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Kristi teaches a BASI Pilates® advanced class. This class was taught with our professional "students" in mind and is only appropriate for students with significant Pilates experience. The class begins with a basic warm-up and flows through some of the most advanced Mat exercises. The assumption is made that students taking this class have prior experience with exercises like Control Balance, Scissors, Bicycle, Jack Knife, Twist, and Boomerang.
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Jan 19, 2010
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Welcome to the advanced, uh, [inaudible] mat class. This is going to be a Bassey flow sequence class and it's really geared for the advanced student. So what you're going to see today is a little bit different than some of the other classes. We're going to be incorporating some of the basic work, but also taking you right through intermediate all the way to advanced. It's gonna move rather quickly and there won't be a lot of explanation or set up because an assumption is being made that you've been taking Polonius for a long time, that you're very comfortable with the movement patterns, even if I choose to adjust them along the way that you at least have some familiarity with their original repertoire. So if we can begin class like that, I'll have you start sitting down. So taking a moment to inhale, filling up and exhale, letting go and finding that support right here from the beginning, reminding yourself how free of tension you want to start the class with. Inhale, filling up [inaudible].

Exhale, sort of shaking out whatever you need to do to find that place where you start the class feeling solid, lifted, supported, and ready and inhale and exhale. With each exhalation you let go a little more. Well, starting with just a seated contraction. Inhaling here, begin the exhale. We go rolling back. I'm going about halfway checking in with the collarbones, checking in with the body hold. Inhale, start the exhale and up. Ah, let's go ahead and lengthen at the end of it. So find the tailbone, reach to the top in here. X determining the intention, making any adjustments you need in here and [inaudible] uh, growing a little taller. Inhale, we're going to work out and exhaling down. Finding the stillness inside as soon as possible. You know, the breath pattern [inaudible] one more like that just to get us a little looser, more supple, more able.

Inhaling down here [inaudible] with that, we're going down all the way on the next one. [inaudible] exhaling down, placing your bones, finding your precision or right from the beginning of class. Slide your feet in for comfort. Rest your head, adjusting yourself for comfort on your mat for the pelvic curl. Inhale, exhale, sink the ABS, fine that contraction, rolling your hips all the way up. Gentle stretch to the front of the body. Inhale and exhale sequentially, lengthening back down piece by piece, still taking inventory and inhale [inaudible].

Inhale here at the top, finding those hamstrings and down we go. I really like to take the first few minutes of class. You'll keep going and just see what you see. Notice what you notice, explore a little as far as sort of some of the fidgeting can come in I think, but then once we get going, exhaling down. Once we get going, we'll try to make it a little more still a little more flow so that becomes difficult to tell which when one exercise ends and one begins because we just keep the energy moving. Inhale and this will be the last one down. Exhale down. [inaudible] keeping it nice and simple. Just slide the arms out to a t. Position, palms up. And even here, if you allow the arms to go far, you can get a good stretch across the chest. To do that.

As you bring the knees up to tabletop, we'll come toward the front of the room for the spine to a supine. We go. Inhale, rotate, start the exhale and draw the legs back to center and inhale feeling the rotation at the waist and exhale [inaudible] [inaudible] allowing the front of the chest to just be open and expansive. And if you do that, of course the upper back will feel the same and that's a theme I personally love. Try to keep even when my back is somewhat rounded, keeping it going. We'll be glad we did later. When we get to exercises like the side bend and the twist, it's all about preparing the body, isn't it? [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] come and back. Give yourself one more each way. Inhaling, enjoy it. Maximize it.

Taking joy out of these smaller moves and last one [inaudible] and brewing it on home. Place the feet back down. I'm going to suggest that you keep them together. Glide the hands behind your head fully. Lacing the fingers, allowing the elbows off the mat for chest lift. Inhale, exhale, lengthening the back of the neck to curl you up to release your back into the mat. Hold. Inhale and exhale as if you were lengthening further down the mat as you went down and inhale, exhaling, [inaudible]. Inhale, hold and exhale.

These first few fundamental exercises are not just a means to an end, do we? This is our place. This is where you can make the connections you're going to need because every exercise builds upon these inhale and exhale, not just filler. As you know, inhale, exhaling up, feeling the bones almost come closer together, ease in the neck and shoulders and down. Changing it a little bit just to increase the flexibility of our backs. Hopefully inhale starts at the same. Exhale up, keeping your eyes forward and the shoulders down. Inhale, reach to the back of the legs. Does not necessarily mean higher, but intensify. Exhale somewhere in there. Inhale, keep your position, but raise the arms up. Put them behind your head and link than yourself down.

So more than just a slow return to the mat. You are. In fact working. Exhale. When it's time to come up. [inaudible] in Hilda, the back of the legs intensify. If you feel like you're high enough, just fold more or squeeze more. Inhale arms up, put them back and Sturridge to lengthen and [inaudible]. Oh, we go [inaudible] arms, two legs. So this workout is really about you exploring yourself. You're not going to see me correcting Meredith and Laila much, if at all, unless I really catch something.

