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Reformer Box Flow

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Join Kristi in this Level 2 class that takes you through a workout utilizing the Long and Short Box throughout the class. Start with a warm-up on the long box then head to Foot and Hip work, bring the box back to practice Teaser and backstroke, the Short Box Series, Side Overs, and Breaststroke.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Apr 20, 2011
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Okay, a reformer workout for us. I'm starting with setting a foundation for ourselves. Setting a mindset. I'm going for control, but a lot of energy. That's what I want to get out of this one. I want to leave with some energy too. So let's see what we can do. Inhale, standing, roll down feet are parallel. Start exhaling. Draw up on the abdominals up on the back extensors, if that makes sense.

And around over to create a sloping arc, allowing tension to leave your body. Inhale, exhale to rule back up. And then take a deep breath, raise the arms up, bring some energy and exhale. When the arms get to about shoulder height. Take your head down, rounding over. When you get to the bottom, just let your knees bend and round over there. Inhale, exhale, straightening the legs. Let's bend them again.

Inhale and exhale. Using this first part just to loosen up. Inhale. And on this one we can start rolling up. Exhaling the legs to straight as you round up. Restacking realigning. And let's see about moving on the box. I'm going to do the abdominal warm up on the box. Um, I've have my spring set up for a little foot and leg work in a little bit, which for me today is the re-read springs or three full springs depending on your equipment. All right, feet together. Sitting up tall.

We're gonna roll down, finding each bone along the spine if you can, and then let's come right back up. I think I missed one or two. So this time I'm going to hold on, give myself some upward traction. I'm pushing down on the legs a little and so that when I make that curve, it feels more pronounced to me. It feels more like, okay, let's loosen me up a little bit more. I get a little sticky here. I don't know about you, but that's where I go a little bit slower. I'm happier with that one. Hands go behind your head, fully laced the fingers and Oh look, the box is leaving us.

Let's enjoy the extensions. Passive extension back. Now watch that. Your neck doesn't do additional movement, right? It's in line with your spine. I do have my head pressing in my hands. I have the majority of my ribcage. In fact, Oh, good for me. I have it all on the, on the mat. My low back doesn't feel like it's touching. Inhale, exhale, roll up yourself so the chin will come toward the chest.

You'll start to feel the back of the ribs. Press deeper into the mat, curving right underneath the chest line, stopping there. Take a second. Inhale. Exhale, press the back of your thighs toward the floor. You're not going to see it, but you're going to feel energetically pressing down. Inhale as you extend your spine over the backs. Don't forget about those hamstrings helping you. Exhale, roll yourself up.

Again, just loosening up for that energy. Inhale as you unfurl. Exhale and inhale. This can be done. If you feel a little tug on the knees, you can separate. The few might just mean your quads are a little tight today and up. One more time. Inhale, back to exhale.

Staying up here. Let's rotate toward the left. Come through the middle, rotate toward the right, keeping those thighs pressing down so you have that sense of opposition. You could emphasize one side more than the other to help assist that rotation. But basically you're just passing through center. Here we go and nailing as we cross over. Exhale. Inhale. As you cross over, exhale two more. One more. Come to the center, reach the arms forward. Inhale and exhale.

Press down with the thigh bones to help you come up. You befriend those hamstrings. It always helps the abdominals picking up your right leg. We're going to for the moment, Hook the back of the heel of the Achilles tendon on the foot bar. Careful if you have one like I do, which lifts up and we rolled, rolled down.

I kept the leg down there on purpose because now I want to extend the leg lower than what we normally would for the single leg stretch as I draw the other leg in an oh doesn't it feel heavenly. And then just gently change legs, reach the other foot down, try and first hook it just for gentle action of the hamstring. Then straighten it. It'll come off the bar cause you do want the leg straight. It's real to, uh, think your leg is straight, but in fact it's bent. So you push the thigh bone down and extend the knee. That's what you gotta think about, I think, and now will change.

