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Rejuvenate your body with the power of Pilates to lengthen, open up, and feel taller. Monica leads you through a challenging Intermediate workout with a few advanced exercises to really take you to the next level. Enjoy!
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Nov 24, 2011
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Good morning. So excited to see it again. All right, so let's, let's, I would love to just work on getting taller. I've just been noticing a lot on myself lately that I get a fabulous workout and then I just immediately, especially in here crying shirt cruncher the shoulders. And so just want to really work on opening up and feeling that uh, rejuvinating heightened length and energy of Pilati. So probably somewhere around intermediate with a few splashes of advanced in there, but just really opening up. So let's, uh, start with our Pilati stance. Good.

And want you to feel like your hips are just a little off here. [inaudible] and then lean just a little bit forward onto the balls of your feet, balls of your toes, pulling in and take a moment to relax. Taking a big breath and exhale and let your shoulders settle. Let them fall. That's nice. That's nice. Big breath and just a little bit pulling back with that right hip and exhale.

Let those thigh settle. Let the quadriceps settle. Try to really feel yourself pull in for you. You're going to be a little more on your left side of your back. You want to pull in. So just the precedent. Aha. There you go. Precedent to me. Good job letting those shoulders settle.

I'm going to talk to you a lot about that today. So really just pulling in and feeling your energy. Let's see if we can rise up onto the balls of our toes for five counts. We're going to take five for pulling up. Two, three, four, five. Hold it. Two, three, four, five. And we're going to come downs Wuling through the arch, not just lowering the heel. Very nice. Pulling D.

aha. Excellent. Really nice. All right, so we're going to do that two more times. Take five counts to rise up. Really letting those shoulders settle. Feel the arch lift that lifts your inner thigh, that lifts all the way through your powerhouse, up through your chest. Lifting your chest up gloriously, and then take five counts to come down. We're going to do it one more time. Really feeling all the parts of your foot.

So we're lifting the yard, lifting all the way up. Three, squeezing the inner thighs together for hold it for five counts. If you're squeezing your inner thighs, your heel should be glued together. Good. And we're going to roll down to powerhouse in and really lifting the seat should be woken up, right? We should have woken up the seat keeping the lift in that arch.

So there's really a strong line, real strong center line lifting all the way up, but one arm on top of the other, cross, one foot in front of the other and with that lift and lengthening your tailbone down. Lower yourself down to the mat, lengthening good. Put your hands back midway, lifting up and back and roll out through your spine and start by reaching all the way back to the wall behind you. Good. And just take some breaths. Inhaling and exhaling all that energy out. The tips of those. I want to see energy today I think is what I was really talking about. Really seeing all that flow, all that beautiful energy, nice every movement.

I want to see it just shooting out through those fingertips and shooting out the toes. Not getting stuck cause you guys are so strong in your powerhouse. I want to see half of it going out this way too. Let's go ahead and inhale, bringing up your arms to the ceiling and then exhale, bring them down by your side and let them just settle there to feel the back of your head on the mat. Feel the back of your neck. Feel those shoulders settle and let's see if we can get the ribs a little bit more connected. So we're just going to take a big breath and exhale, dropping the bottom of your shoulder blades, the back of your ribs, deep into the mat. Nice big breath.

And exhale. There shouldn't be any space underneath the bottom of your shoulder blades. You can really make contact with that spine. Big breath. Exhale, pulling your navel in. Good, good, good. And really see if you can pull that navel in and up. Of course, up towards your chest. Draw those knees into your chest.

Bring the head up using your powerhouse. Good. Make sure you're relaxing your hip flexors, your fine hip flexors at this moment, relaxing that neck. Feel the triceps. Almost lengthen your arms away from you reaching up and now pulling that power house in an up. Lengthen the legs where you think you can hold them. Pulling that way. Good. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Very nice. Exhale. Really feeling that belly pulling in and up. God looks very good.

I'm just going to let you enjoy more of a stretch or really feel that energy going out all through those leg muscles. Really reaching out through those toes. Very nice stretch. You're doing great. I just want you to get a better stretch. I like it when someone pulls on me. It gets me centered, doesn't it? So really continuing.

I'm going to slowly let go on that and feel what needs to happen to continue that energy and more energy in those pumps. Strong arms. Good. Really good. He opening the chest still. Just a little more squeezing in here. Oh, look at that. That's beautiful. Exhaling. That should be a hundred. Go ahead and lower the legs down. Reach the arms up to the ceiling and reach them back.

