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Creating New Challenges

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You will continue to create a strong connection to your powerhouse with this Mixed Equipment workout by Kathryn Ross-Nash. Wayne starts on his own with his seated foot warm-up and then Kathryn adds exercises with the Toe Corrector to challenge him more. She then goes through his practice on the Reformer, Ladder Barrel, Mat, and Cadillac adding new concepts for him to focus on throughout the class.

Note: This class was filmed by Kathryn in her home. It was intended to document Wayne's progress as he continued with his practice so the sound and video quality may be lower than usual.
What You'll Need: Mixed Equipment, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Mat, Reformer w/Box, Toe Corrector, Baby Arc, Table Chair

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Okay, you wanna sit back there? We're gonna add a little bit to your, to warm up. Okay, good. So Simon, can you please move? Thank you.

She was gonna teach. Okay, so I want you to put on your toe corrector and we're gonna put it low okay? Now I want you to keep your feet on the floor the whole foot on the floor, and you're gonna let from your knee, it's gonna go like this. Okay? To engage the spring, sliding your feet on the floor.

Sit up tall, slide your feet and engage the spring. Just keep the full toe down there so that this pulls in now not so big. It's just so that the pulls the toe open okay? So keep the big toe on, big toe on, there and return that good. Little more weight right there.

So outer edge and big toe. Yes, you feel that? Good. And bring it in and again outer edge, big toe. Good and in.

Now bring your heels a little more forward to the directly under your knees. Little more, little more, little more, little more. Good now do it from here and press out. Hold it, hold it, hold it and return and press out. Hold it, hold it, hold it.

And return and press out. Holds, holds good and return. Now you're gonna keep this foot down okay? You're gonna lift this heel just like you were doing in your exercises. Lift this heel up.

Good now keep pressing down with this toe up with this toe and do your tree exercise. Sit up tall, lift your knee and pull the toe up. Pull the toe you feel that? Pull the toe up, pull the toe up, pull the toe up and down. Now I'm gonna let you use your hands underneath your thigh so that you're not, no just both hands underneath this thigh and open your chest yep so that you don't take it in your hip okay?

And press down and lift the leg with your hands. Bend your elbows, bend your elbows. Feel okay in the hip yep, stretch 'cause it's really about stretching this and keeping your back straight and bring it down. Good, now try not to lean back. Just do a single leg pull.

That's it and bring this toe into it. That's it. Press keep pressing down. Keep pressing on the big toe, pressing on the big toe and good. This is the toe you're actually working.

And one more time, lift up. Pressing the big toe, big toe excellently and other side. Very good. Single leg pull, press on this toe. And come down and again, lift up.

Pressing the toe and down, one more. Tummy in, this back, back. There you go. And excellent. Go over to your reformer good.

So just add them into your foot exercises. We're gonna move them to standing first. He wants it hidden, he does. Up down. Oh chickens (mumbles) Good, baby toe on here.

(mumbles) close a little bit. Lift up a little bit. A little higher, yes press right there excellent. And stretch out. Good, bring your head a tad to this side.

Baby toe and big toe and heel. So the three parts of your foot. Yep those three points, that's it. And bend and just bring your head ahead to the left. Perfect and stretch up and bend in and stretch out.

Now put your hands down. You're able to do that and do a chest expansion here, there. Excellent and press up and in and press three points and in, press three points, heels together big toe baby toe, press good in. Press, one more time, press and very good. Good, I'm gonna take these off.

You're gonna go to your arches knees into your chest. Don't worry I'll get them. Heels together, knees together. Good, we're gonna hold this with your knees and we're gonna hold this with your heels excellent. And press out, nope arms down you're fine, you got it.

And in good. And just like you're just off a little bit and in, and press and stop. Okay and press and in good and right from here and in and press, and in and press and in last one, press and good. Bend your knees in to your chest. Flex your feet good.

Give it stretch in the back, heels on the bar and press up. Palms down, palms down. You found your chest expansion. We can do in palms down now. Palms to the mat.

How are they supposed to be? This. (mumbles) Because your chest was so closed. Now your chest is not so closed. We have some pecks happened in here, press out and (mumbles) the toes back, back, back, back, good, and press out and in, in, in press out, good, in, in, in length in the neck and press out and in, in in last time, press out and in very good.

