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You will take your practice to another level with these Mat games by Serafino Ambrosio. He teaches different games that you can incorporate into your workout, adding layers to each game so that you can stay present while you explore different movement patterns. He also uses this to teach Pilates history so that it becomes a journey of knowledge in addition to exercise.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball, Theraband, Magic Circle

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Shower, they got, see, I'm Sarah Film [inaudible] from Rome, Italy. I'm here with two beautiful women to play. Today I'm going to be teaching you four games to teach and to excite your clients, to promote them to another level level of [inaudible]. And we're gonna do this by games and playing. Are we ready to play?

The first game guys is called the wall game because every wall of your studio has a name. Let's pretend this is your studio. So this wall is called the war. The train wall. Can you say that? So let's all turn around to face the train wall and the exercise that you do when you face the train wall is spine twists. So fit together, stretch your fingers out. And let's all turn to the left.

Go breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in, keeping the pelvis deal the spine long, the heels grounded and the headlight. Last one and breathe out. Good and down. Let's turn towards this four. And this wall is called Clara. Yes, like Joseph's wife, lover. Who knows, but it's called Clara. And what we're going to do with Clara is we are going to do leg to front. So let's go down and go down and breathe in. As you breathe out, brush your feet down and out and make sure that the foot as a is as important as your head. So the foot really caresses a floor.

The head pushes forward and up a tiny bit. Last one, and the spine keeps long widening the fingers of the hand and bend stand up. So what's this called? Clara? Good. Okay, let's face the other wall. And this was called cigars because Joseph Velardi's loved Cuban cigars and when we face [inaudible] gas, we are going to be doing hundred ready. So lie down, crush your legs, stretch legs out and breathing and breathe air for five. Good breathing. Opening the heart, linkedin in the fingers of the feet and the hands. Last one.

Breathe in and breathe. There been the legs. Hold and roll it up. Last wall. This wall. Good. This wall is going to be cold. A pinnacle like Joseph Hubert [inaudible] equipment that really no one knows about that. It's, it was. It's very, very rarely that people know pittable and pillow pool is going to be cold. We're going to do the standing roll down so feet together and you're going to roll down from the head all the way down to the feet rolling and massaging and then roll up, starting the heels into the knees, into the pelvis, into the ribs, into the head, and into the gaze. Looking forward. Good.

Let's turn around towards train more. Guys, this is a first game. What happens? We all have 10 points. Give me 10 10 points. What happens? We will start the game. I will stop and then I'll tell you the wall to turn around and warm up on. So if I say to the guards, you've got to turn towards that wall. Yes. And you do that exercise.

If he stuff up or if he got it wrong, what happens? You get one point off. Nine, eight, seven, six. Try to keep that level high of 10 points because we all love 10 points. We don't want to go lower. Okay, I ready to start the game. Turn towards a train wall. Let's start it.

Ready? Strong spine and shop. Good. We're going to jump. Yes. Good. Stay in the legs and breed because [inaudible] he's winning. We started the that Matt Secrets. Oi jumped as well, so we're jumping as well. Breathe and breathe and in and big and three and two and one cigars. Okay, so guys, what was the guys? You're wrong. Nine, nine, nine points. Okay.

Faith together. Yes. Even for me, it's important if you don't get the form right. I'm taking one point off. Good. Two more and stand up. Face me. Ready? Scissors. Go. Walk. Okay. We're warming up. We can inch strong. Breathe in, breathe out. Alignment, little feet. Good bath and breathe and we're going to good. How are we going guys?

Three, two, one, 10 a pole. Did it go good? Well done. Yes. Last one. So I've got one, a ten one at nine and standing up. Ready? Feet together. Ready? Jump Dot. Dot. Pet shops, twists. Good. Kate, Kristin, k tracing. Go. Gosh, let's try the rhythm. One, two, three, one, two breaks once. Dude, please watch this breeze. Three La, La Bron.

