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Let your breath fuel your movement in this straightforward Reformer workout with Sarah Bertucelli. She teaches a zesty and powerful flow, starting with a slower pace and then picking it up progressively. She encourages you to find the breath and pace that work for your body so you can feel the joy of movement.
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Hi, I'm Sarah Berta Chellie and I'm so excited to be back here at plays any time today I planned to be straight forward and we are going to do a zesty, powerful Bassey flow. Are you ready? So for this class we will be using the reformer and you may need a sticky pad. So if your pants slide around then you'll want to have one of these available and we will be using the box. Let's get started. So I'm going to stow my pad over here so it's out of the way for now. And I would like you to start with your bottom very close to the edge of the reformer.

Roll Up

I am set up for my foot work right now so I have three reds and a blue. And let your legs softly relax over the bar for a moment and sit up nice and tall here. Shoulders are back a little bit. Breathing in and breathing out with legs soft for this first one, float your arms forward and round through your low back, curling your pelvis underneath you a little bit. Your tailbone underneath you. My legs naturally wanted to straight in there, so I allowed them to see if you can make your way all the way back onto your reformer in. Hopefully you're perfectly placed so that your shoulders go just before the shoulder rests. Lift the head and chest and we're going to around and roll ourselves back at staying rounded here at the top with legs energized.

If you're able to use the exhale to peel back, breathing and moving. My friends lift the head and chest and we exhale to peel up. Now I tend to Shimmy back a little bit, so if I don't scoot forward just a bit more, I'll find myself on the shoulder rest. So here we go. Let's take it again, articulating through the back, lift the head and chest and round and rollout. Now I find the rollout to be a very difficult first exercise for me, but with the foot bar just slightly elevated like this, I have something to push down on with my hamstrings and I'm able to perform the roll up a little more fluidly. Just one more time to roll down. Please exhale to peel back and let's get juicy. Okay, so place your hands either on the pegs by your ears or on the frame of the reformer and settle in. Lift one leg first to tabletop and then the other one follows.

Supine Spine Twist

Squeezing the knees together we twist. Inhale one direction and exhale back to center and inhale to twist the other way. And exhale back to center. Breathing and moving as you twists and we pull back and inhale, starting to pick up the pace just a bit here. Letting the breath fuel your movement, focusing on the abdominals. Inhale and exhale.

Adding a little bit with the legs in how to twist. Two legs are straight. Pull back to center. Bend both legs. Go again. Twists two straight legs. Come back to center. Hand Bend One more each side. Twist, straighten, pulled back, hand bend, last one, twist and straighten. Pull back and Ben, reach your hands up to the ceiling. Inhale, exhale, lift the head and chest right into our single leg stretch.

Supine Spine Twist w/ Leg Extension

We change change. Okay, so feel the rhythm of the breath and see if you can let the picture get a little bit more solid. What do I mean by that? Can you lift your chest a little more? Feel the grounding down through your low back. Feel your legs grazing by one another and your arms assisting you. One more time here. Both legs come in, lift a little higher.

Single Leg Stretch

Crisscross hands behind your head. We twist as we straighten one leg and chain. Okay. Find the breath and find the flow of the movement. Just a little brisker pace here. Then I sometimes like to work.

Criss Cross

Feel free to slow down if you need to. Last one. Each side. Both legs in, hands behind the legs. Stretch them up too straight. Lift a little higher. Hold one leg. Put the other leg down. Touch the foot bar and change with a little pulse. Okay.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Try to keep both legs nice and straight and feel that just the top leg is the pulsing leg. We're in our hamstring pull here, so option one, you can continue just like this. Option two. You can place your hands behind your head should you need a little bit of support here. You can reach your arms towards your legs if you're not quite able to keep the height. Now we add rotation. Here we go. Work on trying to keep those legs totally straight. One more time. Each side, both legs up, hands to the backs of the legs. Lift, lift, lift and be rock.

