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You will work with control while flowing through this Reformer/Tower workout with Carrie Pages. She encourages you to notice how everything feels in your body while you play with these creative exercises. She also reminds you to maintain your focus on concentration so you can move with more precision and feel the work deeper in your body.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Tower, Jump Board

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Feb 26, 2019
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Hi everyone. Today we are going to do a reformer tower combination workout. This is one of my favorite things to play with and be creative with. So you do need to listen to your own body and you definitely need to pay attention to the springs in your studio. The different spring settings make a really big difference.

So if you get to something and it doesn't feel like it's right on your equipment at home, please be sure to take a moment, pause the video, fix your springs to the way they need to be and then jump back in with me. We're gonna get started facing the tower. Oh and just keep in mind, it's a little awkward always getting in and out of these exercises. But the first thing we'll do is get the roll down bar. I have my feet on the headrest and I am on one red spring on this balance body reformer.

Roll Back

In this position, I'm just gonna lean a little bit back to where I start to feel like I'm having to do a little bit of exercise. Take the belly to the back. Get a little bit of a pelvic tilt and just roll back. Just like if you were doing a roll down on the tower. We'll just pause when you get to the little curl there and then come forward.

The thing I really like about this is the amount of control that you have to work with. So if I move too quickly, I start to feel that the carriage is bouncing a lot. If that's happening I'm gonna try to reel in my pace a little bit, and find more control so that I don't find either the roll down bar bouncing or the reformer carriage bouncing. This time, rolling down, I'm gonna take it into an extension. So I feel a little bit of support of the carriage right about at my bra line as I hang back.

Draw the chin in and come forward. Again, using a little bit of pressure from your feet to help you send your tail bone under, your lower back down. Take it back to extension. Chin draws in and you bring it all the way up. So in the process of doing that, I ended up scooting back a little bit because I was using such a good articulation of my spine.

So I'm gonna wiggle forward for this next part. It's gonna go through articulation of the spine, into this nice extension. From the extension, I'll lift the bar, lift my chest, draw the chin in and I roll back. Maintaining control but also moving with the flow. Let the bar come up.

Roll it back, the bar's going more downward as I go back. As I begin to lift from the heart, I lift the bar. From here, we'll reverse it. Take a moment to get your carriage to steady. First thing I do is reach out through the crown of the head.

Lift up through the heart, dive backwards, roll it in and come up. Lift and dive. Draw the chin, roll it up, one last time. Lift, take it back, draw the chin in and roll up through the spine. To come out of it, you're going to carefully bring your feet down, let the bar come forward, let the carriage roll back.

We're gonna take the spring on the reformer down to a blue. A little bit lighter. And then we also need to bring the roll down bar down. So I'm taking it to a low setting. It's about at my hip height, if that's helpful at home.

And I'll also bring the foot bar up. Lying down. When you lie down here, definitely make sure that you have space between your shoulders and the shoulder rest. And I did lower my head rest for that. Going for a nice little series for your core.

Tendon Stretch

Deep breath and prepare. As you exhale, draw the chin in and give me a nice curl. Take your hands and bring them behind your head today. Allow that the arms and the strength of the positioning of the hands here to hold up the head, so that you can release through your neck. 'Cause we will be in this high curl for a little bit.

The next exhale presses the heels down under the bar. And as you press the heels down, I want you to think of pressing the foot bar up. Rise back up to a high tippy-toe, breath in. As you breath out, send your rib cage down towards your pelvis as you press your heels under but you're pressing your feet up as well. Inhale, rise up, high tippy-toe.

We'll do one more time. Exhaling, the heels down, pretty low. Now I'm just going to lift my heels about an inch so that I can keep the feeling of this left leg pressing up into the foot bar. That's giving me a nice connection through this waistline. From here, tuck the right food underneath the bar.

Single Leg Jumps

Bend the knee, come in. Now I'm gonna do a little hop and land, holding the right leg up with my right side body. In (breathing) in one more, hop, land. From here, bring the right knee into the chest as you roll back. Twist towards the leg, a little crunch series.

Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and hold. Go to the middle. Don't forget the way this right side is working. Reach the foot to the foot bar. Bring the other knee into the chest and we're gonna reach back and try to find that roll down bar.

Criss Cross

There it is. Okay, now that I've got it. Reset the feeling through the side body. You will inhale to prepare. As you exhale, lower the bar down, and as it lowers eventually you levitate off the bar.

Double Arm Press

Lift your arms and you find your foot bar. Okay, that's the bar I meant. So inhale, prepare. And as I pull down the roll down bar, eventually, you can't anticipate it, eventually the right foot lifts off the foot bar. You lift your arms, you place that foot down.

The control is really important. As I let the breath out, I pull the bar down again. Eventually, I levitate. Now I inhale. Exhale, you're gonna lift your right leg to the bar.

Hold, inhale, lower it down. Up, lower it down, keep stretching the springs. Up, lower it down, find the foot bar, bring the bar up. Now you do have to release this roll down bar back. From here, take a deep breath in, exhale curl up.

Hands behind the head again. You send the left foot underneath the bar, bend the knee to come in. And it's a hop. Now I suggest landing maybe more on the arch than the ball of the foot. Because admittedly, there's some room for error, hoping off the bar, instead of the jump board.

Single Leg Jumps

Up and land, this time come up, knee to chest, return to the feeling of this right foot pushing up into your foot bar. Twist, crunch up. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, lift hold, eight. Come back to the middle. You're gonna take that foot, put it down.

Criss Cross

Bring the other knee into the chest, 'cause we're trying to keep the focus on this left side. That's why I'm switching legs. Trying not to lose too much focus and concentration. Find your bar. Reset your focus, big inhale.

Double Arm Press

As you let the breath out, bring the bar down. Try not to anticipate it. You really wanna go until eventually you just float. Lift the bar, breath in, and you stand on your foot again. And again, exhale, pull the bar down.

As I bring the bar down, I'm using that left side to hold up my left leg. And I stand on the foot. Lift the bar up, last time. Pull the bar down, levitate. From here, keep reaching and stretching the roll down bar springs.

Exhale, left leg up, inhale, lower it down. Inhale, lift and lower, float the bar. Stand on the foot and let the bar come down. And come all the way in. Sit up, we're going into foot work next.

Play with the springs a little bit. I want the spring to be heavy enough that when you're on both legs, you have some resistance. But it needs to not be so heavy that when I may ask you to bring one foot off the bar and do one leg footwork, it's not so heavy that it feels terrible on your foot. So I'm gonna go to two reds and a blue for this. Foot bar needs to be at the foot work setting.

Lying down. Taking a moment in this position to connect the heels together. Think of attracting your sits bones towards each other. And without a overly grabbing and tucking, think of pulling your little cheeks closer together. Pretend there's a magic circle between your knees, think hug in on that circle.

Pilates Stance

Pretend there's a magic circle on the outsides of your thighs. Press out against that magic circle. From here, begin six repetitions of foot work. Slide with an inhale, exhale bring it in. Inhale take it up, exhale bring it in.

Inhale, working through the whole leg. Bringing awareness all the way down from the heel up to where your bum meets your thigh. Take it all the way up. Come half way in, we pause. Trying to maintain neutral position with the pelvis, which is so difficult here.

We'll pulse above this level, one and two, and three, four, five, six is enough. We'll push to the top. From here, adding in single leg circle, press your hands down. Let's make this a full body exercise. Breathe and prepare.

Single Leg Circles

As you breath out, pick your right leg up over your hip, guess what? Push up on this foot bar with this left leg. Find this left side body, breathe in. Cross the body, exhale. Inhale, lift one.

Don't forget to press the left foot. Reverse, three times, today only. One, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, hold it, take it down. Six more in Pilates V. We go in and up.

Pilates Stance

Four, five, six, pause at the top. Bring it half way in, six reps. One, high pulse, two, three, use precision, know where that half way point is. Five, six, take it all the way up, find an inhale. Exhale, left leg floats up, up, up.

