Class #532

Mat Workout

30 min - Class


The concept of opposition and the use of the cue of "in and up" of the powerhouse is explored throughout this class. A short intermediate workout that addresses everything to leave you feeling worked and stretched out and ready for the day.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Oh, good morning. So excited to get a workout in today. So, um, I have always come from athletic background, no Litho Ballerina, but I feel like it after I do platas so that's great. S...


You're a great instructor!
Dear Monica,

I love your workouts so much, they move right along and still have so good instruction.
This one is a great one too, get's everything moved, thanks,
you are a wonderful instructor, and today you have a great teacher-student as well. How lucky we are to have both of you in the class. I enjoyed these 30 mins. with you. thank you very much. blanche
Great quick workout..really loved that extension in the front of the hip flexors. Felt great..thanks
Yes, Monica, you are an excellent teacher! Thank you! I really appreciate the leg lengthening with the in and up cue for the abdominals. I will come back to the class for a quick and complete workout.
This was a great quick work out! Thanks
Thank you!
My Thanksgiving, not too long, but really really good, class!
Nice combination of exercises, a good and varied workout. I teach Gyrotonic, and usually find Pilates mat classes to be stale and a bit boring. I felt you really kept this class moving, while keeping it short and sweet. Thank you!
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great class. what do you mean by "don't hide your inner thighs" as a cue? I think you're cueing turnout, but I'm just not sure. Thanks.
Thanks Erin, The cue is meant to trigger the muscles needed to work in a turnout.
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