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Jump Board Interval Workout

35 min - Class


You will be dripping with sweat after taking this athletic Reformer workout with John Garey. He teaches intervals of jumping followed by intervals of non-jumping segments designed to strengthen your entire body. He uses the app, Seconds, to help stay on time with the intervals for a complete and well-rounded workout.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board

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Welcome everyone and thanks for joining me today. We are about to do a super fun workout on the reformer that's called jump board interval. So what we'll be doing, our intervals of jumping of course are followed by intervals of non jumping segments where we can work on moving the spine in all directions and strengthening the upper and lower body as well. So I'm going to be using an app called seconds on my phone over here and that will help us stay on time with all of the intervals, which is really important, especially when we get to some of the harder jumping intervals like our power jumps. So I'm going to be giving you the suggested Springs that I'm using, but of course all reformers are made differently so you'll have to adjust the Springs accordingly and I will be telling you what you should be feeling during those jumps so that you can adjust your Springs accordingly. All right, let's get started. I'm going to begin with some footwork here. So let's get the app going. We've got a little warm up plan. And for the footwork section I'm going to be using three of the regular Springs, uh, so red and one of the lighter Springs, which is blue on this reformer.

So from here I'm going to come down onto the carriage. I'm going to go this way and I've got my head rest up and I'm going to start. I love this actually cause you can put your whole foot on the jump board. I'm gonna start with my feet about hip distance apart. I'm going to push the carriage out. Now as I push out, I want to sink into my heels on the carriage.

Then I'm going to lift the heels up, bend the knees, and come back in. So I push into the heels to press out. I lift the heels up and bend the knees to come in. So I want you to inhale as you press out and exhale as you come back in. And again, inhale, depress through, lift the heels, exhale to come back in.

This is a really good warmup for the foot, ankle, knee, and hip. Now all we're going to do is reverse that. It's not going to come in with the heels down. And then I'm going to lift the heels up and press back out. So really letting the heels sink into the jump board as long as I can.

And then lift the heels to press back out. As you're doing this, you're trying to press right through the center of the ball, the foot, or more specifically between the big toe and the second toe throughout. And that's going to help you have a nice neutral ankle position and all the way out and come back in. And let's do that with one leg. If you need to adjust the resistance, do that. So I'm gonna lift and come back in, heel down PRS and come back in one more time. Press and come back in and let's do the other side.

So heel down as you press lifted up, as you come in and again, push through, you're going to notice you have a bigger range of motion here because one leg is doing all that work with the Springs instead of two. One more press and come all the way back in. Okay. From here, I'm just going to change my spring tension here and I'm going to go into what I call the warmup. So I'm just gonna use one regular, one red spring here, and I'm going to come back down onto the carriage. And from here we're going to practice some of the jumps we're going to do that are going to be a little bit more challenging when we change our Springs. So the first thing is a basic, so I'm going to jump out and I'm going to land with control.

Now I call this the warm up jump because it's a little bit in between being really hard on your legs and being really hard on your abs. It's a practice jump. So let's practice. As you jump, you're going to push through the heel and then your heel will leave, the ball of the foot will leave, and then the toes will leave last. And as you land, you're going to go toe ball, heel. Now your heel might not stay down the entire time depending on the mobility in the ankle joint. But what I want you to think about is trying to get that roll through the foot and to land softly.

So think of catching the jump board and then pushing it away. And I love an inhale has you press and an XL as you land that Xcel will help you recruit your abdominals and support the spine on that landing. And now let's go into a jog. I'm going to land with one leg and then switch and I'm landing with my foot right in the center of the jump board rather than parallel, which we had before, which was right in line with my sit bone. And I'm just alternating one that goes into tabletop. I'm still landing soft.

You want to make that landing really as quiet as possible, not slam into the jump board. So you're showing control with the muscles rather than working just in the joints. Now I'm going to go into a jumping Jack where I land wide and then I land together. So I take them out and land wide and then together shoulders and arms should stay relaxed. And these are just some basic movements here and again, all apart and together. Now as they go apart, I'm going to turn the legs out, make sure the knees are tracking over the center of the feet still and then center. And again. Now cross country. I'm going to have one foot up and one foot down and you'll notice that the bottom heel doesn't hit the jump board, but the top foot totally comes on. That's it. One more.

And then let's come in and we're going to do that whole series again, but we're going to do it now with heavier spring. So I call these agility jumps. I'm using one heavy and one light, so red and a blue, and I'm going to come down what you want. These are your kind of cardio jumps. So we're going to start with your basic right back to where we started before both feet hip distance apart. You land with control, Xcel as land, and you're going to notice right away that that carriage is coming in a lot more quickly. You want to control the landing so you put the brakes on so you don't hit that carriage at the end.

