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This level 2 mat class taught by Kristi offers a balance between spinal stabilization and spinal articulation through out class. Exercises like shoulder bridge to spine stretch to back support and open leg rocker to spine twist.
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Jan 14, 2011
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Okay. So what'd you say? I said no, I, I, I got requests from the people that got here first tonight. So I'm going to surprise you. [inaudible] um, we're standing, that's exactly, it's on a need to know basis and that's if I remember, okay. So I'm feeling like I need to check in. I'd like you to do the same. Um, I also feel energy. We'll let the train go by and as we do that, um, okay, I'll make a decision. Let's all face front or just sort of back and forth.

I'm telling you that's great. And either on or off your mats. If you get off the mat, go to the back of it so your feet are parallel, right? Shift your weight forward, shift your weight back and then on your own for the next couple of seconds or so, just take a couple of deep breaths and check in for yourself. What do you need? So no matter what template I give you, you can kind of work within that. Adjusting energy, adjusting intensity and justing choreography if you'd need to. That's all fine. Okay, so just breathing and with the exhalation, let the weight of your bones become apparent to you or perhaps the weight of the skin. Just become a little heavier and notice how you resist gravity, however that is, and just inhaling.

Let's take the arms up just a little maybe to chest height. Exhale, bring it down. Take it a little higher. Inhale and down. Sorta just loosening up the shoulders. I'm going all the way up and down. Take them out the side. Inhaling up and exhale, bending the knees. Allow your head to come down. Formidable, round forward, going all the way to the ground and my knees are very bent to do that.

Hanging your head a bit. Inhale, exhale. Draw the abdominals up first. You can always put your hands above your knees. We're rolling Baca until we're standing tall. Hi Alan. And email reaching up, looking up a little bit just to get some extension. Let the arms come down. Your head will fall. The rest of your body follows it. Becoming aware of the spine. For some reason. I'm wanting to just address movement coming from the spine and it's just another way of saying from the powerhouse. Exhale, we roll up.

Let's leave the knees bent for a little while, even though it's handed the day and up we go. Inhale and exhale going down again, finding your way, finding a way that feels fluid and free. Hands to the ground in her. Lower the hips. More. Exhale, head towards straight. Folding in half. I'm still down. Inhale, bend, check out your feet. Are you rolling out? Are you rolling in? Adjust for that and exhale.

Head towards straight. You don't have to be straight. You're just going that direction. One more time. Inhale, the difference this time it says you exhale, straighten your left leg, leaving the right knee significantly bent. The left leg can also have a been to it in heel bend. Both exhale, the right leg heads straight. Your hips will be out of alignment and that's where you're going to feel that stretch. Inhale, bend. We'll do it again. Exhale, go to the first side. I believe it was a little left side. Let your head fall.

Don't hold it up too much here. Inhale. Rebend the last time, right? Like from there. Bend both knees. Inhale. Let's take the hands above the knees now so you have a little support there. Pull your abdominals in and it's as if you're curling the tail between the legs. So there is some spinal articulation happening and verbal articulation. Did you hear that from there? Take your right leg straight back. All right.

Just a little bit of balance so it's not going to be high. Yeah. And so from where you are, just take the foot off the ground, which would require a little bit more of a lean. Otherwise you'd take it in the back, right? All right. From there, just bend the leg you're standing on. You might reach back and tap the person's mat behind you or not. And then lift and lift the arms counter that just reaching forward and bring it back. And it's just a way to hopefully bring you into center.

If it becomes really frustrating, leave the toe on the ground. I'd rather you kind of keep somewhat balanced there. I'm coming all the way in this time to change sides. Take the other leg back if it feels fine to you to lift, do that. Otherwise, let it slide back and long neck. Inhale and exhale.

And each exhalation though, we're not changing the spine. Now can we create more space or feel like we are last one here? Wow. Okay. Taking your feet down. We'll do just two. Let's do just a little bit of standing work to heat up and then we'll get down on the ground. So with your feet parallel again or still, um, shift probably a little more weight into the back of your urn to your heels.

And let's just sit down. Your spine is neutral. Reaching forward and make sure when you do that, you haven't reached the shoulders off your back, but you're in fact flat across the collarbones. Find your glutes. Exhale, squeeze in. Just reach up. Hold it here for a second. Know that you're squeezing your inner thighs, a little bit of gluten. You're not locking down your tall and you reaching the upper arms behind you for some energy there. Now in real time. Here we go, Mandy and we go down to come in. He'll stretch the waist and press if you don't want to be bending the knees this much. Here's how your position will change.

You'd have to tip over a little bit more and kind of keep the knee angle the same. Both are good. The one, just if you don't feel like bending a lot because of irritation, you don't have to. Can we do four more? Stretch down a little one and press. Not a big change to the neck or back. Really except for where it is in space. Couple more. One more. Next one. We come up and stay up. I'm going to hover the heels. If your feet feel sensitive, you can leave your feels down. It's just a little flip. Probably can't even see.

It could fit a couple credit cards. Their upper inner thigh working for you. Let's go. Reach and press and reach and press so you expect a wobble in the feet. Let's not over commit to controlling for that. Right. Try to relax the Towson and allow for the wobble. [inaudible] good. Your knees end up over the ankles at most, right?

You don't want to get to the point where you're shoving them way forward. Let's just do two more here, one, one more, and I've lower the heels for the moment. Swivel them to, they're touching each other in the plotty stance. A little shift forward, but before you do, sorry, create as much space between, and this is an image cue more than anything between your leg bone and your hip pose. I am asking for a little bit of pressure or contraction, but we don't want to bear down on ourselves at all. Right? We lift up, we're kind of light in a way, probably lighter than you think up to you. If you want to lift the heels a little, it'll just do more ankle support. Otherwise they stay down.