Single Leg Circles

Right foot is pressing in to the foot bar. Cross, exhale, inhale. Up, three around, don't forget right leg. Circle, inhale, don't forget your arms. Up, three around, hold that, foot comes down.

Bend your knees to come in. Maintain focus and concentration. Bring your feet to a parallel stance, bird feet. Push to the top, inhale. Reconnect to the breath.


You're doing something that you've done a lot. Think about how could you do it differently? How can you feel it deeper in the body? This is five, six, we'll hold. Come half way in.

From here, pulse, up, two, three, four, five, six, take it all the way up. Just stay where you are with your left foot. Don't sag into your arch. Stay active, ankle, arch, heel. Bend with one leg.

Single Leg

Here's that part where if it's too heavy, it's gonna actually hurt your left foot. So you've gotta find the right position. Five, six, hold, foot comes down. Bend, take it up. Keep reaching and pressing through the hands.


What if you pressed your little finger down more than your thumb? Five, six, left foot in. We go one, oh I forgot those high pulses. You know what? We're gonna live.

Single Leg

Three, we won't walk in circles like everybody thinks. Six, and hold, put the foot down, come all the way in. Walk up to your heels. I won't forget them on this one. We take it up, bring it in.

Heels w/Pulses

Think thighs down as you connect through the middle. Thighs to the floor. That's three. Five, six, here's where we get fancy. First, we'll go to half way.

We'll pulse, one, two. Now to the top. Here's where we get fancy. Right knee comes into the chest, like a passe parallel. Turn the right leg out, extend the leg and hold and be so excited for your hip flexors and quads that they're exercising.

Single Leg Bend w/External Rotation

Bend the knee, take it out, appreciate them. They help you walk. Bend the knee, one more, extend it out Hold, two, three, bend it in, parallel, foot comes down. We do six again. And in, two, maintain your focus.

Heels w/Pulses

Four, five, six, half way. Pulse, two, three, keep the ankles flexing. Not just the toes, the whole foot, all the way to the top. Left knee comes in, we turn it out. Reach, hold, two, three, bend the knee.

Single Leg Bend w/External Rotation

Extend hold one, two, three, bend it in. Out, two, three, bend it in. Parallel to the heel, bend the knees and we'll come up. Next thing you'll do is grab your box for a long box. We need to put the foot bar down.

And go to one red spring again. You'll also want a grippy. And let's get this roll down bar out of the way as well. I'm also gonna get this push through bar down. Or get it up and out of the way.

So, when you lie down on the box I suggest bosom on the box if that's available to you. So lie down. From here, walk your hands up. Find the pulse. Hold your hands about an inch lower than shoulder height.

Prone Scapular Glide

If the arms are too high, it actually can feel pretty icky in your shoulders. First thing we'll do is just hang and enjoy that nice length that the spring on the reformer is giving us. Send the shoulders back and down, and just find a straight body position. Repeating that one more time. Head comes down, hang and release.

Bring it to where you're in a straight line, from your head to your heels. From here, bend the arms. Hold, slowly come down. Again, we pull, hold, slowly take it down. So take the opportunity, when you pause at the top, to reset the shoulders off the ears and then straighten the arms.

Prone Arm Pull

No matter how perfectly you're working, there's usually a little fix there. And reach, two more. Pull, slow controlled release, one more time. Pull and hold. We're going down about half way.

At the half way point reset the shoulders. These are six small pulses. Up, don't rush them. Two, for more fun, hug the poles between the hands. Four, five, six, all the way to the top.

Lower all the way back. Bring your hands onto the frame and just hang and release. For a stretch to the side, walk your hands over. First to the top of the frame. Once your left hand is strong, put your right hand on the pole, left hand beside you on the frame and hang from that arm.

You can use your left hand as a little assist to give you a greater stretch but usually just hanging here is perfect. Now, I recommend doing this slowly, like I'm saying. Walk your hands over on the frame, to where both hands are at the top. Then take your left hand, hold the pole, right hand to the frame and hang and release. You can just barely use this hand as a little assist.

