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Celebration Dance Class

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Join Mychele Sims in an uplifting dance class! She will break down the routine step by step, so you can feel confident in following along with the routine and the music by the end of class. This is supposed to be playful and a celebration! Get ready to not take yourself so seriously and let's get to work!

Special thank you to Aaron McLendon Music for mixing the music for this class.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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May 23, 2022
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Guten Tag! It's so fun, everybody. It's Mychele. Gracias, hello, mahalo. All those good things. I am Mychele.

And you are here for our hype portion of our Pilates hype goodness, here at Pilates Anytime. In the studio with me today, I have the wonderful Christy, ya. Hello, yes, yes. And I have the wonderful Felicia over here. Now seriously, I have Christy and Felicia, and I'm happy to be with you all today.

So what's gonna happen is, let's talk about what's gonna happen. Well, if you're in the house, in the car, in the park, wherever you are, you're able to do this. And it's very, very easy choreography. We're gonna learn choreography at two speeds. The music will stay on the entire time.

And after class we'll have like a little Q and A. So if you have questions for me afterwards, stay tuned because we'll answer those questions later. So some of the ground rules, you'll see me do some hand signals. I'll be talking to you. I'll be feeling you through the screen.

Top of the routine, like this. So if you see me doing this, it means be going back to the top. They don't have to do it, but if you see me, they just do it. Just go along with it. So top of the routine is here. We learn everything in half time. This is a T, a T. And then when I feel like you've got it, we go tempo and I'm feeling them from behind me.

So if I'm like, what's you doing? Okay, yeah. Then we'll do it over and over again until it gets into our body. And we learn the choreography in little blocks or chunks. And at the end we put it all together and we get to dance, sweat, and live. And we'll talk about what this is, again after the Q and A, so stay tuned.

Get your questions ready. What else do I need let you know? If there's anything that's going on with your body that you're like, "Okay, this is crazy. This is wild." Make sure you clear your space, get everything out the way. Don't kick any animals and then make sure you have room to move, have some water and a towel nearby.

Totally okay. And I'm trying to think, is there anything else I'm missing? Oh, my favorite one, if you're like, "What did Mychele just do? I don't know", I love a good body role. And remember you in your living room, you in your office or wherever.

No one sees you. So dance like no one's watching. I love the sprinkler. I don't know what she's doing. I'm doing the sprinkler.

Totally okay. A little bit different, but kind of avant garde for Pilates Anytime, they're done. They're done back here. A little avant garde for Pilates Anytime, but why not? It's 2022, time for new energy.

It's time to get to work. Let's go. She's ready over here. So while the music is playing and shout out to DJ AM, thank you for this lovely mix. (hip hop music playing) And all you need to know, is we stay moving the entire time.

And if you need a break, take the break, get back with us, totally okay. And it's a hip hop based class and you're like, "I don't hip hop." Try it. We can, you know, we're not watching you, right? So we just keep moving. Keep moving the entire time.

Have fun and like turn on your Sasha Fierce, your fiance, your Beyonce, whoever you are, turn on your alter ego. Totally okay. We're gonna warm up right here. Warm up, dance and then cool down, yeah? Take it out.

Walk it out. Foot forward. Four, three. Swing it out, right here. Swing, low.

(hip hop music playing) Yeah. Now we're gonna bounce it out. We go, out, hip. Bounce that hip. It's like you doing the bump.

All levels are welcome here. Let me leave that body roll. Give me four, slow. Two, three. Other side, swing it.

Four. Ooh, Christy, that was nice. Okay! Speed it up, oh my God. Four, three, two, oh my goodness. Do it again for Christy.

Step it out. We step. Step, touch. Don't forget to add your flare. Add your creativity and tag us.

I kinda lost where I was, but I picked it up because they helping me back here. (Mychele laughing) Chest goes high, high, low. High, and low. Keep breathing the entire time. Step it out.

Cross, step. Working the arms, the big muscles. I know it's not Pilates, but take it back. Still full range of motion. Ha! Woo! Inhale up.

Go ahead and twist. Reach through the side body. Give me four pulses right here. Four, three, two, other side. Ow! Reach.

Through the fingertip, let's go. Four, three, two, one. And bring it back to the center. And we're gonna contract here and expand the chest. Take it out for four, three, two, do it again.

And here, big and wide. Contract. Four sides, side, side. Side, this is your warm up. Four quarters.

Go front, side, back, other side. Front, side, back, smooth it out. Round, four, three, two, same thing. Other side, go slow. Hello hips, you feel that?