Everybody hinges forward a bit one and use the upper arm. Find the back muscles and inhale and exhale and your eyes are going to take your body wherever you're looking. Okay? So if you find yourself looking up and looking down and can keep your balance fine, I'm going to recommend pick a spot and hang onto it the whole time. Right? Especially if you're on a squishy mat. Yeah, that's true for pretty much everything. Even if it's not a balanced exercise. Last one. All right. Good feet are down.

Keeping your arm Jack or take them back if they came up. I've got it. Let's go feet together. Yup, exactly. Reach your arms down enough that you can feel a little energy in your back. Then hug them together, the upper arms toward each other, and by the way, I didn't, I hope I didn't thrust forward. It's just there down and now it's like Yetta a sponge or something, right between your upper arm and your ribs and press into the sponge to get all the water out. Good from there, rise up on the toes and squeeze them together a little more. Hold on.

Hands are relaxed and a little bit of release and reach down. Press two so as you're going up on your toes again, doesn't have to be high. You can even just do the upper back part. Keep it going as you're squeezing the upper arms. Keep a little subtle lift of the chest or or make that happen.

It could be very easy to try and squeeze the upper arms. Make that the point and all of a sudden your shoulders are in front of you. Rather. Keep it small and open. How about how many more? I don't know. A couple more. Seven. Okay. Three more. Then I can't stop at eight and then find ease around the neck and just talking to myself more than anything. Was that already three last one here? Good. Great.

Coming down to relaxed the arms. I feel that right? Surprisingly. Maybe. Hopefully. All right. This one is a slight change from what I was thinking on the reformer. We're going to go into a little more of a squat, so again, I offer those of you who don't want to do knee bending to bend, just a little to start and then it becomes just forward and back. Action, glutes. Otherwise help yourself down and you're going quite low. I, I'd realized I have to bring my legs in a little closer cause I'm gonna bring my elbows down here, here and I'm holding and I'm pushing.

I'm pushing my upper arm into my inside of my knee, my knee, into my upper arm. It looks great. Extend your back so it's not here. Check this out for quick. It is in fact there. Some of you may need to be higher, meaning vertical. All right, from here we are just lifting up and down and lifting up. Yup. And down. When you come up, just like before, leave some space here in front.

Don't clamp down on yourself. Just push through the floor and you're tall as you can be. There we go. Let's go a little quicker one. And for now, don't worry about touching every time or touch, but don't have to press like I started this with that sort of just the way into it. And if you don't like the hands you can push, you can pull whatever you want to do to keep you active in your upper body just a little bit. Yeah, looking good. Lovely chest is up. [inaudible] keep going. I've given up counting altogether. I'm not even gonna pretend anymore.

I'm just going to do it. I'll do my best not to say I'm counting cause we all know I'm not down and up again down and up again. I'm going to stop this after two more sort of in fact you half one go down and stay down unless you need a break. Now find that spot again. Okay. If you got wide, bring it in and here it is. Hinged forward. Keep you back pretty flat and down. Forward and down.

A maintaining the contact and follower range of motion isn't the biggest part of it. It's sort of keeping the posture. Everyone will be a little different. You could also do it here, right? You could do it here. That's no big deal if you don't want to be that low. Otherwise give yourself three more wa hand feel. The motion changed too and down.

Looking good theory and down and we've got to finish this one. I said three but anyway, the tone of my voice suggested we had another one. Here we go all the way up. Hah. Yes. Okay. Standing with your feet together almost there. Take the right foot forward.

Hips are level and all you have to really do is just feel for that. Um, chances are the foot that we pick up, that's the hip. That's gonna hike. So before you do anything, this leg you're standing on, give it length. Yeah, you gotta lift up out of it. Okay, now just spend the other knee does not matter how high. Extend the like out and down, drag it up, extended out and okay. Main thing is that we're balancing on one leg. So if you want to pick a different version would be mindful of your neighbor.

But one more. Stay up with an event. Actually take it to the side and to the front. Try to relax the foot you're standing on and you made sway a little. That's all right. Sway a little. Not a lot. Right? Next time you go to the side, take it, leave it there and try. Let's let the leg be low. Don't extend the foot any higher.

Just reach it out to where it would land and down. Then drag it up, out and down. That's how I get my little wannabe dancer stuff out. This is it. All what they did back then. Then when you did it. Here we go. Last one. That'll do bring it back. Alright, so again, if that doesn't suit you, you can just, okay, here we go. We picked it. Picked it up. Oh, sorry. Go back down. Let's do that. Lifting up. Um, it's a, it's a thing that we do, I'm noticing. So let's lift up there and that should feel something there.

In the middle here we go. Up extend and down and up in the leg itself. That's moving around. Quite relaxed. You're gonna feel some here certainly, but it's easy. Go higher. Challenge yourself in some way. If it's real easy. Hover your heel. Is that what you're doing, Deborah? You hovering? No. Okay. Next one. We'll go to the bent knee and hold it. Good.

Open and return handle. It's really easy to do it kind of fast. Woo. It's the little things that get as excited. Right? Okay. Held it there and again, don't extend higher, just reach it out. Slide it in, pull it up. Oh. Oh, very likely that you'll feel differences in terms of ease or not. Right. I'm going to make this the last one here.

Bring it back and wallah. Okay. Let's come to the edges of the mat or have a seat as gracefully as possible to come on down. All right, sitting tall. Initially I'm tall. Anytime we're sitting, I suppose we're going to sit tall, so holding onto the back of the legs feed a little bit apart. Inhale, so I'm again, I'm going back to the idea of the spine. Now we've done some stuff without moving it. Now we move from the lowest part of your spine. Yup.

