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Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Join Kristi for this class utilizing the Theraband to assist you in increasing your flexibility. Class opens with a shoulder "opener" then heads into some arm and shoulder work. Before long, take your theraband to the mat to be used to facilitate the rest of your work.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Apr 15, 2011
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Okay. So I'm going to start with the band and let's just line ourselves up either on or on the off the mat. It's up to you either way, trying to feel your feet, trying to align yourself, organize yourself in a way that's gonna. Let energy flow through top to bottom. I'm not feeling it yet, so I'm going to just inhale. I'm shrugging the shoulders cause somehow that seems right. Exhale, let it go. In fact, do it again or join me this time. Anyhow, raise the shoulders up, raise your ribs up. Keep the ribs up, shoulders down.

And as you finish the exhale, blow everything out and close the ribs, but keep them lifted so there's space, right? Take the arms up. Not really working yet. They're straight. Put them down and just raise them up and put them down. Not Thinking too much here, I'm just sort of thinking almost of lubricating the shoulder. Let's go a little higher. Don't let the shoulders rise.

So there's little adjustments that are happening. Not even pulling on the band. Just kind of thinking about moving into a stronger exercise in a second list. I've been on vacation. You can't just jump back into these things, all that up there and shrug the shoulders up. Inhale. As you exhale, draw the shoulder blades down your back. Maybe a little pull on the band would be okay. Inhale, lift up. But mostly I want you loose and exhale down and see if you might be able to feel a stretch from the legs all the way up and down.

I'll be at mild right and rise up. Keeping the arms straight and this time take them up. Keep them up. Can you bring the biceps in closer to your head? Can you touch? Huh? Side Bend. Keep the shoulders up. Yep. You heard it. Bring it back. You can grab your fingers if it's easier.

Kind of feels more secure to me and over and up. Hips aren't moving yet, right? Just lifting up and over. Bring it back. Little mild stretch. I still got those shoulders way up than myself. Have a lat stretch. Separate the hands if they're together, let the shoulders come down and press all the way down. All right. You may want to wider grip of the band here. Okay, I didn't say much about alignment, but we are thinking neutral spine, so check your body. Are you arched in your low back or let's go a little more for neutral.

Taking your arms all the way up. See what you can do to pull on the band and take the band just behind your head. Then return to the top and let it come all the way down. Again, lifting up, take it just behind your head, trying not to throw your head forward and then bring it back. If you're really loose, you won't pull on the band as much. If you need more room, you pull as much as you need or even widen the grip.

How about trying for the shoulder blades? If it feels too soon, either pull on the band more or maybe don't go as far and then bring it back up. Keeping the rest of your body as you just acted a moment ago. Lifting up, take it back, bring it back up. It's a good time to be thinking about taking full breaths. Exhale, bring it back on the next one. You go up, take it behind your shoulder blades and let's hold it there for a moment so you're there. Then see what you can do to bring your arms closer together to lighten up resistance on the band. Oh right.

Then think of lifting the front of your chest and even the upper back. I'm not really trying to lean, I'm not trying to lean back, but rather lift just the chest and then bring it back over. Pulling as much as you need to, all the way down. Okay, let's go all the way. If you're up for it, take it up, opening the chest, keep the arms as close together as you can. As you go down, all the way to touching the legs. Chest is still lifted. Bring it up, pull when you need to. We're all going to have to widen a little there and come down to more of those.

Lifting up, reaching back, opening the chest. You may find the ribs open a little. If they do, that's all right, but bring them back in so it's all contained again. One more time, up and down. We're going to leave it back there. So there you are. I like to just wrap my hands in and grab on Kinda closer. Okay. So I've got minimal tension at the beginning. We lift the elbows up, double check, the shoulders are still down. That's kind of a hard thing to do sometimes.

And then from there we reach just straight back at pulling on the band a little. Okay. So we've been kind of relaxed here. Reach straight back and pull the hands apart. Sort of zeroing in on the upper back and the shoulders. Reaching down and back. Diagonal upper body and spine stays still. Let's do four more. We go on reach.

Inhale as you bend, exhale, stand tall too and almost starts or does start really at the base of the shoulder blade. That's where you sort of reach down first one more time. Hold the arm straight when you get there. And now we just pull out out pretty small. Okay. You gotta look at the sun now. Wow. Wow. Hmm.

Okay. Back to work. I'm sorry. Okay, so there we are and release it. That's plenty. Oh, just let the arms go. Okay, and then this next thing is you've got the theraband right in front. Again, wrap it around. I'm trying to hold it just a little bit wider than shoulder distance probably is a good way of looking at it. It's not tight. All we're going to do is we know how we just pulled a moment ago. We're going to be bent over in a roll down, drawing a little tension apart on the band and connecting that to the abdominal so it's more like, okay, I'm pulling on my band, but I'm also going to be drawing the abs in, so see if you can get a sense of connecting the two. What is going to look like? I can talk you right through it, so just come with me. We inhale, not much going on on the band. Exhale as we roll down right about now.

