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Breathing Exploration

55 min - Class


A good warm-up to the spine as class begins then Kristi invites you to play with the pace and the breathing of your traditional movements. Give yourself a good workout for 45 minutes then spend the last 15 minutes opening up the hips and stretching.

Dolphin pod sighting at 21:54!
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Jul 09, 2011
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Okay. I got it. I got it. You're too late. Here we go. Comp. Now we don't need to be calm. Here we go. Sit in tall column. Let's see if we can build up a thirst. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, drop your shoulders. Drop everything. Oh, can we do that? I'm going to try. I have kind of a lot to drop tonight. I'm going to do it.

Here we go. Feet apart a little more, Debra. Inhale, use your arms tonight. Pull up, pull up. Let's see the biceps. Point the elbows to the side and then find your last by pressing down a little bit. There they are. Gym. I see them in here. On the exhale. Pull the hipbones back. Resist yourself, so hold those biceps kind of strong and then let them extend or lift your arms. Extend down to mid back. Slide your feet in a little bit.

Just a little inhale. Exhale. Roll the pelvis up. Just a touch. So you may or may not clear the floor, but think of almost lifting the hips off. Release the hips down. Inhale. If we haven't exhale, we roll up. Try to keep it here. Use your arms. Keep the curve. Shoulders are down. Lats engaged. Stack your spine. You're tall. Once again, exhale, resistance, so you pull the hips back, but you don't let the elbows extend right away. Then of course, you have to to make the movement. Once there, inhale, exhale, roll the pelvis up just a little. Just deepening the low back curve.

The collarbones are wide. Inhale, release pelvis. Exhale coming forward, almost leading with the top of the head and now stacking your spine. Inhale. Exhale, we roll back. See if you can use your upper body a little bit in conjunction. Of course, with the power house. Inhale, if your feet are drifting away, bring them in. Make it more challenging. Exhale, tuck. The pelvis. Feet are flat. Inhale, release the hips. If you can leave your legs there you do. Exhale, use the arms. Use the powerhouse and stack your spine.

Yeah. If you're not being challenged a little, bring the feet in a little bit more. Last one down, trying to keep the toes down. Stretching yourself out. Inhale. Exhale. Drawing the pelvis toward the upper body. Inhale, release the hips down, exhale to bring it up. And from there, just start to roll back. Pick your feet up and just leave them kinda hanging. Slide your hands underneath the knees. If they're not there yet, keep the lower leg completely relaxed.

Squeeze the glutes a little and just rock back and forth. We don't even have to land it. Nothing changes in terms of the legs. In other words, the calf don't lift off your hands at all. Eyes are forward. Let's do three, two, one more. We'll come all the way up. Let the feet go to the floor. When you come up, stack your spine tall, squeeze through the inner thighs.

Your feet are of course still part. And then go into a little bit of upper back extension. So it's your chest. You're looking up, looking for, just sort of range of motion through the spine. Come back to neutral on the exhale, and then with the arms and you know it doesn't matter where they go, just rotate toward the window with assist, but no cranking, right? You're just kinda checking in. Then we're gonna move. Take a deep breath. Here.

We're gonna stay in this direction. But see if you're, the muscles around your spine can rotate you a little further without much more use of the arms and then unwind without sinking to go to the other side. It doesn't need to be intense. Just lifting. Beautiful big inhale. XLC can go tad further. You can include where you're looking given that your head is part of your spine.

Sorta come on back. All right. Stretch your legs out and just for a moment, sit back on your hands. Feet are together, ankle bones, big toes. Flex them, hopefully flex them again and just check out that your feet are level five and then just curl the toes. Try not to sickle the feet though. It's what tends to kind of happen is all of a sudden you turn your feet outward. So try for no space. You may have some, but try for none and then pull the toes back. You're still flexed, but pull the toes further back and point. I mean not point, but curl the toes. Ankle bones are still together. Pull them back, point the toes, reach forward, sitting tall, and we rolled down reaching back. Lightly tip, tap the back of your head and start to come up. Inhale, exhale, hold. Inhale. Can I play with taste tonight? That's what I'm gonna do. I'm asking, just so you know, it's coming up. Why don't you say it was a command. It was, can I?

Because if I, if you think not well, watch me. All right. You know what you're doing now and because you do, you get to play with the breadth as well. And really all that means is do what you normally do, but do make sure it's all coming in and it's all going out. Things I want to challenge you to think about as you're moving it up faster pace than normal is can you be aware of your hamstrings hailing up? Exhale, particularly on the way down. Let's all get together here.

We're down to three. We're there by four and up to three and four and down. Press the heels down. If you can. Three and four and up to three. Use this to kind of wake yourself up a little.