So your arms can do whatever they want really, but make that spine move and adjust the arms. I'm just going halfway or mid back. Inhale. Exhale. Leave the pelvis where it is for the moment and bring the upper body forward to the upper spine forward. And now from the base of your spine, your shoulders are over your hips. Let's start lengthening low back, middle back, upper back, Walla, hands on top of your knees. We've been doing this a lot lately and I'm still liking it, so we're doing it again. Inhale as you continue that spinal extension up.

So there's some use of the arms for help. Just don't lean back. Exhale, you feel the low spine. Pull back the headache. [inaudible] as you roll. It's up to you. If you want to let go, I'm going to go a little bit quicker now. Hold when you get there, take the deep breath, fill up, start the exhale. Keep the curve. Once shoulders over hits. Place your knees or hands on your knees and stack your spine somewhere in your start. Inhaling, take your sternum up almost like it moves your out of the way.

Exhale, feel the hipbones pull away. Your head will look forward and you roll down. Yeah, and inhale. Exhale. We're coming forward. So now you've got the motion. You can go slower if you want, but I'm going to speed you up even more than that. Here we go. Inhale, lifting up, lengthen up, and exhale, pulling back. Notice you don't have to collapse, hold, inhale, exhale forward.

I still need to take those full breaths, but we're just not going to drag them out. He inhale up. Find that extension. It's a downward. Lean forward. A little Emily. Just a little. There you go and look up on yet. Okay. Exhale down. Okay. This time we add to it, we circle the arms around cause they don't really affect the spine. Right? Exhale, come forward. Find your hands on your knees. Stack your spine right now.

You still see your chest and then your head has to get out of the way of your chest. Exhale, feel the hips, Raul [inaudible]. Inhale, circle arms. Exhale coming up. Inhale at your leisure to find that extension. And I'm gonna suggest you really think of that mid, low back. Stay up here. Just exhale to neutral. Taking the arms forward. Inhale, rotate to the front. If your legs are crowded, move them away. A little, no big deal. Exhale, center.

Inhale through the back and exhale center. Take a second. Let's go back to either where you were earlier or actually I'm gonna say it this way. You've, I've got my fingers and I'm just going to pull so you have a little bit of action. Going to do the upper back that way. All right to the front again. Um, just lower your hands. A little gym. They're getting up here and now you can lift your chest above that. Perfect. Here we go. Inhale here, stay here and just gently pull the hands apart. They're still touching, but just to give you action in him and center to the back.

Inhale, rotate. I'm just staying over here now as we exhale, shoulders gently fall down, falling on the hands, shoulders down. A little more, Jim. Sorry, I just have a great view right there. Inhale, exhale, center. Okay, so my point in doing this, let's go again, is just to have you feel, even if you weren't using your arms, you have a sense of action. Inhale and exhale back. It won't be this intense at the shoulder, but that's okay. And exhale. Good. Inhale, exhale, center. All right, from there we are back to this one sort of Xcel roll down. Adjust your feet as you need to adjust to the mid back. Again in health. Circle the arms. Exhale, we're doing the arm part again. Inhale. Sorry I'm late. And exhale. One more. Inhale. Nice job on the timing gang. Exhale, we're coming up. As you do, stretch out your legs.

Eventually get them to come together and hips over. Shoulders still, right. Beautiful. Debra. And now again, same thing, moving the spine. We're going all the way or head touches the back. As soon as it does, it starts to lift again. Exhale. Inhaling, keep your stretch happening without going. Shoulders beyond his and back. And inhale. If you want more, just leave your arms higher. A little longer too. That good. And I'm going to suggest external rotation just for, because, so let's hang out at the top just for a second. Deepen. You're not waiting for me. You're working. You're working. You could be here all day. You're soft.

Soften the top of the shoulders and exhale down. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good for a moment. Hang out. The what? What is going to hinge you right now is going to be right below your chest. Push that into the ground. That's what brings your arms up. Yup.

And continue on. You can lower the arms as you need to. From there go Mandy. Go man, take, go Mandy. Go good and down again. [inaudible] I they touch it just under the chest. Lot of space up here between your neck and shoulders. Even if you're stretched further forward, we'll go on down just to the shoulder blades. This time take, keep your eyes forward. Arms are up, or you can leave them down for a little more ease and now right under your chest, just press that part down. She won't see much, but it's there.

You could support your head. No big deal. You easy and let your legs be free in the hip joints and old. Suck them in. I won't take you up yet. Feel that. Feel that nice. Excellent, excellent. Little less determination here. Thank you. Ah, yes. Have a little fun with it. Okay. You can just go to the ground, take your arms behind you, circle them out to a T or just be carefully, bring them down below you into a low V. taking the, let's take right leg extended into the ceiling. Adjust. It's important you adjust for hamstring. I think we're pretty good here, but if you're feeling a lot of quad, I'd rather you bend the lower leg so you take some of the pressure off. Alright, here we go. Flexing the foot. We're going across, uh, the midline of the body. It's inhale around and exhale stability everywhere else.

So you want to be able to free up that hip joint. It's almost like you have something heavy sitting on your hip bones, allowing the leg to move freely. And I'm going to tell you, actually I better not. I got to kind of count on this one. Don't I? Switch sides and inhale around up. Exhale. [inaudible] that'd be easy. And that's not to suggest we're not working. You have to work strongly. This is the last exhale here. Bend the knee, point the toe and go ahead and just not going to hang out in the stretch for long. But there it is. Crossed over with that knee.

Bring it back, stretch the leg out onto the map. What I was about to say was in all of our exercises, we have to have a point of anchor. Go ahead and take your left leg up. If you're going to just swing the light here without holding somewhere, and in this case it's the pelvis, it's not going to do anything for you. So find that in every exercise and I'll try to point it out. Here we go, crossing the midline, inhale around, exhale and in. Sometimes we work much harder when we let go.

