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Looking to tone every muscle and work up a little sweat? Here is a solid Romana's Pilates intermediate/advanced (Level 2/3) workout that will really keep you going. Review a few advanced transitions and have fun!
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Apr 01, 2011
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Good morning errands. All right, so we're going to come just a little bit more to the front and we'll stand in our palladia stance. You'll see other great job. All right, and we're going to lean our way a little bit forward onto the balls of your feet and put one arm over the other. Great. So I just want you to get familiar with your powerhouse, pulling the belly in and up and try to relax the upper body a little bit. We're just going to really focus on the powerhouse in the beginning and then we're going to go basically through an advanced workout. Okay. So we're going to keep our powerhouse pulling in and up and put one foot in front of the other and trying to keep that energy up. Lower yourself down to the mat. Good.

Put your hands behind you and lift your bottom back to the middle and just lay out. Extend all the way nice and long. Reach your arms back and don't worry about your powerhouse or anything right now and just stretch everything out the fingertips and everything out your toes, just having all your energy and get a really nice stretched, really reaching. You can even separate your legs and just reach out through them, making the all your limbs nice and long. And then we're going to pull it all back together. Good. And reach your arms up to the ceiling and bring them down by your side. Great.

Good. And we're even relax the legs, you don't even need to make them too tense. Great. Just a little more centered. Perfect. Great. So [inaudible] every time we increase the level of intensity, whether it's intermediate or advance, it's a lot just choreography, which I'm sure you already know. So we're just gonna really concentrate in the beginning on our solid basis of our series of five and the hundred and really warm up the powerhouse so that you are confident that you've got that nailed down. And then the rest is just going to be choreography that we're just gonna.

Can you still use your powerhouse? Can you still keep it in while we're working out? So that's going to be the whole point of today. Okay. Sound good? All right, so we're going to start off getting into the hundred by bending your knees into your chest. Good. And I want you to really feel, do you have the stomach, not just pulling into the mat, but pulling up. Okay. So you always want that in and up feeling so that we can have opposition in your stretches and we're gonna lift your head up using your powerhouse. Extend the arms nice and long. Good. And keep the, this little tip of your shoulder blade on the mat.

So make sure that doesn't come up, but you can like curl more. Yeah, you can round those vertebra more, but you don't want to push 'em up like that. Great. Now with that belly staying in and up, extend the legs and the opposite direction, wherever you want to put them. Good. And let's start pumping in two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Good. While you keep doing that, while you're doing the a hundred I just really want to see that your stomach is solid. Your powerhouse is really, that's what you can't get your stomach to scoop in anymore. If the arms are long and losing, the legs are long and loose, great, and you can take them to whatever level. It's really nice. That's 50 you're thinking about those hips and the bottom, engaging those, but being able to spread each toe. Good. Nice.

Try not to lock into the knees. Just your time to really get into that powerhouse. We got two more here looking nice and even, and after this last exhale, we'll go right into the roll up. So you're going to lower the legs down and reach your arms behind you. Go ahead and let's do two on a slow, slow rhythm here. We're going to bring the arms up to the ceiling.

Hold it there. Let's keep our head down. Press your shoulders into the mat, mark. Good. And without lifting your shoulders, try to get your head all the way between your arms, like your ears, between your arms. Good. Now really think about that spine and roll up one bone at a time. One bone curly into yourself, rounder, rounder, good. Oh, that's nice. And then reaching forward. Good. And now pull me back as if you're pulling back a heavyweight from your powerhouse. Good. That's it. Rounding, rounding, and arms. Lift and reach back.

And we're going to do one more arms up. Let's get the ribs into your body. We've got to drop them down by pressing me down right here. Good. Head Up, pressing me down even more. And now curl under me. Get your arms under me, get your head to curl under me. That's how round I want you to get. Nice job, good and reaching. And we're going to roll back nice and slow. One bone at a time. This bone, this bone. Excellent, excellent, good. And then reaching up and back. And now I want you to do five more. Double timing. That tempo. We're going to arms up head and roll up one bone at a time.

Still keeping that precision, reaching forward and rolling it back. And every time you reach forward. I want you to think about the next exercise, which is the roll. Here we go. Arms head and curling it up. You want to think about, cause it's a big stretch. The next exercise. And so you want to make sure you're warming up the back of the legs here for that next exercise. Good. And three more arms head. One bone at a time.

Good. Stretching forward and rolling back. God again. Two more arms head and loading it up. Good. Damn. We're going to do one last time. Pull those ribs into your body.

Pool them in there. Oh, that was beautiful. Love it. Good. Rolling back. Good. Let's come down here and take your shoulders just a little bit over towards the windows. Yep. Just that hair. Okay. And now use your arms to press into the mat and press. Use your powerhouse to pull in and up and take the legs right on over to the mat behind you. Good. And I want you to go back to wherever it feels comfortable.

Then flex the feet, separate the legs, shoulder width, and then you want to roll down. And I really want your upper body to get a little bit more flexible. So I'm working with you right there. Good. Take the legs as low as you can. Sweep them together and over again. Nice and quick rhythm. Good. I'm taking them as low. Good. And then exhale, hug, way down.

