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An interesting take on the exercises and the transitions between the exercises. Class flows until we get to the Scissors and Side Kick where more detail is offered regarding the importance of the hip extensors. Focus on the hip extensors throughout the rest of class in exercises like Plank, Swimming, The Twist and Teasers.
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Feb 04, 2011
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[inaudible]. How fast do you think we can warm up fast? Oh, I don't know. Oh, there you go. Jumping jacks, right? No. Okay. Let's have you facing out the window for the moment please. Maybe just behind your maths and take an inhale as you exhale, lean forward just a little bit and then find a line in your body that feels long and straight. Okay. Even though I have you on the diagonal, then inhale, shift backs. You're stripped back over center, maybe not real far back. Exhale.

Try and find the middle. Find the middle. I haven't really said much about the feet on purpose. Okay. Rise up on the heels high as you can and just drop. Just kind of impact. Feel what that is right now. It may be relatively gentle, but just sort of feel where you take it, right? If you've been on, if you've been traveling or anything like that, you may be stuck places and I just want you to notice it and I'll do my best to remember to do that at the end. Now, then beater parallel outside of does our straight think of stacking your spine. We're up. We're tall, we're lifted, resisting gravity. Inhale, exhale, Rampart.

[inaudible] let your arms dangle for a minute and just sort of shake everything out, right? Let your head go check in. If you gotta bend the knees a little. Do that. Plug the shoulders back on your back and we inhale. Exhale, draw the abdominals right up to the spine. We were all connecting to the back of the legs. Inhale, rise up on the toe. Exhale slowly lower down. Start your head going forward.

Take an inhale when you need to. Exhale again. Continuing down through the roll down. Inhale. Exhale, roll back up. It's as if you've bead the sit bones into the back of the legs. We exhale all the way to the top and when it's time to inhale, start thinking about rising up, connecting the two movements. Was he in here? They'll lower the feet, lower the head down. You go.

I'm speeding up that little part there so it's not too weird. Inhale when you need to exhale, roll up, picking up the pace just a little bit. Connecting. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, bringing yourself back in to the space. Back into your body. Maybe you never left. I hope I can say for sure I did enroll.

I won't tell you how. I won't even tell you if I liked it any way. Rise up and just stay a lower the feet down, but keep your body up. All right, now let's come to the edges of the mat to have a seat, so sitting down, let's cross one leg over the other and then just sitting gracefully down. If that doesn't work for your knees, just sit down how it works for you. Too late, not so grateful. All right, from here or sitting tall like I normally do. Inhale, I've got my feet and knees together. We're rolling down maybe to the mid back. Draw the feeding in close. Grab onto him.

Give yourself a little rock and come back up. Hands are on front. The knees. Inhale, stack your spine. The feet are back on the ground. Let go. Exhale, roll down. Draw the feet in, connecting abs and hamstrings. Give it a little rock coming back up. Inhale, extend your spine. Exhale, roll down. Draw the feet in minimizing no momentum, but there will be some to get up, right? Big inhale, start thinking extension, meaning a little additional extension. Let go. Exhale, roll down. Draw the feet in. Find the hands to the knees and bring it up. Good.

Inhale, rise up. Exhale, roll down. Inhale, drag the feet and knees in and up. Exhale to get you up. Minimizing the Kik. Excellent. Inhale, lifting. Let go. Exhale, roll. Draw the feet in. That's your inhale. Exhale. Lovely. Last one, sort of and draw the feet in. Give yourself a rocking action. Just keep rocking. We don't need to land it. Keep it the same, right?

There's a couple of ways you could do this. You could hold behind the knees. The point for now, Andy's choosing not even to hold, which is also cool, is just to keep it smooth. Kind of wake up the low back. Only one more time trying not to kick. Here's the one and then just stay up. Slide the legs out, reach the arms forward. Take a gentle stretch, bend the knees just a little bit to encourage the hips more forward. If you can straighten the legs, do draw the hipbones back, roll back enough that your shoulders are over your hips and raise the arms up to the opposite exactly opposite your own shoulders. Good. And then your head, you should be able to kind of see your hands just even in your peripheral vision, right? If your head's too low and too low, just because I'm asking it to be that way. Um, you won't see them. Here we go.

Exhale, roll down, reach back, tap the back of your head to the mat and start to come back up. Inhale. Exhale. Pausing where we were. Yeah, a little too far forward. Jennifer May move back up a little so that the shoulders end up over your hips. Next time and inhale, you'll feel the back of the ribs. Press into the mat as you come up. Pause. That's it. Inhale, exhale, start going back, reaching back.

Lightly touch and just a reminder as to each repetition is linked to the next one. So sometimes it looks like exercises are pausing or stopped. In fact, they're not right. Find that internal movement that can continues to reach forward though it appears. Stop and back giving yourself two more nice job on the breath. You [inaudible] and back.

You've been practicing on vacation. I think I called for two, didn't I? So we go down. Thank you. Take your arms and just reach them overhead. If keeping them off the ground, bring your right leg up to tabletop and you want your pelvis level. Your low back is probably not pressed into the ground, but it might be flex the foot that's up if you need to. You can bend the lower leg. We're going for leg circles here. It's inhale, cross and exhale across and inhale, energize the arms and not just hanging out there, right? Energize him.