Bend your knees into your chest. Good, now you're gonna keep the pillow where it is but you're gonna turn your heels together and your toes apart and place your feet on the board. Good and you're gonna squeeze this pillow, stretch out your legs. Good, lift the heels as much as you can. Good, lower your heels.

That's it and lift up, up, up, and lower down, down, down lift right from here in, up, up, up and down, down, down, up, up, up pull this in, pull this in and down, down, down. And up, up, up I just saw your shirt down, down, down, and up, up, up, up and down, down, down one more time. Up, up, up, up and down. Bend your knees in, do you remember how to take the foot bar down? Bend your knees in hook bottom line as well and push it out and lie down.

Good, bend your knees into your chest. Grab your handles. Stretch your handles straight up to the ceiling. Stretch your legs up to the ceiling. Lift your head up.

Good press into your strap, that's it good. Pump your arms inhale two, three, four, five, exhale, two, rolling up four, five lower one leg down. Stretch the knee. Pull the hip back. Two, three, four, five, try to keep the leg straight, bring it up.

Two, three, four, five, stretch the leg lower the other one, two, three, four, five lifted up, two, three, four, five, stretch the leg. Two, three, four, five. Lift the leg. Two, three, four, five. Stretch the leg.

Two, three, four. Lift the leg and bend everything in excellence. Sit yourself up, take off two outer middle springs for you take off two middle springs and then come back here to help put on the straps. You're gonna hook this. And then you're gonna put them on here and you're gonna lie down and you're gonna put them on.

Put your back behind you, bend your knees. Two straps at one time in your hands. You wanna work by evenly. Bring your feet back into the strap. Excellent, excellent slide it down a little.

Yep, good. So you want it right there. Feel that? Heels together, stretch your legs out. And (indistinct) five legs, open, down together.

Yes pull the stomach back. Open, down, together, up. Good, open, down, together, up. Lift the tummy, two more, down. I like one more and now reverse it.

Reverse it, lift up, move your head to the left, there and lift your legs a little higher bit, higher, higher, higher, higher, higher right there. And go down from there. Make your feet look the same. Open up together. Match the feet.

See how this one's here and this one. Yeah and push lead with the strap. One second, let me bring this stretch out there. Down, open, up, together, down. I'm gonna let go, up together.

Down, lengthen up, very good down. Lengthen up together. Bend your knees in, press out, open up the chest. Good, again bend the knees. Two more times, sorry three more times and stretch out.

Good, now as you're doing this, think that tailbone down. Think your double leg pole and that you're pushing me away. Yes and as you bend in, you anchor that tailbone and then you push the stomach in and bend in. Reach your legs back up over your head. Stretch them, good.

And roll yourself up to sit at your springs. Put your foot bar up. Stomach massage, there's a pad right under there for you, four please. Okay (mumbles) Here's your pad to sit for your stomach massage. Okay, we're gonna add the lower and lift today.

Sit. Good, little closer in. Remember all this is like your first foot work. So I'm just gonna have you hold this here. Lift your feet up a little bit more higher.

So can you reach your hand here? That's your center now bring your feet a little more. There you go. That's it that's it. And take your hands down and lift those heels up as much as you can.

Higher, higher. Good, drop your head. Find your rolling, like a ball, stretch your legs. Bend the knees in. Stretch your legs, two bend the knees in.

Good stretch your legs three. Bend the knees in, keep them up, heels up. Now, stretch out stay there. Lower your heels. Lift your heels with straight knees, then bend your knees.

Bend your knees, good. Stretch out, stretch out. Good, lower your heels, lift your heels. Keep the knees straight very good, bend your knees in. Stretch out, lower, lift excellent bend in one more time.

Stretch out, lower, lift, bend in and reach between the legs and take a spring off. Take your hands back, good. Pretend my knees and your back and remember what we want your neck to look like here. Think about bringing this back. No back, stop, stop, this back here.

Good, you feel that? Right there feel here, feel here, feel here, yes and stretch out lift those heels. Come in, lift your heels, stretch out. So I took the other board away today so that we can do our lower and lift. Good, press out.

Bend in, press out, stay out. Lower your heels, lift your heels, bend your knees. Stretch out. Bring here lower, lift, bend, in, brach out. Lower, lift, bend, stretch out.