Really getting that stretch as low as you can. Sweep them together and curl into yourself. That was better. You use your powerhouse support into you. First Time you kind of used your back a little bit more. One more in this direction. Squeeze together and pull the legs into you.

Good and flex and then coming down and good. And now we're going to reverse open and over. Know. Stay with the legs, shoulder width. Let's bring them together. Good. And now come down again. Nice stretch. Take them as low as you can. Open around and over.

Aim for the floor. Good. Oh, you're really, really close. We're going to do one more. Go as low as you can. Open the legs, shoulder with and over with energy. Flexing the feet. Attempting what? Let's keep it nice and precise. So flexing. Good. And then together. Good and then down and as we go down we're going to keep this right leg and drop the left. You can either bend, you actually are doing really good. We're going to keep that leg straight and we're going to pull the like up cross around enough. Good and cross around up. Now this whole time, three more.

This is what I want you to focus on. Nothing else can I feel my powerhouse? One more and let's reverse. Go as low as you can and good cause we're really warming up. Want to make sure we're able to circle a leg while keeping our frame. That's what you're thinking too around that last time and switch.

Bringing that leg down and left God and try to hit me up here. You always want to try to get this shoulder? Yes. Using that stomach to pull that shoulder. Two more up am last time. Reverse going a good. Keep it up.

This right leg is trying to stray out. Make sure it's down the middle of your body. That'll help pull your whole frame together. Cross to me. Don't forget to kick me over here. Usually get some people some incentive here. All right, and lower that leg down.

And we're going to go for rolling like a ball. So I want you to curl up. Nope, you're going to keep your legs long beautifully and roll up one vertebrae at a time. Yep, you got it. Using your powerhouse in, put your hands right here by your side and lift your tailbone all the way to the front of the map. That's all the way forward. More good. And now put your hands on your ankles and use your stomach to pull your weight back. Good. And you balance. You're very flexible here. So I want you to put your head between your knees as well, and that is the goal is to have ears between your knees and you can also, we're going to do a few and then we'll bump it up to your hands changing. I want you to inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll it up.

Very nice. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll it up. You could use an extra stretch. So I'm going to stretch you. Relax your upper body. There you go. When you roll back, I'm going to help you lift your seat right over your shoulders. Okay? You want to make sure you don't go all the way up onto your neck, that your weighted still on your shoulder blades, but you could lift quite a bit more and get a nice back stretch. So inhale, roll back. Good. And I'm going to help lift, relaxing the neck, and that's a nice stretch right there and an XL right on up and you come up a lot better. See that go one more time with me and he'll roll back. Good. And exhale. Roll Up. Now let's change the placement of your hands.

Let's challenge it even more. This hand. Go over to the ankle and this one on your wrist, her facto. You can do it. Switch it too, but one hand on an ankle. One hand on your wrist. And let's do four more. Inhale, roll back. Lifting your seat. Exhale up. Good. Inhale, roll up. Use your upper stomach instead of your shoulders. And inhale, roll back and x upper stomach right here. Good. One more. Inhale, roll back and feel that powerhouse. Excellent. Rest your feet down, put your hands behind you and lift your bottom to the middle of the Mat and make sure you see whether you're centered or not. Excellent. Okay.

Now bend the right knee into your chest with your outside hand and then the one crossing the body onto your knee. Good. And you're gonna hold with your powerhouse. In other words, you're going to pull your weight a little bit away from me. Go ahead so that you can roll down one vertebra at a time. This like down the middle of your body. And let's go ahead and switch. Good and switch. So it's not an arm exercise, it's not a leg exercise, it's a powerhouse.

Change it to really feel like your stomach is pulling that leg to your ear. And this is extending nice and long. Better make that stomach really scoop in. Elbows. Lift a little bit and switching one more set for me, powerhouse in and and grab both ankles for the double leg stretch. Good. We're going to hold the stretch. I want you to reach your arms one way and the legs one way. Inhale, hold.

So the stomach is pointing away from me. See how I'm pulling you? And there you go. And exhale. Good. Inhale, really holding your body with the powerhouse and exhale nice in with the air. And exhale, arms straight up to the ceiling as you go back. Good. And exhale. And two more. Inhale, reach long, long, long, and exhale. Last time your stomach's really pulling in and everything's reaching and right leg up to the ceiling. Left leg forward. Grab that ankle and switch.

They fly through the air. They go really fast because it's all in your past. No energy in the fee. All of it in the stomach. And stretch that leg. Stretch the hamstring. Stretch, stretch. Try not to go side to side. I bet you could make it stable. Nice. One more. Set both legs up, hands behind your head. Good.

And you're gonna just keep this in and lower just a little bit and pull them back up each time you can get bigger. But I want you to really be, feel like they're good and let's get your upper stomach to help push your head into your hands. So it's from here that you're pushing your head into your hands. Go ahead and let's do two more. Go as low as you can and then pull them up. One more low as you can and up. Now keep the upper body like that, but then the right knee and bring that left elbow up to that knee and hold two, three and switch. Re remember we're working in the powerhouse here. I know you're feeling it. And switch. One more set.