Use them as, as a way to anchor yourself. And that's enough of that way. Three the other way, inhaler around up. Exhale, stability, the pelvis, right. Inhale round and exhale. One more cycle. Inhale to exhale, reach forward, grab onto that leg, pick your head up for the moment just to bend the knee a bit, please pull it towards your chest. Yup. And then take your head down. You can hold the calf, you can hold the back of the thigh, you can hold your ankle. Some of you might want to hold your foot. I'm going to say somewhere in between all of those and then see about guiding the leg towards straight. We're not warm yet, right, so don't force anything here. Rebounded. Just head in the direction of straight.

Rebend it. Bend it fully, I should say. Slide it down onto the mat. Bring the other leg up. Big inhale on your exhale. Reach the arms overhead, flexing the foot, crossing the midline. First we go. Inhale around uphold and XL. I shouldn't say hold, it's not really a hold. Inhale, bit of a drag and exhale. One more breath cycle.

Inhale to exhale, change directions. Inhale around up and exhale and inhale reaching through the heel to exhale. One more breath cycle. Find the power house now on this stuff. Here we go. Pick your head up. Point the toe a little, fine the leg and bend the knee as you draw it down. So at the top of the thigh, heads toward the ribs or the center of the body maybe ever so slightly out to the side holding where you're comfortable with exception to behind the knee. Guide your leg towards straight.

If this is forcing your head backwards, either support your head or have a towel nearby. Next time, do a couple of those. Yeah, and then bend it fully. Slide it down onto the mat. Arms are reaching back still. We come up for a roll up. Inhale. Exhaling. Scooch yourself forward for a little bit more. Rolling like a ball. Joining the feet in tight, tight, tight.

Just think about going back, right. Just think it. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. Keep it tight and hold elbows out to the side and [inaudible] hold it. They're reaching the arms forward for to keep the, pull the knees in a little deeper from deepen the waist and go ahead one the heels. Don't change the meaning, the distance from the heels to the glutes. Stay up. Try the arms a little bit wider, a V or wider if you have the space. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale, heads. Never touch, no need to toss yourself anymore. Then you were moving before. Hold it. Arms will go up. Now remember, this makes you go much faster and farther than you think it's going to look at your knees or your belly. We go inhale back dog. You exhale up, hold and keep it close. Control right.

Hands on the knees, feet on the floor. You might need to situate yourself in your mat if you need to. Otherwise pick them back up. We roll down to the starting double leg stretch position. Eyes are forward, right? Let's focus. Check tailbones. In fact, everybody tuck your pelvis, lift the hips up and then really sit back down. Dude again. Yup, and down. Leave it down. If you can, provided that in this position.

Your low back is in fact down. It's gotta be double leg stretch. We reached this hold. Just come straight back over the top and draw and close tonight and reach and hold. Now go slow enough for the moment to make sure that in your body there is no pressure changes on the spine. You're not lifting in the low back. Now let's do four a little quicker. Let's go warm and pull and to right.

You could always circle the arms. That's how we would normally do it if we had the space, but we're going to keep it like that and hold it in. Give your right leg close to the what? I don't know, shoulder, but don't turn it out. Change. Hold it there. Literally give it a stretch. Pull, pull, pull. So your shin parallel to the floor. So Jim, let me say, just raise your feet and let's go change. And it's one, one and two eyes are forward and focus. Three, three and four. Four checking it with the low back. If it starts to come up, raise the legs first. That'll help. Or you can take a break. Last two cycles. Here's one more. Bring both knees in. Roll your head down, look to the left. Come through and look to the right.

Excellent hair reaching forward, curling your head, neck and shoulders up, extending middle legs up. Squeeze your glutes. Let's just leave the legs parallel. Hands behind your head and go ahead and just do a little tuck again like you did a minute ago and put it back down. Excellent, Jim. Very nice. Sometimes for some of us it's easier to slightly bend the knees to make that tuck. Heaven didn't have to be big. That's great. Wendy. Let's get two more like that.

Yeah, one more. Then keeping the tailbone down. Let's think to roll the chin toward the chest a little bit more. Glutes are still engaged in Hill as if you trying to reach the back of the legs on away from you. Just a little exhale, pull it right back up. It's can be done with bent knees. No problem. Inhale there. Exhale, pool.

You're welcome to go lower if you know you can hold it or stop if you need to end up last two. Inhale, eyes are forward and low and I see and I'm gonna go slower because some of them are going really low and last one there, bend. Nice head goes down, arms out to a low V or a T position for the spine. Twist toward the window. We go. Inhale over. Start the exhale, bring it back to the back. Inhale over. Whoa. And it's like music, all the boggling. Yeah. One more.

I am going to start going a little further so it's a little different than I normally do it. So let's go to the window and look the opposite. That way you don't have to get to the ground necessarily and up and switch. Inhaling to change. You're looking to the window and change the knee. Stay aligned a little further. Still. You may or may not touch the ground. You can and up. I went too far. I let my shoulder come off.

