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You'll be using your powerhouse and concentrating on flow in this high energy mat class. Monica keeps up the intensity throughout class while challenging the students individually to push themselves to their utmost limits.
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Jan 30, 2011
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All right. So today we are going to work on our flow and try to connect our breath with it. Why don't we actually come to the front of our mats cause we're going to end up rolling backwards. Great. So let's start off with perfect posture and bringing our body to our, our mind, to our body. That's maybe I should start with that. All right. So we're gonna bring our heels together and our toes, two to three inches apart. Wonderful. Good. A little bit wider for me, Erin.

That's it. Good. You want a really strong foundation for your tower. Okay, so we have weight on the balls of your feet, on your heels and on the side of your feet. And then you're going to try to relax the back of the knee so you're not hyperextending or pressing back with the quads. But instead you're using your stomach, kind of like an elevator where you're going to pull it first in like all the people came in as my new little analogy. And then you're going to let it rise. Let your elevator go up. Cause in pilates, we don't just pull our stomach in, we pull it in and up so much that you're a little bit light on your heels.

I could slip a card under there because your weight is fighting gravity. You're really pulling up everything crown of the head to the ceiling and see if you can take a deep breath and just exhale and relax those shoulders. Let them go down and let your stomach pull in and up your weights a little bit forward. Our minds now connected to our body and we're going to put one arm on top of the other, one foot in front of the other and lower yourself down. If your knees are good and you can lower yourself down, good.

Put your hands behind you and roll out. So you're on the full mat. Good. All right. And let's just go ahead and start with a nice breath because we are going to be moving today and we're gonna throw in a few advanced exercises today because we can. So let's just go ahead and bring your arms behind you or my, I like to start off stretching without thinking about pilots. Like there's a horse on each limb and they're just pulling you in all directions so your arms can't get any longer. Your legs can't get any longer. You're really not using your powerhouse or anything to hold gym, but just stretch, stretch and get all the blood flowing and then pull it back in once.

Think about that powerhouse. Get Nice and aligned and straight and I'll help you out with that. And we're going to bring your arms up to the ceiling and just let your shoulders sink down and take a breath like that. And exhale, bring your arms down by your side and you're trying to get now that belly to not just pull in, but to pull up. And we're going to inhale up to the ceiling with your arms and exhale, reaching back again with your stomach anchored in, anchored in, in. Good. Inhaling up to the ceiling. Good.

And exhale down by your side. Good. So now let's just keep your arms down by your side. Resting but still active and in your powerhouse. And let's think about those legs. You don't want to be cramping in your quads already.

Instead you want to be rapping in squeezing, good scoop and, and if you are advanced, you can lift your legs up from here for the a hundred otherwise we can bend your knees in and extend from there. But on the count of one, let's go ahead and get into how the a hundred and inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Good. Yeah, just pull your powerhouse in and up away from me. Beautiful. That's what I wanted to see. Nice farm, Rebecca. I just want just a little bit more length on this right side and I'm going to turn you down a little bit. Good. So I want it cause I want your bottom to really engage, really present, good and engaging. Still making your box a little bit more squared and stretch.

Good, good. Really work in the breath. Nice. I'm just going to help you get that elevator feeling a little bit more good. Pulling in the op stats at pulling in the opposite direction as me. Good and big and healing. So if I was [inaudible] your meal [inaudible] you guys just keep going.

And here's your box. This side is just a tiny bit shorter, so we just want to imagine that we're making a longer, oh yeah. Beautiful. Excellent, excellent. Last time. Exhaling and lower the legs down. Reach the arms behind you and you're going to do the first two slow. So we're going to bring the arms up, head through your arms and roll up one vertebrae at a time.

Exhaling all the way forward and stay there. And I want you to take another breath and go lower to your legs. Exhale, stretch lower with your powerhouse pulling up because I want you to bath of your legs. Really, really stretch and out. Inhale, start rolling back, pulling a heavyweight back with you with your power house. With that in and up. Belly and exhale the rest of the way down. One more at that tempo before we bring it up to speed. Inhale arms, head through the arms and exhale scooping in and reach again. Take another breath right there.

Big Breath and exhale lower even in a nice c curve. Really stretching out the spine. And inhale, start pulling back with the powerhouse. Exhale, rolling the rest down. Good. And now to tempo, we ran the arms head and exhale all the way forward. And inhale, start rolling back. Exhale the rest back. We're gonna have to stay with Kristi here. Inhale, curling it up and exhale forward. Inhale, rolling it back and x out. It's all about the breath. Inhale to start. Exhale to roll all the way forward. Inhale to start rolling back.