Lower, lift, bend very good, take a middle spring off. Stretch out the legs, bend the knees. Up, up, up, up, up, good, stretch out the legs bend the knees, up up, up, up, up, up, up, stretch out the legs, bend the knees up, up, up, up. Stretch out the legs, bend the knees, up, up, up, up. Good so we're gonna come over here for your short box.

Can you see this in the camera? I can't see. That's right. Careful. Okay, so you're gonna stand right in here with your feet here.

Remember this one? Don't be so excited. Let me give you a pad for your feet. Good hips, width apart, bend your knees. So your bend, your knees so your knees are gonna be much further front.

You're gonna be supported by the barrel. Perfect, nope upright, upright beginner upright. Good hug your hands around your waist. Pull the stomach in. Now, remember like I'm holding your head and you are going to roll the low back, back low, low back.

Bend your knees a little more dude. Bend them more, bend them more so your back is supported there. So you're gonna be here, okay? That hurt anywhere? No. Good,

bring your pelvis back. See how that opens the hip. Keep the knees where they are. Yeah. Pelvis back hold this back there you go.

Pelvis back but think about your breathing. When you're reaching through those knees. Go ahead I got you. Could reach your arms with you. Bring your arms in, head in, curl over and again.

Lift the tummy now. Feel like you're lifting against the barrel. Create such space now the arms will move with you, exhale. Good, and switch those hands on top. Put your heels out a little bit.

Push them out so that they're not turning in. There you go, (mumbles) directly good (mumbles) Did you switch your hands? Yeah. Good, bring this back. Excellent, good.

One more, this the last one. Yeah. Beautiful, stretch your legs. Good, now we're gonna do the same position side to side with a flat back with a flat back okay? Remember, flat back.

You're just gonna hinge a little back and forward, right? Bend the knees, hands behind your head lift up tall. Lean a little forward to begin a little more excellent. Chin in and hinge. Lift up, lift up, lift up and return.

Good, let me get you a pole. Okay actually, you know, it's gonna be better. Okay now find your bar. Find the pole hands behind here. Lean forward, think it's the baby chair right?

Now pull this, nope don't round it. Lift up the baby chair. Good and hinge back. Hinge back, hinge back and bring the baby chair forward, forward, forward, and hinge back, hinge back. Lift up bring the baby chair forward and again, hinge back, hinge back and up very good.

Good, you're gonna turn sideways for your side to side. So let me get you another pad for your feet. The left leg was first right? Your left leg goes forward yeah, but let me move it, 'cause it has to go on the crease. That was a little short for you today.

I didn't extend it. Oh, well hands behind the head, lift up. stretch this leg. (mumbles) Yeah, hop off let me make it bigger. Okay, now try to bring this foot a little more forward.

There you go. So you can not have your ankle involved but have your forward, forward there. So it's the same place that strap was so you can push through your actual legs. Good, very good. Now stretch the knee, lift up first and reach over the barrel.

Good. And come home. Lift up and stretch the other way up we go. Good, lift up and stretch over the bow. Good reach out and stretch out.

Up, up, up good. Lift up and stretch over, over. Up and in, in, in, good turn this the other way. Very good, you went really far today. I get sung two to amazing, hands behind the head lift up and stretch over.

Stretch, and out and up. Lift and over, lift up stretch out, stretch out. Lift up and over. And lift up and stretch and lift up and over. Good return to the first position please.

(mumbles) No, just where you want that one. Push your heels out, separate your legs. Can you have your heels down lower? No, there you go. But you want my knees...

Knees up. Yep just like that good. Now sit up tall, shoulders over the hips. Heel up leaning back. Yes, perfect.

Now hands behind the head, lengthen your chin back. Remember we do those exercises here and you're gonna bring your head back more, head back more. Feel right back here, good. And you're gonna turn to the right. Use your eyes, keep this hip where it is.

And come back to center. Turn to the left. Come back to center. Turn to the right. Come back to center.

Pull this in, turn to the left. Come back center, one more time inside. Turn to the right. Turn to the left. Don't shift pull this hip, pull this hip and very good stretch forward, good.

What's that noise? I don't know. Stan face the other way. It's over there somewhere. Turn, face other.

Okay you're gonna put your hands on here. And you're gonna take your leg, you're gonna do a semi leg circle and you're gonna put your leg on top. Cross the body heals all the way back there, way back. So you have to keep your heels touching the back part. Good, swing your leg across, excellent and place on top and look at you.

