Class #38

Mat - Additional Glutes

30 min - Class


Strengthen your glutes and test your balance in this 30 min class. Through a series leg exercises this class will challenge your balance and help you strengthen, tone, and become more aware of an important component of the Powerhouse, the gluteal muscles. The class includes little to no upper body work, so it is best used as a supplement to a full class when you want a focused challenged.
What You'll Need: Mat

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[inaudible]. <v 1>Okay, so here we go. Kind of like the way you all are facing. Is that working for you? Kind of facing inward like that. Okay, cool. Welcome. Come back. Let me s...


Just LOVE it. Thank you so much!
My pleasure!
This is an awesome class! Will do this one often to save my knees. Thank you!
Lovely. Great glute and balancing workout Krist, thank you. Look forward to more butt-lifting workouts. Definitely incorporating into my mat class this week :)) Love PA
We Love you Lisa!! thanks
Great sequence Kristi, thank you!
I have to say, I liked the class! nice glute workout, and nice pace. I'm picky and PA is fantastic. I'm actually a Stott Pilates instructor and was skeptical, now I'm telling all my friends about PA! Thanks!!
Thank you dear Vanessa for checking us out. We have been and continue to try to get more Stott Pilates representation here on PA. While we have a few instructors that have STOTT training in their background, the only one for whom it is there Primary training in Courtney Miller (who is HUGELY popular). Thank you for giving us/me a chance with this class and this site. We really appreciate it. And...
Feel free to give your STOTT friends a push in our direction (namely Moira, John Garey and PJ O' Clair )
Great class Kristi! Waiting for standing full leg workout.
Yvonne, just to be clear... are you wanting a class that is standing full leg workout or your happy that this is one? Either way glad you like this class!
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