Starts thinking of gently pulling apart on the band as you draw up on the abdominal wall. Hey, going as low as you normally would, which is to say it doesn't have to go to the floor. Inhale, I haven't sustaining that. Pull on the band as I the abs up, keeping the connection, trying to look for a little something going on in the back of the legs as well, and unfold to the standing position. Inhale, let's just keep that little bit of tension in the band. Exhale down, rounding down. Sometimes when we have a place to disperse energy, we can focus it. Inhale thing to the middle. Exhale, we draw up and one more like that. Inhale, exhaling down. Inhale, exhaling. [inaudible] from there, keep the long line of your spine. When it comes to the top, take your arms out right above or at chess line and from the upper back you start to pull the arms apart. Okay? What I'm not trying to do is to draw the shoulder blades together. They may move, but it's a general press down on the shoulder blades and then the arms just come apart. Okay. Sort of at maximum. What? V?

Probably and back. Shoulders draw down and and return. We'll go a little quicker. Now we go. Press [inaudible] maybe don't release fully. Two and three and four. Make it more about your upper back than your arms. That takes a little sort of direction from the mind. And three more.

One more just to hold it out on theory from here. Tilt it so that your left hand is higher than the right. There you go. On a bit of a diagonal out in front of you. So I'm going to say, Jim, just come more forward. Even if you lose some tension. The left hand first, draw the shoulder down into the pocket, pull it up, one and, and two a five. Relax the hand initiating from the back of the shoulder. I'm gonna change the hand in one second. Huh?

So then unwrap it once so that the palm was up. Okay. And same thing you to be able to pull a little further back. One and two. The right hand is still on that back deck. Missouri, go back as far as you can for five little add on to it. It goes pull back, keep pulling, look at it, keep pulling it back. Keep pulling it back and return to the beginning. Okay, so again, you start to pull back. It's almost like you're sending that left armpit forward.

Now push the arm put forward, look back at the hand and it's just your head that turns, not your whole body return. Excellent. Three to go. We pull, look at reaching, reaching reach and return two to go. Reaching on. Then again, sending that left armpit forward so we don't want to turn the whole body on that last one. So you're still looking. You feel that left arm pit kind of press forward and return. So I'm really good. That's enough. I'm really looking for external rotation on that last bit. Other side. Okay, so first five we did palms facing down, shoulders in their pockets. Arms are relatively easy and we go, but they are straight or it's different to a gym.

Go perfect and 30 here's four and five. Just unfold it. Once palm is up, make sure you've got a good grip. I opened my fingers. You don't have to. It's just habit and we pull back one. If it's way too light on you, you just choke up on the other one. 30 good. Find the back of the shoulder.

Feel how your arms really are on your back. That five already. There's five at least. So we go pull back, think of sending that external rotation or the armpit forward. Look back and return. So the chest com stays where it was Paul look. Ah, and again. Number three.

Lovely. Yeah. [inaudible] hand tension. It can start to build. We you get one more to enjoy. So for you Helen, keep that golf game going. All right. Yeah. Good. That's enough of that. One more thing.

While the arms are nice and almost tired, take the band overhead for some abs. So we're doing that. I'm going to just bawl mine up cause I don't like it flipping at me, but we basically want the hands about a little wider than shoulder distance. Not much. Okay. You can wrap it. You can hold it however you want. I just balled at the ends standing wide.

And then for a moment, think of your lower body as your anchor and as if you're trying to draw the feed in together. Like you're on the reformer. Use those inner thighs as your, you're trying to lift up off the floor. We go to the right without moving the hips. Think of the ribs going up to the far corner. First, your head framed between your arms. Go a little further. If you, it's available to you. A little more weight in the left foot. Exhale, bring it to the other side. Just reach first. Get Long. It doesn't have to be down. It can be longer. That might feel a lot better, and I'm not really doing anything with the band I'm using most more or less for space so you don't have to pull and up to the left. Inhale, getting long fill up. Exhale, blow out all the air. Let's go for 10 more a little quicker. It's inhale, start. Exhaling.

Pull up one. Inhale, exhale to lower. Body's pretty light like you're lifting up off the floor. It's a good place to start loosening up the shoulders, trying to get that band right. Overhead that already 10 seems like it. Two more. Alright, good. Let's let it come down. All right, bringing it in. We're going to go down to the maths. Keep this nearby. In fact, we'll use it. So come on down to have a seat and using the band as something to resist against. Okay, so just wrap your feet. Just covering the feet. [inaudible] knees are bent and hold close to the feet. Okay. It's, it's, it's going to assist you, so don't be offended that I'm giving it to you if you feel like you don't need it, but instead think in terms of how can I use the energy that's going through into the band as opposition so that I can work harder? All right. Shoulders are down. Of course. Arms are absolutely straight throughout the whole exercise. Inhale, exhale, roll back away from the legs as you draw yourself just to shoulder blades.

Check for long. Collarbones. Yeah, you may need to adjust if you held too close. Inhale, start. Exhaling. Here's where I could just pop you up or you can resist against the help you're getting by trying to hold the abs against the spine. Keep your curve today. Inhale, exhale. We'll go back. I'm going to speed these up. Inhale, exhale. Try and keep the curve. Even the quicker pace comes, you keep the resistance and exhaling. I'm going to change the breath. Inhale down, exhale and blowing out all the air. Email back.

You know, you're at the top when your shoulders are over your hips and you've got your waist behind you. Inhale back and up. One more, please. Inhale back and up. Go down once more and hang out there. From here. It's a breath and exhale to come up partway and change your mind. Go back, exhale partway and come back. Relaxing your arms. Minimize hand tension.

How strongly can you squeeze the inner thighs? How strongly can you squeeze the glutes if the band lets go, that would be a problem. Hopefully not. It won't. We'll come up on the next one though. She's sufficiently. You feel it, Huh? Good. Come up. Good. All right, so let's make it not so much more interesting, but um, come back down again please. Sorry. Come back up. It'd be easier to do it this way.