Really pulling back the back elbow. And last one, pull it in and in and hug in those knees. Great. We're gonna stretch. Sit on up and do spine stretch forward so you roll up. Open the legs a little wider than your shoulders. A little off the mat, actually. Good. Now let's stack. Think about your spine. Think about the vertebral good lifting in and up with the powerhouse and exhale to go forward. Head. Good. Trying to touch the crown of the head right here to the mat.

Very nice system is pulling in and up. I'm just going to stretch you one more time and roll up one vertebra. Let's take a little bit more time before the head comes up. Good. A little relax. Inhale, lift up, and exhale forward. We're doing a little bit more basic breathing and then we'll step it up, stretching forward, forward for it, and inhale, rolling back shoulders and had one more basic breathing.

Inhale up. Exhale forward. Exhale, exhale. Good. Pushing those heels away, lifting off your Si, really feeling the stomach scoop and then inhaling up this time. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. When you can't inhale anymore, exhale to go forward. Good. Now we're going to try to just leave those shoulders out of it and inhaling up, up, up. One more time. Exhaling forward. Good. I want you to keep these shoulder blades down and inhaling up. Great. Alright.

Relax your arms down. The next exercise is open like rocker. I want you to bring your legs together. Bend your knees apart as you bring your ankles towards you and put your hands on top of your ankles. Good. All right. Try to relax the upper body. Try to relax the legs and pull your powerhouse in so that your weight rocks back just a little bit. That's right. That's what I needed you to feel. So it's more in your powerhouse.

And now let's see if we can just balance for a little bit by extending just the right leg. Haha. Perfect. Hold and back down. I'll keep you can keep your hands underneath. Your knees is fine. Both knees under the knees. There Ya go. Good. And bring your feet a little closer. Perfect. All right. And the stomach's going to scoop in the left. One's going to go good and down.

So what you're doing is you're saying I can extend a leg without moving any part of my friend and my stomach's going to scoop and even more as extend the right. Nice. And bring it down. One more time. Extending the left hand up. Now you can extend both legs without changing anything in your frame. Good. And then bring them down. Perfect. And we're gonna extend both.

Let's add a little choreography, keep 'em up and bring them together and apart and bend them down. I hope your teasers gonna look that good and we're going to extend up now. Stay there and slide your hands up as high to your calves as you can and try not to let your head lead. Pull it into your powerhouse. Let's do six open like rockers. Inhale, rock back. Exhale, rock right on up. Good. Inhale, roll back. Exhale.

Use your stomach to grow taller, not your back. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, rolling ups here and to keep it, don't pop it and lift. And again, let's try and see in the mirror if I can see that spine. So keep that powerhouse. And one more time. Inhale, roll back. Exhale, roll on up. Up, and squeeze the legs together. All right, now give me a preview of your teaser.

Can you hold the legs there scooping in and reach almost beyond the toes. You're thinking? Yes. And now keep the legs there and roll the lower back down the middle, back, the upper back. Rest your head and your shoulders. Good. The legs start at a 90 degree angle for your corkscrew, but we're going to bend your knees and take a break for just a moment. Good. So we're gonna start at 90 degrees and we're going to tick tock basically fall as far to your right as you can sweep the mat, the floor as much as you can as you go left.

And then just come right to that 90 degree angle again. Okay? We're going to do that for two sets. So that may, I mean for one set a right and a left. And then I want you to lift just your pelvis. It's actually very challenging. I want you to just see right there, we're doing more of a pusher and instead I want you to curl into yourself so you really feel that lower stomach. So just your pelvis gesture. Um, tailbone is going to curl up there. And then the last set, I want you to get your bottom all the way over your shoulders to start. Okay? So first one 90 degree angle goes far right as you can sweep the floor as much as you can left and center.

Beautiful left as far out as you can and center right now we're going to pull up the just the tailbone, beautiful and left, and we're going to use that lower belly. I love it and right and we're going to lift all the way up as much as you can here. Good and coming down and go left and use that powerhouse and all the way up and roll. Nice through the spine. Enjoy it. Sit Up for saw. Perfect. Exactly. Nice work there. And we're going to use those obliques here.

We're going to keep the hips grounded and we're going to twist here, right? Good and exhale, reach past that baby toe. Good stretch, baby toe. Really want your pinky to get yes. Inhaling up and twist and exhale. Excellent, right? Inhaling up twist. Now let's work on this rib pulling into the lung as you exhale past it.

So you really feel this polling at nights. Inhaling up, twist and exhale cause you're squeezing the air out of that log in Haleigh twist, we using those obliques and exhale. Don't fall off that cheek he been at down and inhaling. I'm giving you more of the advance saw because you can do that. So all of these points, keeping your box there. Yes. And then stretching. Nice. Inhaling up, relax your arms down by your sides.

Squeeze your legs together and flip onto your belly for our stomach. Ceres, are you good with Swan dive? Just out of curiosity. All right, great. So we're going to start off with neck roll. Put your hands underneath your shoulders and on the Mat. Good. And rest your head down. Good. And I want you to feel right now that you're, your weight is a little into the mat and we want to get lighter.