And of course they're going to correct me if they see something moving onto just a little chest lift with rotation. Exhaling. This is about what is my body doing? What does it need? Go ahead to the legs with the arms. Inhale, exhale, sink. Topal arms are reaching up, put them behind you. We're going toward the curtain first exhale to rotate shoulder to hip, in health through center and shoulder to keeping the fluidity of your movements so that you feel like you're just energizing one direction of your body opposing the other and you just keep that feeling throughout the workout.

[inaudible] given you two more. Back to the center. Inhale, reach into the back of the legs is your glutes should be a little tight here. Exhale, sink to come up. Inhale, arms are up. Keep them straight. Turn the palms away from you. Reaching all the way back to the mat with your head and spine to keep the arms just off the mat. Legs up to tabletop, preparing for the a hundred zip up like you know how to do. Inhale. Exhale.

Set your position by curling up. Inhale, whole check in. Here we go. And exhale. Inhale and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Nice. Long breath. [inaudible] five, two, three, four, five and in and six. This is where you start making it more about where, how you want it to feel. Intensify. If you want to intensify, get calm. If you want to get calm and out.

Two, three, [inaudible]. [inaudible] John, one more round here and out. Two, three, four, finish the inhales. Okay. Draw the legs in. Set the feet on the ground. Reach the arms back. Turn the palms toward each other. Backside of the rib cage. Still on the map.

Preparing for your roll up. Legs are together. They're long innercise, strongly together. Avoid too much knee tension. Here we go. Inhale. Exhale. Take your time. Enjoy. Keep the precision. Inhale, nice long curves of the body. Exhale. As we roll back and lightly touch, you're ready to go. You feel the ribs drop into the mat. That'll force your head, neck and shoulders up. Now at this point, I sort of know what's coming, but if you want to make it harder, you can take your arms hired on your way down. I'm kinda content at the moment and back and [inaudible] rather focusing on both sides of the body. So clearly it's the abdominals, but what about your glutes? What about the inner thigh and hamstrings? Something. Some involvement.

Yeah. [inaudible] though it appears we're stopped. We're not. We're energetically still squeezing, not even intergenic, and we in fact are still contracting strongly. No matter the movement appears still. [inaudible] specially right here, deep, deep powerhouse and down. One more.

[inaudible] strong. We're going back down here it comes. Taking the arms around all the way to the t position, stabilized through the trunk, taking up the leg closest to the back of the room. Tabletop. Re-Establish stability in the middle and then with ease, the leg just floats to the sky. Nice and easy. Encourage hamstring stretch by flexing that foot if you can. Here we go. Full Circle. Full inhale around across the midline.

Inhale around same direction. Exhale and inhale. [inaudible] one more. Full breath cycle changing directions outside in. Hello around and inhale, paying attention to the bony landmarks. [inaudible] one more breath cycle. Keep reaching through all lines of your body. This is it. Hold it up there. Articulate to the foot. Let's not forget the foot. Point the toe, bend that knee and crossover. First stretch.

Bring it on back through. Slide the leg out. Adjust your hips and you feel level and ready to go. It's all about the setup as you know and no sense of rushing, but find what you need to find. Extend and grow the leg and the higher the leg, the more heavy the hips become. Flex the foot across the midline. We go around, inhale to exhale and inhale stirring at that hip joint. Sometimes in an effort to really hold still in the pelvis, we start to create tension. In the neck. So check that on yourself. And this is it. Changing directions. Inhale around freedom.

Excellent. Yeah, you get one more full cycle. That's an inhale and exhale. There's the in and here's the out. Articulate through the foot point. Bend the knee and crossover. [inaudible] bring it back. Slide it out, readjusting to your back to straight.

Just hug the air. Hug the imaginary tree if you will. Straight up some action through the pex. Here comes one more. Roll up from here. Inhale and exhale. Finding each bone as you come up. Keep you abdominal powerhouse contraction. Just move forward on your mat for rolling like a ball.

Bring it in as close as you want. You choose the variation you want. Keeping it nice and strong. Here we go. Inhale, roll back. [inaudible]. Exhale, uphold and inhale back. Exhale up. Whoa, nice and smooth.

Whatever version you're used to doing, whether it's with the knees together, apart, really tight, really open. Change it in some way for yourself. Slow it down. Perhaps make it quieter. Make the roll back shorter so you don't get quite as high. See if he can still come back up. One more time. [inaudible] hold hands to your knees. You know, we're all so close to the front.

Put your feet down, back up a little, and then bring it back. We're going into double leg stretch, so maybe a slightly different order than you're used to, but we're basically going cover. Yeah, I'll, you'll see. Slow down. Roll downs, down, ending in tabletop, squeezing through the innercise. Double leg stretch. Inhale, hold it there. When you get there, press down deeper in the belly. Exhale, come around and hold. Feel free. In fact, I'd like to challenge you to bring your knees in really close without raising the tailbone and [inaudible]. It's as if the legs are being sucked back to the body from right under the chest. There's expansion, there's contraction everywhere, right?

