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Kristi shows up with energy and creativity in this challenging but moderately paced class. Start by practicing your Single Leg Stretch and Criss Cross upright, then move to the floor where you'll be given a significant abdominal section, a decent amount of tricep work, and some fun variations to challenge your core stability.
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Feb 26, 2011
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All right, I'm following your little their leads. So we're gonna face toward the center of the room. Let's go on our maths. Let's go on math. Take a deep breath in, just filling up and then just exhale. Let go, right? I always think of this as the time where you've gotten to the hard part. You're here. All right. And this is the part you wanted to be here for.

So take the deep breaths, let go of what you can. And right from the beginning, you're standing tall, you're feeling tall. You're trying to find that sense of support, trying to bring awareness back into your body. Unless it's already there. That's probably good too. Let's go ahead and separate the feed about sits bones. Distance, right? So you have this solid base, and if you're not sure, rock back and forth and find it. Take a deep breath. Here we go.

For a standing roll down on the exhale. Draw up on the abdominals. Let the backside of your body cascade forward. Letting tension drip right off the top of your head. Inhale, exhale, reconnect to the front of the body. But find the back of the body as if the sit bones were reaching down into the back of the leg. Did you pull yourself up? Almost like a lever system. Inhale, grow tall, create space, take up room, exhale as you go down. Right? And so I've, I've see sometimes when I'm cuing, you know what to do when you get there. Take another deep breath.

Shoulders are on. Exhale. As you roll back gum. I see sometimes us becoming mechanical and I have a feeling it's because the cues become consistent. So I want you to explore your own body. If you have to go a little faster pace or slower pace, that's going to be just fine. Okay? And inhale, filling up. Exhale to roll back up. We'll stay up on this next one. Um, if you don't like balancing it all on the mat, just take a little step back off the mat or, yeah, and from here we rise up on the toes.

It doesn't have to be high roots drawing up through the belly and then stretch your heels back down. Inhale, we go again. Rising up. Feel the length of the back of the neck and down. Sometimes when we think posture, we instantly throw the chin up and that's often not what we need to do. Just straight ahead, maybe even slightly down, rise up again. Can you slightly feel the glutes? Maybe even a lot? That would be fine.

As long as you're not changing your spine, come down one more time. They're up and down. When you get to the bottom of this to go a little quicker, we're going to lift the toes. All five of all of them. Lift and set them down. Lift them up again. Try to do it relatively evenly and notice what your pattern is. Do you roll out on your feet? Do your roll in on your feet. You can look no big deal, right? Pick them up. Put them down, pick them up, put them down. Might as well try and spread them while they're going up. Nice, Rebecca. Wow, that's quite agile again, and download a quick stretch for you. We're doing one more roll down. Inhale, theatre, relaxed. Exhale, we go down. Find the floor with your hands. Everybody.

Bend the knees, the hips drop down. Look at your feet now. Are they still lined up? Exhale, draw the abs up street in the legs. Only if it's appropriate for you. Meaning it feels okay to do so. Inhale, bend them again. Think of curling the tail underneath you almost to stretch through the lumbar spine. One more time. I did inhale, bend. Exhale, straighten. We'll stay with that slightly. Keeping both feet on the ground.

You're going to bend one knee. Okay, so the heels are still down. You bend one knee and you S you will drop one hip. You'll stick the hip out toward this side of the straight leg and then casually, gently switch sides. It's different on each side, so don't rush anything. Meanwhile, the neck is releasing. You're finding more room to breathe. You're finding more oxygen to get to the muscles.

Let's do one more pass each way. Hm. And then once you've done both sides twice, been the knees both equally and role yourselves up. Okay, so we'll do it just a little bit of standing. [inaudible]. Now let's come facing the front. You'll stand behind your mats. I think it's probably best off the mat. So just behind it. Alright.

So if you can imagine you're lying on the mat. Um, I teach where we're staying neutral in the spine so you're not imprinting into the imaginary floor that you're on. Instead, we're just going to pick up one knee without changing anything else. Let's pick it up. No big deal. But now you're all pro, so you're gonna think of engaging the abdominals. Engage as much as you want to or can, but don't let it flux you. So it's more of a stabilizer work, right? Put foot back down. Other side hips are meant to stay still for now to bring the other leg up, can you feel like you're lifted up off that standing leg too?

So you're not clamping down on it, but rather lifted? Tighten the abs more. Can you raise the leg more? Put it back down. Okay. So let's all go to the right leg now and just take it out in front of you. Pull the leg up, pull it up as high as you can and grab onto it as if you're doing single leg stretch. Okay, so I have the outside hand to the ankle body's upright. So that's the only difference. We're not actually gonna flex forward and reach it out right on a diagonal. Bring it back.

You can touch the floor if you want, right? It's early in the game. So if you prefer to touch down fat, let's just do that cause I have two rounds of this and paying attention to keeping the spine still and might as well engage your upper back when your arms let go. Right and inhale there. Exhale. Try not to reach over to get it. I'll get to that one in a moment. Pull it up. You can grab under the leg if it's not wanting to go that high, that's cool, right? That'll work. I'm going to change legs on you to bring it down and put it back. Level hips.