Hi [inaudible]. Wow. Let's see. Good, well done. We've still got an online 10 someone's leading someone's following couldn't stand up. What's going to happen now guys, this isn't me. The walls change. This is not train anymore, but pinnacle. That is a train wall. That is Clara.

And that is the God's well done. More complicated already. So what we did, we didn't change the exercise. We changed the name of the wall to confuse our brain into development and exploration. Ready? Face me three, two. Well, Piccolo swings too. Opposite of what everyone Taywan. And one day mom at leg.

Good. Wrong. Opposite. Good. Opposite arm. Say Mom. Good. Three. One Cigar. Yes. Good. And what happens with cigar to roll down? Nods are all, you'll get the nod and got, y'all got eight.

Ready? Yep. I used to be a bit slow. Good. This last one. Let's just try it once more time. One more time to play the game and roll it up. Good as Alex. Good. Let's do it once more. Let's do one arm at a time like the took, then the arms. Let's do two arms. One arm, two arms. Surely three two, one. Clara.

What was Clara? Good Wa hundred you are really good. This group to more breathe in and breathe out. Last one, breathing and standing up slowly. Let's just take it to one more progression because you are really good athletes and clients. She's a fantastic, what happens is that we're just gonna did develop the excise. Let's go.

Let's do spine twist to the left, but it turns into soul turn and lift and dive and then open spine twist so and swim so you can develop a every exercise last too. Up and around. Breathe that open. So same exercise. Spine two is with a spice, with the flavor. Let's turn around this way. This was leg pour front. Yes. [inaudible] going to turn into go down.

Sweeping and pushing. Sweeping and pushing. Sweep and sweep and sweep and breather. Good. Two, last one. And jump and up. Good. Then we've got the hundred. Remember that lie down.

The hundred goes in 200 but you've got to rock, right center left. It's good, right? And sent a good and left last one. Right and center lifted and pause. Come up. And then our last exercise, he's standing roll down feet together.

You're going to lift one leg up, keeping the pelvis stable and roll it down with one leg all the way down and all the way up off the leg. Ready, all the way down. Keeping the heel stable the way to over the foot and up. Good. Turn around mid to Vice v last time. Remember the walls. Remember the variation. If you don't want to do the version, you can stick to the original. So now we've got two layers. Original exercise are all creative exercise.

That's the first layer and the name of the wall, which was original or change now. So we're going to keep that as a train that as Clara. It's the god of perfect. I'll be ready. Feet together. Let's start again. I often pass great apps and brave. Good. This. Circle the arms.

Circle the off. Good. Ready? Three, two, one. Okay. Stop. Pinnacle. Yes. Good. Well done. There was a bit of hesitation there. I saw that China's then where and how, but that's all about playing that anticipation where, how and when. That's fantastic. Last one. Yeah. Okay. And the ready down three. Two. One is still jump again.

Let's cross the legs. Good. Now Open. I crossed the arms. Well, good cross everything, Huh? Good. Last one, Clara. Yes. Good. And are the keep the regional or you do the variation of hundred. That was really well done. Good. Breathe widening. Clavicles Linkedin, the legs. Get the legs, arms involved into core stability. Last one.

Okay. And Ben, the list come up one more time. Let's try to keep the numbers high. What are you? Eight. Nine. Let's keep the high. Ready. Thanks. Cross to God. Yes.

Now let's turn the head every cross. Good. That's it. Brief. Keep crossing. Great crossing. Good. Two more. Russ cigars. Okay. Yes. Ha. Yeah, I can't believe that the both eight. It's a drawer.

Last one. We're going down last one and rolled up. So Turner, face me. You are a draw. Eight points. I points. Fantastic. Eights. Great. Eights always gray. So that's how we play the game. You can use this game to really warm up the body to learn words in polarities. You know, you're you at home and then everyone else trying to understand words of [inaudible], Clara history and everything.

