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Kristi brings a lot of energy to the students in this class and the students give it back in return. This 2/3 class has many challenging exercises in it and a lot of explanation to go with them. Take this class when you want to work hard, think about what you are doing and have a little fun.
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Jan 12, 2010
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It's one of the first few minutes of classes where you really set your tone so it's so important and I think probably all the time to check in, pay attention to what you need and you know, make it accommodate what I tell you. Bring up both knees, take your arms out either to a tee or a low v. I'm going to go low v tonight, coming to a two. Let's go to the front up here. Inhale. As you rotate, zipping up through the knees, start the exhale and drag the legs back to center. This is just one more preparation to get us really ready to go for everything else we're doing. Start that exhale and draw back to center and inhale. Excellent. You guys came in wanting to do a tough workout, so we're going to, but keep in mind that sometimes the determination can kind of throw us in that we start out with a lot of tension. I will get you there. I promise you that. And if I don't, you'll tell me. Let's go one more to the back there.

Inhale and exhale. Great. From there, keep the knees up. Reach the arms back overhead, feeling the heaviness to the back of the rib cage on the Mat. Take a moment, shrug the shoulders up to the ears without letting the ribcage come off. Exhale, slide the shoulders back down and make sure you don't thrust the rib there for the hundred. Inhale on your exhale. We curl up. Head, neck, shoulders, reaching out. Hang out for just a second. Are reaching long. Let me just check positions. Lovely. Inhale, prepare and it's exhale. Two, three, four, five in. Okay. And oh two three. Get calm with it tonight. That's your challenge.

I still w you want vigorous, you want energy, but you want to be calm inside or at least look for it. Going for that internal strength rather than the obvious or external strength. You know, you're halfway there and exhale. Keep going. You know, take on a little tension in your arms, Michelle. Just a little, I love those paces. Get it's just a little too much. Yeah, and can you around, there we go. Good. Good, good, Marla. Good. Nice. Candace. Two more sets.

Good. A general reaching opposition legs one way, belly, other exhale. Inhale, two, three, four, five. On this exhale, drag your legs in. Hug them to your chest for the moment. Let your heads go down. If you haven't already, then right back up, curling up.

Nice and simple, but strong. Take a minute and make sure that your tailbone is down, that you haven't used this position as an excuse to lift your tailbone up. Squeeze the legs together strongly. Let go. Inhale. Keep the knees bent. Touch the toes to the mat, reaching up by the ears only. Start excelling. Press the belly button into the spine and grab on again. Inhale.

Now the legs and selves are pretty relaxed other than the from precedent, and exhale, absolute stillness in the middle of the body. There's no fulcrum rocking you back and forth. Exhale, use your here. Inhale, expand without dropping. Big exhale and drop back in and inhale. Eyes are forward and strong and exhale and in to acts. Last one here to exhale.

Pull the head or pull the knees and let the head go down. Just for the moment, recommit to the ABS. Hopefully we didn't fully let go to roll right back on. Keeping it challenging. The basics. You're just getting to the point, holding onto the leg closest to the back. Let the other toe touch the floor. Pick a leg. Yep. Squeeze to the inner side level so you still feel glute, but you have not tucked really important. Inhale, exhale, change. And as if your legs had helium in there, you're totally focused forward and change and change and change. Good. Love what I'm seeing with an option here to hold your head right.

Totally appropriate or challenging. The Ad's a skirt. Four, three, two. Hold this one up. Rotate toward it. Whole grab onto it with the opposite hand. Pull yourself up just a little. There's also your slight break. We're turned the hand behind your head. Stay here for five pulses is quite small. Xcel, just deep and really one and exhale. Two. Inhale. Exhale. Three. Think inner thigh. Four beautiful. Five.

Change sides. Set the position. Get yourself up there. I'm exhaling kind of just to set it. Hold hand goes back and exhale. One, not so interested in the movement. Feel how the breath can cinch the waist and and one more. Ready to change. Alternating and one and two, alternating and squeeze. Three. Think about what you're doing.

You know where you're going. So less anticipation of where you're supposed to go and more working and enjoying, and I dunno, working your way. They're at least reach and reach and reach. We're doing two more passes. One and come back to the center. Bending both knees. Exhale, touch both toes to the ground or you're not done.

Pull them back up. Inhaling up. Yep. That's when I said stay curled up. Don't let it go to your back. You don't have to touch the toes. That would be the goal. And up and down to keep the glutes lightly. Squeeze and up. Yes. Let's take them all the way down. Stretch your legs out. Are we still up? Oh, come, come, come, come.

You're the one that wanted to work hard. Get up here. Candy and cute. Reach your arms forward. Exhale, stop. And now inner thighs glute. I promise. It helps. Exhale. You don't have to actually lift. Just do what you can and down. I'm questioning my judgment right now too, and down.

Press the backs of the legs down. This one. We will come up on no heaving h and go all the way forward for a little stretch for the moment. Briefly roll yourself back up, noting the position of the roll up and we're looking for, I'm looking for space tonight. Okay. Pretty much always looking for space. Shoulder slightly above or maybe forward to the knees. Externally rotating. Do this for yourself. Take an imaginary, something between your upper arm. Squeeze it so you feel your pex a little without straightening your back.

That looks great. Yes. Now squeeze your butt and feel a little half inch rise off the mat. Yeah, right on. Thanks Aaron. I was like exactly what I'm going to exhale this year. Old Town. Yeah, and so the tricky part, go ahead and roll back. You know this inhale as you start to come up, exhale to lift off. The tricky part is trying to keep the energy that it requires to do this.