Trying to keep your center so dropping down. Inhale, arms lift, head lifts, empty the lungs all the way. Scoop just a little stronger on your left side and in with the air. So pool with your right side more down to the mat. There you go. Very good. That's nice. And even relaxing those shoulders as you lift up and back in with the air.

Dry the belly in and up. Curling. Good, good. And stretch and rolling back. So both of you are extremely strong on this, but I want more space between your stomach and your thighs. So right here, lift over a big ball. That's it. And really extent, really reach, really stretch.

Fabulous. And then pulling back like that from here, more stretching, stretching, relaxing, scoop and excellent. One more at that tempo. Really nice. Good. So excellent. Now here, curl over a big ball over reach, extend, stretch, beautiful. And pulling back. Keeping that length through here. Reaching. Wonderful, good. Three more at tempo. Inhale and empty your lungs all the way forward. Inhaling back and exhaling all the way back in. Arms, head, scooping in, scoop, lift in that area. Lift in that power.

As you're going back. We've got one more arms head and lifting in there. Excellent. Reaching and pulling back. Rolling. Very nice. And get your head back on the mat. We're going to do the roll over. Arms by your side. Same thing here. When the legs go over, don't collapse in that area. So squeeze those legs and pull them all the way over.

Touch the floor and hold it there. Press back on the balls of your feet if you can. Separate. Good. So the shoulder with push back again if you can. And now roll down one vertebra at a time. Sweep down together. Squeeze and over and open.

Press back and now rolling denim in a stretch. You hear because you're in my class and you get to enjoy that and sweeping down and together and over. Good. Oh Ben, press back again. Good. We're going to reverse it. As we roll down, we're going to click those heels together, but then open them and go over open. Good. Pushing down. Squeeze and rolling down. So as you roll down, go down here, but try to keep this distance and sweep down. Open and over. Push back. Good. Squeezing together, push back and stretching.

Last one for you Christie, and really keep this distance lift in this curve. Lift in that curve. Oh, that was fantastic. And damn dad, dad, keep the right leg. Lower the left single leg. Stretch the right leg towards you. Put your hands behind the thigh first and relax. Good and really drop that right hip. Square it off and as you stretch, okay, and we're going to pull up to your nose.

You can put your hands down now cross the body around, up, cross around, cross around up, lengthening that hip as you cross, but still pulling it up high so you keep that stretch. Last one and reverse. Reaching down. Scoop it in. Allow yourself to aha. There you go. Turning off that quad. Really feeling in the belly. Last one, and bend the knee and for a little stretch, lower that leg. When you lower the leg, it's down the middle of the body. Perfect. Then this one says if you're standing on one leg and you can't stand on one leg, if it's directly under your hip, you'd fall over. So you have to pull it down, the middle of your body. Lengthen that left hip away from you. Well, not the shoulders.

Just help you see. You can really enjoy that stretch. Isn't that lovely? All right, so keeping the hips square, also dying to come up. We're gonna cross over, around, up, cross around him. I think you can reach lower as you go. Scoop that belly so you really get this stretch in here. Reach one more.

I love it. And go the other way. Reaching around in a good stretch all the way through length in that hip away to Roundup up. Sink it in and hug in that knee. Long leg roll on up for rolling like a ball. Hands by your hips. Lift your hips forward to your heels and balance. And we're going to stay here for a little while. I want you to open the knees.

Sometimes the longer you stay in a terrible position, the more you relax in, the more you settle. So this can be really tense in the beginning, but then we just relax and while you're relaxing again, I want a lot of space between your thighs and your hip boats. Really open that, really opening the lower back to do that really scooping in. Then allow those shoulder blades to slide down much nicer and use your upper abdominals to bring your head between your news without compromising that relationship of your thighs. And how are we doing here? We're going to moments of panic.

So I just need you to put those thighs forward more there. And now I need you to keep this and use that strong stomach that I know you have to stretch. That's it. There you go. Leave your feet on the floor. This is perfect position right now. You're actually hanging back. Okay. And you can be right here cause you cause your Christie. No.

