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You will continue to progress in your practice with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. She starts Wayne on the Reformer immediately, working on coordinating his breathing with his movements. Throughout the class, she adds deep stretches so that he can advance exercises like Elephant, Spine Stretch, and more.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Arm Chair, Spine Corrector, Cadillac, High Chair, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Baby Arc, Hand Weights (2), Pilates Pole, Magic Circle

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Ready Mr. Nash. This is session number, what? Seventeen? Yeah, it'd be seventeen. Sixteen, seventeen? Seventeen, seventeen. Right, (equipment clattering) We need to get your foot fixer.

(mumbles) Okay. (mumbles) Eager to work? Very good. Excellent and press up. (mumbles) Now I want you to keep moving.

And I'm gonna give you a grab okay? You're gonna inhale. Real faster with your knees. Inhale. And you're gonna exhale for two exhale.

And inhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Inhale.

Inhale. Exhale. Exhale. Good. Inhale.

Inhale. Exhale. Exhale. Two more. Inhale. Inhale.

Exhale and exhale. Bend your knees into the chest, anchor your powerhouse. Hold the stomach up and please the balls of your feet heels together. Knees together. Knees together. Close together.

(mumbles) (laughs) Okay, so, right from there pull your stomach in and up, And, let's get your heels. When you come into the studio, grab your tools. Good. And press. Inhale.

Remember we wrapped the legs. Inhale. That's it. Exhale. Exhale. Good.

Inhale. Inhale, press on my hands. Exhale. Exhale. Very good.

Inhale... Oops! Dropped again. That's okay. You just push up. And exhale, good.

Put your heals under. Exhale. And inhale. Exhale, press here. Don't lose this.

Press your toes. Press your heels. More heels, more heels, more heels. Yes, there you feel that? Good. Bend your knees. Good.

(mumbles) And press up. Good. And exhale. And exhale. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale. Exhale.

Inhale. Inhale. Exhale. Exhale. Very good. Bend your knees into your chest. You're gonna take that first foot position.

I'm gonna get your foot fixer. Heels together to the part. Good. Very good thing. Now separate your both of your feet more. Balls your feet separate them.

There. Lift your heels. Oh, yes. Now stretch out. Good.

Stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch. Now lower heels a tiny bit. Keep that really exact straight and lift your heels. Yes, and lower heels a tiny bit. Press here and lift yourself.

So good. Lower down down down. Lift up up up. Get there deep in deep. Lift up as quick as you can.

Higher, higher, higher. Go down as fast as you can. Stop the losers ball. Roll still happen. Lift up up.

Rest of here goes lower, lower, that's it. Good. Now lift up. Up, up, lower, press here. Lift, press here, lower, press here, lift, press here, lower press here, lift press. Lower, lower.

Lift up. Lower lower. Lift up. Bend your knees in. Good, we're gonna keep your foot fixer up.

You're gonna bend your knees into your chest. Okay, stretch your legs over your foot bar become on the foot bar with your foot fixer on. So you're still getting a new release potential. So you're still getting that beautiful wrap right there. Stretch your legs, reach back take your hands through the...

Arms straight up to the ceiling. Lift your head up and roll up, roll up, roll up. Hold it there and pump any arms up. Two three four five. Exhale in in in in in.

Inhale two three four five. Roll up two three four five. (mumbles) Pressing out with this foot. Exhale. Two three four five.

Inhale, reach to this leg and press out. Yes two three. Remember this I'd like to shorten your to engrave. Don't let it shorten. Fills all the way up.

How much do you take in? Now exhale and squeeze every last drop of air out. Again, inhale, inhale, inhale. Inhale, inhale. Exhale, exhale.

Roll up exhale, exhale. One more time. Inhale. Inhale, Inhale. Inhale.

Inhale. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale, bend it. Yes, that will teach you something to you for Cordell.

So, you're gonna hold on to this strap. (mumbles) Here. I'll just check like this. Here to take this and you're going to place it through. Don't let that get to you. Now, make sure there's no wrinkles.

See a twist in it. Yeah, I don't mind. Okay, now, let go. But you always want the metal handle and the metal clip on the outside. Otherwise they'll hip together unclip you won't be happy.

Lie down. Sure, not to your hand like that. Yeah, you're too man. reach back and take your shirt off to the ceiling. Good.