Hold the band in your hand closest to the front. Closest to the front. Yup. Other hand is behind your head. Use the back of your hand to stretch your whole spine up. It's just guiding it. Right. Shoulders drop. Roll yourself down. Okay. Turn toward the front to the front and stay down there. It's right at the chest line. You're making you crunch.

So what we're not looking for is this. You don't want this. Okay. It's not way up here. It's by the way, cause it could be confusing here. I'm going shoulder to hip. Shoulder to hip for now. Yeah. Yeah. Happy hold side bend.

So shoulder to hip to the side of the hand. That's got the band to the front and center. Your stay flexed to the side. Let the band kind of pull you toward it. Just back to center to the side. That's it.

Pretty small side. Sorry. Beautiful Debra. That's exactly it. Side hold center. Rotate into it more. Roll all the way up. Change hands. Does the second one make sense? Once we got going, okay, here we are. Lengthen your spine. Draw the ABS. Down we go. It's kind of right down the center, right?

I'm going to recommend bending the knees, not for safety reasons, so much as when we come up. You'll wish they were straight going towards shoulder to hip. So it's front shoulder towards back hip and it's pretty small, right? I'm not asking for much more of a lift. In fact, I'm not rather just right under that chest. Good.

Okay. Five more seeming that we counted 10 last time. Oh boy. Two more. I'm told one more. Here it comes. So you're in the center and your lovely flex position, you simply take the back shoulder towards the backup one.

So I had been to pretty small. That's it. Yep. Three. You're right, you're right. And four, you got it. It's exactly, yeah. See it's like you're trying to touch that ankle. One more. Thank you. Then you're back to center. You do the little rotation. So it's that opposite shoulder to knee, hip. And up we come. Yeah. Let's free the hands for a moment. Just fine.

Those I messed that. Which one? Yeah. Using the band often can be a, it's a no. Okay. So continue with the theme of rotation. We'll cross it. I'm going to go and right and left NASA. Cross your right ankle, over your left ankle. Use Your hands so you get off the sit bones and um, I'm sitting at my left butt cheek. [inaudible] thank you. Exactly. All right.

Then try to let the knees drop out it then probably not going to go flat and I'm not really necessarily trying for that reaching you guys or reaching to me. That's right. And they're reaching to the back. Exactly. Yep. From there, we're gonna roll down and find the thigh closest to us and we come back up and we let go when we reach it and we're going to reach farther forward, keeping the legs where they were. Come on, come on, reach three, reach to one. That's it. And we're all down. Same spot hold. You can grab the legs anytime I am. You can lock those ankles to inhale. Exhale up. Going up, over, over, over, over. And as you reach to the upper body forward, pull the lowest rib backwards XL region one, reach two. You won't see much. Hopefully you'll feel it. Murray. Inhale, exhale down.

We go for two more sets of this in XLF. We come. Yep. Once you get up here to do the three pulses, try to leave the legs where they are. Xcel press one good love where the shoulders are staying. Two and theory. Inhale. Exhale down we go. And inhale.

It's interesting isn't it will be different for you on the other side. I am trying to stand my hip. I'm trying not to wobble. It's true. I bet it'll be different on the other side. You might want your legs closer or where to get three pulses. Two and three. If you're waiting on me, get one more and then down we go. Okay.

Oh, we'll stay down here. Get Cozy. Emily. If that's not, take your hands behind your head. Both of them rotate a little more. Same Direction you've been rotating. Same Direction you've been rotating. Right? So Jimmy, we're going to have to go thee. Is that sorry. You're right. You're right. Sorry Jim. And we pulse five. One, two. It can just be breath.

Three can just be intention for five. Reach the arms forward. We're coming up with grace. Who's grace? I don't know. Let's switch sides. That what she said. Oh boy. Oh boy. So we've got left ankle over right. Get over on that right hip best you can. Keep the legs where they were.

We were reaching. Right. Good. Uh, Jim, may I make a suggestion? You're Kinda, you're kinda centered on your hips. It looks like. Can you sit more on the one cla? Yeah. Even more. If it's painful, there's a reason you're not doing it. That's a different story. But yeah. Here we go. I do want to make it harder for you. That's what you like. Here we go. I want you to do it. The rest of it, I don't want you to do, oh, hold one and inhale. Exhale up and go.

Remember we grabbed the legs before we got used to it. Maybe we did it the whole time. I Dunno. And then we're over the hips and we pulse. Three exhale. One, it's the contraction you're interested in. Two, three, inhale and exhale. Down you go. It's normal to feel different on one side. Absolutely. Inhale, exhale up. Not even sure we should try and fix it, but we'll do the best we can to be, even when you're ready to reaching forward. One. Think of it as this fine reaching rather than the arms.

You guys look good. Three inhale, exhale down we go. Good, good, good. And inhale, exhaling up. Don't hesitate to use that ankle cross and press hole as the lower rib pulls in the rest of the body. Attempts to go forward. Inhale and exhale. We rolled down. Is this the fourth one? Inhale. Exhaling, looking for that. Work through the obliques to and we press one. We press two we were crude.

Three inhale and exhale down. Oh, that's definitely the hard side. Both hands go behind your head. Rotate a little more to into the same side you've been twisting towards. And we did five press. One not in looking for height here too. Excellent. Three, just maximizing what you get for hold up by. Reach the arms forward. Feel free to grab the legs. Inhale and exhale up.