That takes a second. Define. You can slightly turn out the lower leg if necessary. Here we go. We draw it up, give it a second, stretch it out, pull it up. High, high, high. Hmm. A little balance while we're at it and stretch it out. Inhale, exhale. We drive and and so what I notice, what we know is if you keep your gaze fixed, it tends to help stay balanced. You've been doing Valadez a long time.

I want you to look around the room and stay balanced. Okay. I did. We fit. Couldn't do any of it. I couldn't do it any of it cause the stupid games are coming out and I was like I'm supposed to be able to do this. Okay, last one. So my new challenge is to, you know, throw something at me. Changing legs. Not really. Now we're going to add thoracic collection just to do what on the ground. So I don't want you here rather. Okay.

So come into a position as if like you were going to do the a hundred right and we're going to pull up so, so you don't want around your low back anymore just around that. Can you feel more abdominal contraction? Great. Here we go. Here. Let's do six kinda quick. Same leg. Oh and there's your exhale and to keep the leg up if you can. And 34 keep that's election.

Be tall and long. Five one more time. Six straighten out your back so you can feel the difference. Other leg out. Super tall. I liked the way we kind of started to get in that and reaching as if you're about to do the a hundred looked down a little bit like comes up and we go, Oh, inhale down. Exhale lift two and, and three Henry [inaudible] and for reaching out. Two more. Five and six changing legs, alternate, regular.

And we go and down and two and three and four and five. A little more flection Jim, so you can look down a bit. So you feel the abdominal workout of it. I have no idea. How would you like I started with it. I think I started with that one. So I'll call it on this one. Is that true? Yep. Great.

Standing up onto the heels, rise up, find your glutes and come down again. Up and okay. Hands behind your head from here. Take the leg forward. Uh, he sorry. Right that one right? Like right God, I used to know my left and right. So from here, just leave your leg there up on the toe, or at least almost about to live. Right? And you're coming into flection with a rotation. So again, I'm basically leaving my hips still and come back up. Same side. Get that feeling.

Find it up here. Not easy to find it up here. It could be somewhat frustrating if the back will in fact change. There's no doubt about it. When you're flexing the spine, it affects the whole spine. But we're not having to tuck to do it. Do just one more. Okay. And then we'll just switch legs. Getting that feeling. So you've got, you can start with just a little flection to be with.

Feel that and we go over one. Imagine you're gonna pick that leg up. Oh, just imagine too. And Pau feel the difference between flection, rotation of the upper back and extension of the upper back. [inaudible] and one more. Okay. Changing back to the first side and we'll add the knee lift. Now you don't have to add the knee left, right?

I'm assuming y'all can feel that to a certain extent. Keep it kinda slow. As the knee comes up, you do the flection rotation, put it back down. Same leg, draw the NEA flection rotation. Try not to bend at the waist. Bend it just under the chest and pull it up. You can start by flexing, then add the rotation at the end there. Right. And the leg itself is quite relaxed. One more. Okay. Good gang.

We changed sides. Finding your position. Let's go a little flection first before the rotation. And now pick the Vega and add the rotation one and open strike the full X two looking good Jim. I can see you in that window over here and yeah, tell me fill it. No you don't. Okay, good. So we don't have to lay down after all. All right, but we're going to cause I was gonna try more, but that's enough. Okay, so let's come to our maths and just have a seat. Let's just have a seat. Stretching your legs all the way out. All right. Goal from me for you is to connect one rep to the next. Okay.

So right now, big toe joint, ankle bones, best you can knees best you can. Upper inner thigh, sit tall. You don't really have to squeeze the sit bones, but sit tall. You can squeeze your glutes without that thought. Here we go. Roll back, reach back, touch the back of your head. As soon as you touch, you start to come back up. It doesn't mean you have to rush, it just means it's continuous in here. Exhaling down, imprinting on the way down to find that neutral spine and a, see if you can not slide. See if you can keep your pants in the place that they started. How well the attempt should be made to flex a little bit more supported at the waist, at the waist, the lumbar spine. Okay, so in other words, if you add the tuck, the the flection later, you're going to travel more.

So you keep it. Nothing changes here. Aaron, pull your shoulders back a little bit. Huh? And we go. So you already are moving the pelvis. You could also kind of dig your nice Jen, you could dig the heels down into the ground. Just a little, that'd be all right. Okay. Yes, and I'm liking the pacing. I mean, I mean in that we're all, we're slightly different because we're all working with ourselves and what do we need? Right? Good. Do you feel all the bones in the back or what you think are all the bones and back? Can you feel a smooth ride as best you can? You can bend the knees a little bit. Next time you come up. Let's stay up. Keep the sensation as best you can.

I'm going to have you start to come back so you bring the hips with you as if you're going to do one more. Bend the knees, float the knees, extend one leg, put it down. Other leg, both the knees together. It doesn't have to go to straight. I'm just trying to mess you know the challenge up. Okay. You have the lumbar spine absolutely curved as it was. Couple more.

Okay, so now just raise the fee to parallel to the floor. Give it a little bit of glutes squeezed and rock back and forth. We go back and forward. Hold and keep the inner thighs. If you're not sure, Jim, move forward. I think you're okay though and back and forward. So when we roll, we go at the most to the top of the shoulder blade. Maybe not even that far. Okay, that's good.

Draw the heels in as close as you can and because you've done that, you're going to need to look down a little bit. Try and real close today. Here we go. Inhale back, exhale up. Trust it. Hold and inhale back. I'm catching myself. Keep going. I'm catching myself and I like it. Pressing my hands into the side of me. I like it.