Bend your knees in a gondola full on the strap, roll your bottom up to put your feet just like this, excellent. Bend your knees in your testing suite and who separated now you're on choose springs, Egmont, This chapter will cause you to miss out and I'm not going to digest too much to that. And we'll hire someone right over the strap that's important. But not get anything under like go into design mode. And press out really good.

And bends in into your tail. Driver passenger and present and Benji and press out in good bendy crests out. And then did she have a strap going off to that side, herself, the strap. So you wear your boxes and then stay there. Stretch.

That's better. And then I'm gonna like go see this was turning out. Don't let it turn out. He did that. Press that.

And then in stay there, second sentence and then stay there. So you're rotating at one late enough memory to yell at you understand where you stand with that one foot out. You don't want to do that. So now press out. And then there you go.

Do that. And then press out. Good. And then and press out. And then in you have to remember that don't bring your rates over here.

Press out. You already did. You have to fix it bend in the apparatus helps you find a for this hip. Yes. Open.

Down. A goodness it together. Up. Open. Down.

Together. Up. Open. Down. Together.

Yes. Up. Open. Watch your straps down. goodly together.

Good now reverse deck and watch your straps open. up together. You've got it down, pushing the strap open up together in there. Open up to rotate added to your user training now it opened up Yes. One more time really push the push the strap.

Push the strap, push the strap very good bend in regionalised over and by rolling your bomb up a fancy us straps off. Excellent. Okay, sit up please put your foot back up. Your Okay, so today we're gonna add to your stomach massage. So we're not gonna use that second bar up into standard conditions that may sound nice and wide.

You are here. That's very good. You're a little wider than I want but that's better. Okay, not so far yet. And it drops down.

He really is. You're gonna lift your heels with video and with videos and stretch out and lift the heels. You'll see that the bend in the heels and stretch out and feel good. blend in with the heel and stay under that pressure. You'll see get stretched out and less good than him when he drags out.

Then in English, stretch out caress in bed in very good and stretch out. Correct. Very good. one more way. Exhale, press out heels together as that it excellent and take your hands behind you.

And press out. Then t Chris Hey Chris. Hey Jay. corrects out Hey, Ben didn't collapse out. Yes.

Press step up to grab the glove box. That box it's like back there. So I moved to box back because he's, he's tall, but what he likes to do is use the footboard today I don't want to I want to do use the strap because it'll open it sometimes I want you to push against your your against there to get the backfire but I want your hips open. So wrap your hands around your waist. Remember to lock in, don't pull out Good.

pushing your heels don't push. Don't move your heels out with the heel. So push your heels against here. Yes. No.

Push your heels on. No. Pull your tummy and roll back. No. Where are you gonna leave with your pelvis?

your pelvis. your pelvis, your pelvis. Come back forward. upper back. Yep.

So leave your shoulders where they are. Head down. Great. Pull your pelvis that. There you go.

You feel that? Boy. pelvis. pelvis. pelvis.

pelvis. pelvis. pelvis. pelvis. pelvis and come back up.

Yes. And again. pelvis. That's it. Shoulders trying to stay where they are.

shoulder, shoulder. Reach to me. shoulder, shoulder, not back. Shoulders reach to me. their shoulders reach.

Shoulders, reach to me and come back up. And again, push you to heels. Yes. And it comes up. You pull that time here.

I'm here. Yes. And again. You push yourself. Here.

This is. low back. low back. Low back low back. Low back.

Low back. Oh, beautiful. Excellent. Is that where you got to push it? Yes, you did.

stretch forward. Whoa, what did you That was amazing how to feel. Or take the bar, hold your weight tips. Lift all the way. Forward, forward.

Stay there. with yours. More often more. Lift up. And lift up.

And lift up. And stir direct all the way up. shoulders. There. Oh.

over to the left. Over to the right dealt with it. over to the left. Over to the right. Now no drama.

Just with all the way up. You don't let up. Lift up. shoulders forward more. They're still over your ears.

Whoa. booger has stretched out actually extract the data and lift it up shoulder oh oh excellent job bar handy yeah nothing use your pets today because I think Even with Toronto's no pets, yes. Your dogs off the mat. shift that. Shift, hips back, hips back.

Yeah. Stay there, push through years of stretching and veggies was through the heel strikes beneath me. Push the heel, stretch the knees. Walk up into here. Perspective age is age.

And push back. Pull up. Push back an inch. Cool. excellent.