Single Straight Leg Stretch w/ Rotation

And we rock heavy rock and we roll. Now let's set the foot bar for footwork. So whoops, here in the middle position. All right, so with three reds and a blue, let's lie back down and get going with our footwork. So take a moment to settle your body into position, checking in and making sure that you're straight on your reformer.


Your pelvis is in neutral, your abs are engaged, the heels are on the bar, and with an exhale out we go. Okay, so I generally start with a slightly slower pace. And then with the intention of moving more quickly throughout the workout, I'll pick up the pace progressively so you can stick with whatever pace suits you feel the control at the top and the bottom. Feel the upper inner thighs squeezing together. Last one toes where the heels are, so I've got that nice bend through my feet.

Toes Parallel

I'm settled through my shoulders and out we go. Now when I say upper inner thighs coming together, they're not actually necessarily going to touch, but the idea of pulling the legs toward one another to generate a little more inner thigh or adductor work. Again, breathing, let the breath fuel your movement. Let it be the music that you're dancing to. Feel that lengthening at the top and that control at the bottom.

One more time, please. Slide your heels together. Squeeze the heels together and out we go. Zipping those upper inner thighs together, pulling up through the kneecaps or anything. Feel your chest open. Your sternum lifted your head light, but your body grounded on the Mat beneath you.


Just one more time here and gently come on in. Find Your Open v from the heels position. Flexing the feet back in this low position. Out we go. Yeah. With Bassey Palladia is we generally do these five footwork positions on all three apparatus and what I like to think of the footwork as as a continuation of the warmup.

Heels Wide Second

It helps to really get your body ready to go and do more. It is work, but I'll tell you what, when I'm done with my foot work, my whole body is warm. One more time here, gently come on in and put your toes where your heels are, how you go. So I've got about the essence of 10 in my mind. I'm not specifically counting and if you're moving a little faster than perhaps you're doing more and if you're moving a little slower, perhaps you're doing fewer repetitions. The numbers don't matter nearly as much as the intention. So really feel the lengthening and the control.

Toes Wide Second

Feel your body, feel your music, your breath propelling you. One more time and we'll come on in. Bring the feet all the way together and eyeball your legs, feeling that your centered than separate your feet and legs. We press out using the legs. We lower both feet down and both feet up. Calf raises.

Lower Lift

Try to feel that you're bending equally at all five metatarsal is all five balls of your feet. Equal weight across both feet. Also try to feel that it's your abdominals initiating the Movement for you is your feet. They have to move. But see if you can feel the abdominals lightening. You prances happen. Now we go up and we go down, up and down. Both feet are working equally here. In fact, I want to encourage you to work the other foot a little more. So the leg of the bench knee each time. Use that foot just a little bit more. Find your breath, perhaps an inhale followed by an exhale or breathe.


The breath is moving you today and then hold the stretch on one side. Move your foot in a position that suits you. I almost always move my foot and it depends on the day where, but I move it so that I can really let the spring into the bottom of my foot. Release into the stretch. One more breath. Yeah, and change sides. Please.

I can feel my body definitely warm. Hopefully you feel the same. Hmm. So we'll press both feet into the bar again, bend the legs and come in keeping the spring, the spring, the same for single legs or sit up and change it if you'd prefer. I'm going to put my heels back on the bar, stabilize my pelvis, float my right leg up, and we go out.

Heel - Single Leg

[inaudible] really focus on keeping the pelvis still. So you want to feel as though you're standing on the working side of the pelvis a bit more. A lot of times we tend to rotate the other way. So just kinda think about that. Stabilizing the pelvis with the abdominals. Okay. Just one more time here please.

[inaudible] and come all the way in and we'll change legs. So the heel is on the bar, tabletop with the other leg and out we go. So now I'm working my right leg. So I want to really feel myself standing on my right side of my pelvis. Does that mean my other sides not down, but I want to make sure that the right side is down enough. Feel the back of the leg. Breathe. Feel the inner thigh, feel the lengthening through the crown of the head and feel the control as you travel in. Last one breath.