I feel a little Peck. I feel a little bicep. Not that that matters too much to this exercise, but I also can get into my lap. Then once you get that, if you have that, go as light as you can on your arms afterwards. I only want one more. Please keep your focus downward for the moment. Slow too wide. Your hands up to your knees. Push your knees into your hands and slowly lower your shoulder blade so you're spreading out the ball.

You'll find a level pelvis best you can that will keep your low back into the mat here. And we start by letting go. Keep the shape of the knee at the leg and start to lower the legs down. Exhale, pick it up and press the arms down. Inhale. Here's what you have to watch for you. Don't let the back move. Not at all, particularly at the low backs. And maybe you don't touch the floor, right? You honor where your back is today. I'm going for more, a little quicker. It's hole one and open, and two I find I can't go down all the way.

Actually three, almost always hold it there. One leg, one, one breathing. Like sh. Inhale and exhale. Let them you get in right next to your forehead. Inhale and exhale. Excellent. And inhale and exhale both knees up. Inhale, exhale. Straighten the legs on the diagonal. Keep the back down. If you can't go diagonal, you go straight up. Pull it back in.

Head goes down in here. Exhale, roll chin to chest, reached the arms, extend the legs, pull the knees back in and head goes down. Jim. You don't have to go quite so high. Just think of folding like we did when we stood right under the chest. Extend. Yeah, that's it. Yup. You used to have to think about going high. Not anymore. You've graduated and uphold the legs out there. Raise them up a little.

Squeeze the glutes, raise the arms up way back if it feels all right, except bring them back. Arms up and back. When the arms go back, it's gonna make you a heavier. Don't let it pull you back. No. Ah, hold their arms forward. No. Put the hands behind your head. Lower the legs just a little and bring it back. Gently pressing the back of the head into your hands. Anna. One more.

Inhale and up. Head goes down. Inhale, you can bend your knees and anytime. Roll chin to chest. Exhaling. You can put your feet on the floor and get some good work, right. Listen to your body and heel down. Exhale, roll chin to chest. Letting your head gently press back. It took me a long time to learn how to do that, so don't take that for granted.

It feels really good when you do hold it there and we do little scissors here. Forget the tension in the legs. Forget pointing chest. It's duh, duh, duh, duh and don't go on a little quicker here and duh, duh, duh, duh. Little smaller gym and inner thigh. Inner thigh, inner thigh, inner thigh, glue, glue. [inaudible] not a lot, but some only if it's available to you. Walked down four counts. One not very far to three. Don't let it go to your back. If it does, you've gone too low or you need a break and you should take it up and going back up. If I didn't say it. One more. Set to one, two, three. Stay up. Four and one do three legs are up. Head goes down, arms go down for a roll over as exhale to take it over.

Oh, that was a lot of adjusting for this crowd. Inhale, flex your feet, separate them. Lower yourself down, pushing through the bottoms of your feet, getting those risks back down when you can point the toasts circle to close be mine. We don't need to go low with those legs after what we just did up to go over flex. Separate. Be aware of the glutes here. You need them hand down. We go. Remember how we're connecting over, right? I forgot what I was doing and close connect big toe ankle just like you did when we did the roll up. Flex. Push open. You can lower the legs only if you can control through this wine.

One more there. Inhale, readjust. Shoulders there, flex, open, stretch. Enjoy the stretch circle round. Bring it back overhead. Curl up, grab onto your right leg. Other leg to the floor. Top leg can be tried for top leg straight. You can bend the lower leg if you want. Okay, and it is pulse. Pulse, go slow for now I'm only doing six to two and eyes are focused. Aaron, you're a little bit high.

You guys have overcome that original need to go higher. There we go. You can even come down more air. Yup. Yup. I said six, so that's probably plenty. One more time here. Bend the knees in. Let your heads go down. Take the arms out to either a T or a low V a T. we'll give you a little more balance if you have the room, but lov outta be good too.

From there we're taking the knees toward the front of the room, line them up, and then bring them back. Go the other way. Yeah. I'm not really curing a breath here cause we're taking our time and bring it back and over. Go a little further. Look the opposite way and bring it up. And again, looking away from the direction the knees are pointing and up. Oh, let it feel good. And one more. Okay, great. You're back in the center. Yeah. So from here, arms are down by our sides. Heading into the hundred. Hm.

Nothing fancy. Well maybe we'll see. Inhale. Exhale. Curl yourselves up. Listen and really listen. Your body though is kind of a big blast, isn't it? And inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale. Good. Inhale and exhale, three. That's great. And Oh bore.

This is where you check in. You're working hard enough for yourself, you're working too hard for yourself. Six. Are you somewhat at ease mentally yet? I hope so. If not, look for it. More of that than the physical stuff. I think nine possible eight but let's make that it. Draw the knees in. Set the feet down, slightly apart. Head down. Exhale through a pelvic curl. Oh, enjoy this.

Please enjoy it. Find the hamstrings that will help unload your back. Inhale. Exhale. Bring it down. Let's not overdo the abs right now on this pelvic curl. That'd be easy. Focus a little more on the back of the legs, maybe even under the shoulders or back the shoulders and down. One more to go up and stay there. Once you get there, either leave your arms here and if you do, press into ground so you feel the back of your arms, right Helen, you're feeling the back of your arms here. You, this is first opportunity.