Step off, careful. Do you remember we did the high chair for your new stretches last week, or last time we're already here. But first, we're gonna begin seated today. With your two legs on there, which should be on there. Yes, with the cart.

wrap your arms around. Now I want you to be healed on the pedal. There, very good and pull your toes back. So senior, you're dropping your RGF right here. Bring your foot out a little bit.

out one more. Yeah. So you want it right here that hip is knee, center foot and put weight on the other edge. Yes, that's it. Very good.

And drop your head down like me stretches and push your tailbone against that. And push there and come in or bring the courage to bring it in. All we are following up following up all the way down and we're following up. All the way all the way. Back with his back.

And first. Stop. pull this back. Back. What was that?

What was that? Rest down. For input in for a nap quickly. Press it quick and in. in and you step up.

Never enough to step on that with planks with your hands here are the worst. President kerkhoff great to bring them over. Take your pencil here. Now think about it. Push it a little bit.

Lift your body that's it. stretched it. That's it. Yes, we feel that. This is like a front school that we're going to do a little bit here.

This goes and with the Panama and gross income on the big challenge not only Richard this Jeep commercial actually sit there now lift your bottom handle survey showed that there you go. And there good morning to release children by bringing money back and come forward in this disturbing, disturbed slept that goes back a little bit I don't want to gosh so I'm working on the leg stability. For him this is what he needs for his body to be able to support the weight in the leg when it's going to lower down through the centuries with this hit in place to stabilize the pelvis yet still working on it. Good morning. Excellent.

We're very careful when you discount ingredients on here instead of the strong way in control let's begin Excellent, press up here as far as that goes. Live lower and lower, lower lip and stretch. Bring your seals out to the lecture, seals heels because we still work on that connection that we just did a stupid account of friendship. With this, we just go over there and press stretch out stretch. So let me circle back and in the nice stretch, stretch, and stretch.

And in and hop up. Very good. Roll down. Gregor likes to gather and come off just like you get on. So you're gonna roll up and turn to the side and one fluid motion.

Yeah, and push up, down set up. Excellent. Now what are your splits and you're able to put your heel right here now. Good, Benji. That's not sexy.

Hey, I want you to sit and soak up terribly your sparkles. And you're having this between your thoughts. So to go down, just place between your hands, squeeze it, squat down your chair position like so, together, right. Okay, reach back to your animals ideally the same time. Stretch your arms forward to that corner.

As much as you can your shoulders on it, you can take your feet a little more forward with a microphone there. Now bring your chip in, stretch it and relax and burn your children stretch and steep circling their little circle and lift up. Richard Branson raised a little bit more at death and death. And down. And down and down.

And down. And down. And down. and up and up. And up and down.

Yeah. Yeah. and up and up and up and up and up and up. Hands, reverse the action to stand up off the edge and shoulders down your head like that goes way off the edge. This lecture there will go your way and come up with the answer and bring your hands up.

That's it We don't want you back, open. Exhale, bring this into the space. You feel that. That's what I'm on. Reach, reach, reach in or when your arms.

Remember the goal is cityspace. Exhale. Good. Inhale. Exhale, stretching director.

Good. Now, bring your arms up, edit your headset and come up with your answer the ceiling and your round forward and select your tissue into the hole as you slide. And roll up. Back here. Once you sit right on top of that.

That's it, stretch your legs out, bring release yet. Now, the trigger this exercise is if you reach to pop over here and slide forward, but it's in the teacher to anchor your tail. So Fletcher, be back and reach your hands to your toes. And go as far forward as you can without falling. we can put each other back.

This is called show stretch impairments. Don't sit back and structural reform. Sit up. Go to combat we're getting here. Sleep is already behind you.

There you go to surprise and stressful. So you have to start making it independent so that they find it when you're not there. So the beginning I teach you where everything is. But now it's his job or lesson 17 and he's really progressing. Well.

Some people don't get this a couple years over their chest to find the shoulders a little more forward. There. By 11. Point feeling feels good. One more time, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch.

Stretch is now diligent performance, step by step, step, step, reaching here, step by step. Beautiful way. And step. That's excellent. You're gonna take this bar your roll up.

We're gonna you're not going to get all the way up here first, so much so that what I want you to use your mind to get your feet on the edge ship. This is to open up your lower back a little bit, just your feet legs together, just like we always do. heels together. One second. I'm going to do your foot fixer so that you engage your government to press outfits together meals, yes.