Try to keep the shoulder on the mat and I, I know I already called the, but let's do it again. Yeah. Last one to the center, helping each other or hurting each other. Good hands behind your head. Role. Chin to your chest. Let yourself see your elbows please.

Rather than pushing them so far back so you can see your abs to extend the leg closest to the front. Check to make sure you almost don't want to be able to see your foot in your line of vision of the bent knee, the foot of the bent knee. Right. If it's turned in or out, it's out of alignment. Let's go toward that knee and we'll change. Let's go. It's one, one, two, two. Might as well think to engage the glutes, right?

Precision eight. I'm told how many should we do? This should be the last set and center. There we go. Hug and Hasan. Thank you. Oh, that's why. Good. Good, good. How long did that take? Right. Okay, so let's move on from here. I'm just going to say shoulder bridge for now. Get us ready for a few other things. We inhale. The feet are apart, right? Sitz bones distance. When we exhale to roll up, we hollow. Reach your arms, Sherry. Find your upper back. Just reach retreat. Good. Yeah. Check this out.

Do you feel a little bit of a [inaudible] stretching the front of your head a little bit. Try for it. If you don't, if it just feels like pull and tug and not good, you can always come down a little bit. Exhale to roll down. Yeah. Lovely. Inhale. Exhale to roll a breech your shoulders down. Helen. That might just be your jacket. Oh, it is your jacket. Okay. It's all right. All right. She's going to take that thing off and down. We go.

Relaxing your feet. Feel your feet a little and then last one to go up and we'll add the actual shoulder bridge to it. Good. You may need to reach into this a little bit. Let's pick the right leg up. Hips are meant to stay level there. Debra, you actually can bring your upper body down a little bit. There you go. And your hips will stay up and exhale. Kick down on. Inhale.

Exhale two and three. There a good pace and flow and Oh and five get along and six and seven looking good. Eight reach nine. Don't forget inner thigh. Just settle. Oh, that must be it. Hold it. Refold it rolled halfway down. Just halfway down. I'm going to say all the way down cause a lot of you need to readjust your feet.

So we're going to think parallel with the feet again and that they're side by side or not side by side, but level and inhale, just going to adjust this one foot. Exhale to rollout. All right, 10 must be the left leg this time, right? You take it up and, or at least do the other one if I didn't say one and two. And so we tend to flex on the way up. Point on the way down in my class. Right? You don't have to, but if you do it, make it significant. And uh, someone told me when it's 10, seven and a and up, fill the triceps. Nine one more time up. Return the leg. Stay here.

Actually don't stay here. Roll halfway down. Of course, if you have a cramp, it deal with that. So you have a little troop to your body, the front of the body and the back of the body around each trooped. Yep. I got my TLC album out again. All right. It's a little squeeze of the glutes. I'm so glad you knew what that meant. Release and abs. Draw in first to squeeze the glutes. You're not going to see anything I don't think.

And release and scoop and squeeze and release. Just getting the sensation. Okay, so you've got glue. It's right. Easy enough to do that. You've got the abdominals helping when you do it. The next few, imagine you're drawing your heels towards your butt, or don't imagine, think to draw your heels towards your butt.

They're not gonna move, but you might cramp because that's the direction of the action, right? So now you have ads, you have your glutes, and you have your hamstrings, and that's kind of what I want in every exercise going forward. Hold wherever you are. Inhale, exhale, roll down, right. Take your right leg in, close to you, hugging it in, comfortably extended up. Be careful, gentle, gentle, right? If you know in hamstring pull one the exercise are single, straight leg stretch that you could do it with straight legs. Lower the straight leg. Now the lower leg. Now if you're not sure, curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Make sure you're reaching the tailbone down into the mat.

Slide the leg out to the point where it's not going to hinder that position and it's pull, pull, change and hang out here. Change and hang out. Hang out, hang out, find a little stretch. You might decide you need to bend the knee. What do you need? And let's go. It's pull, pull and switch and I'm going to go slow for a second. I want you to feel like, what do I want you to feel like.

I want you to try to feel like when you're reaching the lower leg down your map before you pick it up so that you have a sense of length. But even more than that, I'm trying to find a way to anchor the low back more. So that's the main point that the low back doesn't work. Should we go a little faster and I'll shut up. Let's go. One, one, two, two, eyes forward. Just a reminder and the last two kicks. Keep your eyes toward Jennifer.

Both legs, up, head goes down, arms go down. Find the triceps that I want you to push into the mat. Please. From here without bringing your thighs any closer to you rollover on the exhale. There it is. Slope. Whoa, Whoa. More music. Flex your feet. This time in the form of groans. Separate your feet.

Just tip distance. Look at your thighs. Don't get them too wide. Lower the legs if you can. Now it's your throat pulling away your chest, pulling away. Press the triceps of the back of the arms into the mat. Find your tailbone as your roll down. Point the toes circle. Close. Amy Hilton 90 controlled up over. Should still have hamstrings, glutes and abs flex separate down and as you roll down, let the thighs come closer to your ribs. Sliding those arms out of your way.

Circle and close and inhale. Exhale over. Flex. Separate, lower and rule and circle. Close one more in that direction. Nice job on the wrists. Keep trying for flat wrist flex and open down like, Oh, I'm just going to give you two in the other direction. So you open to the hip distance. Exhale over then from the upper inner thigh. Close it up.

