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Kids Mat: Fluidity

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In the last class of the Kids Mat series, Monica Wilson focuses on fluidity. She goes through the Mat sequence two times at a quicker tempo so that the girls begin to remember the names of the exercises. After completing this series, they will be stronger and able to take any Pilates class!
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We are onto our last principal of [inaudible]. I saved it, at least for the last fluidity. What does fluidity mean? Like you guys were doing it early. It's like fluid, right? [inaudible] yeah, so seamless is another word. So one exercise into the next. Romana used to use the image of a gold chain and one link goes into another link into another link and you never see a starting point or a break. And so that is what we're going to do today.

So hopefully the time will be very short. However, in order to work on our memory, that's one very important part of the mind that we need to use a, we wanted, we're gonna do it, repeat it. We're gonna do it two times. So just a few exercises done to the correct tempo and hopefully you start remembering what the exercise is when I call out the name. Because if you do that, you're going to get a lot stronger and pretty much now at the end of these six principles, you're going to be able to just Kinda do whatever mat exercises you want and polities as long as you are following these six principles, you're on your way to go. Okay? So it's up to you guys how quickly this goes, or a house Lolitas goes, or how tortures, if you guys use your concentration caps and we're gonna put our mind to it. Okay, you guys ready? You ready to think your thinking cap on? All right, let's do it.

So let's get to the Mat and what exercise have we started with the whole time? The hundred and you know it. I haven't taught you the seal yet, but we've done the seal a few times so that we're going to end with the seal today. K and then we, and then you might even watch a Stella as she stands up. And you can give it a shot too. I know she's good at standing up. So come to the front of your mat and we're going to sit down and we're going to get ready for our hundred so go ahead. We're going to do this nice and at a good Tempa. So lie down, hug your knees to your chest. We know what the a hundred looks like.

Take a big breath and then pull your tummy. And as you exhale, lift your head up. Legs can stay here and pump. Inhale two, three, four, five and as you exhale, make the belly Dee flate. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, pull in in your belly to your back. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, scoop in in the like an ice cream scooper. Inhale two, three, four, five and Exhale, you're pumping your arms like a manual heart pump. Inhale two, three, four, five and exhale. Pull in in your belly. That's 60 inhale, two, three, four, five. If you can keep your belly in and your back flat, you can straighten your legs to make it harder. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. He make sure you don't hurt your neck. It's 80 if your neck is tired, you can always lower it, but keep going and pulling in your belly.

Last breath and exhaling and bend the knees in and hug. Go ahead and use your legs to help. Sit Up. Feed her flat. Okay. Round your back cans or underneath your knees and inhale to start rolling away. Exhale all the way down to your head. Inhale, lift your head up. This is the rolling up your exhale. Blow your air, man.

Pretend like someone's pulling your waist back as you start. Roll one bone at a time down. And you're gonna roll one up at a time, like a strand of pearls. And we're going to take a breath to start an exhale. Roll back. Rule rule rule. There you go.

Good correction, Elly. And Inhale, lift the head and exhale round round so we can get ready for our Bree are rolling. Two more. Inhale to start. Exhale scooping in that belly and one more up in with air. Exhaling on all the way down and we'll stay down in with the exhaling down. Down. Yep. Let's stay there. Take a breath in the next hell. Hug your right knee and straighten that leg up to the ceiling.

Either put your hands behind your calf or behind your thigh to stretch. Push your hands down and that right legs at your nose. And here we go. Crusts around, up, cross around, up. It's Belize pulling into your back like it's strep down into the mat. We don't move our box at all. Two more or what? Last one. Sorry.

Rivers around in, up, going down, crossing up, down, crossing up to around up. One more. Good job. Hug that knee. Hope you working on precision. Put your foot down, hug the left knee into your chest. Squeeze out that air, right. Straighten that leg up. Stretch it. Put your hands down. That leg is at your nose. Cross around, up to around, up. Try to keep your box flat too around up.