Or if you want balance more than you want that stability. You take your arms right above your chest. So you're like, so okay, triceps. It is Deborah, of course. Take the right leg straight up in here. Good. And maybe a little posterior tech. Rebecca, just maybe perfect. Here we go. Exhale, kick down one, bring it and two and three up. Good for looking good. Out of 65 and up. Stay up on six. Hold lower hips down. I did not articulate.

I went right back up. Same legs in the air down touch and up. Two and, and three and flexed or pointed, I guess flex to make more sense given what we did. One more up. Hold it there. Point through the toe to put it back. Roll halfway down. You might need to adjust your feet, right? I don't know. Hopefully not. But you might roll back up. Find the hamstrings again. Alright.

If you hang out here and try to hold yourself with your back, you're gonna feel it right away and it's only gonna get worse. So feel those hamstrings. It's absolutely true, right? Yeah. It's like you're pulling yourself to your heel and we'd go down a one FlexDek come up and to don't let the foot mess you up. Get the leg go and get the rest of the body still and Hmm. One more. Stay up with it hips just lower. And recruit that right side. Get you back up there, down and up, down, down, up. Two more.

Down, up. One more. Down and up. Return the leg right back where we started. Exhale to roll down. All right. Sliding your legs out onto the mat. Who? Looking forward at your feet. So your heads come up to do that. Oh, there they are, right. That's where they are. Hm. Hands back. Take a minute and for just a second, reach your chin forward. Oh, barely.

Just a little. And then do the opposite of that. Pull it back into your hands. From there, exhale to continue. Reach the legs. Reach the legs, reach the legs all the way over. Whew. Roll ourselves up. Remember what I said about pacing. Hinge back a little. ISER forward from the pelvis. That's what starts moving. It's a spinal exercise. Anytime we're doing something like this, okay, we come again. Exhale. Take your time.

What should you just slowest when you possibly can't reach through the legs. Through the legs, through the legs. Good. Yes, Jim. Yes. All the way over. And I think the hardest part about neck pull is the psyching out we do have ourselves. So I'm going to give you one more chance to go. Of course, I'll get there. I don't know when, but I might. And at any point you're welcome to bend the knees. You're welcome to let go the head, but whatever you do, don't do it just because you think you're supposed to already be there.

That's it. Well done. All the way over. Roll yourselves up. Keep your hands behind your head. Separate your feet. Flex them for spine stretch. Watch your little tower, boy. Yeah, I want your little towel that you brought into length in the back of your neck. Knees bent if you want.

Often better choice X so you round over. I think it's a good idea to be able to see your elbows a little bit. Take a second at your abdominals. Make sure you haven't closed off the space between your hips and thigh. Looks good. Inhale, we're going right back up. Exhale up taller.

Can you squeeze the inner thigh here even though they're nowhere near each other, right? Like shuffling, getting decent stretch out of the calves at least. And down we go find the Arab work here. Even though we came from vertical, just like the beginning. Now we head into back extension. The tailbone reaches out. You start stacking up on the diagonal.

As you look somewhere probably between your little feet, ankles. Can you slightly see your elbows? Are they way too far behind? You? Extend your arms alongside your ears. Chin slightly down Jim. And it is perfect. Very good. Everybody looking good. Inhale refold the arms grow taller in the spine.

Now you can kind of go forward a bit and roll back up. Inhale, exhale to round forward. So just reminding ourselves about opposition. So as you start to grow into your long spine, inhaling, it's for me, it's sort of the heels and the tailbone that I'm pulling against. Exhale, extend the arms, good. As the arms extend, the spine gets longer in the other direction. Inhale, refold arms. Exhale to go forward. And as you roll back up, shooting energy out the bottoms of your feet, nothing you'll see.

But that's how your feeling, that sense of length. Inhale and exhale. We go. Inhale the back extension. It's always fine to bend the knees here if that helps you to get into the back. Extend the upper body and by back, I mean upper back mostly in how refold the arm. Sorry Jim, I didn't cue it.

XL round and up we go. And exhale, fold. Good, good. Just let the elbows drop a little bit. See how it went or open. That is. Inhale into your extension. Lean forward. Shannon, just a little. There it is. Extending your arms. Can you feel from the low back up, taller. Inhaling. Refold the arms. Exhale down we go.

Yes, and we roll. That's it. Get used to seeing the elbows. I wanted your elbows to touch my hand. There you go. Inhale. Last one with the little variation. Exhale, we go. Yeah, Rebecca, press back into me a little there. Now. Inhale and do your back extension. Now you would roll out away from it.

That's it. Extend the arms. Keep them there when you get there and let's gently chin down. Jim gently what? Engage the muscles where the arms are attached. A little, just pull. Pull. It might feel like you're pulling your arms back, but you're all in good spot. Mary's beautiful. Nice Mandy. Everybody good? All we would do here is allow the body to be longer in the shape it's already in. Don't try or you'll short freedom, freedom, freedom. Inhale. Refold the arms round over and I would hang out when you get there.

