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Mat Workout

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A classic Romana's Pilates Intermediate Mat Class using the Magic Circle to help shape and strengthen the buttocks, thighs and Powerhouse.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

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Alright. So today we're going to concentrate on making on really working our bottom and maybe some arms later on too. But I'm working our bottom and making it our bottom as in the bottom of our frame. This is one of Romanos really big focuses is keeping our bottom underneath our shoulders rather than making it our behind and having it behind us. So we're really gonna Focus Today on trying to learn how to engage those muscles and not only engage them, but one day we're going to be able to engage them.

You probably can do that in already and use it to lengthen your lower back, which helps so much when we have back injuries or to help length in those legs. So first we have to engage it and then we're going to use those muscles to lengthen. Okay. So we are going to do a lot of magic circle work today and we're just all going to get on the same page. So I'm going to hand you that circle. So before we even start our fabulous hundred, maybe scoot down just a little bit. There you go. We're going to lie on our back.

You can have your head on that pillow to make sure good. And your feet are going to be just hip with the part and knees slightly bent. Great. All right. And you're going to place the magic circle right above your knees between your inner thighs. And sometimes there are some like little lymph nodes or things that make it and we're going to make it kind of a little bit more straight up and down like that that might get caught.

It's not the most comfortable exercise to pinch, but it has a lot of value. So usually as the new year begins, everyone starts focusing on their bottom or their arms. So I thought, why not? Let's, let's start there. So let's try and get our shoulders relaxed and long arms sync the spine into the mat. I want you to pretend that this blue mat is like a big wet slab of cement.

And I want you to imprint every vertebra starting from between your ears down your neck and just breathing, taking this moment to actually have for yourself and to feel each photo repressing down. Good, and then you're going to get all the way down to your tailbone, so you should definitely have pressure of the back of your head, the back of your bra strap, your waistband, and then your tailbone if we can think of those things. All right, maybe a tiny bit closer with your feet. There you go. And same with you and Marie. Perfect. All right, so to start off with, I want you to think of your bottom, but within your bottom. Let's talk about skeletal, your hipbones, and I want you not to press that circle together with your thighs that could squeeze it till the cows component. We want to squeeze it from our bottoms. So let's try to push both of your po hip bones together and just squeeze good and release. Great job. And try to keep your tailbone a little bit flat, actually.

Nice because you can, because you're more advancement. So we're going to schoolies excellent. And release again, try to send a message first to your hips to your bottom and squeeze a circle. Good. Now squeezing it. I want you to try to tilt the pelvis towards you.

Good lifting your tailbone, but keeping your waistband down a little bit more. Tilt for me, Adrian. There you go. Good. And now slowly start lifting up your waistband. With that, keep going. Lift up another bone. Good. And another bone and another bone. Until we're a straight line from your knee to your shoulder. Perfect.

A little bit higher with that seat. And Nice Adrian. And we're going to keep your seat there, squeezing that circle. And I want you to relax your rib cage and drop down your chest and really articulate your spine as you roll down your upper back, your middle back. So your bra strap or the bottom of your shoulder blades, or flat your waistband. Until you roll out your tailbone. You might want to bring your feet a little closer and that'll help a little bit. You might've noticed that it was a little challenging.

There would have liked to have brought him in when you were up there. And now we're gonna add some beats up there. So we're going to start with the hips. We're going to press together. We're going to feel that bottom lift, rotating your pelvis towards you lifting and articulating one vertebrae at a time until we're straight lined from your shoulders to your knees. Beautiful. Now again, you could pump that circle with your thighs all day long.

Let's do it from your bottom. Let's do 10 counts. One pump, two, three. Nope, up and down just in the circle. Perfect. Six, seven, eight, nine. Now use that pound to hold that circle tight and drop your chest melting down, articulating, stretching out that lower back as you go and release the circle. We're going to do it one last time. This time for 20 okay, so press those hips together. All those were more knees. Let's try that again. Squeeze those hips and now we're going to roll up. Beautiful and you right here. You don't really want to feel your feet pressing into the mat too much.

Try to make it that your bottom is lifted up instead and 20 beats. One, two, three, four, five a little higher with your seats. Six, seven, maybe half an inch higher. Good. Holding it there. 10 more. Two, three, four. Use both like evenly. Get that left leg to work too. Eight, nine, hold it tight with both hips, not thighs and roll down your upper back, middle back. Really feel. Try to lay then your lower back with that bottom and release really good. So anytime in the mat work today that we use the magic circle between our inner thighs, you're going to really feel it in your bottom first. And then of course your outer thighs and inner thighs are going to help. So really nice job. Good. Now go ahead and bend your knees into your chest.

Good. Give him a nice hug. Good. And we're going to change that circle to go between our ankles and this is what it's going to be like for the a hundred but before the we do the hundred let's just go ahead and press those arms into the mat and go straight up with the legs. They can go a little bit lower. If it's hard to go straight up, that's fine. And rotate from that hip bone, those legs all the way out. Good. Very nice so that the knee and toes are turned slightly out. And so again, from your bottom, from your hips, I want you to squeeze that circle and then engage the outer thighs and inner thighs. Good and release. This time I need to see a little more powerhouse work cause that's always the basis.