We come. Good. Back to center, right sitting up. Straight to roll down. So you're centered is what I mean to say. We come all the way down. Leave the feet on the ground for now. Reach the arms back over. Head palms are up. Actually I'm going to change that palms toward each other. Check the shoulders are away from ears. We're inhaling on the exhale. Curl up, but reach your arms to the front of the room. So just outside.

So you actually get to touch your legs at both arms on the front. Yep. And then all the way back down, hit touches. Other side. Exhale, Curling Chin torch has to come up and touch. Inhale back. Exhale, trying to roll up through the lower shoulder blades and out and back and and back. We'll change it on the next one. From here, just the arms and chest. Come up and to the other side so we don't drop down, up and other side. Good. Inhaling up. Exhale all your air there and heal. No, not super high, but the lower shoulder blades, that's all one. More like that. Come back to center. Hands behind your head. Walk the feet in, close to you're on your toes. Lower both knees off to one side.

Keep them together so that it's as if you're a one leg bodies forward up and switch. Inhale as you pass your middle upper body doesn't move. Rest the head in your hands. Best you can. You can drop your head for a or too. But come back and center to the back and center. Upper body still. Yeah, back to the center. Lower the body down. Alright. Draw the feet in again. A little closer in case it got away from you.

Curl your head, neck and shoulders up, extending the arms up and straight back by your ears. We curl into it to the front. Let the knees go to the back. Inhale as we pass, both sides change and to the front. Arms to the back and change. Get way over on that hip. Come on. Roll off that opposite hip.

Don't be afraid to do that. There we go. That's it. That's it. Same exercise. We'll go down in between. So upper body down and then off. It slows it down. Sorry. Inhale back and exhale up. Reach. Inhale back. Exhale, reach. Let them legs go opposite. So legs to the front, arms to the back. Everything. Center legs to the back. Arms to the front.

Everything center last you one more. Okay. And Center. Let your head be down. Take the arms out to a t or a low v position, bringing both legs up to tabletop. Just when you thought we were done, we take the knees over to the front. The head looks to the back. Your head looks to the back.

See if you can get to the legs almost all the way down. Then pick them back up, keeping your connection as you go to the other side. The knees stay lined up here. Okay. You don't have to go the ground. It's not really. The point is just can you keep control as you transition knees to the front, you gaze to the back. Take it back up, enter the back. [inaudible] just two more, Lee. Try and keep the knees together. Last one and center, reaching the arms back overhead. The legs are in the center. Preparing for the a hundred we inhale. Exhale, curling up straight in the center. Inhale at the arms, float up, squeeze the legs strongly. Exhale, press the arms down to three, four, five and up and exhale two, three, four, five in.

Feel how you're moving from those shoulder blades we worked earlier or that area of the shoulder blades and squeezing from the back of the legs to let that help you. Long, easy point and up and Perez out o the air, right? Find that internal shower that Joseph used to talk about and up and down, giving you one more. Reaching and down. Bring the legs up. Head goes down, preparing for a rollover. It just in your mind because here we are. Inhale, exhale up to go over.

Finding that horizontal line with your body. Separate your feet, lower them. If that's available to you and from the chest, you roll down, pushing through the heel. Circle the legs down together. Inhale to 90 exhale up over still through the legs, the back of the legs separate, lower and down as if that thera-band was wrapped around your feet. Find the opposition in this exercise and over flex. Separate down and feel each bone. If you've needing a little more flexibility, try to bring those size closer to you. A one more like that and Dan and we go strong. Long bodies. We'll I'll change directions on you. Open to the V, take it over.

Challenge yourself this time to not lower the legs, to squeeze them together and keep the space between your legs and your body so that you have to work differently as you come down. Point, circle, open, Hanover, flex and close. As you roll down, make sure that you have some awareness around your hips. If it's just abdominals, you're not doing yourself any while you're, you're not doing yourself a service. Rather, you're not protecting your back as much as you could be. So you do want a sense of hamstring work here. Down we go, keeping it. If you need more of a stretch, go ahead and go to that version where you would let the legs come closer. Last one, up to go over, squeeze, close and down, down and down. Folding beneath the table to help curl your head, neck and shoulders up, grabbing onto the legs, lower shoulder or the shoulder blades or down for devil leg. Stretch. Regular. Inhale out. Exhale, bring round. And so we have an option here.

A lot of us tend to stop the knees at about 90 degrees to make sure the hips don't move. But if you're pretty confident that you can pull the knees in closer without half having to lifted the hips, you should two more. One more. Hold it in, holding onto the back leg, right in close to you. Go ahead, pull it in deeper. Really get a stretch today. Shoulders are down, elbows are wide, and you're guiding the foot so it doesn't turn the knee out. Change legs. Hold that. More importantly, check your back. Someone's poppin.

Okay, so let's see about bringing your leg up a little bit. Andy, draw a rough, super easy into the or deep into the hips. Keep that pressure there and really slowly for Andy, we're going to switch legs. Slow, slow, slow, deepening abs. Keep the pressure switching. Breathers you need to. Easy leg. The minute your title leg is probably gonna pop. Same thing.

Little quicker now and did it work? You're still popping. Whoa man. Well, all right, keep going everybody. Hands behind your head. Keep it here for four 33 letting your head press back into the hands and for the rotation. Chris Cross press one. One what to see? Three three Oh four Andy's making music over there.

