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Creative Wunda Chair

45 min - Class


You will challenge yourself with fun variations in this Wunda Chair workout by Mariska Breland. She teaches a majority of the class just using the Wunda Chair and then adds the Handles for the last part of the class to give you ideas of how you can use them as part of the exercise. She includes creative variations to exercises like Going Up Front, Candlestick, and so much more.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Wunda Chair Handles, Pilates Pole

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Wow, amazing class!  You are a Pilates superhero!  This is definitely not a class that I will ever be able to do completely, but I got a LOT of tips from it, too many to cite.  I loved using the pole for going up front, and for some reason have never thought of using the chair to assist in a piriformis stretch.  I hope to someday take a class at your studio (I’m in northern MD).  I also LOVE your sense of humor.     Thanks and I hope your surgery and recovery went well!
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Yes! Ive been waiting for a chair class, even better is a chair class by M. Breland! Cant wait to do this!
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Wow! You're amazing. You're strength is awesome.  I've been hoping to see you soon on PA.  It's always funny  and educational.
What a great class. 
Thank you Mariska
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Not only Mariska is one of the best Pilates teachers ever but she is also incredibly funny. I love the fact she is always bringing something new and exciting to the table. Never a boring or deja vu moment. What I liked about this class? Basically everything. And I am so lucky to live in the same city )))))
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Lots of really good variations I love your variation of knee stretch. However, I could not do that last inversion.  Probably just here getting in my way. Thank you!
Fear! Not here
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Really fun class! I particularly enjoyed the forearm pikes, the going up front with the dowel, and the pigeon stretch. I’m so impressed with your inversion - have to admit I didn’t even try that one.
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Thanks for presenting this fun creative chair class.  Julian is one of my favorite instructors. I recognize his inspiration expressing through you in the heart of your teaching style.  
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Fun! Now we know what you do while rehabing! Ive never seen the chair used in such a cool way, outside the chair box for sure.  thanks so much Mariska!
Lovely Mariska! Thank you for this great sequence!
Clean, neat, organized and FUN!  You know I love the upside-down stuff...thank you!!!
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