You can bend the knees a bit if necessary. This will be the last one and all the way down. Take your arms down to a low V bend. Knees simultaneously stabilize and pick the knees up to the front of the room. Inhale, rotate, look the opposite way. Exhale back to center. So we're not going all the way. It's going to will build to that though. Inhale, look to the front and he's to the back. Exhale center. And again, inhale as you do this, your knees are exactly lined up. It isn't a leg thing. It's more or less an oblique warmup. Maybe a little more than that. It's possible.

It's too much motion to go the whole way this early so you can hold back on that and no problem. Still benefit to the back. Inhale. Exhale, bring it up. One more [inaudible]. It's like an orchestra in here. Last one did the back and okay, both feet are down. Glide your hands behind your head, fully lace your fingers and elbows off the ground. Inhale, literally just roll your chin to your chest so you feel length. So there's a moment your head doesn't even come off the ground. There's that split second and you've curled up. Yeah. Inhale, exhale. Lengthen yourself back down. Inhale.

So just for a moment, when you roll your chin, you're just feeling the back of your head. Slide on the mat. Then it comes up just for now. Inhale, hold ISER forward. Exhale, stretch yourself back to the ground. Inhale. Exhale. Feel that like that. It's my attempt to get you to fold higher in the abdominals rather than more at the waist. Inhale, exhale down. Okay, so in this position, the lower parts of the shoulder blades for me are still on. Inhale, exhale down in eyed, and I'm asking for that. Adding on. Inhale.

Exhale. Rolling up. Inhale, grab onto your legs. Instead of going up, try and shorten the distance between your ribs and hips. By pulling forward, your elbows go to the side. So Jim, come down again and just pull forward. Now you may already be where you are, that's L. and if anything, it was just cementing adds down. Inhale, arms are up. Put your hands behind your head. Exhale, lengthen down. Who? Inhale, how's that for playing with pace? Exhale, roll into it just right under the chest line. Inhale, reached to the legs. Exhale, you may come toward your legs a bit. Inhale, arms up. Put them behind your head.

Exhale down and inhale. Exhale, feeling that articulation of the upper body toward the lower body. Inhale, arms delay. Exhale, pole. I feel like the whole room just got serious. What happened? Inhale, put the hands back. That's good. And now I like going. You're serious, then I don't have to be. I'm adding on. Here it comes. Exhale starts the same. Inhale, arms delay. Exhale, pull. Inhale, arms up. Put them behind your head.

You're going to the front on the rotation. Keep your height as you come through the middle to the back. Good. Good gifts. Excellent. We're getting two more out of you. Hopefully like some really good to the center. Inhale, reach to your legs. Exhale, blow out all the air. Draw the knees up from their low back, completely planted into the ground.

Inhale, stretch the legs up on a pretty high diagonal. Exhale, pull them back in. Let's do two more. Inhale, push. So you can stop the leg straightening as soon as the back starts to lift. If it does at all. One more time. And as you come in, hug the knees to your chest. Your head goes down. Great. From here, holding on for now. Hold onto the knees once again.

Roll the chin toward the chest just to curl up. Initially elbows are wide good. And then give it a keep the heels down though they're dropped and give it a little push. Try not to change your shape once you get going. So as you go back, the elbows don't bend anymore, so you go forward. They don't straighten anymore. The area in front of the hip doesn't change. Three two coming up to stay up. Hold. Excellent.

I get in very close right on the ankles. Get them right into your body tonight. Elbows again are wide. Shoulders down. Just deal the check. Okay, here we go. Inhale back and keep it. Exhale, trust the breath and up and pulling those legs into you. Exhale, inner thighs will help. Here we go. Last one.

Okay. Sliding the hands up to the knees. Slowly lower down. We'll go double leg, single leg, and all of that. Oh wait, we should do the a hundred first. Let's do that. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. Extending your legs if you're going to, if you need a break, shorten it and we'll go. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Really fill up. Feel the breath. Don't worry about the count as much as you do. The action in the middle, you know, three.

And can you feel where your arms connect to your back to your powerhouse? Five, two, three, four, five, six. You're energetic, but you're not straining to do it. And is this eight or nine? Step seven. Hey, thank you. Can you feel underneath the legs supporting you? Let's do one more. Inhale. Two, three, four, five. Out. Two, three, four, five. Draw the knees in. Set the feet down. Separate them and reach the arms back overhead.

Pelvic curl. Inhale. Exhale. Hollowing the abdominals to roll yourself up to reach the arms down to your sides so they came through the air down to your sides. Press the triceps into the ground. Now when you do that, squeeze everything but don't go higher in the ribs. Okay? So you can push your hips up as much as you want, but probably hold back on the abs. From here. You're going to push into the right foot.