Enjoy that length that the spring beneath you is giving you. You're gonna come back, hang from both arms one more time. And then walk your hands down. All right, coming up. Take your sticky pad, put it on the front of the box here.

We're gonna start with a more traditional-type swan that you may be used to. And then we're gonna do what I call, the swan hopper. Which can kind of progress. So first thing we need to do is bring the foot bar up again and I'm going down to the blue spring, so it's a little bit lighter. Like I said, first thing is starting at just more like a normal swan.

So again, let's go for bosom on the box here. Hands on the bar and just straighten your arms. We're warming up for a little more exaggerated swan. So slide the shoulders down and let's just go right into it. Lower all the way down.


Feel free to separate your legs. Notice, if you do separate your legs, it frees up the spine a little more for the extension. Which is ultimately what we want. So why not separate the legs a little? One more time, shoulders come back.

You float up, lower, all the way down. All right, so the progression. You have to stand up to do it because you need to get your pelvic bones right on the edge of the box here. And it's really good to have the sticky pad. And I'm even gonna bring my shirt up, so that I just have one layer of clothing between the box and my belly.

So I come down. So if you've ever done like the rocking swan on the chair. It's a similar concept. From here, we're gonna start in our high swan. You begin to roll the carriage back, pick the thigh bones up and from here, you're just gazing out as your legs lift.

Swan Dive

Now begin by lifting up through the chest. Minimize the lowering of the chest, maximize the lifting of the thighs and as I get more into it, I can pull those thighs up high, and then I come up. And again, rock it back. So it doesn't need to be super high. But it's sure fun to play.

Lift it up, one more time, take it back. Bring it up, lengthen all the way back down. Just walk yourself back a little, so you don't jam your head on the foot bar as you come all the way in. We'll come up to standing. We're gonna take it down a notch.

That was really exciting. Lower your foot bar down just to get it out of the way. And go back to the red spring, only. We'll get the sticky pad out of the way too 'cause you actually want it to be kind of slippery. So now, take your push through bar, and set it up so it's at this angle.

And from here, we'll have a seat on the box. Lean forward, get your bar and you start seated here. So, start as straight from the top of your head to your tailbone, as you possibly can. You're really gonna use your legs on this. Find an inhale to prepare.

Push Through

Push down into your feet and begin to roll the carriage towards the pole system as you bring your lowest part of your back down. You get to sacrifice perfect Pilates shoulders on this. I actually encourage it. Enjoy that stretch through your shoulders. Maintain this shape and you're coming over, allowing the box to roll back towards the stopper as you stretch.

Begin to push into the feet again, try to maintain that rounded shape. Sacrifice the shoulders to get this stretch between the shoulder blades. Come forward, once again. Don't worry, I'm not gonna let you do that that much. We'll do it one more time.

Push with the feet. I really like that feeling of using my feet to assist the movement of my spine. Now come up about half way. So, make sure you're not totally sitting up but you're in almost a teaser back in a way. Take your left hand, put it on the very center of the bar.

Your right arm moves out and you're gonna roll back for a stretch here. Come back to the middle. Other hand in the center. Reach the arm out and twist. Come back to the middle.

Take a second, decide which side of your body is your right side. We're gonna open the hand out. Take the right knee, move it forward towards the pole system as you reach back in opposition. It makes a huge difference. Come forward, and again, you're turning left, so take your left knee and shin and think move that knee and shin into the poles and then come back to the middle.

Open your arms out again, wide on the bar. Sitting up nice and straight. Really use your legs. Think push into your feet so much that if I asked you to, you could stand up. I promise I won't ask you to.

Arm Pull

And you bend and straighten, two. Just like if I asked you to stand up you could. Push into your feet. Enjoy the exercise that happens through the backs of the legs and the glutes when you do that. Two more, pull.