You don't have to go so low now. It's just one of that stretch. Here we go. And what matters here, right? You know, you got to keep that low back still. You've got to keep everything anchored so that when the legs are moving around, they're basically moving freely. I'm excelling here and here and let's go for one, two, three, pull both knees and hug them and close. But press the tailbone down. We will do double leg stretch, open. Exhale, bring it around.

One more like that. Inhale, open, bring it around if you want to add on, you open, but you extend that the rassic spine circle, arms around. Exhale, bring it in and inhale. Circling around. They take longer, so you'd take a deeper breath. And being mindful of the neck. It's a kind of a quick turnaround. So if you don't like that with your neck, don't do it right. One more. Here we go. And bring it back in. From there, extending the right leg up. Here's where we can go lower than the box and it's pulse. Pulse, pulse, pulse. You can use the arms, but make sure it's coming from the trunk so you don't bounce when you let go.

Take the stretch. Get that leg low, low. Push down with the bottom leg down with a bottom like last one here. Both legs up, hands behind your head. Reach the upper body back for a moment. Squeeze the inner, the curl, the upper body up. We'll keep it here. Now inhale as we lower the legs, exhale, scoop and bring them back up.

The legs are almost weightless. Inhale as they reach. Exhale, scoop back up. You know, pushing, reach Anna and again to come up giving you one more. Make it a good one. Make it controlled, but energetic. That's our goal. Here's our crisscross and to the front and same rules. Rotate, rotate. Making those inner thighs passed so close together. They brush.

Stay near that midline so you feel the rotation. The last four and three and two. Come Center. Inhale, find the back of your legs to rock yourself. Ah, feed on the bar, find your sit bones so you're right up off of them. And then using first squeezing the inner thighs and maybe [inaudible]. It's a little extend your spine. I'm using my hands to kind of assist that holding underneath to take the upper back a little further and not leaning back. It's just that thoracic spine.

Get it, get it, get it and really similar while we're here. Walk the feet wide on the bar. Take the arms out to the side using the muscles around the spine. Rotate nothing changes at your lower body. Find a place to put your hand on the box and the leg assist height and then rotation and raise the arms up. Bring it back, other side, but it'd be real easy to let the arms get ahead.

It's all spinal rotation. Go where you can use, haven't moved. Set them down. Assist or lift. [inaudible] [inaudible] arms and back to center and we are good to go. Let's move the boxes for now. Out of the way. Okay.

Foot bars are up. I take a high bar. Usually not usually. Always on this part. And we lie down for a little more foot and leg work. Please check your equipment, make sure you know where it is and that things are attached. That should be attached. Bodies are long. I'm working in neutral pelvis, so that means your hipbones and pubic bone are level. I'll leave it at that. Here we go. Exhale, lengthen away, get along.

Feel the whole sense of wrapping around so it's not just your knees driving into the springs. Inhale, pull in or go a little quicker now and, but can you feel the breath? I of course you can, but how often do you focus on it? Let it be your metro. Now has this your movements or inextricably connected to them that you get pulled in and you reach your I inhale and exhale out. Of course that can be reversed. I'm just moving here. If you take my classes, you know I'm not one for counting. If you are, I'd be curious to know how many we do, but I'm not going to think about it now. I'm gonna move. I'm gonna doing one more. Come on back down. We're gonna move to the balls of our feet.

Keep the spine the same to shift your feet down and out. You go on and bulletin. Oh, thanks. Killing that rhythm that we have in our bodies that if we pay attention to it leads us so easily. It almost becomes effortless. You can feel tension just melting out of your throat, out of your neck, even out of the muscles of the chest. If you really focus on breath and maybe the center of the body, you can take tension out of the feet. Doing something like this.

I'm going to give us far more. Okay? Don't be afraid to let the ribs move when you breathe. They have to and come down to us to go into the plotty stance for a moment, just squeeze the glutes a little and off you go. Make sure the inner thighs have come together and you haven't squeezed the glutes so tight that you're in this sort of lifting of the thigh bones that are down there long and return. Let's go [inaudible].