You're not going to see it cause nothing's going to change in terms of the level hips. You push that foot into the ground, slightly release to do that side again, push it into the ground. Change sides. Look for the hamstring. So you're in the left leg. Push it into the ground and again, Oh, don't forget the triceps. Push it into the ground. Get one more out of that push, but add in the right legs. They're both pushing into the ground. Roll yourself down. Keep adjusting arms.

If they start to feel like they're not doing anything, you slide them downward. Release the hips, barely. Inhale. Exhale, we're going right back up. Now minimize what the feet do and pull yourself up there with the back of your legs. All right, so here we are. Instead of pressing down, you're going to anchor your feet and draw your hips toward your heels. Again, if you're in this slant board position, you're going to see it slight release and it's a pole, but you might feel it if you want to touch the back of your life, right as everyone gives it a single leg kick to stretch it out and schoolies feet should be level and balanced. And one last time here, put your hands back down if they're up and roll yourself down to reach the arms back overhead. Finding the spine, turning the palms to face each other. We stretch the legs out, put them together, preparing for a roll up. That means you are so ready. You're already engaged at your abdominals.

Here we go. Inhaling up, exhale to get up and we roll right back down. Take your arms down to your sides in a low V and pick up the right leg. Alright, how do I want to say this? What I want to say is this. You will meet your triceps. I have my palms up. It could be either as if someone were pulling on your leg, the leg will go straight up, the hip will lift off the ground.

Can you see that? And then draw it right back down the legs still where it was, but now the pelvis is rotated back into the ground. Let's do that again. Lift it up, reach up. It's as if the pelvis is trying to go, uh, for half of you toward the window and the other half toward the back and bring it back. Okay, now does that make it more interesting? I'll do it later. Here comes our leg circles. Flex the foot, crossing the midline of the body. It's inhale around, same direction.

Exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale other direction. Take it around. You. Inhale around up, exhale around, off. Using that support leg in two. Inhale, last time here. Finished the exhale. Fold the knee in a crossover for a stretch.

[inaudible] okay, bring it back. You get it? Come on back. Taking the other leg. Use your arms a little. Actually, you don't end up needing a much, but the leg goes up. You rotate the hip out and then ease it back down. So there's not a whole lot you need to do with the leg itself, other than don't let it travel much. It's pulling straight up as the hips get lifted off and bring it back. All right, flexing the foot. Here we go.

Crossing the midline. It's inhale and exhale and inhale. So you want to anchor wherever possible so that the light can be free floating. Last one here, change directions in halo around NF. Excellent. And in one more cycle, and from there, bend the knee, cross it over and bring it on home. Take a moment, just stretch that leg out just so it feels all even and then engaging through the abdominals and keeping your back.

Still trying to bend both knees at the same time to pick them up. All right, we curl up, reaching forward, holding onto the knees. Then do this. Tuck your pelvis to lift the hips a little. That shouldn't mean you fall back. You just sort of stay where you were with your upper body. Release the pelvis down. Do it again. Tuck-in lift, that's great and down.

Try to do it without a whole lot of change to where the legs are or even where the upper body is. It's a little tuck. It's not very big. And down. One more time. Lift and down from there. Leave it down, right. Squeeze inner thighs. Inhale, reach out and then act like you're going to get up in your upper body like you're just about to get up. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Yeah, I'll get you exhale. Bring it back. Lovely. Do it again. Like you're going to get up, but you just go, I don't know. Not yet. And bam. Let's do four more quicker and on N and two and back.

Focus three and back. Here's four. Hold the right knee. Extend the other one. Change one and two to absolute stillness in the middle of the body so you can do whatever you want almost anywhere else. Let's do four, four, three, three, deep in the middle and bringing both knees in. Hands behind your head. Let your head go down, but we're not done. Inhale. Exhale. Come right back up.

Do yourself a favor and press the back of your head into your hands. Kind of firmly from there. Tuck the pelvis still lifted up and down. Did your head pull out of your hands when you touched your pelvis? Good. And again, I think you said no in town and one more. Leave it down. Left leg and closer. Right? Like out.

Turn toward it. Grab onto that left knee. Pull yourself up a little or rotate a little more. Probably that's what you'll need more. The shin is parallel to the floor, the one of the bent knee. Thank you. Then almost crossed that bent knee over the middle almost. So you're squeezing the inner thighs. You're ready. We're going to stay here.

That Freon or the arm that was holding the leg goes just outside. So we've just crossed it over. Oh, come on Andy. Here we go. And reach over one. Keep your head in your hands too. It's pretty small. Three out of five, four and change sides and I'm absolutely want you to take breaks if you need it. We've changed sides. We use the hand for help to lift up more. Rotate into it. Inner thighs working cross [inaudible] a gym.