Hm. Which essentially means it gets easier. This is it there. And finish your exhale, reverse it. Inhale around up and exhale, meaning I should say, we'll work more efficiently so it gets you feel it a little more. If you don't over commit to all the muscles around the one you really want to work. It must be in here. I'm watching and that's gotta be it, right? Our next exhale, finish it. Bend the knee and crossover.

We bring it back. And from here, just reach the arms straight above your chest. For the moment. Leave your arms there and I just double check that you haven't brought the shoulders off the mat. They're still down from here. You feel that area in the ribs drop down. Your head comes up and put them. Put your head almost right between your arms. You can come up an inch or two. If you need you bend your knees, that's fine. You need to drop the arms, that's fine. And then everybody dropped their arms and come forward.

Hands by your hips. Move forward a bit for rolling like a ball. Okay, so here we are and I am going to do knees together. So Presta unifies together. Maybe the glutes are engaged a little bit. It's not a bad idea. Here we go. Inhale back, exhale up. Keep your shape hold. Inhale back. Exhale up, hold. Elbows are wide, allowing room for the shoulders to stay down.

Another tip is the eyes. Of course, they're still give yourself three more. If you find a flat spot and don't see that. If you do spread the ball on a little bit, open it up one more time. Hold it down, feet on the ground, a little. Just back up a little bit onto your mat. Draw the feet back up again.

Slowly rolling down to it. Tabletop position with the knees. Release the hips a little as you're forward, maybe into the belly button or just straight ahead. Um, Oh, I had a good idea. But anyway, let's go into the a hundred and now while we still can. And inhale two, three, four, five, annex. Yeah, and in, find some suppleness to the legs at least on the front. Three. Calm but strong.

Four and, and in [inaudible], seven two, three, four, five and eight. Let the ribs expand. Gang. Inhale, I'm giving you one more. Draw the knees in. Set the feet down. Reach back with the arms. Listen up. We're not down here. Exhale, curl up. I've externally rotated my hands, so they faced each other.

Pick the feet up at the same time. Extend the arms out and the legs like a double leg stretch. Bring it back, feet to the ground and reach back. Head goes down lightly. Exhale, curling up. Bring the legs with it. Inhale, extend everything out. Exhale, bring it back. Inhale to the mat, lightly on the toes, head down, Xcel, everything coming up in hella. Grow out of the middle of your back. Exhale, bring it back in and okay. And hardest as far as putting those feet down I think. Right. So you can adjust that part of it if you want, you can come in and you could go one, two, that would be fair.

And you could lift them up that way too. But I think [inaudible] getting ups a little easier. Last one here. Hold the knees. Extend the lane closest to the window one. Okay. I'm with you. I'm gonna take that cube. Bring the knees in and let your head go down. Yeah, I thought it was going to just be me and I was going to suffer through it, but then I saw a clue, but let me off the hook. Good. I did. Um, yeah, Wendy and I made it. I mean Emily and I made eye contact, but she saved me. Okay. Are we good? All right.

Okay. Nanny's ready? Here we go. Curl chin toward your chest. Extend the like closest to the front to the train. Here it is and change. We're going a little quick one on one and two. Two. All right, so here's the deal again, working stability, so we'll get back to the articulating stuff in a bit, but for now it's absolute stillness and we have to know when there's a difference, right? There is nothing changing. You don't get higher or lower. You stay there. I'm giving you one more pass per leg. Here's one.

And both knees in. Hug them and close. Close, close, right close. Press the tailbone into the ground as best you can. Roll your head to the mat. Chin toward the Chester. Roll back up. Looking deep into the belly. Yeah. Extend one leg again. They'll say the one closest to the front hand goes behind your head.

Twist into it. I brought the knee in closer. You don't have to, you can leave it back here and change. I do think I'm going to go a little slower first. I do think you should lace the fingers fully or at least go hand over hand so you can keep the shape of the upper body. Here we go a little quicker. One one Oh two two, three, three and four. Don't let those knees turn out and five, five again, I'm just counting to noise. Good, good.

Chin up just a slight bit Deborah. And when you're even, which I think will be after this next pass, bend both knees and rest. Good. Good. So the feet are down, it looks like. Okay, so I love it when I look up to decide what am I doing. All right, leave the arms down. Let's just go into a shoulder bridge and just use the spine to get there so we roll. Find all those bones in your back. Hang out. I'll get to shoulder bridge in a minute. Big inhale.

Let this be easy. Don't collapse and don't drop, but let it be easy. No over flexing. Find a room within the musculature to move out. Sorry if I didn't say it, I meant to come down. When you guys hang out, you're no, you're good to come down and yeah, come down. Come down. Sorry. Okay. We are all at ground one zero. Here it is. Exhale, roll up.

Yeah. Good. Excellent. Beautiful. Inhale. Exhale. Roll down. Upper back start curl and nice. Very good. Very good. It looks, it looks effortless. That's the point. Do it again. Keep it that way.

Well, stay up on this one. Take the leg closest to the back and just make sure that when you lift it up, you don't drop that hip. It's going to try. Most likely leg is up and we go, we kicked down one and uh, and reached to an up. Go ahead. Three up and four up. Five go on for eight. One more. Hold it up there. Bend the knee, touch the ground, bring the other side up. And so where's your anchor point here? In a way it's a right around for me and for you I suppose around the root chest.

Ribs, right? Don't let that loosen up. Somebody telling me six, eight that must be it up. It is. Return the leg. Inhale and roll yourself down with a bit of ease, particularly around the neck and throat. Great. Extend the little like closest to the window onto the mat and reach it long. Bring the other knee into your chest.