We want to pull your belly up into your back so that you are hovering almost off the mat. And we're going to pull your shoulder blades back as we start lifting up your head good and your chest. And when you want to start pushing into the mat with your hands to help and always supporting come up as long with says you can't look over your right shoulder. Circle the head down to your chest over to the left and look forward. Look over your left shoulder circle, head down over to your right and look forward and come down thinking about elongating your spine. Don't press this down first instead, reach through the crown of your head as you come down. That's nice. Good, good. And we're going to come up against scooping in, getting lighter. Good elongating. Beautiful.

Starting over the left shoulder first and then down to your chest over to the right and look forward and look over your right shoulder. Circled down around to your left and look forward. Good. And you're gonna come on down. Always thinking stomach in and up. Elongating getting very good. We're going to come up one more time so it can go into the swan dive.

So we're going to scoop in and we're going to come up. And once we're up on the count of three, I'm want you to shoot out your arms and those legs that go right up to the ceiling. I'm trying to squeeze them together to take them up. Okay, so one, two and arms reach out and legs up, arms up, legs up, arms up from your powerhouse. I want you to think more of your powerhouse here. One more and arms and great round your back and sit on your heels. Very good when you finish that one. Um, next time I'd prefer a few just relaxed into the mat and you'll see that after swimming to, okay. Instead of upholding yourself with your arms, you, it's good to allow the spine to just relax into the mat. Let's go back out to single leg kick.

So we're going to go up and we're going to have our, I want you to just be like, um, putting your elbows like that. Yes for you. I think that would be great. Wonderful. There's a few different positions and we're going to hold your belly tight. Still pushing your chest forward. I want to be able to see a movie right here on your chest without you taking it in your lower back and lift both legs up a little bit so you feel those hamstrings and bottom. And we're going to start with the right leg. One, two left, two. Let's aim for that seat. Come on, get to your bottom.

One to left to right. Two. There you go. Supporting. Good. And if you can lift that thigh up as you kick even better and reaching long with the other leg. One more set right to left. Two. All right, place the right facial cheek right here. Hands as high up behind your back as you can. Okay. I'm going to change your grip if you don't mind. Hold like three fingers or four fingers. There you go.

And we're going to press the elbows down. Big Stretch for you, Huh? And your upper body. All right, so I'm going to be right over and I want you to try to kick me. You're gonna lift the legs up a little bit and try to kick me three times one. There you go. Two, three. I'm going to have to move. And then you're gonna pull up with the powerhouse up to three.

Great. Switch cheeks. And here I'll give you a little more challenging. Now kick to three. You still there? Little lifting up. I'm gonna go ahead and move and out of the way here and kicking. One, two, elbows down when you do that and up. Up, up. Good. And last time I will stay on. If you can. Three and scooping in legs. Relax while you're stretching up. That's it. Round on. So on the stretch, you don't, you want to really stretch.

You don't want it tense both coming up like Swan. You want to relax those legs and be able to lift up everything. All right. Round your back and sit onto your heels. Nice. And we're going to go into neck pull. So flip right over. Try to have your feet as much as you can right here cause we're gonna end up sliding back a little bit. All right, lying onto your back.

Good. And um, watch your hands one over the other. No lates, K and elbows as wide as you can. Press your ribs into the mat as you come up. Good. Scooping in, exhale to your knees. Inhale, roll up through the spine. Lift off your seat and go back tall. Not arched or arching a bit and we're going to rule it. Good. Inhale, rolling up. Exhale all the way forward. Inhale, sitting up tall. Good. And staying tall. I want you to pull into my foot here.

Okay. That's tall. Good. Go back and back and now curl the rest down. Good. Hey, inhale. Rolling up. Exhale all the way forward. Inhale, sit up tall. Put your hands a little lower under your head and then pull on that neck to go back. Pull on it. Hold on and out to war in with the air. Exhale. Good. Inhale. Sit Up. Tall. Good. And now I have something to pull on, but nope, go a little bit lower there and we're going to pull as you pull the belly into my tone cause you want that stretch starting from the lower back. Good.

One more time. Right on up. And exhale. Inhale, sitting up. Tall legs only hip width and pushing the hills away as you go back. Make sure you don't arch that lower back. Good, good, good. And roll the rest down. We're going to go right into Jack Knives. Your arms down by your side and leg start at 90 degree angle.

So right there we're going to go to a 90 degree and then quickly jackknife up. Nice. And Roll Down with your toasting. Right over your eyes. Nice. Let's do two more in with the air over. Exhale right up and take your breath as you start rolling and exhale the rest and over and Jack knife up and down you go. Very nice. Good job. Alright, so now we're going to go into our sidekicks.

So I want you to roll onto your left side. Perfect. And bring your elbow back, all the lineup, all the way on the back edge of the map. There we go. And rest your head onto your hand. I like it. Okay. Pulling the stomach into your back. I want you to lift those legs forward all the way to the front edge. Great.

So this is a great example of how we're going to keep our frame as quiet as we can because we're going to use our powerhouse. And then when we do that, I want you to concentrate not really about shaping your legs cause you know you work hard on the, on Dif, all the definition. I want you to work on your stretch, on your flexibility, but you can't work on that if this is all moving. So we're going to keep the box, your frame. Super Quiet. I still want your legs a little more forward. Yeah. Good. And I want you to keep this hip bone right over that hip bone.