So let's keep our bodies in that rhythm as well. [inaudible] you get one. Hold it in. Take your right leg, hugging, getting close. Even here, a little inner thigh, right? A little gluten, a little and change and, and yeah. Now d, energize the leg. I know it's probably not a word, but let it relax through the leg. Deeper in the bed body.

The energy just continues on throughout that foot. Huh? Getting four more singles. One, press two, press three and both in. Bring both in hands behind your head. Let the feet go down. Inhale, touch, barely. Exhale. Bring them up again. Inhale down and up. Keep the knees up in heel.

Upper body lengthens down. Oh, you're not done. Come right back up. Exhale. Don't forget the glutes here. It's real easy to, and I'm not asking for a lot. Just enough to know they're there. Anna, get up to your normal spot. Extend your right leg, twist to your left and let's go. Yeah, I think it's shoulder to hip. Not a lot of elbow movement. Okay.

I'm basically wanting you to stay flexed as you rotate. Little to no lateral flection. Huh? Finding the stability. Let's slow it down, gang. Here we go. Sweet. Hold one and yeah, longer.

I'm just trying to milk it. Getting more out of what you normally do. Don't just stop. Last one here. Back to the center. Bend both knees and everything comes down. Reaching the arms overhead, feet slightly apart as if you're going to do a pelvic curl because you are shoulders are down back of the ribs. Down here comes inhale, exhale with precision or rolling up. Press the arms through the air until they land on the mat alongside you. And inhale when you get there again, still expanding.

Exhale to come back down and inhale. Exhale to peel up. One more time. Inhale, exhale down. Last bit. I'm going up. Exhale to stay up healing, finding the hamstrings. Take a second because so often the pelvic wall is one of those positions I think we take for granted sometimes. So while here, take an inhale, minimize tension just about everywhere you can and then go back to the idea of pulling on. Here's an exhale.

Draw the abdominals so deep that the pubic bone comes even closer to your chest and your tailbone reaches looking for hamstrings. Extend one leg straight up to the ceiling. It doesn't matter which hips level, slow first reaching long and continue. See how low you can go prior to anything changing. That's about it from me. Flex and come up and now we'll go a little faster and we go and shoulder bridge, right? Yeah.

Checking the ribs. One more. We'll come back up and replace the leg. Adjusting seamlessly to the other side. Growing, reaching. Do one slow. It's always a little different. I find on each leg. See what you get without any sort of weird torque and bring it up.

And here we go. Exhaling down one. I like to flex up, point down, and you don't have to let that be the last thing you worry about. One more to come up. Put the foot back. Inhale, check your alignment, adjust where you need to enrolled. [inaudible] extend your leg closest to the front of the room onto the mat. Extend your other leg up, curl up and find that leg.

Looking forward somewhere around inner sigh. Probably draw it a little closer to you if you can. And at the same time, press to hamstring down. Hamstring, pull, one kick, kick change. [inaudible] and I do want you to go to the floor. I'm doing that on purpose. Find the opposition.

Find the pool pressing to the floor as you pull from that other side. Let's do the same thing. Hands behind your head. Hamstring pull too. [inaudible] and why not a few with a hamstring pull three. That just means twist. Okay, given you two more. Here they come. Okay.

Both legs will come up and hold them up and just let your head come down. Release the arms down by your side. Roll over from here. Inhale. Exhale up to go over. Hit horizontal hold for a moment. The lecture feet, push the energy out through the feet. Separate your feet, lower them. If you have that flexibility in down you come on the exhale, find the tailbone. Feel free to lower the legs. Just don't arch your back.

Inhale, exhale up. [inaudible] flex. Separate and lower. I'm good friend, Monica and Adrian have been teaching me not to drive energy through my knees. And so I'm gonna encourage you to think that way. It doesn't mean bend the knees, it just means that everything above the knee work, everything else, basically going along for the ride. Separate your feet, lower them and down from the chest, from the front of the ribs into the hips and down. Let's do a few of the other way, so just means open to a v. Exhale up over. Watch. Those knees should have some sense of glute contraction.

Flex close and down we go. And so again, it's not a slow return. You're opposing your return by reaching through the feet. Inhale or the legs, I should say. Flex, close. Enjoy. Soften where you can. As we continue. Last one to move at the pace we are, you're going to have to find those moments where you can just really focus in on the powerhouse and let what else you can go from there. Have been these in momentarily.

Yes, and stretch your legs out onto the map. They send it all. They send the fingers behind your head for the next poll. Take your time. Okay, here we go. Inhale. Feel free to let the elbows come forward. Exhale, put them back when you can. Rounding over, but knowing that it's not necessarily about the stretch, that does not at all. Find the belly. Find the back extensor. Sit up tall, hinge back, a little, little upper back extension, and then without too much drama, roll back down. Then we go in here.

She inner thighs will help you. Oh, inhale, lengthening tall hinge. Being mindful that the hips must go with you. Do not leave the hips behind and only arch your back. It's the hinge from the hip joint. And we'll do two more. Oh, the breadth is our friend. The breath is our tool.