Mostly in the center, not so much in the legs. Beautiful timing. Good. Keep going. Yeah. When do you got it? Everybody looks great. Inhale, exhale. It's a sequential move, so you try to feel all bones of the body. Inhale and right here Helen, and keep talking. Keep talking. Pubic. Yes. Smoother ride. And I like how I stop while you guys did all that perfect timing right there. And I'm gonna say drop the shoulders a little and even lower your arms a little bit. There you go. There you go. Lots of different ways to do the roll up. I'm pretty consistent with how I do mine.

I want to see space in the next c c curves still, but though a little bit bigger. Let's go back to that place where we start. We started down to the shoulder blades down, down, holding it there. From here. It's an inhale. Prepare on your exhale. You're just going to float in rich, reach one leg up and down. It's more leg than upper body. Let me and turn the same like, sorry.

Same like we we're doing five. Turn the leg out just a little for the last three and leaving your body pretty still as if the leg we're lifting from right under your chest. It's a sense of reach one more and change, keep the glute ever so tightly, slightly engage one, slow down Michelle, little two and in here and thery um, yes. Yeah. In fact we should be curled up enough that the low back is relaxed if not flat. Absolutely.

So if you need to ground more from the top do that must have been at right. So we go all the way up on the next one. So yeah, it's kind of a tough spot for me to answer that question Debra as good is, let's just address it really quickly cause I think it's important when we're here we haven't curled well, we've curled up enough that the low back should start to release flat. The challenge though is that we've got the legs straight and for most of us that's going to be hard to do without some version of rocking up here, which sort of defeats the purpose. So you, the intent should be there for sure. Makes Sense. All right, Eric, scoop forward on to your mats a bit or heading into rolling like a ball. Draw the cheating clothes.

I'm going to ask you to get just behind the tailbone. Challenge herself with the knees together today. Elbows are out to the side. You want to be close but don't fully bury the head tonight rather. I mean if it natural and that's how tight you are, that's cool, but don't make it just a head thing. It's got to follow your line and I'm gonna look, here we go.

Inhale to roll back just to the tips of the shoulder blade. Big exhale, come up and hold. Nice and inhale back. Exhale up. This is where you start putting things together. Inhale that to exhale up. Oh, and it's like where you start, you stay, you're in charge of the momentum. It's true. You're going to have some to carry you through the whole exercise, but it's certainly not what gets you going. You get it going. There's zero attention to throwing your head or anything. It's just think off-center and you'll get there one more time.

Back to calm up. Hold. No hold. Can you bring the knees in closer? The shoulders down more. Keep the structure exactly as it is. The bones. Exactly as they are. And exhale, trying to pull the abdominals further away from your thighs, but nothing else will change. Squeeze your glutes. Let's just take a couple of breaths to do that. So as you're exhaling, you're just trying to almost make the ball smaller in a way.

So this is the opposite of expanding more, right? Bringing it in deeper. So light on the legs. You could let go of them and still stay in that little ball. In fact, do this. Touch the toes to the ground. I'm going to get my arm all the way just to show you, but your arms are forward. You're without rocking back. Even a millimeter. I have to admire. I'm there.

You're going to pull the knees off. Inhale, touch down. Start the exhale as keep the scoop of the low belly. We're trying to keep the energy out of the front of the actual hip joint and keep it into the apps. So the movement is almost coming from the well. It is coming from the trunk. Just from the other end. Yes. One more and next one stays up. Hold the knees again.

Slowly lower yourself down. We're going to do the extended double leg stretch just to stretch out what we did earlier. It goes like this. Inhale, reach your arms and legs forward. Exhale, circle the arms all the way around coming back. Inhale, come up one inch. Exhale, start to pull the knees in, and then you can go all the way to the mat. Head touches. Do not let go of your contraction. Inhale, reach forward. Head, neck, and shoulders and legs only. Arms go round. Exhale, nothing changes in your spine. Inhale up two inches, one to keep that. Start to pull the knees in and control the return to the mat. All the way.

Inhale, reach forward. Exhale, circle. Inhale up. Three, one, two, three. He's still very rounded. Good. Start to pull the knees in and now you got it. Oh, I'm on those gorgeous all the way. Last one. Inhale, focus, right. You know it's hard. We all know it's hard. You don't have to prove. Just see what you got up up. Keep going up. Soft, knees up. Start to pull the knees in and slowly down. Hug the knees to your chest.

Great stretch out your the lake closest to the Cadillac or upfront, extend the other leg up. It doesn't have to be fully straight, but let's enjoy a stretch. Thinking to again, find that opposition and we or anybody need window open. Yeah. Thank you Candice. Um, I think too generally it's almost like you let go of the hips for a second to let them fall into the floor and then allow the back of the leg to reach up. If you're going to tighten anywhere, it would be through the inner thigh. Now you can add a little glue, but let's just enjoy the stretch here. Cool. From there, curlier head, neck and shoulders up and allow the leg a little closer. Now at this point, for sure the low back is resting true. If your low back is not resting in, we're up this high, you should bend the lower leg. All right? Yeah.

Then from here, pick up the bottom leg, change it and come all the way down. Stretching this one out. Thinking of those same things, finding your anchor points to have opposition, which is a big goal of ours. You've got to be anchored somewhere. In this case it's the hips are anchored one way, so the free end can get long, longer than the actual length of our legs. From here, curlier head, neck and shoulders up. If your low back is feeling fine, you're going to reach the leg. If not, you can bend it a little. No problem. Now let's think about that lower leg. Try to get it flat. Now we're going to head into hamstring pull.