Last one and go the other way. Down. Crossing up, down. Stop, but your nose down stuff, but your nose down. Exhale. Last exhale. Hug your knee in. Do whatever you need to do to sit up, head up and try to roll up if you can. And then we're going to lift our bottom forward a little bit so it's a little closer to your feet. Good. That's it.

Put your hands underneath your knees. We're going to ice cream. Scoop our belly. Get lot of space between our belly and our thighs. Balanced with one footer. Balanced with the other foot up. And we're gonna rock roll like a ball. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, Rola. Good. Or working on that. Inhale, roll back. Exhale up. Now let's just pretend where a tennis ball, grab your arches. Tuck your head. [inaudible] your head and L. Inhale. Exhale. Squeeze out there. There. Good in with ear. Exhale.

Tuck your head between your knees as you come up to more in with dear exhale. Last one in with deer. That's how good job ladies. Put your feet down and we're going to, yeah, I like where you are actually. So we're gonna roll down, but stop when you hit the bottom of your shoulder blades. So one bone at it time. Stop there. Good.

Bring your right knee into your chest. Straighten the left one down the middle of your body. This is called single leg stretch. You kissed your knee switch, kissed your left switch belly. Exhale, kiss your knee, good switch, pulling your belly and the whole time and the other leg goes down the middle of your body like a knife slicing. One more set. After this a right and a left had both [inaudible] he's and rest your head. Good job. Take a breath and exhale. Lift your head up again.

And now we're gonna stay here and we're going to inhale lit. Eric, go to our fingertips and toes and squeeze that air out and he'll pull the belly into the mat and exhale. Squeeze it out five more. And with the air, an exhale. Inhale, your belly is tight. Exhale and two, and exhale. Keep your legs together as they go out. And exhale, rest your head down. Sit Up for spine, stretch forward. Straighten your legs, open them to the side. Good. Arms up at shoulder height. Take a big breath and exhale forward.

Inhale, when you can inhale and knee more, we exhale forward. When you can't exhale forward anymore. You inhale up two more head first. Work on your posture, on your way up as you inhale, lower back, middle back, upper. One more time. Exhaling going down and inhale coming up. Good. It's time to go fishing. We're going to squeeze your legs together. We're going to grab onto our feet and we're going to pull our belly back as we fish our legs to us and our hands are going to go right on top and this time we're going to pull our belly in and extend the legs right on up.

We can slide our hands behind your calves if we need to focus on something. And six open leg rockers in with the air. Exhale. Oh in with the air. Exhale oh old. Four more exhale. Oh in with here. Exhale. Hold two more.

You can push it, but your hands underneath your cas on the outside. Last one. Hold it up. Good. Bend the knees. Yeah. All right. Straighten your legs for the saw. Arms out to the side and with the air twist to the right and exhaling down. Sewing off that baby toe. Inhale up both cheeks or down.

Twist. Exhale, make sure you saw of the baby toe on both cheeks or down. As you exhale, inhaling up just two more sets and twist and exhale and inhaling up, trying not to let one leg get shorter than the other and exhale and inhaling up twice to the other side. And exhale one more time in with the air twist and exhale, reach, reach, reach. And inhaling, we got legs together. Good. And we're going to go fishing again for seal and then we're going to stand up if we can. So we're gonna reach for those like, like, and we're going to scoop in our belly as those feet.

So this part of your body pulls back and this time we're going to, but our arms through our legs, it's a little different. Oh you know what it's come forward to, you know a lot of room behind you. Good Ellie. Thanks Astella and hands go under your ankles. Good. And you're going to just breathe for a moment. Big Breath. And as you exhale, very good.

Knees are kind of more up to the ceiling. Then out to the side and we're going to clap our flippers or thank you Ellie for joining me a little bit and we're going to roll back, roll back, come up and balance with your background and flippers. One or good in with [inaudible]. Exhale your air up. That's it. Clap two, three yet. And in with the air. Exhaling. Get the back round. Perfect. Two more.

Inhaling and back up. How would you doing a Stella last one. You can come up all the way if you want to. Stella and up. Good. And you can do one more and then reach for me. So you're going to reach back and then let go and give me your hands and Viola.

