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Advanced Wunda Chair

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Learn how you can activate your whole body to connect to your powerhouse with this advanced Wunda Chair workout by Saul Choza. He breaks the class into three sections, giving you the opportunity to take your time and master section before moving on. He keeps a nice flow so that you can work your cardiovascular system in addition to the rest of your body.

Note: Saul is using a Gratz Wunda Chair and advises you to play with your spring choices to get the correct resistance for your body if you are using a different manufacturer.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Knee Pad (2)

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Hello everyone, and welcome to my one a chair workout. Today we're going to do an advanced workout and Brianna and Paula here to help me out. We're going to break this workout in three segments. So you as the viewer can practice little by little. Yeah, we're going to go from footwork to mermaid master that. And once you have that ability, then you can go from a I'm frogs to pull ups. Once you master that, then you can finally finish that tabletop to the grand finale, which has the pushup. Um, take your time, you know, but my intention for this workout is to flow, to really get a cardiovascular workout here, which I think it's very important in any form of workout. So should we start?

Let's do it. Good. We're going to start with footwork. Now. Footwork, you require one top one bottom. This is a garage chair. So I'm not sure the translation to the balanced body. Um, fill it out, but you should have some resistance. Okay ladies, we're going to start with the arms reaching up to the ceiling. And why do I want this? Is because I want to feel that two way stretch rate. You start with the pedal up and press it down and ax it up.

What we're going to do 10 times two, three, four and keep reaching those arms long for me, please. Yeah, don't forget to accent up, up. And once you finished your 10th one, you're going to keep the pedal up. You're going to go up onto your artists. Make sure there's a little bit of rotation with the feet, but the knees are together. And here we go. Press down. And one, two, three, four, five accent, six accents, seven, eight. And keep reaching. Find that serratus. And once you are finished, go onto your heels. You know, open the arms out to the side. Make a fist because I want to give that those arms a little bit of arrests. Try to open the chest, clear the rib cage connected and press down in accent one. Acts in two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and 10. Keep the pedal up. Remove the feet from the pedal.

You're gonna place the hands at the edge of your box using your Popo. Press yourself up and let's turn around. We're going to do, um, 10 inch stretch. I want your hands to be either in front of the chair. If you're someone like Paula, you might want to take it a little bit shorter, but the idea is that you want to make sure that the shoulder is over the wrist length in the back of the neck. Lengthen that lower back, gimme that C curve on the upper thoracic and press down one, two, three and up to three. Good and down to three. Create that two way stretch.

You want to make sure that when you lift up, you want to use that power has right. Make sure you go Bleaks are connected. You remember that it's 10 times. I'm a bat counter, so don't rely on me to count for you, but I'll try to give you all repetitions for every single exercise. Very nice skirt. Excellent. On that last one, you're going to stay on top. Yes. And you're going to bring the feet down one foot at a time, and now you're going to change to one spring because we're doing the push down. Uh, what I like to do in, in, in the series of exercises that I give, I like to set you up for the next exercise. And the um, uh, push down is a good setup for what's coming next, which is the series of five. So here we go.

Reach the arms up to the ceiling for me please. Realm the upper body forward with straight arms. You're going to bring the pedal down three times. So go down, scoop the abdominals and up one and again and scope the abdominals to making sure the back of the neck is long and stay there and pump three times for me please. One elbows pointing towards your knees to three. And we're going to do it again up with straight arms. Antionne one, making sure that your pelvis is right on top of your heels. Yes. And stay down and pump again. One, two, three.

And last time make sure that your serratus is connecting. Your Petro miner are also connecting and are part of this exercise. Stay down and pump three times one, two, three and scoop the abdominals. Every time I do a flection, I like to do an extension, so be aware that a lot of the exercises that I do are between extension and flection of the spine. Excellent. Let's place two pats on the top of the chair. Now we're gonna go into 100 100 is a great breathing exercise. I want the breath to go in and out of the nose. Yes, you can extend the legs off the four for me.

Please make sure the base of the shoulder blades are still on your platform. Lengthen those legs as low as possible. Those palms are pumping six to eight inches above the body. Let's try it. Here we go. Inhale and exhale. Could create the two way stretch. Yes.

Fear that back opening. As you take a deep breath, we're going to do 100 counts. Of course. I'm going to let these ladies count because I just lost my count and take a deeper breath with me. Please. No cheating. Don't count. Don't, don't change your account. Reach those legs even longer. Yes. Get out of your hips. Find that sacrum, spread it onto the four and single leg. Stretch right knee into your chest. Hold it here for a second. I want you to take a deep breath. Inhale and change. Exhale. Inhale, exhale, inhale and inhale.

Now exhale for me please to the right and exhale to the left. Excellent. Well you're only going to do six times, so this is your last sets. Beautiful double leg stretch. I like to do a double leg stretch with a hands next to your thighs first and exhale, and one. Again, we're only going to do six of these because it have you ever tried this exercise up here? It's impossible. Now the last three, you're going to reach the arms over the head and reached long, long, long, and extra. One good. Feel that breath into the system and then the ending of the breath is going to bring the body back into center and single, straight leg stretch. Here we go. One, two, and exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Inhale. Inhale to the left and exhale to the right. Good, excellent. Very nice. But I really want us to that leg lengthening out and release both hands behind the neck for me please. Double straight leg stretch. Really lengthen the body and one good. Can you feel that resistance on the way down and create the resistance on the weak. Inhale, lengthen that middle back and extra. Bring it back in. Good and reach longer.

Exhale could make sure that you breathe into that upper back and feel that intercostal muscles bringing your upper body up. Good. Chris. Cross twist the body to your right. Make a scent. Connect that center line. Yes with the arm and the leg and to the other side. And hold two, three. Sorry ladies, I didn't mean to hold you there for such a long time, but I really wanted to make that point across that you want to create a line from forearm to leg last time in hold two, three and release. Excellent. Off we go. Beautiful.

