Class #3532

Straightforward Reformer

40 min - Class


Let your breath fuel your movement in this straightforward Reformer workout with Sarah Bertucelli. She teaches a zesty and powerful flow, starting with a slower pace and then picking it up progressively. She encourages you to find the breath and pace that work for your body so you can feel the joy of movement.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Hi, I'm Sarah Berta Chellie and I'm so excited to be back here at plays any time today I planned to be straight forward and we are going to do a zesty, powerful Bassey flow. Are you re...

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Absolutely awesome!
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Absolutely spectacular! Love your queuing !
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I did your recent challenge and you are quickly becoming one of my favorite teachers! This one was great!
Thanks Colleen and Courtney!
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Beautiful, precise cueing and setup!
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Level 2? I’m out of shape :) loved it
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Sarah, absolutely awesome!!! Level 2 but I am sweating girl!!
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Thank you Sarah Bertucelli great pace on this class- I love your clear and calm direction, and how you can get so much work done in 40 minutes without ever feeling rushed💜
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Thank you thank you....loved the explanations too, ie the pad placement for Stomach Massage, breaststroke "launch"...also loved the variation on 100. Thank you again, and thank you PA - my best Pilates investment
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Just what I needed after a girls trip weekend and a full morning of flying! What a way to get ready for my week! Thank you Sarah!
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