Class #3918

Push and Pull Reformer

30 min - Class


You will explore the concept of push and pull in this creative Reformer workout by Rebekah Rotstein. She uses the Footbar to show the interplay between these two actions. She also shares how this concept is related to the theme of integrated movement.
What You'll Need: Reformer

About This Video


Hi, I'm Rebecca Rotstein and I'm happy to be back here at Peloton as anytime sharing with you a new reformer class where we're going to explore concepts of push and pull. And it's rela...


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Great class Rebeca. 
Love the concept of push and pull and the integrated workout. The spiralling feels so natural and it really makes a difference in upper back mobility. Thank you!!! Will be watching out for more.
From start to finish that felt so awesome!! Thank you!
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So creative!!! Felt like I was working with a gyrotonic machine
Loved the sitting on the box combo at the start- just what my body needed. Thanks so much!
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Great that you put Garuda method inspired movement into your work.
Love your creative movements in the body! Work and feels good:). Thank you for tapping the brain and body.
Thank you Rebecca, very creative. 
excellent class! Felt very open and integrated afterwards

Really wonderful! Loved your use of the footbar and box! Thank you :)
Loved everything about this class Rebekah! Thank you!!
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