Good, stretch your hip down by bending this knee. Bend this knee, bend this knee hip comes down, good now straighten the leg and drop the tailbone down. Stretch it. Feel that stretch and bend and stretch. More, more, more, good.

Bend and stretch. And bend and stretch. Good, now bend this knee and place your foot on top. Bend your knee and place your foot on top. Just like that.

Good, now we're gonna work on your pelvis position okay? (mumbles) I know it does press on your big toe right there. Bend the bottom leg and as you bend the bottom leg, bring this hip down. Think going up front, right? You're not, now stretch the leg on the bottom and keep this hip where it is.

Down, we're doing all this to open your front and back body. Take your foot a little more forward. I want a little more forward. Good and again, bend the knee. Get the hip down.

Good, over the toe and stand up. And bend the knee. Hip down and stretch. And change your legs. So stretch it, bring it across towards me.

Good, just like you're like circles on the mat. Good heels back. Good, excellent. Straight leg first yeah good. Lift up, bend the knee.

And then just stretch up and lengthen this leg down here. And bend the knee and stretch, stretch, stretch and bend the knee (mumbles) and stretch up to agree. Good, now bend this knee place the foot flat on top okay, press the big toe and bend the knee. And then when you bend the knee, this hip goes down. Bring this knee a little out to me.

No, no, no your foot, your knee there. And hip down. Good bend the knee and press and hip down. And bend the knee and stretch. Beautiful, stretch it bring it across.

Don't mind carefully sliding the bar back to the corner. No, no, no, it's okay. So notice we didn't need to use your foot fixer tonight either standing for your elephant. Now don't move before you get to your elephant okay? So make your feet parallel and feel the outer edges of your feet.

And is willing to lift this. And I need to bring a little lower on your toes, there you go, good. And I want you to lift those toes up like we were working before yeah. And just engage the spring a tiny bit. That's it, perfect bend your knees.

Pretend you're on the bicycle with your arms and stretch over there. This way, this way feel here. That's it. You feel that now feel here. Good, you round it, it's just what I want.

So you were collapsed here drop it down. You were here now, yes you feel that? That's what I want right there. Filling into my hand. Now stretch your knees and fill into my hand at the same time.

Straighten the knees, that's bending and fill into my hand. Yes, that's your neck, that's your neck. Bend your knees and feel into my hand. Good and bend the knees and feel into my hand now. Good shift your hips back.

Shift your hips back, stay in here, good. Push your heels back and bring it in. Back in, back and in very good. That was awful. I mean you did well, but it was an awful position for you to get into that was tough and lift your heels, knees come down.

Good. Round back, pull your tummy in and really focus on those arms that position, the arm. Now you're gonna find that same field here. Do you feel that? That's it.

And you're gonna push back with the heels and 10 times quick in and in. So your knee goes to my leg, that's it. And in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, and in, stay there, reverse the arch. Roll the shoulders back add that shoulder roll. Good, so lift your shoulders forward up and back.

Good and go ahead, push out. And in, two, three, four, stop there. Give yourself a shoulder roll. No, no with the carriage in, carriage in. Shoulder roll and back.

So if you feel like you're not getting this just pause and open your chest again and go ahead. One, two, three, four, stop there. Good, sit to under the shoulder roll. Yes and go ahead and press and one, two, three and four good round in, pull the stomach in. Bring the right knee forward.

Good, lift that heel. Lift the knee and push out one, two, three. No! Calm down, other side. Very good, remember I teach this first to help them maintain the curve as opposed to like single leg pull before double leg pull. Now, fill this rib, yes fill that spot.

Yes, excellent. And one, two, three, and come down. Sometimes I'm trying to give you a back view, sometimes I'm trying to give you a front view. Good, sit on your heels. Now, remember those two spots, fill this one and this one to lift the knees.

Yes and bring it down. Good, you're not gonna go yet 'cause you're still wanna use your shoulders, okay? So I wanna feel it in your stomach and lift your knees. Good, push out and in and out and in and out and in and out and beautiful lie down. That was fabulous.

(mumbles) springs to lie down, success. Lie all the way down. What is that noise? It sounds like their generator. Let me give you a bar.

Onto the balls, the feet, back slant, heels together, running heels, heels, heels. Heels, stop separate the balls of your feet. Just where at you, lift your heels up. Higher, higher, higher, excellent press here and run. Stay, one leg goes down, one leg bends, good.