Excellent job. And you guys get to do it again. Here we go. You Ready? Lie on down. One more time. So quick question though. How fast was that? Did it like go by and like little bit of time? You're all done with that? Yeah, colitis can be done really quickly. So sometimes it's really important to focus on the precision of each exercise or the breathing or the control or the centering.

But if we on those principles every single time and we never move, don't you feel good that you moved? It's really important to move. So more often than not, you want to practice it at this pace and not like thinking everything through the whole time. Okay, one more time just to get it into our brain. Ready? We're gonna lie on down. Relax. Exhale, bring in your right knee. Exhale, bring in your left knee and we're going to take a big breath and then exhale, bring up your head. Always remember, you can lower it if it gets tired, reach your arms long. The knees are over, your hips and and exhale. Good. Bring your head up more if you can, Elliot. But if it gets tired, lower down. Okay. Big Breath and exhale.

You're a manual heart pump and in with the air. Have the legs where you want them. They can be straight. If your belly can stay in and exhaling. That's about 50 inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. It's called the a hundred and inhale, two, three, four, five and Xcel. All that.

Aaron. Inhale, two, three, four, five and ethanol. All that air. One more time. Good job. Astella eggs, exhaling. And again, those news who sit up and you're going to have your hands under your knees for the roll back. We are pretending we are able wheel with spokes and we're going to roll through each spoke as we go down, leaving the feet. Good. Touch the head, but then inhale, lift it an exhale. Draw the belly in to come up. Really good for more. Pull back that waist. So this is the roll back. And in help, one day you'll advance to the wol. When we had McKinsey and Kate, we did the roll up in with deer and exhaling and inhaling up.

Exhale, good job. And two more. Good. And Inhale, lift the head and exhaling. Good. Why don't we stay here and straighten your legs and just do two roll ups. So reach for your ankles and same exercise, just like straight, like rolling back [inaudible] head. And then head comes up. Look at your belly, pull it to come up. Good. Exhale, exhale.

We'll do one more like that. Roll back, pulling one bone at a time. Use your breath. Inhale, lift. Exhale, exhale, exhale. That helps you round. That helps you come up. Inhale, to start rolling back. Squeeze your legs together, Stella. Sail. Stay Dow. Bend your knees. Exhale, grab your right leg stretch, straighten it up, pull behind your right leg, and now put your arms down.

That right leg is at your nose, right n five times crusts around, up. Cross around, up, cross. Exhale, up. Cross. Exhale up. One more cross. Exhale, hold other way down. Cross down, crossing up, down, crossing. Stop down. Crossing. Stop. One more down at your nose.

Hug and that knee. Put your foot down. Exhale, hug in the left. Straighten that leg, stretch it. Put your hands down and the left legs at your nose. Here we go. Cross around, nose in and exhale in an exhale to one cross around nose. One more. Cross around, whole other way down around, up bellies. Pull it in. Down, around, up. We're reaching for the ceiling. One more. China. Draw a circle. Hug the knee. In. Good job. We're going to do rolling like a ball. Inhale, lift your head.

Exhale, sitting up. Good, and we're going to round that lower back. We're gonna balance with one leg. We're going to keep that back leg, that balance with the other. We're going to rock a little bit for a few in with the air. Exhale, hold that balance and round. Inhaling, exhale your air. We'll do one more like this and then advance it in with the air. Exhale now like a tennis ball.

Tuck your head in between your knees. Relax the shoulders, exhale to relax everything. Then inhale to go back and exhale everything in with the air. Exhale. Good. Keep your head nice and tucked between your knees. Two more in with your exhale. Good. One more time in with the air.

Exhale and rest your feet down. Center yourself if you lost track and we're gonna bring our legs like this and do a roll back to get into single leg. Stretch hands here. Roll back one, boom. The next, the next stop. When you get to your shoulder blades, bring your right knee in. As you exhale, left like down in the middle of your body and switch right leg down in the middle of your body. Left leg down the middle. Kiss your left knee, kiss your right knee, pull that belly, and exhale, switch down the middle. All these things are going. If your neck gets out, you can always lower down. Polunin let's do one more set. One, kiss your right knee one, kiss your left knee.