Ah-ha, you're feeling it. Ha! Smooth it out. Like peanut butter go smooth. Smooth peanut butter, not crunchy. (Mychele laughing) Inhale up.

Now take the head, look, right, center, left. or whatever way you in is fine. Up, center, down. Ear goes to the shoulder right here. Side.

Take the head around nice and soft. Keep your knees soft. Pull the belly button up and reverse that circle.. Oh, yeah. Inhale up here.

Now, let's take the body. Torso goes around. Oh yes, all the spine getting all that goodness. Warming it all up. Reverse your circle right here.

This is an easy part of class, one more. (Mychele laughing) So bring your arms this way. Both feet go the same way. Stay here or take a lunge all the way to the floor. You pick your poison.

If you feeling the song, just get your little bounce on, take it from a static stretch to isometric stretch, all the things. Hips up, head to the forehead or the head, what is it called? Forehead to the knee. (Mychele laughing) So lean on that back leg and pick those toes up right there. Do that.

Stretching through the hamstring, full body stretch. Lunge and twist the rear. Can have the arm up or have it on the, your thigh. Totally okay. Now reach forward, take that arm around full circle.

Reach to the fingertips. Reach to the back of that heel. Hips up, head down. Bring it to the center, take that stretch there. Slowly roll it up.

Stack the spine. That's me stacking the spine. Same thing, other side. So again, your lunge is here or here, you pick one. Get it, Christy.

Hips up, head down. Come on! And lean on that front leg, back toe comes up. Lunge and twist to the rear. Reach, turn that circle around. Yeah.

Long, long, long. Hips up, head down. Let's go. Bring it to the center. Take the booty down.

Take a squat. I am pressing my elbows into my thighs, if that's comfortable for you, go as higher or lower as you need to go for yourself. Hands down, hips up. Hold that there. Press into the back of your leg and then walk your feet in heel-toe.

All the way. Roll your spine up. Stack the vertebrae. All right, are you warm? What was that face?

I dunno. (Mychele laughing) I'm scared. We got you. we got you. So we're gonna get.

Starting from the top of the routine, learning it slow. And again, when we're ready, I'm gonna do this and you'll know when to go. So we're gonna start with the first move, real simple. Slow. Walk and pump, like this, let's go.

Step, pump. Two pumps. Step and pump. Yes or no? Yes.

We'll do it again, for me. Step it pump. Pump those arms. Oh, take it. Oh my God.

One more time for Felicia. Let's go, thank you. Really strong arms. All right, y'all, we got a tempo. Let's go, let's go.

Three more times like that. Two more, two more. Let's go. Last one. We're not done.

Hey! Awesome. Now adding on, the chest goes, right, left, right, left. Now that's easy. Put some stank on it. Get some attitude with it.

Stank on it. Not stank on ya. I think we need one more for me. Make it jazzy, use the arms, let's go. Slow.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Oh my goodness, I think we're ready. Tempo. Add some flavor. Oh, do it again. Let watch 'em.

Go. Yep! Let's do it again, one more. Oh my goodness, you look great. Now we put them together. What?

Reviewing slow. Step and pump. Step and pump. Step. Gimme that chest isolation.

Four, three, two, one. Now, we're gonna review one more time before we take the breaks off, y'all. One more time. From the top. From the step pump, let's go.

Isolate. Three, two, done. All right, y'all ready? Okay, here we go. Five, six, tempo! Oh! I need three more like that.

Five, six. I'm starting to act like a dance teacher. Again. Four, three, two, one. Hold that thought, there's more.

Going slow, watch my arms and my knee. Arms go out. Pick that knee up. Out, pick that knee up. That's it.

That's it. Yep. Out with the arms and knees. Out so the arms and knees go out the same time. You get as low as you need to for you.

That was too low. One more time, slow. Out and up Out, bring it up. Oh my God, I think we're ready. Tempo.

Five, six, arms in. Move. Do it again. Two more. Hey, last one, last one.

Nicole's in the back jammin'. All right, so adding on, three steps to the right, three steps to the left. So you can go three, two, one, hold it there. Three, two, one. Yes, again.

Three, two, and you're like, "That's a lot Mychele.", but there's more. You can get some plyometrics in there or just pick up your heels. Watch me. "What? Are you sure, Mychele?" Yes, I am.

Figure it out, which one you wanna do. Let's try it tempo. Hey! I like it. Can we do it again? Five, six.

Now, if you want turbo mode, you can go. No? They say yeah. Pick one. Pick one.