As you lift the leg a little bit. Perfect. Rotate it out a little and now work on that flexibility. How high can you kick your nose and then take it back as far as you can. So I'm going to put my hands here and you tell me how much you're moving. We're going to do seven more kicks.

Keeping this really still super still stomach. Really. And you're reaching for all the walls with the legs. Really pulling that thighbone long out of the hip, reaching for everything. I've lost a little bit of account, but I'd say two more and reaching and that. Try to keep a little more turnout and back and legs together.

Good. And now kick up towards your ear again. Don't make this shorter. Try to keep that just as long and push that like up and down as well as don't let it fall back and up. Yeah, and down and up. And now really reach and up. And as you go down, pushing me down, you should feel like you're pushing down a thousand pounds up and pushed down thousand pounds. One while you're pushing length and out and hold that leg long and working, and five little circles quickly. One, two, good. You're really keeping this quiet. And one more. Reverse it. One, two, three, four, five. Great. Now we're going to do an exercise called bicycle.

Very precise. We're going to lift this leg up a little bit, turn it out, and how forward can you bring it forward for it? Then bring the knee all the way to your chest as you bend it. Good. And then you're gonna take the need of the knee. And now I want you to take that knee as far back as you can. So it's a big stretch on that thigh, keeping the five there, extend behind you.

Really reach that leg and all the way forward. Again, all the way forward. Bend the knee and takes the knee back, back, back, and then extend one more. Let me see you really take it forward without bending it. Don't bend ticket Dolly forward. Good. And then bend your right and taking it back, back, back, and extend and legs together and reversing it.

Taking it back as far as you can. Now keep the thigh there as you bring the heel to your bottom. Good. And then all the way forward and extend out, this arm gets in the way. You can always put it behind your head and taking it back. Long, long rope. Keep it long. Good. And then heel to your bottom. Knee to knee, all the way forward the heels, all the way on the bottom already. And stand.

One more reach. Good taking it. Try not to lift the knee too high as you do that knee to knee, and then extend all the way forward. Good and legs together. Nice. Very good. All right, let's put that hand back there and we're gonna do let go. I'm actually inner circling the inner thighs. You're going to bend this knee, put the foot right there and grab either in front or behind the ankle. Whatever's more comfortable, but don't take it in the shoulder.

And we're going to pretend there's a thousand books here and you're going to lift up really high, as high as you can. I've actually relaxed foot forming and now can you lift it up even higher? Good. Maybe even a little bit more. And I want you to imagine, let's say a big Hula Hoop right here. And I want you to get every circle that leg getting every single part of that hula-hoop it's a little high or you want to really grab, get every rim biggest circles you can't to more reaching one more time and then you're going to reverse it. Oh, we didn't go up too high. We've got to use this inner thigh to get up there. Not The foot so much.

It likes to help to more. It always likes to help. One more. Using that in her, like getting up there. Good. Now relax the leg down. Very nice. Both legs long and we're going to do leg lifts. Okay? So what you want to do is really make sure you pull the belly in and you're going to use your, um, your, the sides of your stomach here. Okay? Then you, the way you do that is by pressing all the part that's on the mat into the mat so that you can contract right here.

So we're going to pull in and lift both legs up. Beautiful and down. Uh, here at pro two more. We're gonna pull them up and down. One more time, feeling the waist. Hold that there. Keep it up. Upper leg right there. And the lower one's going to go down at one. Squeeze it together, down, up to one more, down, up three. Great. And lower both legs down. Nice job. Again, try to have that there. Good. We're going to do some hot potato. Okay. So we're going to start with the right heel. Run in front of that foot. Good. Or do five taps as high up as you can. Five taps behind you as high.

And then we'll go four, four, three, three, two, two, and four sets a one. Yeah. Okay. I'll stay with you. Keep it really close to you. And you know what the most important part is? Flexibility. So don't make it a tough, strong exercise. Make it a strong stomach powerhouse exercise.

So just relax and you're just going to tap in front and one. Oops. Tap Start. Five taps. One, two, three, four, five up. One, two, three, four, five, up right in front for four up and four, right? Two, four oh three. Here we go. Two, three, up. One, two, three. Up to, up to up one, up four sets, another set, one and great and legs together. Pretty good. Nice shot. Now we're gonna do, um, after her hub day, I want to do big scissors. So we're going to keep our powerhouse in and you're going to do those excellent like lifts that you just did. Lift them all the way up. Good. And I want you to imagine you're on the moon and you're going to make the biggest moonwalk you can. Great. Really, really big.

Good goes big, like back, back, back work. And you have a great forward leg. Let me see the back one and one more. Switching powerhouse. There we go. Now keep the legs together and right in front of you. I'm going to do a quick Manhattan walk really fast. Really fast, really fast.

You're walking through Manhattan. Here we go. Quicker, quicker, more from the powerhouse and relax. Good job. Well onto your belly. Make a small pillow for your forehead. Good. And I want you to lift the legs up and make sure you squeeze me every time. 20 quick beats. One, two, three, four. You can open bigger, but keep coming all the way together. Good. No upper body. Eight, nine, ten one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 relaxed down. Great. All right. I want you to roll onto your other side, but do you think you can bring your right elbow over this way? Right.