Now from here we're going to go into a jog, so remember that from before we land with one foot in the center and then switch the foot each time. You really want to focus on not allowing the pelvis to rotate and you can make the jumps a little bigger or a little faster. Work at your own pace. Here, I hope you have some Moroccan music on there to help get your energy up and switch and switch and switch. Now we're going to go from here to our jumping jacks, so remember we landed the legs together and then a part of me turned out and then back together. Nice off Lanny and apart and you're going to exhale as you land. Remember, upper body stays soft and pelvis stays right where it is the whole time.

You don't want to tilt it back or forward, keep it level and really soften that landing. Working through. Exhale as you land. Woo, warming up right now we're going to go into our cross country. Remember this one, one foot up, one foot down. Now we can start to make those jumps a little bit bigger.

Still landing softly, but giving it a little bigger push on the way out. And remember, you have an exhale as you land. All right, so one up, one down. Let's just do one more here and now we go back to our basics. So we're going to do that one more set and now you're super warmed up so you can really start to push out a little bit further as long as you're still showing that control on the landing. But this next is about a minute and a half left here or so.

You really want to work through it. Exhale as you land. Beautiful. Now we go into our jog. So remember it's one foot and then the other. These are hard because you're landing with one leg doing the same amount of work that you were doing with two legs. So knee track, right over the center of the flats and you have your exhale. Woo. Thighs are burning. Yes, as good CV can go a little bigger with control. Neck and shoulders, relaxed arms are laxed, abs engaged.

Now we go into our jumping jacks again, so together and then apart and then together and Xcel as you land soft and so and again and we got it land and again and again. Whew, nice and soft and bring it in and exhale our cross country. The last 30 seconds here guys. One foot up, one foot down. You switch. Each time you're still giving that really soft landing. Your legs are like little Springs and then right back out and push. Make it bigger and press and press and [inaudible] one more and come in, bring it in with control. Okay, oof.

Now that our legs are nice and warmed up, we're going to grab our straps and we're going to do a variation on the hundreds. So I'm going to keep the resistance the same here and I'm going to come down onto the carriage. So I still have a retina blue, heavy in a light and from here I take these straps in my hands. Yeah, I skewed a little bit away from a shoulder as leg start tabletop. And I'm going to come up into this upper body flex position. Arms slightly softened at the elbows, and I'm just gonna reach the legs out and inhale slowly bring them back in. I want to exhale out five counts and in hell back in and XL. Reach away and inhale slowly. Bring them in.

Upper body stays still and reach and in. Now take them up, lower them down and slowly bring them back up. And again, slowly take them down and bring them back up. Now you can go back to the bend and stretch at this lever. Length is too challenging. But last one here, come on up and lower down. Alright, so you can let go of the straps. Now we're going to continue our hundreds with one of my favorites.

I call it slow motion hundreds. So we're going to come down onto the carriage, scoot a little ways away and you can support your head with your hands here. Legs are together and you're going to do a jump. And notice you come in really slowly. So press out and commit.

Now get your legs to float up a little bit, not a lot, just enough so that you keep that nice AB engagement and you don't tilt your pelvis away and slowly in exhale reach. Now just rest your head in your hands. Don't pull on your head with your hands, just support it and, and jump and Oh we got this. And now if you can, you can hover your arms, you can still support your head if you need to. And you can also put your head down if your neck is starting to fatigue before your apps. And again, press slowly come in and relax. Okay, now we're going to change things up a lot.

So from our slow mode jobs, we're going to go into our power jobs. So I'm putting a green one on which is super heavy and then a red one, which is regular heavy. And I'm going to come down onto the carriage here and we do our same series of jumps that we did before. So we're going to start with our basic right here. You're going to notice, I always start with basic cause.

It really gives you an idea of what's going to happen with that carriage. With that spring change here, we're coming in a lot faster. It takes more energy to push out. Now from here we go into our jobs. So you land with one way. Now for some of you, this might be too much. If it is, go back to your basic, but if you can alternate alternate land softly, that's in a nice exhale.

As you land and switch again. Again, woo feeling it and keep it going. All right, jumping jacks now together and apart. Let's make it bigger together. Push apart. Exhale. That's it. Control the spine.

Use your core here and land, push land, push. That's it. Try to make it bigger and again, and exhale one more and come in. Woo. Okay. From here we're going to move on. So what I'm going to do is take the Springs and I'm going to adjust them for thigh stretch, for kneeling exercise. So for this one, I recommend the three red, but you may have to adjust that. So we're going to go right onto the carriage here.