I'm giving you one more set back to center and arrest. Oh four baby. How are you doing? Let's go. All right. Arms down. Feet are apart for shoulder bridge or at least a version of shoulder bridge. Inhale. Do you feel your whole back side of your body?

And I do even mean the back of the legs right here. Feel them a little bit. Peel yourself up. Oh, looking for a bit of a stretch there. Looking for it. Inner thighs are heading toward each other, but you're still sit bones. Distance apart. All right, pick. Let's say the back leg pointed toe or lift the heel.

I should say I still got the toe on the ground. Hands on your hip so you can feel what I'm looking for. Here. Start to slide. I had to pick my leg up a little to slide that like down toward the floor like straight. If it can even go straight without your hips moving or pressure going into your low back lift. I know. Now you now know how predictable I am. Y'All doing something else?

Thinking that's where I'm going and I'm not not doing it on purpose either, but an f we go. So we're going down. It's her level and you'll find you know your different. We're all different I should say in how far we can go with the leg on the floor. Okay. Oh look, I picked up my one more time. Keep it up. Inner thighs and now exhale. Kick down.

One flex up kick to want to give you a sense of where your go, right? Should it, should you be aiming for the floor? I don't know. Not everybody should. One more. Take it all the way up. Return it. Roll like go the hands. If you're holding like I was real halfway down. In fact, roll all the way down. Curl your head up. Check your feet. They're parallel and down again. Inhale, exhale.

Draw your body up. Lower. Good. Keep talking. Right about. Here's where we tend to stop tucking [inaudible] very little work going on in the low back here. All right. I like to hold my hips just to get a sense of where I am. Lift the heel closest in the front. Start to slide that leg out. It feel the hamstring work there. Yeah. If you don't let drop this hips, you're in good shape to work the hamstrings. Let it float up.

Refold it and start sliding down. You also get a really nice opportunity. I'm going slow to stretch to that hip flexor. What's the support like knowing nice job and why is it bowing out to the side or pointing out to the side? I hope not. Last one like this. Hips still where they started holding it up and kicked down. One flex to come up.

[inaudible] reaching [inaudible]. Yeah, and up and down and up and three more. Huh? Come back up. Replace it. Inhale and exhale down. We go sliding your legs out to straight.

Taking the arms straight above your hips. Press the back of the ribs into the shoulders. We start to curl up that we keep going all the way. [inaudible] alright. Coming just behind your sits bones, you may need to move forward. I'm going into rolling like a ball just so you know where we're headed.

Try to fit him quite close. Really, really close to that. Oh, I wasn't going to say that. Close. Handy, but all right. He's hugging. We can do it. We can do it. I'm swallowing my pride right now. Here we go. Back and forward. Exhale. Ooh. And again. Checking shoulders. Breathe, Eh. [inaudible]. Being mindful not to go so far back that you get onto the head.

[inaudible] yeah, challenge yourself. Right? If we're always working perfectly, keep going. Probably aren't opening yourself up to enough space to improve. Oh of that's lots of improving going on for your last one and stay up when you get there, great or down. Stretch your legs out. Flex them when you get there. Use Your hands for support for the moment. Checking out your feet.

Do your best to get your feet flat so they're not sickeling outward, inward, as flat as you can. Bring in the tops of your feet back as much as you can. Good. Then grab the toes and just curl them. I'm sorry. With at the toes. Curl from that position. Yes. You've got your Tufts, your feet back. Bring your like that. Yeah, exactly. And then from there, pull the toes back and grab them again. Good and back.

Okay, good. Try to keep the top of the foot still once you get there. That's it. And just toes Helen. Yep. And back then from where you are, can you separate the toes? So the tops of the feet are pulled back? Ideally I wouldn't be pulling my toes any further back. I kinda need work on this one. They'd just be pulling apart just like these two. Yep. Just like I'll have you say, Andy, you're with me a little bit.

Let's try and get the toes more to the ceiling as they come apart. Yup. Oh, maybe if I don't look one more time. Okay. And then just to finish this up, lean back, separate your feet about the width of your mat and then circle the ankles. Full circles one direction. Yep. Big, big, big circle.

The legs will move to a bit, right? It's all right and then go the other way. Exaggerated. Snap, crackle, pop, right? All right, now bring them together. They're going to be flexed, toes relaxed, sitting tall, hands behind your head as you gently pull up on your head, pulled down on the shoulders, and I'm going to say elbows forward a bit so that it's easier to do that. Rotate to the front and just center. Inhale, rotate to the back. Feet. Don't move or not at all. Still pulling them back. Good. Center in our attempt to get taller, we tend to want to do this with our bodies.

You're relaxed and it's from way down here. If you're going to use your spine for health and center one more that way, or to the back and center. All right, we change it. He goes, inhale, exhale. Float the arms out to straight. Palms up. Staying here. Inhale. Just allow your body to be taller and five slope presses this way. It's more like you're pulling than tossing three, four, five. The arm, the shoulder blades become heavy. Arms go up. Laced the fingers behind your head. Again, elbow slightly forward as you exhale, center to the back.

Inhale can always bend the knees if the legs are becoming a thing. Exhale the arms extend. Lift your chest there. Inhale, flex those feet. Exhale, pulse one to fill the middle of the back. Three maybe. Or here's five. Shoulder blades heavy. Float the arms up through space. Release the fingers. Then you come home in how rotate front. Exhale.