Reach a long [inaudible]. It's actually just curl your head up towards your knee for head toward the knee and check your alignment of your hips that you haven't hiked that hip that's in your, basically in your hands. Keep it long and then find a stretch here. You're welcome to bend the lower leg, right. Excellent. Excellent. Be a little careful about holding behind the knee. Be a lot careful. Rather hold above it or below it and it's going to be just a stretch in.

Slowly reached the other leg before picking it up. Reach it long. You won't see it. Maybe you'll feel it. Pick it up and we'll change. Careful. It's different. Yup. Yup. Let's see. Let's come out of it for a second.

Just bend the knee and hug it in so your head gets that break anyway, and then leaving the knee and clothes like so round up through the neck and shoulders. You're going to feel the whole shoulder girdle slide down, hopefully. Then take the leg back up. Yeah, lovely thing to reach the leg that's on the ground. Further down first. Then it picks up and we're going to change legs. Here it goes, and back to stability again. And let's keep these kind of slow so you can feel differences. If there are any, you can feel freedom in the hip joint. We try to get the leg to the ground. I would recommend getting that one down before over pulling the top one and [inaudible] leave this one up. Leaving both up, I should say. Sorry.

Next time hands go behind your head. Stretch yourself out long onto the mat. You can bend your knees here a little if you need to. Otherwise, everybody turn the legs out. Not from the feet, not from the knees, but from the hips. Bring them back. Turn them out again. So I'm just rotating out and back and rotate out and back. And in your mind's eye, can you [inaudible] feel space at the hip joint or is it just excruciating? If it is, you might turn. Let the knees bend and make it more of a frog like action.

That would be fine. In fact, let's all do that. It's kind of nice. Bend the knees a bit, turn out as much as you can and then bring it in. Turn it out and bring it in. And one more time out. And if you can go to straight legs. Do if, if we want to keep them bent, fine. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Looking forward, you can somewhat see your elbows in the back of your leg, uh, back.

Your head is reaching backwards. Uh, let's turn out. That's felt pretty good today. Light squeeze of the glutes as you allow the legs to om. Just float down. Recommit to your anchor and pull back up. Inhale to reach out and exhale to pull up. If if right here, it feels too tight on the hamstrings, that's where you can bend them there and then let them straighten out and uh, and you nails pure stability. The minute that low back starts to move, you've gone too far. Let's bend the knees in. Rest your head, curl right back up, or take a break. Reach forward with your arms.

Hold onto the back of your legs. Let the leg bones move away from you a little bit. The shins are parallel to the floor. Still roll up. Yes, we're doing that again. What do you guys look, kid? Right? You're controlled. We're altogether. Um, you can put your feet on the ground if you wanted to.

You can let go or you can stay holding on. It's up to you. The legs do the same thing. We move this fine away from the legs, right? The legs are kind of, have nothing to do with it other than they're helping us. We bring the spine back up. We don't reach with the shoulders because that's not going to help either.

Now we're there. You can rest your legs at any time, but we'd roll the pelvis away from the thigh bones and we bring it back. Excellent. Set your feet down. Sit up tall. Separate your feet. Spinal articulation from the top end. Does anyone want to guess what Aaron Ray requested? Spinal articulation and stability. Actually, right, so that's what we're doing. In case you hadn't noticed. All right. Again, with your legs, you can always bend them.

Please do if that's in your way straight ahead for just a spine stretch. Okay. Seltzer round. Your head's going forward, but really the contraction came lower into the abdominals first and I'm going to encourage you to challenge this. A little. Hold the pelvis where it is. It doesn't move any more, but you go as far forward as you can with your spine. You might put your forehead on the mat. You might. I won't. Someone would. Mary, Emily's pretty close and then we roll back up.

It's from the low end of the spine. You just let the bones fall into place. Don't. This is another one and I do this all the time where I kind of come up and I'm like, raw, boom. No, let's make it easy coming up. Okay. It's still your work. A promise. Here we go. If you think about the abdominals, let's go.

Let's see what you got. Any more stretching from around here? Doesn't come from the shoulder blades. It comes from the spine. It's as if someone's holding you back and inhale. If you haven't exhaled a roll up the spine, the muscles of the back and the front working in the arms are just going along and drop up and down we go. I'll add in back extension here. I'm going to encourage it. No, let's just drop the arms to the chin somewhere. Roll the pelvis as you lift the spine off the pelvis into a nice long diagonal line and let's just hang out until we find that. Great. Great.

Debra, I've seen a little bit flatter from you before. Let's see, maybe slightly bend your knees. Yeah, Nope. There we go. Okay, and then re round and roll up tall and arms are up if you want or you can leave them down when it's time we around to go forward. I'm dropping my arms again and then I'll add them overhead. If you want to go straight there, go ahead.

It's going to take me a while though. I'm inhaling to this. Exhale, float the arms up. If your arms are really either tired or tight, you can leave them down wherever your breath is. Take another email when it's appropriate and exhale to round over and we'll roll up from here all the way to the top. And you know XL coordinating a lot on this one. So giving ourselves a little time to do that. Inhale. It's as if the tailbone tries to reach out from underneath us. We just start to feel more hamstring stretch.

The feet are still flexed on that long line. Chin down just a little Jim. That's the last piece of it for you, huh? And exhale re round to come up. Start softening through the shoulder plates as you come up consciously doing that and inhale and exhale. If you were up against the wall, the pelvis is still up against the wall and email and tobacco extension. Good, good. Yup. Lovely.

Exhale round. Good looking good. Last one with something at the end. Here we go. Growing into it, if your hip flexors, I've had enough, you just bend the knees and from here tonight we're not pulling back. Just Oh, get your upper arms by the ear or aligned with the ears as best you can. And now forget the arms. Just think up on the diagonal as if I came by and pulled on your shoulders, but don't let them lift. Just going forward, you're not going to see much.