Would you go and roll up and roll or whatever you're not going to get folded. Feel that right there in your stomach. Yeah, hold it, hold it, roll back down. Plug it, reach up the arms and stretch all the way up your shoulders. And roll, roll, curl.

Get the ribs out. We've done that we've done that we've done that. We'll look there. Roll up, roll up. Roll up.

Roll up. Stretch. Roll down. Let's find that stop. Hold it for future.

Will that show shoulders and stretch and inhale, come up. Applicants admission. Whoa Wait, wait, wait. Yes. Good crow that drove drove drove through.

Good and good. So live fireside today. Keep that like up there and stretch one line up through your legs circles. Now you have one leg up there so you can heal, you can anchor your lower back more. So that's what I want you to focus on.

Circle cross, excellent. Circle across, up to circle, circle cross for, across, across, six across, seven across Reverse and one two three four five six seven years been immense stretch. Then you stretch it all the way up. Cross, problem two, cross three cross four Rivers one two three four five six and seven venues all over. Good.

Now, you're going to come over here and I'm going to teach you a very evil exercise. This is going to help you roll the ball. So I want you to sit facing this way with your feet right here. To get set up to take the bar your hands and your right hand you put your right foot look, Andrea's push the bartender and you're keeping me right between your shoulder and your ear. Okay.

And you want to move that direction at the bar and see everything you do great and the boxes were good. So the thing is the prevents you from doing what you want to do. And we'd like to move outside of this box with this means this is presenting and it doesn't really shoulders back and guess what you get to Jeanette, go all the way back and stretch like that. This is also getting his leg stretch. There's your shelter.

Push and change your life. Right now hold on to that bar leader summit up and don't let anything and what happened you're thinking to me? All right, just my job to remind you that is where you go and stretch the bar. That's also for us to just sit back and do some oversight. So now hold your hands here.

And I want you to stick your nose Shut up, right. So you do have that stretch. And now on to do chest expansion to bring the bar down. Don't bend your elbows, don't bend your wrists, chest. That's it, you feel that holds it all in front of our back end.

And again, chest expansion, Hold it. Hold it, hold it, no backup. I don't want your shoulders shift back up. Keep your shoulder HST connection that veteran offers out inside. Push your elbows out inside your hangar, stretch forward.

Hey, no roll up to sit when you have to bend the elbows and press just as mentioned. And you're ready to do your single like cool and you're definitely cool. Hi. This is weird. And you're ready to do your single like, cool, and you're definitely cool.

Hi, this is Paul, you'll be returning that space for your website, or is that the right way to put the right panel? Those two searches that stretch on Google plutonian. Search? Yes. Just saw what you did.

A party? No, no, try to grab the whole hand. Yes, yes. Yes. changes what happens in your shoulder.

Good. Don't go side to side and switch. Don't let the play drop with the right. Heel by the knee. Your foot, lift the leg.

Lift that way. Yes. Switch. Lift your leg. Don't let your right leg drop so much moves in your head.

That will listen again to see if you have to go back and keep your hips back switch. Find your tipping a bungee tipping your tongue. Two lakes and then make that little bowling ball position. Hold your ankles. Interesting.

Don't move us together. Stretch your legs out there aren't that good. What happens? you're greeted, which is now called rips into that space. That?

Yes. And then how did it feel what's on the map now. Don't let it off. From instead understand, stretch up and come in. Don't let it off.

Stretch and stretch on strict and silver back when you do the robot. Arms the straight up. And let's go get up and work in now. arms go straight this cool. That's what I want.

And in here on spruce Street. That's what I want. In our story, that's what I want. In here in my love You have graduated put your heels in the center of the red boxes for your spine stretch forward in the center of the red boxes and beautiful on the front, just like now. You're going to get your red ball theater up higher.

Okay, no, not yet. No red ball. So upgrade, Erica. And stretch forward. We had such a push.

Yes. Sure. Sit up tall. Lift Have you stretch your legs and I wish the video was really very good right now and notice I don't push on him where he is really tight right here and I wanted to stretch his legs. He has to do it if you push up his legs you need to do a push the bar I got his shoulders they may just lie and might be a little bit bring your cheat them good.

Yeah. These are heavier than you're used to. for internet states in general. Just stretch (mumbles)


Nice to see the focus on breathing. Sometimes I tell a client  when they are not  breathing consciously that  I can do it for them-- but there will be an extra charge!!

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