Just raise your foot a little bit and here's your pulses, right? Oh nice. Renee. It's that one. That's it. That has three, four back to the center. Bending both knees. Set your feet down, stretch your arms and legs out. Inhale, we start to curl up. Exhaling up, take a stretch forward. [inaudible] that was after class. Beverages is starting to sound good. [inaudible] really your self up to seated for spine stretch. Okay. So, um, if, if you start to feel it in your legs cause we've kind of had you inflection for a while, you can bend your knees and I'll give you a stretch in just a second. But for now, let's go palms down just for this first few. Um, so if you can imagine that table that you're pressing on to find your upper back. Inhale, exhale, start to round forward.

Okay. Feel how the tightness in the abdominal stretches the back. Go ahead gang, go ahead. Forward, forward, forward, inhale and exhale to roll back. I'm doing the same thing with an externally rotated arms or turn it open. Inhale, palms are facing each other I think is fine. Excel down we go. And just when you think you've finished, make sure all the air has gone.

Are you as low as you could be with the hips, being gently pulled back. Inhale, exhale, roll up again. You inhale and exhale. Challenge your edge here. Challenge your edge. Where could you do? Could you put your head on it, ma'am? Inhale. Exhale. You never know. Maybe you do in, Hey, lean forward. Just a little overnight there. It's your straight exhale down. All right, let's head into back extension. Inhale, float the arms up along with the spine. The spine, really doing the work.

Arms are alongside. Pull the ribs in. Aaron. Lardy. Exhale round and Rola. It's not really a fair comment to you. I have to say this really quick. Sorry. I think this could benefit everyone. Um, Aaron's flexible. I can't, I'm going to fake it as my low background. Kind of. Yeah, you're flexible and your back. It's not. So it appears that your ribs are flaring.

Actually I don't think your ribs are flaring. Maybe a little true, but so I think for, and this is for everyone at this point, instead of thinking, hold in. Cause then for those of us who aren't as flexible, we tend around. So let's think when we think we're at R D we're done rather than trying more. Let's go up. Did it work? Did it flatten out a little? So I think I gave you a cue of ribs in and I saw you kind of pull them in, but it didn't really change what I was trying to get. So I'll, I'll try. I'll watch it. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. Starts the same, right?

You said you round them then from the base of your spine. We length enough. Exhale, get longer. Sorry. Stay there. Exhale. Get longer. Just think it. Yeah, you're already there. That's good. Inhale, hold it again. It looks good. And Shannon just looked down. Exhale. Round over. Yeah, that's good. The other thing for you, ms Lardy is that you get to, Oh, there's dolphin. Um, you get to be lower then us people here in front of you. One more time for Aaron. Here it is. Inhale, right? So don't be afraid to be low. Here we go. If you're more flexible, it's great. All right. Inhale. Stay right up. We come. The rest of us, that's it. And everybody's getting longer.

Then we exhale and round down to come up. All right, I'll bring you back here in just a second, but let's close up the feet and roll down feet slightly apart. Once again, the arms are down. Inhaling, preparing for the shoulder bridge. XL Rola. Okay, check, take inventory. There's a real tendency for people to maybe turn one foot out. The outside of the hamstring or some version of the legs work differently. So try and even at outlets, pick up the right leg. Stretch it up. Here we go.

Exhaling, kick down a one flexing, come up and two reaching long. Three, six, six, seven, 10. Come back up. Return the leg. Put your hands on your hips just anywhere on the actual pelvis and when you pick up the other leg, you don't want to feel any change. You might feel the musculature change, but no dropping of the hips. All right, hands back down and we go X. wow. One and two. We relaxing the toes and the foot on the floor. Fi yeah, come back up. Return your leg in Hill.

Start to come down just a little bit. Breathe. However you need to tuck your pelvis a little bit more than you normally do maybe, and then encourage. Well, just squeeze your glutes to see if you get a little bit more opening in the front of the hip. And then when you're ready, just roll on down. Ah, stretching your legs out. Once again, take your hands behind your head. Now, I always love the sound effects that come as soon as you straighten your legs and you put your hands behind your head, you know what's coming and you're so prepared for it. Here it is. Neck pull. Inhale, look at your feet. Aren't they lovely? Pressing into the ground. Exhale. Oh the way. Inhale. Roll up your spine. Hinge back a bit.

So that means the entire pelvis moves back, not just your upper body. Then change it, held the spiral. Good. And inhale. Exhale, pressing down. Think of those thigh bones going into the mat. Inhale, unfor hinges back so the entire pelvis moves on that and then exhale. Yeah, someone reaching or pulling on the ankles. Lift up and hinge. And one more time.