It becomes a journey not only of exercise, but in knowledge. Okay, that was great. Great first game guys. Fantastic though. Wall game. Now let's do the second game. The second game is called happily ever after. Okay? Like Disney, what happens here is that you give clients two exercises on the third exercises, they choose how they want to move.

That's why it's called happily ever after. So let's try, let's give it a try. Okay, let's sit towards each other. Good. And say it. Good with Nice. And it's just too what we did. Spine switch. We know will I love spine treads, have great mobility of the spine. So second game, happily ever after.

So breathe in and as you breathe out, start the twist to the left. Good. And breathe in here as you increase spine a longer [inaudible]. And as you breathe out, pause, breathe in, pause. And as you breathe out, push the legs away from the pelvis, the pelvis away from the legs, and reach from the head and up. Okay. And last one. Breathe out. As you start breathing, as you ground your pelvis and lights in the head and out, make sure that the pink keeping of the hand is helping the scapula.

Move the thorax into rotation and down. That's the first exercise. The second exercise is spine stretch. So we're going to go out, you breathe in, and then she breathed out, dropped the jaw, drop the Chin and push shift fingers of the hand forward. But the lower back back in opposition pushing from the heels as well. Then why did in the clavicles reach the head up as your ground, the power versus open arms with the clavicle.

So as you close the hand, keep the cubicle wide. As you push with the hand, push with the fee mat, push away your lower back, breathing into your lower ribs and as you breathe there, roll the spine back and an open first the clavicle and the knee arms and relax. That's a second exercise, spine stretch and spine twist. Now the third exercise we're going to sort of play with. Let's see the first one, roll up.

So breathe in and as you breathe out, start from the powerless. Lengthen the spine and roll yourself down one vertebrae at a time. Relaxing your body. Keep the ribs integrating through the palace, relaxing your jaw, breathing as you lift the fingers of the hands and answer the ceiling. And as you breathe out, peel the spine forward and past your knees and passive and rolling up. One more time because we love roll up and roll it down.

This is a third exercise of the second game. Happily ever after. Breathing as you lift the fingers of the hand, the ants open the chest and as you breathe out, roll on up, curl in the spine and then roll up. Now we've got leg pool. Okay, the hands can go either laterally or towards the fingers of the feet. Open the cubicles as you breathe in. Plant the inner thighs and the inner foot into the floor as you stretch your head forward, back and out. Breathing, keeping the head up.

Drop the pelvis away from the ribs and relax your buttocks. Starting with the feet pressive feet away from the hip. Feel as if the bones are, the legs are pulling the hip away from your spine. Breathe in and as you breathe out now the head pulls the thorax off the spine. Lift, lift, lift, and Max. Good, and so that's a second exercise. Late pool.

The third will be rolling like a ball. So Benji legs, the hands can go either out or in. Breathe in as you go back and leave the cmos. Breathe out as your roll breathing. As you go back, breathe out. As you come forward, lift the zing bones. Lift the head and the sternum lift, so feel the two diaphragms are pelvic diaphragm looting, the the re spiritual. Drop, a diving dropping.

So the two diaphragms are having fun here. The moving towards each other. Last one, and that's good. Okay, now the fun will start game number two, heavily of you after. We are now going to do the first two exercise. Now in the third exercise you decide what to do. You can pick either leg pull, roll up, or rolling. Ready. Let's start with the first guy to the left. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in.

We're going to do four times. Two more times. Good. Last one. Oh, everyone's together. Everyone working together and down. Find, stretch. Open your heart like your fingers. Curl. Breathe out. Breathing. As you roll up and urban the arms and down and open and close.

Roll it down and up and relax. Good. Now you decide what you want to do. Number three, ready. Go. And full time. One. Good and good. And three. God, you chose to roll up. You chose to pull up last month and up. Okay, let's start again. Ready? Spine, straight. Hold together.

