Class #377

Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Join Adrianne for this medium to high paced class consisting of several advanced exercises such as Overhead, Jack Knife and Swan Dive. This class is sure to leave you energized and refreshed!
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


Well. Good morning. Alright, go ahead and step forward. Let's start with a nice, uh, energized class. We're all gonna go ahead and try to do some advanced work today. So if uh, you don...


Liked the excelerated pace with the advanced moves...great workout!
Thanks for a great class. Loved the push-up sequence!
Great accelerated intermediate workout.
This was an AWESOME class!!! I've never ended a class with push-ups before. Great stuff.
Great class Adrianne..especially when I am low on time!
loved the dynamic pacing...really got me into my breath

Loved the pace of this class. Just what I needed after a long weekend!

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