Exhale the rural all the way to more. Inhaling up. Exhale all the way forward and inhale, rolling back of your arms more narrow. Exhaling back one last time and we'll go into the roll over and x hots, why? How'd you stretch? And Inhale, rolling back. Exhale all the way back and then we're going to press our arms down to the mat. Yeah, wrap and squeeze those legs right on over.

Touching the mat. Flex the feet back. Separate hip with press back and rolling down. Enjoying a long stretch. Go as low as you can with your back flat squeezing together and up and over. Touch the floor. Press back, separate.

Press back and rolled down. Good. Rolling. Rolling. Sweep down together and bend over and press back. Open. Press back. This is your last one in this direction. You're rolling down as low as you can. You're going to click your heels together and then open around over. Good.

Slide together on the mat. Press together and you're going to roll down one verta red time. Really keeping him as close as you can. Enjoying a delicious stretch. Go open around and energy over. Beautiful. Squeeze hand. Let me see that wrap and squeeze that light away. Yeah, and last time, open around over God. Sinking to the power house.

Squeeze a rolling. Nice relaxed feet on the way down and stretching out that right side again for you. Keep your right leg lower the left and stretch that right leg to you. I'm going to give you a little extra break. Their stretch at the left leg is down the middle of your body as if you're standing on it. Hey, arms rest by your side. Five quick circles where crossing around up, cross around, up, cross around.

Lift two more body stays perfectly still and last time reverse it around. Move, lift, cross it. If you want to get that left shoulder and you want to try to kick me, come on, kick me over here. Take your bottom. Two's that cheek. Thank you. Two more over one more time over and switch. Woo. And stretch that left leg for a second. Stretch it to you again.

Right leg down the middle of your body. Not out to the side. Just arms by your side and now you're kicking me on your right shoulder and cross around. Lift, cross around, up, cross around. Up. You're trying to use your bottom to get all the way up there. Not just your quad, but really get that back the thigh. One more. Hold rivers damn around. Up. Down. Up is this right cheek to hold that leg there. There you go.

Cross symbol it up. That's it. Around one more time. Nice job. Bring that leg down. Roll up into a seated position. Lift your bottoms forward to your heels. Give me a nice c curve balancing for rolling like a ball. And here we go. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, rock up and hole.

Trying to relax your shoulders and get your ears between your knees deeper, deeper, deeper. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll it up and inhale, rock back. Exhale, roll it up and let's get a wonderful stretch is separate your knees a little bit and get your head a little. Yeah. And pull back the power house and rock back. And exhale, lift. Good. Two more. Roll it back a little further for me and back up. Got a nice stretch. One more time. Inhale, roll back XL. Lift and hold. Rest your feet down. Put your hands behind you and lift your bottom back.

Bringing your right leg with you for single leg stretch. And we're staying up nice. But let's get that upper stomach down, down, down. One more inch. So we're going to pop it there, but then curl under my hand. Wrap. Yeah, yeah. Let's switch left and right. Pull with your powerhouse. Switch and powerhouse.

Good and switch and right and left all the way in for me and left. And I'm sorry, left now and Roy and pulling in. Good scooping and make sure you're using your stomach to pull in the legs. Good and switch and both ankles for double leg stretch. Inhale, reach, pull in their belly in and up. And exhale, scoop it in.

Inhale rich and exhale, pull it in. Inhale, hold this in. Reach all the energy out your fingertips and exhale. There you go. Inhale, reach all that energy and exhale more belly in and up, belly in that. So I wanted to see add in two more. Inhale and exhale last time. Inhale, reach and XL right legs up to the ceiling and tempo and switch. Switch and switch and make them fly through the air and then go to you to you try to kick me over here. That's it. Pull it up and up. Nice. Instead of the keeping the weight down, you want the weight to you, good.

Last set and both legs up, hands behind your head and drop those legs and up and drop and squeeze them up and push your upper stomach and your hands. Nice and drop. And I called him here. Drop him quickly. Drop, drop and blow. 'Em Up. One more like that. Drunk. Oh, now hold them with your powerhouse to bend the right knee to you and twist and stay with me or hold that twist more. Get your left elbow to that knee up, up, up, and now switch. We're working a twist more. Bring your left elbow back onto the mat. Reach it, twist it back, back, back, back, and switch. Pulling in. Good. Let's get you to come in more and switch state pulling in. That's it.