So I don't want everyone to try it for the like flat and rather been the top leg if you have to cause I want this one. And now without keeping your hands where are, take your hands right behind your calf. Leave your hands exactly where they are. Pull the leg forward out of your hands twice. One to change legs. Hold it for just a second. Get your position, shoulders, shoulders, and Aleve. Your hands in place and pull the calf out of them. Forward towards your nose.

One, two. Okay, that's the deal. Now we go and yes, in fact the hands do go with you. You can even use them a little, but you don't want it to become an arm thing, right? It's the stability in the middle. Yeah. Good. Easy face, Aaron. Easier face. Yes. Okay. Hold this one up here. Hold it up.

Lift a little higher and rotate. I'm just taking my hand outside, which would feel natural to rotate me. Other hand behind your head. Replace the top hand behind your head. All we're doing, we're not alternating. Just pull the leg in and free up the leg. Lift one more. Come up through the center. Pick up the lower leg first to change. Grab onto it to help yourself a little. It didn't have to be high, high, just enough to feel the rotation and the lift. Let go. Hands are back and we go. Let the light come with you. Forward two. That's it. Three. Good, good, nice.

Four. One more. Beautiful. Come back to center. Fold both knees. Hug them to your chest. If you feel tension building, you got to let it go. And meaning in your neck I should say, or back. So shake it out if you have, if you need to. Coming to a parallel position to the feet for a shoulder bridge, please spread out the upper back. You know what to do. It's not filler. Let's make it work. Inhale, start the XLT. Roll up, healing, finding all the bones of your body as you're now warm or more supple.

Check it out. Look if you need to is, do you have that straight line? Yes, Helen. Love that. It will happen. You did. Inhale and exhale. As you go back down. I will head to shoulder bridge on the next one. We deserved that little stretch there. Inhale and exhaling up. [inaudible] noticing the little subtle changes you have to make to get back to the powerhouse as you go through these dynamic moves. All right, let's take everybody, just take the right leg up as you do. You know that you left the hip still of course stretch it long and I'm doing one slow. At least as you reach, reach too long.

Ultimately you try for the floor but not if it goes into your back and certainly not if you bend the leg. Here we go. Inhaler. Exhale down one and up and two and three. Good. Keep those knees as straight as you start them. [inaudible] chicken ribs. [inaudible] on the next one. Go down and up. Hold it there without articulation, meaning don't roll. Touch your hips to the ground.

Barely squeeze your butt first. Then write back up one. Go down lightly touch and backup. Two. You may experience it as just a glute squeeze or you might feel it more like the heels going through the floor. Either one's fine with me. Just do it up. Uphold pointed toe. Replace it before you pick up the other leg. I know you know where we're going. Check ribs are down. Hips are up.

Do you feel your hamstrings? Uh Huh. Good. Me Too. Thank goodness app and one slow. Just so you could feel for it, right? It's different sides. Different Day and inhale up. Exhale down and so at this level, no matter what I'm saying, I'll catch a lot of things but I won't catch everything. You want to watch your body check your body. That's good. What does it feel like about eight good. I'm getting better.

Come up and stay up. Pressures on come up, stay up, flex if you haven't and just lower the hips, lightly touch and are right back for me personally. You're doing five for me personally. I like to go down almost relaxed and then re squeeze just so I know I've got the glutes. Next one, fifth one. Anyway, go up, stay up the toe, replace it. Are you back where you started? Nice positions. Really Inhale, exhale, stretch your whole spine out. You'll probably have to adjust the shoulders back down as you go cause that's just a different position right from there. Drawing the knees up.

So far so good. Okay. Heading into the rollover. So just a quick reminder for anybody who wants it at any point you can either keep the leg straight or bend them, but there's this option. In fact, I might just do that for everybody. I am going to do that. Take your hands behind your head, either laced if you lace lace fully or hand over hand. Then rather than a full chest lift, I'm going to ask you to just, um, exhale enough to float your head and shoulders off. So I haven't quite gone into my flection. Adjust one for sure that um, abdominal contraction from their legs almost straight is fine.

Squeeze the inner thighs and just lift straight up by tucking from the abdominals. Oh, and then let it down. Roll up, hold and then let it down. Keeping your upper body pretty still roll up hold. So how am I doing it? You're just doing it from another pelvic curl. Squeeze up. Hold exactly and squeeze up hold. If that's not enough for you and it might not be when you come down, I'll tell you, go ahead and go up.

And then when you come down and let them drift away just a little bit, not enough that your back starts to lift up, roll up and then come down. Exactly. I pulled you off, sorry. And beautiful and down. Watch it. It's like magic and up and down if you want to. And last one like that. Fabulous hands are down by your side. Heads are down, exact same contraction to start it for the actual rollover over.

Inhale, start to exhale. We go up to go over and landing at horizontally. I'm holding you here for a second. You must feel both sides of your body here if to be safe and it's not intense for the backside, but you should be aware that your glutes are involved, so it's not just abdominals. Flex your feet, separate them. If you can keep your back still, you lower the feet and now you know to do. You roll down sequentially, stretching through the backs of the legs.

Find Your tailbone, point your toes circle to close and up to go over. Yes. Inhale, flex lower. If you're going to and from your chest, from your throat, you start to roll down, and this is where I personally want to remind everybody. What I do is to, you tend to go to the back of the knees on that exhale up to go over. So let's flex as you come down. It's really tempting to drive energy through the back of the knees. You'll stay in your powerhouse. If you don't, I will reverse it.

When you get down to the bottom, keeping the toes pointed, inhale to a v or hip distance. Exhale to go over, zip up at, not just the legs, make it feel like the whole entire rib cage came closer together. Flex the feet and down you go. Yeah. Good shoulders are down. Point Circle. It's about a v position. Hip Distance. Exhale up to go over. Yeah. Flex and close.