And here we'll change to the toe position now and this time press out with your left leg and then slide your right leg just straight so it'll go underneath the bar and gently travel in. Okay, so I'm trying to accelerate the pace just a little bit here, keeping it moving. So I hopefully that's what you're continuing to do. Feel your body working for you. Lengthening through the crown of the head. Use the back of the leg, use the inner thigh and feel the control.

Toe - Single Leg

Take the leg up, gently come in and we'll change sides. So I've got my right toes on the bar, I'm gonna take the leg off for the first one, press out and then slide the leg underneath. And then here we go. Try to really feel again the back of the leg assisting you, the breath. Wow the chest open. That idea of keeping weight across the right side of the pelvis, the working leg side of the pelvis.

Hopefully that makes it a little bit of sense. We can talk more about that later. Just one more here. The like up both feet on the bar and come in and we'll make our way into some abdominal work. So come on up to a sitting position. Let's change the spring to a red and a blue red. And a blue may be a little tough for the abdominal work for some of us, myself included. But I like to keep the flow into the hip work.

So that's the spring I'm choosing. You can feel free to lighten it. Hold the straps with your two hands. Make sure you're not too close to the shoulder rest, press out just a bit and feel the support from your upper body first. Then float the legs to tabletop. I set up her body, but what I really wanted was abs. So here can you exhale to lift your head and chest up nice and high and in hell to go down. And if you're nice and warm like me, maybe you're sticking just a little bit on your reformer. That's okay.

Abdominal Curl

Had To unstick myself that first time. So here we go. We're going to lift and hold and breathe through hundreds. Inhale [inaudible] stretch the legs up to straight, if that makes sense to you. Take them lower in space, if that makes sense to you. Ah, [inaudible] think of lifting your body higher during the inhale and exhale grounding through the low back. We'll take three more breaths here. Ah hmm.


Draw your legs in. Lower your body down. Put your feet in your straps. Please settle yourself in a frog position. Feed. Flex teals are together. We inhale in and we exhale out. So let the breath settle you in hell.


Drawing the legs in and exhale, reaching out. Feel your pelvis neutral. Yeah, fill your chest open. Keep the legs straight. Point the feet. Come up to about 90 degrees at the hips and we move into a circle down and around to the top position. Focus on pelvic stability. Exhale down and around the top position.

Leg Circle

Feel that both legs are in fact working equally here. [inaudible] and also feel that your actively bringing those legs together, keeping them together til you hit the bottom of your circle. Reverse your circles please. The circles can be as big as you can. Stay in control with your pelvis. Let this be some beautiful hip movement, hip joint movement, stabilizing through the core or stabilizing the pelvis.

[inaudible] one more time. And here we open the legs wide here. I'd like you to flex your feet, pull back together, keep the feet flexed if you're able to and pull back together. Breathing and moving [inaudible] and one more time. [inaudible] bend your knees preparing for your short spine. We pressed a straight point, the toes falled into the stop or keeping the turnout in the legs. Roll up onto your shoulder blades, feeling your abdominals, bond your knees roll down and then drag your legs behind it.

Open Close

Exhale, fold. Try to feel which vertebras down as you roll up. Really keeping those abdominals engaged as you bent and then rolling down, kind of bringing, bringing the carriage with you by pulling your legs through with your core. Press out to straight. Just one more. That's all. Just enjoy breathing and moving together and moving into our long spine here.

Short Spine

Come up to a 90 degrees at the hips with an exhale. We roll up nice straight legs, separate about shoulder width and on a roll to with control. Hopefully not moving the carriage, although I had a hint of movement there. That's okay. And Helton 90 degrees. Exhale to roll up. Oh No. Don with control. Feel the hip extensors working with the abdominals.

Long Spine

Beautiful hips and hamstrings, abdominals and hamstrings. Last one. Okay. [inaudible] [inaudible] and bring the legs together. Bend the knees, take a short pause. Breathing in. [inaudible] breathing out. Remove one foot from the strap the other foot.

