Class #3944

Advanced Wunda Chair

60 min - Class


Learn how you can activate your whole body to connect to your powerhouse with this advanced Wunda Chair workout by Saul Choza. He breaks the class into three sections, giving you the opportunity to take your time and master section before moving on. He keeps a nice flow so that you can work your cardiovascular system in addition to the rest of your body.

Note: Saul is using a Gratz Wunda Chair and advises you to play with your spring choices to get the correct resistance for your body if you are using a different manufacturer.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Knee Pad (2)

About This Video


Hello everyone, and welcome to my one a chair workout. Today we're going to do an advanced workout and Brianna and Paula here to help me out. We're going to break this workout in three...


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That was great!  Loved it!  Energizing and fun.
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That was wonderful!!  Thank your for the placement for the twist (always one that tricked me) and the cues for abddominals and so much more!  Loved the challenge. I will be coming to this one often to see my improvement!  :)
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Great chair class!  I like the two way stretch reminders.  It really helps me feel the exercise.  Thank you:)
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Great class! Do you have other classes because one your video you were talking about it and I dont find any other wunda chair classes of you
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Very stimulating for the mind as well as body 
I feel so much more grounded in my heels after that class. Thank you it was fantastic!
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Enjoyed this class.  Loved the challenges.  Reminded me of some of the chair moves I had forgotten.  Thanks.
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awesome class Saul!!  Did I hear say "New Classical"??  I haven't heard this before, and now I'm curious!  Can you explain a bit?
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LaRae Thank you! Energizing was definitely one of my intentions for this class. 
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