back when you come back. Be a friend to yourself and let your back around right away.

You can use your shins if you want to and back. All right, one more time. Fully out in healing. [inaudible] an exhale. Hey, we're coming forward into um, hands and knees again. Please. If you need a break for your hands, just take it. Otherwise, uh, you could also do this on your forearms. Both feet back and plank. Feet are flexed. We've become aware of our feet, right? So if you glance down, they're there.

Even pick up your right leg to the height of your butt and which I'll tell you little higher. Everybody. Shannon, pick your head up a little. Yes. Flex the foot that's in the air. Slowly you are going to take it to the side. Be careful cause if your foot stays pointed to the floor, you won't get to your neighbor. Most likely bring it back. You might cross over a little. The middle. Go again for three, two. Try not to let it lower as you go. One more time. Three, put it down. Other side lifts, up, foot flexed, both feet flex for that matter.

Take the leg out to the side one another exercise. You kind of have to anticipate two, three but foot down. Lift up to an up stretch. You might need to walk your feet in a bit. That's okay. If you don't like the mats for this, maybe just step off to the side. I'm not gonna be here too long. In fact, let's all rise up to the toes.

Bend the knees a little and encourage the tailbone to the ceiling and then rather than just pressing the ribs into the thighs, which kind of keeps our back rounded, we've already done the tailbone thing. Allow your ears, your arms to line up with your ears and imagine the long elongating your spine rather than just getting closer to your legs. Then press the legs down if that's available to you. [inaudible] from there, we rise up on the toes again. We're going to unfreeze, actually walk back since I think most of us did. Walk forward a little with our feet. Roll forward into plank again.

Now it'd be a good time to go to your forums if you'd like. All right. Pick up that right leg externally. Rotate it. Bend the knee and bring it to the outside of your shoulder. [inaudible] Aw, surprise. And take it back. Same leg. Try not to shift your hips. Get it up there too and back. Can be done on the farms.

Three can we do four. Four put the foot down and bend the knee. Take a break for your arm. Come right back up. I'd hate to you to lose your edge like finders plank. Pick up the, I think it's left like for everybody or other foot externally. Rotate it and pull that knee out to the outside shoulder. Get it up there.

Things that help us to use that back leg too. [inaudible] 30 it's sweeps way out there. That's it. Andy bore. That's all we did. I believe from there. Lower the knees. Lower your body all the way down. Yeah. Lovely. All right. Rest your forehead on your hands please. [inaudible] from where you are.

Take a moment and try to feel the entire front of your pelvis on the mat. So rather than the cue of drawing the hipbones away from the floor, I'd like you to feel the hip bones and the pubic bone. That causes too much pressure. Then you can tuck a little bit. Okay. From that place where you can feel the bones of your hip stretch, the legs are still on the floor. Stretch the legs so far away from you. That's what lengthens your legs, your back, your back. That's great.

Debra and res now, however the feet just hover, it's barely, it's so barely. You can probably feel the floor still from there. The right leg. Uh, Andy's nervous, his shoulders are in his ears that are right leg. And I'm going to say the right butt cheek and upper thigh lifts up an inch and a same side too. And now the pelvis doesn't move low back, doesn't move. You ought to feel that do five, here's three or four. Thank you.

And then circle that like five times. It's gonna be kinda slow cause you gotta move the upper thigh. Same leg, right to nice three is such an important part of our bodies that we kind of ignore. Um, or we try to just work the glute change legs. So they're both hovering. Right. You could let one down if you need to. Otherwise, the other one was lifting out enough, one out enough to you guys look great. The sometimes the knee bands, I'm not seeing it on anybody, so that's just terrific. After about five, we went into something else.

Circle five. Good too. This is where the knee wants to bend again. Although again, you guys got it. After that, you'll switch it and scoop around a, once you're up, they have trained to, if you've done your five, you've done your five. Okay. After you, did you reverse the circle? No. You guys didn't switch sides. Oh, you didn't? So we shouldn't do it now. Is that what you're telling me? Okay.

But Deborah did it, but Deborah. Okay. All right. So shall we move on? Are you telling me why I already did everything we're supposed to? Yeah. Okay, good. Great. So from there, I'm not really any, we have no control. All right, let's bring our bodies. Um, will you go back to your child's pose for a second? And I'm, I'm feeling a lecture coming on. Oh, good. See, you're working. You deserve the break. I'm giving you while I give my little mini lecture up here. Um, and I'm only giving you this mini lecture cause I've taught you poorly. Oh yeah.

I said it. I said it. Okay. Let's see. How can I do this where I'm not going to blow you out. Okay, so back extension. Check this out. This is in fact back extension. It's actually not for, but, um, I want to start refining it really, rather than just hovering or maybe looking forward a little bit. You know, we're gonna peel. If I, if I could pull that way, I would different, yeah. It's not the same. Debra. This is not the same as, not even close. I w I do. I do the question. Do you want the shortening of the back of the neck? Now what? I don't want you remember the first thing we said about the blood and vertebra. I don't want that. Of course. I want it to feel like that is what's picking me up. So it's going to be low, right?

We have done. You're right. We have done it, but I just felt tonight was the night to repeat that lecture. Ready? Get down there. Here we go. And I'll actually give you an X more exciting back extension after this. So your palms, let's actually praise, place them into your hips if you can, or at least in that direction, even if they don't touch. So your upper arms really are pressed into your ribs. I'd rather have that.

