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AUM Meditation

10 min - Class


In this short guided meditation, we tune towards the inner quietude letting the mantra AUM be our guide. We rest in the residue of silence.

Thank you to Yoga Anytime for gifting our members with a meditation practice to help us through this stressful time.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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(waves crashing) Hi. Let's continue our journey towards the inner quietude, letting the mantra of om be our guide. So step one, get yourself comfortable. Snuggle in in a way that feels good for you. Allow the breath to help you, maybe a deep inhale.

Exhaling an audible sigh. (exhales) Letting yourself feel grounded. Available. And vast. Eyes are either open, softly resting on spot in front of you, or closed. So the sound of om is made up of four distinct parts: an ah, an oo, an mm, and then the silence at the end.

The ah is said to resonate in the belly. The oo said to resonate in the chest. And the mm said to resonate in the head with the silence above the head. So we'll begin our practice by chanting each of these sounds individually, focusing on their resonance in each of these areas. Then together we'll put the three sounds together towards the sound of om with particular attention to the fourth sound of the silence.

Okay? Let your hands come to rest on your belly. Clearing breath together, big inhale. Exhale everything. (exhales) And as you're ready, inhale. Ah.

Let your hands come up onto your chest. And together we'll make the sound of oo. Clearing breath first. Inhale. Exhale everything. As you're ready, inhale.

Oo. Let your hands find their way up onto your skull, just gently letting your fingertips touch. Clearing breath, begin now. Exhale everything. Making the sound of mm. Inhale.

Mm. Let your hands rest back into your lap or on your legs as is comfortable for you. Settling. Now, as we put these sounds together, when the ah hits the oo, the oo goes into an oh, so it's an ah-oh-mm. And as you make your way into this, really see if you can track the ah in the belly, the oo in the chest, and the mm in the head.

And the silence towards the end. We'll do this three times, sitting in it each time. As you're ready, letting yourself find an inhale. Ah, oh, mm. We'll repeat that.

When letting yourself rest in that fourth sound of silence, see if you can really tune to how your participation is required. Maybe remember some of the skills we explored in the last episode around letting the pituitary gland open, radiate. Okay, snuggle in, second time. As you're ready, allow for an inhale. Ah, oh, mm.

We'll do that one more time together, really appreciating the relationship of the silence. And then after that last one, we'll rest together. It'll be about two minutes. As you're ready, inhale. Ah, oh, mm.

If your eyes are closed, gently let them open. Thank you.


Cynthia G
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Thank you. thats all for now.
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I had a pretty terrifying experience this afternoon and was looking for a way to calm down.   This was just very helpful to me.  Thank you.
Lori I am so glad this helped and I am sorry to hear about your terrifying experience. LOVE! xok
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Thank you! That was beautiful!🌹
Barbara L, LOVE!

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