Eve's Lunge

Bring yourself into the stopper, stow your straps and come on up to a sitting position. All right, so let's change your springs just to a red spring and move into a lunge here. We'll do the standing lunch, so tuck your toe up against the shoulder rest your other foot is that near the foot of the reformer. Find a nice stretch, very engaged in your core, and then place your knee down and enjoy the view forward. Breathing in and breathing out. See if you can deepen the stretch by perhaps going a little lower, but scooping your pelvis forward here as well. Breathing in and breathing out. We'll take just one more deep breath here. [inaudible] now press your front leg to straight. And as you do, you slide the reformer back. Flex your ankle.

Ideally we're keeping the angle of the knee in relationship to the reformer. The same. Flex your foot a little harder. If you want more stretch length in through the crown of the head. Yeah, right. [inaudible] lower your foot down and let's change sides.

Okay, so again, you'll place your foot up near the foot of the reformer, the other foot up against the shoulder rest. Bend your front knee and find your way. So see if you can feel this idea of going into a posterior tilt with your pelvis or tucking your pelvis. Deepening this stretch by perhaps going a little lower. Finding your edge. What feels good to you? Gaze forward. Grow Taller through the crown of the head. Hanbury yeah. [inaudible] gaze down. Press your front leg too straight. Flex your foot back.

Try to square your pelvis off here and feel straight through your spine. The focus should be on the front leg. Hamstring breathing in and breathing out. Yeah, put your foot flat and come all the way in. So here we're going to move into the stomach massage. And if you know that you'll slip around on your reformer, you're going to want to get your little pad to keep yourself from slipping.

Round Back

I generally put it at the edge of the reformer and then flip it over. And that's about where it needs to be for me. Start sitting somewhere on your pad with your legs and a diamond shape out in front of you and sit up tall. Make sure you're able to sit up tall first here. Yeah. And then round through your low back and feel the support from your core. This almost this rolling like a ball position and decide if here you could lift one foot up without pushing yourself back anymore. And then the other foot up.

So you're in this position, this stomach massage position position already. I'm going to scratch myself forward just a tiny bit cause I do want to be able to touch the edge of the reformer if possible. Should you need to lower your bar down? You could do that. I know I'll be okay here. We're going to press out keeping the shape of the spine feats down and up and come in [inaudible].

So this movement should in theory be done with a nice as SD pace, very stable through the core of those. So check in with your hips and make sure you're not rocking forward and back on your pelvis. And even though we're moving rather quickly, see if you can feel the ease within your body. You just one more here. Hold your legs straight and straighten out your body. Fit Taller, perhaps a hint of a smile. Reach back and see if you can find the shoulder rest. If you can keep your hands on the shoulder, wrist rest, but bend your elbows just a little bit opening through your heart. You could also be forward of the shoulder rest if needed.

Flat Back

And then here we bend in keeping the height of the spine. We press out, down, up at it, find the breath, find the pace and find the joy in the movement as well. One more year whole. See if you can take one arm out in front of you sitting tall still and the other arm out in front of you, holding yourself together with your abs. We bend in. Let's skip the feet and focus just on sitting tall here. Yeah, two more [inaudible] and one more.


Yeah. How many gently come in reach for the bar, pressing feet to the bar, your forehead to your feet, your locks, your neck, and then gently take your feet down. Let's change our springs for just one red spring. Let's put the bar down so it's out of the way. We'll go ahead and take some rowing here, so sitting far enough forward so that you will be able to roll back holding the straps out in front of you sitting up. Nice and tall. First, equal weight on both sides of your pelvis. We're going to bend the elbows in.


Hands connected to the sternum. Think of stretching through your collarbones, pulling outward, round yourself back. Find your low point. Where is that for you today? Inhale, opening your arms straight out to the side. Exhale, we fold forward. Touch the hands together behind. Still supported through the abdominals, up and around with the arms deep into the stretch. The hands changed directions here, and then we'll go ahead and sit. Nice and tall. Inhale and exhale. Rounding yourself back.