So we just did series of five. Guess what? Now we're going into Swan dive. Now we're going into the extension of the back. Yes. You're still in one spring. Yes. Make sure the base of the rib cage is chest off the platform, so come forward a little bit more for me, Paula. Good. Lengthen the spine as much as possible.

You're gonna pump three times and pump one, two, three and creating an Accenture. Lift the chest up and longer up, up, up without crunching into the lower back and lengthen the body towel and again, Palm three times one, two, three and make sure that your legs are being controlled with your gluten, hamstrings, not that lower back. And bring it down with control to one more set. One, two, three. Feel that whole back connection as you live with it. Now leading with the heels, we're going to dive and up. One good lengthen too. And I'm three good. Three more times last two and the last one. I want you to finish it at the top. Lengthen those legs, grade that opposition and bring the body nice and long back to center.

Open that right arm out to the side and you're going to end that left. I'm bring it a little bit more centered. Let's go back again. Yes, that left hand more towards the center of your pedal. Lengthen the body. Make sure your arm is connected to your pectoral muscles and the back length in the neck and just going to pump three times one keep getting longer, two and three and change your legs and arms and to the other side. One, two, three and bring it in for me. Please, please place the right hand on the edge of your chair. Scoob the abdominals and stand up.

Now usually this exercise comes closer to the end of the workout, but I like this to prepare you for sir. So we're going to do our pumping sand. Come closer to your chair for me please. Ideally your feature not be touching the chair. Yeah, Paula gets a a little, a little permission, but make sure that your quotes are not touching the chair at all. Reach the arms forward for me. Please round the upper body for what?

Articulating through the spine. Thoracic. Make sure it's very well articulated. Yes. Plays the heels of the palms into the pedal. You're going to press down, lengthening in that lower back and come up with control. What three pumps with straight arms? Two and three. Do you guys know what this looks like?

Stay there from a present pump three times. One, two, three. This is also setting you up for horseback. Yes. And press forward again and Scooby abdominals two again. Lengthen and two. One more time and hold it there in Palm three times one keep lengthening the neck. Find your shirt, radius and straight arms and scrub the abdominals and bring it down with control. One more time. Find that Serita's connection.

Lift the base of the Bape cage three times with arms straight and straight. Arms pump. And one more time. And stay down in Palm three times. Lengthen the back of the neck. Lift the base of the rib cage up a little bit higher. Yes, a little bit higher. There you go. And scope the abdominals navel deep into the spine. Again.

Reach the arms up to the ceiling. Open the chest and release. This is our last exercise of the first sequence. So you guys ready? Teaser. Let's all face away from the chair, right? Sit on the chair. Make it. Find a position where it's comfortable for you and you have the support of your sacrum. So one thing that I, that you guys just noticed, Briana did, she went with a lower, lower spring that for a certain people it's, it's, it's much easier.

It gives you a little bit more, more ability to control through the powerhouse. So here we go. Bend the knees into the chest for me please. Navel deep into the spine. Lengthen those arms and legs forward. Arms parallel, yes. And bend the elbows into the body. Good. Find your sacrum and bring that sacrum into the box. It gets.

Reach the legs longer. Reach, reaches and go all the way down from me please. And articulate as a roll up and come up. Scoop the abdominals one good and again and go back. Enabled deep into the spine. Upper middle, lower. Keep that sacred as long as possible on the box.

This is the third time and say, and pump one and pump two and pump three script the Obama's and up, up, up toes. That eye level for me please. I want to see those hands parallel to the legs. Bend the elbows again and this time you're going to bring the legs parallel to the fourth. Make sure everything comes from your powerhouse. Lengthen even longer. Go lower, lower. I got you. Good. And come up navel deep into the spine. This is one. And go down.

Scope the abdominals and come up to, and this time you're going to stay there. You're going to pump three times. Open the chest every time one, open the chest to open the chest. Three, scrub the abdominals and everything comes up. I want to see the toes, that eye level, palms down, arms parallel to the legs. Picture times, smile and bring it down for me. Excellent. Now we're going to go into the second sequence of our exercises starting with arm frogs. Okay, so for this particular exercise, you need one middle spring and I want you to stand in front of the pedal for me please. Good heels together to support this position of the feet might be a little bit wider because the pedal might get in the way. So be aware of that.

You might need to turn those feet a little bit further out, not your standard politely stance. Reach the arms up to the ceiling for me please. Length in the body. Make sure you feel that two way. Stretch right away. Cement that. Open the arms out to the sides and go into four squat for me please. Making sure the heels are together.

You're going to do three pumps and hold it here for a second. Whole two, three and bring it up one again and hold two, three, two, one more time and hold two, three and bringing the pedal up. This is for Brianna because she has a bit of scoliosis. She's going to take that right hand behind the neck. Yes, and she's going to press down again, making sure that your shoulders are on top of the hips so Paula can come a little bit further. Batch is going to have to work a little bit harder on her inner thighs and glutes and we're going to change the arms. Good. And again, try not to tuck under so much. I want to see that separation of hip and pelvis as much as possible and that powerhouse is walking like crazy. Both arms up to the ceiling for me. Please.

Navel deep into the spine, press those heels into [inaudible]. I know it's a very challenging exercise. Take a deep breath in Hill and center. Let's turn around for me please face the other way. Now we're doing frog facing out for I placing on five with the arms the way you had and for teaser to begin and then you flip them to the other side.

Here we go. Reach the arms up to the ceiling, LinkedIn, body over the arms, head to the side and go into a squat. Keeping the heels together for me please. Again, making sure your feel your arms are too far. That means your shoulders are not on top of your hips. So let's bend the elbows and press a pedal down. One soft in the elbows and press too careful not to hyperextend those elbows.