And pull and reach, lower your head, roll the carriage back and roll all the way up. All right, here we go. It's gonna get really exciting again. Take the bar down. You need leg springs for this.

Heavier, in my opinion, is better than lighter for this. But you really need to take your time making sure that you're using the right spring for your body. Like most of the stuff, using the tower reformer combo, this is a little awkward getting into it. Take the handles in your hands, or the straps, and have a seat. You need to think back to the series that we did of all the ab crunches and the hopping off of one foot and the way that you were connected through your side body to hold your legs up.

That's gonna be really helpful in a moment. Scoot your bum forward enough on the box that when you roll back, you'll be rolling over the box like you would on a regular teaser. So why don't even I do a little test run here? Gonna go back, all right. So I'm not quite where I need to be.

Teaser Variation

See how my shoulders are more on top of the box? I wanna get the tips of the shoulder blades right on the edge, okay? So that's better. So from here, holding the arms up, we're actually gonna do a palms up position, with a slight elbow bend. So it's not big.

So make sure you note the position. I need to get far enough back with my lower back that I can actually pick my legs up and hold this position. So I'm trying to have a teaser feeling in the body, even though I'm a little lower back than I would be in a normal teaser, my position of my pelvis is exactly the way it needs to be. Extend your legs, breath in. Bend your knees, exhale, keep pressing up into the handles.

If you lose that, you're gonna be sad. Lift the legs up, breathe in. Bend the knees, breath out. Here's where it gets fun. Extend the legs.

Now, just like if you were doing the teaser the other direction with the handles, we're gonna lower the back first and then take the legs. Note the position I have right now. My toes are higher than eye level. They need to be. Now I take it back and release.

From here, I look forward to my toes. I need to get them up high, then I come up. Teaser that down, down, down and I release. Again, legs high, from my side body, just like I started the workout. From here, single leg stretch.

One knee into the chest and I switch. Inhale, one, and two, and exhale, one and two, inhale, exhale and I hold. Extend one leg out, lower the other one. I still have that slight bicep feeling with my arms. Exhale, switch, switch.

Single Leg Stretch

Maintain the pelvis, that's the struggle. Switch, switch, hold the high leg where it is. Take the bottom leg up to meet it. Slowly bend your knees and come all the way up. Admittedly that takes a lot of practice.


And you do have to figure out in your own body, as we all know, leg length and body length, make such a big difference when it comes to teasers. So my position tends to be really far back. Try it out in your own body. If it didn't go well the first time, give it a chance. It feels great if you can figure it out for yourself.

Bring the springs down and we need now to get our push through spring. We're gonna attach it to the high setting on the side and then attach it here. Turn your box to the side. I'm going over the silver poles for my body. And put your foot under the strap.

I'm pretty bossy and particular about the way that I like the position of the body to be on this. First of all, I like the foot really parallel in the strap so if the foot's like this, I've noticed there's a little more, like people don't feel as secure. So try turning it really parallel. I know sometimes the hip grabs. If that's the case for you, do what you need for your body.

Side Sit Up

Take the push through bar down and it's just in the position. I'm gonna do hand in front of my head today. And I'm pushing the spring down just a little bit. Notice that I'm already leaning off the box there. So I'm not sitting on my right butt.

I'm on the side of my left hip. From here, push the bar over and then use the assist of the spring as a tool to help you up. But more than anything to help you feel a little safer. So you go over, your range won't be exceptionally low but I love the way it kind of gives me a little bit of confidence. I'm gonna take it down again.

And now, I bring it up. All right from here, this is a little tricky, but you just need to reach and take that spring off, and let it go. Now here's the opposite of that. I go over and the weight of the bar actually pulls me down and then I've gotta work to get the weight of the bar up. And again, take it over, doing three of these.

Let it move you and then you do the work to bring it up. And again, take it over, this time, stay low, release the bar, hand to the head, come up and take it down. Up, take it down. Up, take it down, last and best. All the way up, and you relax.