If you can do it once. Let's try it once. From the three-three. One more for cardio. The sweat's going down my back.

All right. (Mychele laughing) so, we got that. We're gonna put those two together and then we'll put it back to the top. You got that? All right.

So we go, arms go out. Knee up. Out, knee up. Run it. Three, two, one.

Three, two, one. Don't think about it. Don't think about it. We'll do it one more time slow. Arms and knees.

We're almost halfway there. All right, think about it. Keep bouncing. Breathe. Let's try it on tempo.

Five, six. Three. I turn that dag on. Yes. (Mychele laughing) Five, six, from the knee.

I think we all picked the jump. We all picked the jump. One more. Cool, top, top. You remember?

Let's go slow. Pump. Pump. Isolate. Four, three, two, that knee up.

Up, pick up that knee. Up, run it. Three, I think we all figured run, yeah. Yeah! Yeah? One more slow.

'Cause sweat, slow it down. Pump. Oh, it's so mellow, right? Isolate that chest four, three, two. Knee and arms.

Up. Pow! I'm trying to get that knee over my belly button. Three, I said trying. (Mychele laughing) Clap it up. (clapping sounds) All right. I'm giving you a second to reset.

All that's about to happen right now. Ish. Ish. All right. I say tempo, we changing.

Five, tempo from the top. Pump it. Arms. You got three more. Three more.

They got three more. Five, six. (class laughing) Hey! Hey! Four, three, two, one. Looking great. Hey, I think we're gonna opt for one more.

Yeah, we are up for one more. Got one more. That's all good. From the top. Let's go.

Arms and knee. I like it. Now, there's more. There's more. So we just came through with the run.

This is my right leg. Pick a leg that you like. You're gonna tap and cross it. Tap out the side, cross in front. Tap the side.

Very drama. Okay. We just finished here, we cross. Cross, look. Cross, look.

You got the head, you got the feet. Now we at the hands. Wipe your sweat. You see the sweat came off my hand like that. One more time.

Slow, cross and wipe. Cross. Look where your hands going. Yes! One more time for Felicia. (Mychele laughing) I think we got it.

Tempo. Five, six, let's pump the same. Three more. Hey! Two more, two more. I feel like Fosse, last one.

Fosse. Froo. Just don't. Don't do that, don't do that. (Mychele laughing) So really, really easy. Step, touch.

Step, touch. We're gonna add onto that phrase right there. Now I called it driving the Escalade or the Fiat. I don't know which one you want. Go whichever way you want to.

Four, three, two, one. Stay high, go high and low, but pick four. One arm. Driving on the 101, 2 arms at nine and three, whatever. Okay.

(Mychele laughing) All right, let's practice. Four, three, two, one. Don't forget to take your booty with you. (Mychele groaning) Yep, like that. Just like that.

The sound effects. Slow. (Mychele groaning) There it is. All right. Y'all got this, let's go tempo.

Five, six. I'll stop saying, ah. They said it. Do it again. Ah, ah, ah.

Let's sit. I love it. (Mychele laughing) So let's review. Ah, ah, ah. Reviewing slow.

We walk and swipe. Walking, swipe. Let's try it here. Cross. Cross.

Drive your car. Four, three, two, one. Yeah. One more time. For me.

Wipe, let's go. Wipe. Shoot. Drive that car. Four, three, two.

Here is the stick. This is European. This is American. (Mychele laughing) Let's try that out for one more time because I did too much. Review from the wipe.

Step, wipe. Step. Drive the car. Yes, I like it. Now, that's half time.

That's half time. That's not tempo. Here we go. Five, six. Pop.

Drive the car. Pop, pop, pop, pop. Nice, do it again. Five. I stepped on your car.

(Mychele laughing) All right, five, six, wipe and sweat. Awesome. Now we go back to the top. We add on that block. Stay with us.

Stay with us, from the top, half time slow from the pump walk. Let's go. Pump. Breathe. This is a chance for active recovery.

Three, two. Arms and knee. Arm, knee up. Arm. Run that three, three, two, one.

Three, two, wipe the sweat. Wipe the sweat, it's real in here. Drive. They agree. All that just happened.

Again, slow, from the top. Pump that thing. Pump. Hey. Pump.

Swipe. Arms and knee. Arms, knee up. Run it. Three, two, one.

Three, two, wipe the sweat. Drive the car. All right. (hip hop music playing) You hear that? That means we gotta go tempo.

Uh-oh. Swing. Here we go. From the top. Six.

Five, six. Run it. Wipe sweat. Oh! Three more. Five, six.