Hug both in and rest your neck. Big Breath. Exhale, pull your belly until lift your head up. And now, arms and legs, up. Belly. Exhale thing. The blood goes all the way to the fingertips and toes and exhale in with their bellies. In. Exhale, three more. Exhale, two more. Exhale. Good job. Last one. Exhale. Pulling in the belly in and rest your head down.

We're going to sit up and do spine stretch forward, working on our posture. So pretend you're against a wall this time. Arms up at shoulder height. Can you use your belly to sit up on both cheeks, Stella? Good. And you can keep your feet pointed or flexed. Ideally flexed. I see you guys are working with that right now, but you don't want to flex your feet if you are like this and you can't sit up, so relax them if you can, if that helps you. Okay? But if you can sit up and flex. Great. Here we go. Big Breath.

Bring your head forward first. Upper back middle, lowers your oxen wall, your air, and then roll up your lower back, middle, upper final, your head. Good job, ladies. Exhale down and down. Exhale until you can't XL anymore. Inhale up until you can't inhale anymore. Two more exhale until you can't. Exhale. Squeeze all the air out of your lungs. Inhale as you sit up, let good posture neck before your head. One more head down.

Exhale. Keep your eyes looking down until the very last second. Thank you. You're going to bring your legs together and we're going to go fishing. We're going to pull back our waist. As we draw those feet towards us.

We're going to put our hands on top and now we're going to just go ahead and extend for open leg rocker, but you can put your hands behind your thought calves a little on the other side of your leg for me, Ellie. Great. And now push your hands, legs into your hands a little. That gives you a little more stability. Kay. And let's breathe with it. Rock back. Come right up to something that you're looking at. I forgot to mention that you gotta look at something in with the IR to roll back. Exhale, scoop in and pull it up. Good in with, I love the focus. Exhale up and in with fear.

Exhale, scoop it in. We just have two more of these. The focus is laser tight right here. One more time. I love it. Exhaling, hold and lower your feet. Hey, Humpty dumpty, you do a lot better. We're going to strain your legs and we're going to pull your billion and we're going to work on the precision of our arms.

Stay with both cheeks as you twist to the right. No leg gets shorter and exhale as you saw off your baby toe. Inhaling up, twist and exhale, sof, your baby toe. Inhaling up, keep your left cheek down as you reach for your right foot. Good. Inhaling, keep your right cheek down as you live for your reach for your left BB toe.

One more time. It's really a breathing exercise, a big breath, and exhale, pull in the belly and to squeeze out all the air like a stress ball. One more twist and exhale. Squeeze out all that here and inhaling up and relax that on those arms. We only have one more exercise. Squeeze those legs together and we're going to go fishing, right?

We're gonna grab our legs for our last exercise, we're going to pull them towards us. Our waist is pulling back and we're going to slip our hands underneath our ankles and we're going to clap our flippers or earth and we're going to roll back as we inhale. Exhale up, clap too. Good. And then keeping your head come forward first. Good. Keep going. You have four more in with the air and exhale roll up. Good clap too.

Where's the flipper sounds and with the [inaudible] clap in your flippers. I like it. Two more in with the air and exhaling on this last one is, sal. You can sit up and you're going to reach towards a woo and we finish you guys polite age, you know, polite, easy. You can do whatever you want. Now, any class way to go, girls, good job.


gracias por tus clases. muy interesantes
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those two girls are such sweethearts, good work!🙂👍🏻
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They are sooo adorable.
Monica Wilson
Agree! So sweet!
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Hi, I teach Pilates to teenage girls in London and your series has really helped me, especially some of the visuals you use. Many thanks to you and your lovely girls!
Mona H
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Such a great series! I picked up a lot of tricks for teaching kids. Loved the way it all came together in the end and the importance of working towards fluidity. Well done girls!

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