Inhale Open. Why? Exhale. Fold forward. Hands to touch behind you. So the arms come around here and they change directions as you come around, reaching into a deep stretch and then roll yourself up. Inhale, exhale to peel back. Inhale to open. Exhale, fold forward, up and around, rotating the hands.

So here you do have slack on your straps and that's okay. And then stock your spine. Just one more here. Inhale and exhale to roll back in. How to open. Exhale will forward up and around rotating rowing back.

Number two, let's bend. The odd palms are facing up, sitting tall. Shoulders back on your back body in how to bend your elbows. Exhale to round and roll yourself back. Bringing the elbows down as you do here in hell. We open the body and the arms.


Then we hinged forward and find our starting position. Inhale. Exhale, peel back up and around. Two more like that. Yeah. Yeah, I think I might've let my ad spill out a little bit there. Let's do one more good one here. Sometimes you have to let something happen to know that you've done it.

Oh, there it is. And arrest the straps. We'll skip rowing front today. Bring the bar back up to the middle position and let's do the down stretch here. Stretch out through those hips. So taking those toes under, getting a nice stretch for the backs of the or the feet, I should say.

Down Stretch

I like to sit on my feet for a moment. I engage my belly and then scoop yourself forward. I'm still on one red spring. You could be on a green if you prefer. Scoop yourself forward and find that up feeling. It's called the down stretch, but I like to really cue this up feeling here.

Abdominals working supported by the hamstrings and the upper back for sure. Okay. Meaning the low back is supported by the abdominals, the hamstrings, and the upper back. Just one more please. Breathing and moving. Okay.

Long Back Stretch

Ah, take a rest. Shame on me. I bounced the stopper there. That's okay. I admitted it. I didn't mean to relax. Sit child's pose for a moment. Relax in a child's pose type position. Hmm. And here we're going to move into our long back stretch. So keeping this spring the same.

Step off of your reformer for a moment. Certainly if you prefer a green spring, go ahead and go to that. We're going to step on the reformer, one hand, one hand foot foot, and move your feet all the way up against the shoulder rest, opening through your chest and pressing forward. Feel your abdominals quite engaged here. Bend the elbows, Scoop, forwarded up, rounding all the way back and straighten out we go again. [inaudible] ideally, this is one long breath. [inaudible] one more time please. [inaudible] all the way in, straight in your body out and gracefully step off of your reformer.

[inaudible] from here, let's move the bar down and it's time for some skating and some side split. So it's a good idea to step on the frame first and then step with your hands, assisting you on the wood part to the reformer. From here. You can roll yourself up to a standing or you can get there a different way if you prefer, but that's a nice way to do it. So lean onto your standing leg. I'm standing on my right leg right now.


Feel length through your spine and support. You can keep your hands on your hips, push through your heel and press the leg out to straight and pull in. I am still on a red spring. You certainly could be on a green spring if that suits you. Think of this less about being a leg movement and more about being from the hip.

You want to feel this glute working so I think of pushing through my heel out that way behind me a little bit as opposed to moving the carriage out in my mind. That helps me. Last one. Gently come in, bend both legs, take your hands to the frame and step out to your side. Split position. You have two feet connected. My standing foot on the platform, the big toes down just a little bit for support here. If you're able to see if you can hold the carriage in and roll up to a standing position. Harms straight out to the side, into the smile across your teeth. This is not easy as it my friends here. How far out can you go?

Side Splits

Gracefully and comfortably keeping your spine long and your legs straight. Now pull in and think of growing taller through the crown of the head as you do without changing the arms. Grow even taller and we'd go again. And two legs moving and exhale. The hardest part is holding the carriage at the stopper. Inhale, big breath, big stretch and exhale all the way in. Just one more. Please. Inhale and exhale. Pull the carriage in and hold it for five, four, three, two, and one. Find your way down here.