I think I left you there for a while. Let go the, the, the arms and just rest just for the moment. So finding a place to hold on to shins, feet, whatever you need. Our feet are still apart. I'm going to encourage first a subtle knee bend. Guide yourself more forward. So it's as if the hip bones are coming between the thighs or at the thighs. Then see about allowing the knees to relax, to straight.

Relax the feet so you're just a little lower. If that doesn't feel good to you, you support yourself at the hands and the front so you're not just hanging on your spine. And then let's everybody roll up. Okay. Do you together? Bend the knees. All right, so here's where going into a little tricep dip. Um, does anyone not want to be on the wrist and prefer TheraBand? Everyone has it there, man. That one's one. Okay. So we're gonna do, um, how long do you have one? Okay, so we're doing 30 tricep dips.

Picking a leg up here or there. A Helen, you're doing 15, 15. The bottom arm is still. Yup. Alright. As far as the risks are concerned, fingers face your heels. Preferably you could turn to the side and if anybody wants to, they could go on their fist if you don't want to flex. Otherwise we're just up. And then as far as the hips are concerned, just get them out of the way. I like to tuck. You don't have to, they don't have to be really high.

Now it's like you're looking ahead straight ahead. Bend your elbows, straighten your elbows, bend your elbows, straighten your elbows. Well you don't really want to do is go forward and back cause that's just, I like exercise, right? It's be over your arms and up. Someone will count. I recommend. Yeah. So the thing that really matters is that you don't sink into the shoulders that matters so much. Pick a leg up if you want to for the next 10 just going to put more weight on one side, right? So you are lifted out of yourself.

You are not sinking on the shoulders. It's just elbow bend, elbow straight. And when you've done that 10 you'll do 10 more changing legs. Of course, if you didn't want to do all 30 you would just alternate somewhere in there. It's time, it sounds like down to go up. Right? And if you're losing form, if it's just burning so much that you're no longer doing a tricep, but it's a neck or something else, you should stop someone.

Seven 28 29 everyone's on their own pace. Fair enough. 30 down we go. Ah, carefully sit however you want. Take a arm overhead carefully. Truly, because you're going to get a little lat stretch here too. Yeah, just one sort of guiding it back if that, if it doesn't go all the way back, fine. Right. So Aaron was just ranked 10th in the 200 meter backstroke in, in the world, us, whatever. Okay, that's fantastic. And shake it out. The one you stretch any ELLs at Ulta velocities? Nevermind. All the practice and the other stuff.

That's awesome. Okay, good set too. Oh, I know I said it. I did. I meant it too. I want to 30 how many should we do? 16 we go one up to three up.

Keep going. Carry on. If you wanted to, you could use a weight, right if you were, but we're almost done. 10 when he says 11 1213 Oh, I forgot to lifted leg 1415 and 16 okay. Now that your arms are somewhat tired, I hope. Sit back just behind the tailbone. I pick up your legs, take whatever's left of your strength in your arms, in your lats, and pull the leg into your hip joint. Press it, pull it, whatever you think.

Gently press into it, deepen your abdominals. Let go one leg and grab it. I can make it sounds like a little music and grab it. Nice gym. Okay. You know, we've gotta do both, right? But don't throw the head back to do it just for a split second, grab and grab and off we go.

Roll back to come up and find the back extensors and roll back. In effect, you're supporting your legs, right? You can hold the underneath or on top. On top is a little harder, keeping the shade and back. This is one of those exercises that although it moves a little meaning you go into flection. Then extension, you basically keep the shape. Let's get one more down and up and up.

Keep it there. Close the feet so the knees are together. Find the inner thighs, bend the knee closest to the window, put it on the floor, otherwise the knees are bolted together. Okay, let go. Roll down all the way. Squeeze the glutes, reach overhead back your head touches the mat. Inhale. See if you can roll all the way up, squeezing the glutes the whole time. Reach for the toe, then straighten out. [inaudible] re-contract contract from the low spine. Try to keep the knees lined up, so what I recommend is stretching out the lower knee.

In other words, don't keep it super close. Let the foot come away from you. Yup. So that now right here, Jim, move the photo, fold a little bit down the mat. This one on the ground. Other way more now. Both the needs together and they stay that way. There we go. Keep the knees together. There you go. Going down.

So maybe I'd rather you keep the knees together. Then the arms going up as high and up we go. Last one like that and [inaudible] down. When you get here, we're still engaged, right arms overhead IX. That's a bit much to ask. Put the foot down, arms come forward, other legs up. Reach into it to come up. Reaching for the toe a little bit so you get a little round, but it's not here at the shoulders. It's from the lumbar spine.

Then you can lean back along it a little and roll down to go back [inaudible] and inhale that lower hamstring of the, well both legs but have the leg on the ground. You can help it kind of drag them in the mat. Well, I'll tell you, I'll tell you all the tricks and to go back one more up. Reach for the feet, but don't do it with the shoulders. Then find it and great. Put the F. just bend the knee so they're still lined up right. Come forward again, rolling forward. Forward, forward. Just keep your arms forward, straighten your spine, rotate to the back.

Yup. Come back to center and down. Reach back, come forward on board. Straighten out the spine. It's like I'm pushing down on something like to the front. Arms are lined up, right center and now you know what we're doing. We'll go a little bit quicker and we come. When you're about over your hips, straighten your spine to the back. I'd give you a breath pattern. If I had one. And down we go to go back. How about inhale, exhale to straightened. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, back to center and down. Adding the extension of the back leg up, back, leg up, or stick to what we've been doing. So you've inhaled to here.