That's it. And pull that like [inaudible] and one more. Set up. Scoop it in scoop school and to nut. Endless time over. Beautiful. Pull back that elbow, hugging those knees. Nice. Sit up or spine. Stretch forward. Here we go. Feet, legs and arms forward. It's your breather. Inhale and exhale forward. Good.

Joseph flies with Sacha genius and as you can't get to anymore, inhale all the way up that everyone's back gets a little bit tired and exhale down. Again. You're using your powerhouse as much as you can in this series of five, but then inevitably you start using other things. Inhaling up and exhale down and everyone just naturally does like a back stretch after they've done that series and inhaling up. And that's why this exercise is here. One more time. Lifting off the seat. Even like you're on a bed of nails. Get that bottom working. Exhale, stretch out your back and legs and inhaling up and relax everything good now effortlessly rock back and bring your legs up for open like rocker.

Yeah, less crawling all the way up. Good. That's it. All right, and that elevator is in and up. See Rock back and rock right back up. Now remember your energies here, not so much back. So rock back and right up. That's it. And inhale, roll back and exhale right up. Good. And inhale, roll back and exhale and hold it here.

Part of holding up high is tight back of the legs, but most of it is your upper stomach. So see how high you can challenge yourself. Grabbing up as close to your ankles for the last two here and Christie, see if you can challenge yourself and grab your toes and stead ant. Inhale, roll back and use that upper stomach. Press that Bra strap down. You've got it. One more inhale, roll back. Exhale, press the bottom of the shoulder blade staff, not your bra strap. And one more time. Inhale, roll back and XL rock up.

Very good, rapid. Squeeze those legs together and effortlessly show me your teasers. I want to see a preview to your teasers and leave the legs there and roll your upper body away. Good. The legs come up to a 90 degree and arms down. You're ready for corkscrew. Let's hug the knees in for a second though. Okay, because we're going to do three sets here. The first one, you're going to do it with your bottom, staying on the mat. And what I want you to do is really concentrate on stretching your lower back.

How do you do that? Bring your legs up for me, Christie. Well, you use your stomach to stay anchored and you try to reach as far right as you can and you use your belly to stay in. And I know you guys can go low and you sweep down as low as you can. Go as far left as you can and then come center. So we're going to advance in this extras and I don't want to see it all Wayne, little tight and small. If you're going to advance it, then you guys, you've got to be a bigger circle. So after that, then you're gonna go as far right this are the second set. Go all the way around. And then to finish it, just your pelvis a little lower. That takes just your lower belly.

Very hard to do. It's actually a little easier to lift a little higher. So see if you can just lift the bottom five vertebra, roll it down and you're going to go around the other way. The second set you will lift, I mean the last that you will up the whole back entries in. So first set, keep down, work on range of motion. Second set, just the bottom for five vertebra and the last one the whole back. Okay. Legs up to a 90 degree. We're wrapping in squeezing, anchor the belly and as far right as you can, sweep the floor around and center. Left. Sweep the floor around and center right, sleep around and lift the bottom five vertebra and left around and pulling them up. Good, right all the way around and lift as much as you want and down in, left around sweeping the floor. Good. And sit up right for saw.

Legs open and arms up and lifting in and up. Let me see that elevator at twist to the right and empty your lungs, reaching past your baby toe. Inhaling up, twist to the left and exhale. This is a breathing exercise, so let me hear that. Exhale. Exhale, exhale. Inhaling up twist and you pull in your right rube into that right long as you reach past that baby toe. Inhaling up and twist and you squeeze out with the left rib so that you get the last bit of stale air out of that long and inhaling up. Last set, twist, tiny waist. And it's nice to work on the love handles and, and inhaling up and tiny waist and exhale. Beautiful. And last one to complete the set right and twist or no, you guys [inaudible] done. Look at those pupils. They're like, no, we're done.

Or even by your side. Squeeze your legs together. Flip onto your belly. Nice and [inaudible] strong for the neck roll. Either way. That sounds good. Thanks. Yeah. All right. So neck roll your hands. You're going to have full length down on the mat. In fact, let's just lie down. Good arms down by your side even. All right.

And I want you to be aware of how's that stomach? Is it an elevator right now? Because it's really hard to keep an elevator stomach when you're on your um, flipped over. Let's get your arms long down by your side. Good. And you are ready for the neck roll. That was correct. But I'm adding something here so our stomach pulls in and our stomach pulls up out the crown of our head. So you're trying to lengthen your spine out the crown of your head. Okay.