Our bent knee. Run it. Wipe the sweat. Ha! One more for Christy. Five, six.

Oh! There's a little bit more. There's a little bit more. I'm losing my shirt. So we just did this. What happened?

No, we're doing great. We're doing great. We're all doing great. So, we drove the car. Want you to take your hand low.

Take 'em high. Low, and high. Easy peasy, right? Let's add some stank on it. Low, high, turn with it.

Low, so it's a pivot. Every time the arms go up and down. Now that is slow. Little faster. We're here.

Low. High. Low. High, I like it. One more time.

Slow for me. Arms down. Low. High. Low.

High All right, tempo! Hey, hey! Oh, look at the cheerleader. You see. She hit that. Come on, Christy. Five, six.

Let's go. It's the ponytail. She's (beep) so cute. Ooh, I said the bad word. Bleep it.

Five, six. (Mychele laughing) So we came back around. Last part and then we're almost done with this thing. So we came around high, low, you're like, "Mychele, I don't like the arms." Pump it around, spin it around. Whatever your flavor is, do that there.

The last part, we're here, where you take, this is my left leg. Left leg is gonna step forward towards your device. Step, throw. So when I throw, that hip happens with it, make sense? So I'll step and throw.

Step. So the snap and throw with the hip happens at the same time. Yeah. No you, that was it. Here she goes.

So we go step, hit. Back it up, back it up. See that body roll, you got that. There it is. So we go step, hit.

High, back it up, back it up. Back it up, back it up, au travers. Here we go. Hey, pop. Back it up.

Back it up. All right, let's try that off the side. Just that section. High and low. Low, high, low, high.

Hip, hips, back it up, back it up. Ooh! All right. Au travers. Slow and I think we're running outta time, but we getting, the sweat is real. Low, high.

Here we go. Low. High. Low. High.

Hip, pow! Back it up, back it up. Oh my goodness! All right. It's time to try this thing on. Tempo! High, low. What?

We look like the Rockettes. Do it again. Five, six. What she talkin' 'bout? You see that?

One more time. Five, six. That's everything. (all clapping) But we have to put it all together. Slow.

And then we go tempo, yes? Here we go. Slow. Walk it out. Pump.

Pump. Isolate. Four, three, two, one. Arms and knees. Take it up.

Out. Take it up. Run it. Three, two, one. Three, two, wipe the sweat.

Sweat goes that way. Sweat goes that way. Drive your Escalade. Two, high, low. Low, high, low, high.

Throw it, pow! (Mychele screaming) You got it? One more time for me, from the top. Slow. Hey, hey! Pump. Pump.

Side, side, side, side. Knees go up, pow! Up. Run it. Three, two, one. Three, wipe the sweat.

(Mychele exhaling) High, low. All right, let's run this thing. Here we go. Five, six, pull out. Two, ha! Two, three, arms and knee.

Run it. Wipe. Drive. Pop. Yay! One more and then we're outta here.

Five, six. Arms and knee. Take it up. Wipe. (hip hop music playing) (all cheering) High five, over here.

And then we will cool it down. We'll just breathe it out here. Inhale up and exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Soft knees. Take the head around in the circle. One more circle. Relax those shoulders and reverse your circle. Bring that head to center or neutral.

Shoulders will go back for four. I think that was five. Let's go the other way. Forward, two, three, 13, and open the chest like we did before and contract. Open the chest and contract.

We isolate to the side. Three, two, one. Inhale up and exhale. This time play plie, bend the knees. A little bit of reverence.

I'm gonna give you a high five and a high five, a little reverence and a little reverence. Reverence five. Y'all did it! We all did it, right? It was amazing. The sweat was real.

If you love it, let us know, tag us on Instagram and all the things, Facebook, LinkedIn, whatever it is, and then jump in the chat with us. So we're gonna like shut this part down. Wipe off a little sweat, get a little swig of water and come back and answer any questions that you guys have. We thank you so much for spending this time with us. Thank you, Pilates Anytime family.

Thank you, dance family. Thank you, Pilate's family. Everyone have a wonderful rest of your day. Thank you so much. We got to work.

Thanks, Nicole.

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Jennifer E
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So so much fun! Thank you! Great energy to start my day!
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Loved this class, thank you!  
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great class, so much fun and good workout
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Wonderful life enjoying - loved it
Loved it!❤️ 🌶
Angela T
so fun!! thank you!!
LOVE!!! Thank you
Maya W
Soo good, love Mychele and love the dance class!! 
You rock! 
Thanks for the dance class Mychele!!
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