Fill the sit bones almost come together here and impossible thing. But you can try it. Call up the muscles we want to to go in. Inhale. As it starts to get harder, you get more calm. You don't want to show the strength. Inhale, flex close. And last one. Which one? Yes.

That the Q. The knees. Um, I think it'd be, well let me, can I show it on me first and I'll wait for them just so they finished that fourth one. I'm gonna do my best and actually I'll roll it up. Cause in black I think it's a little hard to see if really in anything like the roll up or hundred, anything like that. Um, if you, let's see, in this position, it's not so hard to stay out. I'm here, but watch when I go, as I come down, can you see the back of my mind? Just notice whatever you see in the back of my knees or the front, even as opposed to right here. It's like all the energy I've been working in the power house is now stopped here and going that way cause I've done that. Okay. So I've just sort of cut off what it could be doing and, and if, if half of what we do is energy dispersion, it's, it's wasted.

So instead as we go over or in any position where our legs are straight, if I don't do that, but rather keep the legs straight and focus it higher and not in the front so much, but more here because I think the attempt to work hard is often translated like that. And that's a waste. I'm now totally tight here if you're not focused on the energy going up, I actually, um, um, yeah, I do too, actually. Um, so, so Deborah, when you focus going out the heel, you can kind of feel it right when I am focusing on that. But what happens is I try to do that and then I go, well wait, I only feel my knees. I know I'm flexed in my feet, but energetically it gets trapped. So when I loosen it up, now I have this, I'm going to do a seated now loosen this as opposed to some version of that. I've got the, I'm thinking of like a kinetic chain. I've got the movement still going out. So again, the difference between that to me, I'm continuing in the energy versus that it's just stopped. It's the same thing we've talked about. Um, the wingspan, this is, this is nothing, right? This is contracted in short versus, and it's going to be subtle but versus continue. So that's what I mean. Does it make sense? Okay.

You finished your four, you finished your three and happy with it. Yeah. Good, good. So stretch. You're already down. Let's lay down with them and we will take the hands behind the head for neck pole. A couple of versions of this one I'm going to try it with. We were going to teach it with the feet together should be a little more challenging, but you're welcome to separate the feet if that's how you're used to doing it. You can also flex the feet. In fact, in any case, let's think about the back of the knees on this one. I'm going to stay pointed because I want to challenge it differently.

Elbows ever so slightly off the mat. We go like this in here. Start exhaling to list off all the way over yet. Don't just go over the stretch of the hamstrings, pulling back on the abs email roll-up stacking your spine. We're going right for it. Keep your hips with you as you hinge back a little bit and now rolling down.

Very good, very good. Touching lightly and inhale to come up. You can let those elbows come forward. Just don't actually pull on the neck despite the name of the exercise all the way over email or roll up. Get Taller than the one before we hinge back. This is optional, but if you do, you must take those friend hipbones with you and exhale down. Excellent. And inhale to exhale.

Yeah, this is another place you want to encourage energy out the feet. It's a little hard to over do the knees on this one because of the tendency of the hip flex would overwork and Dow. Good. Lovely. Can we do just a one and a half more? Inhale. Exhale. Good, good, good feeling. Stretch of the spine. Inhale, roll up. So Aaron, just look here. Hinge back, stop right there. You take your hipbones back a tiny bit right there. And now go whole time. Whole time. Hold time. Good, good.

You could, you could let the elbows go forward now just to sit up wanting to come up. That's the half. Yeah. And then stack your spine if you need. Here we are for spine stretch. [inaudible] another one to watch the, um, this is what I want you to try if you're used to because it's encouraged again, really reached the legs. Let's not let them come off tonight rather if anything pushed down. Just see what if it's a difference for you. All right, we're hugging everything again. If you're here, you're hugging the pecs, inner thighs and sit up tall. Find that half an inch. Inhale, exhale, headfirst.

Find the upper back, the middle back. Go for an actual stretcher. You do that look so good lawn. You do that with the abdominals working. Inhale, hold, exhale. Restack. It's almost like an inward contraction of the arms and the legs and certainly the trunk to come back up. Inhale and exhale. It's almost hard to keep the breath, isn't it? Reaching stretching. You can go further if you can further inhale, hold and exhale sequentially. Rolling back up.

Releasing the shoulders down your back. Good. Nice position. How long? Inhale. Just, just go on with you as well. Exhale down. Yeah. Let your arms drop a tiny bit, Candice, and I think it'll free up your shoulders a little. Yep. Inhale and exhale up. I'm going to head into the back extension cause it's my favorite. Um, inhale.

Exhale. Yeah. I'm going to get into it slightly different than we sometimes do just for this one. So good. Get into the furthest forward stretch you can then let your hands rest somewhere. I think mid calf is fine. It's fine to bend the elbows. Start to lengthen your back, pulling the shoulders down so that you end up on a diagonal.

It's perfectly acceptable to bend your knees cause we want the straight back. You have a little bit straighter in the little mid to low back. Aaron slightly look down. Perfect. Perfect. Michelle, can you lean forward more from here? [inaudible] from the hip joint. Yep. More. Okay. Now think up on the diagonal. We use your arms. Use your arms. There you go. Alright, good, good. Alright, from there, lift both arms up. If you have it in you to just think longer on the diagonal, you're already on, not forward. Just on the diagonal.

From here we round and roll up and I'll give you a proper breath pattern this time. Just wanted you to kind of feel that line in here. Exhale, rounding forward to start keeping those shoulders back. Collarbones are just as wide as they ever were. Starting at the tail bone. It's as if you're sticking your tailbone out. Inhale to lengthen into that place. You just worked so hard to get to keep leaning forward. Michelle. There you go.