[inaudible] we'll just roll ourselves up. We're going to stay here flexing your feet. Right, so this is one of those places again where it's in our attempt to sit up straight. We often just lift the chest and don't work here. So if that feels that way to you and I'll tell you if it isn't a minute, bend your knees so you can really lift up. So it feels easy. Not easy, but straight. Here we go toward the front of the room, double exhale, center your feet don't move. Not a, not even a little bit. It's an action occurring primarily well above the waist. In other words, you need the lower body to be still so that you can freely move above it. Yeah, softening around the neck, especially the shoulder area. One more to the back and center from here. Separate the feet. I'm just about mat distance apart.

Rotate to the front. The elbow. Which elbow would that be? Be your back elbow, right elbow. That was to the back is now coming down to the knee or to the middle of the shin if you can. You roll yourself up to straight and center for the flexible people in the house. Go ahead and rotate. You don't want to just lay on your leg. So Aaron Lardy pullback at your low belly there a little as you try and reach there you go. And up, rolling up on the diagonal. That's it. Looks good. Helen in center and inhale.

So it's very saw like sort of right. And then roll up and center [inaudible] and flex the feet. Push through the heel. That's nice. Yon in and roll it up and center. Now let's just make it fluid. Really fluid and, and center and rotate. And, and I'm going to do two more. One each way. Make this a just rotate.

Then go roll it up and send her one more time. Ah, nice. Great. From here, close up the feet. Bend the knees, fingers face your heels. Um, you all have bands nearby. If you don't want to be on your wrist, you can do the tricep extension right now. That's what that would be. Um, you could turn your hands a little sideways too, but the elbows are meant to point pretty much straight back. Lift yourself up. You just need your hips to clear the floor. Not going for a major stretch here.

Uh, you can even tuck your pelvis a little, but we have to do is open up through the shoulders and chest. Then it's a simple bend of the elbow and one, two, three. If it's too easy, walk your feet a little bit away or in for that matter. Nah, pick up one foot. If you're feeling it. One, two, three. We're doing 34, maybe eight. Oh, if he picked up one foot, you'd gotta do the other one. Now, one, two, three. Kind of wishing I had a pause button. I know that. Six, right?

Nine and voila. 10 good. Have a seat. Stretch your legs out. Reach forward from little stretch. Hm. Alright. Started to bend your knees or walk them in closer to you for the open leg rocker.

So the tip, if there is one, is get behind the tailbone. You don't need to be straight on top of it, just behind it. Then you've already done all the rolling right where you go. We go into a flat back here, extend your legs. They can be bent, not a big deal, but do try for the upper back and then a little tiny scoop of the belly to roll back. There's your inhale. Exhale, keep the shape until the last moment just before you roll over the sit bones or tailbone and we roll in here to exhale. For those of you practicing on perfection, what you get to practice in here is not pushing into the backs of the knees on your way up. It's sort of a detailed thing. Inhale, held back.

Keep the tension out of the knees and in your power, and I'm not just speaking to people who hyperextend can you grab any higher? You don't have to, but if you can look for the mental challenge. The last one for you in light legs, do that by holding deep in the middle. All that up there when you get there, bend the knees, parallel the shins to the floor and we'll do a teaser prep. Roll yourself just to the shoulder if you can. Inhale, coming up. Try try to leave the legs alone and how you can raise the arms or not. And exhale, inner thighs, it helps so much.

You don't want to feel like you got two parts to your body. Here you can use the arms. That doesn't help much. The truth is inhale up, up and down. Here we go. Up, we come up. We then take the arms behind you. Lean back on him. Okay. Extended like that. Take them to the front, to the back, to the front. [inaudible] so that that hip is coming off. Okay. If you don't like the straight leg, it almost works better with bent knees. The truth, I'm going recommend that Nissa just so that you feel that rotation upper body stays pretty still.

It feels good, doesn't it? Well, let's do bar there. One more. Each side. One and all right, we come up, set the feet down, crossing the leg that's in the back. Over the front. The uh, so for you guys on the side, it's going to be your right light crossing over the left. Switched over and to face me. Exactly. All right. We'll side Ben for you.

Okay, so as far as your hand is concerned, make sure it's not slippery. If it is, I don't know where to put the sticky mat somewhere here. Now it seriously. We'll get them if you need them. Okay, so could you lift and come out of it without a lot of shifting? Yeah, if that's all we did. That's fantastic. Shoulder stabilization now if that's good. Very good. Here we go.

We'll go all the way up. You may have to adjust your feet that first time. Squeeze the interfaces. Renee, just bring your hips down a little. There you go. There's straight right? You know it when it's there. Now we lift up all the way over. Coming back to the long line so you'll feel the hips drop and then you come down. Keep going. We're going to go again.