Relax those shoulders. See there now you're relaxed. Now that is exactly the perfect position right there. All right, so as you go back, do not collapse in that area. Keep that relationship. Inhale, roll it back, exhale, Rola. Inhale, roll it back. And I'm going to keep rolling you. This is a really nice stretch here. And exhale, and inhale. Roll goal. One day is to get those knees to touch the mat by your ears. Exhale, but not with all your weight on your neck, right? Inhale, lift with control and exhale. Good.

Allow yourself to enjoy more of the shoulders. Just Oh yeah, that's what I want. And in with the air. Exhaling. Last one more distance in there to make the biggest capital. Letter C, you can rest down your feet. Good, doesn't it? Yep. Opens that all up. Put your hands halfway back. Lift your bottom back. We're going to transition into this series of five.

So you want to lift your right leg up, right knee into your chest, right hand on ankle. Left hand on knee. Okay. And if we were doing teasers, switch your hands. There you go. This is kind of, everything's very related, right? So we're going to lift that left leg cold in our bodies there. So if we had a teaser, this is kind of like a one legged teaser here. We're going to keep this leg here and I want you to keep the right knee pressed into your chest, look down at your powerhouse and think about this relationship bore and control rolling down until the bottom of your shoulder blades are on the mat. Square your body off though. There you go. Okay, so I just need you to link [inaudible] you knew it, lengthening that hip away. Perfect. And let's switch left and right.

Good. And again, keeping this relationship. Don't just dig the thigh into your body, but pull it in with your powerhouse. Instead. Lengthen, reach, lifting the elbows and drop the shoulders. Beautiful. And look like it's easy. It's easy, super easy. It'll get harder. We get to crisscross last set, scooping in, grab both ankles, that's it. And inhale, reach.

Just like you did in the a hundred we're going to reach all the way out through those toes and then empty the lungs and in how reach all the way out. Yes, yes, yes. And, and, and inhale, reach and exhale. Beautiful. Inhale, reach. Your low legs are so low. I want the arms down to [inaudible] a long, long, long, and last one. How about a little seat in there and right leg up to the ceiling. Left leg long forward and it's a little double squeeze here while it's a little double stretch and switch. Squeeze, bottom, squeeze, bottom, squeeze, bottom. Relax those shoulders. That's it.

Now take it to the correct tempo. Right, left to right to left to right to solid. Square body frame is not moving at all. One more set right to left to both legs. Up, hands behind your head. Slide your shoulder blades down in. Press your head into your hands as you lengthen down, down, down, stretch, down, down, down, lift.

Press your head into their hands. That's it. So you have energy in both directions. Beautiful. One more. Reaching and pulling up. Keep the right left leg. Long right knee into your chest. Lift high your shoulders as you twist. Lift, lift, lift. Stay high as you twist the other way. Twist, twist, twist. Make a straight line. Aaron from this elbow all the way to your left toe. [inaudible] and switch.

Lift. Lifting. I want one more set because I want more in here. Pull up from here, pull that right knee in more last time. Pull in that left knee first and then keep twisting and hugging your knees. Very, very. Sit on up.

That's good. Nice. Try me. Just open your legs. Oh I do. Then your shoulders. I um, took a lesson. My last lesson there was with Jerome and I asked for an intermediate with a few bits of uh, advanced and yeah, we were doing control step ops and star and that. I'm glad I didn't ask for advanced. Flex your toes and let's just really work on this lift and empty your lungs forward. Good. Keep lifting. Keep lifting Kate. That's it. That's it. And roll in backup from here though from the center.

Yeah. Slide your shoulder blades down. Nice. Inhale up here and exhale down. One of my most favorite cues that I got when I was there and pulling up is I worked so hard on my powerhouse on this band here, that sometimes, and one more here, I work 100% in there and not enough in other areas. And rolling up. So sometimes just work 50% here and feel the all the rest so that you're allowed to feel all the rest pulling back in that powerhouse.

Those legs are just going to float up to your hands, right? So we're going to pull back scooping in and up those lights out, Eva. There we go. That's it. Nice. A little wider. Good. This is another one of those that you want to just relax in it. It's another one of those that Joe supplies used to just hang out in sliding those shoulder blades so that you can just feel this at the right level, not so intense, and we're gonna roll back and exhale. Nice.

Allow your head to go down. Allow more momentum. Inhale, exhale up. That's it. Inhale, exhale up and hold it here. Hold it here. The most important thing is to find something. I'm not going to be here, so find something on the opposite wall that you're looking at and it's just, I never danced, but I know that when you do a a wet, you have to focus on something. Keep looking at it and then immediately get back. Same thing with open like rock or focus on something. Try to stay on it and the second you lose sight, come right back up to it.