So sync the navel to your spine first and then squeeze the circle and hold. Good. Keep sinking down in your belly. And I want your heads to come up. Long arms reaching for each other and let's bump. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Now you guys know how to breathe, how to pump, keep up that rhythm. Good Rhythm, Adrian. Good, a little quieter in the upper body. Nice, good. What's fabulous about the magic circle is you can squeeze it as much or as little as you want. So if you're squeezing it little, it might not be too challenging. If you've won a little bit more work than that bottom and squeeze it a little bit harder, see if you can get those two pads to come together. Squeeze in him, go. You should really feel that bottom.

Really feel that that's if you're more advanced than you're also squeezing that circle from your bottom end. Trying to lengthen your lower back. Lengthen the legs away from you with that magic circle. Use that as a tool. Let's do 20 more. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Empty the lungs is your belly sinks lower and lower and lower and lower. And one more. Inhale, two, three, four, five. And exhale. Two, three, four, five. Hug the knees into your chest. Take the circle, put it down by your side.

We're going to keep it close throughout the mat work because it's gonna be there. We're going to sit up and we're going to do a modified roll up. Place a circle back between your inner thighs right above the knees. Good. Uh, just like we had it in the very beginning. Good feed. A little bit narrower. Perfect. Hands Underneath your knees. Sit Up really tall. Use Your power. Has to sit up really tall.

Feel a nice stretch in your back and now press your hips together to squeeze a circle. Good. And Scoop your stomach into round your back. Keeping your shoulders right over your hip bones. Just round, round, round. Nice. Squeeze the circle and let's get your waistband to go down to the mat, pulling back with the powerhouse. Get the waistband to touch and exhale as you squeeze the circle and come right back up. Forehead to the circle. Release a circle, squeeze the bottom, squeeze the circle, pull back your waistband, only feel how that works. And after you touch your waistband, come right back up. Scoop, scoop, scoop. Good. And squeeze a circle and roll down your and go a little further. This time to your bra strap and then come on up per se, down your waistband as you come up. Good one more like that.

Squeeze a circle from your bottom. Roll it back. Feel that bottom work waistband goes down. Bra Strap, and squeeze the circle even more as you come up. Good. Release that circle. Now we're going down to our head. Squeeze from the bottom length in your bottom and the opposite direction that you're going. Rolling down. Beautiful. Touch the head and come right back up. Press a Bra. Strap down, squeeze and circle. Love squeezing the circle.

Great job. And one more time. School easing it. Lengthen your tailbone away from you to your feet as your belly pulls the other way. Nice. Soon as your head touches, you want to come right back up. Good job. Amery nice scooping, scooping. Let's just do one more and squeeze last time. Rolling down. Really articulating good. And once your head comes down, come up.

Try to keep your waistband down a little longer, little longer as you come up. Really work that seat. Love it. Go ahead and take your circle away. Put it down by your side, straighten your legs forward and just give yourself a stretch as you reach through your ankles and then roll down onto your back. And we're going to do single leg circles. Okay. How about memory? I want you to do it with bent knees.

So go ahead and bend those knees just a little bit straight and good. And I'm going to have, when you do this single leg circles, I want you to forget that you have a leg, okay? Yes, it's called single leg circles. We're going to be circling the leg, but instead I want you to think about circling the bottom cheek. Okay, so bringing in that right meteor chest, give it a nice stretch. Straighten the leg turned out to the ceiling. Hands behind your thigh or calf and stretch perfect arms by your side, squaring off your hips. Let's bring that right bottom up to your shoulders. Highs you can't. And then cross around up, cross around, up, making a circle, thinking the whole time about that bottom.

Take that bottom cheek. Up and around. Good. Up in around. Give me one more circle. Up and around and reverse down. Take that cheek all the way up. You can take that cheek all the way up there. There you go. Down around, cross down around cross. Good form down around cross one more. Damn.

Taking that cheek and bend the knee in first stretch. Lower the leg, long left leg and extend it up. Always stretched behind the thought or the calf. Always avoid that neat. Square off your hips as your arms go down and we're thinking left cheek. Now we're taking the left cheek up to your shoulder, cross around, up, cross around, up. Beautiful. Cross around, up stabilizing with your powerhouse so that you don't know any Cha-cha, any movement with those hips. One more. Cross around and hold. Reverse it down. Cross around, up. Good down.

Take that left hip up and over. Damn. Take the hip all the way over here and two more. Nice job last time and hug in that knee. Good. All right, place that foot down next to the other. Roll up using your powerhouse. We're going to lift your bottom forward to your heels. Good. All right, so rolling like a ball might not think that we could use our bottom here, but we actually want to be very safe when we roll back. We never want to put all our weight on top of our neck.