So Andy, for you with your nice big lats, let's have the upper arms touching. You won't be able to touch your legs. He's cramping. Okay, ready? Inhale, prepare, start. Exhaling. And if you had a ponytail it would be going forward and your chin is almost on the mat as it goes forward. Yup. A little come down quite a bit, Debra, actually in your ribs. Yeah, that's right. That's it. I'm REO. Pick your head up. Good. Inhale. That's nice. Aaron. Now stretch yourself forward to go down. You reverse the articulation.

That's it Wendy. That's it. And down. Good. Sherry. If you can press your upper arm into your ribs and keep your fingers just off your legs. Just cause that one, unless the elbow is needed to stay slightly bent. Here we go. It's like your, your spine is a strand of pearls that you're just picking up from one end. Good. Good. Andy, you too can come down a little on the ribs. Meaning just lower your body. Yeah. And down. Okay.

And I'm going to give you something to look for in your own body. Try to feel right at the lower tips of the shoulder blade. If that doesn't make sense to you. The upper back, but not the neck. That's where you want your energy. And if you don't feel that and if it's lower, chances are you've gone too high. That looks so good. Helen. Christine, look forward and lower your upper body a bit at Christine. Down, down, down, down, down. Now try and like back bend right at the what? Imaginary bra line. Nice. Mary and down. Okay. I know it's tedious. It's kind of dreadful, but it's important next to come up to you start coming up like that.

Actually just start, do the same thing, come up, then bring your arms around, forearms will come down and you should almost be there just like that, Deborah and a recommit the shoulders down your back forums on the ground. Come up a tiny bit more so you can now move your elbows forward for single leg kick. So you're here. So this is going to be a little bit higher, although I felt I would come down to tiny bit just for fun. You still want the, I do. I still want the pelvic bones and a map. Okay. Also a little bit different than when I say normally. And just to be clear, I'm not saying that to Archie. Low back more.

That's where they should be. Okay. Ready? Reach the like so far that you feel the whole glute working and you can move your elbows forward. So they're out from underneath your shoulders and it's kick, kick, kick, kick, and inhale two, three, four and exhale two. Okay. Are you look proud? There you go. You might need you to have a slightly more forward. There you go. Yeah. Now you can be completely still. Yeah, duh, duh, duh, duh.

Cher. You can look forward a little reaching your chest with you. Yep. We're almost there gang. Here we go. Last four, three, two, one. Finish that. Stretch your legs out, stretch your arms out and then just bring your hands around to help you up into back a chest, whatever. This, what is this child's pose? Rest positions. Right? Okay. When you're ready, curl the toes under or come up enough that you can curl the toes under and then just press yourself back. And if it's not an okay position for your knees, you lift your hips up right away and come back. Okay. So you can get the heels down.

And here we are looking at our feet again, right? If your ankles are completely covered, make it so you can see your ankles, your own ankles, right? And then do your best to balance out the ankle bone itself so that it's not rolled out. You can really see that usually, and that it's not overly rolled in, but it's straight ahead as possible. Then we lower the hips, go as low as you can prior to the heel. Having to lift and everyone's going to be different based on stretch and proportion. Then when you have to lift him, lift him and lower the bum even more. Okay, and again, if that's not okay in the knee, you just keep your hips up a little and put more weight in your hands.

Look at your toes, balance that out and I'm going to come down to see. Y'all can see. Good. Then you're going to start to straighten your legs. Push the heels down as soon as possible before straightening the legs and go as straight as you feel you can. Keeping everything balanced as best you can. We start to lower the hips, trying to get the stretch. Ultimately letting the arms come off as if you're going to sit down.

Well done, Wendy, with those long shinbones and lift the heels. Let the hands go to the floor. Again, help yourself if you need it. So hit but down. Heels up. Good. Stretching out the bottoms of your toes. Really struck him out. Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Push the heels down. Get them down as soon as you can, and then fold in half. You can unfold your pants so you look good when you come up and bend the knees a little to roll up and I want to do something just to finish this off cause we didn't rotate it all. Just stand comfortably wide and stagger. Stagger your, you don't have to, you have a mat just like you step in the middle, you stay at the back, you step in the middle, you stay at the back. Yeah, exactly. And all I wanna do is just have a soft knee or bent knee. I want to just move the rod that this rib cage arms. I'm going to say just bend them a little. Yeah. Okay.

And the hips and down Domo. Oh, you're a far to control. Just easy. Right. And when do we ever do this? Actually I do it all the time. So good. Okay. Then you can still be sloppy and I do recommend it, especially the arms if you want to make it bigger, you can reach or if you have room, but it's just getting that rotation. [inaudible] if I felt like we could do it without hurting each other, I'd actually have a start spinning, you know, if it's like, let the w the air carry your arms. You know what it does? Nothing right or wrong. I'm not doing anything in particular at this moving.

Let's just do about four or five more. One, two. Come on. It feels kinda good, huh? Once you get over the weirdness of it all, and I'm gonna bring it in for a landing, standing however you want. Inhaling up, Oh, headaches. Exhaling down. I'm doing three. Make it big. Bring some energy in. You worked hard, translated a lot, relaxes feeding, nail big and let it go and you are done. Hold on.


That was fun....thanks
My first class in almost a month, a nice pace to ease me back in, thanks.

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