Three good. We're going to do two more and every time you press down you got length in the body and change the hands. Make sure you bring the pedal up first before you change your hands. And here we go again. One good. Drop that table and down and pubic bone more to the ground.

And let's bring your rib cage. Yes. And your shoulders on top of the hips, a little bit more. Excellent. Now you're going to reach the arms up to the ceiling, press those heels into the four arms, up to the ceiling, and open the arms set to the sides. Excellent mermaid kneeling for me, please. So you're gonna grab these two mats, these two paths. You're gonna pray. Place him in front of the pedal. Yeah, there's two setups.

You can go right into a bending of the knees and place those knees on the mat, or you can take one step for the right foot and you're going to bring that left knee onto the four for the setup of Neil. Paul is going to do it with both knees on the floor and Brianna is going to do a one foot forward herb. We got Scooby abdominals enabled even to the spine. Reach the arms forward and arms up to the ceiling. Both arms are facing up towards the ceiling. Yes. And I really want to see that left arm right up against your year.

I want to see that Serita's connecting into the body and making sure the rib is engaged right in your shoulders on top of the hips. Now inhale, lift up and over and reach length in good without moving that pelvis. You want to make sure that pelvis is strictly squared and come up with control and only from your side, not from your shoulder. Again, keep that connection to the shoulder into the pedal. Now this time wrap the arm around from a priest. Good and reach that arm even longer and come back to center could very nice. Again, one more time, navel deep into the spine.

This is also a great exercise for Brianna. I would wrap the arm around the head and now we're going to extend that arm and we're going to do chosen politely style. You're going to come up and pump five times with the waist one again to lengthen the body every time. Three that left side of the body for five and come back to center. Reach the arms forward. Now you're going to either sit back and stand up, reach the arms up to the ceiling, or you can set for like Brianna good. Um, take a big step Paula, and now you're pasting the other way. Excellent.

I'm going to see the setup one more times. Ready? This time she's going to step with her left foot and script the abdominals pile and bring it down. Arms up to this healing gut. Again, before we move, I want to see the serratus lifting those arms and really reach up. It's not this, don't get it confused. You don't get it twisted. It's reaching from the scapulas and lifting the arms up to the ceiling and trying to get that arm right next to the ear. So here we go. Bring that left arm down, navel deep into the spine. Good.

Make sure your shoulders are on top of the hips and reach over for me. Please lengthen and come back to center. Good on this next repetition. Lengthen over and wrap that arm around the head and reach that right side even longer to come center. Make sure the shoulders still stays connected to your chair. One more time. Lengthen body and reach retreat, rapid.

Lengthen and come back to center. Scoop the abdominals. Good. And this time let's just do just a politesse pump, five times M pump one and pump to keep that shoulder in the socket. Three, four, five, Scooby, abdominal, snail deep. Come back to center. Reach the arms in front of you. Sit back onto your heels and arms up to the ceiling. Lift up and open the chest. Good.

You're going to grab your pads and now we're going to go into horseback. Nah, we already did a standing press down, which that should set you up a little bit for this exercise. Now there's a way of mounting this, this, this particular exercise, right? And so, um, let's see how, how successful we are on this exercise, which we should be very successful. Yeah, here we go. You're gonna always Mount the horse. I know. Traditionally you Mount the horse over, over behind. Impoliteness.

You're gonna Mount the horse in front of you so that way you want hurt, you're growing and going to place your hands in front of the edge of your box. You're going to lift up, you're going to lift up with your powerhouse, hold that position for a second and then you sit down. Yes. Beautiful. You know, open the arms out to the size. Um, originally, yes, there was this, this position that you used to, you set yourself up at this time in the new, in the new classical, we take those arms straight because you want to connect with your pectoral muscles and the back. Okay. So one thing, every time I, I, I make a reference to connect the body front and back of the body with your arms and basically talking about connecting your arms to your pack or muscles to your lads, to your serratus are that stuff. So it becomes a full body activation and then you can really connect with your obliques. So here we go. Your feet are flex. Make sure your feet are Pella and Scooby abdominals and lift up, lengthening in the back of the neck. And as you know, in my previous classes, I like the secret to happen in the thoracic place, the hands on the pedal and you're going to press a pedal three times.

And scoop up one and press DM and scoop up two and hold it down there. Pump three times one, two, three and lift up. You're going to reach the arms in front of you and just kind of bring them down and lift them up three times one, two and hold that position. Find that seeker of length in the back of the neck and sit down. Flex in the feet again. Here we got Scooby abdominals.

See if we can round more the thoracic and lengthen the neck. Place the hands on the pedal and press the pedal down with your powerhouse and scoop the abdominals and one and again making sure that pelvis stays exactly in the same place. One more time and pump three times one, two, three. Find that powerhouse. Scoop the abdominals. In this time you're going to do small little circles in front of your belly, in front of your belly, two, three and hold and sit down. Flex the feet last time shaving and lift up. Find that seeker of in the upper thoracic and round the upper body forward heels of the palms into the pedal and press the pedal down as you leave the pelvis back and come up one again and come up to one more time.

Stay there and pump one, two, three and scoop the abdominals. Shaving it is good. Three shavings and shave one. Go deeper into that seeker. Reach those legs longer and scope the abdominals and bring it down with control. Navel deep into the spine and release. Good off we go, priests and first push up you to grab your paths again. Are you going to place them in front of your pedal because you need a softer surface for your risks of your supporting arm, supporting arm irons up to the ceiling.

Lift up and round the upper body forward for me. Please give me that full articulation that you just had in horseback and now you're going to step forward. And I don't mean to be crude, but a lot of us tend to collapse onto the left side of when we're doing the right arm. So ladies, lift that left leg up and just Kimmy shoulder activation. Retract the scapulas and protract keeping the pelvis square and two one more time. Keep him in protraction. Could be abdominals and pump one just three times to keep this open three and really Straub the head down like elephant. Lift yourself up and walk forward. One vertebrae at a time, rolling up and make sure there's the articulation of your thoracic.