Side Sit Up

We have to set it up for the other side. So jump up, put your spring back on. Oh, you probably wanna move that spring so it's on the same side that you're facing, so you can actually unclip it. That's a little awkward to do the unclipping. You could just kind of piece it however you needed to so that you don't have to undo it in the middle.

All right, from here, spring it attached, hands to the head. Notice that I'm not sitting on my left bum at all and I am on the right side. The side of my right hip. I take it over and I'm pushing that spring, stretching over and then I come up. Taking it over, two, I move and use the spring to assist me up.

One more time, taking it over, and I bring myself up. Maintaining focus and concentration. All I'm gonna do is release the spring. Bring the hand to the head and now I use the weight of the bar to help move me over. And then I have to pull the weight of the bar to come up, over two, bring it up, here's the third one, we take it over and you're gonna release it, hand to head, you come up and down, two, three, take it down, last one.

All the way up and relax. So, moving on, we'll take the box away. We're gonna take the spring back to the blue spring. This one's really tricky to get into. So, you have your leg springs here.

You will have to kind of jump off the bar to grab them. So here's what's happening. Lie down, straighten your legs and then kind of do that hop and you try to find them. I did it on the first try. So you're going feet in.


And then you just have to take a second to get kind of balanced so you're not bouncing. The start position is, so these won't be leg circles, we're gonna take the legs to like a diamond shape here. So in this diamond shape I'll press my knees open and squeeze the heels together. I want you to go to a little more narrow position for a moment. Really work the heels together as you open the knees out and we're trying to find this nice little wrapped feeling through the outsides of the thighs and the glutes.

Let's do it again. Bring it into a more parallel. Now open that out, work your heels together. Make sure you enjoy that squeeze of the heels, there's a lot of fun in there. Now, begin to lift your feet up and you pause.

Notice my feet are just about over my hips. Never any further than that 'cause there's, I want you to really maintain neutral. Before you lower your feet, activate your feet into the straps from here and lower that down. So here's another example of you've gotta move with a nice controlled pace, because your springs will start to bounce if you don't. Work the heels, open the knees, press down, down, down.

Again, float the thighs, work the heels together, really get the heel squeeze and press down. Just one more time today. Float, nice control. And press down, down, and we hold. Now this is so convenient, there's poles right here.

You're gonna bend your elbows and pull your carriage all the way up to the top of the frame. You'll feel it hit. Use the poling if your body up into the frame, or rather the carriage, up into the frame, as a tool to help you set your shoulders off your ears. Think of your elbows being just a little bit wider. I am working my arms and loving it.


From here, I'm gonna extend my legs out straight and I'll do little beats. One, two, three, four, six, seven, eight, more like that. Using those muscles I just found in the diamond shape. Crosses one, two, three, four, and eight, seven, six, five, and heels together. Now you're gonna start to bend your knees.

You'll eventually end up rolling and you're just going to as gracefully as possible, come out of this. So foot comes out, find the bar, other foot out. Release those down and come all the way in. We'll come up now and go ahead and get your jump board. So we'll have a little bit of fun with jumping.

Single Leg Jumps

So, we've got the jump board attached. But we need to get stuff out of the way over here. So come back and move your push through bar out of your way. Just get it out of your vision. And then get the legs springs out of the way as well.

And we're just gonna put them on the floor because for the next exercise, we'll be holding the poles here so you just don't want anything in your way. So, if you have anything there, get rid of it. We'll jump on the red spring today. And if you've never played with this, I really prefer to jump with my headrest up a little bit. It helps to kind of counter balance my body so that my legs don't feel like their hanging off my torso.

Have a little more support. That may or may not work for you. But I'll have my headrest up. Actually, I just want it on the middle, there, all right. So, lying down.

Just bring the right knee into the chest. We're going back to the focus that we started the workout with. So if you can think back to the pressing up of the feet into the foot bar. Go ahead, my left foot is on, my right knee's into chest. We'll start with alternating prances.

I want the left foot to have an energy of pushing up into the platform. I jump and think push. Jump and land. Really trying to connect through my middle as I do this. (deep breathing) We're doing eight sets.