We're just staying down on the mat and I just wanted your belly in supporting your lower back and I want you to really stretch each vertebra apart. Now keeping that, can we squeeze a pencil between your shoulder blades? Good. Now keeping your stomach supporting your lower back and that pencil between your shoulder. Let's see how high you can lift your head and chest without letting your belly balloon into the mat. Okay. You're supporting your lower back.

You're keeping a long spine and you're lifting. Squeezing a pencil. I want to see a pencil right here. Squeeze it, squeeze it. There Ya go. And lower down. Lower all the way down. One more time like that. Belly in. Squeeze that Pencil and now keeping the length in your spine. Out The crown of your head. Come on up. Beautiful, Rebecca. Nice job.

Everyone looks really good and melt down. Now let's add the arms. We're going to bend the elbows by your side. Hands right there. Good, beautiful, perfect. Pretend they're not there for a little while. And I want you to pull the belly in, squeeze that pencil between your shoulder blades and come up without using your hands cause you guys came up quite a bit. And now use your hands to continue all the way up. If you can look over that right shoulder, still supporting Dan around your left shoulder and look forward.

Look left down around to your right and look forward. And with your stomach still being like an elevator. Come downs your stomach still lengthening your spine as you come down. Beautiful. One more time pulling the belly in. Squeeze that pencil and come on up.

Keep lengthening and look over the left shoulder. This time. Circle the head down around over your right and forward. Look right. Circle the head down all the way left and forward and pretend like your hands are suction cups in there, pulling the mat behind you as you lengthen your spine down. Nice. Come up onto your elbows. Pop on it for single leg kick. Let's put those knuckles together. Good stomach supports the back.

Lift the legs up as high as you can. Nice and straight. Watch that lower back dipping. There Ya go. And let's kick the right foot and one to one. Two they switch, they pass each other right to left to right to left to squeeze those legs as close together as you can. And you're really trying to lift that thigh up as you kick your bottom. Lifting up, lifted that sit. And that's it. Nice job. Kick last time.

Both legs down. Look over your right shoe. Um, but your right cheek on the mat, right facial cheek in hands as high as you can behind your back. So we're gonna put them right here. There you go. Good. All right. And you're going to squeeze those legs together and lift up the leg strength so that you're engaging the hamstrings in the bottom. And three kicks. Tried to kick me three times. Bending one, two, three. And now stretch it up. Legs are on the mat as you stretch and the other way Benny and you can get higher and kick to three. Good. And switching.

So lift up those knees. Come on, get them. Huh? And stretch. Good job. And last time. Kick two, three and stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Nice job. Round your back and sit on your heels and we are going to get are concentrating here and thinking about stuff and we're going to go into the neck pole. Flip on over, hands behind your head. Legs are hip width apart, feet lie on your back. [inaudible] and here we are in with the air and exhale all the way forward. Good, good, good. Oh mine too.

And inhale, sit up tall and exhale, rolling back. Good. We're going to roll back for the first two and then try to stay straight for the next ant. Inhale, use your BHAG to push your heels away. Exhale and kind of press me, press me. That's it. All the way to kiss your knees. Inhale, sit up tall and then exhale, roll down, push your heels, push into me. Push, push, push, push. And now inhale, rolling up. You peel up one vertebra at a time until you kiss your knees. Inhale, you sit up tall and you want to think of short box on the reformer and you're going to go back tall, pulling your belly into me. There you go. There you go.

That's tall. And now curl the rest down and inhale, rolling up. I barely have to help you. Exhale. It's just the idea. Inhale sitting and exhale, stay tall, pulling the belly in that elevator and roll the rest down. Beautiful. Inhale up. Exhale all the way to those knees. Yep. See, it's the idea of having a weight on your inhale, sitting up tall and squeezing up and exhale, say tall as you go back. That's it. That's it. And roll the rest down. One more time in with the ear.

Exhale, skips can skip. Inhale. Sit up tall and exhale. Go back. Nice and tall. Pulling into your right side. Yes. Awesome. And rolling the rest down. Good. Arms by your side. Yes. I think after about seven years, Romana said, oh, you finally got neck pool. That's good. So that's a hard one. We're going to, at least in my opinion, bring those legs up to 90 degree and arms. Press by your side, 90 degrees. Really get them. That's it. All right.

And we're, we're gonna go up for Jackknife with our hips, so our hips are going to go on this diagonal right here. So it keeps making them go up on the diagonal. And I'm gonna. Good. And now, Jack Knife up and control. Rolling down. Scoop, scoop, scoop. Good. And hips up on a diagonal. Beautiful. And Jack and I thought, Eh, come and dance. Scoop. Good. We've got two more and in here. Over. Good and up. Good. Resting up. Press your hips to me. And now roll in. Dan. Good.