If you don't know what I mean by that last comment. When you're in the straight position, if you rest your hands on the hips and the thighs, if you're gripping too much, you're going to feel your thigh bones angle upwards. Patient ended up relatively flat to the hip joint. [inaudible] I keep finding myself closing my eyes, which is not common for me, but for some reason tonight it's feeling really good, so that's where I'm going with that. Four more one. When you go down, can you stretch your spine more? It's more thought than anything, but it'll have an effect. Let's make the next one, the last one, assuming that's four and down we go. Moving the feet out to the wide end of the bar. Heels. Hey, so I'm in external rotation. Not a lot. I could go wider, but I'm not exhale Perez out.

This is our chance to think of add acting or bringing the thigh bones toward each other as well as down [inaudible] the low body being such a base of support for us. [inaudible] relaxing our feet. It's as if we're lifting levitating up off of the lower body or the lower leg more accurately. One more time. Come on back down and to the balls of the feet. So don't let your spine move when you pick up the feet. Here we go. Exhale, press Sao. Inhale brings you back. The heels.

Don't move here. Don't mistake that cue for the ankles. Don't move. There's flection at the ankle joint. Otherwise the heels have to move. So we're moving at the hip, the knee and the ankle. That should leave the hill basically in place. Too much to think about when we're thinking about breath, isn't it?

Go back to the breath. It's more fun. Just two more [inaudible]. One more and a lot. Return to the stop or take your feet to parallel, but still four or five inches to lengthen out. And I want to use the cue of hugging the midline or involve the outer thigh a little as if it were rapping, but don't turn the leg bones out to do it. It's just a subtle contraction. Stretch the heels under the bar, but do your best to not move the carriage. You have to.

You have to move the carriage. It's an idea of holding yourself up there and then left and you lengthen at the waist and lift so that your carriage will move. It's the idea that you don't just fall right and down and lift at working. Both the acceleration, the deceleration, the lift, the lower you're in charge, paying attention to all the snap crackles and pops in your feet. Paying attention to even work. [inaudible] hang attention to keeping the hamstrings involved.

Particularly if you hyper extended the knee, you don't want to drop energy into the back of the knee is wasted mostly, but it also isn't that great for us. On the next one, stay up at the top. Allow the left heel to go onto the bar. Down. Hyper extended though, squeeze to the inner thigh so you have a sense of connection. Their push all the way up until that leg is the other leg can fall into place and switch. So now the right leg is doing all the work. I basically take the other leg off but I don't, and we switch. All right, one more slow like that up and switch to get a huge range through your foot. Here we go a little quicker. It's up, down, down.

However you want to look at it like that. Make a split second where both legs are straight down and up and down and up. Feel your feet. Feel the calves, but can you feel higher than that? Can you feel as if you were trying to lift yourself up off that foot bar? I'm going for three. Two.

Here's one more. Come up to the tip. Toes away. Up there. Pull yourself in and Wallah. Alright. Swivel yourself up. Take off. Trying to think where I want to go here. We're going to go into hip work, so that means feet in the straps. So I'm going to take it to a, I have a green and a yellow here I'm going to use, I'm taking all of my red springs off to be replaced by a green and a yellow. If you're using balanced body, you probably would.

Most of you would either want a red and a blue or two red. I'm all set. Even yourself as best you can out on the carriage. Same amount of color on each side of your body. How I get into these, I pick up the straps, I push out to straight and step into it. There's other ways just as good do what you're used to and what you're can do safely, right? No real tricks here tonight.

I'm going basic. So yields were together we extend in or hitch and pull h I'm going back to that idea of the breath. All of this [inaudible] such a rich movement really. I mean you can do it a million times and forget that, but there's a lot that can happen here in this easy move. [inaudible] and I'll leave it at that and let you explore cause I think that's the best way to get better at plots is explore yourself. Don't always rely on what someone tells you to do.

What do you need? What feels right, what feels different? What feels expansive? You could probably think of that if I quit talking. [inaudible] last one. Go Out, relax the toes to a point, go down with the like slut and come apart, bring them up and now your range of motion should be dictated by how still you can keep the hips. Okay. If you're really flexible, you probably want to hold back a little bit. We don't really want to work what we're already good at and chances are if you can go super wide, you'd be going wider than you need to for safety of the joint. So let's keep it under control contained. A lot of you may be used to working within the frame of your body or the reformer. That's absolutely fine. Also good and traditional.