Wring out all the breaths so that it becomes easy to inhale, hinge. And one more. This is just to get up. Oh the way over. We'll roll up the back holding it up here. We're not going back again, but do you still have some glute contraction? Long next, release the arms forward. In fact, we're going to need him to separate our feet, aren't we? Spine stretch. And I will go right into spine stretch with back extension. So if you don't know it, watch it. Here we go in here. Exhale, headfirst.

Feeling yourself vertically going down for the first at least half of this. And then you can travel forward a little so long as your hips don't move. Now they're going to move. As you press length and lift into a diagonal line, everybody's range will be different. Whatever you do, get long. Exhale round and roll back up. Check in those shoulders and beautiful. Inhale, continue the energy going up. Exhale to round.

Okay, cut, cut. Inhale anteriorly, tilt the pelvis so that you can find the long line arms up by your ears and take a second because sometimes we think we're there and we're just not giving ourselves enough time and exhale round from the lowest part of your abdominal wall and the inner thigh would say, roll yourself back up. You. Greatest exercise in the world in my opinion, and getting it all here. Checked. Neck tension, grow, float, lengthen, challenging your range each time, feeling your body become more supple, it strong and in some ways calm. Inhale. If you haven't exhaled [inaudible] finding the actual stretch to the spine, it's sometimes gets goes missing. Once we know we're headed to back at, sorry, back extension, come on up. Right, and let's hang out for one second. Can you hinge more with a flat back or do you need to bend your knees?

That'd be fine. Let's get the back one more inhale. If you haven't exhale, take it round and roll up and I will do one last piece to that, which is the small variation on what you've already done and exhale. Feel the abdominals fueled at vertical rolling down and slightly forward. Now inhale to find the back extension hanging out there and from very subtle movement because we should already be there. We are gently contract the Rhomboids. Not a lot of move. Think when? Sometimes when we've been doing PyLadies a lot, we get in this habit of I know I need to work my back extensor, so it's the rest of the chest. It's almost a diagonal line. Even though the Rhomboids are the main focus.

How about one more holding it there and Halo, we're not done. Can we lean forward more? Exhale, rotate to one side. Inhale back to center. Soften the neck. Exhale the other side. Inhale back to center. I think that's good. And exhale round down. Oh, the Tang out for one second. That's good. Rola just bring your feet either towards you or you toward your feet.

Maybe a little bit of both for open leg rocker, so I would probably, we'll talk through this setup cause I can't help but get behind the tailbone. I think it's just the key. It's absolute key. Forget your arms and legs truly and then extend one leg. Don't even worry if your back's fully straight yet. Now you've got to think about it, but before you straighten your back you've got to keep those sit bones or glutes involved. Here we go.

[inaudible] without much release of the chest at all. We go. Inhale, roll back, exhale up and Oh, finding the back extensors as your break. The subtlest little thought of shifting your balance will take you there and up. And how I think of rail on this one. He says, just think it. Just slightly. Think of that shifting your balance and it'll happen. Bringing your mind into your body and again, all right, now let's, we're going to do two more.

Let's do whatever you're doing but relax it a little bit. [inaudible] one more time. I find it. Bring the feet together. Look, it's like strong the femurs deep into the body. Separate your feet and have a seat. Adjust yourself so you feel upright. That stretch is coming, I promise. Here we go toward the front. Inhale, rotate, check your ribs, check your length. Exhale, reaching out and I, I'm choosing the version of that extended body. Okay. There is some flection, but extended as much as possible. Inhale, sit up and pull yourself center.

Inhale, rotate. No change to the lower body. Exhale unhinging to reach and inhale, sitting up. Exhaling and in to exit. Checking opposite hips. You're in full control. Inhale, reaching. Enjoy.

Yeah, that's good. Just slightly faster. Inhale, two. Exhale there and up all the way around and exhale just as precise. Yes. It's almost like you're pumping the air out, right. Turn it more into a breathing exercise. Right now. I don't even mean louder. I just mean use that middle body to pump the air out. I'm doing two more here and come back to center. Bring everything together.

Take your arms behind you there. A little back. Support. Prep, rolling the shoulders back and down. Fingers toward your heels wanting to get you to work your hamstrings for the moment we go. Just lifting up. Use Your glutes, hamstrings to find that long straight line. Looking to the ceiling, hinge at the hip joint to come down, lightly touch the gluten and we'll go again. [inaudible] a fuel, the expansion and down. If this is one of those exercises that still feels like an arm thing, arm exercise. Well it is partly, but draw weight toward the bottoms of your feet or better said. Use your hamstrings more. Come on down. Last one coming up and [inaudible] great. Just do a forward fold for a moment.

[inaudible] we're about to head into some hip extension bridging two. And I want you to make sure your hamstrings feel ready. I think I'll leave that there. So on the off chance that your hamstrings still need a little bit more warmth, uh, from your fold forward, fold back your hands up, just a little somewhere on your Shin and then articulate the pelvis forward or anteriorly tilt or length in your back. Using a little pull from the arms or and or lat.