We still want to have weight on the back of our shoulder blades, but we do want to lift our bottom right now. It's under our shoulders right now, right? If you place your hands on your ankles and let's see. Balanced in a rolling like a ball position. Balance with the feet up. Good. Your shoulders are over, your hip bones right now, or your hips are underneath your shoulders. When you roll back, I want your bottom over your shoulders. I want you to use your bottom so much.

You've got sent a message to it that you're going to lift that bottom over your shoulders. But again, don't go so over the top that you're all on your neck. So here we go. Take a big breath and roll back and exhale all your areas. You come forward. Oh, come on, let's get those bottoms over your shoulders. Roll back. Good and exhale forward. Love it. Good effort. Inhale, roll back and exhale. Now try to do that. Keeping your heels closer to your bottom. Perfect though. Anyhow, roll back.

Exhale, Rola. Two more. Inhale, lift that bottom. Good. Exhale. Last one. Inhale, lift. That seat could exhale and rest your feet down. Nice job. Alright, lift. Put your hands in the middle of the mat, lift your bottoms back and roll back for the series of five for single leg stretch. Really the circle out, but assume single leg stretch right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. Good on this exercise. Think about your bottom, straightening that leg and switch. Squeezing that seat. Good stretch. Nice, good.

Really pressing that bottom and switch. Working that seat. Good. Right Cheek squeezes. Left cheek squeezes, right cheek Swedes is in length. It's really, use that muscle to lengthen away from your powerhouse. Good. Keeping Square powerhouse. Sinking. One more set right and left and grabbed both ankles. Rest your head, grab your circle. I know. Put it between your ankles.

Double leg stretch hands. Get into position by hands on the outside of the ankles. Heads up. Good and inhale, arms up. Hold as you squeeze that circle from the seat seat seat and keep squeezing it to pull it in. Golden Inhale, go out and squeeze that circle from your seat and exhale, pull it in. Good timing. Inhale, reach, concentrate. Exhale, pull it in.

Three more rapid squeeze and exhale. Good. Inhale, squeeze. See if you can keep squeezing it as you pull in. That's even more. Work more. Squeeze it as you go out. Can You keep it tight as you come in? Good. Rest your head. Circle to the floor, right leg up to the ceiling. Left leg forward for single, straight leg. Beautiful and switch, switch, switch. Good. Again, you're thinking bottom. Pull that bottom up to bottom. Take that right chick up left.

You got not the leg. Forget about the leg. Take the cheek up to you. Pull the cheek to you. [inaudible] good change. Switch a little quicker here. Right, left, right left. One more set. Great. Both legs up. Bend the knees and rest the head. As you grab your circle again, place it between your ankles, legs right on up. Hands behind your head.

Use Your upper stomach to push your head into your hands and squeeze the circle from your bottom and lower down, down, down, and pull it up. Let's squeeze it as you go down. Release it. As you pull up. Squeeze it evenly from your seat. As you go down and pull up, turning out those like squeeze and up. Now hold. We're going to relax the circles. You go down, squeeze it as you come up. Good. Relax. As you go down. Exhale, squeeze. One more. Relax. Come on.

Use that seat and bend the knees. Don't lose this circle in this. Just relax. You can let the knees come in. You can give yourself a little hug if you need to. We are not going to move this circle at all for the next exercise while we're twisting. Okay. It's Chris Cross, hands behind your head. Let's form a nice table top.

Having the knees right over your hips and the shins. I'm able to have my breakfast right here if I want to. We're going to lift up your shoulders as high as you can and without moving the circle, take that right elbow up to the left knee. Hold, come center looking at the circle and extend both legs. Squeezing the circle straight. No, pull it in and to the other knee. Crossover up, up, up, come center, wrap in, squeezed. Glad. Use that belly and over to the other good. Com, center, wrap and squeeze.

Let's get that bottom working and pull it in and last time over. Good. Finish it up with the stretch out. Wrap and squeeze and pull it in and relax. Take that circle down to the side and sit up for spine. Stretch forward. Good arms straight ahead. We're not going to have a magic circle, but that bottom doesn't get to just rest there and fall behind us.

I want you to squeeze it, pull it under using your power house, lift off the bed of pins, you've got a pin cushion right there, and you're going to roll up an imaginary wall to go forward. Good, good. Searching down, down, down, and inhale up. You guys look like you need a little extra stretch down there. So we're going to add another breath down there. So I want you to take a breath right now and then exhale as you roll down.

Good. Once you can't exhale anymore, stay down there. Take a breath and stay down there for me, Adrian. And then exhale and go down lower, lower bulling your stomach and more an exhale and exhale and exhale and then inhale all the way up and exhale all the way down. Great. Nice job and stretch and inhale as you lift up that seat, lift off that seat and one more. Exhaling down.