Open the chest script, the abdominals. Come back to center, connect with the rib cage and take one wide step. Excellent. Wow, I'm impressed ladies. Very nice. Lift the arms up to the ceiling for me please and round the upper body forward again. Again, always articulating the spine. It's very important and what the feedback for me, please scrub the abdominals and lift that right leg off the for retraction of the scapulas and protraction, good retraction and protraction, making sure that the rib cage is connected and gimme three pumps and scrubby abdominals one and scoopy abdominals too. And every time you press you make the spine longer, but bring the foot Tian droplet hidden. I want to see elephant again. Elephant all over Gobi abdominals, navel deep, been to this mine and lift the arms up to the ceiling and release. Excellent. Okay, so now we're ready for my favorite exercise, which is the twist.

We're going to do three repetitions. I want you to grab your pads for me please. And this is a very interesting setup. I know we get confused a lot of times. How does this go? So the first pad unit, place it on the top corner closest to the pedal and the other one you're going to cross it facing this way. That's where your cheeks are going to go when you sit down your sit bones and that's where you're going to roll onto your hip. Okay, so let's op place. Sit on on the pad from a please. Bend the knees into the chest.

That left foot is going to cross over the right. You're going to reach those arms up from the bit the mid of the back from me please. Again, I want this arm. I want this arm to stay connected to the, are you going to drop that left arm and place it to the corner of the mat? You're going to lengthen the body. Reach the body nice and long from me please. Let's, let's take a picture for the camera. Can everybody look to the front for me please? I have a square, you know, to square yourself. Nice and locked the front. Let me see that picture.

Close the mid page. Lift that bottom side up. Now from there, spiral the thoracic and scoop the abdominals. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Without dropping the head, you're still elongating and come back to center and it could be abdominals close to the ribcage and from that powerhouse unit, lift up. Lift that arm up to the ceiling. I want you to regroup yourself in that left arm again. Get taller and keep that arm next to the year, toes at the eye level, all the way through. Let me see. Picture time first before you Spire the spine.

Yes. And keep that supported. Um, leg in arm, sorry, uh, soft and come back to center. Navel deep into the spine. Give me that link. Now find this connection and poor, poor, poor, poor. Lift that left arm up to the ceiling and get longer for me. Please, yes, and bend that left arm again. Make sure this arm is connected to the serratus lift. Smile, picture time, long torso. And then from you. Ring it out. Come back to center, lift the abdominals.

And I know people make fun of me all the time because I do this at the end of my grand finale. Beats. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five. Lengthen and release. Good to the other side. Okay. It gets very confusing. This is what we're going to do where it's [inaudible] glide this pad here and going to glide this pad over here and you're ready to go to the other side. Excellent. Good. Navel deep into the spine. Here we go. How are we ready? Yes.

So the right leg now is going to go over the left. Make sure your serratus is connected and you really feel that two way stretch min, that right arm connected to the pedal and get long from me. Please reach the body. Lung. You guys can see this beautiful long connection, right and ringing up. Fear that, yeah, thoracic, twisting that lower back. You try to keep it as neutral as possible and find that two way stretch. The more you open that lower back, the better you're going to get into that abdominal connection and when that right arm again, lift up in over and make sure that arms tastes right next to the ear because you create that too. I say, but don't forget that picture and then from that picture, ring it out.

Close a ribcage. Your neck is getting longer, longer, longer, and come back navel deep into the spine, making sure the front of the hips is open and everything comes from the powerhouse. Lift the arm up to the scene again. One more time. Here we go. Make sure you find that Serita's connection. Good. LinkedIn, the body connect, connect, connect to long toss or long back. Can I see that lower back? He long getting it a little bit more and then twist from the thoracic, right? Those legs are slightly in front of you. Yes. Now open that back even more that lower back, that sacred area so you can go deeper into the body retails arms, keep them next to the ears and beats six counts, two, three, four, five Scooby about. And really excellent.

Good. Now we're going into the second push up. Um, so if you want to add to bottom Springs for this exercise you can for guys, if you guys started doing, if you guys are doing this type of workout, you can do one middle spring. Okay. So this time you're going to align your right shoulder to the front edge of your chair in a Scooby abdominal stable deep into this spine. Reach the arms forward, always articulation or this pint round the upper body forward. Good. Make sure your shoulders are top of the risks. This elbow, you guys too, to make sure that your shoulders are square has to be soft when you begin. So soften that elbow a little bit. Yeah, soft and, and find that serratus connection. Now you're going to step back. One, two, three. Keep that serratus connection your shoulders on top of the risks and now go down Scooby abdominals. And up one good.

Keeping the shoulders square and again and find your Petro muscle too. One more time. Very nice. Brianna. Good navel deep into the spine. Drop the head down and walk the feet forward. Find the articulation of the spine and reach up, up, up, up, arms up to the ceiling. Good, and let's go around the chair and go to the other side. Politeness is a resistance training program.

What makes us special is that we infer size, the articulation of the spine a lot. That's what makes applied is so special. Reach the arms in front of you for me. Please. Round the upper body forward and navel deep into the spine. Good. Soft and you're supported. Arm right and walk the feedback. One, two, three, making sure the shoulders are square and keep that elbow close to the body and up. One. Good and find that Serita's as you press two. One more time. You don't ha, you don't have to hyperextend that elbow. It can stay soft.

Drop the head down near with deep into the spine and rolling up one vertebra at a time. Lift the chest up to the ceiling. Open the arms up. Make sure that when you come back to center, your ribs are connected. And your, yeah, your weight of the body is two thirds in the back and one third in the front. Very nice. Excellent. Good tenants stretch. Okay. This isn't an a, another one of my favorites, but not everybody likes this exercise just because, okay. One bottom and one top for me. Good. Um, she's gonna use her pads cause sometimes it can get a little slippery.