Exhale, reroute to roll up. It's kind of a long exhale. That's it. Inhale when you need to. That's what where you're at, right? Exhale, go forward. In other words, there is a breath pattern, but if you need more it's probably cause you're working hard enough to need it. Inhale. Good. Oh, that's fantastic. That's it. Aaron, you're there. You can maybe even lean forward a little [inaudible] and exhale round.

Look at these backs, these strong backs and roll up to to go. Inhale. Exhale in here. This might be a good place to gently press the heels into the ground to feel as much space. The arms are quite relaxed. Let's hang out here and gently, gently pull the Shul arms back today. Don't think chest. Sorry. That's it. Yeah. Good, good. Keep going. You're okay with your shoulders here and [inaudible].

It's meant to come from right between the shoulder blades. So if you're feeling it there, good job. I've got one more for Ya. Hold it there. Relax your arms. [inaudible] there you go. That's where you want it to come from in Alex Hill. Everybody go forward. Good. Good work. And hang out for a second and if when you're ready, roll up and I'll go with you. Good. So yeah, you got it.

You had to. You guys look great. Come feet together. Arms in the goalpost. Thinking of external rotation. So wrist over shoulder. Yeah, just over shoulder. Good. At any point, bend your knees. I know I've had you up for a long time. It's not going to affect the exercise unless your back isn't straight.

And I think you're good. Aaron. I just want to check in with nature. Ready to your right. Inhale. Exhale. Pulse. Twice. One to inhale center and one, two and center and one to hang out in the center for one second. Can you see what I'm doing to Deborah? I'm going to, she's not gonna change her arms, but I'm going to pull up on her arms just to keep your arms were there and now she has an opportunity to drop the shoulders down more. Imagine I'm doing it for you. Here we go. I don't know what side we're on.

And good. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Yes. Feel that ease in the neck and shoulders. I, I know it's tough, but that's what you're looking for there to keep the working in the upper back and pulse pulse last to come in at you. Reach, reach one more and reach, reach center. Same thing we just did with Deborah, which was that you easy up on the arms and reach up. Let the shoulder blades fall. I know they're already down, but you can still think about it from there. Round forward. Enjoy a little stretch.

Okay. And even here we might be a wise idea to hold the powerhouse in. Alright. It'll actually stretch your back more, which is the main point. Okay. All right. Time to come up. Lots of things left on our list of things to do.

Skip forward for OpenLink rocker. And again, the setup set up is everything is, you know, so just behind the tailbone, it's as if we're doing that. Rolling like a ball. Again, draw the feeding close. Your challenge for yourself is to, again, you know how we picked up the legs earlier, no big deal. Again, when you pick up the leg, you shouldn't have to lean back or throw your head, not if you're under control. So stretch one leg up, try for straight if it works for you to keep the long back. Other side, you're thinking hip distance. So pretty narrow, really sit bones are together. Here we go. Inhale by gently tucking the roll back, exhaling up and the back extensors are your friend. This is another knee thing by the way, where you could over press into the back of the knees, keep it up in the inner thigh, glute area, and inhale.

Sometimes I act like I have a magic circle just so I'm aware of that upper inner thigh. Any inhale back to come low and lengthen. So there's a little articulation happening back to come forward and up. Hold it up. Close up the feet. Let's do a couple like this. If this is too easy, reach higher. I'm kinda content. Here we go. Same thing. Inhale back. Trust it. It'll take a little longer and squeezed through the glutes. You need that support.

You deserve that support. Last one, trying to stop before you roll over the sit bones. Hold it up when you get there, bend the knees, reaching forward. Squeeze the inner thighs again. It'll help slowly roll just to the shoulder blades. Leave your legs where they are. Roll back up.

Okay. We're going to just calm that down. It looked great. You have the strength. I think we all psyched ourselves out, so squeezed lightly in the glitz. Slow it down. You can use your hands. It's not an easier and trust it. It might take forever. You can use your arms. Come on up. I thought you feel better about that one. I do. I didn't even see it all.

I could just feel this one more. Can you straighten your legs and bend them and straighten? Tried to do it from somewhere high in the belly. I know the quads are working and one more light legs if they don't get to straight all the way. That's all right. Mendham set him down. Sit on top of the sits phones. Separate the knees and just do an easy stretch forward if that suits you.

Yeah. It's not hard enough for you. Is it? What do you need? No control. Balance Roll. Let's just move. How about that? Saw the soft break. Can it not breaking it down but maybe adding more pieces. We'll see. Extending your arms nice and wide. Yes. Staggering.

I'm going to move out myself. Okay, good. Yeah. And I didn't bend a little cause it's just so nice and you know what you can do Aaron. Um, you work super hard on your back extensors that you've almost gotten to a place of hyper extension in the upper back. So what all you have to do. This is truly, it's gonna feel weird instead of here anymore cause we still want a tiny bit here is slightly lean back, which is going to feel like I don't know what and then barely think taller again. Okay, that's great. You've got back is straight. If I went like that, is it too? If I pushed you forward a little? Is that too much? Hmm. That's good. Okay. Here we go. To the right pickup.

Pick your right side. Inhale, rotate. Exhale. Reaching forward. Hang out. I'm going to ask you to encourage your back extensors, right, so there is flection, but try and get a little longer and just find, then inhale, sit up in that rotation and exhale, calm, center. Inhale. You just spiral. It's basically a hinge. There's no doubt you're pulling back on the ass. Then inhale, sitting up. Exhale, center working all lines. Inhale, looks great. Exhale, pull back on that opposite hip. Helen, sit on it. There you go.