Let me see that. Nice lift off that bottom. Good. And inhale it up. Still squeezing, still lifting, rolling up and relax. All right, we got magic circle. I want you to lift your bottom [inaudible] magic circle. I was like, wow. They're all grabbing their magic circles. Grab your circle for open leg rocker on this exercise.

We're not going to be holding it. So I'm squeezing it so much as using it as a frame. And that really helps to engage the hips and that actually helps you to balance a lot better. So I want you to try to pull your power house in, rock back a little bit. Think of open leg rocker. You can hold under your knees if you need to. And then I want you to start lifting up your legs, balance with your feet up, and then lifting up your legs. Good. Straight, straight, straight.

Good. So Adrian, you're going to have your hands as high up behind your ankles as you can and yeah, and Emory. I just want you like straight, but if you need a hold behind your calves, that is more than fine. Good. That's it. Yeah, I'm going to be progress in a way. Good. Very good. All right, so this is your boundary pressing from your hips and we're going to rock back. Inhale, roll back, and exhale. Rock right up. God. Just turn out this leg a little bit more. Perfect in how? Roll back an exhale. Roll right on it. You got it.

Two more. Four more. Inhale, roll back. Exhale up. So feel a slight press from your hips. There you go. And Roll back and exhale. Roll right up. Nice. And again, any. Don't roll back with your head so much as your powerhouse, your left like dude do to beautiful last time. Inhale, good control. You changed it from your head. Exhale up. Alright, now holding it on your own. Here we're going to hold.

Squeeze that circle and roll away. Leaving the legs right there. So roll down your upper body. Good legs. Go right up to the ceiling and arms pressed down by your side. Good. This is the transition for corkscrew, but bend your knees. Usually we get a little bit tired in either our back or our quads.

By now they just liked to help so much, so we're going to take them a little break and now let's think about corkscrew. Here we go. Legs up, squeezing that circle from your bottom and let's see how far to the right can you drop your circle. Then circle don around to the left and center. Left all way around and Senate, turning out those likes, scooping the million, dropped right all the way around. Scoop, skip, skip and center. Left all the way around and center. We're going to add a bottom. Lift right all around and keep using your bottom to lip.

Just up good. Left all the way around. Squeeze that circle to lift your seat up. One more set, right all the way around. Lift and left all the ray round and lift and sit on up. Take the circle to the side. We've got saw no circle again, but still wake up that bottom. Use it like you're on a pink cushion. Let me see every muscle in those arms. Good.

Lifting up and twist to your right and exhale. It's not fair. You guys are looking at each other. So inhaling up, twist together, and exhale. Good. As you roll up, I want to see more energy in that bottom twist. Pulling your belly into your back as you stretch. Lift off your seat as you roll up. That was excellent twist.

Exhale, reach past that baby toe and lift off your seat as you come. Good and twist, stretch, and lift off that seat. Do we have one more to be even? Does that sound right? And twist and stretch. Good. And lifting off. Wonderful and relax. Bring those legs together. Good. And flip onto your belly. Good.

All right, so we're going to do neck roll, single leg kick and double leg kick. Great. All right, so before we do that, I want you to go ahead and [inaudible] grab the circle and place it between your ankles. I'm going to help you out. Go ahead and then bring the feet up towards you. That's it. And we're going to go for their good and straighten the legs. The circle feels like it's going to fall a little bit, but just trying to straighten your legs. Good. You can make a small pillow for your forehead with your hands.

And we're going to do this exercise again later and you got hands over hand for your forehead. Tough. Go ahead, but let's again forget about the legs and think about your bottom. Okay. First of all, pull the belly in to support your back. Excellent. Then press your two hips together and just thinking about the bottom, I want you to use the back of the thighs, the hamstrings in the bottom and lift up the s straighten your legs, straighten them so the knees are going to come off and then pump the circle. One, two, if you can get the circle up off the mat even better. Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and lower down. Good. That is all I wanted you to do just to exercise.

And when you're on your belly, figure out how are you supposed to use your body. All right, so legs together here. Hands Underneath shoulders. Good. If you have a stiff back, you might want to bring the hands forward a little bit and a little bit out to the side. All right, we're going to do neck roll. So that means that your bottom doesn't get to take a break. If you just relax, it is going to look like when I was standing and putting my bottom behind me. So in order for it not to be behind you and for it to be in line with your shoulders, you have to engage the bottom and press it down into the mat. Okay, so feel that right now, just like you did with the magic circle, and slowly use your powerhouse to come up into a backbend. Lifting up your head, your chest. Good, good. And look over your right shoulder.

Circle the head down around to your left and look forward. Look to your left. Circle the head down around to your right and look forward and come down onto your belly. One Vertebra type. Wonderful. One more time. Press the hips together and down and lifting up using your power house. This time we'll look to the left around, down, around to your right and look forward and to your right down around to your left and look forward and coming down.

Hopefully your bottom didn't take too much of a break here. Let's get up onto our elbows like a sphinx and you're gonna push the knuckles into each other. Good. Again. Make sure you're supporting with your powerhouse always, but then squeezing your bottom. And we're going to do single leg kick. Kicking right foot, one to left foot. One, two. Good. Right to left too. All right, right to keep going like that.