Okay? It's not about going back Luke. Come right back up to it. Whatever it was. That's it. That's how you get the energy. Cause now when you lose that sight, you're only thinking back. So keep looking forward, forward, forward, and get right back to it. That's it. And one more. Rolling back. He'd find it. Find it up, up, up, and now work on that lift. Lift. Where's that spot? Spot it. Get it. Get it. Squeeze your legs together. Leave your legs there. Roll away from your legs. Press the arms into the mat.

Legs up to a 90 degrees for corkscrew. We're going to keep your pelvis down, but stretches far to the right as you can, as low as you can. Left as you can in center. Anchor in the power house. Yes. So that you stretch and right around, that's it. Laughed around. Pull it beautiful. Right? All round, left. Good love, beautiful stretching and Suda right on an excellent dice. Transitions open a little wider and relax for a second.

Let your body be just jelly. Okay. Yeah, so I could see those. We're going to start flaring up and this is one of the most delicious twisting, stretching exercises and I don't want those hip flexors to take over. So instead we're just going to continue to really lift. That's the focus. Okay, so arms lift up, lift in this area, twisting high and empty the lungs. As you stretch forward, sign off the baby toe in with the air, lifting in that waist. Twist and empty. The lungs lift. That's it. That's it.

To come up. Lift from here. That's it. Twist. Lift in that waste. You got it? That's excellent. Yeah. Inhaling up lifted here. Don't collapse onto that thigh. Keep the lift. Good job stretch. And one more set up.

Lifting twists. Good job, Aaron. Stretch and up. Twist and keeping that lift really ends up squeezing all the air out of your long. Inhaling up arms rest by your side, beautiful legs together. That was wonderful. Flip onto your belly was strength. Hands underneath the shoulders for the neck roll, so that's good. Just excellent. Again, slide those shoulder blades down.

Feel your stomach pull in and up so that it started to lift your chest bone up and start coming up. Lifting up your spine, pushing your chest bone forward. Come up to a straight arms is it feels good on your lower back and look over your right shoulder. Circle the head down around to your left and look forward. Circle left lift and Aurora forward and melt it down. I want to do one more top seeing if you can work your hips a little bit more.

Our legs are going to separate when our back is tight, but if you can keep them together, that is a goal and you do it by working strong through the hips and the inner thighs. But we again, don't want to shrink in here. We're going to use those muscles to lengthen away and start coming up as if you're pulling the mat behind you with your hands and you're pushing your chest going forward using that powerhouse. Look over your left shoulder this time down around to your right and look forward and reverse right. See if you can feel those hips pressing those inner thighs trying to squeeze, look forward. And as you come down, continue to lengthen out the crown of your head. Really stretch, stretch, stretch. Great. Lift onto your elbows for single leg kick. Elbows a little out to the side. More Christy. Great.

And I want you to slide those shoulder blade stand. No, you're perfect, but slide these down while your belly lifts us up more. That's excellent. How are we done Aaron? Good. Alright. Squeeze both of those legs together. And I like it. Just like Aaron did. Lifting both like straight up a little bit. Really engaging those hamstrings and seat. And now we're going to kick with the right heel. Twice.

One to left to right to left to right and left more. Lift in the powerhouse, right to lift to get up that thigh, get that knee up as you kick. Really pull it up last time and left and both legs down, right facial cheek on the map. There we go. Hands behind you. Good. Elbows down. Perfect. Scooping in, lift long those legs. So let's start one more time. Really imagine that you're like a mermaid lying on the beach and I want that long tail. Those legs are glued together. The feet are in a nice fin.

I want those legs to reach out of your waist. Lengthen long gone as if your toes are going to extend off the mat and lift with that length. That's nicer. Really lifting. How high can you go my note, Christy, you can get them up a little higher. There we go. Keep those thighs and knees that high off the mat and you're going to kick your bottom three times up to three and then legs are down and lift that chest forward to three and switch cheeks and lift two, three and stretch. So Aaron, I'm gonna want those elbows down. Switch cheeks. So there we go. Three and lift. If your hands can't come up so high on your back, that's okay.