It's like you're just trying to get longer in between each vertebra. Then let the arms go behind you. You're not going to push forward. You're going to almost lift your butt up off the ground almost, and then keep your head up where it is. Meaning you just lifted maybe a half inch or so. Sync the tailbone back to the ground, but keep your head up there. Long arms.

Come back up and round over. Roll yourself up. Bend your knees somewhere along the way, comfortably. Sit forward enough that you can pick up your legs. I brought them together to do that. First. There's a little spinal articulation in this one, just so you know when you're ready. Extend the legs, so we start with a pretty flat back or hopefully flat back.

A little bit of a tuck and your head will adjust, but not much. We roll back on the inhale. Exhale, keep the curve until the last moment. There's your articulation fully under control. Inhale to exhale. Focus in the eyes. Those of us that hyper extend the knees. We have to be careful.

I'm not talking to anybody but myself and you. If you hyperextend your knees, go ahead. Inhale, roll back. You don't want to drive energy through your knees, right? And I don't mean make them soft, just don't push through them and inhale back. Exhale. Ah, one more. And if we go closing that, the seat, take one arm back pretty far back behind you. I've got the fingers turned away. The other one, okay, you could do this on your forearms either way. And we take the legs to the front. Laura, I'm only a little bit around and same direction. Inhale.

And now exhaling back is pretty. Still. Hold it at the top. Other way. Inhale, exhale, round. It can be done with bent knees. Just move the back one more time around. Good. Bend the knees, sit yourself up and turn the knees out so you're right on top for a stretch forward. Okay, let's go. Roll ourselves back up.

Knees and feet together for just a little lateral flection. So it's off the Cadillac. Meredith taught me this in a moment, you're going to roll back. You'll be in your normal rollback, you'll take the one side, reach back. I do let the ribs open a little on that side. So you feel a little shortening but you don't lean over. So it's, it's, it's not gonna feel like you're changing your spine a lot, but it will be your turn. So we're here, we roll down to that spot. Maybe not quite as low as I was. Sorry. You're fine. We'll get you on next one.

Uh, arm closest to the front. It opens. Look at, look at the hand, look at the hand, go with it, bring it back. And even if the spine doesn't move at all, the way that arm gets pretty significant, doesn't it? And we come forward and up. Find one, shoulders over hips, find your, these knees and then go again. We'll go to the back of the room first. This time, once we get down mid back, open it up and looking at it. And uh, the, the challenge is not falling back with it. Right, right. Cause that's just not gonna do it. Inhale, exhale. We're coming up.

Find your knees, travel through a straight spine into extension. You might even have to pull yourself forward a little and we go again to the front. Inhale, bring it back to the back, bring it back, hold. Inhale and find your knees. Find your spine and your stretch your legs out. Separate them to the soft position so they're a little wider than your mat, I think. Yeah, we can stagger a little bit.

I'm going to do the version where we're here and then I'll straighten him out. So you're upright and that's about all I probably have to say toward the front. Inhale, rotate. Extend your arms when you get there and let this be an excuse to go higher. A, what are we doing? Saw and we go reach that back arm. Inhale to sit up. Refold arms and center. Inhale, rotate, makes sure the leg don't change. Arms extending or reach forward with the one sewing off that little toes.

The other arm reaches back in, sitting up. Refold arms and center. We know it. Now let's work slightly faster, but more precise and and up and center. And in two X. So where's your anchor on this one? It's not just go there because everything will go with you, right? You've got to hold the hips back and down, opposite hip primarily. And, and you can get some fantastic abdominal work here while trying to even extend the spine up. Last one.

Lovely. Back to center. Close the feet. Take the hands behind you. Fingers facing your heels. Um, wrist situation. Feel free to go to your fist. Turn your hands out. Roll your mat. Well, lots of choices there. Here we go. First, before you do anything, try to get straight arms out of your, your shoulders, right? So you're lifted. You don't have to lift your button. I'm just on a mat here. Here we go. Use your legs. Use your legs. She usually likes to come up or no one's throwing their head back.

Hinge to sit to lightly touch. And as you sit, sorry, he's taking a break for one second. I want to help me say this to every, you always have better accused an idea when you come down. I want to have you almost pushing up with your body. What do you think? If you know what I mean? We'll just move on. But this, it's a real easy thing to just think, okay, I'm starting over. No, it's as you come down. I can't do a good example of it, which is surprising because as long arms but feel like they're going, you're still resisting. You're still pulling your opposition. Thank you. That's what we want. Here we go. We'll lift, use the back of the legs and then as you come down this as if you're being pulled up by the head. Oh lovely. And up. And when you come down and let your eyes come with you.

So you're looking at on the horizon in front of you at the end. Good. And up and down. Normal to get that little tremor in there. If anyone's getting at, cause you don't roll. There's no articulation on this one. Give us one more to hold it up there if you want to challenge it. I'm not going to kick high. I'm going to ask you to exhale, reach the leg and hover it. Pick one and down. Same one again to try to reach long rather than up three. One more, four change sides, reach one, two. Excellent. Three and four have put it down.

Lift up out of your arms as you sit down and round forward like some feet as you do this as a good time to check your feet right now. No rest for you. You're analyzing, you know, uh, see if you're sickling your feet. See if you can flex the feet fully. Yeah, nice. Evenly through the ball of the foot and then just really yourself up. Turn to the actually rolled down and we'll then we'll turn to the side once you get down all the way.

Okay. Not too much set up here other than to say that this is more or less stability. That might be some rocking of the pelvis, but pretty small back as neutral or spine as neutral. Turn the ankle bones together as best you can. Whether they actually touch is not that critical.