You okay me and close it down. Roll it down. Keep reaching through the feet. Flexing more than just the toes. Point. Circle open last time up over FlexClone lower the feet if you can, and reaching. Reaching. Oh, come on. Admitted. It feels good. It feels good. Shins are parallel with the ground reaching forward as you curl up.

I haven't done the a hundred yet. Oh my gosh. Right. Feet are down. Arms are back. What was I thinking? I was going to be hard now. Alright, here we go. Draw the knees up to fair a lot. I just wanted to get us down and we'll change it a bit.

Exhale into the a hundred extending your legs wherever you normally do. If you, if you go bent knees, you're not going to want to do this one rather than pumping the arms. Pump the legs. So it's going to go. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five and two. Three, four, five and out. Two, three, four, five, three, two, three, four, five. And now don't think about the feet. I'll mess you up. Four, five and five. Two, three, four, five it call me upper body a little bit out. Two, three, four, five at night and he'll keep reaching into it. Emily curl. Good.

How are we doing? How are we doing? We love it. We love it. Jim's even got the arms go. Not necessary, but you go. I'm going to say one more. Inhale. If it's, if that's 10 and you know it, you can, you know, feel good about it and stop Benj knees. That was pure ignorance. That kept us going there and down. [inaudible] right. It is a little odd, isn't it?

When you can't not do the arms with it. I am. Okay, let's move on. All right. Just holding on. Rock yourself up. Yeah. Sit tall. Pick your feet up. Rock back. Come back up. Sit tall. Once you get there and rollback come up and extend and hold.

Yup. Again. [inaudible] can be fun. The last one. Hold. Take it up. You can stick to what you're doing. It's open land rocker, however you look at it. Here we go. Inhale, roll back. Exhale up and hold and roll back. And when I say we'll roll back, you know who were stopping it about the shoulder blades, maybe the top of the shoulder blades. Exhale. I think sometimes we, we start to look for the destination too soon.

Keep your eyes on your belly longer than you think and then get you up faster. Let's hold this one up. Hold it, use it. I'm kind of pulling the legs into the hip socket. Yup. Get some back work while we're here. Bend the knees, sit them down and sit down tall with the legs extended in front of you. Wait. Yeah. All right.

Arms are right behind your head. If this is not a good position for you, you know you can bend your knees, you can sit on something, you can cross your legs. Lots of things. Flex your feet though. Whatever you do. If your legs are almost straight, we rotate to the front. Inhale, just XL center. Easy arms, right? Inhale to the back and center. Okay. Take a quick look at your feet and it's only cause it happens when we turn. Sometimes when we turn, it ends up being a flexed toe only. It's like Deborah, you could pull your tops of your feet, but there you go. Good. Exactly, and then ideally, and I'm not great at it, you would relax the toes. That's my lesson that I'm working on, but I am not going to not tell you cause I can't do it. All right, the last one that way and we'll change it a bit. Inhale, rotate. Exhale.

Inhale up, come center and fold the arms. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, extend the arms, arms go up on the inhale, grow with it. Come back to center and fold the arms. If your quads and hip flexors are taking over, which they might just bend your knees. Inhale. Not that they won't still be working. Excellent.

Inhale up and centerfold last time. What feels good? Oh good X. Hey, rising up with the arms, right? Yes and center from here. Inhale. Exhale. Roll down. You want to see your elbow? Slight bitch. I'm just as like it gives you room lightly touched the back of your head.

Go ahead and keep your feet flex for now and up. Shoot. Energy out the heels. Shoot it out all the way over. Inhale, grow tall. Remember the breath. The spine can continue growing. Find new space. Stretch yourselves. Excellent. You know, where am I going, Anna? Excellent. Right? Keep those feet flex.

I'm doing that not because it really helps. It doesn't. Other than you might think about the inner thighs and hamstrings a bit and trying to curve more so we don't slide down our mats. One more time to relax and release the feet. Separate the feet. [inaudible] readdress. Bring your hands back when you can to the front in here. I did flex that. You don't have to. It's the hand, the elbow pointing toward the front. That doesn't make sense.

The back elbow is going to reach for the shin. I'm rounded, but I'm trying for length. Believe it or not. Roll back up center. If this strains to the arms, you can put your hands here or across your chest. I just holding my shoulders right and then roll up and center. So here's the deal. Let's take our legs a little wider. You may not actually. So just be on, on these mats, wider than that. Um, you may not get to the shin.

That's all right. Now as you go forward, opposite hip is pulling back. So let's go. Slow. Opposite hip is pointing back. Now when we come up, keep rotating. So you ended up kind of easily looking somewhere behind you. And then center, inhale, rotate. Legs don't change. And exhale, go follow her. Get the length. Even though it's curved. Email as you roll up, ending up looking behind you. Lovely. And center. Let's go a little faster in here to exit opposite hip. Don't forget about it. Inhale to exhale, man.