So if you every, if you get sweaty in your hands, sometimes the safest thing to do is use some pads so you don't slip. Good. Now we're going to do, we're going to press the pedal down. What's very important in what I have found that to work in this exercise is that your art has to be malleable. Yeah. For you to get into that deep power has connection, but the heels have to connect into the pedal. I'm giving them a little bit of breathing time cause it's been a little crazy.

Here we go. Press the pedal down for me. Please. Drop the head down. Navel deep into the spine. And we're going to lift up and hold it for three counts and bring it down and again, and lift up and hold it for three counts one more time and hold it up and bring it down. Now we're going to pick that right leg and right away we're going to take it behind because we don't get to exercise this, this position because by the time we get there, we're so tired. So screw up the abdominals and lift up one NTM again and lift up to good and make sure the pelvis is square and lift up three and release.

Now let's take it to the side, three times Scooby abdominals. Make sure that foot doesn't move as you lift up and hold two, three, and Yan one more time and hold to we and release. Bring the feet on the pedal and let's take that left and swing it all the way back. Make sure this is very important you guys. I'm really want to see that openness of the upper back, your Serita's connecting and lift up. Hold and bring it out again and lift up.

Hold to one more time and lift. Yes. And to this side. Could be abdominals. Find a place for that foot and hold it up. Dig that heel in Antioch again and hold Indian. One more time.

Scoop and hold and release both feet on the pedal from any preschool via abdominals. And now we're going to start into, I know, right? The leg sequence. Great job you guys. That was awesome. Let's all face to the chair. Heels together and toes apart. Okay. Um, you can place your mats right inside your good. Get stand right there. Heels together. Toes apart.

Now we're going to do one leg pump. Ben leg. Yeah. Um, there's, there's other variations where you do straight legs for this particular sequence. Uh, I, I liked he use of bent bent knee. So let's bring that right foot on the pedal for me please. And to activate that backline, I want your hands to go behind the neck. Correct. Scoop the abdominals, make sure that pelvis is in a neutral position. Remember, a neutral pelvis does what holds a neutral spine.

So make sure that pelvis is neutral. Good. Lengthen the back of the neck. So make it even longer with your hands. Close a rib cage and let's do eight times. Press one and again and pump two and pump three and pump four pump five. We're going to do eight times six, seven and hold that pedal down.

Now we're going to do ankle exercise, three flection and extension of the foot, right? Really get that full flection and extension, Dorsey, flesh in it and plantar reflection I read. I really want to see that mobility of your ankle completely because the more flexibility you have in the ankle, the easier all those squat exercises are. Okay. Once you've finished your eighth one, we're ready for mountain climbing. Good. Place the hands in front of your back. Scoop in front of the box of the abdominals, navel deep into the spine.

Stop for a second for me please. It's very important the setup. You want to make sure that the pelvis is square, you lift the V abdominals, good length in that lower back length in that neck and start pumping. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and lengthen. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. See if he can bring the shoulders on top of the hips. Very nice. And use the back of the leg. Find the inner thigh Scooby abdominals deeper, deeper, deeper. And with these both feet on the pedal for me please you to bring that right foot on the fourth. And now we're gonna start with the left leg.

Hands behind the neck, right? And also be very careful with those arms. Sometimes we open them so wide that the connection of the front of the body doesn't happen. So bring the elbow slightly forward for me please. And now you're going to press down, scrip the abdominals and use your powerhouse. One and quick two. And let's follow the same rhythm of the other side. Good. I just asked count. So a counts six, seven and eight. Keep the pedal down.

Press the heel down as much as possible. Paula, Kimi, that stretch of the calf muscle and lift, good for and lift good. And every time you press the heel down, you don't think of pressing it down. You think of making the spine longer, you grow taller every time. Once you finished your eighth one go up on your toe and you want to make sure that when you're pumping with that leg, your toe stays high. It doesn't around. So that's why it is. That's a great setup for mountain climbing.

Square the hips from a police navel deep into this spine and he would go and comp. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and LinkedIn two three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Make sure you keep a right angle with that front leg and close the rib cage. Let's bring it up provided even more. Yes, on top of your pelvis. Good. And the skirt. Excellent. Don't go anywhere. Stay right where you are.

Now we're ready to do pull ups. Yeah, so we did tennis stretch earlier. Remember that? Drop the head down. So why don't we do a little bit of preparation and drop the heels down for me. Please. Drop the heels down, down, down. Create the two way stretch. Lift up, up, up even higher. And again, scoop the abdominals. End drop, drop, drop, drop. But try not to put so much pressure in the upper part of the body. You want to open that up and against could be abdominals and up, up, up and yeah. Good. Now this time, continue that lift and come up. Lift the abdominals up towards the ceiling.

Find your serratus and bring it down with control again and Scooby abdominals and come up, up, up, up, up, up, up, and find that Serita's. Open that upper back again. One more time. Scoop, scoop, soup. Stayed at the top and little posters up. One, two, three and bring it down with control. Lengthen the back of the neck and we're going to do that again. Those three poses at the top and it could be Obama's NFPA popup.

You notice that Paula has a different position of her hands? Yes, both of them are permissible and for her it's much easier to connect with her Petro muscles and her serratus. Good one last time. Here we go. Script the abdominals and drop the head down. Make that neck nice and long and lift two, three and keep that ribcage lifted as you bring that pedal down. Parallel down, pedal down, and really skirts could be abdominals here. Now this is the second sequence of the full workout. Again, you can, you can choose what, what's more to your body, to your liking, and you can explore that sequence of movement. Now we're going to go into tabletop. Another break for the ladies. Here we go.