And he'll sit up and center in health, spiraling up, x in and center making each movement different. Not Different, but just more. It's not just a place to go. It's a place to look and investigate. Lift up and send her last 20 inhale, rotate, exhale, reach. Can you go any further? Don't just go to where you normally go. Inhale sitting up and center and release. Okay.

Bending your knees and grab one toy. We're heading into the tricep dips. So who wants a theraband? Maybe we'll just use it there. [inaudible] so one two this weekend. Yes. Who Else said my kid? You're welcome. Yeah. Oops. There you go.

I will give you one just in case and you can decide midway if you like. Anybody else. Okay. All right, so working the tricep for those of you with bands, take it over the back. Um, as far as how you're sitting, I would do it just as we are, if that's a comfortable position. You can also come to kneeling if that would work. One hands holding it. The other hand, pin it to the ground.

If you're sitting and just straight up and down. Try for 30 on each arm. Shoulders are down. Debra, Wendy Heron, everybody. Fingers face your hips first things first, lift up enough that you're almost hovered off. You might even have her up if you have long arms. And then continue pressing the shoulders down to lift up. From here.

We got to Tuck just to get her hips out of the way and from that is all elbow, elbow bend, elbow straight, 11 and two and my theraband people, you'll just change arms after 30 and that ought to be good. If it's not, you need to grab more band so that it's tighter. Oh, someone's going to count for me. Ten one leg up one and two three, four. You're welcome to stop at the actual 10 if I'm off count. We did not. We've got [inaudible] 10 Jane's leg down on one less than two. Oh, we'll do something else. And you take your time, Candice.

Good. Anyone? Bueller. Thank you. And down we go. We're going to take a little break while they do the rest of theirs, they've got a little more to go. So we'll go right back and 15 up. Remind me to tell them 20 next time and we can get 10 [inaudible] then squeeze old and two and squeeze a hole. Three and four and five my goodness.

Right? Have seat. Oh yeah. Do you get him all Helen? Yes. Okay, good. It's time. Let's just roll down and we're going, what? We're going on to our sides. I'll have you faced front no matter what end of the mat you end up on. Ooh. It's kind of hard to lay on these babies right now.

Note to self plan these things. Alright, keeping it simple for just a few. I just want to establish the contraction through the powerhouse with the side lift. So positions look good, right? You're all stacked. Make sure you feel stack too. Sometimes if it feels like you're right on a hipbone and some uncomfortable that you can move. If anything, err on the backside. All right. Relax your legs. Doesn't mean I want you to let go completely, but send the energy all the way out the body. Okay? From there, inhale. Exhale. Start the abdominal back contraction. Hover the lace. Exactly.

Stay there for a second. Can you be any longer without straining? It's more like you gotta let it happen in heel down. That sounds right. Exhale left up. So lots of options with the arms you can balance, you can meaning with your hand on the Mat. You can have your hand on top, you can have your hand overhead and I'm hoping for about six so it must be close. Let's just do one more here. Reach up and hold good. Take the top leg and literally reach it a little longer. It's more like the hip reached.

Go back to your intention in the middle and just lift up one topic. Only two good. Three. Feel it for five only one more. Okay. Put the feet back together. Both up off the ground. Yep. Just like that. Flex both feet. Good. Just like this. Keeping the ankles and toes together.

Exhale point. You might as well use the toes, right. Inhale. [inaudible]. Exhale. Point in. Squeeze the toes there in, zipping up through the inner thigh. Watch the tension in the back of the knees so you can still feel a little glued. One more time. Okay. I reached the legs down. We're going to change the circles a little bit tonight and I'm going to come back to that idea of using the side like that. So Ben, the lower ne to 90 degrees, stretch the top leg out, long lifted to the height of your hip. And other than that, relax it.

Really let it be easy. Um, from here, your hips are not to move, so you're going to let the leg come forward. This is where most of us want to bend around the back and we might not even know it. So let's just go about 45 today. Yeah. Or check that way. How are we doing in space? Ooh, barely. You're just about to get it to ever lift from here because you're going to hit a natural wall of resistance, right? Otherwise you'd have to fall over. So turn the leg. It's probably an internal rotation if, yeah, I know my anatomy pretty well. That should be internal.

Anything else would be scary to come forward. So basically trying to make the biggest circle you can with little to no movement of the trunk. So should be tapping into the glutes a fair amount. Glute media is a little more than we have so far. Not Dimension. All the little things around the hip joint that's settled turnout's appropriate. Alright, last one up. Lift control. When you get to the back, just stay back there.

Yeah. Another place. We either tend to bend the knee or over reached into the knee. So I'm gonna ask you to totally relax your lower leg from the knee down. Press the leg back from the thigh or really from the hip. Lift it. Spin it. Open this time or ho to come forward. Oh, did I say that out loud?

Yeah. For more long waist, learn it. Find it, work it and back. Right. It's about this range of motion, but of course the legs are so Wong against that muscle. It's pretty significantly challenging. I'm thinking one more good. Alright. From there, help yourself up. Let's just keep it here today. Good. If anything, neat.

Ever so slightly down and it's forward and back. Try to move from the thigh, not the lower leg, not the foot and far. So you're nice and stable, especially this crowd in this position. So don't think of it as like, oh, that's all she's going to give us. Rather think of what can I do with that? I'll go to the source more, right?

Yeah. Press. And this is again, taking up more surface area in a way. Last one. One more still. Um, make the arc bigger and that's probably plenty, don't you think? Or is it not? Okay. That's it. This is the runners in the room. So this position, um, works for me.