Two excellent. Finding all of those working parts, which really is just one giant muscle, right? Maybe not giant, but coordinated. Last one, right? And alright, close up the feet. [inaudible] I know. So I'm heading into just, I haven't done it with you guys in a while. I'm heading into scissors and bicycle. I'm not great for everybody. So I'm gonna offer you something else. In the meantime, it could be a risk thing for you. Um, for some people it's a bit higher on the neck than they want, but it's it first and foremost is for the hip extensors. So who you are, that's the focus. I'm just gonna kind of go through the whole deal first. This is the part people miss right here. I have to walk my elbows in.

I dunno why. That's what I do. Okay. So I'm supported. I'm still up. I will drop a little more weight into my hands once I get going. I'm going to have you here to start the leg that I'm, we're watching. Is this one up here too? It's not just down cause that's not, that's just more pressure on my elbows. Okay. It is going to go down but I'm reaching that way and I as I reached that way, here's the secret.

Lift the hips so it's glutes. It doesn't really make sense in words. But as I reached that way, I'm lifting that way. Okay. There and then that just whatever. But if you focus on the top leg, you're going to end up here and you want to be there. And then the scissor, I mean whatever. Bicycle. Okay, we'll do shoe. Now if that doesn't work for you, you have options. You can't, I'm going to have you come here. Okay.

I do five and five. Same thing you're reaching as your leg goes down, you lift whether you touch the ground or not. This is actually harder cause you'll, you'll feel like, Oh it's right there. But if it goes to you back, you're done. You'd rather reach and just put it back. Okay, so lie on your backs. Once we get going, if you are going to go up on your high shoulder blade, if you're unclear, rather come out of it then then till turn your head.

So how he got into it was just to do a rollover. Then I, this is where I shimmy my arms in closer. It's just preference. Bend the knees, hands. Just turn up. Some people get real specific on where your hands are. I don't, I just, it's like low back. Go into an arched back but support it with your hands. Okay. Then let's keep the right knee close to our face and then start to think about extending the left leg just up. No big deal. Now as we lower that straight left leg, start to think I'm going to lift weight out of my hands.

The right knee might move. Don't worry about the right knee. Just let it, it has to do. Let's see. Do you feel the hamstring? Give me this foot towards me. Yup. Yup, yup, yup, yup. How's that? Ooh. Ooh, okay. Or not. Okay. Okay, let go and we'll find out. He says slowly there is either the make or break of my career right there. So which nice. Okay. Okay, good, good.

So we kind of went into a bicycle, didn't we? I didn't mean to say it that way. Okay, so we switched, but just find the hamstring. Okay. For those of you who are doing debts, it now keep the straight like sheriff, you can reach the top like a little and then bring this one up so it's not quite so far. Go ahead and scissor. When you're ready. Just scissor. I'm going to skip the bicycle cause I took too long to talk. Plus press and change. Press press gorgeous. Wendy.

When you just hold your top leg back a little and reach more for that one and now you lift your hips out of your hands. That's it. Good. Give yourself one or two more in certainly if you've had it all, it's good, Debra. Very good. That's a gym. Reached the leg. Yeah. Let me help some of you add it. Yes it does. Let me help some of you out of it. Although you look quite happy. Go Helen, take that Hill. Okay. Bend your knees, let the arms come out easy. Find your triceps gently rolled down. Yeah, that was great.

So let's go ahead and go onto our side. Just turn and lie on your side. Facing the front. You guys are heads on that end. Heads on that end. Yeah. Good. Okay, so options, right? You can be on your form with the lower leg bent for modification, for balance. Otherwise, let's try it up on the elbow today.

Okay. So in thinking of hip extension, again, this is kind of a lot to be dealing with. Tick the top leg completely. Relax it for a minute. Reach it. It's not going to go far cause you're already there. Start to continue reaching it. But behind you now, just like the scissors a minute ago, as your leg goes back, you rise up with the hips or rise forward with the hips right now up as the window. It's exact same position. Yeah, except for we don't have an arched back. Pretty neutral. Okay. Can you feel your hamstring? Probably no big deal.

Can you feel your glute though? That's the part you want. I mean you want to both. All right, so from there it go slow. Just bring it forward. Let's keep it kind of mellow today and then reach back and make sure you can find it. So you might even get a stretch right and back. All right, now we'll go a little quicker. But just keep that thought.

Pulse pulse and inhale and pulse. Pulse and reach. Wow, you're not sure that's it, right? Show the brain where it is and where each pose pose and our reach. Go for two more. Pulse, pulse and reach. One more time. Hold it back there. And I'm going to have us, what am I gonna have us do? Just put the forearm down. Help yourself so you have real stability there. So will you go show me [inaudible] yeah. Takes away down the shoulder. Yeah, absolutely. Every, I mean okay.

It does. Exactly. So here we are, reach back. So take the weight out of the, in this case, right and as you push back he'll go as far as you can. That's good then without letting the thigh change. Once you, once you've gone back, bend the knee, now you got both. You sure put your hand here on the thigh? It doesn't move. Extend the leg again, go further, not back. Just further. Right. Bend again, reach further. So it's kinda like working both ways. One of those ISO kinetic machines almost notch and I'm trying for hamstring and it should be pretty significant answering. But the glute already there will last one, reach from there. Keep the F position, but flex the foot.