Hold the carriage in. Lean into the one leg and let's go ahead and change sides. Whoa. It's like I just got off a moving boat. Apparently I'm a little wobbly and now I get to enjoy the view. Lucky me going to use my hand to help support as I step up. If you need to get up a different way, that's okay.


You can use your hands on your legs. We bend and we're here length through your low back. That's the microphone, not my hip, hip. They're my friends. And here we go out to the side. So please notice that I stay standing on my current left leg here as I push out in in my pelvis should be square and the movement is generated from kind of the center of this glute right here. You can put your hands on your hips with which helps you feel that they're not moving.

You could take them out to the side if you wanted or you could keep them by your side. I like putting them somewhere. I think that's helpful. Remember to reach through your heel. That'll help you engage your glute as if you're going back in space. One more after this one [inaudible] and we'll move into our side split now. So here, take your hands on the frame if you're able to and reach out, placing your foot equal weight on both of your feet, rolling up to a standing position. We take the arms stretch straight out to the side length through your low back.

Side Splits

We inhale to open Henry. We exhale to pull in and hold for a moment. Okay, an inhale to open. Okay. And exhale to pull in and hold as you open.

Try not to let your pelvis go back and space. You kind of have to curl maybe your pelvis underneath you a little bit. Maybe. Sometimes we do that too much and we bend the knees. We have two more here. Nice and wide. Maybe wider, maybe not pulling in one more time please and we'll hold it for five. Five counts. That is right polenta. And we hold for one to grow taller. Three, four, five. Find your way to the frame. Whew.

A little harder to get there that time, but I'll take it. That's what we're here for. Time to do some waste work. So side overs. We'll take our box and put it on short box because I'm not so tall. I like to put it just a little in front of my shoulder rest. Excuse me. A little more space to be in position.

Side Bend

You're going to want to lock down your reformer so it's not moving. It doesn't matter which springs you using. Those of you who took my challenge, you may want to try this with no s no strap. That's always fun using your legs, but I also encourage you to use the strap if you'd like, but feel your legs engaged with the strap. So I like to strap my foot in and really reach outward with my leg. Yeah, feel free to use your hand here to help you find the position. Notice that you're on a straight diagonal line. Hands behind the head, energizing this leg. Push down through your other leg. Here we go. Five of them.

That's all [inaudible] on this last one. Hold for me. Stretch two, arms to straight. Yeah, reach, reach, reach and stretch. Yeah. Now you can hold the frame in front of that suits you or if you have long arms and are quite flexible, you can also hold the floor. Touch the floor. Such a beautiful stretch for the side body here. Your choice. Make your way up nice and gently and let's change legs. So tucking the other foot in the foot strap. Spend a couple moments, feeling your legs in position. This leg is strong, your other leg is pressing into the pad here.

Find a nice straight diagonal line. And if we go keeping the leg where it is, that means this strong straight leg here. Reach over and lift up. [inaudible] so we did five on the other side. Let's repeat that here. This is three. Okay, one more time. And then we hold, stretch those arms to straight and reach and reach. Guess what? If you work the underside more, you're going to feel more on the top side reach and then stretch your body. So feel free to hold the frame or reach to the floor if that suits you.

Breathing in. Yeah, and breathing out. Okay. Slowly bring yourself up from there. Step off of your box and turn it around to make your long box.

Breaststroke Prep

Let's do the breaststroke. So for most of us, the breaststroke is quite a challenging exercise. It's harder, but easier with more or less spring. Such a weird thing to say. One red spring will help give you the feeling of a little more lift. It'll help allow you to use the spring, but you need strength in your arms. One blue spring will make it more manageable in the arms you choose. You Hook your thumbs in like so if I'm in famine, you lunge and pull the carriage forward so that your hands are on the corner of the box. And then climb onto the box.