There's an option for you lifting up all the way over. If you don't want to do the bend, you could just put the bottom knee down for it. Assist there. Lots of ways to do this. One to save the shoulder if it or wrist for that matter. Here we go. Number three. Okay, hang out here for a second. Gently press the hips toward the window. Gently, gently, gently, re lengthen.

And just one more. Here we go. A little left to go over. Nice. Come on back. Uncross the leg to the back. Reposition the hands. Walk the feet together to lift up. Try to get your feet down. Use the hamstrings, fingers if you can face them either to the side or towards your heels. Yeah, have a seat right back. Up and down and up. Keeping the shoulders down.

If you have to bend the elbows a little, you can just don't let the shoulder shrug and down. And with that you're gonna spin to the other side. Top leg in front. Best you can. You kind of on the side of your hip, if you can do it, knees together. Do. Traditionally it was done like so, but we're just taking the legs out. So that's why you see differences sometimes. Here we go. Just see if you can and down. Yeah, of late. And when you do, you don't instantly pull your hips back, do you? No, not this. No, not this crowd. Okay, good. Here we go. Lifted. Love it. That's up and up and over.

Feel that upper body kind reach toward the lower body. Re open. You feel the hips drop down and soft landing. Nice. Deborah. Yeah. Good. Can you do two more?

Can you need those deep breaths? It's absolutely true, but can you make it so we don't know how hard it is in terms of explosion in the breath as I do last one. Sorry. You go and you get light. You come back, you took the bottom foot out carefully. Hand goes down. Switch the other hand, lifting up. Walk the feet a little closer together or totally together. Have a seat.

Adjust your hands if you need to to make them balance going up again. Two more and down. And one more. Uh, don't look so far back. Uh, Shannon. There you go. And down. All right. Turnover on tier, abdominals and forearms for single leg kick. So when you want to feel your whole pelvis on the ground that you're not talking. Okay. Opposite what I've said for about 18 years. So anyway, there's that.

I'm gonna ask you to move your elbows a little more forward as well. You can pull them underneath after the setup if you want, then reach your legs. Not to lift them yet, but to where you can feel where the leg and the hip meet. It's pretty settled. The hamstrings will kick in but I can't really tell you what to do.

It's just the sense of being pulled. It is the hamstring and glute hover them the kneecaps. Then as if you're going to pull yourself forward along the floor with your lats. Put a little resistance there and look forward. Okay. Minimize the tension in your, the pressure on your forearms as if you were about to take them off.

My hipbones are on the ground had please let's do it that way. And if that means though I can't be up to this high so it'll be up to say I'd probably get more upper back extension anyway so when they just move your elbows forward it'd be more comfortable. Alright here we go. Its kick, kick straight and just one leg kick, kick straight and switch legs and kick, kick straight. Jim just open the collarbones a little. Yeah, that's it. [inaudible] kick, kick straight. Yeah. Trying to keep the knees parallel. They don't have to be together.

Yeah. Now we'll alternate. So it's kick, kick, kick, kick, exhale two, three, four. Inhale two, three, four and exhale. Okay I'm going to pause and the only reason I'm going to pause is something in my cuing I'm sure has got us here. Sort of like I'm looking at the upper back and need a little more. So like you could almost take your hands up now I know I have your hands pretty far in front of you so I don't really mean for you to take them off but it got to looking a little like this is boring and it can't be boring.

Right? So lets not do the legs, lets not do the legs. You can energize them and you should, all parts of the hips are down. Most of the rib cages on the ground and and it's like doing a reverse crunch. You know I always say crunch right into the chest line. Do it again, but the other way and so that it doesn't go to your low back. You're reaching the legs. And now let's just do some, a little different.

Let's do it with the arms this time. So you're going to reach one arm. [inaudible] don't lift the body anymore and put it down the other side for counterbalance. You might have to reach through one leg. Yeah. Opposite leg more. Let's do it again and down. Most of the ribs are down, right? It looks good. This looks better. This looks better. And then from there slide, the elbows are so the hands are underneath you.

It's the same position otherwise. And can you hold the arms off all feet. All feet, both feet on the ground. Hips are down. Standing. All right, four arms down. Lift yourself up and stretch back. Thank you. That's better. All right. Coming to hands and knees evenly weighted.

All we're doing for the moment is two. You're equally weighted, right? So all you're going to do is take the right hand off, just like float it and put it down and then the left hand anticipate what's going to happen. So you don't, so no one else sees you move even though you know there's some adjusting happening. Put it down. Let's do that again. First side should feel like a little more stable this time and down other side. Okay. Quick pickup here. Just so I, if I, if I have to say it, cause it's gonna get harder when, when we do it, if, if you're looking somewhere around my shoulder blade, if when I take off the forward hand, there's any sinking. If there's any dropping, there's any sense of weight up there.