Don't know why. It tends to help and glute. Now you've got the hamstring. Emphasize the glued. I'm just pushing back back as if I'm pushing. I dunno, a wall away. As the leg goes back, the hip goes forward just to look stable or to be stable, I should say. All right, fine. Good. Release it and let's just come across that leg over. Oh, that was more than I thought. And or stay down. Either way. It's the idea is that you're just going to release the hip a bit.

It's a long time to be on your arm though. So if you don't want to be on your arm, you could do the same stretch here or here. Yikes. Or you can sit all the way up. If you're married, there's a lot of moaning going on. What did you all do? Nothing. You found your glutes. Fabulous. Let's go find the other side. Yeah. Okay.

Alright, so we were on the elbow. If, if that's how you did it. Do it that way. Again, I didn't really say where the legs are. Theoretically, they're straight off. You honestly minor slightly forward. How's that? Okay, so before while we were all there, here we go. Bottom shoulders down. Top leg is up. And Jennifer, you keep going in and out of the shoulder. There you go. Alright, take the leg to the back. Remind yourself that if you were to look down and have a, I don't know what a wall here in front of your pelvis, the pubic bone and hip bones are level. Okay, if, and just say image, right?

So as you continue to press the thigh bone backwards, the pelvis either stays or maybe feels like it's being pressed forward. Wow. I'm there too soon for what we have left to do. Let's come forward slowly. Keep the pelvis still and bring it back. Find it. Remember, it's in the reach for most of us, it's in the thought of the reach because we all get the hamstring. No problem. Oh, little quicker. We go pulse, pulse, N N, pulse, pulse and reach and pulse. Pulse and pulse. Pulse. And yes, I am bagging out completely and there's a tendency as you go to squeeze glitz to kind of suck the leg in. Let it be free. Really, you get more out of it and get one more after this one, hold it to the back. Help your top hand down. Help yourself to the forearm.

Okay. Reach more if you're not sure, find it from there. We just held the leg in place or just so that you know you're not bending it to pull forward and bend the knee and then extend. Right and then an extent. Excellent. And you the tip, if anything, let the top hip roll forward rather than back for this one I've got to more thoroughly and straight. One more reach. Go to the bent knee again, double check that it's all still there.

Flex the foot and it's pressed back. Teeny tiny. You're kind of already against that imaginary wall. Three and four and five. Good. Six. Very nice. He to keep going to push me away. [inaudible] see what I mean? Yeah, you got it. Okay. That's gotta be it right? Good. Take the break. Take the stretch. Well done. I just wanted you to know you were doing it. That was good. That's very good.

[inaudible] happened. Your finger [inaudible] remember, you can lie on your back if you prefer. What Sherry's doing is a great way to do it if you're flexible. Yeah, Emily. All right, so let's come onto our abdominals for the moment with the arms like so at a goalpost. Okay, so exactly. If you look to the side of your own body, your elbows are about shoulder height.

Exactly. Foreheads on the floor. Legs are basically relaxed, though. You could reach them right without tightening them. You can reach them without tightening, and I promise. Beautiful share. You don't even have to lift him. That's good work. All right. From there it is your forearms with exception to the elbow that are gonna lift. Inhale, do that now. Exhale, hover the elbows.

Take a quick peek to make sure your risks are higher than your elbows, or at least level. So, Jennifer, yeah. Yes. Now hover your head and chest and is just a hover. As you straighten your arms, pull the shoulders downward. Easy. Nothing too straining there. Fabulous. Inhale. Rebend the elbows via the shoulder blades, pulling further down your back. A forehead goes down next carefully rotate the elbows to the floor and then hands down on that last exhale. So it was elbows and hands. Okay, so you had everything but that part I'll get it again. Here we go. I'll say it every time. Here we go. Hands up. Inhale, exhale, hover, elbows, foreheads, or down. Inhale.

Now just float the head and chest off the mat and exhale, grow the arms long. Feel opposition somewhere around the spine or shoulder blades. Inhale, rebend the elbows. Exhale, put your forehead on the mat. Inhale, elbows, touchdown. Fabulous. And exhale hands good. And what you guys are all doing really well as you're landing where you started to begin with. Redundant. Here we go. Inhale, hands up. Exhale, elbows. Inhale, head, chest, float. Exhale, reach the legs as you reach to the arms. Don't lift them. Just reach him. Inhale, rebound foreheads down.

Inhale, elbows, and he last time. Feel the [inaudible] [inaudible] of that shoulder girdle. Go ahead. You know it now have head or elbow. Sorry, I don't have her head and Justin. Yeah. Exhale. Think of it as my arms go forward. My legs go the other way. Inhale. Rebend forehead would be next. Elbows.

And then hands settle. Good. Go ahead Wendy. When you're ready, you're going to push yourself back into a rescue, a position. And if your arms had had enough, you might prefer them back behind you in the moment. All right? Hmm. Okay. No, I won't do it. Oh goodness. Okay. So roll yourself up.

Walk your hands forward. I'm going to take you into a plank here in just a second. So, um, walk here, make it so that when you extend your leg, you're going to be on your mat. Alright, so from there we're going to extend one leg back. Now, before you do anything else, this is the most fantastic place to feel your glute as you reached your leg. So before the other leg goes up, can you feel it yet? It's a thought more than anything. Keep reaching.

