Class #3760

Mat Games

30 min - Class


You will take your practice to another level with these Mat games by Serafino Ambrosio. He teaches different games that you can incorporate into your workout, adding layers to each game so that you can stay present while you explore different movement patterns. He also uses this to teach Pilates history so that it becomes a journey of knowledge in addition to exercise.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball, Theraband, Magic Circle


Shower, they got, see, I'm Sarah Film [inaudible] from Rome, Italy. I'm here with two beautiful women to play. Today I'm going to be teaching you four games to teach and to excite your...


Loved this very fun I smiled the entire time and I will be adding in to my noon Pilates barre class today!
Thanks have a lovely weekend!
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Serafino you are fantastic.
I have taken many beautiful ideas and I have already applied them. thank you so much . See you soon .
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Fantastic Happy class. Thank you soo much Serafino!!!
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WOW Thanks again everyone ! what great feedback i hope you find some great ideas to put them in your next Matclasses ...enjoy the RIDE! ciao Serafino
Serafino thanks for This Active funny energetic class ! People needs to work Also with lightness and sobriety.
fun ideas!
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thanks everyone for their comments ! it was fun doing , filming and i i know its going to be fun putting it into practice ! Enjoy ! If you need any assistance let me know  by email Ciao for now Serafino

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