Inhale and exhale home to the back. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, reach. Oh, use that part. Float the arms up. Inhale, start coming back to center as you fold the arms and exhale. Inhale. If your legs get to be a lot of work through the front, you want to eliminate that part of it and focus on your back. Last one like that. [inaudible] and uh, and center from there pushed through the bottoms of your feet.

It makes you lean back. Roll down just to your shoulder blades. Inhale, exhale, come up. Fold all the way over. Forehead to knees. Pull the ribs backwards. Here. I'm not looking for a big stretch. I'm looking for curve to the low, mid back. Roll yourself up to straight. Inhale, getting tall. Exhale, pushing through the heels as you roll down, talking soon, tucking soon to the shoulder blades.

Keep the inner thighs engaged and if we can, hmm. Inhale, roll off Ben. Johnny's his time. Exhale, roll down just to the shoulder blades. It tricks for minimizing that flat spot is tick. Squeezing the glutes right here a lot. Inhale, exhale. Then you can start straighten your legs to get up here all the way over and roll up to a straight spine. Last time like that, bend the knees. I looked better. I'm glad we did that. Squeeze your butts. Press the heels into the floor.

You're rolling. You're looking down at the knees about here. Stop. Inhale. Exhale. Start to come up. Straighten the legs to fold over and roll up. Yeah. Okay. Taking hold of your band. We'll do a little footwork. Slash. Stretch. We're going to cover the foot closest to the back. And by covering you cover the tops of your toes.

So you're gonna want your band flat as best you can, right? And then we roll down taking that leg up into the air because I'm going to do just a little bit more footwork. That's why I covered the toes. So do make sure that's been done. Alright, then I'm holding relatively close both for support of the leg but also for resistance. So then elbows go to the mat, make sure that foot's covered pretty good. Okay. Foot is flexed and then just as if someone were pushing on the bottom of your foot, let the rest of the like be relatively relaxed as you go from here. All right, from here we bend the knee, allowing the foot to stay flat to the floor.

Squeeze the glutes here and extend the leg one and bend and exhale two if it's easy and it might be you kind of continue to guide your foot over your head as you bend so you just keep stretching in that direction. I'm only doing one more here. Hold it up there. Check that your tops of your toes are covered from wherever you can sustain the stretch and you might need to back off a little. You're going to push the heel to the ceiling, letting the ball of the foot drop down even more towards your shin. Then leaving the toes behind, press the ball of the foot toward the ceiling.

So you starting towards a pointed ankle, leaving the toes behind, leaving. And then at the last moment wrap the toes over. The top feels a lot better if there's no band. If the band is completely covering the tops of your toes, I'd fix that. Release the toes and roll through the heel. Need more of a stretch, pull it towards you and then roll through the ball of the foot.

Wrap the toes at the last moment and release. And again, I'm only doing five 30 and release shoulders way down for the lower leg is energized. One more time here, all the way over. Great. Then back up the leg for the moment. So that's 90 degrees. Flex the foot for leg circles here. So relax the leg. This is your chance to enjoy the legs. Circles. You take the link across the body and circle all the way around. Slight pause, so it's inhale. Sorry. That's the exhale.

Now full inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. I'm going the other direction. Inhale for a full circle around. Start the exhale and solidify through the hips, so everything is still except for the moving leg and exhale and inhale and exhale. All right. From there, take the band in. If in the front hand, the hand closest to the front, opposite the leg, other hand is out for support in a t or a low V and start to cross the leg over the body. I do lift the hip up. I do allow that hip to come up until from me. I'm letting the front elbow go to the ground for support. Okay. Then think to reach into the band with the leg, the foot, however, and then leaving that sensation, that sense of reaching. Draw the hip backwards a little bit too from where it came from.

I'm trying to get a stretch along the side into the hip. Not Looking for pain though. It's probably on the border for some of us. Hmm. You can play around with where you put your foot and then help it back up. Grab up a little bit higher, most likely I'm taking it in the other hand. Now this time the hips do not move, so you're going to keep that front hip down and pointed toward the ceiling as you open up the other side. That's how flexible you are. You probably don't need the band on this part of it, Emily, so you're guiding.

There you go. Don't go any further. If that's going to lift that hip up, you'd rather keep the hip down. There you go. If you need more stretch, you pull it towards the shoulder and when you feel ready, help it up with that arm and we'll change site. Yeah, watch your eye for sure. Yeah, you always want to check your bands too. I can kind of see a weak spot in this one. I'm thinking about pulling out the goggles. All right. Lower leg is straight and by the way, if the lower leg being flat pulls your hips up, feels unnecessarily straining, just bend that leg. All right, toes recovered.

Elbows to the ground. We go on for the five count, single leg work. We bend and we engage through the inner thigh, the midline, the glue stick stand one, so you can actually work this a little too and inhale, bend, keeping the foot toward the ceiling. 30 see if you can initiate the extension of the leg at the glute or already and when you get there, next time there from here, encourage more of a flexed foot, so more of pushing the heel to the ceiling and then roll through the ball of the foot, trying to leave the toes behind a bit and then wrap them over at the last moment. Release the toes, the ball. Then press heel and again, toe ball here. Thery how to feel good if you can spread the toes out in the band right before they go over the top. That's a good idea to last one. Okay, cool buddy. All right, it's fun.