You exhale to extend the spine. Inhale, rotate to the back to the center. Exhale and down we go. Changing the leg. Front leg is up if you're using them. Inhale forward all the way. Xcel PRS down to extend the spine. You nailed it. The front. Don't move the leg back to the center and down we go.

Stretch your legs all the way out. Turn to face the front of the room onto your side. Hm. Bend your knees. So it's probably worth doing this kind of to your elbow. Just for a second. Look at your body, your heels, your butt, and your elbow on about on the same line about then this what hand is it forward? Hand in front hand.

Top hand is in front. Yeah, the hard one. Oh, let's try that. We'll try set. Helen wanted arms. Helen wanted some arms tips. You can cross the ankles. It doesn't really do much but gives you a reminder that if you squeeze your glutes and inner thighs, it helps. I'm giving us one more.

You do not have to lift very high. I promise you. If you barely move at all, you're getting some good work and it's probably different on the other side. But let's stay down just in case. Take the top arm rested, rest your head on your upper arms, upper arms, one of them, and stretch your legs out to street. Is that good? Helen? Absolutely lengthening. Kind of make this easy on the everything but your abdominals. Exhale, lift both flakes. So you're working primarily the top side of the abdominals, but really all of it. Inhale as you reach an almost touch lift. Again, pretty small. It's possible. I'm not a great example of it, but it's possible to have the legs go higher than your hips.

So you get a small teeter-totter, but don't make it a big one. Right? You're more lengthening, keeping the legs up. Hmm. Yeah, that's what we'll do. Um, like I just, I just reached the top like a little longer out in up just six one and two. So the knee faces front. So turn your toes down. Just a little gyms. Yep.

Four, three. And then almost down to hip height. Circle two. Both legs are still up, right? The top leg is moving back, making a full circle. So that leg does come front of you. It does go behind you and meanwhile you're trying to balance it. Reverse it.

This is another place where maybe I haven't said it yet. The hits are kind of, you just relax, just move the leg and it will do what it needs. [inaudible] to do around five, five, six. Oh, shooting for six I think that's about it. Yeah. Coming up to the forearm of the lower arm. Let the legs drift forward a little bit. Or if you want more stability at this point, you bend the bottom knee to 90 top leg. Is that right?

Reach it LinkedIn and then forget about it. Kick it forward, kick it back, forward, back. Swing it like swing it. Don't even place it. Just swing it, but don't let anything else move. Like you're just warming up something. We'll get precise in a minute, but the point is is we don't want to lock down on that joint. It's free. It's free. You should feel the top of the leg bone moving in the hip socket.

I don't know what you should feel, but that's sort of what I feel. All right. Now a little more under control. We kick, kick and reach and kick, kick and reach. So now you call up the muscles. You really want glutes, primarily hip flexors, a little there a lot. Actually I reach and reach one more, get long, long. Hold it back there. Put the foot on the ground for a second, stretch it a little further. Put your hand on your butt please or no, I'm just kidding. No. Okay. So we could see if you're really telling the truth.

What I'm hoping for here is that you can feel the difference between [inaudible] the tendency is this is that if I were to say squeeze your glutes or reach further, you'd get the hamstring involved first and then the glue might kick in. So what I'm going to ask of you is to know sort of sort of relax it like that. You have reached out on the diag of mine, slightly back to feel the glute tighten first and you can kind of hold so you know then the hamstring, it's like a split second. There is a muscle in there. There's a big one. Exactly, exactly. It's kinda hard to do sometimes, which is weird given it's our biggest muscle.

Okay. Can you feel the difference? Kind of let it go. Slide the leg, reach like feel the glute tighten first. Might even feel a stretch to the front. Then you can lift it. Okay. That's what we need to think about when we go into face down, prone swimming, all that other stuff. All right. That's all I wanted to do with that switched sides. Right? That's how you do Swan. That's how you even do neck pole like that.

That sense of, but you wouldn't feel it. They're like you are here. I think we started like this. We looked at our feet. Great. Thank you Andy. All right. I know I forgot to, we looked at our feet lined up with our tailbone front hand in front. Um, be careful not be careful. Note whether or not, as soon as you pick up this arm, you spin, right? You don't want to be doing this where you're rotating into your back. Anything, keep it much lower and um, aim the abs to the ceiling. Oh, it's a different side and up. Good. So you can be here. You don't have to have a straight arm and excellent options for you if you want to make it somewhat easier.

Maybe if you could try spreading the feet apart from each other doesn't really do much. I'm giving us two more one and I don't get all the way to straight. Right. I'd, I'd completely rotate. Oh all the way down. Stretching yourself. Helen's just smiling back there. All right. Top arm on the leg or you can leave it down for balancing. Won't help you much at this point anyway like lift or what I like to do is what air I think Aaron is doing is sort of take come aware of your body.

What is it doing? Grab poke, appreciate your abdominals and when you go to exhale and lift, let it deflate. Now your abs will engage. If you lift your leg against the gravity, you don't have to race. I promise it will happen. If you brace, you will work your ads but you will not be supporting your back like you could be. Well anyway, me to do that either, but all right, next one will go up. Stay up. So I assume you can feel if you touch engagement, stretch the top like enough that you feel the engagement more the, not the leg more the abdominals more and then lifted [inaudible] it's that sort of forced exhalation. Not all of the year necessarily, but a lot of it. Next one, take it almost hip height or a little higher maybe. And circle six one way on a big but easy at the hip joint.