And then see if you can round over a little more. This is nothing for you, Layla. Perhaps you can flex your feet or something. I don't know. Can make another circle. Roll yourself up. Okay. I will not waste your time anymore. All right. That was more for myself.

We're going down to first Caesar's in you. Okay, good. I wasn't going to implicate you. Scissors, bicycle and control. Balance all in one. Take a break if you need it. Here we go. Take yourself down, bending your knees and not quite sure how you all get into it, but I'm going to be specific about this one as well. So bend your knees and then extend your legs up over her head to do a rollover. Inhale, here comes. Exhale, roll over.

Then from there we'll simply walk. For me, I have to walk my arms in a little closer. Bend your knees. That's up to you. Then hand somewhere on your low back, mid back, maybe anteriorly tilt again. So in effect you're hyper extending your back and you're going to allow the top of your hips to rest in your hands. Being mindful not to wrap the fingers around. I don't think that's a great idea for the wrist or the fingers and finding a balance from here. Let's do this. Extend.

Keep one knee falling towards the chest and reached the other leg long. And as you do that, press the leg toward the floor. But as you do that, lift the hips up out of your hands. Make it about the hamstring. Other leg. Reach it up and let's not go quite to your face, right? Hold back on that forward leg and hopefully this is just toward the ceiling and we go pulse, pulse, change, reach that far leg. That's the one you're thinking about. Pulse, pulse change.

Find the opposition of almost lifting your hips out of your hands as that leg reaches along and toward the floor. Either one for that matter. And Paul is find ease in your neck. Sometimes it's a simple matter of, oh yeah, I don't have to use that. And Paul's pulse and because we've got other things, we're going to hold this one the leg furthest from you Benz and tries to touch the floor and cycle through. You don't have to touch the floors. Just the goal, right? I'll get it one way. I'll see about the other touch and as usual, right. You're not going to change the body much. This one does.

In fact have that hyperextension one more here. Reverse it. Reach it to the top leg Benz cycle through reaching for the floor, finishing it. So at one point you really pull through. Give me two more patterns on this. Next one. Leave the top leg over. Bring the other one to line it up. Allow the hips and trunk powerhouse to lift up out of your hands for a moment.

Just release your hands. Recommit to the idea of yes, I'm rounded in my back though I'm long. And it's not just abs, it will not work and it will protect you if it is, take one or both arms overhead and meaning. You can do it one at a time or together. Flex one foot, lower it into both hands. Keep the hands on the floor and I'm gonna minimize my talking. At this point. Reached the other leg up to the sky. Devil pulls. Take your time.

Yeah. Right up to the ceiling. Two more passes, stillness in the body. Hold that. Lower the foot back down into the other hand. Draw your chest away from the chin. Keep your hands on your feet and slowly roll down.

Somewhere about halfway you may decide you want to rock back and forth. I often like to bend my knees a little as I take my hands to the outside edge of the feet and gently go side to side. But we don't want to get too relaxed, so let's just close that up. Let that fun end and go Shin Shins parallel to the floor. Hold on behind the size. Curl your head, neck and shoulders up please and without, you can move the thighs away from you, but try not to straighten the legs.

We're going to slowly roll up on whatever breast you want. Okay. Finding it at the beginning of our teaser, right? Let's go down again. Keep the shins where they are. Control, ease in the neck, shoulders, you're heavy or relaxed, however you see it, and then once you've come near the shoulder blades will come again. I bet this crowd wants to not hold on, Huh? Right. Well, I'm just saying that's what we said in the beginning and down and up.

Last one. [inaudible] right. Set the feet down. Just swivel. So you face the front, both of you. Yup. Yup. All right. Top leg in front of our hand is out and let's look for a place where, what do I want to say? You've got it. You were about to lift up and we don't want to have to go over the risks. I think yours looks great. Yeah. Yup. All right. Zip up through the inner thigh.

I'm not going to have use much of the leg to come up. I'm doing the side bend. Just so you know from here we go. Inhale to lift up. Hang out for a second. Feel in your body. The long line of the t out the crown of the, head out the fee. Now from your waist, not your hand. Exhale up over. Inhale, come back to your teeth and bend the knees to come down. In a way. I'll leave the le the leg straight in just a second, and bringing inhale, lift up. Exhale up. O o over.

Inhale, come back to your tea. Bend the knees. Come towards your feet. Next time we change it. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, light on your wrist as much as possible. Up to go over. There we go. Inhale back to the t and from here leave you like straight. If you can hinge at the waist hovering just off the ground. That's it. That's it. And up again. Inhale, lift, exhale. Oh, oh, okay.

Emailing to the t and hinge. We'll do two twists out of this. Inhale, lift just to the tee now. Pike, the hips, you're reaching across the chest, spiraling, looking for a long extended, extended spine. Inhale, reopen as you come right back to your tee. Hindered the waist or bend the knees for a little break on the arm and up. Inhale, exhale, Pike and reach under. Under, under inhale to reopen and hinge. I'm doing one more. I know I said Duke, but it just feels wrong. Up Three.