We just don't want to sickle the feet. Alright, from there we reaching the top arm. Long exhale, lift both feet off the ground and lower down and a full blood cramp in my foot and try this. When your feet are on the ground, coming from someone who's cramping and can't show you, try to make the big toes line up while they're on the ground touching top leg a little further, Jim. And then basically while they're in there, they may slide a tiny bit, but minimize that so it'll limit your range of motion a tiny bit. Here we go, we're up and we're down. So all the action is really happening at the waist and by action is pretty small but hopefully intensive. Hmm. You're not sure what you're working. Remind yourself to relax the legs and it's the entire abdominal wall with an emphasis here on the top. One more.

Hold it there. Now, unlike what I said a minute ago, reached the top hip longer so that toe is further out and it's out enough. Why? This is one of those places where we try to relax the leg itself. Try to let it come out of the hip. The one hold on so tight. Yeah, the fact that you can go that high gym makes me think that you could be over here more. Now go good from there. Yup. Good.

All right, so now from about hip height, let's just make a circle as if you're tracing like a magic circle so it's not huge. Let's see. Uh, where was it? It was up. Keep it up. Um, after about five change directions and we can go to, is it excruciating? Okay. Yeah, let's keep it up. All right. After your fifth one or so, bring them together. Set it down. [inaudible] come up to your tip of your elbow or the forum forum would be a little bit easier, um, to lift away from.

If you want to challenge the balance and you know, you can come pretty decently. Keep away from the ground to do it that way. If you're on the tip of the elbow, fingertips here, if you're on your forearm, just keep the hands down, whichever you decide. I'm going to come watch the shoulders. Top leg is up. And as you before tightening your glutes before tightening your glutes, reached the leg long. Now you don't have to tighten your glutes. It'll just work. Kick forward and back. Kick forward and back. You let that leg move freely in the hip.

You'll get the muscle you want just by virtue of the position and back. So typically it's kick, kick and kick, kick and reach, reach and back reach. I'm just giving us one more. Here comes, hold it to the back again. Let it be pulled and roll the top hip forward a little. There we go. Lovely. And lift five, just five, two, three, four. [inaudible] five take that leg, cross it in front. You might want to come off that tip of the elbow and either go forearm.

You might be able to sit all the way up right away. It's up to you. And then I'm pushing the knee just backwards a little. I'm looking for where I want to stretch. Um, if you don't feel yet, another thing you can do is I have my foot flat. No, no where particular, it's just where I can, and then I stick the hips out backwards behind me. Like you're sticking your butt out. Some version of that. Usually people can find [inaudible]. That's I'm trying for anyway.

Is that where you felt at work before the stretch? Good. We're, I'm attempt. I'm assuming that when you were doing the exercise, you felt it somewhere around here, so that's in fact what I'm, I'm trying to stretch a little bit too now. Yup. Let's go to the other side and I'll come back on the things all the way down. Right line on your upper arm. It wouldn't be a bad idea to be able to see your feet in front, but if you can line them up straight, that's great too. When you're ready, it's an inhale. Prepare soft legs, legs or toes are lined up.

Exhale to lift both legs. Inhale down. I think it's a very good idea to re, sorry to start the exhale before you start the move. And the question sometimes comes up, should my spine move or should my waist drop? It's probably gonna move, but we don't want to let go of the bottom side completely. So it's more like a stable contraction. Two more.

Next one stays up for a while. Right. Reached the tough leg a little longer and it was lift. So yeah. Yeah, maybe you can maybe just can't Jim I going that high sometimes is an indicator but that looks quite good actually. Yeah. Nice. Emily, good back there. Good. Helen? Mandy's good. Okay. All right. Here's your circles. Soft leg right and just move stirred up from up here. Three for a little balance involved, changed the direction I think I had my hand down before so I'm going back to that. Finding the space in there and I bring it down. Help yourself up.

Tip of the elbow or forearm and before on loading in whichever way you do. You want that lat and shoulders stable. Engaged. Here we go. Top leg is that I do, I can see my feet pretty good in front of me a little bit here and we go kick, kick, kick, kick and back and exhaling forward. Bottom shoulder, down and back. So just something to think about. Our lives or our habits often don't encourage the leg getting behind us, but in fact it needs to for good walking and other things.

So focus almost more on getting the leg back rather than to the front. Give it one more to the back. Hold it back there, and then let it be pulled a little. Chances are that's gonna pull your hips a bit. So aim your hip forward a touch in opposition and lift slowly for five. One, two, three, four and five. Okay, good. Right. That's that. Finding any stretch either come up to the tip of the elbow or the form or if it was better for you, higher is typically a bigger stretch.

So be careful or go forward if you need it. Some of you may need to come all the way up, right? Not one of them. All right. Swiveling around to hands and knees. Let's think this through for one second. Okay. So if you're not going to be on your hands, which I am going to do, um, well I guess I'll just show you what we're going to do.

We're going to go from a plank. I'll set you up a little better than what I'm, I knew where I was going to go. Okay? So if you don't want to be on your risk, what you'll do is you'll be on your forearms, but not like this because that'll be too much torque on the shoulder. It's going to be like that if you decide to do it that way. Okay? Both are good. You just have to protect the shoulder. And the second one won't be on your wrist. So you decide, and you may decide not to go to one shoulder at all. You might just stay in the middle of the, on the plank.

Everybody's got the shoulder gently, no over forcing down and down, meaning towards your hips. Come into a plank, make sure the legs are strong so they're not just hanging out. You shoot energy really through the heels. Imagine that it continues. You shoot entity out the crown of your head, a little inner thigh action. The ribs are lifting you up away from the floor. Your head is long. Um, Emily, just walk your feet back a tiny bit. Yep. Cause you a little pitched over. All right, so here we are.