[inaudible] we just grabbed one, we had one out in it. We got busier. Reverse it if you haven't plenty of room. Tell me when we've hit six. Good. Then we lowered the leg down. We came up to the elbow, right? You came up one more time. All right. And we were lifted and we just kick, kick, sling. So this is where you tap into it.

I'm not going to ask this, but if we said goes best as you can don't. But if we did, you would have to hold somewhere you need, you need leverage, you need something to move away from. So that's what the middle of the powerhouse is doing for you. Hold on on the timing there. Okay, so it's nice and free and loose. Hopefully now we go more precise forward. It's kick, kick, end reach, boom, and kick.

So now you know what we're looking for as far as the length through the glute. It's too fast to kind of do the hand touch, but it's a long reach and duh, duh, duh. I'm going to get one more and hold us to the back. When you get there, stay there, put it on the ground for a second. Check it out. Be maybe easier to find. Maybe not a hip and top hip is. If anything rolled more forward, you reach, feel the gluten and either lift.

I think probably better though, rather than lifting. You don't have to lift at all. In fact, it is to reach and then slide further back, right? Or reach and slide further on the diagonal. But nothing you need to see. It's not really meant to have you work. It's meant to make you aware of it. Kinda sorta. Okay. Remember that? That's all I did there. Right?

We're going to go face down now. That's a question. Yes, we are face down and for now just rest your forehead on your hands. Okay, so right here you can do the exact same thing you just did, but we'll, in fact, we'll do one leg. So pick your right leg or please take your right leg, keep it on the floor for the split second, reach along until you feel the length. Then float, hover. But you're still reaching. It's never going to be about the lift. And then down. Do that leg again. Reach along and just note what it feels like on the front of your body. People often ask, are we meant to feel the glutes?

Are we supposed to squeeze it? Squeeze the glutes when we do back extension? Well, yeah, you are. And if we do it this way, you want even to have to think about it, it will happen. Go to the other side. It's a sense of length, lift, length, reach. Right? You could do it as we need to without tightening the legs. Right? In fact, I'd recommend try not tightening the legs, the hamstrings gonna tighten. There's no doubt about it. It has to, but don't try to tighten the leg to make it longer.

It's more like let it go and it will happen at the joint it needs to. So now, uh, just staying low, let's do half of the single leg kick. So you've got both legs reaching long as you continue to do that. They'll hover off the ground, both of them barely, right? They don't ever need to be higher than that right now. Okay, now pick a leg and it's kick, kick, straighten his pulse, pulse reach, stretch other side, pulse, pulse, reach, stretch, check in with your own self. Are you engaging the front of your side and make your leg straight, right?

That's in fact what those muscles do. But you don't need to do that in this position. Get it long. And then links in and out of the hip. Give yourself a however many, two or three more to make it even. Keep the legs up off the ground and then start to lift your upper body until your hands can come under. I'm under no hands underneath. Okay, good. Exactly. And same exercise. It's pulse, pulse, stretch, pulse, pulse, stretch.

You are going to probably, I dunno, nevermind. I don't know what you're going to feel, but now Jim, pretend you can't use your arms. How would you hold yourself if you didn't have your weight in your arms? You would hold it from those muscles without you are now good. Give yourself two more. One one. If that's not even, feel free to do the next one and holding them up.

Slide down. Jim, you go wider than windy. Great. I'm probably Aaron wider than Rebecca and Mandy. Wider than marriage. Great. All right. Same deal with the arms. By the way. Everything's held in the middle, but pretty easy. Float the arms and the legs off. If you need a backstretch, take it. Great.

Now what you get to do is you get to lift your arms. Both of them hire Mary. You're good. Oh wow. That's gorgeous. Excellent. Lower your feet. Almost everybody except for, Oh, that's great. And arms a little higher. Not back, not back. Just your arms and go to the floor. Everything. Oh yeah. If that went to your low back, chances are the legs came too high. Maybe the arms too.

But here we go again. Lengthen legs first, float them, hover them, float the arms. Just guests that you have to go a little lower with your legs. But don't let him touch the floor. Now gently go into swimming. That's nice, Mandy, into a swimming, whatever pace you want to, you're working opposition. And so Rebecca, you can look forward a little bit even more. Believe it or not. Yeah. How about one more breath pattern that you've chosen that'll leave in you out.

It looks great, Debra candy. And then find your way back to the floor. Help yourself into a rest position when it feels appropriate to do so. Ah, great looking good. [inaudible] so it's appropriate to take a good backstretch here, but hopefully it's not cause you, while you were there a long time, I suppose you would need one, wouldn't you? Okay. While you're resting, we're going to do yet another little tricep situation. Here. You have some options. Um, you can do this on your knees where you'd be on a bit of a diagonal and it's down to go up, down to go up most. You can even do it against a wall, I'm just showing you. So you can see the shoulder blades, most important part is to not do that. So rather there's a general, once you're in position is really release the elbow, straighten it, release the elbow straight and nothing else happens. Keep them in. I think for now I might change that, but so that's one option.