One top, one bottom or one middle, one bottom, whatever feels most comfortable here. So earlier in our workout, we've, we've, um, open up that upper body, right? And in my previous classes, if you guys go back to my original, um, two sessions, I talk about how to connect your shoulders into the back. So when you lift the buttocks off the four yet you really want to feel to your lats connecting and lifting from there. So scoop the abdominals and lift up and just five pumps. Ladies. One, two, three, four, five, lift that right leg up. And one, two, three, four, five and change the legs. And one, two, three, four, and five. Bring it down with control for me please. And sit down. Good.

We're going to explore this a little bit more since both of them are dancers and over regionally. This particular one legged exercise. What's completely Allah say count. And I know you ladies can do it. So let's lift the hips off the Fort. You're going to take that right leg completely elastic and really get that button going. And pump one, two, three and change with the pedal at the top and one, two, three. Lift the buttocks up higher and bring both feet with a pedal up and sit down and release. Excellent. Great. That was awesome. Good.

So now we're going to go into the second leg series. Yes. So we're going to start with ankle pump again. I want to set up your, your boycott for success and it's very important that your ankles are flexible and strong. So lets off face place the pats on the right side cause you're going to pump that pedal with the right foot. Yes. So place your hands, lift the arms up to the ceiling around the upper body. Forward with the articulation.

You're going to place the hands in front of the bikes right now with your right leg in a press, a pedal dam. Yes. And now bring your hands onto the pad. And that's where you're gonna rest your knee. Just eight repetitions. I want to see plantar flection and towards the flection, but really get that Dorsey flection to get that stretch and the attendant. Right. Really get any, if you're lucky. Yes. You're also going to feel the back of the legs activating. Yeah.

Really get together. Scoop the abdominals navel deep into the spine. Find the length of the back from me. Priests curtain. Excellent. Okay. I hope this is the eighth counts. Good. Excellent. You're going to press the pedal down for me please. Upright position and in one step you're going to step up onto the box.

Balanced control front. Good. However, we would like the hands behind the neck again because I want that whole back of the system to stay. Square it, drop that hip down, right. Find the inner thighs and don't think of stepping up. Yes. Think of elevating up, levitate, levitate up, up, up, up. Leave the crown or the head exactly where it is and bring the body town. The further you are onto the pedal, the more challenging the exercise will be. So really try and keep that weight on that pedal from increase five repetitions.

This will be the last time. Keep the crown and the headache Sathya at the top and come down. And now you're bring that right here onto the pedal. And we're going to do side with the foot parallel. This is just a for lifestyle. You know, we have a lot of, uh, students that are not dancers. So having that white LSA cone, which that's what we've referred to in, in the dance world, sometimes it's uh, it's too much. So why don't we bring that leg yes, closer to the edge, right? This, this sort of recreate, uh, a single leg squad or if you're climbing, this is a great exercise for climbers. This is a great exercise for skiers.

So this is what's so amazing about politeness is like everything you do outside can be replicated in one of the apparatuses, hence behind the neck for me, please. [inaudible] but the key is, which is very important. I know, I know Brianna, I know you're a per seeing. What's happening next is that you do not want to lean forward in this exercise. You want to plant that heel and try to levitate again. Good. I'm going to help you a little bit. I'm going to assist you. I promise I won't let you go, but keep the body a little bit further back. Yes.

Again, lengthen the back of the neck and again. Yes. Good, good, good, good. We're struggling here but Hey, this is yummy work. This is good work, right? Try not to lean forward one more time to make it five repetitions and release. Good. That left leg is going to go behind you and we're going to do side pump. Yes. Bring it back a little bit more parlor. Yes, so you have back towards me.

There you go. Hands behind the neck and again, making sure drop that tailbone and say come down to the Fort and take the body a little bit further back. So again, you're not pumping down, you're pressing up your length in the body and pressing up. Good. We're going to do eight counts, right? I believe this is six, seven and eight. Good. Now press. Keep the pedal down, face me please and place those hands on the chair. Keep the pedal down, place the other foot on the pedal, bring that right foot down and we start all over again. And you might need a pad here. So I'll give you that. Excellent. Good.

Now I really want to see the full ankle mobility. So here we go. And Preston and scoop line one. Good. I want to see that C curve. What does this line remind you of? Yeah, there's so many exercises like knee stretch for instance. This is a great exercise to sort of get that back of the leg. And as I said, if you're doing this correctly you can definitely feel the back of the leg as you press down. Yeah, Brianna's saying yes, you do feel the basketball like good a counts. And once you finish that is the eighth repetition. Yes.

You step up and ready for balance. Control front. Good hands behind the neck. Good. Remember, try not to lean forward so much. Keep the weight of your body and the on the back leg and just levitate up very easily. Good. And bring it down with control. Want good again and see if it can leave the crown of the head at the top of your movement. Yes. Excellent. Making sure you're narrow the hips right and you lose.

Shoulders are on top of your hips, right? So let's take the body back a little bit more. Good. I know that's a little bit more challenging. Good. Five repetitions for me please and read these. Good. Now face the other way. Drop the heel down, making sure that pedal doesn't come up good.

Brianna's has been working on her squats outside of politeness, so this is a great exercise for her. For the longest time her, she couldn't even press that app heel onto the ground, but look at our now look at our go. Here we go. Skippy abdominous length in the back of the neck and try not to lean. Yes, right, I got you. You're not going to go anywhere. Just use your core. I got you. Here we go. Yes. Here we go. Lift up, up, up, up, up, up, up. You can bring the upper body for chest lightly. There you go. Now close the rib cage. There we go. Good. Two more.

Please don't move. Don't move. Good last time. And bring it down. Good. Bring that right foot back from a piece navel deep into the spine. Hence behind the neck. Feel the back line. Yes. Activating and eight pumps and one good. Lengthen. Two. Very nice Paula. Three.