Then put the other foot in place and double check everything. Okay. From there, Jess, I've got a, I didn't cue that to down. No, you're good. Just bend the elbows a little bit straight back. You can lower your body of it and come back up and bend again. Excellent. When you do it, the shoulders stay quite still, honestly, again, three and uh, beautiful. One more time and up. Bend the knees. Next time you come up, bend the knees, take your right foot forward however you need to.

You can pick it up and do that. Release the toes on the back if you haven't already. I've got the knee on the ground and then let's come into a sense of pressing the hips forward. He says if you're trying to tuck the pelvis and lift yourself up, if that feels okay to you, Oh good. You could almost lift up right? You could pretty easily. So there's not a ton of pressure right on that knee and it's certainly not a collapse to the front. I have energy in this leg. Alright, then placing your hands as best you can.

I know you'll have to adjust for the pushup. Again, curl the back toes under. Adjust your hands as needed. Take the foot out, adjust again if needed. And we go. You listen to your body, right? You want to feel like your elbows are being dragged to your waist and uh, and your head doesn't change, right? You're not going to get your chin reaching in front of you and Oh, good. Yeah, no lower than that. If anything, Emily walked his feet back.

One more. Everybody good. And then lower the knees. We're going to the left foot forward. Well done. Yeah. You just sort a little pitched forward. Release the back toes. You want to come just off the kneecap on that back leg. And as far as the forward foot is concerned, generally knee over ankle, right?

If you get here where you can lift the heel, it's probably just going to put unnecessary pressure on your knee. All right, so let's stretch. Of course the hip, but let's stretch the abdominals and let's stretch to the back also. So it's not just the abdominals in the hips, it's it, all of it. Uh, not like this one heading towards the curve. Okay, so a little confusing. I get it. But my point is simply to say it's not just the hip to the expense of all else.

You can look forward a little gym. Yeah, just, okay. This time we're gonna place your hands for a regular push up, a wide push up so the hands can end up about where they were. I think most of you are gonna want him about as wide as your mat. I'm not gonna tell you exactly how to place your hands. I prefer mine slightly in a lot of people I know don't like that.

Some people like them turned out, some people like come straight ahead. You decide and you don't even have to do the elbow bend. But if you do, they're going to the side. This time you go down and you come up can be done on the knees. Right? And and theory, I'm doing 10 so at any point you want to go the knees too. But if you're going to keep going, make sure your legs are helping you. Right.

In the same way Deborah mentioned, it pulls weight out of your, wherever we were earlier. If you reached your legs at a pull weight out of your arms, someone's counting eight. Oh really know how to talk to plenty to get to ten one more time. Lower than me. Surely all that jibber Jabber did it by then release too. I told him his use of aerobics hit.

I do it on the eight count. Okay, good. Excellent. All right. We've got a little bit more back extension to do. Come all the way down again. It's going to be swimming. Just so you know, because if you haven't noticed, I somehow got on a hip extension kick when she scooped, lowered Emily A. Little bit. There's things got moved down a bit. All right. And then if you want to, okay, so arms are long, her wide, a wide and long. Ideally they're right off your shoulders, but that doesn't work for a lot of us.

Think of the legs for the moment you're reaching them. You might have a little sensation through the glutes. Um, take a second. Reach like you have. I see. But try to relax the leg muscles themselves as you reach might not happen fully, but it might kick in the glutes more. You guys look great from there. Float the arms off the floor, float your head, float your chest and we don't need to get high. Then take your arms higher.

Just your arms from there. Lift the right arm in the left leg and switch and keep it slow for a second. Even if you know swimming really well, do you feel you're moving from the glutes as you reach or is it the hamstring thing again, hamstrings are going to work. They have to. It's great if they do, however. Nice. Nice. Then at your own pace, whatever you want. I'll count out. Four. Inhale, two, three, four and exhale. That would be the fastest I'd want to go today. Good. Feeling the glutes, feeling stability and and inhale last cycle and exhale, reaching long and lower yourselves down.

Could take a second to let your back settle. When you're ready, bring your hands towards your shoulders. Lift up, press back one last time. Okay. Unfurl yourself. The hand closest to the back of the room is going in front. Yep. So your right hand over here, your left hand over there. Curl the toes under swivel.

Huh? Did you like that? Did you like how much I had to think? Kind of takes away from it, doesn't it? Squeeze your butt. Look proud. No one will know. Right? Inhale to side bend. Let's go straight to the twist. So you lift the hips, you can put your foot down if you need to, but otherwise it's a reach the arm across the chest. The back is flat. Reopen, squeeze the inner thighs and glutes. So you almost hit it but doesn't have to be fast. Ben to come down and again, inhale, this can be done here but I wouldn't do the coming under.

You would just do a side bend, right if you want to, if you don't want. I've been on the wrist a lot. I know email reopen and down. Good. Top leg is in front. In case you're wondering lift he look good. Exhale pike to go over a hundred. Inhale open and come down.

One more like that and lift up your along. Hips lift, reach across. There is a spiral in the the spine. Inhale, reopen and down we go. Other side. Top leg in front. Yeah. Right. You're away. If we didn't need the hand we wouldn't use it. But we do. Inhale. Take a second. You're strong. That's not anticipate.