The other option is to be here, which would be the most difficult of your choices, I think for most of you, which would be there. Okay. You can go as low as you want, provided you don't shrug or pinch the shoulder blades. Well the one I'm going to do is bent knees, body long head hanging down, up, down, up. Now this position is a little different for everyone. Um, what I'm aiming to do is go straight down like you would all the other ones, but for some you may need to go slightly out. For some, you might bend just a little and that's true for all of them. Okay? You make the adjustments that suit your body knowing that the most important thing is protecting your shoulder. Okay? So pick a position, plank, the pyramid or from the knees, which is essentially the plank.

Think about trying to hold yourself away from the floor. However, wherever you are, in other words, you're not hanging out on your joints from there, just release the elbows or bend them a bit. Just test the waters and street and bend and straight and nothing else changes. Really. If you're in the pyramid or the plank, well I guess the body all go with you, but no matter what and lovely, get a couple more nice. And then everybody up to a pyramid. Walk the knees effete in a little bit. Everybody with bent knees, tailbone to the sky.

If it's available to use to straighten the legs, go ahead. But not to the extent that you're going to round the back a lot. Rather have the heels up, that's fine. And then we all take the steps back that we took. In other words, if you walked forward, put your feet back where they were. Let's head into a plank.

Whether you're on your knees or not is up to you. You're in a plank. Pick up the leg closest to the front of the room. Let it cross over you. The other leg to sit on the floor to pick up the arm. So if you are on your knees, the same thing.

Turn the upper body to try to put the hand down. You might have to pick up that leg. Pick it up now. Square off the shoulders, put the foot down, lower the knees, stretch back. Does that make sense? Cause we are doing it again. Come back. All right, I'll get you there. And again, it can be done on the knees. If you're on your knees, what you have to do is a little curl of the toes to help reposition the knee.

Does that make sense? Anybody on the knees? Okay, back to plank. The leg closest to the back of the room comes up. Start to cross it over. Let the hip open, let the foot go to the floor. Pick up the arm when you need to. You're facing the back. Well done. Then where are you doing? Bring the body back.

Pick up the leg when it feels like you need to and put it back. Yeah, release needs. Just for a second. So I'll do one more each way. Is there any question? Okay, well you have to be mindful of, is it a certain point? You have to pick up the arm, right? If you just go for the touch, you need to be careful with that. So when you kind of feel like you've got to, that's the time. Here we go. Plank or knees, lift the leg closest to the front. Start to open that hip to cross it over. It goes to the ground. Arm comes up, the leg lifts up, the light comes down.

The like lift stuff start to come back with the body and put the foot down. Okay. Lift the light closer to the back. Start to open it up to turn it back. Arm comes off, foot is on the ground. Lift the leg up. If you're going to put it back down, behind, lifted up again. Start to come back with the upper body, back to your plank.

Walk your feet into your hands. Head goes down, or hands to your feet. Whatever feels better to you. Bend the knee, straightening one leg more than the other. Both heels are down. Forehead to that knee if you can for Lexia. Gentle transition to the other side. Hm.

And if you need one more each side do that. If you want to hold with straight legs, do that. Were there, you made it? Yeah, with one little tiny, I need thing left just just so I keep you with me for a tiny bit longer. Okay. Bend your knees. It would be appropriate to put your hands above your knees or you could just roll up. I am feeling like I want to make sure at the end of class, so we started with standing apps. We'll finish with some standing back extension. A trick.

I'm going to say do this. It's a little easier. Just touch your heels together. Plotty stance. You can still face the way you are and it's just a small V, right? Squeeze the glutes but lift yourself. Beautiful. And then the arms reaching back down and it says, if it first starts like you're pressing against a wall, the low back isn't going to change at all. And in fact, as my chest rises, my arms are kind of going downward. Squeeze the glutes. If you let go, you're going to feel your low back. Press the arms down slightly back and release. Thanks. Just allow for space so you don't have to try too hard for height.

Start to activate the muscles in the back by gently reaching the upper arm down toward the floor, pressing the arms down and slightly back as you let the chest rise. Keep the glutes, keep the glutes counterintuitive. Sometimes keep lifting, keep lifting and release, and just let go. Breathe however you need to loosen up. And then let's take one deep breath in together and exhale. And I appreciate you being here as usual. Thanks. All done.


This was my first class with Pilates Anytime, and I really loved it! I am energized, ready to tackle the day!
I love the standing work and the special attention you paid to the triceps and hamstrings! Great class!
Thanks Annie and Amy! Come back to it again one of these days
Tough class, loved it! Thanks Kristi
I loved this class! I am so happy I found Pilates anytime! I can workout any time of day, it's fantastic :) Thank you so much!
This is the 2nd time I have done this class. It's great to try some varying exercises, thanks!!
Does anyone else find it amazing that she demoed most of this and yet her voice stayed calm and strong? Kristi, you must be one super strong chick! I loved this class, will add it to my favs, and I recommend this website at least once a day where I work to ppl interested in quality pilates. Thanks!
Thanks Stephanie!! I have my moments when I'm strong thankfully, and then of course, there are those other days...
We really appreciate your support and your willingness to spread the word about PA!
Great class. Inspiring teacher. I love this website!
Thanks Kristi, another great class you are a lifesaver and I have been able to get a fantastic workout while traveling these past few weeks. You're the best!
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