So if you want to stick to that, please do. I'm reversing and after this and we're going to pick them up for my goal at the moment when I talked about energy at the beginning, I'm thinking of like ease throughout the body. I have more energy when my body is at ease, so I'm going a little bit bigger in these circles. Not huge but bigger to kind of loosen up that joint to let go where possible to work the muscles instead of the joint couple more. Right? Let's hold it out at, I dunno, 45 degrees and keeping the feet at that level so they're not going up or down.

They're going to stay on that 45 degree line and then sweep back, relaxing at the hip joint a little bit. There's a sense I have as I do these, um, hip openers or hip openings. It, it's like as if I'm reaching my leg bones further through the strap through every way, all the time as I go. Wow. It's an image I'm giving myself to give me the sense of elongation, the sense of her reaching out of the hip joint, and a tremendous amount of adductor work. If you let the legs go up and down, you will be here all day without feeling it. Keep it on that line.

I'm giving us one more here. All right. There it is. Putting your head rest down. I'm heading into lung spine. If you've never done it, you should not make this your first try. You should stop and check it out and make sure it's appropriate for you. I would rather, if you've never done it, you wait and have someone teach it to you.

That would be the smart thing to do in Hilton 90 degrees. If you're coming with me, I have my legs externally rotated. I am reaching my tailbone into the ground for the moment, my everything else is in place. Then from there we try to roll the pelvis off the mat, one bone at a time, reaching our bodies into a long line until we're basically straight through the front of the hip, separate the feet, and then start to articulate. Place the spine back on the mat, one bone at a time. Watch it.

The shoulders don't start creeping up. Watch that. Your neck doesn't start changing. Find the tail. If you cannot get your tailbone down and you are straining that the hamstrings, you either need to bend the knees or preferably don't do the exercise, not like this. There's other ways to do it and circle around it. Nails a 90 if it's just sort of pushing the edge for you and you need to bend to here, that's all right, but then as soon as you can straighten, once you've lifted the tailbone off, then do okay. Hamstrings are critical in this one. Critical, critical, critical in here, I've got my glutes engaged you and down.

It's not intense, but they're there. If they're not there, it's all ABS and only abs puts pressure on the spine. Not what we're going for. Head rest or right. I don't know if I said that. I hope I did in Hilton nine and x. The higher you go, the more you feel the hamstrings. Hey, if I'm not doing that, the legs are going to get pulled over my head in hell separated. I reach into the straps, just like I mentioned before, melting our way back down, keeping the curve right.

I'm actively contracting there. It doesn't just happen and circle around. I know you know that, but you gotta say it here ago, reversing it. So I come around. It's just like a rollover, right? Still in a slight bit of external rotation. The feeder part is I peel up their feet themselves are quite relaxed growing into the ceiling. Close the feet as you get a little taller and bring it down to press away. Circle round. Inhale. Just feel your hamstrings yet. You should. I shouldn't say you should, but I hope you do a little bit.

If you hyperextend make sure you're not, make the hamstrings work. Don't just soften the legs. You gotta work the legs. That's how you get out of hyperextending. Says the girl whose legs are absolutely on fire and the hamstrings because she hyperextends the last one. If we go feed the sit bones into the back of the legs, maybe let the arms be there as an assist. So they're straight, they're down.

They're long and close to come down. Exhaling down. Yeah, and press away. All right, bring yourself in. Take your feet out of the straps, put the straps away, and let's go get our long box again for some more fun. You can put your foot bar down now too. And now that you can feel your hamstring, I think use them throughout. Just just be aware of them. Okay. We're going to go into backstroke and teaser on the long box.

So what that means for us is one spring I'm going to one red spring and taking off the yellow and the green one. Red Spring should be plenty for just about anybody. Maybe you'd want to below a half a spring. Take your straps, now they're behind you, right? So I didn't cross some, I didn't do anything special, I just held them. Be a little careful getting on cause you know you only have one spring. And then where we're aiming to, to lie down is that our shoulder blades are just off the edge or I shouldn't say that. Probably at the edge.