Amery left, but don't let your bottom go side to side. You guys squeeze it together there. That's it. And more down at one, two, and one, two. Good. And one, two, and one, two. Great. Go ahead and round your backs and sit down onto your heels. Good. Do you have a good healthy back, Adrian? Yeah. Okay, good. So I'm going to have you do the more advanced version and I'm Emory.

I want you to just stretch. OK. Cause this is more, the next one is more advanced and if people have a tender lower back or an extra Steph one, it might hurt your back if you're not quite ready for. So we're going to go back to single leg kick for me. So up onto your elbows. Good. And I want you to try pressing down the, bring your elbows forward just a little bit more. Yup. And knuckles together. Good and squeezing. Now lift up your head cause I want to be able to see a movie onto your chest.

Probably hot, right? And can you lift both legs up off the mat? Nope. Straight legs lifting the knees. Aha. Thank you. So still support but now let's get those legs up as high as you can. Good. Good. Now see if you can lift the right leg up even higher as it straight and keeping the thigh in IA. Pull it in twice. Kick your bottom twice two and then really reach for Emory.

Now this like lifted up high and lifted to stretch and lifting it up high and kick. Good and stretch. And lifting it up high, high and stretch. Now pass each other. We're going to go one, two and switch two and switch. Good. And lift and kick and lift that thigh up. Try to get the knee up off the mat. One more. Set me up off the mat and the up off the mat and rest and notice. Go ahead and round your back.

My hand was under your stomach the whole time cause it's so hard to keep your stomach in on that one. Did you feel a little difference there? Yeah, really woke up the back of the thigh and the seat, Huh? All right. So the goal is to get the knee at least up off the mat, if not even just a little light under the thighs too, but very hard. Very, very hard. We're going to go back onto your valleys for double leg kick. Good. And Maria, I want you to do it without a circle. Okay? But I'm going to have Adrian do it with a circle. All right, so you're s it's a little different than the traditional double leg kick. So you're just gonna follow me with my choreography here. Sound good?

All right. So right facial cheek on the mat. Hands together and as high up between your shoulder blades as you can. Elbows down into the mat. All right, so here's the choreography for this double leg kick. We're going to squeeze your hips together to start straight and your knees as much as you can. And lift your legs up straight. Just keep them straight for me. There we go. Straight, straight, straighter. Um, Marie, straight knees. Good. Now squeezing that circle. Pull.

Bend your knees, bringing that circle to your bottom. Good. Straighten the legs, keeping your knees and thighs up as much as you can and lower down that circle as you extend your arms behind you and use your powers to lift into a back bend. So we're gonna blow our lift into a back bend using your powerhouse and look the other way. Hands up high. Good straight legs. Lifting that lift up straight legs. Um, Adrian, back down. Hands behind. Good. That's it. And squeeze the hips.

Lift up those straight legs, straight legs, keeping the thighs and knees up. Pull. Bend the knees in. Good key. Be No sides up extent and lower down. Go into your back bend, pulling in your power hustle, lift, lift, lift, and switch cheeks. Good job, good. And squeeze and lift up those legs as high as you can. Bend your knees, keep lifting as you bend in and keep squeezing as you extend it. Lower down. Take a big breath and with help get a nice stretch. Beautiful. Look over this shoulder. Bend your hands back into place to go and squeeze and lift. Good. And then pull it in.

Extend still keeping up when you extend and then lower down. Good. Go ahead and round your back Amery and sit on your heels. Come up into that bend again. Good Adrian, and lower down. All right, I'll take the circle and you're gonna round your back and sit onto your heels again. Stretching out that lower back. Make sure we have a little bit more space between your hip bones and your thoughts so that you really get that good lower back stretch. Yeah, there we go. Good. Alright. Neck pull time. So I want you to turn over. We're going to do it like we did the roll up though.

A little modified. I stole your circle over here. We're going to place it right between your inner thighs. Right? Nice work ladies. Good. And Go ahead and a little bit. Does that feel comfortable? No, the circle a little higher. Okay, good. And it feels good. All right, so this is really, really hard.

So we're going to build it up. In other words, we kind of forget how much more we need to add the bottom in neck pole. So as soon as those hands leave our side and they start going behind our head, it becomes a whole different exercise. So first we'll have them here, then we'll work towards here. Then we'll open them up. Why? But I'd rather you keep them at whatever level you need to, instead of advancing and doing a big jerk and the extra eyes, let's keep it safe and really work that. Seek to understand that even though your abdominals, your powerhouse are working in this exercise, that you still have to stabilize so much with the bottom. Okay. So we're going to start here from a sitting really tall. It's neck pull, so we sit up really tall with our hands underneath her knees. Go ahead, use your belly. I want to see really tall. If you had a princess crown, I need to see it way up to the ceiling. Good, and now we're going to round our back. Squeeze that circle. Thank you.