I just crossed that like we worked over and push away. If that doesn't work for you, lie on your back. This is a common one that works for almost everybody actually seems to be working better for me than normal. Okay. Let's just quickly not quickly do the other side. We'll do the work slowly, but uh, so just flip your head on the same shot.

Lying down, lining yourself up. I know we all expect different things out. You got to know who am I taking from tonight? What's the downside of being consistent? All right. Legs are long. So Debra just [inaudible] your heads. You're looking straight ahead. There you go. Good. Alright, here we go.

Reaching the legs to lift up, relax the legs and then down. It's not a bad idea to check that. It's not that there's not going to be some tension. There will be because you're against gravity in that way, but certainly don't waste much there and listen and so all of us are going to have pretty small ranges and it, I'm purposefully keeping it this slow, so milk at work, you know, really exhale everything there or contracts as much as possible. Just do one more here. I'm trying to focus here on the top. Take this top hip.

It'll be subtle but reach a little longer. Check your back muscles and all I'm doing is touching my low back. If it fired up or if you feel the ridges along the side of the spine you want to either, maybe you just need to tighten your abs more but most likely you probably have to ever so slightly think in the direction of a tuck. I don't want your back around it either, but just to release it. Top leg lifts one and two thinking out and up.

Okay line at the legs together. Fully try for big toe ankle joint together, especially right there. If it doesn't touch, get as close as you can. Inhale, flex, trying to keep the place you started. Exhale point. Inhale, stretch the waist longer, especially right here and point. Articulate the feet. They stay trapped and shoes too much. Love your socks. Canvas. Last one. Here we go. And hold it. Reach it longer and relax. Bringing the bottom need a 90 that same sense of reaching the top hip. Do it longer now. Okay, then let it come up. Let it relax even more. We're doing our slow circles forward.

Lift up circle and you know it's different on each side. It's, you know, I'm not sure if symmetry is really what we need to look for, but just honor what's there. If you need to go slower, that's perfectly acceptable. If you're not as sort of clear as where those boundaries are also acceptable, but go slow enough that you can explore them. Yeah, that's a good idea. Next, I'll practice off camera a retreat your age. Okay. That's going to be that. Take it back. Lyft and things you can do just to position.

Check yourself is hands on your hips. You look good. But these ideas, I always think you're going to go home and do it. So, and or remember how you felt your back kick Ellen. I swear I'd like to think that just because you just got so much longer all of a sudden, um, the other option was to touch a little back and make sure it's not firing. You know, doing a lot of changes. This is going to be the last one up. I don't know. It's a happy group. All right. Help yourself up. Distribute your weight through your elbow and your forearm and then line just ever so slightly. Okay. Here we go. Take it to the back and to the front.

Flexing forward, pointing back. I'm more important than the foot though would be to try and keep your leg at hip. Um, thank you. Okay. Yeah, you're fine. Perspective, good and back and forward and right at the back and just hold for one second when you get there. Um, Deborah, reach a little bit more from your butt. Ah, two inches out of you and forward and back and forward and back. Hold. Will you leave her alone? You can straight back. She's just helping you, Helen. Let's lift. Lift. There she is reaching, reaching, reaching. Yeah. Yup. Stretch. Oh my gosh. It's time.

I'm ready for clothes. Are Your close? Yes. It's good to remind your kicker in the back to make it remember. All right gang on your hands and knees. I've got about three to four more coming your way. Hands and knees, spreading out your shoulders, spreading out your chest, feeling again, broad, expansive, yet stable and secure.

So it's the upper arms pressing toward the hips. Extend one leg back before you put the toes on the ground. My fault before you, um, lift off because of the position starting the way it did. You're going to have to slightly draw the pubic bone toward your hips. Exactly. And then the other foot feet are flexed. So again, you've got length through the back of the leg.

You've got connection through the inner thigh, connection to the glutes, certainly connection through the upper back. As you imagine reaching out the crown of your head. From there, pickup your right leg. Nothing else changed. In fact, reached the leg, but don't change the back slope. Flex the foot. If you haven't, take that leg to the side. Keep the toes pointed to the ground and come back. Won't be really far to the side. Nothing else changes and bring it back one more and back. Set it down.

Reestablish your strong position we might have gripped in the shoulder. So check your glutes, check your everything. Other side lifts. Take it to the side. Do not lower it as you do. Straighten your name. Shell to that one. Yeah, and third, right and foot down. Bend your elbows, straighten your elbows. Inner thighs. Good, nice modification. Always feel free to go to your knees. I'm only doing two more elbows and close.

One more. Everybody lower the knees. When you come up, pull the ABS in, stretch back. You don't have to sit on the heels. It's more like a release of the arms. That will mean you have to hold your abs in. Otherwise your arms will support you at this position. [inaudible] coming right back up for one more challenge. Um, what we'll do is start the same plank, one leg up.

If you're up for it tonight, you will take your time to, let's assume I ticked, took the left leg doing your best to stay level. You have to do it slow in my opinion, to know what you need to hold onto. Okay. And then you'll come out nice and gracefully. Um, the challenges that you trying to keep your body still right, you're gonna want to tilt to one side, you're gonna want to shift to one side. And truth is you have to a little bit, but minimize it as much as possible. Let's go straight.

Having said that out would be a little more kind, right? So, so you do what you need to do. Um, I have these visions of like, oh, so how long do you care about just getting, all right, so setting yourself up the same way. I won't go through it all again cause you know what to do. So set yourself up into your plank. And again, it matters who, not a lot of tension. The leg though it straight picking up one leg. Now just think about the arm coming off and you know how to help you fire up what you need. Whether or not your arm actually comes off as a whole different deal.