And try to enjoy a stretch. As you go down last time, we're going to just move the hips more. Think of your hips. Press your hips to me. Yes. Now squeeze him up. That's it. Perfect. And down you go. Keeping that right side. Nice and long. Good. All right. As I dropped that, we're going to bend the knees and put the feet flat on the Mat. Good. That's perfect position, Aaron. And we're gonna do, um, we're gonna lift up your legs one at a time. So here we go. I'm going to just, sorry, I need to position you just a little bit more and hips over here. Good.

Alright, so actually both back flat. Nice. All right. And we're going to press your hips together like your hips are in a vice and I want you to do a pelvic tilt and start rolling up. Good until your straight line from your shoulders to your knees. You shouldn't have an arch in your upper back because you're using your ribs.

You want those soft rips and your stomach is in. So maybe just a hair drop down your ribs for eat that good. And of course you're not pushing your feet into the mat or using those quads. And to prove that to me, your eyes are going to look at your hipbones that are straight across because that's what we do implies we stay framed and straight and we're not going to weeble wobble at all as you extend the right leg as forward to me as you can. Wonderful. And we're going to do three kicks with that.

Like kick it up to your nose and then lift that hip as you go all the way down. Kick it up to your nose and lip that hip as you go. All the way down. Thank you. One more lift. I hit them. Lainson and return that foot effortlessly and no change in those hips, right and left leg long on the floor actually, and can get up and flex it down as you lift that hip. Beautiful. Two more and lift up that left tip even higher. One more time.

I am bringing it down and return that foot. And now I enjoy really articulating and lengthening your spine all the way down. Good job ladies. Roll onto your right side. Aaron Roll and the other side. Yep. We're gonna do side kicks. Here we go. Bring back your legs. I mean your body all the way to the back edge elbow all the way back here from you, Rebecca. There you go. Legs forward at a 45 degree angle.

Still keeping your feet on the map. Oh, Jay, you can the ankles like uh, right there. Good. All right. Rest your head. We're not going to be straight. So I want your whole body on the back edge. You can be straight there. That's not making too much sense. And then bring your feet all the way forward. Good. Alright. But I want you to make a connection with all of this onto the mat.

Can you do that just to lie down. There you go. Good. And now pull your ribs in. That's it. And stretch. Bring up the left leg just at hip level. Right in line with your hipbone. Lift up your leg. There you go. Turn it out. And we're going to sweep it forward.

You're going to kick it forward and take it back. Good. And forward and back. Good. You can have your keep going for seven more. You can keep your head hand like that if you have your bad neck. But otherwise, see if you can put your [inaudible] like a perfect and this one's going to hold. Yeah and get me and squeeze it back. And to add back one more time. Good.

Now legs together and press it up and all the way down and up and press it all the way down. Good. And three and dam and up. And one more time. Up and down. Now hold that leg long. Reaching away from your head and your stomach is point in and up. And we're gonna do five little circles. One, two, three, four. I don't want to see your upper body moving. Reverse it one longer leg. Stretch out that lie. Reach for me one more time and lower, much nicer. Good bicycle. Bring lift up that leg at hip level.

We're going to sweep it forward. Bend that knee, taking it back and extend. Okay. And legs together. I'm going to, I am so stiff, but I'm going to help out with this exercise just a little bit because each part is really, really important. So we're going to bring the legs a little bit forward, right? Sorry, you guys are already there, but bicycle, you're going to take the leg forward as far as you can. Okay. Keep taking it forward, then keep it forward and pull the knee as close to your chest as you can. Keep your heel on your bottom. Don't let it go away and take it as far back as you can without changing your whole body.

Keep it back as far as you can and extend behind their legs are together. Keep passing through all the way forward. Keep it up. Bring the knee to your chest, take the knee back and back and back and back, and then extend one more all the way forward and use your powerhouse Poole, the knee into your chest. Take that knee back and back and back, and then extend and together for the reverse. So the back of the thigh works to take the leg back. Keep working the hamstring to pull the heel to your bottom.

Meet all the way to your chest using your stomach, and let's add a stretch. Put your arm underneath your leg and then extend the leg there and all the way back of the thigh. Use that hamstring. Pool the knee all the way to your chest. Put the arm underneath for a nice stretch. Really pull your stomach into your back so that you're not arching last time.

Back the leg. Good. Bring the foot to your bottom all the way forward. Using that powerhouse and arm underneath for a nice extension. All right, legs together. Good. We're going to now pull in your belly and flip on to your stomach.