It didn't break right now. Okay, here we go. Leg circles. Find your, your stretch. Crossing the body for an inhale around up and exhale and inhale to exhale. It can be nice and big if you can. One more breath cycle. Inhale and exhale going the other direction. Inhale around. Exhale all around. Inhale and you know, and all right, I think that's it, right? Take the band in the opposite hand for the stretch, the hip and outer thigh stretch iliotibial band, maybe crossing it over the body, letting the hip to come up.

Maybe your elbow will go to the ground, maybe not. It's okay if it doesn't, but it would just mean your arms work in a bit. And then as you allow the light to reach into the band, guide the hip back toward the floor. So I'm going to have everybody raise the straight like a little bit like three inches and pull the hip backwards also three inches. That's your, almost got that hip on the ground. There we go.

And then help it up the leg up. Changing arms or hands. You're probably gonna want to grab higher keeping now that both hips on the ground, even if it means you don't go wow, all the way over. There you go. If you don't feel in the band is supportive enough, what you can do is just let go of the band and hold outside your upper thigh so that your elbow can be on the ground helping you. That's totally appropriate and then bring it back. All right let's just get rid of the band here. Turning onto your side facing front.

Okay so her hips are stacked, knees are stacked and feet are stacked and if we started at straight I would say just it's probably a 45 degree angle with the knee but who can tell, right? Um, what I'm suggesting is don't bring your legs in a really close for where we're going and I don't want them all the way straight. Somewhere in between front hand is at the top. Hand is in front. Maybe right below or at your sternum. Debra. Ready? Here we go. We're going to, you can use your bottom hand for this first few. I'm just pushing in to lift up.

Yeah, you can turn the hand over for now if you want and then go back down. Yeah, lets just do that. Shoulders down, trying to use the front arm as what's lifting you and yes, some oblique here too to lift up. No big deal. Right? Right. So that's an option there. You just take weight out of the arm. Okay. If you want to work it a little more challenging, turn that poem up. The one on the ground, sorry. The one that you're lying on and keep it with you.

No rotation. So don't turn towards it. Yup. And down. Yeah, you got choices. Here we go. Do your best to keep your feet on the ground. Okay. Dimension how high you needed to go. Even if you just did a tiny bit even we never clear the arm.

You're still working if you're using the front arm more than anything. Hey. And again, yes, I have definitely encouraged. You know Blake's, Andy's at four. Yeah. Good. Should we do six or 10 rolls? Oh, thank God. This is definitely try. Seven's a heck of a lot of chest pecs. I think this must be six. Oh boy. Thank goodness.

Go Down Street, not your legs and lift them five [inaudible] grace is not here. I thought. We think she was not here. Okay, well she can't show up all the time holding it there. Actually hold it a little lower than you can. In other words, you could be there to come down a little. Let's think about lifting the upper half of that four theory. I am using that front arm again, two or and ha right turn face down just for the moment.

Face down. [inaudible] elbows are bent. We're doing a little back extension here. Hands are somewhere near your shoulders. Forehead on the ground. I think about reaching your legs long, trying to feel well. You want your pelvis level so we're not chucking.

We're not forcing the pubic bone into the ground. Rather you would feel, if you can feel the bones, you're going to feel hip bones and pubic bone level equal pressure. That doesn't change. From there, start to draw the shoulders down. Reach the chin forward without lifting your chest. Yet your Chin is looking forward. You feel the shoulders continuing to pull down your back and then your head starts to lift and with it it brings your neck. I'm, I'm articulating.

It brings your upper back. We haven't really used your arms at all and then come back down. Reach your chest forward, articulating and down. So what I'm trying to remind us is that we are meant to be able to move the neck a little. Okay. So I think we get nervous about overarching the next. So let's, let's think about that. If your forehead were touching or at least about to touch, start by drawing the shoulder blades down as if they connected to the back of your head. It sends your chest, your Chin forward, looking right at the edge of your mat. Continue letting your head lift. But yes, you can, you'll start lifting the chest. You'll start lifting more. Looking more forward, Wendy. Yes. Yeah. And then add in a little bit of arm strength to start to lift up more if it feels okay. So I'm pushing into the floor. Yep. Straightening the arms a bit.

You can go all the way if it feels good to you and, but you keep those hips and pelvis on the floor and then draw yourself forward to go back down. Okay. One more of those shoulders draw down. You start looking forward. Don't be afraid to see pretty far in front of you. Continue seeing in front of you. You're starting to look up the wall. You're starting to almost find the ceiling with your eyes. You add the arms, and if you want only come so high as you can.

Keep the pelvis on the ground and then draw yourself forward. Continue drawing the shoulder blades down and finally you're back where you were, right. Curl the toes under. Needs to stay on the ground. Press yourself back for just a quick stretch. [inaudible] and we'll go to the other side. So lying down, hip stack, knees, deck, feet stacked all the way down. Palm down on the ground.

First or arm you're lying on. Yeah, shoulder down. That's gonna be hard up there can be hard down here too, but we have a shot down here, I think. Well maybe it's better up there. Okay. Maybe it is better up top. Okay. It's a little easier I think up top now that I tried it, but fair enough.

Fair enough. Shoulders down. Maybe we had help this first year. We got used to it and [inaudible]. You might need to stretch your legs out a little bit more. Try not to go fully straight if you don't have to. You can even bring them forward and half again.

