Class #55

Mat Workout

60 min - Class


Kristi teaches a BASI Pilates® advanced class. This class was taught with our professional "students" in mind and is only appropriate for students with significant Pilates experience. The class begins with a basic warm up and flows through some of the most advanced Mat exercises. The assumption is made that students taking this class have prior experience with exercises like Control balance, scissors, bicycle, jacknife, Twist and boomerang.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Welcome to the advanced, uh, [inaudible] mat class. This is going to be a Bassey flow sequence class and it's really geared for the advanced student. So what you're going to see today is a little bit ...


great class, thanks
Love this class:) When I finish this class every muscle in my body feels really great & very balanced:) Thank you for making it so enjoyable & challenging at the same time:)
very enjoyable Kristi... many thanks.. great class!
Really enjoyed going back to the simple repertoire. I think you covered practically every move!
Fantastic class!
Thank you Alice!
Very nice classical , feel good ,strong and aligned ,nice cuing too
Thank you

Good class. Very gentle pacing. Kristi has a soothing voice.

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