All in unison. Open, right? Any good? Why aren't your hip down, stretch and last one. Good and open arm to make that kid who, okay, fine. Threat. Show. Open one and pull forward and open and reach. Just one more here. Ready? Are you thinking of what third exercise you want to do? Try to change his choice. Ready?

Go up and down. Oh, we'd done it together. Yes. And too good. Keep going in your own tempos. And three good while Don. Keep it going. Last one and release him.

Paul's good. So that's a second game. Happily after what happened. You give clients to exercises that you all do together, but given the third option of choosing the third exercise, this creates excitement, anticipation, knowledge, oh my God. Whatever you do choice innovating, it makes them more alert in the class rather than thinking are, this is an exercise Disney. It makes them, wow, I've got to be alert or as I'm gonna go wrong here. So that's a great exercise for happily ever after forever. Okay? The third game is gone to be the bull in the ring game. Let's go get the balls and ring. Okay? So what you're going to do, you're going to have two people with one ring or I'm going to pretend I'm a, I'm like you at home by myself. What do I do?

You got one ring and one elastic. What you do, you can work together. Look, wrap one elastic around and tie a not good. And with the other political actors, there's just two, a spider web or a a Christmas present. What do you prefer? Spiderweb of Christmas presents. You decide. So you're doing that easily and efficiently like that or you're done faster than I n. Okay, so now you're got a Christmas prison or a spiderweb. Well done. So let's just take the bowl out and now what we're going to do, you're going to hold the sickle together. Yes.

While done. And now you're creating union. And this game is called follow me. Okay, follow me. Say you're going to, one person's going to do the exercise, the other one's going to follow. Ready. You're going to choose the next size. Go and spot. You can, yes. Okay, let's do your threesome. Yes. Yeah. Alright. I ain't going to beat the bar. You're going to follow me now. Good.

And let's do each one leg. Good. Now. Other legs. That's it. Last one. We are going to stay down and now I'm going to make the ball. Keep the spine long. Come on, try not the ball. Keep the sign. The stability of the spine and last and then holes. Good. Okay, now let's do the other leg down. Now you try to make a sport.

Yeah. Gosh, he's going wide here. Okay. Keep it deep. Don't touch the floor. Last one and hall's good one. Can we lift the arms? Can lift him? Lift the knee as well. Sound down so you can do some extra. Cisco's a lunch, right leg? Yes, I'm striking down. Okay.

Now let's add the answer as you did before. Can we circle around as we launch? Circle around. Try. Keep the alignment. Go faster with the goal, but slow with the lines. Slow with the lions and pastors. Let's change direction. Let's direction. Keep it up. Last one and hold. Good.

Now we can make it even more complicated. Let's make a call. You stay there. If I put the ball here in the spiderwebs, yes. Let's do the same exercise. Keeping the bolts deal. Alright, ready? Squat. Try not to move the ball. So now we've got an external object to give us feedback.

Good luck as fault. Okay, let's do it. One Lick. Keep the bolts still last one. Now stay there. Circle very slowly. Yeah, you can move the ball, but you're gonna try not to make a fall out of the whim. Good. That's let's change direction. Keep the bullying's the wave. Good. Last one and hold while done.

Let's do lunch is on the other side for example. Okay, you got down. Eat the bowl steel. That's it. Now let's live there. Oh, this gets more trickier to keep the ball still like the alignment of the legs. Keep the shoulder organization and what do we do? We breed. Coming, drop and lift the knees. Hub drop. Lifting the hub. Come on, lift the arms up. Lift the arms up. Good. Three more to hold it up. Hold, hold, hold it. They don't make the bull form bolder. Can we spin the arms?

Don't make the bolt and stretch your arms up. Up, up and down. You keep going because I want to shut all the bolt. Found the both foul. No, you can do this at home by yourself as well. You can keep the both on the ring. Okay. Two more. Last one and hold it there and down there now.

Okay. Just showing I can do this all by myself at home doing the same thing. Keeping the bulls steel. Anything that I want with the warm up with the lunges, enabling gas. Now the farm probably will begin now. Make a jump.