And now lift both legs up, up, up, and bend and up above. Now this one lowers (mumbles) as good as that one lowers. Keep the leg straight ready? Here, press out, stretch, press here. Good, now lower one knee, one leg right here.

Lift and lower here and lift don't let this one cross the middle and lower, there and lift lower and lift lower and lift lower. Siren we don't care what it is. Lift, lower, lift, lower, lift, lower. That's your arch dropping. You have to stand right here lower.

Yes and lift it and lower and lift excellent. Bend the knees in, hug your knees into your chest. Pelvic lift. I want you to think about the beginning of breathing. Beginning of breathing, tailbone up, reaches on that angle.

Good, press out ribs are down soft, soft, soft, press out and come in, press out two and come in, press out three and come in, press out four and in five, keep going. So it's gonna look like I'm teaching him a new exercise on the mat today, I'm not, I'm still focusing on opening his hip for the hundred, but since he's never been lying on his stomach before I have to teach him how to lie on his stomach so that I can use the barrel as I want to open up the front of his hip for his hundred. Roll yourself down and you're gonna just hop up and we're gonna do that for here for the bars there. I'm gonna move the reformer. Okay, we're gonna do your kneeling splits.

Home is a little cold today. Good, bring this knee out a tiny bit. Good hip down. Good squared off, very nice. And bring the carriage back and bring it forward.

Bring the carriage back and bring it forward. Bring the carriage back. You're not dropping this hip, there. Bring the carriage back, now drop the tail up. And I'm not giving you a ton of pressure.

Excellent, other side. So when your hip was, we just opened your hip a ton so it's gonna be a little more loose now. Up down. Knee out a little bit more. Not so much.

There you go, right there. Good. Neck. Now get this hip down more and raise up. Don't let it twist.

Yeah. There and come in, and come in. Box goes back and come in one more time. Box goes back. Remember this next couple exercises.

Very good and good. Let's go over to the mat and I want you to lie face down, okay? With your heels together, face down head towards the yep. And you're gonna have your hands one hand over the other and your forehead on your hands forehead. So this exercise is called the diaper Wayne, okay?

So one thing for you that's gonna be different than IQ other people is that I want you to keep this full in here too. So you're gonna press up into here right? At the same time for five counts. I want you to lift your stomach off of the mat. Lift it off, lift it off, lift it off, pull it into my hand pull it into my hand, scoop it off the mat and relax, again.

Pull your stomach off of the mat and lengthen that part of your neck. So there you go. So reach your head forward. Fill that little spot that we talked about. Hold it, hold it, hold it and relax.

Again, pull your stomach in. Try to get your stomach off of the mat. Hold it, hold it, hold it. And release. Now put your heels together, toes apart.

Yep, that's fine. Just how you're comfortable on your knee. And from here, I want you to do the same thing with your stomach and your neck. Pull it in, in, in, in now, stay here. Press your heels together and lift your knees off the mat.

Nope, don't not your feet. Your knees, yes. Pull your stomach in, pull it in hold it, hold it, hold it. And relax. Now as your belly off the mat, switch what hands underneath.

Good and from there pull your stomach in. Make your neck long and press your heels together. Hold it, hold it, hold it and totally relax. One more time. Press your heels together sorry.

Pull your stomach in lengthen in your up, up, up, up off the mat here, off the mat here. Fill through here. Yes, reach down here. Now press your heels together. Don't lose this.

Don't lose this off, off the mat, off the mat, off the mat, off the mat and relax. Redo it one more time, this is called the diaper. So whenever I refer to the diaper, you wanna pull the tummy in, lengthen the neck, press the heels together and think breathing. This is the same as the exercise you like but we're on our tummy's now, okay? So you're gonna pull the tummy in right here very good, very good, feel the neck here.

Yes, gorgeous. Now press the heels. Lift the knees, lift the knees, lift the knees and lengthen down. And that's how you like sit back on your heels to stretch out your lower back. Just push your hands back, so you sit back, sit back on your heels, that's it.

Good, so whenever, when I have you lie down and you're gonna be faced down, it's the opposite of your hundred, right? Can you see the a hundred position upside down there? Yeah. I know, I'm getting your shoulder in, place sorry. Good, okay.

Now what you're gonna doing is you're going to put this right under your rib cage. Bring it forward, I think we need to bring it forward. Little more, good, lie down. Same position. Let the head drop.