You've lost the stability. So you've got to kind of be ready for that. Okay? When you take off folk, when you're going full body weight now, all right? So either stay with that one or let's go into a full plank stretching pretty long, three or strongly through your heels. Okay, so you're in that plank. Glutes are strong, legs are reaching very different, right? You don't even have to take hand off to make this work.

Start to take one hand off. You'll have to lean to one side, but don't change the pelvis much and put it down. And that opposite leg has to anchor so much more so the other one doesn't come flying off. Right. Do it again and feel how that it affects you in the front. Okay. Some of you, I like the long arm that I'm seeing. I'll do that. I can learn one more per side or make yourself even if you're ahead of me. Last one and down. [inaudible] lower yourself to stretch back. Hips over heels. All right, great. Have a seat. It's two teaser, one and seal. Okay, let's go.

So sitting back. Huh? Together ready. And so we're behind the tailbone. Just pretend you're doing open link rocker. It's far less of a psych out. I swear that's half of it, isn't it? And since this is a mind body thing, we can fool ourselves. If I put my legs together, I'm going to have to lower mind. You may not. Let's just roll away from that all the way back. Ah, we touch, I'm just going to go back up and, and pretend I'm going to do the open leg rocker again, but I'm not going to roll over those sit downs and I'm going to pull the hips away and go down again and just don't lose the glutes now.

Don't lose them now. Okay. So if I told you we're only going to do one more, one more of anything, as long as you're okay admitted that up. And then let's see if we can just, once we finish, we can draw into the seal puppy or let's see. And then take enough time to really get under there.

Yeah. Okay. If that causes you to do this as not good. Look down. Open up the shoulders. So here we go. I have a little fun and hell back. Beat, beat, beat. Exhale up. Beat him him back. Beat, beat, beat, exhale. So it's all the same stuff we've been doing, the inner thighs, et cetera.

All that's working here. One more time back, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh. All right, let's just roll this up. Now we have a TheraBand nearby, right? Just make sure it is nearby. Roll yourself down and put the uh, left leg on the ground. Hug the right knee and quite close and then send that the right foot to the sky, holding onto it with the right hand. So same side, I've got the knee, very bent, very bent, just guiding the knee down, somewhat out. Well actually just outside my ribs. That's the direction of it so it doesn't have to be right on top.

And then just checking in with your neck. If it feels like you want a little pillow, let me know anybody cause you want your neck long and comfy here. And then just carefully let that one go down. We'll change sides. Hug the other knee in first. Hold on. I usually hold outside the foot, but it can be straight on.

Foot is to the ceiling. Knee is very bent, just guide it to the ground. And the temptation would be the lift the hips, right. But yeah, that's where your anchor is. So if anything you're bolted to the ground at the tailbone are not quite the tailbone, but the sacrum and then taking that leg and just cross it over the other leg, the knee. Okay. And then curl your head, neck and shoulders up to pick up the legs and then essentially holding on underneath some will. Some people prefer it on top. I'm going to say start underneath and see how it goes.

Then you're guiding the feet towards you. Tailbone is down, be gentle. If you could put your head down without straining, that would be ideal. Okay. Another option for this is to not hold the feet at all, but you rather reach and hold the shins that that could work, maybe even better honestly. But the idea is that you're gently pulling the feet apart, play with whether or not you enjoy the stretch more at the feet, lower or higher. And it's still, the leg that is on top will still be on top, but we're going to just unwind a little bit and slide the ankle to the knee, reaching through to grab onto the knee. So the same one that was there just opens up a little. That's right.

That's right. And then I reached through and grab on to the knee or the thigh would work. That's right. And again, if your head could be done, do, that's it. You can guide the knee that's pointed to the side. I think we're all together out even more to the side.

And then let's just carefully change legs. So the other leg crosses all the way over. First you have those options. If you're going to grab the ankles, you're going to want to pick your feet up. I mean your head up. If you prefer to just hold the shins, you could do that too, right? But if it's, you know, really no big deal and you're just hanging out that, then it's no fun. So you do find, look for the edge of it, but gently is not. It's meant to kind of feel good, sort of helpful, not defending.

And then slowly just slide that ankle to the knee. Same side. Okay. You could have the foot on the ground for a little less intense of a stretch or a reach through and you could hold behind the thigh or even the shin for a little additional. You can push and by push I, well you can push. Just make it, make it feel okay. Yeah, out to the side. All right. When you're ready to let that go, grab onto the TheraBand and just [inaudible] wrap it around this, the bottom of the right foot, holding up pretty high so that you get some support and then take your elbows to the ground. And I'd start with the, the leg bent. The leg.