It's gonna look like this. I don't feel top heavy. I've just got a little bit of potential for extension there. Okay, shins compare ll to a tabletop. Hands are right in front of your forehead, your inflection. You're curled up already. Knuckle to knuckle with the hands. Keep your eyes forward. Inhale the arms and legs go straight up. The carriage did not move you openers externally. Rotate, open the arms and the legs to circle around and bring it back so I'm not on the stopper on this part. Inhale up with the arms and legs open.

Exhale around and back. Here's the rhythm. It's up, open and around. Little lag right there at the end and [inaudible] so long. Exhale. Inhale, open. Exhale, reaching into it and back. Inhale up. Open. [inaudible] one more time. Up and around and bring it in. So come to the staffer, support your head, let your head hang back for a moment. With it being in your hands, we're ready for the cheese. I feel like I just slid down a little bit of that. Inched my way onto the box.

Tiny bit more, right. Okay, so in this teaser, support your head for now. We're going to start with the legs out at on the diagonal. Okay. They're going to be a little bit higher than probably you're used to because of how we're starting. If they need to lower as you go into it, that's fine. All right, so engage everything as if you are already to go reach the legs out on that diagonal. Arms are straight back off the box. Feel free to go into extension. If you can keep your ribs on the box, then it goes, arms come around the side and down.

You roll up into your teeth and then as you reach the legs, you reach the arms. You unfurl your way back down. Leave the legs, right. They are back to the star. Inhaling to come up. Hmm. And exhale. Feel the hip bones dive deeper into your body. As you roll down and back the straps or lose there, it's fine. You nail. I do scoop down on the straps to lift.

Collarbones are why and as I continue reaching forward, I pull their bones back to come down to more. Let's go. Remember it's controlled but energized and Oh, I want them higher and back. One more time. Let's go. Staying up, just the arms come down. Exhale, scoop the belly as I go up. One and two more belly than arms. One more time. Hold it. Inhale and rolled down down, bringing the knees and take the straps in one hand and help yourself out.

Where are you racking or re posting your stress from here? Let's do it. Let's go into the short box. Turning our box sideways. Some of you may decide to go over the shoulder rest. I keep it in front cause I do a version I like. It's sort of a basic version we teach in the Basti course, but I like it. I don't see any reason for changing it.

I find it plenty challenging. So that's what I'm going to show you. Um, make sure your foot strap on securely. We leave ours here. So I just moved my spring bar out of the way and load up the spring bar with Spring so that the carriage doesn't move easily. Stick your feet under there. Full body integration here. I'll start it a little more gentle and you can stick with that if you want or we can make it a little more fancy. Then it goes like this or forward on the box. Right. And I'm not in the place that we're normally teaching this.

I'm forward on the box. I have my feet securely under the strap and together with a subtle downward pressure like we talked about earlier with the hamstrings, um, some in some in the crooked, the elbows, how I'm teaching it, how rail is teaching it, and I'm following it body's long lifted in here. Exhale, we pull the hips out from underneath this to create the curve to the spine. I have the thigh bones gently pressing down to give me opposition. Inhale, exhale to come back up. When I engage those hamstrings just a bit, it allows me to tap into the abs more when it's just the abs pulls the flexors in more than I need it. Exhale. Great.

Okay, so you can stop anywhere along here if you want and bring it forward. Don't let it pull on your back. If that's not enough for you, get to go over the back and that's what I'll do this time. Inhale. Exhale. Going back like smite ended up straight. I'm going to back up just a smidge. There we go. Extend the arms. If you want to bring him back before the roll, through the Chin and chest, your knees will end up bending to come forward and St Nappy. Now we're reaching back. You can circle the arms around chin toward chest, hamstring still working. Makes that part so much easier. Last one, don't do this part of it doesn't feel good. You got to kind of work your way into knowing how to make that feel good.