Start thinking about how am I going to do this without turning my upper body? Two more shoulder down. Connect abs too, right? Squeeze the glutes. No time to give up on it just because we know where we're going to go. One more like that and then we'll flip it over. Oh my gosh. Okay.

Oh, definitely packs. At least for me on the site. Here we go. Palm was up if you're going to do it this way and we lift one oh and two oh Yay. And theory. These are all able to go really high. It's actually not that common, so don't be worried if you have to keep it a little lower. Right? You're still getting good work. That's four or five. Five it is out of six.

Down, we went, we straightened the lower legs and we lived in one and we reached to lower, we lifted two. Both legs are coming up. They're three and four and fine. Then we Hubbard the legs not quite as high as we could. I am using that forward arm again. We lifted for just the upper body moving. The lower body stays lifted a little. Oh I see.

Do you know that's where I put my arm on this one. It doesn't help and for, oh boy. Oh boy. Great. Turning over onto your stomach again. Right. Do we have our bands near enough for a double leg stretch? The trick to this is um, well you could not use it, but I'm going to go overhead in a minute, is to grab the band. It's not actually the way I'm getting into is going to be quite hard to get down, but just wrapping it so that you could hold your hand side by side. Okay. And then when they come apart, there's some space. Yes, exactly. Exactly.

Then pull that ban way upon your back and enjoy. Let's have a looking to the front to your on that cheek that allows you to look to the front decent stretch, isn't it? For your neck? Hopefully elbows on the ground as best you can. Shoulders still or away from your ears. That's the hard part here. From there, reach the legs long feet together. If you can hover the knees and you kick the legs to your glutes.

Three times one, two, three. [inaudible] long. Good, lovely. Let's keep the band close to your hips for the most part. If you find you can't straighten your arms, pull apart like you did in the beginning of class. In fact, everybody should do that. Then we bend and come down and turn the face the other way and kick. One, two, three, stretch long. Hold. Lovely. Don't be afraid to look forward. Debra. Wendy, good. And go again. Make sure when you do this, in fact, just hang out. One second. You're in front of your hip. Should not live.

Not even a little bit. So here we go. Kicking one, two, three. Now stretch along. So that part never changes. Excellent and change. Nice. Mary Ann. Oh, one, two, three. Excellent. And stretch. You feel those glutes working. One more time. Kick one keeps to kick three. Go along.

Let your tops of your feet go to the mat. UNWRAP your hands once and bring the theraband up and over. Bring the arms up and back again. One more time. Up and over, listen to your body. And then from in front of you need to hold a little closer.

I'm gonna swim from here with tension on the band. So holding pretty close and right arm, left leg and change is kind of slow with the band. Keep constant resistance on the band. Breathing however you want. And La la La. Good. Pick your head up a little and um, Emily actually just look forward. There you go. There you go. Good Chin forward slightly Deborah, feeling that upper back. Uh Huh. Good. The next time you finish evenly, go along, lower yourself down, release your band. And when you're ready, come into a rest position.

Hmm. I decided to bring your hands back by your feet. That might feel better at this point. And we are trying for release of the whole spine. So maybe draw your rib cage up a little bit just so that you get a curve to the low back and it's not just resting on your thighs [inaudible] and with that helping yourself forward into a gentle stretch, well, it's not that gentle, gentle stretch one like forward and just allowing the hips to sink toward the floor a bit and then too lengthen if the knee is sort of the anchor point, the back knee is the anchor point.

Imagine a line of energy going right up through the top of the head, reaching the opposite way and if that's not enough for you, you start taking the far end of that line. Right. Some of you may even want to raise the arms for more, but the idea being that as the hips go forward there also growing up. Yeah, you release it. If you need more time, feel free to stay there using the forward foot to help you just transition to the back. I like to just sort of lift myself into a position where I'm not right on the kneecap as I sink forward. There's a subtle sense. I start drawing the, if I had a tail through or under, she'd say to start that idea of lengthening both the front of the body and the back of body. If you want to add your arms and go ahead.

If you want to keep your arms down, that's totally appropriate too. There's weight on both legs, right? We're not just dropped forward and release it when it feels right to do so. Curl the back toes under. Help yourself step forward or back however it works for you. Knees bent, hanging over the legs for the moment, letting tension go. It feels better with straight legs. Do that, but maybe come in and out of it.

[inaudible] and then if your shoulders slipped up off your back, just gently guide them back into their pockets. Let the arms themselves hang free and start to roll yourself up. Feeling yourself roll up or right out of the ground, standing tall standing firm. [inaudible] let the arms just follow that. Inhale. Exhale. Let them float down the side. Let's do one more.

That was just bring them up in here and exhale all then. Thanks guys.


Great class Kristi! Loved using the theraband as we did the pilates stretching exercises. Loved also the pace of the class.
Challenging on all the right levels. Creative and fun with the use of props! Nicely done. I'm sure I'll feel this tomorrow!
LOVE the oblique work. Excellent cueing as always. Definitely one of my favorite classes.
Great to hear you're each enjoying the class. Colleen, don't forget to mark it as a favorite so you have it handy. Thanks for joining me in class!
Excellent class Kristi! Very creative movements. I love oblique work a lot, I am going to incorporate oblique series in my morning class.
Loved the class Kristi...I know my waist went down an inch in that hour...Thanks
Kristi, Could you have another class using a foam roller?
Thank you so much for a great class, Christi, I really enjoyed every minute of it!
loved the oblique work - loved the progression!
Holy crap that was intense! Totally got me ready for the day :)
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