But get the elbows down that sit and stretch likes together. Pull the belly up to your chest, more legs together. There you go. Round your back and sit on your heels. He was wondering, how can I see your legs? Well, when you become mom or applies instructor, you grow eyes all around your head. All right, turn around onto your bottom and lie on long and pee.

All right, toes pulled up. Really push those heels away. Great. One hand over the other. Nice. Actually let's start off with your hands by your side, gladly, right. Okay. Hands right. They're all about stretching the thighs, pulling your belly this way up so in with the air head and really push those heels away as you really scoop in and keep this space as you stretch down to kiss your knees. When you lift up your head, lift it from your belly lift, lift tall. Push your head back as you pee from the stomach.

As you go back back, get your waistband on the mat and rolled. Yeah, let's do that again in with the air. Empty the lungs. Beautiful pushing. Excellent. Excellent. Keep lifting up in here as we stretch. When you lift your head up, lift from the stomach and then that can take you back. Take you back. Stretching back. Beautiful hands behind your head.

Your elbows can glue together and in with the air. Empty the lungs, lifting in there, kiss the knees. Inhale, sit up tall and open the elbows. And now pull your belly into my foot because that's now a straight back. Good, good, good. And again, so we just a little bit for you. Needed strength in this side. Inhaling up. Good. And exhale back.

Push. Push those deals. One more in with the air. Empty the lungs. Beautiful. Lift from your stomach to sit up tall, rolling up through your spine. And now use that belly to push into your hands as you stretch. That's it. Nice job, Jack. Knife, arms by your side.

Legs up at a 90 degree angle. Okay. And we're going to use those arms depressants scooping in. Squeeze those hips. Good over. And now Jack knife up. Really, let me see that energy. Touch the ceiling all the way up. Lengthen through here and then come down.

Keep the length in here as you come down. That's ridiculously hard, isn't it? And Uber to a 90 degree with control length into the ceiling. And let me see the powerhouse. Then energy out those toes and keep that energy as you come down. God. Beautiful. Beautiful. One more. Oh, over up.

It's not fair that you guys make this look easy reaching and come on down. Keep that lift. Keep that reach. Beautiful. Nice job. Sit on up. We're going to do spine twist. So legs are long feet flexed. Arms out to the side. [inaudible] fix your head band. Okay.

Lift a log through here and just really feel how your heels are. They're not sliding past each other and enjoy this lift in your waist as you twist to the right lift. Lift, great feet. Twist as far as you can. Further, further and center and pulling in in more. Lift more. That's it and center. But both of you do so well.

Twist to your right is your twisting from the shoulders. You're not allowing the shoulder. Let leave the shoulder here. You're not cheating by moving with your arm. And I love that. And twisting center. So as if you're just twisting your shoulder. Twist, twist more, belly lift more and center. Good. One more step. Push your heels away. Push your right heel away. That's it.

And center. And last time, lift up all the way through the crown of your head. I want to see more drop in the shoulders, more out of the crown of your head. Taller, taller, taller, and center. Fantastic. Lower your arms. Both of you face this way for sidekicks onto your side, hand on the elbow lineup on the back edge of your mat. Bring those legs forward to a 45 degree.

Go ahead and I want to today both hands behind the head. So one hand over the other, pushing your head into your hands by using the upper stomach scooping. And so now we're not gonna let those ribs flop on forward. Lift the left leg or the top leg up a tiny bit, little rotated. Turn it out and feel the energy going out this way so that you can reach this leg longer than your bottom one and pooling in.

Kick it up as high as you can and take it back. I want you to take it forward one more time and hold it there. Really pull this in and pull with the powerhouse. How far forward can you take it? Just know your limit. Now go back without letting this hip go forward.

The top hip stays stacked and you use your boom da to take it back further, further, further. Thank you. And now to tempo, reach forward, reach back. You can do a little double post forward and really back heat this hip over the top hips so that you work the bottom more. You got it and that energy is going out the crown of your head. Nice. It's working a lot. Reaching, really keeping that forward. We're in a new one more. Taking it. Use that power house and use that bottom and now legs together and push up to your ear up and then reach down. Always give a few freebies here, up and down.

But now keep this hip right over the bottom one and now you're going to feel this a lot more and squeeze me down, up and a thousand there we go. That's it. One more. Nice energy. Hold out like that. Strong five little circles. One, two, three, four, reversing it. Get longer. Let me see that energy this way. Energy that way and rest that leg down. Good. Pull it in your powerhouse. Lengthen. Both legs are working. They're squeezing and use the waist muscles to lift both legs up and lower them down.