That was six, seven, last landing on the right leg. Now, put your left foot on the bar, on the jump board and we're gonna jump with both feet. Use this feeling. It's harder when you jump off two feet than one. So we jump, hold and land.

Double Leg Jumps Parallel

Jump, connect and land. We're doing eight of these. (deep breathing) And this is four. Six, seven, eight, land and pause. Bring your arms to here.

Jump off the platform, jump and hold the poles. You go hop, grab the poles, knees to chest. From here, pull yourself all the way up to the top of the frame. If you don't do that, it's gonna feel like it's icky on your shoulders. You have to bend your arms and get there.

Lower Lift

Extend your legs inhale. Exhale, lower them, inhale, lift them. Lift them, lower and hold them, release the poles, land on the feet, jump and land. We're doing five jumps this time. Now you know what to expect, that's three, that's four.

Double Leg Jumps Parallel

When I jump off this next time, I grab the poles, hold them, knees to chest, extend the legs. Lower and lift, lower and lift, lower and hold, release the poles, I land on my feet. Three jumps, one, two, three, let's jump and grab the poles. Knees to chest, both legs up, get into the frame. Lower and lift, two and lift, three, hold, scissor.

Lower Lift

One leg and switch, two and switch, three, keep holding with your arms, four, I'm making it look easy. You've gotta work hard through the upper body. Both legs up, both legs down, release and land and rest. From here, come on up. We're gonna leave the jump board where it is for this stretch series.

Double Leg Jumps Parallel

Go down to a, actually put a blue one, so you have a red and a blue now. Stand with your left foot on the inside. Rather on the outside of the frame. Knee is down in this position, breath in, exhale, roll the carriage back. If you feel like you're on top of your jump board, you're not going back enough.

Lower Lift

So I want you to be on the back side, or the yeah, and then come all the way in. Do it again, slide it back. So try not to pitch over the bar, get behind it. And come up, take it back again. Bring it up, from here reach back, take the foot into the hand, take a moment.


Nice beautiful Pilates posture of the upper body. Use an exhale to draw the abdominals in and consider the option of tucking your pelvis just a little. And do that again, breath in. (exhaling) Bring the foot down. Take the right arm up to the ear, side bend over.

Lunge Stretch

Bring it up, other side. Inhale to prepare, exhale, roll it back. (exhaling) Inhale, bring it in, exhale. Inhale, bring it in, exhale take it back. Inhale, you come in.

Reach back for the foot, take a moment in this position. Lift your chest, draw your abdominals in and consider the option of tucking your pelvis. It probably won't move a lot but it's the idea that makes such a nice difference in the way the stretch feels in the quads. Big inhale again and exhale. Release the foot down, bring your left arm up to your ear, nice inhale, side bend over as you let the breath out.

Bring yourself all the way up to standing, bring the arm down and you're cooked for today. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you got a good workout, I did.


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Very fun and creative!
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Thanks for this creative class. Lots of different move with good connections. Feel very strong!
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What a fun class! Went fast too! My reformer/ tower combo was the best investment ever! Thank you, loving your classes! Putting this in my faves.
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Thank you. I really enjoyed this session!
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Great session! I really enjoyed it! Thanks!
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Thank you ❤️really fun and excellent 🙏🏻
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Creative & fun! Very original. Loved it!
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LOVED this class! Tower/Reformer always so fun! Great cues and lots of ideas to carry on to clients! Well done!
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I love your class, Carrie! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!!
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First of all, I really appreciate your sunny disposition. I loved this workout and am very happy to have another tower/reformer class. Loved the “hanging” ab work! Loved how creative this workout was! I am always learning new ways to use my reformer/tower from this site. For me too, tower/reformer was the best thing I ever got! Also, just a small thing that I appreciated and had never thought to do, putting the headrest up while doing the rollbacks! I always have trouble keeping my legs flat for this particular exercise and this was very helpful. Thanks for a great class! I’ve added it to my playlist.
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