Class #3623

Hip and Shoulder Tower

35 min - Class


You will find balance in your hips and shoulders with this Tower workout by Trent McEntire. He shows two different setups so that you can take this class whether you have an Arcus or not. By the end of the class, your body will feel more free and open.
What You'll Need: Tower, Arcus, Theraband

About This Video


Hi, I'm Trent Macintyre. Welcome to tower for hip and shoulder balance. So we have two different setups today. We have one set up with regular springs and straps and another setup that...

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So happy to see Trent back on PA featuring the Arcus! This was a short but sweet workout that made me feel lengthened and more fluid at the end of a long hard day. Love his sense of humor!
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What a treat to be cued on the Arcus by Trent! I look forward to more Arcus classes soon. Thank you.
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Thank you Trent, the hip feels better after Hip and Shoulder Tower!)
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Great class! Hope you’ll have more with the Arcus in the future.
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My arcus is due this month, love to see the workouts on here❤️
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Did it without the arcus today and loved everything we did! New connections just holding the straps differently.
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beautiful cues! Thank you:)
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Loved this! Now I want an arcus.
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Love the Arcus! Great to have you back on Pilates Anytime. Beautiful workout. I will be definitely incorporating these moves into my client's sessions
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Loved it. Cueing was awesome. Great pace.
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