If it just floats for a second, taps down, that's cool too and put it down. Excellent. Other side, pick up the leg first, check your hips. And again, even just unloading it a little, even if you don't lift it up, it's a huge work. Huge work and down. Can we do it again and alternate? Take your time. It could always be done with one knee on the ground and down. Beautiful Debra last time and right. Lower yourself all the way to the mat.

Um, is it cheating myself as the tables together as like a three legged table? Like, no, that would make it harder. Well, let me think about it if I, because then you have a question, right? Being is it cheating? It's never cheating, right? What kind of movement is cheating but, but is it easier to, to go feed apart cheating? She says, um, okay, Debra. Yeah, that's fine. The hardest possible. Okay. Deborah for you.

Do you guys have one minute for Deborah? I'm going to show you. It doesn't matter really how far apart your legs are. So [inaudible] to put them together. Yeah, it would be technically a little easier for the reason you said it's like a tripod. So cause you leave one down in that like no. Well that part, yes. Right, right, right. I forgot where it took the arm off. I was there but I forgot. All right, still for Deborah.

We're going to do the same exercise. We'll take the light to the side like we did before. You taking the back leg out to the side. I was not, but we will now. Oh I was there right when you did it. You were moving that leg out to the side just cause I almost fell when you um, yeah, that was me falling. I was not trying to do that. So that's why I asked if the arm, I have a good idea.

Let's go somewhere else. You guys are clearly making that too easy for yourselves and I'm the one that struggles with it. So let's, sorry, did answer it. Yeah, yeah. Okay. But yeah, I was falling and no, I was, I was about to challenge you and make it look like that was what I was trying to do, but I wasn't back extensor. So all the way down. Yup. Stretch your arms all the way out in front of you and good. Thank you, Sean. Good. Is that an okay position, Candice?

Because you could go more a little bit wider. It's not even gonna affect Aaron's position. You can even stay. That's perfect. I love it. Helen. Definitely go wider with your hands even more. There you go. Now you have room, right? You should have everybody wherever your hands need to be.

It's the play or the plans need to be where your shoulders can fall down your back toward your butt. Okay, from here all we're doing. Draw your abdominals up off the floor. Literally. Good, good. Leave your feet where they are. You look you're perfectly line. Leave your feet where they are. Start to lift your head and maybe chin slightly forward from there. Stop there.

That's great. Lift both arms straight up off the floor, higher than your head if you can. Good, good, good. [inaudible] and down everything. Fantastic. Re-Draft the shoulders. Slide him down. Yes, that wasn't challenging and if you would bring them slightly closer, but I'm liking what I'm seeing there. Start to first draw the shoulders down. Reach the chin ever so slightly forward. ABS are up. Float the arms up off your back, feet tops of the feet on the ground.

Reaching along. Try to pull up the ABS even more. I'm looking for upper back, up, up, up, up, up and everything down. Good. And again, shoulders first and could the pubic bones, you'll feel more weight there. Then the arms coming up. Do what you can without shrugging, without dropping into the low back and down. Changing it slightly. It starts like this. You still pull the shoulders down. Only this time you actually going to pull so much that the arm start to drag towards you a little bit as you lift your head and your chest.

So it's not like a four or five inch lift. Start to slide your arms back. That's it. That's good. That's probably, they are touching the ground for now. So let's start over. My fault. So it does the same start except the arms will stay down and we're going to come up higher with the trunk and then add the arms. So you start to lift your chest and back arms.

We'll just travel the distance they need to to support you. Your gaze is probably right in between your hands. Okay? From there both hands off slow a Bubba Bubba. There you go Andy. And everything down. Okay. Feet stay on the ground. That's why I said slow. So you have another choice too.

I'm going to do it exactly the same way, but if you'd rather do one arm at a time, that's cool. Um, whatever you do, do it slow. Alright, abs are in. Uh, let me say it this way. As you lift, do it with just your back extensors. So less arms to get up, just your back. Cause then you'll know when you need to stop. So your arms are loose for the moment. They'll travel if they have to keep coming. Come on, you can get Kenny. There you go. So you feel back extensors, right? So when you pick up your arms, nothing will change. Yeah. And down. Last one. Promise lifting with your head.

Your upper back shouldn't get much past the shoulder blades. Let the arms come up. Feet. Stay glued to the floor like they were. And finally, all the way down. Alright Gang, press yourself up. Rounding your back. That's enough fun for one night. Okay. And to release your low back again, just a reminder.

You do want to stay in your abdominals a little bit. When you're ready, adjust your feet so that we're going to end standing. Adjust your feet just so that you're on the balls of your feet. I have my feet apart a little bit. Yeah. If it's suitable for your knees to be in this, uh, around this position, try to get your heels down and your butt down. Okay. Now there's a little bit of, that's good, Wendy. Yeah, it's has a little, I shouldn't say a little bit of proportion has something to do with this, but let's just stretch those Achilles tendons as much we can then fold yourself and half by straightening your legs and by with that cue, just as straight as is comfortable with a moderate stretch.

Okay. Checking that you're more over your arches than your heels. So relatively soft. Nice recommit to that midline of your body, so you're hugging that space or lightly squeezing innercise. We're going to roll up. Just take whatever kind of breath you need, or as many as you need, usually exhaling up and when necessary, take another one. Shift your weight forward a little bit. As we rise up, the hands will come up.

We're just going up a little and don't get too high on yourself. Leave your arms up there and we'll stretch the heels back down. Stretch waist, and again, take the arms higher. Okay. Reach the heels down and lengthen your back. Keep going. And one more time. Way Up.

And this time let the arms come down the side or wherever it feels natural to lower yourself down. And you're done. Thanks for sticking a little extra. Good job, you guys. Good job.


Challenging class, which really made me work, thanks!

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