Kneeling against the shoulder rest. Now be really careful guys. This is an advanced exercise and it takes a lot of balance, so you want to get used to those straps. So what I'm going to do here is just hinge back, keeping the body in one long line and then lift the arms and float forward. And what you're going to feel is a really nice stretch on the quads that you are just really working. So it's a nice balance to what we just did.

So hinge back, lifting, come up, hinge back, float the arms up. Now notice I look forward here on this part and lift. Now we're going to add, so you're going to hinge back the same way. From here, you're going to have open shoulders and extend your spine and just get that really beautiful stretch the whole front of the body. Then bring the back long spine again and then lift the hands to float up.

Let's try that again. Hinge back, everything stays connected. Now extend drawing the shoulders back and extending the spine. Now connect everything first, going into that straight line and then float and come back up again. One more time, hinge and open. Straighten everything out, lift the arms and float back up.

All right, so ending on a good one. Now from here guys, we're going to lose those straps again and what I'm going to do is go to one red and one blue. So basically a regular strength spring if you've got it, and a lighter spring. Now you can also, instead of using the blight, if you've got a very light spring, use that, but otherwise just one regular spring is probably going to do it. We're going to kneel on the carriage hands against the shoulder rest and one foot on the jump board. Kneel toward the back. Now just jump out and land. Jump out and land. So we're doing kneeling jumps and press away and press away.

Now as you jump, inhale as you land, exhale, bring your head up in line with your spine and lift that leg up and again, lift it up and again, lift it and lift one more. Now this is tough, guys. Be careful. You're going to bring it under. It's a tuck. So jump a little further. Tuck land, softly tuck land, softly tuck. One more tuck and come in. You're going to notice shoulder work, right? A lot of shoulder work on that.

So put your knees in the same place. Take your other foot up and on this side, just start with that basic jump. You may notice a difference from one side to the other. And that's why we like to do them separately, is to help create some balance. So I inhaled to take off Xcel to land again, press and press. Now let's add the leg lift. So I'm going to lift and land softly lift and land softly.

So for the most part, focusing on that dynamic stability in the pelvis, not allowing it to tilt as much as possible, keeping it steady. And now we have that tuck right member. Pull it in land soft jump, pull it in. Land soft again, XL and land. Tuck and land. Whooo. Okay, so that was legs. A lot of glutes, a lot of shoulders. Now we're gonna move on and we're going to go into some side kneeling work. So I'm going to grab just one regular or one red Sprake and I take the front strap here and I'm going to kneel for range.

I'm going to kneel a little bit closer to the spring end. I hang onto that strap, I at least my hands and I twist and come back. We still want to move our spine in all directions, right? It's a [inaudible] workout. Rotate and come back and turn.

Notice everything turns together. It's a spine twist, not an arm swing and again, and come back. Now from here, this one's tough so you can come forward a little bit. Then take the strap in your hand. We're going to do a side band and oppress overhead and come back. My free hand is going to reach toward that carriage and come back up. Really working that side, working those obliques.

So getting some lateral flection in here. Press and again press and one more time pressing over. Exhale and come back. Now from here, be really careful because we're changing the stabilizers you need. Reach across. This free arm is now your support beam. Put it right against her side here. You're going to slowly bring that arm up and backhand and then come back down through. Exhale, up and across. Keep the arm close to your body.

That gives you more control. Move smoothly and come back down and one more press and come back down. All right, we're going to do that same thing on the other side here. So starting with your side, twist hand grabs it. The other one, laces over. Arms form a circle. You exhale, rotate, and then he'll come back, rotate around, keeping the hips square to the side and turn and come back and exhale and come back. It's nice to give those legs a little break, isn't it?

Rotate and come back around. And now we're going to come back and remember this is our side bend so you can go a little bit closer to the shoulder as to make it a little less tension. And from here, bend over as you punch over your head. Exhale, press. This free arm is active. You're reaching toward the carriage with it.

And then coming back up and reach over and come back up again or each press inhale back one more. Exhale over and back. Now let's switch to the other hand. Remember this is a balance challenge, so use your support being here. Pull up and press out, and then come back. Now if you're having a problem, balancing separates your legs a little bit. A wider base of support is going to help on this and reach up and out and calm down across. We got it. Pull it up there and bring it down and Xcel up.

And one more time. Let's get one more in there. Press and come back. All right, now once again, straps on the floor to keep them out of the way. We're going onto our side here and we're going to go into one regular spring, a red one, and we're going to add our blue one here for some sideline. So from here I'm going to lay toward the backside my bum, and I'm going to fold my arm on the shoulder rest to support my head. And then I take my bottom leg and just fold it up. On the carriage I talk with.