Sometimes we need a few reps pulling in and down. That's why Palase and pulling in beautiful and down, pulling in lift. Keep those legs up. Pull them back as you roll down onto your belly, making a small pillow for your forehead like that. Lift and work in your dairy. Yay mom, and open them about the width of the map and then squeeze him all the way together. Tight, tight, tight. Again, opening. I'm going to move both of you and squeeze, so I'm going to lift you up and pull this a center. Okay, so open about the width of your mat. This is center and squeeze.

Sometimes we get off center and one more time. Open about the width and then squeeze. Now 20 times faster. One, two, three, four, longer, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. We're reached two, three, four, five, six, seven higher and keep 'em up and roll to your other side, lifting them and you would lift those legs forward. That is a perfect transition, but I'm going to make you turn around and face this way, but that is the idea if you were by yourself or something like that. So bring, lift your elbow back.

Good. All right, nice. Pull it in a camera. We're going to do too slow. We're going to lift this leg up at hip level. I like this leg belt right here for you. There we go. And feel the stomach. Pull that leg all the way up to your nose while you keep this hip long.

Pull it forward and all the way forward. All the way. One, two. And now take it back. Keeping this hip right here. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Really feel how far that range of motion and forward. That's just about challenging your range of motion. That's how we get somewhere. Don't let this roll in.

You gotta drop it and taking it back. So with your stomach supporting your spine, how far can you take that back? Nice. Now to tempo, it's a little double pulse forward and taking it back. Good. And so this point and this point don't move at all. You just powerhouse it and squeeze.

Good and forward and back. Good and reaching and back. No shrinking in this area. You're really pulling all the way out the crown of your head. Forward and back and forward and back. Give me one more and back.

And now bring the legs together and hold them for just, just relax them for a second. And so we're going to talk just a second about don't change your hands about what your hands are doing. So in this advanced arm placement, it should be one hand over the other. Once that hand starts turning into a head rest, we lose that opening of the shoulders and that length in the back of your neck. So try your hardest not to let that bottom hand slip back under our head and just hold our head up. Okay, one hand over.

Exactly the bottom one top. There you go. That's fine. Good. And you can do it either, whatever, but I mean it's less, you're less apt to become a head rest if you have on the outside. Very good. And so you're going to use this to pull into your upper back and that gives you extra strength in your neck to push into your hands while you're doing your work. We're going to keep this hip right here. How are we doing, Christie? As I would be skipping it and then push up and schoolies down and Pusha and schoolies down and up. Good. And really feel that work and lift and squeeze. Beautiful.

And push up and squeeze down. Love it. One more time. Push into your hands more. Open your shoulders. Good. Lift that leg. Keep it up just at hip level. And when we do our five little circles, it goes forward a little up. And don't forget the back and quickly now forward up. That's it. And back and back and back and reverse and backing up.

Good stomach a little more. Let me see that energy now and rest. Wonderful. Good. Now elbows straight up to the ceiling, right? Pushing with the ribs into your upper back, into your neck, into your hands, and use that waist to lift both legs up good and lower down. Good. And we're going to do that two more times. What I was saying before is we don't have many reps in [inaudible] because when you're super advanced like you guys are, you can nail it right off the bat, but when you're more of a beginner and we might do five reps instead of three so that you can play with the first two and then get the last rate and lift.

Good and lower down. Nice. Go ahead and lie on your backs. Perfect. Christie, I was going to say, bring your feet towards me. Lie down. Bend your knees into your chest, extend the legs up to the ceiling. You had to turn around to. Huh? And shake them out. Good. Shake them out. No, you're great. I love it. Good. All right. Lower down those legs. Now the whole point of shaking it out is to make sure that these muscles shook a little bit free. Cause sometimes no matter how strong we are in our powerhouse, we a cramp up in there or they are survivor muscles.

Want to take over, extend the legs forward at a 40 up. They're bent into your chest, extended forward at a 45 degree angle. Extend the arms back, energy out the to see if you can lower your legs a little lower and roll up for teaser. Ollie up. Beautiful. Beautiful. All right, now from here, lift up through your fingertips and really lengthen through there. As you roll away from those legs and roll on up and arms lift and pulling your powerhouse out, your fingertips pull into. That's it. That's it. That's it. We down beautiful and up.