Granted I sat one out. But here we are a funder all the way in hell to reopen, hanging out. Bend the lower knee, slide that top foot out. I'm moving to my fists and I partly do that just to pull weight away. Um, so your oh good. Top hand here. Your ear look down your body makes sure that the front of the hip is long. If you guys can go higher, don't let me limit you.

Okay, here we go. Sidekick kneeling. It's kick kick. You go ahead. Lay Lao moving and kick, kick and allow the foot to flex. You get the maximum contraction or stretch through the hamstring. Press press till this one more here. Paul's pulse reach. Take your leg to the side. Check your neck. Is it still down or long? I should say.

Try to raise a leg a little higher. Probably going. Feel it more in the lower hip. That's cool. And bend the knee. Set it down and stretch toward the hip. That was the leg that was in the air. Just reaching into it. [inaudible] carry on. Sit right onto that hip top leg in front.

Stabilize through the shoulder and here we go. Inhale, side bend, checking all of your positions. Exhale up to go over turning your head at the last minute, but keep the body still. Inhale, reopen and yes. Oh yes. Inhale, lift up. You know, eyes are helpful here and lifts in the waist. It says if you're taking that lower armpit right into the hip, inhale, reopen and Ben. Inhale up and over. Inhale Open. This is where we hinged at the hips so it's up to you.

Doesn't have to be big. Protect the lower shoulder. That's the main thing. And if we go you and him head over. Inhale, lengthen hinges that goes are three twists in here. It's from this lower bleak lifted to bike reach under across the hip. That back leg hardly has any weight on it. When you get there, inhale, reopen, balance yourself out. Hinge or bend the knee.

Oh Hannah, Anna. So as we get more challenging, this is where you got to honor your body too and not just push cause we're trying to push but rather stay in the integrity of the exercise. The last one and under reaching, reopen, finishing it into the side. Kick, kneeling, lower leg down. Take some weight out of that arm initially, fist perhaps and from there we go. Exhale, kick forward and back and forward and back at work. Yes.

It's one more way to challenge the center. One more coming at Ya. Bring it back to the side of your body. Relax it. The knee joint. If it's tight and lift. Lift as if someone were pulling on your leg, trying to take you with it without hinging at the hip and bend to take your stretch. [inaudible] [inaudible] once again, carry on to just sit right on that hip.

Extend your legs out in front of you. You got the prep earlier. Really it wasn't the prep was it? It was back support, but now we'll do like pull back. It's your choice. If you don't want to do the kicking, just breathe in your back support. We'll see. Not quite sure how going to happen. It's one of those. Okay, so to make it even the shot at being sexy, successful, what are your shoulder blades doing? Going down. Chest is up.

Squeeze the glutes and definitely rely on him. Here we go. Just to set your position, see what you've got. Pick a leg and I'll do four on each side. I'm going to exhale coming up and [inaudible]. No big deal. Let's change sides carefully. One, two. Okay, good. We'll do that again soon and have a seat.

Draw your abs in quick or not quickly. Deeply. I'm scooting forward just to get in the middle. Four teasers, so behind the Sitz bone getting calm. Would you like to know what we're going to do or just do it? All right, go for it. So from here, grow the legs, stretch them, roll down, leave the legs there. You're going all the way. Reaching back. Touch the back of your head. Teaser one and up. It's like a roll up in the air. All the connections you've made.

Optional arms overhead as usual. Roll the hipbones deeper into your body as you placed the spine down. Dutch shoulders towards hip's, reaching up. Stay here, raise the lights, just leave the arms. Raise the legs. Doesn't need to be big. It needs to be deep. One more hold. Inhale.

We'll exhale, roll down teaser three place the legs won't quite reach the ground. The head will with controlling, inhaling her, exhaling down. And we need to precisely or carefully come up one more time. [inaudible] oh, okay. Bend is that feet down, turn up, take stretch forward. [inaudible] even the rhythm of class, you know, it's like this gears up and then you kind of calm it down.

But not so much that you lose focus, but it's important to kind of come and go with the intensity. And that's about enough non intensity. So let's roll up and what I'd like you to do is just swing your legs so that you're on your hands. And he's like so placing, I'm going to say right foot in front so I can keep track of myself here on your knees and from here. So keep it so that the knees over the ankle, I'm just going into hip flexor stretch here. Uh, as if you're going to tuck the pelvis, start to lift up, reaching for the ceiling. And I think to not only lengthen the front of your body, the front of the hip, but the back of your body, the back of your upper back or the upper back, reaching into it, [inaudible] the weight on both feet.

You could easily almost easily lift up on both from here, put weight in your forward leg, sort of level out your body. A little push with your forward, like to come off that knee on the back for a hamstring stretch and you definitely want more of a flat back than you do a straight leg. So pay attention to what you need, feel for it. Feel free to flex the foot if that feels better to you. Adjust the leg if need be.