Alright into hands behind your head for the flat back. So lace the fingers fully. If you do it just to the side, you're not going gonna. If you're just sort of loose with your hands, you may not know where they are. So get a firm grip. Pull up on the back of the head, down on the shoulders, draw the abs in and inhale, hinge back. Exhale, no wavering to the spine at all. Hmm. The hamstring thing here works to find your counter. Find Your Foundation.

It's not to say I'm pushing with the legs, I'm really not, but there is a sense of a downward, my feet are quite light, but the thigh bones are reaching down one more time. Mm. And the tilt, I'm going to stay vertical here. If you're used to going a little on the diagonal, it will work just the same. A vertical meaning I'm a stay in the coronal plane, so we lift up and over to one side. Exhale center.

So tempting to lift the shoulders on this one because we tend to want to see more movement in order to feel it. You'll feel more if you just leave the shoulders out of the picture and find yourself kind of angling not so far into a flection, but just the lift in return. One more each way. [inaudible] both sides working here. Last one and into the twist to the right. We inhale, rotate, hindering back. Exhale coming up in rotation center. Inhale, rotate. Left hinge and back.

[inaudible] center. [inaudible] yeah, one more time. Each way. Keep those knees as close together as possible. In other words, they don't shift around on each other much. And finally, [inaudible] time for my favorite climate tree. So pulling out your right leg, how? Getting close, you're sitting up tall. Instead of extending the leg would use this first part.

The first three pulses is back extension emphasis. So we lengthen. One, two, three. Keep your back extensors as you extend the leg, take the whole position back until the tree. The leg is 90 degrees, possibly a little more. By the way, my hamstring just kicked into the street now and crummy. Now light on the hands. Walk down. One, two, three. Either continue holding on or you can hold the box. You can stop there or you can go into extension. But if you do go down in extension, then roll yourself back up.

Walking up the leg. Use both inner thighs for help. Lengthen yourself up. Allow the lower leg to soften. Sit right back up on the sitz bones. Fold the leg we go again. Exhale, one, two, three. Extend up in him, pulling ourselves back. We walked down to three in here. Role tuned to just to come up. One, two, three sitting. Todd, bring that leg closer to you as you get up on those sit bones and last one like that. Pull one and two and three. Stretch it up, bringing it back, walk down to three and reach. If you're going to [inaudible] up to three, take the big stretch and then fold the leg. I'm going to do an externally rotated version of it, so what it's going to be is I, I'll have that left leg still under the bar.

I've taken the right hand inside the arch of the right foot. Okay? In a moment it'll come straight up just like you used to, but as you roll down, you're going to allow the leg to go to the side or keep it the way you had it. If you've never done it, I would definitely watch it first. It feels great if you know what you're expecting. So right-hand inside the foot, the left hand, by the way, is just cradling Nachshon underneath it. I'm tall, I'm tall as I can be, and we just again, back extension one, two, three extending the leg up right up there in front of you. As I come back to the 90 degrees, I'm going to take the left hand to the left side of the box. As I ease my right leg open, I'm level on the box with the hips to extend and then bring the chin to the chest. Inner thighs. The leg is light as you come back up, so you're rolling up and bringing the leg up simultaneously to come back to that upright position. Let's try it again. Him, his whole one, two, three extent. Start to bring it to 90 ruling back, opening up, answering on the left.

You're going to want it and bring it back to roll up and cross the leg over. Find a comfy positions that tall, holding the box perhaps hinge forward for a little stretch of the hip while we're here, change sides please from the top three and two straight ahead. Finders your back extensors. Pull one, two, three and extent. Oh, I'm going to go a little slower until I warm this leg up. Bring it back to 90 and walk down to three tests yourself. Make sure you're ready for the extension. Go into it's slow, and then up.

One, two, three and fold and get up vertical to three. Stretch the leg, rolling it back. Now walk down a one, two, three extent, up to three. Stretching it a little more each time, hopefully. And Ben Pulse, one to tell her three extent. Check your shoulders, rolling it back. Light on the arms to the ABS. Do a lot three and in here, two, three tall. Get up on it. Bring it closer if you can. And then bend the knee, turn the leg bone out, grab on to the end step. So the right hand just came underneath and held under, at bottom side, or of the ankle. All right, here we go. We pulse. We'll one, two, three. Extend the leg. Keep yourself centered. Draw your weight back.