It's bringing upper body back a little bit for drop the tailbone and the sacrum down to the four. Yes feel to I touch. These are very challenging. Balancing exercises. Yeah, and excellent. Good. Grab onto the box for me please. Scoop the abdominal navel deep into the spine. Good. Gently bring the pedal up. Navel deep into the spine. Excellent. So now we're going to go onto the floor sequence.

So we're going to set up some mats and be ready. Excellent. Now we're going to do the mat sequence of the grand finale. Okay. We're going to start with corkscrews. I want you to add a middle spring or no, actually say with one middle spring. Good. So stand in front of the mat for me please.

Facing away from the chair. Cross one foot over. We're going to descend a classical politely style. Go down to the force group, the abdominals using your is gonna roll onto your back, going to place your hands on the outside of your pedal. Now it's very important that you do not use the pedal for this exercise or else you're going to crush your, um, your fingers. And we don't want that for guys, but guys have a bigger upper body. You might want to place the hands outside of the frame, okay, that, that is just to um, compensate for the width of your shoulders. But this is the original classical way. And here we go.

Ready? You're going to scoop the abdominals navel deep into the spine. Bring the legs through the pedal. Now take the legs, the right corner of your chair and SCOBY abdominals and lengthen that lower back and bring it through. Good ticket to the other corner of your chair. Lengthen that lower back and try not to pull the pedal again. Scribble the abdominals and scoop good. That bottom part of your exercise, you want to make sure that the obliques are connected and you really find that inner thigh. And Lincoln last time. It could be abdominal.

It's enabled even to the spine and pull up last time, navel deep. And once you get to the top I T collate the spine, one vertebrae at a time, navel deep into the spine and you stand up quickly into a politesse upright. Lift the arms up to the ceiling for me please. And open the arms out to this side. Come to the side of your chair for me please.

And now we're going to do push down with one arm, making sure that the right shoulder is in align with the pedal. Reach the arms up to the Silene ceiling. Lift and round the upper body forward. Press the pedal down. And this is what I love about this exercise. Screw the abdominals. Drop the head down, navel deep and calm the up and press down and lift the base of the rib cage and press down to and again and press down three and hold it there. And pump one, getting that two radius to connect two and three and bringing up again three times and what you don't have earlier I was asking you for that arm to be right up against the ear.

This is a great exercise to help you find not only that stability of the shoulder, but also the strength. And one last time. Scooby abdominal is one, making sure that your hips are over your ankles and pump again. One and just like the twist, you want to press that arm up and they were deep into the spine and drop the arm down. Naval arms up, open the arms at the sites and we'll go to the other side for me. Please. Arms up to the ceiling. Articulation of the spine, one vertebrae at a time. Good. Heel the Palm onto the pedal, right? And make sure that top hand is pressing and bring it up and press down one and move. Good.

Make it more about your powerhouse and less about your arm and pump. One could two and three and again, lift one. Very nice to make sure that you're not gripping in your toes and your arches are lifting and your knees are soft. And one last time, one, work the pedal from the powerhouse too and stay down in pump. And one, two, three, scoop the abdominals. Drop the arm down, articulating this spine. Reach the arms out to the ceiling.

Lift the chest up. Good. Now we're going into stretch. I'm pressed down teaser, so you're going to stand in front of the pedal and the traditional descending of a politesse cross and go down to the floor from a please. Let's take the legs to your left side for me please and bring him up onto the pedal. Good. This is a great way to introduce your teaser. So what are you going to do first before anything is you're going to stretch the bat again, as I said earlier, the more flexibility you have in your lower back, the easier it is for you to connect with your powerhouse. So really get that stretch. Yeah, get that yumminess.

Let that pelvis tilts forward. Good. And after such long work, this whole sequence is, feels good. At the end of the war cap. Roll up one vertebrae at a time could place those hands on the pedal. Good. First we're going to teach the client how to roll down with a pedal. So as Paula goes down, the pedal comes down with her. Now she's not going to use her pedal to come up.

She's going to resist the pedal and she's gonna use her powerhouse to come up. Good. The arms, Stace straight again. Let the pelvis tilt back. Go deeper into that powerhouse and then scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop. Let's do the exactly the way we were doing the teaser on top of the chair. Make sure you keep that sacred as long as possible.

Glue to the four and then start from the upper part of the body. Don't move the pelvis yet. Opera part of the body, upper part of the body. And then finally the pelvis gets to come up with you. Good. Live this tournament from the police. Long torso. Press the pedal down and get taller and again and press the pedal down and get taller. Make sure your lateral rotators are working, Paula, and open the chest.

Do you feel that connection of the powerhouse you should because those are the same muscles. Are you going to use to bring the legs up? So press a pedal down now lift the legs up with the same muscles, no hip flexes, and bring it down again and pedal down first and lift from your powerhouse and bring it down to one more time. Find the connection with the pedal of your powerhouse and then allow the legs just to levitate. Good. And if you want to get into a deeper connection, drop the knees. Drop the head to your knees for me. Please open the elbows out to the side. Open the upper back right here for me please.

And press down one three times and press down one and press down to three and release. Good. Stretch the body forward from it. Please drop the head down. Scoopy abdominals. Now lengthen the trunk, reach the arms up to the ceiling and lengthen the spine down to the Fort QB. Arms next to the ears and bring it up. Scrub the abdominals and up we go. One for about a time. Leave your secret on the four as much as possible. Navel deep into the spine.

Find that sacrum first and then from the Seagram you articulate all the way down. One last time. Inhale, come up. Good. Leave the sequence as much as you can. Try not to use the hip, the hip flexors as you come up, reach the arms up to the ceiling for the last time. Keep your arms next to the ear. Lengthen the body. Find the connection of the sacred, and then from there, which longer, which longer, which longer and release. That's enough. Three sets. Three or three repetitions. Yeah. Good. Excellent. Comeback down.