Slay with pointing and flexing water you need whatever you do, extend your spine, extend your chest. Deep breath in and let's repeat that. Just being a little careful going over with any, I always kind of put the weight forward, get off the kneecap as I roll over and up again. It's one of those places where you can really feel a lot of support in the center and everything else was relatively relaxed and right forward. Push the forward leg enough to help you inch back in the hips. It's level neck is part of your spine, so include it, hopefully getting it a little further on that one and then just allow the foot to release hands down by your side, which turn that foot back to a straight leg.

Heading into a plank from here, just, well we were going to release the elbows, but don't let your body move at all. So it's really tiny. I didn't give you guys a warning on this one. So all you're doing is can I release my elbows without dropping at all and straighten him. It's just your pushup prep. At least elbows straight. And so if you're seeing or feeling any, drop it off. I mean your shoulders aren't quite as stable as they could be.

A little release and bend. Nice. One more time, right? And then allow the back near the right knee to come down. Left leg comes forward coming into your strategy. Taking the time you need, he decided different [inaudible] and using the forward like to help you unweight the back leg to start to extend your spine. Feel free to move the foot, finding those wide collarbones again, let backs. Just think forward. That's all. And adjusting forward and the weight, the back leg to get over the knee cap and up [inaudible] one more inhale, exhaling, take it forward answering again, pushing the weight back, including your neck.

What more can you get from it and then release it. Taking your foot back again to a plank like position heading both feed into a plank and for a moment if this were all we were going to do, he would just solidify through the center and we would send the energy through the heels. We'd send the energy out the crown of the head and that would be enough. So stay there if you want to or we'll take the left leg just off the floor. Actually not just off Chang extended, just beyond the glute without changing anything else.

Keep the toes pointed to the floor so you're in parallel. Take that leg to the side as far as you can without turning the leg out and bring it back. You might even cross over the midline a little bit. Do it again. Same side. All else stays the same reading, however it suits you. Two more. Uh, but watch your neck and one more and back. Put that leg down. Ah, get calm through the neck and shoulders. Other leg up, trying to extend just beyond the hips.

So you have true hip extension to the side. Reaching out. It's no excuse to drop the hips or the back and out. Doesn't need to be huge. It wouldn't be right if you stay parallel. Won't be the Riyadh of the four [inaudible] from here, toes back down. Draw the abdominals and it's gonna feel almost like you're, the sternum gets pushed into your body. Let the head drop. You're walking back to your feet with your hands.

Make sure you're either still on the map, probably with your feet and then roll up. [inaudible] still energetically moving. He inhale as you exhale. Feel the rib bones close in on themselves. You let the head be heavy. We're rolling back down for the Pushup, keeping the shoulders in their pockets. Walk out one, two, you're there by three, re-establishing your position. And from here we inhale, bend the elbows and Exhale, press up. Inhale, bend, elbows. Exhale, press up to inhale. Exhale. From there, once again, drawing into the abdominal as we'll let the head come down.

Avoid walking side to side, but just straight back as you now roll up, taking the deep breath here at the top to get longer and down we go. [inaudible] reaching the arm forward, but again, keeping the shoulder girdle protected and in its place as you set yourself up and inhale to lower. Exhaling just about everything we've worked so far. Needs to be in place here. One more time. Lift from the front of the body to walk back to three to up.

Okay, and how we're going to go down on one more time. Exhaling on furling [inaudible] and I'll walk it out. Keeping your energy, keeping the lengths and a hold. Sorry, pushups or just stay there. And one, a gentle reach of the arm pits towards your hips too and hold up. Three slowly lowering yourself all the way down. At any point, feel free to lower the knees to protect the shoulder. And we go all the way down.

Tuning your heads to one side of the stage where the curtain first reaching the arms behind your back. Four double leg kick. Elbows are down, bending the knees, feet together. Knees can be slightly apart. And we go kick. One, two, three in health. Four links today, not height and turn the head and kick. One, two, three and reach long. Inhaling, even here, trying to pull the abdominals up and change and kid one, two, three and stretching. Law. Beautiful. And one and two control three. [inaudible] energizing the back of the legs. Just two more like that. And releasing their shoulders all the way. And I meant elbows of course. And last one, two, three and stretch abs deep, deep, deep.

Release the hands, feet are apart. Apartment close to the ground. Arms come overhead for swimming. We go inhale two, three, four, five and exhale, keeping their heads up a little bit so you get the full extension and exhale and inhale and exhale. Giving you just one more set and they get along in the breath and out just in Stuart and along and lower your bodies to the mat. Taking a moment to release, relax the back just by laying here [inaudible] and with that hands by your shoulders, press up into a rest position and we'll do an exercise usually done on the reformer combination basically comes like, so I think I can talk you through it from here. Draw the abdominals in round your low backs, like you're doing a knee stretch.