My chest is hanging off a bit. Ideally my legs are straight and together. Before we do anything more, keep your hands on the corner of your box and feel your back extension. Feel your heart opening. Push into your arms and press up and forward into whatever back extension suits you and lower down. Do that one more time. Of course, our hard dreaming goal as dreamers here, we want to lift up as high as we can with our body.

Push a little with our arms and then decide. That's where I'm going to be looking when I do my breaststroke. Maybe, maybe not. Right. So now set your hands so your thumbs are next to your um, shoulders. And your elbows are on the same line as your hands. That's our goal. We first without back extension, press the arms forward in space. Circle the arms out to the side, all the way down to your body. Now keeping your elbows low in space.

Bend your elbows to come back to where we started from. One more time like that press. So that's with no back extension around and we bend full expression of the exercise it's an to ago in how? Back extension. [inaudible] one more time please. [inaudible] hands on the front corners of your box.


Relax your head in your legs for a moment. Gently step off of your box. Control the carriage all the way to rest please stow your straps. Okay, let's close up with some nice yummy stretches. So please one leg up on your box like so.

Hip Stretch

And I want you to kind of lean into and sort of stand on this front leg. The back leg is pretty soft. I have my foot down like as a kickstand, but I'm not really bearing weight in the back leg. One Hand on the thigh, one hand on the foot, and just round your body forward. Let your head relax. You're in this position, perhaps sway side to side. Boy Do I love stretching my hips. I mean if you find a place where you're swaying has provoked a little bit more discomfort, sit there for another breath or keeps swaying.

Okay. And then stack your spine again with your hands still where they are. See if you can pull your heart forward and look up. Try your shoulders back, maybe look around a little bit. Nothing too crazy. Just sort of check in. One more time, roll forward. Maybe you'll get a little closer to your leg.

Maybe you'll rest your forehead on the box. Maybe you won't. Regardless of what you're doing, make sure you are in fact breathing and then come on up from there. Yeah, let's change sides. So take that leg down and just prop the other leg up and notice if the two sides feel different. I know for me had always does have a hard time on one side and the other side feels quite manageable. So just check it out again.

My back leg is down on the floor, but I'm not standing on it in my mind I'm standing on this front leg. I've got a hand on a foot and a hand on a knee or a thigh and I'm just pressing the leg into the mat and then rounding my body forward to a position of ease. So now my back leg is very passive here and then tries swaying side to side. I am not shaping my head. I'm not shaping my abs, I'm not shaping my shoulders. I'm just waving in the wind breathing and letting go.

And if you find spot where you need a little bit more, feel free to stay there. I found one and I want to stay there for a moment. Breathing in and breathing out and then come back to center and roll yourself up. Still keeping your hands connected to something on your body. Lift your heart, draw your shoulders back and perhaps look around. No right or wrong here. Maybe you just want to look up what I really like to explore where my eyes go and what I feel when they changed directions. And one last time. We'll roll forward. Let the head hang.

Perhaps you can go a little deeper into this stretch. Now that you've loosened up, perhaps you can't. Okay. Breathing in and breathing out. She sleep. Bring yourself up to an upright position.

Take your leg off of your box and stand nice and tall and one big breath up. Lifting your heart, looking up. Take your arms down. Thank you for playing.

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Absolutely awesome!
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Absolutely spectacular! Love your queuing !
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I did your recent challenge and you are quickly becoming one of my favorite teachers! This one was great!
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Beautiful, precise cueing and setup!
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Level 2? I’m out of shape :) loved it
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Sarah, absolutely awesome!!! Level 2 but I am sweating girl!!
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Thank you Sarah Bertucelli great pace on this class- I love your clear and calm direction, and how you can get so much work done in 40 minutes without ever feeling rushed💜
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Thank you thank you....loved the explanations too, ie the pad placement for Stomach Massage, breaststroke "launch"...also loved the variation on 100. Thank you again, and thank you PA - my best Pilates investment
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Just what I needed after a girls trip weekend and a full morning of flying! What a way to get ready for my week! Thank you Sarah!
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