Make a small pillow for your forehead. Lift up those legs nice and high and higher for me, Christie. Thank you. Open the legs about hip width and squeeze them all the way together. All the way. I don't want any light. One more time like that.

Open them hip width and squeeze all the inner thighs away. No light. And now open hip width and really fast the tempo. 20 Times one, two, three, five, six, seven. Don't just click your heels. Squeeze me. Eight, nine, ten one, two, three, four, five, six, seven longer [inaudible] lower down, lower, all over to your other side. I'd rather your back not be to the mirror. So let's flip around so that you're using the right leg. You might head Maggie over here. Awesome. Okay.

Sorry Aaron. And go in front of you here and you're so good to hear. All right, so we're going to bring her legs a little bit forward and make sure you're keeping your box hips on top of each other. Shoulders are attempting to be there, okay? And we're going to lift up that leg long, turned out leg, don't shrink in the waist. Here we go. And 10 times pull it forward and take it back further back, further back, further back and forward and back.

Good and forward and back. And if you're advanced and you can keep your body still, then you can use your hand behind you as well. And you press that upper stomach in to your hand as you go back and forward. And I'm losing count and two back and one more as forward as you can at his back as you can legs together. Okay? Still not shrinking in this waist. Push it up and squeeze as you breach out and up and pull the belly in and up like that. Elevators you reach out and push up and reach, reach, reach, reach, reach and push up and lengthening out. One more time.

Up Outer Thigh and NFI schoolies is down and five little circles quiet in that body. One, two, three, four, five, reverse. One, two, three, four, five and your bicycle. Kicking it forward. Bend the knee. Take the knee back. It's really stretching out that quad and then extend behind you. Pull it all the way up. Bend the knee to your chest, taking that knee back and back and back and extend one more forward with the [inaudible]. Bend the knee. Take the knee back and back and back and extend legs together.

Reversing back of the leg. Really use it to pull the heel to your bottom all the way to your chest. Let's add that arm for a nice extra stretch. Two more back. Keep going. Then the knee, good knee all the way to the chest. Add the arm and extend one more back all the way.

Bring that heel to your bottom knee all the way to your chest and then add that arm for the last [inaudible] and legs together. Roll onto your back. Ladies, bring your feet this way or everyone switch over yet. Go ahead. Why? Onto your back. And this is a time when I want you to throw a little tantrum. So you're going to bend the knees into your chest, extend the legs up and shake your legs like you're a kid throwing a tantrum cause you want to shake that quad loose from that muscle and so that your teasers aren't going to look so effortlessly. And we're going to do a nice set of teasers here. Here we go.

Hug your knees into your chest. To start off, I want your arms, your legs to reach up and lower down to a 45 reach your arms in the opposite direction and teaser one comes upper body reaches up, rolling on up. Good. And you want to imagine your legs are staying in one place. Arms lift and reach away from those legs that don't move. Good head. Rule it up. Wait, you guys are going, just stay up there and arms lift. Oh sure. [inaudible] rolling away from those legs.

One more time. Roll it up. Good. Arms lift and rolling back. Taking your elevators stomach with you teaser to come on up and that upper body stays perfectly quiet. The legs go down and pull up and not the arm stiff there. One more good fold up tighter. If you can touch your toes.

If you can hold it up. And now arms lift and everything rolls down. Don't take a break though. Everything comes up and arms lift and everything like a flower opening up and to roll it up, up, up, and roll it away. And one more time. Roll it up at CEP. Get to your toes, pull up your toes, get to your toes. There we go. You need a little bit of a stretch and arms lift and let's take your legs away as you roll this way. Nice job. All right. Hugging your knees.

Flip onto your stomach. After you do that, we're going to do swimming. Nice. Long arms and legs. Just a hair over to your left. Take your hips too. There you go. And just reach out really long through your arms and legs. He feels a little bit straighter. There you go. Good, good. All right.

Support your lower back with your stomach. And I want all of your lands just to lift an inch off the mat, so your arms and legs just an inch off the mat. Then lift your head up and your right arm higher and your left leg higher. Don't go way out like a big X. Those tried to stay a tighter x. There you go. Come on up to the ceiling with that right arm up to the silhouette.

That left leg up, up, up, up, up, and switch. Hold that switch. Use your stomach. Don't give it. That's it. That's it. Now it's a tempo. Inhale, two, three, four. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Head out of the water for me, Aaron. Lift and exhale. Two, three, four, five. One more time, bigger and faster for me, Rebecca and nail. There's a shark after you exhale, two, three, four, five. Melts into the mat. Nice. Round your back and sit onto your heels. God. Alright, now the transition here, I want you to stay with your belly, scooped in and up away from your thighs. I'm going to give you a little bit more of a lower c curve here. There you go.