Squeeze it and roll away all the way down until our head touches the mat. Keep squeezing the circle and round all the way up. Roll up around, all the way back. Good until your forehead kisses the circle. Inhale, sit up tall, squeezing that circle and exhale. Roll away from that circle. Really trying to send your tailbone to each other. Linkedin, all the way up. Inhale, lift the head up. Exhale, squeeze the circle, pulling in until you exhaled to the kiss. Circle in how? Sit up tall.

If you can put the hands behind your head now and point them to each other, you could try it and then you can always just go right back and squeeze the circle, not from your thighs and roll down. Good. As soon as your head touches. Inhale, come up and squeeze from your bottom to come all the way up. Impressive. Very good. Sitting up tall. You can open up your elbows as you sit up tall just for stretch. And then inhale round your back. Excellent. Squeeze from those hips.

Stabilize from the body. As soon as your head touches. Squeeze a circle. Yes. And coming all the way back up. Inhale. Sit Up. Tall. Good. And one more time like that rounding can be, you can bring your elbows in and curling. I'm going to have you Amarie stay with your elbows like that. Come right back up.

Squeezing for the next to Adrian that I want you to open up your elbows and going down with your elbows wide. Okay. Keep them wide. Rolling down. Good, good. Squeezing, squeezing. Good. And try to keep them as wide as you can as you come up. Excellent. It's hard, but that bottom can help you a little bit more. Inhaling up and last one. Back. Rounding and coming up. Good job. Good. And he'll sit up tall and all the way down. To finish off. Squeeze that circle and going all the way back.

Excellent job. Great. All right. I want you to lie on yours. I want you to face the mirrors and I'm going to help you do the magic circle with your sidekicks, with your magic circle to really get that seat skip back just a little bit further. Good. And you're right elbow all the way back to the back corner. Blue Corner. Yes. Feet forward. Adrian, you might be able to stay with me. I'm going to talk through the choreography of the circle, but it takes years and years and since Adrian has been doing it for 12 years, is that right? I guess, right? Aw, she, she, I might expect you to have the choreography down by now. All right, so, and Emory has been doing it for two years. Pretty good. All right, so shell bottom is still your bottom still in line with your shoulders. Hand goes here and look directly ahead so that you can keep working on your posture scooping in your stomach. You want to make sure your hips are stacked.

This one's coming up a little bit high, so we're going to enjoy lengthening it out and that feels good to rotating the thighs. So we can see the inner thigh knee goes up a little bit to the ceiling. Good. And we're going to first always pull the stomach in first, then squeeze down for five, four, three, two and release. Always powerhouse first. Pull an in and squeeze down five, four, three, two, one, release and against. Stomach in and squeeze down. Again, you can squeeze us as little or as much definition as you're going to want and release. Okay, the choreography you're going to press down on the surface. Circle rocket back to habit, pressing into the floor. The bottom legs going to bend and slip inside.

And we're gonna press now with the bottom leg to bring it forward and the top leg is going to bend and slip inside. Good. Now we're going to use more outer thigh here, still keeping those hips directly in line with the shoulders. And the bottom leg is going to try to press deeper into the floor while the one separates. But first, pull the belly in. Pull the stomach in and now stretch my circle for five. Stretch it for three to release.

Careful you don't do it with the knee joint and stomach in and stretch. Both legs are pushing in opposite directions and release one more time. Stomach in and stretch that circle. We've been squeezing it all day. Let's try to stretch it, stretch it, stretch and stretch it and release. Okay. Both legs are going to go on the outside again, so bend, place it on top.

Beautiful rocket back first so that you can slip the other one in. Wow. Nice job. Good. And both legs are really nice and turned out. I want you to bring your shoulders forward just a bit more. Thank you. Good. All right, and this is a few parts to this exercise.

I like to go step by step, not missing one muscle group. We're gonna pull your belly in first, feel it, support your lower back, then use your hips to squeeze that circle. So both legs are squeezing now using your stomach and your hips. Lift your legs up off the mat as much as you can hold and lower down. Good. Ideally when you do this, you want [inaudible] your underarm that's on the floor to actually start pressing deeper into the mat so that you're crunching with your left. Waste.

The waste that's up to the ceiling. We like to help lift with that bottom part, but that's what you're trying to think. So two more stomach pulls in. First hip squeeze together to lift, lift, lift, and lower. One more time. Stomach pulls in both hips. Squeeze and then lift. Lift, lift. Keep lifting while you're lifting. Bring the legs back, Laurel onto your belly and make a small pillow for your forehead.

Stretching out. Good. Turning those legs out. Circle is still lifted, right, Adrian? Yup. And 20 pulses. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 years at bottom. Not just to contract, but to lengthen that lower back. Stretch that circle away from your lower back and rest down. I'm going to grab your circles because I want you to still face the mirrors, so you're going to sit up or do whatever you need to do to spin around and bring your head.