So we'll have a right elbow down, legs, all, everything back in the line. You're on the back edge of the mat to start off. Great stomach can lift forward. Good. So whenever this arm gets kind of in the way, you can always put it behind your head. Good. That's right. Okay. Once some, again, lift this leg up just a little bit and turn it out.

And remember we're keeping really quiet. How high can you bring that life forward and back and warming up? Keep going. The first one doesn't have to be perfect. Right? But each time we're going to get better and better. It's like the a hundred so we want to keep this hip on a little more quiet.

There we go. And feel that stomach really pull into your back to lift that leg up. Good. That was nice. I liked that somebody pulled in. Yes. And we're balancing like a stack of teacups right here and you don't want to spill any of them three back. Good too. You really feel the stomach as it comes up.

Really feel the hamstring and glutens. You go back and one more and legs together. Good. And now keeping this hip stacked right on top of that one. Push up this leg to your ear. Up we go. Good. And now we're really pressing down right and up. But don't forget to really reach that leg Wong and up.

And as you're pressing down, pull your belly away from me so your belly extends that spine and you get that long reach and up and the stomach pulls in and up and you really rage. Beautiful too. Damn Long. Wall Long. One more. Hold that leg there and five little circles. One, two. Don't forget to circle behind the leg to utilize [inaudible] and reverse. One, two, three smaller and relax that leg down. All right, the Nice, precise bicycle so you can put that hand behind your head and we're going to lift the leg up a little bit, bringing it up with your stomach as far to your nose as you can.

Pull the knee into your chest, bending it. Need a knee without moving. Take the knee as far back as you can and then extend behind you to more forward. Good job. Need a knee. I mean need chest and knee to knee and extend behind you and forward. Really stretch that leg. Last one in this direction behind you. Legs together. Reverse. Use the hamstring.

Pull the heel to your bottom, knee to knee, and all the way to chest. How much can you extend it from there? Excellent. Taking it back all the way. Heel to your seat. Good knee to knee, all the way forward. Extend One more time. All the way back. Healed your seat. Need a chest extend and legs together. All right.

Bend this knee foot flat for inner thigh circles. You can grab behind or in front whichever one feels comfortable. And we're going to lift this inner thigh higher. Even in here. We're going to imagine that big Hula Hoop here. So we're going to circle forward and get all of those rims on that Hula Hoop.

Good. All the way forward, all the way up and reach even longer if you're really reaching for me too. Don't want to get any tighter last circle and you're going to reverse always trying to do it more with the inner thigh. Then with your foot to more reached through those toes, even wax in a bit and last one and lower that leg down. Great. Extend this like long too. All right, so now we've got our lifting both legs like lifts here. We're gonna pull in. We're not going to rock forward. Yeah, we're going to stay right here scooping in and lift both legs up, using the waist and lower all the way down and pull it in. Yeah, one more time. Pull hold, hold, hold.

And the lower one's going to go down and squeeze up down, squeeze up inner thighs all the way together. Hold and lower down. Great. We're going to do that lovely hot potato. So we're going to tap this heel five times in front. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five, up. One, two, three, five, four, five. One, two, three, four. Up. One, two, three, four, up. One, two, three, up. One, two, three. Up. One, two, up. You doing good. One, two, up. One up. One, one more. Set. One up and one up and down. So it's, it is a hard one.

You dance a lot. No. What's good is sometimes to do an exercise like that, which shows you you to keep this strong and this super list so that you can keep up with the tempo like that. That's probably going to be your next step. Cause you're, you're already at such a challenging level. All right, so the next one is going to be a big scissors. Yeah. So we're going to pull in and look both legs up and I want you to make the biggest circle. Some scissors. You can't. Good, like you're on the moon and you're walking big on the moon. Good and reaching. Nice. I love this and f behind you. Good.

One more time. Really take that bottom like that's the hardest thing and switching. Great and legs now together but still lifted and now you're going to go really quickly but do it still from, oh, that's so much nicer. The other side you had just, yeah, but now we're really, really strong here. It's probably cause the right legs on the bottom two one and arrest.

Great. Nice job. All right, let's go ahead and lie on your back and everyone's favorite. You get to shake out your legs. You have to throw a tantrum because we're going to go into teaser. I'm going to just slide your mat just a bit though. Just a little askew before I start correcting your alignment.

So bend the knees in and extend the legs up and you can go ahead and shake them out and you're going to start off. I'll help you out with teaser one and then we're going to really crank through on teaser two and three. So I'm going to have your legs resting here just to give you a strong feeling of that powerhouse. You're going to have the head to your chest and no arms in this at all. Relax the shoulders and just really pull the belly in and you're thinking of reaching beyond your toes. Nice.

And then roll down lower back, middle. Good. All right. Reaching the RNC. Hind you. Wow. I'm getting help. Two more coming on up. Good. And you're reaching beyond your toes. Good. And then rolling away. Nice.

And one more with me and we'll go into teaser to curl and up scooping in. You have that flexibility. Good. And then we're away. Nice coming up for teaser too. You're going to come all the way up and we'll keep our upper body quiet now and lower the legs as low as you can and pull them up quickly and down and you want them up. And one more reaching beyond those toes again. And now lift the arms to the ceiling and roll everything down.

