Class #3706

Creative Reformer/Tower

40 min - Class


You will work with control while flowing through this Reformer/Tower workout with Carrie Pages. She encourages you to notice how everything feels in your body while you play with these creative exercises. She also reminds you to maintain your focus on concentration so you can move with more precision and feel the work deeper in your body.
What You'll Need: Reformer/Tower, Jump Board

About This Video


Hi everyone. Today we are going to do a reformer tower combination workout. This is one of my favorite things to play with and be creative with. So you do need to listen to your own bo...


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Very fun and creative!
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Thanks for this creative class. Lots of different move with good connections. Feel very strong!
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What a fun class! Went fast too! My reformer/ tower combo was the best investment ever! Thank you, loving your classes! Putting this in my faves.
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Thank you. I really enjoyed this session!
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Great session! I really enjoyed it! Thanks!
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Thank you ❤️really fun and excellent 🙏🏻
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Creative & fun! Very original. Loved it!
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LOVED this class! Tower/Reformer always so fun! Great cues and lots of ideas to carry on to clients! Well done!
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I love your class, Carrie! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!!
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First of all, I really appreciate your sunny disposition. I loved this workout and am very happy to have another tower/reformer class. Loved the “hanging” ab work! Loved how creative this workout was! I am always learning new ways to use my reformer/tower from this site. For me too, tower/reformer was the best thing I ever got! Also, just a small thing that I appreciated and had never thought to do, putting the headrest up while doing the rollbacks! I always have trouble keeping my legs flat for this particular exercise and this was very helpful. Thanks for a great class! I’ve added it to my playlist.
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