So they are your heads or towards the [inaudible] each other on this one. Good. Here's your circle. Bring your bottom just a little more forward for it. Excellent. And good and feet. Maybe just a little bit forward. Good. All right. Circle turning out those legs. Good.

Make sure this leg doesn't fall behind. Good. And this one's staying a little bit more stretched than the other one. That was pretty good. All right, so first thing stomach's pull in. Both legs are turned out and squeeze down your hips. Two, three, four, five and release. Ask yourself what muscles you feel stomach pulls in and squeeze that circle.

If your bottom isn't really feeling it, you want to target it first and send a message to there first and release stomach pulls in and use your bottom first to squeeze. Two, three, four, five. Nice job. All right, now we're going to put both legs and side, so we're going to press down first. Rocket back, bottom leg slips in. Good. Holds it in place. Comes forward while this one. Yes. Nice. I'm going to have your circle a little bit more on the mat to feel comfortable. Good. All right.

We're going to get both on the app. You want to do it? There we go. Nice job. Okay. Stomach pulls in first. Turn out both eyes so you don't use your knee joint and let's stretch this circled, stretch, stretch, stretch, and release. Again, talk to yourself. What muscles do you feel stomach in and stretch. You should feel the outside of the hip and the outer thigh considerably.

And release. One more time. Stomach supports your back and stretch. Stretch. Turn the leg out a little bit more. Thank you. And lower down. Let's put both legs back on the outside so you're going to bend. Put on the outside. Press rocket back. Slip it. There you go. Rocket forward. Excellent. Nice job. All right.

To do it correctly, we want to go through each step. Stomach pulls in one hip, squeeze down, two, lift for the third one. Lift, lift, lift and release. Good stomach pulls in one, squeezed down for two and then lift using those waist muscles. Good concentration. Release. One more stomach. Squeeze. Lift. Beautiful and release. Nice job. Alright, I'm going to take those circles from you and once again we are going to have our feet towards each other. So spin around. Nice job. And we're going to do teasers with our circle.

Sit up place. Let's circle between our inner thighs, Jess. And this is going to be a building block. If that feels good, keep it there, wherever it feels good on you. A building block, teaser. Okay, so hands underneath your knees. Sometimes when we start with the very basis of an exercise that actually makes it a little harder than just going full throttle forward cause you can use a little more momentum and things. But we're, we're really working it. So we're going to squeeze our seat, round our back and just do a rollback where you're going to roll out at, sorry, leaving the feet and just roll away from the circle.

Keeps squeezing it from your seat, your head touches. Inhale, head comes up. Exhale, squeeze and circle and roll up. And now I want you to press a circle, but since you're not using your feet to do it, you should be able to extend one leg up. Let's do the same leg towards each other. How about these legs closest to me extends straight up. Can you do that?

That's right. Not Easy. There you go. Good. Squeeze the circle from your hip and roll away from those legs. Good. Squeeze from your hips and press the hips together to come up. That's it. Nice job. Do One more like that. I'm going to let go here and squeeze. Good. And squeeze the roll up. Perfect. Press up, foot down.

Switch legs. Press from your hips. Yeah, squeeze and roll away. Head touches. Squeeze and roll up. You got it. One more squeeze. Rolling up. Good. Hold it there. Bring both legs up, but we're going to switch the circle to our ankles. Both harms reaching up as high as you can. Good. Press from your hips rolling away.

Nope, leave it, Huh? Beautiful. And Roll right back up. Head squeeze. You make this look easy and squeeze. Rolling away and squeeze. Rolling up. One more time. Squeeze. Rolling away. You can use your arms. Perfect. Adrian and Pullman. Up, up, up, up and rolling. Back Down.

Bend your knees into your chest. Take your circle away. And we're going to do seal without any circle. Yay. Hugging your knees. Good. Set up using your powerhouse and still with the same mindset as rolling like a bar ball where you don't want to just forget about your bottom. You do want to lift it over your shoulders, not crouching onto your neck. So slip your hands through your legs and underneath your ankles.

Good balance. Okay. All of it's in your powerhouse. When you clap, you're let feet together. Choose three claps. It does want to use your bottom in your hips, so it's not just like a floppy, it is kind of floppy like a seal's flippers, but you wanted to do, use it like clap, clap, clap from your seat, a little extra thought in there. Look down. And here we go. Collap two, three and then inhale, roll, lift and exhaling up. Clap two, three. Inhale, roll back. Good. And I want you to keep doing it the way you're doing it. Marie. Adrian, if you can add a clap an inch off the floor behind me.

So take it up an inch off the floor behind me. Two, three. Inhale. Roll back. Hum. Here. Relaxing those. Straighten out those knees a little bit more. Huh? Uh Huh. Uh Huh. And Clap two, three. Yes. And roll it up two more for me. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, clap on this last one we're going to stand up. That means you're going to bring your bottom forward and up. Inhale, roll back.