Your upper body and your lower body and everything comes up for teaser three up, up, up, up. Good and arms lift and roll limb down. It's not bad. One more time. We're going to go into hip circles, which turn really challenging, but I know you can do it now. Put your arms behind you. Good. And just like tears. You're going to pull the legs here and then circle the likes to the right around and pull them up. Good. And to the left around and pull them up.

And I'll give you a little stretch into the right around hold them center. It helps when I stabilize your shoulders. So when you're on your own, you want to think about that too. It's just nice. Needs one more. Great. Now lower the legs and enjoy stretching forward onto your ankles. Good. We're gonna flip over onto our belly or swimming. And I want you to really think about your powerhouse cause I don't want you to get, I want it as big as you can, but it has to be within your frame. Okay, so melting into the mat and I want you to use your powerhouses to support your back. And I want you to lift all of your limbs, just a little off the mat, just hovering, barely.

And then take your right arm and your left leg that much higher. Head a little out of the water. And we're going to do a nice rhythm. Here we go. Inhale. Switching to three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Keep the shoulders quieter and make the arms move. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale two for one more time. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale. Feel those obliques and melt into the mat. Literally Melt. Rest.

Round your back and sit onto your hills. Great job. We're gonna do leg pull down and leg pull up. So you're going to make the hands like suction cups and stick them into the mat. Tuck your toes, Andre, you. So the feet are flats. Do you want them on the mat? Are you there you go. Good.

And you're gonna use your powerhouse to lift your body into a push up position. So just go ahead and lift up and feet are together. Good, great, nice and long line powerhouse in and up, out of the crown of your head. And you're going to lift your right leg up as high as you can without moving the body rock back a little bit. Use your powers to pull forward and lower that leg and left hamstring and glute. Good rock back, powerhouse in and up and lower that leg.

So just one lift, one rock back. Use your stomach. Good foot down and left rock back. Bring the heel all the way over the ball of the foot and keep it there as this foot comes down. There you go. And now one more set up. Take it back. Rock forward. Perfect. And last one left. Nice rock back. Forward and down.

And do you know the transition here and to turn onto the other side, bringing the right hand to your left and flip right on over. Yup. Uh Huh. And then keep going. Good. Not that it's up. Let's get back on the mat. There we go. And now we're just do three kicks with the right. We're going to kick right up. Nope, you're good. Right. And point. And then Dan, and we're going to switch. Sorry, Aaron, right up and then left and then left up. Good.

And then right and then left. And as you go down the specimen, right? Flex down and left flexion. Alright, tuck this right knee onto the mat. Can you get it down? That's it. And you're gonna turn and face that way for kneeling. Sidekicks, don't you know what? Bring the foot back down and I'm going to show you that transition because you can do it. It's more of visualizing. Rest your bottom down. So, um, two things. When you're doing that other transition from this one, make it easier by keeping your, you come from such an athletic background. I did two. So you, what you, this is your next challenge is how to move your body with control, but add a little bit more of the fluid motion to it. So let things twist and move that just naturally do like your feet.

They can do whatever. You don't have to hold them in a position and they fight you. So when you go from here, all you need to do is bring one hand to the other and you never want your bottom to hang because that'll just weighed down, but you're just going to turn and then face the other way. So it becomes more simple. When you keep your feet in one position, then they kinda hold you back. So then after you do your kicks for the kneeling sidekicks, as you bend the knee, you were doing it harder. You are making it into a huge, uh, quad stretch. And you can tuck your knee this way.

And then you're gonna have your hand right under your shoulder, knee, right under your hip. And then you're ready to go. So you're up and you're gonna put your knee, Huh? See, super easy for you. And so the hand underneath the shoulder, good. This hand is going to be behind your head. Perfect. Now here's the tough part, is keeping the hip working so that you keep that hip right over your short knee.

And now we're going to lift this leg up as the foot is straight back. Yep. And we're gonna lift this leg up as high as you can. And now there is a fire here and I want you to keep your leg from getting burnt and we're going to do five, just five kicks, kicking it forward and taking it as far back as you can, but you get a little burnt. You gotta lift it up higher as you go. That's better. And really reaching it long. And we got two more. We're going to pull it up with our powerhouse. Keep it up and lifted up. Yes.

One more lift to get up and now knees together and you're going to go sneel up tall. Taking your seat over your knees. Good hand right down to the mat. Excellent. And foot out. Good. I wanted a little more forward. So it's an alignment with that knee. Oh Great. Hand behind your head. Excellent. And the hard part again is not letting your bottom go behind you. Kick the leg forward and taken it back.

Now you can control that more solid. Yes, that's it. And we've got three more trying to really use the left hamstring and seat to keep your hip forward. One more or is it two more and lifting it higher and knees together. Excellent. All right. We get to enjoy mermaids. You're going to sit on your right cheek, God, and we're going to actually skip over towards me just a little bit more.

Excellent. And sit down. It's going to be ankle and foot over foot stacked, not crossed. Stack stack. There you go. This aren't up to your c up to the ceiling. Good and enjoy a wonderful stretch by reaching over.