So the LIGO straight up, hand to the box as you roll down and you can slide the hand or you can keep holding it. You can even support it from the other side and rolling it up to three big stretch folded. And here we go. One, two, three. You bring it up tonight and down. You go to [inaudible], finding your way back to center, sitting tall. Inhale and fold the leg over the other two with a straight spine first hinge forward. And then if you want to round after that, go for it. Yeah.

[inaudible] oh, as long as we're here. Side overs. So I had my box a little away from the shoulder as she saw that. I'm moving it right up against it. If you're a little taller, longer legs, perhaps you may need to cover the shoulder rest so that you're not so top heavy that it's ridiculous. So we're all set up for it. Carriage is locked down. We're going to sit sideways putting our foot under the strap and do sit through. You're on the side of your hip as opposed to this where your vertical doesn't work as well. Well it probably works, but it's not as hard and it's not as targeted as what we're going for.

So let's put our hand down at the head rest to give you a real sense of what I mean. You're looking for a diagonal line, even if you have to feel for it. The leg under the strap under the strap is not only lifting up but reaching. So give yourself a sense of going that way toward the foot bar with your hips and that leg. Your upper body of course, is going the other way. You're all squared off. You should easily be able to take off the head rest with your hand off the head.

Rest without anything else moving. Let's go. Hands behind your head if you're up for it, if you need a little milder start hand, lower hand around your waist. Here we go. Inhale. As you reached down, keep reaching the leg through the footstep. Exhale up just to diagonal. Let's make it fun. Only six. Number two, number three. So that leg and foot doesn't move much. Once you get going, you don't want to hear the strap dropping and catching this at this four please. I'm saying it's four. Here's five.

I, I think it was, but I'm gonna give you time. In case I'm wrong and rest, I'd come down to the head rest with my forearm. Reach over. Now you can let the leg come down. Just don't lose your balance with it. If that's not enough and your, your reformer is not real high, you can put your hand on the ground. Or if you're reformers on the floor, you can just walk your hand further down the, the frame of the reformer o find opposition. If you just hang on the floor, it's not good. Reached the leg again and find heaven there.

All right Christie, come on. Let's go another side. But to get out on this, put your hands on the frame one at a time. Maybe walk yourself back up. [inaudible] you don't want to just lift up muscularly out of that. It's too big of a Paul other side. Let's do it. She switched legs sitting on the side of your hip to be sure we put the hand down on the headrest. We feel stacked. We feel the reach hand when you know you're ready, you'd take the other hand off and nothing changes and we go inhale down.

[inaudible] exhaling up to the street. Number two, two more. There we go. Exit gracefully. Farmed down first. Reach the leg, reach the upper arm if you find that's not enough to make those adjustments. We talked about to take the stretch further. Mm. Moving energy and a couple of different directions.

Okay. Hands to the frame to help you out of it. Walk your way back up. And since we already have the box here, let's turn it lengthwise to do some breaststroke, shall we? So you're turning your box. We are lightening our spring. A blue spring is almost always enough.

Red Spring is sort of the norm. If you're a little stronger in the shoulder and upper back extensors and want like a one and a half spring are red, yellow, I think you could do that. But I wouldn't go much more than that for anyone. No one. Often if you're real strong, sometimes the range of motion challenges it differently. So anyway, I'm going to do, what am I going to do because of the reformer I have, I'm going to do one red spring and I have this spring bar. This is just nuance, but I have the spring bar close to the foot bar, so it's a little bit heavier. I may change that once we get going. Okay.

Getting onto breaststroke or onto the box to breaststroke. Some thumb in the strap. I'm on the side of the reformer. I'm not in the middle of the reformer. You can't tell my abs already my shoulders already. I'm going to lean. I'm not going to reach the arms.

I'm going to lean with the arms cause we were heavy to find the box. Okay? Then you just lie right over the top. Your chest is right at the edge of the box. You don't need to be really far over. It's sort of more on than off. Reach the legs. Now, that's what's going to keep tension out of your low back.