So you see how it fills that space that we're trying to fill automatically. Okay, so the pressure on your ribs here your stomach is already off, right? So all I want you to do is to do your diaper pull the stomach in, that's it. You feel how you can open more? Yeah.

That's it, through here, through here, good. 'Cause the ribs are up, hold it, hold it, hold it, and relax down. And again pull the tummy in. Pull the tummy in, now lift the knees, heels together, lift your knees, press your toes down. Lift tailbone, tailbone down, tailbone down, tailbone down and release.

Now what you're gonna do Wayne is you're going to write from here. Find that position where you're pulling your tummy in, right don't lift your tailbone. Don't lift there, down. Reach your right leg away from you. That's it.

And lift it up away from your tail there. Lift it, lift it, lift it, here and bring it down and stretch this leg out and lift it. So this is the same action as you were doing your a hundred on the map, but the opposite way. Good and now reach this leg. Lift it, lift it, lift it.

You feel that? Down yes or no? Yes and reach. Lift it, lift it and good. Sit back on your heels and stretch out your low back.

Excellent. Good let go of the barrel. You're gonna flip over. We're gonna do your mat work quickly. So you're gonna fly all the way flat, you're gonna bend the knees into your chest.

I know I had your bar here. So bend your knees into your chest. Good, find your neck. Stretch your arms up to the ceiling. Your legs up to the ceiling, just like you did on the reformer.

Lift your head up, oh you know, bend your knees in a second babe. Lift your legs up, hold the fuzzies. Hold the fuzzies put your hands, yep yep. Stretch your arms all the way to the ceiling. Good, now can you stretch?

Nope, you don't even have to hold them like that. Can you stretch your legs up? That's it now lift your head. Good, now lower your legs and arms one inch. Lift your head, lower your arms and legs one inch.

Lift your head, lower your arms and legs one you feel that? Lift your head lower again. How low can you go? How low can you go? Open the chest, how low can you go?

How low can you go? How low can you go? Beautiful. I'm gonna take these off, right? Take off your hands and pump your arms.

Pump, inhale. Two, up, up. Four, five, exhale. Two, three, four. Open the chest.

Inhale, two, three. Pull the tummy back. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhale. Two, three, four, five.

Exhale, two, three, four, five. Bend the knees in. Take your feet, slide them underneath the strap. I wanna shortstop for you. Heels together.

Lie all the way down. Do five roll-ups please while hang up the fuzzies. And inhale, come up. Exhale, roll forward. Fix those wrists.

Good, don't try out so much. Roll all the way down, and all the way back. Good. Can we move a little faster? Don't turn out your feet so much Wayne.

And inhale, up. Exhale over. Inhale, down. Exhale, back. Inhale, up.

Exhale, over. Inhale. Just exhale. One more time. Inhale up.

Exhale over. Head goes this way a little. And roll down. Chest. Chest.

Chest. Chest. And beautiful. Reach your arms all the way back. Now, it's gonna be a stretch.

That's why I have your... Let go. You're gonna grab onto the bars, but you're gonna take one foot out. It's gonna give you enough length for you. So now both your pelvis and your arms.

Elbows out, right leg up and five small circles down around and up nothing moves. Press in the hands flex the foot, press in the hands flex and up and up and up. Bend the knee in, change your legs. Good, bend the knee in, stretch it up and circle, one up, two up, three up, four up, five reverse, pull this in. One up, two up, three up, four up, five bend your knees in sit up rolling like a ball.

Good and go ahead. Sit up, rolling like a ball five times and exhale up one. Exhale up two, exhale up three, exhale up four, exhale up five and lie down single leg pull one leg in, one leg out. Remember right hand to right ankle. Head is up, leg is up.

Other leg is up and switch. Where's my hundred position. Switch and switch and switch and switch and switch. Pull the leg come on, pull it, that's it like you just did when I put your leg in for your leg circles. Good and find that center point.

Look at your tummy right here, right here. I'm lonely, thank you, lonely stop till this leg behaves. Yes two legs in good, grab your ankles. Pull your back on the floor in. Stretch out.

And your arms are gonna go straight back. Remember that straight and then bend, bending, exhale. Grab the ankles, good. Inhale straight exhale, grab the ankles. Inhale straight exhale grab, tummy powerhouse hips.