And then arms lift and pull your belly out through your fingertips to roll down your waistband, waistband, waistband placement. Excellent. Good. All the way up, holding it there. Stay there with your upper body. Pull away from you with your powerhouse. We're going to lower the legs a little. Um, just keep your arms where they are up a little loose. Oh yeah. Now I don't even have to do anything. And up and now arms lift up to the ceiling and roll your upper body away as the lower body goes down and pull everything good.

Drop your shoulders, arms lift up, reach everything down. I'm going to let go on your own. I'm Cree and pull up. We're going to do one more cause of Christie arms up cause she wants to feel good and not yucky. And so we're going to lift your fingertips and your toes at the same time. That's better.

Arms lift and fingertips and toes touch at the same time. That's right. And that's enough. I met one more after the one that I had said, which makes too perfect. Very nice. So the point was is that no matter how much we try in our head, sometimes until we have an actual teacher, honest cause I'm thinking my chosen a hands are touching at exactly the same time. It's a lot of times legs beforehand. So mirror is good, but so a person teaching is even better.

So why don't you to end with that great open feeling, not his job. Let's flip over real fast for some swimming. Nice long. We don't arch our backs enough, so I want to make sure it's in there. So pulling in up out of the fingertips, out those toes. Lift all your limbs. Just an inch.

How about just an inch and then lift your right arm and left leg higher? Yeah, cause you're a good swimmer. Lift up your head, out of the water. Keep your legs and arms a little closer together and let's go. Inhale two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five stable pelvis from here, lifting forward and melt. Nice smelt. Round your back and sit on your heels. Keeping this great space. Crawl your hands away from me. Good. Really stretching. Really relaxing. How far can you reach your hands away?

Then tuck your toes under so that the ball, the foot's on the mat and together feet are together. Good. Plant your hands. Okay. And lift in your powerhouse to a straight pushup position. Plank. Here we go with Tina. That's it. Nice energy out the crown of your head. Koresh your hips together.

Lift just your right leg up as high as you can without moving this hip rock back. Stretching the Achilles. Tenent. Pull it forward and lower the foot down. Lift from your hip, beautiful rock back. Use your powerhouse to pull in and up. Lower down, right up. Rock, back, forward and down. Press those hips. More rock back. Come forward and down. Press.

That's it, right rock. Stomaching it up and forward. Press to lift. Rock back, scooping in. [inaudible]. Great. Now I want you to put your right hand next to your left and reaching your bottom and arm up to the ceiling. Flip around, just move your feet. How you want to keep turning. Keep turning. Great. Keep turning all the way. Move your feet how they need to and just get back on the mat. Good.

Relax your bottom for sure. Just a sec. Good. That's it. You're getting it. We're going to try not to cramp in those casts, so say calves, don't overwork. Soften the knees. If you need to work from here, lift up into a straight line from shoulders deals, and we're going to alternate, right like up. Flex it down. Left leg up, flex it down. Think right cheek up. Flex it down. Left cheek, gut. Flex down. One more. Right and left. And now bend the right knee, but you're going to bend it so the foot faces, Oh, thank you. Opposite, opposite like, sorry, Ben, that and then there you go.

Now face that way. Create a box with your hand, right under your shoulder. [inaudible] just a little bit. I want it. Let me just boom there. Left-hand again, or top hand behind your head. So looks pretty good. This hip. I want you to try really hard to get it over that knee. Lift this leg up as high as you can and Jess kicked forward and kick back.

Good. So powerhouse. And now try to kick that Le, take that hip forward. Nice work. I want one more higher. And then keep the leg right on out that hands behind your head and five little circles going up, up, up, reversing it, lifting. That's it. Powerhouse more. Bend the knees together. Now when you come up onto your knees, try not to sit your bottom behind you. Push your bottom forward. As you come up, go to the other side. Wonderful. Lift that leg top, leg up, keeping your hips over your knee and kick it forward and back.

Good forward. Just the long leg. I'm going to make you press your hip forward more. Squeeze it forward. This hip both hips. That's it. One more leg out, straight out and circle up Anna, Anna and work the bottom hip and reversing it energy up and up. And two, there's a fire in your year. You got to get away from that fire and bow and bend both knees together and lift your, that's it. Good. Sit on your cheek from where you were.