Navel deep into the spine. You're going to bend the knees and sand to your sides for me please. In a place both feet on the pedal. Good. Now from that pelvis from the lateral rotators, have your hips, you know, open the knees out and press the pedal down so it happens at the same time. It's not rotation of the hips and then the pedal come down. No, ed works together and this is an amazing exercise.

If you want to connect a with your lateral rotators, the bottom fibers of the glutes, your inner thighs and that pelvic floor, it is delicious. We're going to do that three more times. Really get that shoulder yes open. Find that lateral rotation for me please. Good. And find that powerhouse. Good, good, good, good. Careful that you don't move that pelvis. As you press the pedal down, you want to make sure that your secret is neutral and glutes before and release. Good. Let's take the legs to your left side for me.

Please swing the legs around and you're ready for flying Eagle on your stomach. Make sure that those arms are extended nice and long. Keep the legs. If you can't keep the legs together, your heels together, that would be awesome. If your lower back is a little too tight, keep the legs a little bit open, but it both ways is permissible. Um, let's extend those to come a little bit closer. Paul. Let's wait closer. You want to start with a pedal up nut town a little bit closer, more just a little bit more good. Keep those legs together. Navel deep into the spine.

Now find the stability of your shoulders into the center of the body and leading with your heart. Press a pedal down. Keep the arms. Yes. Long. Now can we engage the rib cage a little bit more for me please and let the pelvis tilts back till till tilt. Tilt. Good. Lengthening the body, making sure the obliques are connected, bringing the body down and pedal up straight. Arms. Pedal up. What could lengthen? Lengthen. Let me see your obliques parlor more obliques. Yes. And press down again. Navel deep into the spine. Find that shoulder rotation.

And if you guys really are nicely connected here, yes you can lift those legs up. Yes. And bring the torso down with control. Keep those legs off the fourth possible and listen to that one more time. Here we go. Leave with your heart and navel deep into the spine. Up we go. Long torso, long legs and get even longer.

Lift the legs up even more from the glutes and the lower back. And at the, I'm sorry, gluten but not the lower back. And lengthen the body. Nice and long. Stretch, stretch, stretch length also takes longer and bring them down to the mat. Open the elbows out to the sites and pump five times with your arms. One end. Quick to end. Quick three, four, five and release. Good. Now let's go into a little piece of heaven for me please. Into a child post.

Curl the toes under for me please. Good. Grab onto your ankles. Drop your sit bones to your heels. Keep me that seeker of that we've talked about earlier. This is sort of what sets you up for the nexus exercise, which is elephant. Good. Place the hands on the floor.

Drop the heels to the ground and lift the buttocks up to the ceiling. Good. Can I see that elephant from me please? So what? Poured a little bit more Polish. Just pilot. Just pop. Yeah. No, no. What are your hands? I want to see elephant first. Right there. Good. Screwed the abdominals. Yes.

Drop the tailbone down and now walk the feet forward. One, two, three. Now what the hands four for me, please? One, two, three. Scrub the abdominals and walk. One, two, three. Let me see that elephant one more time. Why poured one, two, three, scrub the abdominals and walk. Two, three. Careful where the pedal, I did this on purpose because I want to know that you're actually articulating for the spine from the spine. Roll-up one vertebrae at a time and lift the arms up to the ceiling.

Open the arms out. Good. Turn around for me please. And now we're ready for pushup. Yeah. One top one bottom for me please. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Two bottoms. What am I saying to bottom? Yes. One, one top on bottom is for wimps and we're not once here. Kidding mine. Okay, so these, these ladies are powerful. I mean, can you imagine, you know, having to do this whole sequence, it's almost insane. Good reads the answer. They were complaining by the way, but I knew they could do it.

I had faith in them and here we are navel deep into the spine and round the upper body forward. Close the rib cage. Good. And place that right foot on the pedal, left foot on the pedal. Make sure the pedal doesn't move and walk the hands forward. First we're going to just you a standard push out just with the elbow spending to the body. Good. Now we're going to bring the pedal down with the trunk without bending the elbows, not bend the elbows and pedal down. Okay, let's do that again. Bend the elbows control. Now bring the pedal down.

Body forward. It's almost like a long stretch right now. Everything yes, and let it levitate. Beautiful. Drop the head down. Please. Scope the abdominals and walk the hands back. Pick the right leg up to the ceiling. Careful not to let go the rib cage. Keep the rib cage connected and bring the pedal. Yes. Bring the other leg up. Scoop the abdominals.

Now this time that left foot is going to go onto before scoopy abdominal Strapa heads, young tablets, right? Find that elephant position on articulate the spine navel deep into the spine and lift up open. Bring your hands down to the sides. Keep two thirds of the weight onto your heels. One third onto your toes. Pure the crown of the head, reaching nice and lung, and you are finished. Thank you very much. Thank you ladies. Yeah.


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That was great!  Loved it!  Energizing and fun.
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That was wonderful!!  Thank your for the placement for the twist (always one that tricked me) and the cues for abddominals and so much more!  Loved the challenge. I will be coming to this one often to see my improvement!  :)
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Great chair class!  I like the two way stretch reminders.  It really helps me feel the exercise.  Thank you:)
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Great class! Do you have other classes because one your video you were talking about it and I dont find any other wunda chair classes of you
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Very stimulating for the mind as well as body 
I feel so much more grounded in my heels after that class. Thank you it was fantastic!
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Enjoyed this class.  Loved the challenges.  Reminded me of some of the chair moves I had forgotten.  Thanks.
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awesome class Saul!!  Did I hear say "New Classical"??  I haven't heard this before, and now I'm curious!  Can you explain a bit?
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LaRae Thank you! Energizing was definitely one of my intentions for this class. 
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