Okay. And now bring your toes underneath. You see your feet are flexed, good and reach arms as far away from your powerhouse as you can with your bottom stain there. Good. I'll you to Aaron, I want you to really have a lot of distance here. Yeah, so we've got a good skip. Press your hands into the mat and use your powerhouse to lift yourself forward into a pushup position. Nice. Good. And using your belly to support your back. We're going to lift up that right leg as high as we can. Rock back gently on with stretching the Achilles tendon and use your powerhouse to pull forward and lower down.

Switch left good rock backs direction. Come forward and lower down and right rock back. Use Your Power House to come forward and hold it there as you lower it down. No rocking as you lower down, left rock back forward and down. One more set, right. Use that hip back, stomach in an up and down and left. Forward and down. Great. Now. If you can do it, you're going to transition by putting your right hand next to your left and lift your hips up as you spin around.

Good hands turn to all the way around from here and the hands. Good, good star. They'll come over this way and you're facing the ceiling all the way around. Look at Christie. There we go. Keep twitching your feet and just, there you go. And get your hands to point forward. Hips are up, Chris. He's like hell. Three kicks with your right leg and it's going up and it's down, up and down. Lift up your right hip and keep it down. That's three left up.

Bring it down, left hip. Bring it down one more time. Good. And now gently bend the right knee underneath you. Good. I'm gonna help you out here. Knee. Down on the mat. Turnover. Your hand is directly underneath your shoulder. Your knee is directly underneath your hip. You're going to want to sit back.

I'm gonna drop that just about 10 times a day. You're going to want to sit back. You don't. You don't. You're going to use that hamstring. You're going to use that cheek. You're going to keep your hip right over your knee. That's where a lot of [inaudible] the work is.

You're going to put your hand behind your head and now using your outer thigh and your powerhouse, you're going to lift that leg up. Keep it up like [inaudible]. There's a fire burning underneath that leg lifted up, Rebecca lifted, looked at, and five kicks forward. Oh, don't get [inaudible] and take it back. There's a fire right here on the left and a nice long leg and [inaudible] left. Come on it and left and taking it back to more lifted and don't get burned.

One more time. Ah, now like straight up. Press that hip forward for me. Thank you. Five little circles. One to keep that hip pressing forward to one. Reverse it. One, two, three. Hip forward and knees together. Yep. Nice and Snu up nice and tall. Get your bottom up. Good. And switch to the other side. Very nice. Good.

So start off pressing your left hip. Forward over that knee over over. Now bringing up that right leg high. There's a fire there now and kick it forward and take it back. Reaching long and back. Don't forget your elevator stomach as you reaching back.

And two, you only have one more, but make it higher. Good job, Christie. There you go. And leg straight out. Work on that alignment and circle. One, two, three, four, five, reverse it. One, two, three, four, five. Beautiful. And bring that knee down. Good. All right, let's go ahead and sit on that right cheek. Good. And I want knee on top of knee, ankle on top of ankle. You got it right hand right there. I'm Rebecca. Actually scoot out this way towards this edge of the mat.

We're going to enjoy a stretch. Let's do some mermaid here. So let's start off by pulling your powerhouse in and up and reach that right arm all the way over. Yep. And as you do that, keep your knees stack, think about scooping and more and just really wrap around your head and just really stretch. Hmm, good, good. Staying there. I'll give you a little, get that arm on the back of your head and we're going to wrap around like that. No, we're going to go all the way at yes, Chris. He's like, cab up. Me Scooping in. There we go. Yes. Nice. Nice. All right, and now bring that pan just a little bit out.

So it's going to be right here. There we go. [inaudible] and lift up your powerhouse through that left arm and you're going to bend the right elbow as you stretch away with. The important thing is that you're not going to take your hips with you. I want your hips to stay there pulling up and just dropped down. Keep thinking about your hips and use your powerhouse in a press your knees and your feet together to lift up from your powerhouse. There you go.

And lift up long through the ceiling, up and over and give yourself a beautiful stretch. Stretch over your trying to touch that other ankle. Grab onto the other hand you're thinking, and then we're gonna bring that leg arm over. Good and place in the same spot and do the same thing. Scoop it in. The last one will be our ground one, but really reaching away and feeling your powerhouse.