It's going to be right here. Now this is might be a lot of Springs, so you might have to adjust it. You're going to jump just that basic jump, jumping out land with control, keeping the hips stacked right here and then we can add a lift and down. Exhale up and down, lift and you're focusing on keeping this hip pretty stable here. Trying to just move through that hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint. Now we're going to do a little kick to the front, little and and little. Not a lot of time here and jump out and land and land. Now notice that landing is still soft. You feeling it yet?

Here I am and again young. Now we go backwards. This is the toughest one. It's small. It's just really engaging those glutes to move that leg a little bit and reach back. Make sure the shoulders are relaxed, the core is engaged, jumping and pressing back or reach back there. Every time you land new trucks over the center of the foot and in. Okay, we get to do that on the other side. So from here, same thing. You're going to put your bum toward the back, fold your arm and rest.

The top foot is in line with your sit bone. Their bottom leg is folded in and we're just going to start [inaudible] with an easy basic jump right here and land with control. That's it. Jump and again and out and out. Now we're going to add the lift here so you lift and bring it in. Lift it in and up. Whew.

Not a lot of time. And remember you're really thinking about the difference between the two sides, so we can balance those out here by working them separately. Now we have the little kick to the front here. Kick land, soft kick land, soft kick Lance off. Now if you're not getting enough range, you might need to lighten your spring. Oh, it's good, right? Right here. All right, here we go to the back a little bit and just tighten the hamstrings and the glutes. Press back there and again.

Ooh, feels good. We liked that feeling for us back there and again, we got a few more here. Come on, push and push. One more and push and come back. Okay. Now from there guys, we're going to move on to our agility jumps.

So once again, we're going to go back to the two regular two red Springs here. And we're going to do some different stuff this time. So we're going to come back down onto the sweaty carriage. And from here we're going to start with our basic jumps. So easy does it?

So you get used to the Springs and land with control and exhale as you land a familiar territory, right? That's it. As you get warmed up, pick up the pace if he can. Perfect. Now jump, pull any up. So if you're on the ground, it's like skipping, pulling up and up. Lift. Pull it up and lift.

Still landing with both the lift and pull. So stretch both legs. One pulls in, one reaches out, an alternate and up and again and now air jacks. So jump open. Still landing with control. Guys, make sure you have time to bring those legs together. Soften that landing. Risa legs open. And again, Lance off we got it. Push out there a little bit higher.

If he can and push and out and out. Now land with your feet, hip distance apart. And what we're going to do is moguls. So we're going to turn both legs one way and then turn them the other way. So they're both going in the same direction and they're landing in the same spot every time. They're just turned, that's it. And turn.

So the movement is coming from the hips here, rotation, and he's still track over the center of the feet. Exhale as you land. Now we're going to move into weather cold X jobs. So you're going to land together and then hit the corners and then together in the center and then the opposite corners. So one up, one down. When you go to the corners and they turn out and again and corners and again together and corners and together and corners. We got this.

Now this one's my favorite. One more. Finish that off. Come back to your basic. So what we're going to do is combine a basic and a jog into a hopscotch. So you land with both feet and then one foot in the center and then both feet again and then the other foot in the center both and then one in the center and both and one in the center. We got it both and center one more center and come in and okay, from there it's time to work some more core focus on course.

So we're going to take all of the Springs off. That's right. You're going to take them all off. Now you're going to come back and we're going to do some work in the well here. So I'm going to bring that carriage all the way back and it's important that I placed my hands very far up that carriage. I'm going to lift my heel, so was standing on my tip toes and I'm going to try to lengthen my spine here, start with my shoulders above my hands, and then I lower the hips until I'm in a plank.

And then I lift the hips. So lower down into a plank and exhale, pull back and lift. Control it. If you're losing it, just step forward and pull up. Now the or part come out into that plank. You're going to reach the carriage forward as far as you can and then pull it back. Inhale, reach it forward. Exhale, pull it back again, reach it forward, breathe in, exhale, pull it back. We can do it again. Come on, reach out there, pull it back. Make sure you're not locking your elbows one more. Reach away, pull it in and hinge back to the start. Okay, now that was a lot of the muscles in the front, so PACS, lats, abs. Now we're going to get into some delts, so what I want you to do is go back to a regular spring and a light spring. And if you don't have a light, just a regular, heaviest, fine, then come here, feet against the shoulder ass, and we're going to give ourselves a little upper body workout here.