If you let them hang or if you just lift them for the sake of lifting, it's not going to help you reach long. From there, the shoulders are down trying your best to align your elbows up with your body and your wrist. It's not here. I'm getting too picky now. I'm not actually, it's critical. You want that external rotation from here. I'll go slow first. Reaching the legs. Abs you're in, but you know not so much that you lift them off the boxes does not do that. We're going to inhale the arms to straight, adding a lifted.

The chest doesn't have to be high all the way around until your arms get back to your trunk. Okay. I'm not touching my legs with my hands, but then sort of thinking about going that way. Notice where my hands are. My pinky is sort of more toward my thigh than it is the ceiling or the floor. From there we exhale. We skim the forearm along the edge of the box or parallel to where the box would be if it kept going out. Ready? Here we go. Inhale as you lift and straightened, keeping hailing theoretically all the way to your body. Exhale, bend the arms and lower down. Keep the legs reaching in Hilton lift. Alright, exhale. Inhale, lift XL.

Inhaling coming up out of the water and now we got out. Find that external rotation gang right here. Keep those elbows lower than the shoulders there. Two more. Inhaling up all around and last one up around and down, holding the box with your hands. Stepping off that same side that you got on. Getting Ready to hold with your abdominals and shoulder stabilizers to let the box go back to the staffer to reregulate.

We'll do arms a little more next time where you can do your pushups. Otherwise standing rolled down. Shall we inhale and exhale. We go, oh, that feels good. I wants to catch my breath. I think I'm going to have that energy. I hope for inhale. [inaudible] taking the arms up, filling up, breathing the energy and just in case I'm gone down. Once more as I exhale, [inaudible] bending the knees at the bottom. Inhaling, they're exhaling to straighten the legs again. Inhaling to exhale last time and with that we'll roll ourselves. Wouldn't hurt you to do a hip flexor stretch somewhere along the way. In fact, let's just quickly do one right, like in front left heel up, little tuck of the pelvis. We can breathe and do this too as you lower down, not into a real big lunge, but more of an emphasis on the tech, a little upper back extension, big inhale. Aww, that's what we needed.

And exhale. Feel free to stick with that a little longer. I'm going to switch sides and let you go, but it never hurts to do a lot of that. I start with a little postier tuck. I then lift up out of it to get some thoracic extension and add to the stretch. And if you need more, you can sink down and one more big deep breath. And on the exhale, just come on up, shaken on out, and you are done. Thank you very much.


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Hi Kristi! Love this class. You always have such wonderful cues. What brand of reformer were you on? It looked like a Balance Body reformer, but you commented a few times you that you would use a different amount of springs if you were on a Balanced Body reformer. Just curious? Thanks!
Hi Tamara! I am on Balanced body Reformer. I was trying to mention options in springs for different Reformers. My Reformer didn't have a blue spring and I thought I might have wanted to use a blue on the Breaststroke. Turns out just one Red spring was fine. Thanks for helping me clarify.

Good class with great cues and easy to follow.

Love looking into your archives. Your classes are always great!! Cueing is terrific.
Oh Karen, I so appreciate this comment... I haven't filmed many classes lately, (though I am back on the calendar again!) so I'm thrilled to know that some of the "oldies" are still considered "goodies." You are always so kind. Thank you. Please let me know if you are going to the PMA in Ft Lauderdale in October ok?
Anna L
Kristi, I LOVE the generosity and kindness you extended in the way you taught this class. No detail was skipped. You made sure to give little suggestions to make this a better class in every moment. Thank you so much for the love!!! A great workout and energizing too!
What a wonderful comment Anna. Thank you so much!
Awesome 👏 great cues and teaching points. Perfect set up !!! I will SO be using these moves. Thank you for sharing
Hi Kristi- I first took this class 5 years ago- so interesting to do it again years later and process what resonates differently, and finding new perspectives. Still as challenging today as it was  
in 2015, as a newly certified instructor. Always learning. Thank you ❤️
This was tougher than I thought. Definitely need to practice my teasers. I made it. But it wasn’t easy today. Thanks for a  great short, but strong class. 
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