Lift you up light as a feather. Good grabbing onto your ankle and then stretch over for the last time. This way, stretch on this one. I want you to take that right arm and stretch out as far as you can. Go fully out. If you can, taking that left arm with you, reaching out, you can straight all the way onto the mat and then lift yourself back up. There you go without pulling. Hold that stretch.

There you go. All right, a little teaser for transition here. Take the legs forward up and to the other side, and maybe slide down away from the mat. Good. We need to use a little bit more momentum. That's my fault on the um, route on the return. So let's turn over towards our ankle. Taking that left arm up and stretch over. Go ahead, feel yourself pull into your spine, not away from it to stretch and take that arm out just a little bit from you so that you can put the elbow down on the mat. Let's switch sides. You're gonna. There you go. And lift up through your right arm, scooping it in, stretching. Good.

And now use your powerhouse. This is your warmup for the big grand finale on that one. And scooping in. Nice, good. And back to the same position. Just going out a little bit. Good stretch. Heiss and pulling back up through the powerhouse.

Pressing those ankles together and those knees together. That's it. You've got to really have something stabilizing you. Good. Last one, going out as far as you can. Stretching out even with the mat and we're gonna come right back up. Come on. Get energy up to the ceiling and you can finish it as stretch there. Nice job. All right ladies.

Feet towards Aaron and Aaron. This way. There we go. And we're gonna slip our hands under our ankles per seal. We're going to clap. Two, three, an inhale, roll back, two, three. Then exhale. And with the air, we need our mind still connected to our bodies here and your powerhouse to roll in and up and Xcel forward. We're going to do two more. Inhale, roll back. Exhale on this. Last one. You're going to stand up. So inhale, roll back, let go, cross your ankles and all the way up to a standing position.

Arms lifted legs together and turn away from each other. Turn around. Good. Imagine you're on a wall. I want to see your spine long arms up to the ceiling and come back with me. Plotty stance. Remember that mind and body weight on the balls of your feet, not so much on your heels and roll off an imaginary wall. Rolling forward into a pushup position.

So you're going to roll up imagineering wall. Walk your hands out, keep your bottom going forward. Go ahead, get into a nice plank and nice push up position and elbow straight back to scrape your ribs down. Up One, down, up to down, up three, down up, four, down up five and left. Using your powerhouse hips up to the ceiling and walk back to your feet. Good and roll arms. Reach to the ceiling. You know you guys, those look so good that we're going to need to step it up a little bit. Let's get some glute work in there too.

So let's balance and we're gonna just lift up the right leg behind us as high as you can and keeping the nice long energy. You're going to roll down, bringing that right leg. Sorry, Aaron. Trying to keep your center there and walking out. Taking that leg as high as you can from me, Christie with the hips even, and for three down up. One higher, Rebecca too. I knew you could do it and one more and keep that leg lifted as you walk back to your feet. Now look at that right foot. That left foot is it turned out? Because if it's not, it's going to be really hard and energy through the fingertips as you come up, rock up through the fingertips, reaching forward. Lift your head up.

Bring that leg down and switched legs. Well, good left leg. I'm not going to kick you this time. Okay, and really reached to me as your leg goes down, up, reach, reach. You got it. Hands down. Walk out to that pushup position. Perfect. You do need to do the same thing when you're coming up and you'll have it three times down. A one dad up to down a three leg higher and coming back to your foot.

Make sure it's a little [inaudible]. Turned down an Aaron reach for me. As you come up and come up reach, does your powerhouse reach all the way through all they look up, look up, look up, and you've, you've got it. No, it's really good. And bring that leg down and we're gonna just gonna to take one big breath as he reached through the fingertips and start pressing the earth away. As you inhale, still lifting up in that powerhouse and [inaudible] it's hell and got a little [inaudible] and you guys are all done today. Nice job. Very nice.


Loved the fast past of your class!I have done your class twice!
Fluid movements, the class was great. I loved the pace!
Great class. Not really as flowing or fast paced as mentioned by others/ or I thought it would be. It would really help if you could focus on the count when adjusting others so we're even. Thanks.
Seriously "stomach"?
This was my first Pilates anytime video and I really enjoyed it. Great transitions and good flow.
Great class that just flew by!!!!
Time flies b/c movement flows consistently well. Powerhouse emphasis is really great. The challenge of the core is amazing:)
I enjoyed doing this class with you and the group!
Too much time wasted by the teacher fixing her students. Disappointed she focused on her three students vs teaching a class for the viewers. Starting to believe these videos are not worth it. I have found a lot of the teachers doing this.

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