So upper body jumps. Here's what I want. Hinge back at the hips. So you're sitting toward, but not on your heels. Hands right here at the top of the jump board and just give it a jump and land. It's the same concept as when we were using our legs. You want to just press out and return with control, not slamming into that carriage. Now careful, hinge up, hinge back, hinge up, hinge back, hinge up his back.

One more hinge. A good rule of thumb is to keep your head above the job board. That way if you miss, you're not going to miss any teeth later. From here, we're going to take it into one arm. So I'm going to take one arm back behind me. Jump with it, switch. So the crawl, stroke and switch again. And so and switch.

Let's do two more and switch and switch. Now go back to your basic right here, both hands and then take it into a breaststroke. Bring it around, catch it with control and around. Now if you can come up and around, come up. It's only an option. Come up. Exhale, land, come up. Exhale, land. Come up and lay on one more.

Up and land. Softly. Woo. Okay. Upper bodies chilling. Pretty worked. So I guess that means it's time to go back to some lower body. We're going into one more final jumping segment. Our power jobs, it's only a minute.

So I'm using a very heavy and a heavy. This is to finish us off, right? So here we go. Come down under the carriage feet, hip distance apart. And all we want to do is jump big and land jump. Big and land push. Now rebound like a little jumping bean. You're going to come right back out there.

Jump and jump and bigger if you can. And bigger and bigger. And here we go for five and bigger. Four come on, three and two and one soft coming. Beautiful. All right, come on up off there and let's get our body. He's cold down here. Alright, so take a breath. What we want to do is go one heavy, and if you've got it one light, otherwise one heavy, he's probably gonna do it. So or regular, put your feet against the shoulder us and just sit back toward your heels and round your spine over. Relax the elbows down.

And we're going to do a variation on our down stretch. So from here you're going to unravel the spine and then push your legs back and let your hips sink and just breathe and then fold back in. So we're just kinda opening up the front of the body. After all that jumping, lengthen the spine, press through the feet, hope and up the hips. Lift the sternum, and then exhale, come back into your start length in the spine. Open up the front of the hips, extend the whole front of the body, and then come back in one more time.

Lengthen PRS back, extend and then come all the way back in. Now from here guys, we're going to go to just one heavier regular spring on the side of the reformer that you are standing on. So you're going to take your front foot and place it right up close to the front of the reformer and your back foot against the shoulder. As you're going to sink and you're starting end position for now is going to be right here in this lunge. Then push back and just push your feet apart.

Your arms are relaxed here and then bend your front knee. You're keeping your hip low and you're coming forward and getting that stretch, push back and come back in. And again, press. And this time as you come in, you're going to take that inside arm and reach it back and then press LinkedIn out and then come in and reach up and back. Keep the hips low though the whole time. One more time. 4s and come in and reach back and come all the way in and up.

So that whole side should feel a lot different than the other side. Let's switch over. Take your heavy over to that other side. Go front foot right up next to the front of the reformer, back foot against the shoulder as hips squared and sink into your lunge. From here. Push your feet apart and get that stretch.

Bend your front knee to come forward again, push back, get the stretch and come forward and press back this time. Come forward and we lift that arm up and stretch back. So as you push out, length the upper body downward as you come in, lengthen it upward and again, push back, stretch through, and come in. We've got one more here. Push back, lengthen away, come back in and stretch and come all the way back up. And guys that does it for our jump board interval. I'm dripping. I hope you are too.

I hope you had a great time and I thank you so much for joining me today. Bye.


That was great!  A quick, heart pounding, strength and cardio interval workout! Perfect for getting a workout into your busy day!
Sebastian R
I have been doing John's videos all week on YouTube! Such a treat to have another great class from you!
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This was really good, hard work, but quick and efficient. Not too hard, but Got me sweating! I’ll come back to this often. For me it’s right up there with Courtney miller’s class #995 yay for athletic balanced jumpboard classes. I loved it!
Thank you love a great jump board workout
OMG. the day I almost died in my studio. Thank goodness there is andinstructor in the AM that would have found me. : O

Thank you. super fun & innovative. 
Super fun, quick, athletic, sweaty and effective - all while keeping our Pilates principles in tact. Loved! Thanks, John.
Great workout, awesome class, thanks Jon!
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Another great Sunday morning no brainer! I love that it is no-muss no-fuss with you - just get to work and before you know it it's done! Loved your version of plank, though I could smell them coming when you said take off all the springs....smells like planks! Thanks for another amazing workout
Thanks John. . . Loved it!
Michael Mary S
What a fun and effective jump board work out.  Loved this.
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