Now we can go. Inhale, reopen it. That was all you were going to do. And then do it and then you decide. No, I'm going back out and you hold hips a little lower. Handy for a second. Then [inaudible] go ahead. Inhale, open. Don't forget that long line. It should be work here. And two more. Pickwick. Sorry. Pick something to look at. Straight ahead.

Okay. Now look behind him. Come back to the spot you were looking at. Do your hips feel the same? Good. And and the last one up or did I do five? I think I did four. Yeah. Find that spot.

Squeeze the glutes and yes, face the center. Good. Should we get off the arms? Careful how you answered [inaudible]. We'll go on for teaser one, two and three or whichever ones you choose to do with me. Here we go. Roll down. Let's just go halfway or to the shoulder blades. Extend the legs. If you're going to, you can do one leg, that's fine.

And now we're from there. We're coming up. I'm just going to keep the arms in front today. You can extend the arms overhead if you want. Feel free to bend the knees from the pelvis. Roll down to that C, go all the way. I mean, and the arms will go overhead or just to the mat. Inhale. If you can the whole way up, take your time.

You can do to breadth there. That's not a big deal. Try to get where you can. Exhale going down. Inhale to go off. It's up to you. That's the challenge I like to do from here, right? Inhale, lower the legs, raise the arms, exhale, bring them up and I'll do four. So if you are doing one, like you can change one more. Hold. Inhale, we're rolling down this. The three. You lower the legs almost to the ground.

Not quite all the way your head touches your arms reach back. You inhale all the way up or start exhaling now just like a roll up with the legs moving and down we go. Take your time. Reaching the legs. It helps here too. It just helps. This is it. This is it gang up, up, up. Should we go to seal from here? Of course we should tuck in if you didn't hit it on that, which is not easy to do and dig under there. Get shit calf up in the of the elbow. Yeah, we're not so worried about landing it. We've got all year, shoulders down, squeezing out, size into your arms and let's clap up here three times.

It's inner thigh, inner thigh, inner thigh. Roll back. Start clapping. One, two, three up. Keep it one, two, three. It's okay. Keep rolling. If you don't land it right, figure it out in your body. We don't have to be together on this. Figure it out for yourself. Right? What do you need for your own timing? The thing you don't want to do is to kick the legs. Right? Keep them.

Then knee angle the same. Let's go one more heads. Don't touch by the way, and just hold it when you get there on the next one. Sorry. And do the hands are there on top. So, and just kind of support your leg so they're not working anymore. Maybe just stretch back a bit. Set a, your one foot on the ground. Does it matter which extend the other one up, right?

I've got it. Kind of going out to the side and just trying to add a little stretch to it. [inaudible] rebend it. Help yourself pick up the other one. Watch it. Your neck doesn't get thrown back. Right. If anything look down and then grow into it.

I still have one leg on the ground or you can not grab it with both. If that feels better, I would flex point, whatever you need right here. Whatever you need. Yeah. And then Ben did it. Um, we're going to a forward fold or a standing standing position like, so however you want to get there for your knees and et cetera. Hang for a moment. Let go for a moment. Hopefully feeling a little more space in your bodies if not, kind of shake it out. Do what you need to do. Get what I missed.

And then whatever you do, remind yourself that so much of this work is about breathing. Um, not just breathing, but the ability to breathe, to expand our capacity for breathing so that wherever we are, whatever exercise, whatever we're doing, we can call upon it for ease. Oh, find your feet from in the mat, just so you know they're there. The abs are opposing them by drawing up a little, not a lot. And let's roll up. I'm keeping bent knees. Arms are plugged into the back. Okay. When it feels right to straighten your legs, do that grow tall because even in an upright position, we can think of that hip extension. They're not going to go behind you, but you're going to lift so tall in your mind that it almost feels like they're getting the thigh bones being pressed backwards. With that, let's just so it's as close to the original. We did face the front.

If you were standing on your mat in the beginning of class, stand on it. Now if you are on the would be on the wood. We didn't think too much about where our feet, where we just rise. Rise. No, we lifted Rose. We wrote a thank and we dropped off again and we dropped right and we weren't thinking too much just in, you know, wondering if it feels different. I feel it more in my heels, you know, rather than before.

It was sort of other places but hopefully not as impactful. Hopefully we're in line the one more time. We'll keep it down. Find a position for your feet that is level and then just float the arms up. Exhale, let go. Keep tall. Kind of really light. Big deep breath in whichever way they are. I'm still good.

I'm going back to the side on the way out and exhale. Yes. Thank you for being here.


Loved the fast pace of the class, Kristi! I would love some more classes using the foam roller.
HI Elaine ~
I one of my recent classes is a foam roller class. It is in line and will be up soon.
Great class. My first one for awhile (shame on me!) but I really enjoyed it. Thanks!
Loved the pace as well! this one got me sweating, and laughing... the hubby walked in "what ARE you doing" (attempting the bicycle) lol.. thanks for the workout and the humor! very refreshing
I can't think of a better exercise to experience levity in than the bicycle Glad you enjoyed it!

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