Let go of those ankles. We're going to, I was going to help you up. You beat me to it. That's it. 12 years again and again. All right, so I want you to turn around from each other and we got to do a set of pushups here and it's important because in pushups we like to leave our bottom up to the ceiling like a teepee and instead we need to lower it down. I don't really care how much your arms bend in these pushups. I want you to have good posture and good form. Also when we do pushups, we like to waive our bottom side to side as we walk out with our hands because we forget about using it. So let's see if we can control that.

Arms up to the ceiling. Using your bottom. Keep your weight forward onto the balls of your foot as you roll off an imaginary wall forward. So you're gonna roll off the wall. Good. If you need to bend your knees, you can, but walk out trying to at least keep your bottom within this mat, not swinging. Side Note, tape your feet together and hands down and then walk out to that pushup position. There you go. And you want to squeeze it down a little bit. Squeeze together. Good. Head up for me. Nice.

And try to bend your elbows back towards your ribs from five up for upkeep. This squeezing three up. Good. Squeeze again. One more squeezing. And now lift that tight bottom and use your powerhouse to walk back to your feet walking back. Good. Good. Bend your knees if you need to, but roll up to a standing position. Good. Arms up to the ceiling. One more time. So we're gonna roll off that imaginary wall.

Good. Bend the knees if you need to. Good walkout. Keeping your knees up this time. Perfect. Come down. And just five more. Squeeze and bend. Five and four. Good job. Three. Head up a little bit more too. One more time. Pressing in the hips together. That's what I want. Stomach in and walk all the way back.

Good. And rounding up. Nice job. Go ahead and grab your magic circle and face each other. Good. And get into a [inaudible] stance. Nice. And I want you to hold the circle straight out in front of you. How's our bottom? Is it underneath us or is it behind us? I want you to keep, make sure it's right under your shoulders, but now we're going to lean a little bit forward onto the balls of our feet.

Good elbows are pointing straight out to the walls. So you're gonna lift him a little bit yet and feel the work of the underarm. Kay and with straight fingers. Pull your belly in. It's a little too forward. Now your bottoms, we're just going to bring your weight forward using your stomach. And squeeze that circle for five, four, just holding it to one and released and schoolies to show me all that ballet training. Thank you.

And Relief and squeeze. Just a little longer in those arms. Perfect and release. Bringing it down in front of you. Now just at a low 45 degree angle. Good, but still a little bend and a little lift in the elbow and I want you to bring it right there. Pull it in and bring, lift your chest up more from your stomach. You use your belly. There we go. And squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Hold it tight.

Show me tight, tight, tight, tight release and pull it in and squeeze and hold it tight, tight, tight. And really one more time. Powerhouse in. Lift up those hipbones a little bit more and release. Now we're going to bring it up here. There you go. And pull it in. We're gonna lean your shoulders forward just a little bit more. Good and squeeze for five. Really pressed it.

How much do you want your arms and release and squeeze and really press feel all of the arm working and release. One more time. Stomach in, press those hips together. I hope those hips are working and real lease. Now we're gonna put the circle behind us. We've got two more exercises. This one is mind over matter. Okay? Thumbs are still with fingers. We've hardly, as you ladies note, press the circle at all if you can. You're just amazingly strong.

What's important is that your alignment, the shoulders stay back. Okay? And we're going to feel our triceps, the back of our arms, and we're going to feel our upper back as we try to press out. Circle for five, holding it, four, three, two, one and release and squeeze again. So you're squeezing it in your mind. You're trying your heart as it might not even move as even a, might not squeeze it all. And really it's what's important is that you don't slump and lose all your posture. Last time. Powerhouse in and up, and press two, three, four lifting the chest and release. Last exercise, bring it in front.

We're going to do an eight count pump so we're no longer holding it. We're in a pump and it's going to reach four here, five, six, seven, eight one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. You get one time on flat feet because we bought gonna work in that seat. So we're going to show that we really have a good bottom. And the last three sets, you're going to slowly lift onto your heels or slowly Relevate as you go up and you're gonna keep squeezing that bottom as you go down because otherwise that's what's going to make you lose. Okay? So press those hips together, feel that bottom, feel that stomach, and let's start. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and two, three, four, five weights on the balls of your feet. And here we go.

One slowly rising, two, three, four, five, six. You're all the way up and down. Two, three, four, five, six and seven year all the way down and up to three, four, five elbows are out to the side. And Dan, two, three, four, five, all the way down for me age. And there we go again last time. One stomach and squeeze in that seat. Good job. Emory, five, six, seven, and eight and down. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Ready? Good job. Nice work. All right, Mike.


Loved your class- great pace. Love doing the pilates exercises while using a prop like the magic circle. Makes the exercises more fun!!
What a terrific class! Thanks
Fabulous. I love this class. Great cues and beautifully done
Great class.I will be using the magic circle more.
Great, controlled, and well-directed work out!! Loved it!
Wow! My arms and outer thighs were hurting! It was a good hurt! I feel so much taughter. Great reminder to tighten stomach!

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