Ah, make a jump, but not too, yeah, not too big. Okay. Make a jump. Make a jump. Good. Last one and hose down we go. That's it. Now bring it up again and goes to the right side. Step left side step dry.

Good and good. Good. How are we going? I open the arm. I see been doing spine twist and let the ball fall down at the ball for good. See how I'm doing the same thing? The people at home that don't have a partner. Two more. Last one. My balls falling though.

Last slide. Good. And hold good. Okay. Take the ball out. Okay. Place on the floor and you can also note, keep that. We could do other games. You're going to hold the ring all the way out. Come on, let's hold it three and live. How old are they now? Go into nearly one. Go all the way back into quadruplets.

Okay. Now keep holding onto the ring. Switch the right, make out the right arm on the ring and now make people fall. Yes, you're going to make people fall. You could do the same thing at home if you by yourself with resistance. This is resistant work. Purchase nation's getting that core strength. Now if we can lift the opposite foot of the foot of the ground off just a foot. Keep the knee on the floor. Keep the spine long. Keep the foot up.

Yes. Two more. Last one. Good release. Good. And hold it there. Turned to face each other. Put your feet into the ring. People in the home are going to do this. Yes.

Nice. Come up into Teza. Yes, and then up, down. Breathe out. Good lift. Keep the legs straight. I can only, I have one leg and one leg stretch. Good. Two more. Keep the ring still. Last one and come up. Rolling up now while we can do, same thing is go up. Come up. Good. Hold it there. Nice. Right ring. It's not straight guys.

Good. Three. Huh? Okay. Hold it there. Breathe in. If I get a ball and I place it there. Keep the ball still sand in a drop and [inaudible] last one. Good. Keep it straight and whoa. Good. Take the bull up and bend the knees and down. Okay, we go.

So Do Mermaid. So you face me, you push away. Good coming closer. Good Mermaid facing at good. So hold onto the ring. Come up with the ring. Good Palm. Only side. Good. Okay. Hold it there. Tall.

Now you going to try for one per side, so you're going to go this way. She's going to go that way. Years Hall and then you'll get a post her all good and and up. Good. Now if you're in a group session, you can add the ball. Tonic gets the ball still darn near the pool though. That magic bowl. Good. It just creates that anticipate patient of how to control my body, how to control other objects at of my body. This to the other side.

Just turn around. I'll have grab onto that and hold it up. Yep. I care. Ready to just a couple of times. Good. Nice Mermaid and over control and stretch. Control the bowl and straight last one. Control and stretch. Good home and good.

So that's well done guys. So we did all these guys today that you can either use it as a warm up, a good, warm up, a good, cool, down or in between your classes so you can mix and match these games wherever you want. And we can have fun. Incorporate good communication between yourself and someone else. Uh, hope you really enjoyed the game. Hope you can use it in joy and do it as Nike says, just do it. Thank you.


Loved this very fun I smiled the entire time and I will be adding in to my noon Pilates barre class today!
Thanks have a lovely weekend!
Solmaz M
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Serafino you are fantastic.
I have taken many beautiful ideas and I have already applied them. thank you so much . See you soon .
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Fantastic Happy class. Thank you soo much Serafino!!!
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WOW Thanks again everyone ! what great feedback i hope you find some great ideas to put them in your next Matclasses ...enjoy the RIDE! ciao Serafino
Serafino thanks for This Active funny energetic class ! People needs to work Also with lightness and sobriety.
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fun ideas!
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thanks everyone for their comments ! it was fun doing , filming and i i know its going to be fun putting it into practice ! Enjoy ! If you need any assistance let me know  by email Ciao for now Serafino

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Loved this , I taught this after your workshop when we were open .... Many Thanks 
Cynthia G
So cool
I am loving your innovations, thank you, Serafino. Self exploration & self discovery & Very Fun Pilates Fitness!

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