That's right Jim. I'm gonna follow you. The leg, um, that's not in the band. Goes to the floor if, if that works for you. Okay. The forward leg or the leg in the air is bent. All right, from here, bend the knee even more. Kind of like we started earlier, I'm going to grab a higher cause I'm feeling a little more flexible than I thought it was at the start. And then as you guide the thigh bone away from your straighten the leg is another way of saying it. Try to leave the foot where it is or send the foot over your head more, right? It doesn't mean you have to actually get to straight, may not be appropriate.

And then bend it the thigh a little closer to you and see how close you can keep it as you go towards straight again with the foot reaching through the heels of the calf gets the lovely stretch. The elbows are on the ground, the shoulders. Yeah, and one more bending it foot is level. Straighten it up, see if you can reach the lower leg more if even just in your mind and then let up on the arms a little bit and it's just changed. Like from here, bending the leg in the bands straight. Now the lower leg onto the mat. Get a feel for what this leg might need and straighten it or head in that direction. It might be different, right? It may not be ready for it. It might be easier. Who knows? So you always sort of enter into it cautiously and bend it.

You need to hold higher, do and head towards straightening it. Will you change her to heal? Pressing that lower leg down? If you're getting the leg so close to the lower legs, lifting off the ground, you're not anchored and you're in fact not stretching as much as you could be if the leg were down. One more. Let the breath become a little deeper, but not straining.

Lighten up on the band. We're going to use this to get up, so keep it where it is on the foot. Bend that knee, but put the foot on the ground. Put the other foot into it. Both feet on the ground. Right. I'm just gonna roll up so don't let it be frustrating. Yeah. Okay. Uh, getting rid of the band. I'm going to give you another hip stretch. I know this crowd, we like hip stretches and crossing the, let's say, which like, did we stretch last? We did the right leg last, right?

It was leftover. Right leftover. Right. Okay. So right leg over. Yup. Then start to bend that lower leg and I'm leaning back on the arms intentionally and you may decide to be down here. Okay, flex the foot that's crossing over the knee and then whatever you need, you come in closer. And w if possible, just so you don't put strain on the ankle, if you can cross it over. So it's just past that ankle bone, that would probably feel better and be a little bit better for the ankle bone. Heading into a smidgen of back extension. And then my friend Denise taught me this. I think it's yoga.

That's where she taught it to me. Take that out. Let's see what legs up. We all have a right leg up. Take your right arm and get as much of your upper arm or forearm. Upper arm is more of a stretch into the bottom of your foot. Encourage a flat back.

You may have to adjust the bottom hand for a bit of a rotation, gentle. Then aim your chest back toward the foot and then pull away a little bit. So, um, I am rounding my upper back and lower back. I suppose just a little bit to get a stretch to the backside of the shoulder. [inaudible] slowly helping yourself out of that to change sides. Do you feel that last part?

No. Well, at least get the hip crossover. You can start with the leg straight to test it, then draw it in foot flexed. Challenging it. Yeah. Good, good. [inaudible] taking the left arm inside that left foot.

We first encouraged a little set and you're not going to get probably straight, but you think about it and gentle rotation. Keep that gentle. Don't torque it, and then aim your chest again toward the bottom of your foot and then just gently pull away so that the back is rounded and then letting go. Let's cross the ankles or sit like so if you can, if this doesn't work for you can have them stretched out a little bit. It'll work there too, and getting up tall first. Let's get a tiny bit of back extension by just thinking straight and then maybe at the very top of the range you try and lift the chest more without leaning back. Draw your whole body forward. Ultimately.

Of course you're going to around and just let the arms support you in front, keeping the sitz bones on the floor and then roll yourself up. Chains across other legs, lengthening to lift up. Shoulders are still down. Big inhale to help you rise. Taller, expansive breaths on the exhale. Start hinting forward. Keep the sitz bones on the ground or round over again, hands to the floor for support, and then roll yourself up. Sit however you're most comfortable for three deep breaths.

Checking in with whatever you need, cause you're welcome to find a stretch that works for you. Inhaling, and with the exhale, just see how much you can let go. Feel the weight almost of your body at the same time, experiencing the lightness inside. Again, inhale and exit. One more for whatever you need. Anybody want a drink?


Wonderful class! My tight hips are so much happier. Thank you. I love all of Kristi's classes!
Kristi, AMAZING! Your cueing is so deep, I learn something from every class! Thanks
You are both welcome! I appreciate your generous comments.
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Wonderful class, thank you! Love your spirit and energy.
Thanks, Kristi- this was a lot of fun - great ab work!!

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