Tummy, exhaustion, talk to me. Lets go come on. Stretch out heels together, bend in heels together. Stretch out heels together as your footwork bend in and sit up, excellent. Now, how the hips feeling tight at all?

Or we're gonna just try to sit upright with your feet on the blocks. Not expecting you to do it. Good, anything in the hips? You still feel in the hips. Okay then slide your down.

Good, arms forward, long neck and arms up. Spine stretch, spine stretch, lift up and round down round. Arms are shoulder width apart and roll up. Lift up the arms up, up that's it, up, up, up, up, up, up, up and go ahead, stretch down. Pull the tummy back, pull the tummy back.

Open the hips, open the hips and roll up. Lift up. Lift. Lift. Lift.

Yes and roll. Exhale, exhale. (mumbles) Yes and roll up and lift up. Lift up. Lift up.

Beautiful. So I want you to come over to here and you're gonna kneel for your chest expansion, but we're gonna have your straps coming from this center. Okay, it's gonna draw you more into lower stomach, okay? Remember chest expansion this one, right. (mumbles) Good, now remember what we focused on before you got this hip is open, right?

You want to really open the hips. You're gonna draw the shoulders down and back to me and crack that walnut here. Chest expansion hold you feel that in your stomach, three, four, five and return forward. So think about that diaper action that we did, I know it's amazing that little change of where they come from. I'm here, flex your feet, flex them.

Both of them. Remember you can always flex them for you that's good 'cause you need that anyway. You sure? Yeah. Okay and lift.

Chest shoulders back, shoulders there. Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold and return. One more time. And then we'll add the head turn, pelvis forward. In, in, this is what's holding the head back and return.

And one more time, one more each way, reach down and then you're gonna squeeze here. Bring your chin to here. Center chin the other way. Let me move your head please, there. Center and return, return, arms and reach down.

Pull in, pull in, openness good. Feel how that engages your stomach. This is why I want you to sit up right, Look at what it does to your tummy. Look to the left, chin down. Thank you, center, look to the right connect this, connect this, connect this, don't let this shoulder move.

Don't let the shoulder move. Come back and release very good. Spin around for your roll back. It's all set up. Knees are bent.

And remember not to change the knees. Roll back, low back, long neck. Keep up then listen here more. Now Wayne push through your feet and straighten your legs. And you're gonna keep the legs straight now okay?

The whole time. Lift your head up and pressing down on the bar. Roll up, roll up with straight legs. Pelvis stays back. And sit up this tall as you can.

Anything in the hips? Yeah. Good and press the bar down and roll back. Coping, lengthen this hip. Good, very good.

Open the chest. And head up, ribs in, waist in, push the heels, pelvis back excellent. And sit up (indistinct) good, anything in the hips? No. Your spine stretch forward position that look that I keep saying you can do, okay?

And press down on the bar. Do you see spine stretch? Roll back, open your chest. Beautiful (mumbles) Find right behind here this. Good.

Oh you feel that? Yeah. Oh my God stay there one more time. Good, now bring your head up. Yes, find the spot.

Find that spot. Find that spot. Find that spot. Lift this spot. Lift this spot.

Wayne, fantastic. Oh my fricking God, good let go. Excellent, excellent, excellent. We are going to do your breathing from there. Actually I'm not even gonna do your breathing.

We are going to come over you're gonna stand right where I am because let me show you what I want you to do. You're gonna use the and you're gonna use these parts of the window. You're gonna stand with your heels here, your whole back against your neck back against their not only your neck but you have to reach that part I was pushing, You're gonna take your palms this way. Do spread eagle, press like your Christ on the cross. Press the other way.

Open shoulder blades together. Reach them away, press shoulder blades together reach them away. It's a subtle thing to help open that, okay? ? Hallelujah ? ? Hallelujah. ?

Good, now spread eagle baby, press. Are they your heels against the wall? No. N0, outer edge of the feet. Now reach back.

Your whole back doesn't have to be on neck. Pull the tunny in, neck, press, press, press. Turn your palms the other way. And press, press, press spread the fingers and turn this way. Press, find your neck, find your neck, find that spot.

Press, press, turn your hands, bring that spot back, back. There it is. And switch and bring it back, back, chin down and back. Come on, get your hands there. Press, press, press and relax.

Excellent, excellent. Excellent.


Roll Up-- my favorite exercise-- looks  good!

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