Good. Grab onto your hand, your ankles because you deserve this. You're going to lift up through that arm. You know what Aaron, you're great but I'm using what you don't want to use. Christie's switch legs switch. That's easier. I'm here. Okay cause I want you to guys both go in the same way. We're going to pull in and lifting up through here, but it's called from the waist and stretch on.

Really relaxing with it and it's just stretch and coming back over. This hand is going to go to the mat and just so that that elbow can go down. Now the next time you stretch over, I want thigh on top of thigh, knee on top of knee, ankle on top of knee, ankle and switching over. Good. Make sure you, for you, Aaron, you almost want to think rounding forward because we're falling back and that doesn't feel as good. How does this stretch feel? Good. And we're going to come up reaching all the way through those fingertips again just down to that elbow and enjoy again. So this is, we got to pull it.

Aha. That's it. Yeah. You feel it on your body and lift through the waist up and lifting up and over. Like there's a big ball here and you want to stretch up and over it. Oh yeah, that's fabulous. Just allow yourself to enjoy it a little more and now lifting up through those fingertips go out as far as you [inaudible] you can as far as you want to lie on out reaching. And when you come on up, you're thinking lifting that left arm up to the ceiling and from your waist. Good. And just end with another little bending over this way.

And again, allowing yourself to enjoy that. Let that arm wrap around your head. Even good to switch sides. We go into a teaser, extend the legs forward and up over to the other side. Yep. I know. Work in the powerhouse all the time. Grabbing onto your ankles. That's it.

Good and arms and over you go. Good. Really from this point, extending, extending, reaching, reaching nice and up and over, reaching [inaudible]. Ah, lift through the waist. Really trying to get this forearm as close to your head instead of your head to your arm. Yeah. And just stretch with it and she don't lift more in there. Yep. There stretch and lift and over. Drop in that elbow down. Stretch it over.

[inaudible] boy man, I wish you would sweat a little on the mat. We're going to actually do two more here. Stretch it over. You get a little extra stretch after you work hard on this. Nice reach all the way out as far as you can stretch it out through and reaching this arm as close to you as you can and when you come up, it's all through here. And press those ankles together too. That helps. And then finally, just give yourself that extra stretch by wrapping that head around and really scooping in and up and lifting from that waist are right.

Wonderful. Go ahead and face forward this way. Go ahead. Yup. Coming forward a little bit. All the way to lift your bottoms to the front of the mat. Don't lose it now and drop your hands. Good. All right, so the goal of this exercise, and that's the way we're going to end today, is doing three claps on the mat in front. So right here, one, two, three.

And it's just an inch off the mat is the goal here and back there, the way you hold yourself when you're back there is by not letting your legs just collapse onto you. Still keeping this great lift and then just extending the legs, the toes back. Does that make sense? Definitely. Definitely. Definitely. Yeah. And we don't want to just cramp in those hip flexors and all here we have to create this big length. So I want to without clapping back there, I want to just see you guys really lift into this gorgeous curve back there. Okay, so rolling back and hold that back position.

So let's lift into that beautiful curve. Good, good. So now I'm going to just help you a little bit. That lift. Now drop the feet a little lower. That's it. Clap two, three and roll through your upper back first. Yes. And clap two, three and roll back. And so you want this a little more lifted. There you go. Relax your neck.

Ah, clap two, three and roll through your upper back first. Sorry I sent you off that way and rolling back. Lifting your seat. Oh beautiful. Two, three, upper back first. That's it. Inhale, roll back. Lifting your seat. No, shoulders and neck, right. Beautiful. Two, three. Rolling up now to tempo. The last three. Inhale, roll back to three and up to three. Rolling.

Lift two, three and forward. Last one. You're going to let go. Those feet cross him and roll all the way, fluidly lifting all the arms. I thought that was incredible with straighten out your legs and triple Lottie stance and in with the air as you really pull your powerhouse into your spine, through the crown of your head and empty the law. Wonderful job. Good job.


Thank you Monica for the awesome cues! It really helps me focus in on what to do and I definately feel a difference when I follow your lead! Great Thanksgiving workout! God Bless America and our troops on this day of giving thanks!
I love the precision that you add to your teaching.
Great class! This would be a perfect cup of morning coffee
I want to train with Monica Wilson!!!! I love your teaching skills, always excellent to watch your sessions on PA.
What fun! I'll look you up next time I'm in Maui:)
o.k., Monica, I would really look foward to that.

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