Good, good reach and reach. Good. And now bring this arm out and we're going to bring the arm just about here. Allow the elbow to go to the mat as you reach this arm up to the ceiling and stretch away from your hips this way, God damn. And you always want to feel like you're stable and rooted through your hips and your pelvis and now use your powers to come right back up. See how they kind of wanted to rock with you that way and you're going to grab onto the ankle and then reaching up and stretch and I'll give you a better idea again in a second. Is that a big stretch for you?

And now we're going to do the same stretch here where the elbow is going to go down so good. You feel your hip on top of the hip and most importantly, I think that'll help you if you feel your feet top when pushing in, that'll help you use your power owls to come up. Use your powerhouse. Here we go there. Stretch, stretch, stretch and one more time like that. Perfect. Going out. Good. And now pull into my hand to come up. Oh, that was your best one. That was wonderful. Good. That was the cue you needed. Great. All right.

Now we're going to go ahead and bring your feet over to this side. We're just going to transition like that. Good. You can do it teaser, you could do go up on your knees, but we're just going to do that and we're going to have the feet. Nice and stack. Bring this arm up to the ceiling and use your stomach to reach all the way through those fingertips and then stretch over ice and then bringing this arm out just a little bit. Bringing the elbow down, arm up. Good and stretching over.

Good and then pull into me as you come up. Scoop. Beautiful. That was great. And then over reaching God and make sure this is a nice stretch cause this is one of your good stretches raging and pulling into me. Excellent at reaching over and more time. How Oh good and pulling into me. Excellent. And Center.

Now bring your feet right on over here and we're going to do boomerang. Are you pretty familiar with BIM ring? Good. We're going to cross your right ankle over, hands by your side and we're going to try to lift our feet a little bit without rocking too far back. So lift and then going over a quick open close and roll up into a teaser. Good. And your hands behind you. Good.

And try to bring your upper body as close to your legs as you can as you lower down. Really pull it together. Good. Good, good, good. Now I was not helping you at all. And arms circle around to your ankles and to finish it. Good. I was not helping you at all, but I wanted to make sure that you felt how close to you your stomach kept your body to your legs. And we're going to bring your hands by your side so that completely on your own.

Use your stomach to roll back a little bigger. Open. Close. Yep. And roll up to your teaser. Good hands. Go behind you. And then stomach keeps your upper body tight. Your legs as you control down. And that's two more going back. Good.

Let's stick [inaudible] and then roll it up and hands go behind you. Now on this one, I want you to keep your hands behind you as you lower yourself down. Lower Aha with control. Keep your hands behind you. There you go. Now a big circle for the stretch. Great. One more time. Hands. Yes. Open. Close, nice and sharp. Good. Rolling it up. Great hands behind you. That's good. And now with control, use that stomach.

Use that powerhouse to lower down. Good and enjoy that stretch. Wonderful. Let's go into seal hands between the legs and yes, and holding onto your ankles a little bit back. More that, that's fine too. [inaudible] I'm just an inch off. Sorry. An inch off the mat here and an inch off the mat behind and you want to clap.

So we're going to clap. One, two, three and roll back. That's it. And forward. Now this is a massage for the spine, so make sure that's your first focus. Try to relax with it. Make it look easy for me. Inhale, roll back AAHA. Exhale, roll up. Oh yeah, that's beautiful. Inhale, roll back. Exhale through each vertebra. Really picture your spine. Two more. Inhale, rolling through. Exhale, rolling up on this last one.

You're going to let go of the legs behind you and roll up to a standing position. Good. Let go there. Cross your ankles and right on up, up to the ceiling and turn around to face. That way. Come to the back edge of your mat and into a Pilati stance. Just a small one. Arms reach up and imagine you're against a wall. You're not going to push your bottom back as you roll off that imaginary wall. One Vertebrae at a time. Nice.

Keep your weight on the balls of your toes as you touched the floor. Walk out into a pushup position. Employees, our pushups graze our ribs with our elbows. So we're going to go down, up for five down, up one. Nice. Down, up to very good. And three. Two is they're pretty easy for you, Aaron and one. And Go ahead and come on back. Good.

And rolling up and reach your arms up to the ceiling of those too. Easy for you. One more time. Yes. One more set of Fi. Just pull out. He's used to light to make his men clap in between each pushup. Did you know that in down up once. So yeah, he would make you come up and clap. And two, we're going to do three. Yeah, next time we're going to do that.

And then he also made you clap your feet two more. This is nice and solid. One more. Do it evenly with both arms left arm too good. And then coming back up. And that's next class. Arms lift up as you exhale. And now pool. Don't go into an arch back. Get into it and an inhale as you push the earth away and exhale and you're all set. Nice job. Really good work. Loved it. Nice job.


Great class, Monica! Loved the transitions!
nice tactile, hands on assistance. wish I were there in the class!
Tough class! Really made me work. Thanks!
Gorgeous manual corrections monica... Well done Aaron!
Great mat class! Would love to see a reformer class with Monica. Thanks so much!
Loved it! It was great to have you take time to really explain what you want out of each move. Thanks a lot!!!!
Loved the class! adding it to my favorites =)
Thank you for such a sequential session - absolutely loooove the transitions from leg pull front to leg pull back to kneeling side kick to tight! Thanks again.
Super detailed class. At level 2/3 I would have liked to see more of the advanced exercises with more flow, but regardless, good moderate but not exactly vigorous workout.

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