We just inhale and we exhale and you get light on the arms. I know an unnecessary strain and shift your weight back. Flex your fee. Everybody, I think probably is what it music. Okay. Keep your arms where they are. Just swivel your feet. If you, if they're really close together, they should be a little further apart about the hip distance and come into a side sideband or a side plank. Come back to your side plank. Lift your heels a bit, swivel back, adjust your feet however you need. Two hands are down. Swivel again, you can take a break if you need to, but come back lifting up for the side. Ben. Well done. Well done.

Come back to your long line, adjusting your feet back to the flank. Hands come down from here. Bend your knees and sit back. Kind of a funny one. Um, I'm gonna do my best to explain it, but I think the easiest way to do this is to tell you that you're are, we're going to try for that upper back or thoracic extension. So if we were here, give me a second. Since you're already watching, if you were here, we're just going to walk forward a little bit. My hips are probably a little bit behind my knees still arms are comfortably straight. Then from here, I'm just going to try to put my ribs on the ground.

Okay. If you do it with shrug shoulders, it's not going to do anything. The shoulders have to be slightly down and the hands can be wide and it's just a sense of trying to, that's as far as I can go. I don't need to be looking forward. Right, and just looking at the ground, it feels fantastic if you keep your shoulders down. It's that same thing I'm always trying to get for us. Right, so here we go. He's walking out and I would go a little wider than is what? Natural for you or where you would have gone into an easy stretch.

Your hips are not right over your knees and we've got a good edge and it's got a good [inaudible]. Yeah, y'all look great. Then you start inching your way down and you can make little adjustments, right? You started trying to just lower your ribs tour. The floor shoulder tightness is going to play into this, so don't, don't let that be in your way. Okay, so now Emily, are you getting that upper back stretch at all, Emily? I didn't think so. Walk forward more for you. Quite a bit. Quite a bit that Wendy, it looks like you're there. Do you feel that? If not, Jen, if you, if you're there and you don't feel anything other than your shoulders, back off it a little and pull the arms down your back a little bit.

And then Emily, you just to, I know I said ribs to the floor, but you have to kind of hold back a little bit and get more chest to the floor and then you're looking up a bit for him. Okay. Like that. And then all right. Then just unfurl. Tuck your pelvis around, forward all the way down to you're lying on your stomach. Yeah, comfortably good. Did no one got it. Huh? There I expected oohs and aahs. You did. Okay, good. All right. Okay, good. You've got shoulders. Yeah, that's right. Where's Candace when we meet her? Yeah. Okay. So I, I think the shoulder is probably a good thing too. As long as it's not that sort of over, maybe next time try it wider to get to the back, but uh, okay. Okay.

So we stripped the arms out. I thought it was I attached to that exercise or what am I gonna hurt. All right. It's the same place. It won't be the same feeling. You're going to go into swimming, so however the arms and legs and go for it. Just inhaling now remember you do want upper back extension so you have to have your head out of the water a little bit. Yup. Excellent.

Nice Wendy. So now I'm going to recommend you all slow it down a little and challenge the range without wobbling side side. Yes, that's it Aaron. That's it. That's it. Look forward slightly, Aaron. Yup. Yup. Excellent. Excellent, excellent. I think that's probably close to being more than enough. So how, just release it down to the mat. Take a second. Relax. Well done.

Well done. And when it feels right to come into a rounded back position or essentially what I'm going to go to, Sue is here, so if you can go straight to here, comfortably, easily deal, and we don't have to have the knees, the hips low, get the heels down to the ground, let your head hang. Knees are very bent for the moment, and then when you're ready to go to straight, but you don't have to straighten the either folding in half hanging your head, letting traction of gravity, just pull the weight of your head down. I'm going to bend the knees just like we did in the beginning as we do. Draw the abs up away from those sly bones as the hips drop down, guiding the shoulders and back towards straight. I'm just hanging out, but go ahead and go to the top. I'll be there in one second.

I'll be right there and bend. I'd like to go back to that hip stretch where we straightened, let's say right leg first forehead to nose. Ben. Both needs, you can put your hands on your shins if you don't like it on the floor. It's just getting a challenging stretch but not painful and bend. And then with that, we'll roll out.

You can put your hands above your knees or let them hang if it feels supportive enough. [inaudible] and lift up off your joints. Lift up off the ankle joints. It's image, but not really. You can support and lift just as much as you can support and draw and then the arms. That's just bring them forward and bring him down. And then as your arms come forward, counterbalance that. If it means to, I think it means laying back, doesn't it? Starting to wave just a little bit and last one up. Hold it up and let it go whenever it feels natural, let your arms come down. Good job guys.

Thank you. Worked really hard.


Highly recommended! Beautiful flow. V nice standing warm up with refreshingly different moves. Lots of variations possible. This one's my favourite so far.
Sometimes my dog makes it a little hard to concentrate though...
Fantastic picture! Thanks Abigail!
This doggie is waaay too cute!!

Great class... my dog liked it too... must be an Airedale thing!!
I LOVE THIS, Helen!!! (and your snuffy doggy) Yes, Pilates is certainly a hit with the doggies... Quite exhausting work for them it seems...
Oh you guys are giving me ideas!!! Pilates for dogs! I love the trend you are starting by posting these adorable pictures! Thanks!
LOL we should start AiredalesAnytime!!!!

Fabulous. Thanks Wonderful pacing.
Great class Kristi! Thoroughly enjoyed it :)
yes my cairn terriers sleep on my pilates mats.. hard keeping them off!! I need to post pics too.. Love the Airedales. You can never say no to that face!
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