Keep your arms out where they were and just start to roll forward into a down stretch position so you keep the hamstrings and glutes engaged as you come into extension. Looking forward. And then from here, lift through the rib cage. Let your head come down, a deep curve of the low back, the whole back. Really almost get to your heels and then come back again. I'll inhale the hallway forward and for all extend kind of light on the arms and exhale to lift up and go back. Almost make it in. Then we return in healing up, eh? Yeah. Once we get here, let's stay here for the moment.

Keeping your body still. Take your eyes and look over one shoulder, shoulders themselves. Stay where they are and come through other side. Lifting up. You're going to want the back of your body helping you and back. And once again from the abdominals around back. This time you can go all the way to the heels. [inaudible] and with that we'll just help ourselves up. Take the legs out in front of you.

Arms are behind. You can just behind the tail bone for hip circles. Placing one hand in front. Yeah, take your legs to the front of your arms and upper body to the back. Open the arms and the legs. Exhale all the way around again. One more hold. Quiet the body. Otherwise likes and [inaudible]. One more. [inaudible] center. Bend the knees. Set your feet down and separate the knees. First stretch [inaudible] and with that bring yourself back up. A few more things to do here.

Taking yourself down all the way onto your mat for Jackknife and Boomerang [inaudible] and from here we draw the knees up, hug them close together. Allow the legs to reach up and with just as much position as the beginning of class. Here we go. Exhale to roll over from there, keeping the body still. Let the legs touch down. Emailing all the way up to the ceiling, finding the length and exhale. Imprinting the bones of your spine into the mat one by one. As you come down and readjusting the shoulders. Inhale, Frith number two of three. Exhale, [inaudible] and down to go up, allowing yourself to come down. You are going to pike a little.

When you come down, you've got to. Otherwise you're just to strain your neck up to go over with control. Tab down, up Kinda dynamic. Yeah, and down we go. Taking your time. When we get there, extend the legs in front of you. We're going to roll right up, right up. Cross the legs and come forward right into boomerang. So from here, shoulders remain down inner thigh strong. We'll go right from here. Inhale. Exhale. When it feels right, arms down by your side to come up. Over. Inhale, switch to the cross of the legs. Exhale to bring it up.

Fluid controlled into your teaser, taking the arms up, reaching the arms behind, lace the fingers or set them on the floor, expand the chest and down we go. You've got to breathe. How it works for your body at this level. At this stage of the game, no holding it, no waiting for the cues you do what you need to do and up. Extend and then pull the legs deeper into the body to help you down. Two to go. It's almost like a massage, isn't it?

Inhale, switch the cross. Exhale did bring it up. I'll go ahead with the arms up and around. Big Expensive. Inhale and bring it down. Last one. Yeah. Inhale, switch. Keeping those glutes ever. So lightly involved. Exhale we come. Alright. Enjoy and return to the mat. Taking a moment there.

Hey, and then bring yourselves up. Drawing your feet close to you. Anything I left out you'd like me to do? I know there's more we could do but I'm, I'm going to keep going. I feel puppy. It is good. Picking one like and cradle it way up high in the elbow joint other side as well.

And then just check what might've happened with the collarbones and keep them wide. So let's do our three claps here. One, two, three, back three beats, one, two, three and one, two, three. Duh, Duh, Duh. We'll do two more in end with a standing up. This will be the last one. [inaudible] sweet two, three coming forward. Release the hands.

Lean forward to help you come up a bit and then just facing the curtain and he's singing. Let's finish with some deep breathing, centering, breathing, and a roll down. Of course. Inhale and exhale as you round letting go where you can. Heart rates might still be up a little so you could stay up a little bit longer and just focus on the breath or a heel rise. Perhaps. Inhale, exhale. We'll roll back up standing just a little taller than maybe when we walked in today in annex sailing down. Take a moment here and just let gravity take over.

Maybe let the arms gently circle at your head. Gently sway, whatever feels right to you. With one exception. You do have to hold the abs a little and then from there we come back up. Inhale, restacking the knees over the ankles. The pelvis rolls to be placed just over the knee. Yes. Space is created between the hips and the ribs, so the ribs can be placed over the hips. Then of course, the shoulders just slide further down. Head comes up, and if I'm here, inhaling up [inaudible] exhaling, Dan, this is sort of the last chance to bring whatever you need back in terms of energy and oxygen and life and let go of whatever you don't want to hang onto anymore. And because I just said that, I thought one last thing. Here it is. I need to get rid of that. Inhale up.

[inaudible] that's what I needed. Yeah, we are done. Good job.


great class, thanks
Love this class:) When I finish this class every muscle in my body feels really great & very balanced:) Thank you for making it so enjoyable & challenging at the same time:)
very enjoyable Kristi... many thanks.. great class!
Really enjoyed going back to the simple repertoire. I think you covered practically every move!
Fantastic class!
Thank you Alice!
Very nice classical , feel good ,strong and aligned ,nice cuing too
Thank you

Good class. Very gentle pacing. Kristi has a soothing voice.
Very good class. Thank you Kristie.
how much i loved this class! thank you, Kristie!
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